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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 23, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with sara bloomquist, and david murphy. >> sara is off and here are the stories we are following on "action news" at 12:30, weather is taking a toll on travelers at the airport and we have the latest from accuweather coming up and new video at an attack on a local subway restaurant and the victim blindsided by a stranger and the real housewives star is released from prison and the new jersey mom managed to get ready for christmas while behind bars. >> accuweather is forecasting record breaking warm temperatures but mother nature is finding ways to create problems for travellers today especially those trying to fly, sky 6 hd looking live at philadelphia international airport, the low clouds you see here, are causing flight delays
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at this hour. "action news" takes you live at the moment, but first lets begin with david murphy out on the terrace with accuweather. >> a misty drizzle and light rain and not too bad right now, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you plenty of rain around and more on the way to philadelphia and that will bring a steadier rainfall, right now the rainfall is height lighted in yellow, and mainly moving up to lancaster county and berks county and a big batch off the coast and every now and then in between. it does have a tendency to get heavy and you will be slowing down, and the wide view, the clouds and rain extending through raleigh and atlanta and the gulf coast, it's a while before this gets through our neck of the woods, temperatures right now are on the mild side, 60 degrees in philadelphia, with the flow coming in off the
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ocean, 56 up north in new york city, and right now we have heavier rain and a lot of people are honking behind me here, 62 by 2:00, and 64 by 4:00, and watch where numbers go, and we keep climbing. we just kind of sit there until midnight. it is going to be wet through the entire period. we are having annie mccormick reporting there are delays developing in chicago and up in newark and jfk. that is new since the start of the show and the rain and all of those connecting flights beginning to have problems in spots. rick if you are flying later on today or tonight, keep your eye on the email and make sure your airline is not giving you bad news. >> thank you.
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gray hall is live at philadelphia international airport with the details. greg? >> reporter: hi rick, as you know we are just days now from christmas, we want to set the scene at the airport, take a look behind me things are not too yeahy right now and for the passengers that arrived early, they say it's a bit of a gift. tis the season for the hustle and bustle, and everyone is eager to make it to their holiday destinations. >> i got to get home or the
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family will kill me. >> passengers are packed and ready to go, and so far say things are not too far out of control and that could all change, the word of advice is arrive early. >> i have some relatives miss flights by just cutting it too close, not a pretty picture if you miss your flight. >> aaa predicts millions will be traveling, keep if mind if you are flying american airlines, the airline now has a bigger presence at the airport. inbound flights are delayed 1:15 because of rain and departure is two minutes, along with packing your bags, arrive two hours early, when it comes to security, most passengers say they feel safe. >> i am employed and comfortable with the civilian airlines and all the security. >> all right folks so again the
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rain is causing some delays but folks tell me they would prefer the rain over snow, so make sure you check with your airline before you head out to the airport and check the airport's website for helpful travel information, we are live at the airport. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you for that report, of course we are not the only part of the country facing weather problems this afternoon, there is thick fog in arkansas and gusty winds in california, a gust was so strong it picked up and tossed a dozen tractor trailers and driving conditions are treacherous out west after parts of that state got 20 inches of snow in just 24 hours. police are hoping that the service video can help find a man in philadelphia, the man was shot on north carolilyle streett hit his torso and legs and they believe he was the intended target and drugs could be a
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possible motive. investigators say he was shot with two guns at close range. he did not survive. police are trying to figure out who opened fire on a group of people standing outside of a bar. two men and a woman were shot outside of lehigh avenue, the gunman shot all the victims in the legs, the motive is still a mystery. a 21-year-old man is recovering after being punched in the face outside of a subway restaurant, they say and unknown man approached the victim and hit him and then took off. the assault happened on tuesday afternoon on the 500 block of spring garden street, and the victim is being treated at hahnemann hospital, you are asked to call police if you recognize this person. >> detectives are investigating a report of a major diamond heist on jewelers row, a
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44-year-old man told police he was walking at 11th and many anthem streets when we was robbed of $40,000 worth of demands, he was carry in a bag ensomeone snatched it off his shoulder. foggy conditions may have contributed to this plane crash in central pennsylvania, it went down by the lebanon berks county line and all four people on board are injured and receiving treatment at hospitals, the son of a manager at the airport says the passengers were all men in the area for business and heading to illinois. the faa is on the scene investigating. a woman in missouri is charged with murdering her fiance, making her death appear like a staged suicide. megan warner dated curt marzof for three years and she was spotted staggering down the street and she told people that
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he took his life in their home but investigators say the evidence shows another story and that the couple got into a physical altercation and his blood was on her pants. there is an assault style rifle and he was just a week from graduating from college. >> he had himself a full-time job as an engineer in kansas city. they recently got engaged and now his family is waiting for justice so far the motive is still a mystery. the woman who police say intensely drove her car into crowds of people on the las vegas strip made a brief appearance in court, lakisha hollaway is charged with murder, and hit and run. and the judge ordered her back in court a month from now and hollaway is in jail since police say she plowed her car into people sunday evening, all while
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her 3-year-old child was in the backseat, one person was killed and at least 35 others injure you had. hollaway's attorney acknowledged that her mental health could be an issue. there are signs of a budget break through in harrisburg, it's a busy day as pennsylvania state lawmakers rush to get the deal done before the holidays. a final house vote could come as early as today. and they broke party lines tom get past a key hurdle. tom wolf is pleased but notes a ways to go to end the stalemate. there are elements of the package that remains in limbo including pension reform. the families of fallen police officers got to enjoy a holiday breakfast this morning, they gathered at the police lodge in northeast philadelphia, they want their families to know
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that their sacrifice has not been forgotten, mayor michael nutter was there to show his support this morning. there is more to come on "action news" at 12:30, nypd officers are oversea, why they are in rome and in uniform coming up. and the holidays are fun but can bring stress especially for children with autism. but first another holiday greeting from a troop serving away from home this christmas season. >> my name is lance corporal kevin leaden from pennsylvania, i would like to wish my family and friends at home a merry christmas and happy new year. winter is hard on your nose.
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and try puffs softpack today. a landslide in chain are hoping that their loved one will
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be alive as well. a survivor pulled from the rubble this morning after being trapped. rescue crews carried him to a waiting ambulance and the man was trying to get out of a room when the wall of mud shouldly collapsed the room he was in. and it created space for him to survive. he is undergoing surgery while 70 others remain missing. the new york city police department has a team in rome right now helpling italian police during the vatican's jubilee year, spanish and polish officers are also there for the joint operation. >> it's a great opportunity to share ideas and exchange different ways of how we do things. >> this is the first time that nypd officers have been in uniform and operational in a foreign country, with the heightened terror threats against rome and the vatican.
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the holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year of course, but for families dealing with autism it's a stressful time of year as well. for this week's health matters here is tamala edwards. >> reporter: the lights, the sounds -- ♪ >> the foods the holidays are exciting enough for children but for those on the autism spectrum, it can be challenging, they have changes in their daily routine that the holidays bring and intense experiences around them. >> there will be more lights and louder music and more things like cookies and different fragrances, if your child has difficulties in these areas, this can make it more difficult. >> stephfully cassidy an operational therapist, says
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parent shoz be selective in the activities that their children take part in. before going to an event parents and children talk about an event coming up and even practice the situations. >> they have a sensitivity to noise and practicing christmas music and coping with the loud noise, if you are having a child on the autism spectrum. >> some children have difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next. >> and some act impulsively and are unaware in unfamiliar situations. >> make sure the parents are aware of how many exit there's are and getting in a better habit of locking the door after each desk. >> this can happen with any child but melt downs may be longer or intense for kids with
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autism. cassidy urges parents to enjoy the happy moments and put the frustrating ones in perspective. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. meteorologist, david murphy is back now with a closer look at soggy temperatures, but still warm out. there it's mild and wet and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us the wet picture and we have that more or less lull going on in philadelphia. there are perimeter areas in the suburbs that are definitely on the wet side and if you go in closer you get the overview, heavier rain highlighted in yellow and missing us off the coast, you take a look in there at the cape may area, we are starting to see some heavier stuff starting to develop and it
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looks like cape may county down in the south across the river into lewes they are getting steadier precipitation, we are in a lull but additional rain headed into the city and drizzle in philadelphia itself, farther up north quakertown and pottstown in light to moderate rain. there is the wider view with everything from the south. damp conditions and low lying cloud cover and the fog is not as bad and temperatures are not treating us too baddy, kind of a shame because it's not a bad day to be outside. 62 not bad for this time of year, winds out of the east at 8 miles per hour. between now and 4:00 it's more of the same, intermittent back and forth rain most of it not all that heavy and every now and then there could be a heavier downpour, probably no thunder out of this, but it looks like
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there could be a half hour, 45 minute downpour for you, and that pushes on out of here and after midnight we expect the rain to fall apart. high temperatures across the region, 61 in allentown and 63 in trenton and 65 in wilmington and millville, the thing about these highs they are not this afternoon, we have to wait for the evening to get up to these. as we go through the rest of afternoon and evening, and down to 65 at 5:00, 66 at 7:00, and we hold that 60 degree reading through the overnight hours and slip to 64 and the numbers come roaring back for tomorrow. if you have travel plans, keep your eyes on the emails for delays posted by your airline, we have seen them already, but anywhere in the mid-atlantic or the midwest, we see them pop up and it's because of the connecting flights with the low lying rain and cloud cover,
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christmas eve is a record setter, slowly coming in from the west, clouds and sun and a big strong flow grabbing mild air and shooting the high temperatures 30 to 35 degrees above average tomorrow, 66 with periods of rain today and tonight. 76 degrees is tomorrow's warm high and be a new december high in philadelphia. there is a chance of a spotty shower and dry most of the time, and christmas day a stray shower is not ruled out and the warm afternoon high of 70 and the front gets off the coast, and back to 58 on saturday and well above average, and rain around at times, sunday back up to 68, this winter can't decide what it wants to do and more showers on sunday and 52 and 62 for monday and tuesday, as of right now, there is no sign in the long range forecast of true winter. >> it's an early christmas gift.
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all right, real housewives of knowledge star, teresa giudice is back from prison. here is her story. >> reporter:er this morning the new jersey housewife that became a connecticut prison inmate is free of after nearly a year behind bars she is out of prison, the now ex-con pleaded guilty to multiple federal charges in october of 2014, in a statement her attorney told abc news, that teresa is excited to be coming home and be reunited with her family two days before christmas, it will certainly be a merry christmas in the house this year. best known for her lavish lifestyle and over the top temperature an tantrums.
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>> this brought joe and teresa closer and before going behind bars, teresa told amy robach she was doing the best to be brave for her four daughters. >> i can't be upset and crawl up in a ball and go in the room and lock it. i have four daughters. >> when the door is shut, and they are in bed is that happening? >> yes. >> she was released after 12 months for good behavior, spending the last part getting ready for the holidays. >> she is busy by planning christmas even behind prison walls, she enlisted her husband job and her oldest daughter, gia to do the holiday shopping. >> joe is scheduled to start his own 41 month sentence early next
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last check of the forecast, meteorologist, david murphy taking a look on this christmas eve eve. >> we have rain now, this is coming up from the south and heavier stuff pushing into parts of delaware and south jersey, some of it already in cape may county, numbers here 62 in reading and lots of 62s and periods of rain the rest of today and tonight and mid-60s later in the evening in philadelphia and down the shore 61 and then 64 as you get up to millville, rain probably holding on until after midnight tonight. >> but tomorrow looks great thank you david. septa workers looked great giving santa a hand, the action
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cam was in center city as the employees stuffed toys into a decorated bus. all the toys were collected in a yule tide drive, they will then give the gifts to children and families in need. very nice. now a look at the stories we are covering today starting on "action news" at 4:00, how the u.s. is involved and how this makes the fight with isis different than the others, and merry christmas from the beatles what was just announced from the fab four. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, stay dry.
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