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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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words. and gunfire shaters a montgomery county neighborhood next at 11:00. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. december 23, typically means hats and scarves and snowpant, but this is not your normal december.
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drenching downpours and a high, scaled down wardrobe and umbrellas required, but shorts optional. it is wednesday night and jim is off, i'm brian taff. a rainy, foggy extremely warm night. it is not just messing with our concept of winter, tonight's weather making for tricky travel. we check in with the skies and roads in a moment, but first cecily tynan is standing by. another temperature record has fallen. >> it certainly has. what happened today, a warm front moved through bringing us the soaking rain. it also ushered in a surge of warm air. 70 degrees at 10:00. stormtracker live double scan showing the steady, soaking rain pushed over new england. we just have a few lingering areas of drizzle here or war, but the warm front part of a much bigger storm system. the warm front awatches to low pressure over canada, and a trailing cold front.
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that cold front caused an outbreak of severe weather which is pretty unusual for december. two dozen reports of tornadoes in the midwest and deep south. even now we have some tornado watches in effect for the tennessee valley. the reason why, it is the clash of air masses. ahead of the front it feels like spring. we dropped down to 69 degrees right now. behind that front you can see temperatures are in the 30's, and that's what caused the severe weather. that front will head our way tomorrow, but in a much more weakened state. that's the good news. here come more records highs. we set a record high today, tomorrow a record of 76 degrees. and even christmas day behind a cool front the record high 70 degrees and sunday again 70 degrees. record warmth. however the warmth will come with some showers. talking about the timing of the rain in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. >> see you shortly, thank you. at least four people dead,
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including a 7-year-old boy in an outbreak of tornadoes across the midwest and south. one driver caught this incredible view of a funnel cloud in mississippi. more than 40 people injured in what might have been two dozen twisters and unknown number still missing tonight. a tornado confirmed in greenwood, indiana, a suburb of indianapolis. the tornado danger will continue there through the night. the severe storms were part of a system sweeping across the country leaving havoc at airports everywhere. looking live at philadelphia international airport, which did not get the worst of the delays, but felt the ripple effect. by tonight several cancellations on the board for arrivals and departures. there has been at least 9500 delays nationwide today. more than 1,000 cancellations. but it is the holidays and we heard from folks tonight about keeping an optimistic outlook to put up with it all to see family
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and friends. >> the little delay is not a problem. it's worrying the trip. we have an infant and somehow she managed to be more patient than we were sometimes, so we were pretty grateful. >> now another thing complicating the airport experience tonight, a holiday new rule with the t.s.a. sceners can now force anyone to go through a body scanner, even if that passenger wants to opt out. before this passengers could choose a full-body pat down instead. the change by homeland security comes in the wake of the paris and san bernardino terror attacks. the skies and roadways will be plenty busy throughout the end of the skier. aaa estimates the holiday travellers topping 100 million the first time every, nearly one in three americans. and almost triple the number of people who traveled more than 50 miles from home on thanksgiving. in the philadelphia area, aaa expects 1.1 million to take a trip, up more than 2% over last year.
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and get this nine out of ten of them will driving. and they're getting quite a holiday gift. the national average for gas, $2 a gallon tonight. but you might want to fill up right there. south jersey where it is averaging $1.80. new castle county delaware $1.95. and the philadelphia region averaging $2.21. those looking to get a jump on the traffic early tomorrow morning starter day with "action news" at 4:30 a.m. for the latest forecast, airport delays and live look at travel conditions. a 73-year-old montgomery county man shot and killed today, setting off a brief chase for the suspected shooter. the man then turned the gun on himself. he is in the hospital as the police try to piece together what led up to all of this. and we are live at the abington police department. what more are you learning tonight? >> brian, police say right now there's no clear motive.
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family members tell us the 73-year-old victim knew the shooter but can't understand why this encounter turned deadly. >> jacqueline consoled outside of her childhood familiar that the police now have draped in crime scene tape. >> i can't believe he's gone. >> she tells "action news" her father was shot and killed on his porch. >> i am heart broken. >> another cross came in as a female screaming. another call in the area said shots fired. >> found a deceased individual, 73-year-old man, who was pronounced dead. >> the gunman sped off in this van but was cornered by the police blocks away. >> get on the ground, put the gun down. >> he did not. the individual fired two shots in the car to himself. >> the gunman was taken to a nearby hospital.
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police brass say officers never fired at the suspect despite resident's claims they heard multiple gun shots. the duncans tell "action news" their father knew many people in the neighborhood including the gunman and he did not deserve to die this way. >> he helped raise me, did a lot in the community and it is so tragic. >> the police say the suspect is in critical condition and that they also retrieved two hand guns inside of his vehicle. reporting life in abington for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man police describe as a homeless prostitute is in custody tonight charged with the murder of a prominent philadelphia psychiatrist inside of a center city hotel. investigators allege 27-year-old manuel baez strangled 75-year-old howard baker sunday at the rodeway inn at 12th and walnut. baker was found the police say naked with a belt around his
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neck. surveillance video shows a suspect leaving the hotel with baker's backpack and wallet indicating robbery may have been among the motives. the remains of six american service members killed in afghanistan this week are back on u.s. soil tonight. the airmen, including a montgomery county native, all died in a suicide attack on monday "action news" reporter dann cuellar was there as their service and sacrifice was honored. >> a damp and rainy night, a fallen servicemen's final journey tomorrow what they call the dignified transfer. from afghanistan to the base in delaware. on hand were the secretary of defense ashton carter, debra james, the chairman of the joints chief of staff and others. only hours earlier the five men and woman were remembered in a moving tribute at bagham air force base in afghanistan.
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foot, helmets and pictures on display. third from the left the servicemen from our area, peter taub of wyncote,was painfully on display as they looked at the fallen servicemen. five men and one woman making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. there was grief and pride in equal measure. back here, dignitaries in salute as the bodies were carried to waiting advance transporting them to funeral homes. late tonight funeral services for taub were penned and being the family has not decide have had he will be buried at the
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arlington cemetery. dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." law enforcement officers from around the region turned out today to honor the sacrifice of the new jersey state trooper, eli mccarson. funeral services at rowen. and he graduated from the academy this past year and just married last september. and the rain did not damper the spirit in port richmond. the police officers hosted kids at target as they shopped with kids for gifts for their families. the elves in blue helped them decide on the perfect gift and they promised not to give away the surprises. a mayfair family with a happier christmas thanks to police officers with huge
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hearts. a burglar broke into their home ran sacking it stealing the christmas presents, including those for his twin 4-year-old daughters, scarlet and samantha. the officers who answered the called decided they would not let christmas be ruined. and they raised enough money to replace the gift and give the family meals as well. >> it is awesome. it is fun to play cops and robbers and get the bad guys and chases and all that stuff, but to see the look on the little girl's faces and his face, nothing in my career compares to that. >> to find out these officers are doing that, that is pretty a ama amazing. >> the officers say the other thing that would make them smile is tracking down the burglar who was a grinch. i do thanks them for their service, delivering cookies to
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first responders on christmas day. and tonight and tomorrow breaking more than 500 treats in preparation. and still to come on "action news" tonight, the roller coaster ride in harris with the budget battle before the holiday break. plus, why the state is now going to pay jerry sandusky more than $200,000. and new trends on teenage births and new moms. how old are moment having their first child now? we're trying out tonight, but i am tracking more rounds ever rain on the way. i have the details and the latest on the holiday weekend record warmth in the accuweather forecast. and jeff skversky with the eagles-redskins must-win match-up, another one. "action news" will be right back.
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pennsylvania's budget crisis not over just yet. a topcy turfy day left sending governor wolf a different budget than he wanted and lawmakers
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going home for the holidays. and they passed a smaller spending package instead but it does not include the money the governor wanted for public schools or the billion dollar increase to close the deficit. and he may choose to veto it the decision can take days. and tomorrow pennsylvania breaks the modern-day record of the longest stretch without a budget. convicted sex accuse r says jerry sandusky about to get a check for $211,000 from the pension system. they said the former assistant coach would be paid back when it stopped payments after the sentencing. his $4900 a month annuity resumes in january. homela lanland security investigators for the hundred for propane tank thieves.
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they do not believe the men are up to anything necessarily bad, but find it odd since the price is at low levels. >> the quantity, 40-some tanks, it adds up to a lot of propane and that what we are worried about. >> the authorities say the men stole tank from another industrial site the same night and went back to praxair a second time. a 19-year-old harrisburg man accused of trying to help isis remaining behind bars before trial. today they ruled that he was a flight risk and danger to the public. they say he pledged allegiance to the islamic state and spread propaganda.
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and no guns were in his house. a new jersey grand jury indicted the wal-mart truck driver who crashed into comedian tracy morgan's limousine on the turnpike. and morgan was severely injured and his friend killed. and kevin roper has been charged in the crash. an ntsb investigation said he was open for 28 hours prior to the crash. and a takata air bag, a confirmed eighth death in the united states. and the national highway traffic administration says it can lead to more recalls. the takata air bags can explode with too much force, sending
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shrapnel into drivers and passengers. and teenage birth a new low, dropping 9%. and the birth rates declined to a record low for moment in the early 20's. and first-time mothers are waiting longer. the average age rose to a little over 26 years old. 4 million babies born in the united states last year. and new jersey's top general, leader of the national guard lost weight and pass add physical fitness test that is not usually news worthy but he did it under a 90-day deadline to shape up imposed by governor chris christie. and he flunk have had and waist size 43.5 inches. and he was reprimanded. they will not say how much he
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lost, just a tremendous amount. >> and special deliveries tonight, the action cam came along as they brought toys and holiday gifts to families in need. it is an annual tradition for that force. the families are nominated by community members and other officers. and many of the homes they were greeted with hugs, warm smiles and big thank you. and that is when it feels like christmas. >> exactly, that's what it is all about. >> not outside. >> it is the holiday spirit and not the temperature. a lot of people ask me if the rain were snow, how much would it be? it would be around 10 inches and would have cause add lot of travel problems. it would have been pretty, but the rain is moving out and warm air moving in. and double scan showing we have a few areas of lingering drizzle. the steady rain left the region. and going live on sky 6 looking at the temple university sky camera. and you'll notice the low clouds kind of crossing off the top of
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the skyline. and the clouds will be lowering in the overnight hours. and i think fog could be a problem tomorrow morning. part of the reason why these warm temperatures, it's 69 degrees right now. we hit 70 at 10:00. a new record high breaking the old record of 66 set in 1990. allentown 63. in trenton, 68 degrees. millville 65. dover 71. they made some snow in the poconos at the ski resorts this weekend and i think the snow is all gone. the current temperature 56 degrees. double scan live showing one part of the storm system moved through today. that was a warm front and what brought us the soaking rain. that moved up into new england. if you look to the west, still a cold front is heading to the east. this cold front responsible for tornado outbreak across the midwest and the deep south. deadly tornados. fortunately, as the front pushes to the east, it will be weakening considerably. by the time it moves through here tomorrow afternoon it will
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be a showed dough of its former self. dealing with clouds and warm temperatures. information, a few breaks of sunshine. and as we head towards lunchtime, temperatures jump up into the 70's and we can see a line of showers and maybe a rumble of thunder ahead of the front as it passes through. put it in perspective, the kind of temperatures we are talking, normal high christmas eve 42. the record high last christmas eve 64. the highest temperature ever recorded in the month of december is 73, going for a forecast high of 76 degrees and that will break all of those records. christmas eve as the kids go to bed and santa doing his job, it is going to be very mild with spotty showers. 65 degrees. 6 2 at midnight. and merry christmas to everyone. seeing a lot of clouds and mild temperatures on christmas day as well. temperatures maybe i will in the 60's. at 1:00, 67, and probably reaching a high of 70, which is also a record high.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a record at 76, and had another record on friday, and sunday a surge of record warmth again with a high of 70. monday it turns cooler, 47 degrees. tuesday back up to 54 with some rain. and wednesday a lot of clouds and high of 56 degrees. if you want to go ahead and put the fireplace on tomorrow, just don't wear the christmas sweater at the same time, you won't need it. >> put the turtlenecks aways. >> exactly. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, thank you. >> and families recovering from drug and alcohol abuse getting a helping hand. the toy give away by the one day at a time recovery program. youngsters he can -- excitedly looked through the mounds of toys and with a little help picked a gift.
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long-time photographer for "action news." and we have known her for years and congratulations to the happy couple. a great christmas for them. >> very nice. >> hoping for a late christmas present from the eagles, a win over the redskins. >> sam bradford wished everyone a merry christmas. if you want to spread holiday cheer win the game saturday, bottom line. it may take a miracle, all they have to do is beat the redskins and giants and they are in hosting a playoff game. wait they played, they could just as easily be heading home in two weeks. and chip kelly could be short-handed. and maxwell and logan out of practice again with injuries. look, the eagles are staying positive. so much so the pro-bowler fletcher cox guarantee these are going to beat the redskins. >> yeah.
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do you think i am going to say we will lose it? no. >> the bottom line we don't make it to the playoffs. if that is not incentive enough, i have to look for things after that we are in trouble. i don't think our guys will play harder not only do we lose we are out, but they can clinch, they are training hard, that would be silly. >> i don't know if you would ever be excited to play football but you can't let it take it out of your game guess who is really excited? >> this guy. desean jackson. and jackson the very player that chip kelly cut could keep the ex-from the playoffs for the second straight season. jackson still thinks it is a slap in the face the eagles cut him but trying to down play his feelings. >> just another game. excited about it highly anticipated but not making it more than it is. and we have a job to do, a game to play, regardless of the team or the name or the jersey we
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don't care about that. it is a must-win for us. the eagles and redskins and even the giants in play for the nfc title. and the new york shot a giant h hit. and the sixers can they dig themselves out of a hole in milwaukee against a familiar face? we are right back.
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the giants are technically still alive. in a round-about way it helps the eagles receiver. beckham on suspension. and he apologize saying no excuse for his behavior. he is able to return the following sunday against the eagles in the finale. and brown and the sixers say
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the buck stops here in milwaukee. and the worst start in history, only one win. happy holidays -- i think not. and not happy with the sixers falling behind 10-0. and calling a time-out and it doesn't work. and it is slammed down and sixers down as many as 25 in the second to a last-place bucks team. and parker over okafor, and later in the third the former sixer, michael carter-wom carter-women -- williams. and the sixers have lost 30 of their 31 games. you want something under the tree, how about a win for the sixers? >> it's ugly, thanks. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." and "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. for the entire "action news" team i'm brian taff. have a great night and see you tomorrow. mel
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live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "the hateful eight." featuring director quentin tarantino. samuel l. jackson. kurt russell. jennifer jason leigh. walton goggins. tim roth. michael madsen. bruce dern. and channing tatum. plus, music from rick ross featuring chris brown. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if you haven't heard, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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