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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this tuesday december 29th. >> accuweather is tracking a cold soaking rain for the morning commute. plus, could see he some sleet in the far northern suburbs. >> crews in montgomery county investigating a fiery crash outside of a hospital. >> we're live at a septa bus stop where police and commuters are on the lookout for an armed bandit who has struck several times. >> good morning. 4:30 now. karen rogers is off. let's get right over to meteorologist, david murphy to talk about accuweather and the rain and matt pelman for what might be a tricky traffic morning. good morning. >> well, the good news is the winter weather advisory has
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now been dropped up in the lehigh valley and berks county. it's still in effect up in the poconos until 11 o'clock this morning but you can see how that warm air as expected has pushed to the north and there might be a little bit of lingering sleet left over in the northern suburbs like lehigh valley, maybe berks county, especially up toward lehigh i think but it's really becoming less of a factor. i'd still take it slow up there just in case something froze up earlier in the overnight hours but it's mainly rain for the rest of us. you could see that some of this is a little on the steady to heavy side with some pockets highlighted in yellow. the wider view on satellite and radar shows that you farther to the north in new york and the poconos you've got that mixed precipitation and all out snow farther to the north and east. if you're driving to the poconos you'll have problems this morning. that should get better around midday and this rain looks like it's probably going to get out of here around midday as well and then we might even see some breaks of sun later. 45 degrees right now in philadelphia. so, no the too bad temperature-wise. still closer to the mid 30's in allentown and red hing.
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but again, we are changing over to rain there. 42 degrees in trenton. 50 in millville and 53 he in sea isle city. as we take a look at where we're going on the way out, well, the temperatures are going to keep rising this morning. freighter degrees by 6 o'clock, up to 52 by 8 o'clock. we'll have rain on the way out the door this morning and then as we go through the day it gets milder than it was yesterday and the rain really starts to taper off. by noon we'll be down to some scattered showers and by 3 o'clock maybe some peeks of sunshine and our high today is that 62 degrees, far better than yesterday's 47. matt pelman will be back with the new year's eve and new year's day forecast. >> oh, boy, there is coming up. good morning to you david and we don't need icy conditions. the rain is bad enough for ah our morning commute. it will give us problems and already we've had some issues including a crash here in the northbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard extension just north of the ridge avenue on-ramp. that crash has cleared out now so all lanes reopened as you come north of the schuylkill and head up toward broad street but those lanes are wet, they are slippery and you
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have to take it easy this morning. also cleared out, the overnight construction along the vine street expressway. was closed in both directions but the crews packed up a little bit early because of the inclement weather so traffic moving once again in both directions along the vine. if you're headed toward 95 by girard avenue rain still coming down but the traffic is moving fine with no overnight construction here. in west deptford there is a downed pole and wires to watch out for this morning. it's closing 44. crown point road at paradise road. stick to 295. things look fine there despite being wet or either kings highway would be another local alternate. a bunch of other overnight construction zones until 5:00 so still about another half hour. the ramp from 295 southbound to 42 northbound. work on 295 itself in the southbound lanes, that's going until 6 o'clock. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. well, we are getting our first taste of winter weather. tumbling temperatures and rain showers blanketed the area. penndot crews are ready in the lehigh valley where a little bit of sleet fell overnight. crews salted the roadways to
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keep the road from icing up. coming up in our next half hour "action news" reporter annie mccormick will give us a live look at the conditions in allentown. >> this system that is bringing us rain and sleet in some areas was much worse for other parts of the country. it spawned deadly tornadoes in texas and flooding in the midwest. at least 46 people are dead, dozens more were injured. abc's megan hughes has the latest. >> reporter: after an unusually warm december, the first snowfalls in massachusetts this morning. ice melt and shovels fly off the shelves. >> it was kind of like black friday. >> reporter: in new york state plow trucks are ready. >> first storm of the year there's a lot of accidents. hopefully they'll be minor. >> reporter: weather around the country has given them a preview from high winds and icy roads creating treacherous conditions in wisconsin to floods in missouri where the state's death toll climbed into the double digits. a snow drift in new mexico trapped betty and jimmy anderson in their car for 20 hours until rescuers broke the
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windshield to free them. >> my wife she was just shivering and shaking so i got into the passenger seat because the driver's seat was full of snow from us trying to dig out so i kind of slept together. >> reporter: air travelers had nothing to do but wait. >> i have been stranded for 50 hours. >> reporter: almost 3,000 flights canceled across the united states yesterday according to flight tracking service flight aware. the weather system spawned more tornadoes bringing terror to arkansas. >> drive. get on the gas and go. that's it. that's a tornado. >> reporter: while cleanup began near dallas where a 40-mile scar of splintered homes and debris show the aftermath of tornadoes that took 11 lives there. white house officials say president obama called the texas governor to get an update on the severe weather and offer assistance and condolences for the lives lost. megan hughes, abc news, washington. >> you can check our local conditions any time at
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you can find the seven-day forecast and take a look at storm tracker6 live radar. >> knew new this morning a car caught fire after a driver lost control and crashed into a wall near the entrance of lankenau o it happened around 1:30 this morning on the 100 block of lancaster avenue in wynnewood, montgomery county. the driver was taken to that hospital's er for treatment. and a water main break flooded the 7400 block of elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia. 50 customers lost service. water department officials tell us an 8-inch main fractured around 5:30 last night. the break started to compromise the road itself. the street was closed to traffic while repairs were being made. >> new on "action news" a church in the lehigh valley continues to light up its nativity display even though the baby jesus statue is gone. it was stolen from the trinity episcopal church in easton sometime around christmas eve. this also happened a few years ago but the statue was returned before the christmas service. church members are talking about ideas to pro he ticket
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the nativity scene next year. one idea is to put plexiglas over the display. another is to install security cameras. investigators say a medical emergency caused a driver to crash his car into two homes in central pennsylvania. the the granville township fire department in mifflin county posted these pictures ofs frightening scene. a neighbor called 911 and her husband rushed down to help. >> came out of the house to see what was going on and there was a big puff of smoke and dust everywhere. >> must have been a high rate of speed coming from there and i believe they said there was not even no tracks here so it must have been airborne from this point. >> no one was in either house at the time of the crash. the family of the driver says he suffered from a seizure. he is recovering in the icu. his wife and a passenger in the car are expected to be. >> okay new this morning, hershey he pennsylvania is ready to plant a big kiss on new year's eve. crews tested the giant kiss yesterday. it will lift off the ground this thursday night new year's
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eve entering in 2016. the show includes fireworks and a concert headlined by olivia holt. the kiss is not made of chocolate. >> aww spoiler. 4:38. coming up on "action news," why students in scranton will be heading to school today even though he most are on the holiday break. >> why does a 500-pound seal try to cross the road? wildlife officials in california share their thoughts on what happened yesterday. david. >> rain this morning, drying this afternoon a lot milder later with a high of 62 blasting past the average high of 41. only 10 off the record of 72. if you're down in dover you might just hit 70 today. we'll have your future tracker call showing you the departure of today's rain and what's ahead for the rest of the accuweather 7-day including the holiday. that's coming up. >> ♪
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>> police in northern california spent the overnight trying to keep a seal in the water. the marine mammal weighing some 500 pounds left the san francisco bay yesterday and wobbled onto a road twice. wildlife officials believe the mammal is pregnant and may have gotten lost by swimming up the wrong waterway.
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>> wow. >> keep him in the water what they're doing. >> you're talk about the weather and there have been some changes. >> yeah, wet start this morning across mostest region. let's start you with storm tracker6 live double scan. there is rain everywhere. some cases it is steady rain. that's going to show you down particularly when you get into one of those yellow pockets. the other part of the story is up north in the poconos where we have sleet and freezing rain mixing. a winter weather advisory continues up there until 11:00 this morning but around allentown and reading, they have now dropped the winter weather advisory. radar still indicating some sleet mixing in but this is mainly changing over to rain right now. i'd still be careful just in case there was any freeze-up on any roadways up there, particularly on the sidewalks or secondary roads earlier but the rain is take over now and the temperature on the ground at the airport in allentown is now up to 35 degrees. so, we're above freezing. now, if we go a little farther to the south where you have those heavier pockets of rain pushing through philadelphia, malvern, norristown, coats
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town, wilmington, glassboro also seeing some of this and the movement shows us that this is popping in from the south and pushing off toward the northeast. so, moving pretty quickly as it pops through but some steadier rain yet to come for the rest of the morning rush hour. later in the morning and through about midday we'll start to see he that rain tapering off. as we take a look outside, we have at this early hour the airport and it is looking rainy there. and so far he so good with no early delays but once the air traffic starts to get a little bit more involved we could wind up with some delays later so keep an eye on your e-mail. 45 degrees is your temperature, dewpoint 42 so very close to the temperature an indication of how saturated the air s winds out of the east at 15 miles per hour so not only is it wet out there but also a little bit breezy. future tracker6 though shows that you after a wet morning commute, we really start to see this rainfall apart around mid morning and by 11:30 pushing up toward lunchtime it looks like most of the area is
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beginning to dry out and shortly after that we will continue to dry. in fact, later this afternoon there's even the chance of a peak or two of sunshine. generally speaking it's going to be mild, too. 52 degrees by 8 o'clock. temperatures really zooming during the morning rush. up to 56 by 11:00 and then maybe some peeks of sunshine by two or 3 o'clock with a temperature of 60 at 2:00 and 62 your high at about 3 o'clock. by 5 o'clock we're starting to dip back down into the 50's but that's still well above average. high temperatures across the region cooler up north, only line in allentown and similar high temperature in reading. 56 though he in trenton and then you get down closer toward philadelphia and we start to see the 60's. in fact, 65 degrees in millville and dover all the way up to 68 degrees. 63 a little cooler right next to the ocean water in cape may. tomorrow it looks like we'll see some sun during the morning hours. this is all the way up to noon. and then in the afternoon the clouds will have a tendency he to start to thicken up. some models are suggesting some rain arriving in the afternoon, others hold it off until tomorrow evening.
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doesn't look like a lot of rain. your exclusive accuweather 7-day. today is mild, 62 degrees, a rainy start but that rain will be ending around midday. then sun to clouds on wednesday, 57 degrees, some late day or evening rain possible there. it looks like clouds to sun on new year's eve. dry conditions and relatively mild with a high of 52 degree 52 degrees. and then in the evening i would expect the low 40's in philadelphia when we go outside there to ring in the new year. overnight lows 36 and then for the mummers parade on new year's day it is going to be chillier. we'll start out in the 30's at sunrise and wind up with a high of 45 degrees but lay, at least the parade will be dry. stays chilly this weekend. sunshine on saturday, more sun on sunday and probably still around the mid 40's as we start out the work week next week. >> okay. thank you david. well, septa riders are on the lookout for an armed bandit who has already robbed several people of their cell phones at gun point. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the septa bus stop at cedarbrook avenue and up saul street in west oak lane.
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katherine. >> reporter: matt, police say the suspect has struck nine times, two times at the bus stop where we're standing right now and police say all but one of the victims were women. they're urging all riders to use caution. nine gunpoint robberies in a matter of weeks. the victims were all targeted by a suspect matching the same description. >> they say he looks like he's targeting women that are by themselves at the bus stop early in the morning. >> reporter: the latest armed robbery happened 8:30 monday morning at this bus stop on the 1200 block of easton and west oak lane the first was reported on december 6th. there were two bus stops he's hit twice. that your ron avenue and philomena street and the stop at cedarbrook and upsal. >> he's armed with a handgun. when someone is armed very dangerous situation. >> reporter: it's all making riders here very nervous. bonnie has often turned down her daughter's offer to drive
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her to the bus stop but not anymore. >> oh, lord, i'm not going to argue with her no more. take me to the bus stop or i'm not going until it gets light. >> reporter: and police describe the suspect as a black male in his earl to mid-20's with a medium build, between five-six and five-eight with freckles, facial discoloration and possible al mole. he was last seen wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark paints. anyone with information is urged to call northwest detectives. tam. >> thank you for that. now for your first look at business. it looks like we pulled out the plastic a lot this holiday season. mastercard said sales were up 8 percent compared to last year. they're comparing from black friday through christmas eve. hot sellers, furniture and women's clothing. billionaire carl icahn has made a third offer for pep boys. his offer for the philadelphia based auto parts chain is now 1850 a share. that comes out to more than a
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billion dollars but the bridgestone tire company could counter. they've got until thursday to do that. stocks were in the red yesterday, all major markets were down but this morning futures do seem to be pointing to a higher open. it could cost you more soon to send your teens to see grandma on their. oh united airlines is now charging $150 for kids who fly alone up to the age of 15. the fee used to apply to children up to the age of 12. delta and american charge the same price for similar age ranges so it looks like it's just the going thing if you're sending a teen on his own. >> okay. 4:48 now and coming up later on "action news," the animal rescue in missouri. they saved a dog from being put down and managed to find the owner who lives thousands of miles away. >> dashcam video shows a pennsylvania fire chief can come to the rescue after a crash. more when "action news" comes back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> well, in less than shocking news it is raining yet again. wet roadways across its region but the good news is it is just rain in our immediate area. as you get really far north you may find a slick spot or two but for the most part it's just wet but it's very wet and that's leading to accidents here on the blue route 476 northbound side about a mile
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approaching saint davids-villanova there's an accident. we're hearing a pretty serious one. we were getting word that someone was actually trapped in the wreckage here so we've seen a lot of emergency crews on the scene. traffic is slowly squeezing by in the left lane as you can see. downtown in that center city things are looking better along the vine street expressway. overnight construction which they did do despite the weather has cleared out. everything has reopened along the vine and we expect one more night of that overnight closure before another long holiday weekend. on the big picture still patching that water main break from last evening in southwest philadelphia elmwood and 74th is the intersection to avoid. you might want to use buist avenue as an alternate. a crash on the northbound side now there's one on the southbound side by fox street. looks like the right lane is blocked. we'll keep watching this coming up, tam, in just a few minutes. >> okay, thank you, matt. happening today, chicago mayor rahm emanuel will return from his vacation early to deal with another fatal police shooting. the police department was already under investigation
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when police shot and killed two people on saturday. the officers say 19-year-old quintonio legrier was being what 33 said was combative toward officers before he was shot. the teen's neighbor was accidentally hit and killed as well by gunfire. >> dashcam video captured the heroic actions of a fire chief in central pennsylvania. chief nate tracy of the york township fire department was first to arrive at the scene of that burning car yesterday. the driver was knocked out and still inside, his life in danger. the chief charged into the fiery smoky car without even putting his firefighter jacket on. then you see he ambulances arrive just as tracy pulled the victim out alive. the vehicle was left a charred mess. >> amazing. it's 4:53. new this morning, police in delaware county are investigating a deadly shooting overnight. details at 5:00 a.m. >> up next, a new jersey toddler is recovering at home after being struck by a stray bullet while sitting in his parents' car. "action news" will be right back.
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>> a north jersey toddler who was shot by a stray bullet is offering recovering at home this morning. the one-year-old was released from the hospital yesterday. the shooting happened saturday afternoon outside a jersey city post office where the boy's mother was getting a pack app. the authorities say the boy's five-year-old sister and their father were also in the vehicle but they were not hurt. authorities are sill working to term minute what led to the gunfire but they tone believe that the family itself was the
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shooter's target. no arrests have been made. >> the holiday shorter for the van ton sad. students lost two weeks of school during a teacher's strike back in september and october so the strict scheduled three half tase this week to make up the lost time now rather than wait until june. students are off thursday and friday for the new we're and then return to school on monday. the last at any of school is scheduled for june 17th. district officials say any snow tase will be tacked onto the end of the school year. a dog from arizona that was missing for three years somehow found its way all the way to missouri. mayhem is its name showed up a few weeks ago at the rogersville shelter as a stra stray. the dog was setzed. the dog raged ride to phoenix where the reunion will take place. >> still ahead we're following a developing story. a wealthy texas teen famous
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for his affluenza defense during a trunk driving trial is finally in police custody along with his mother. >> a child from allentown who is just seven years old is gunned noun florida. down in florida. more on this story next
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, december 29th and here is what happening. >> parts of the lehigh valley did see part of a wintry mix overnight. we're with the latest. >> a local familydy marred by gunfire mourning the death of a child in florida. >> overnight changes in the accuweather forecast. let's turn to dave murphy and also matt pelman filling in for karen. good morning. >> the best news is the winter weather advisory for the lehigh valley and berks county has now been canceled. it's still in effect up in the poconos until 11 o'clock this morning where we have p


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