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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 29, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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delays and cancellations, pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, sounds off on parts of a budget and says there is more work to do, we'll hear from an emotional governor wolf in a moment. a popular mousse it's is missing his his friend was found dead. we are getting word that 1,000 jobs at dupont are being lost after the recent merger with dow chemical. the total number of jobs is up to as many as 1700. governor jack markell released a statement, saying the announcement about the layoffs deeply disappointed especially to the thousands of delawareans that helped dupont grow and succeed for ren jagss. we'll have the latest online at and starting this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00.
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pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, is rejecting parts of a $30.3 billion budget plan that is already six months overdue, wolf announced he is freeing up $23 billion for funding for schools and social services, wolf says the overall republican backed proposal does not add up. >> this proposal is wrong for pennsylvania, and the legislatures need to own up to this, they need to do their jobs -- >> wolf says the funding for schools and social services is temporary and urged lawmakers to get back to harrisburg and hammer out a balanced budget. philadelphia public school officials are on the verge of closing january 29th with the issues unresolved should this was a relief for superintendant, william hite. >> the governor is in a tough
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spot so i'm appreciative that he is releasing money and i support his call for the additional money for public education here in pennsylvania. >> dr. hite says the state has yet to determine how the money will be distributed to districts statewide so he doesn't know how long the schools will operate past the january 29th deadline. turning to weather, the sky 6 hd video captured the rainy morning in center city and the steady soaking is over and a mild afternoon is on tap and boston and other places to our north are dealing with snow than is making it a tough day nationwide for people trying to catch a flight. first to meteorologist, david murphy. >> well, we have a big system roll through and some cases it produced precipitation in the
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lehigh valley and that ended before dawn, satellite and radar now, even boston is beginning to change over to rain, good news for those up there, we are looking at a few breaks in the clouds locally i can't rule that out and the lastest rain showers, the active showers are off the coast of sea isle city over the last half hour, 51 in philadelphia, we are holding steady on that number with the rain still get ago way from us and the clouds are still thick but if we manage to get sunshine in over the next couple of hours, we may be able to bump that up over 60 degrees, it is cooler in new york city, where they are getting rid of the thicker clouds and rain and in washington as well. philadelphia is bubbling up a little there, wind speeds are not all that strong, 6 miles per hour in philadelphia and
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stronger down by the coast where we have gusts up to 20 miles per hour and 8 to 16 miles per hour and a little bit breezy as we go later into the afternoon and the system continues to pull away. 57 by 2:00 if we get up to the high of 59 it will probably be around 3:00 and 5:00 we are back down to 57 degrees. 54 degrees by 6:00 and we cruise on down from there, and 10:004 degrees and no rain tonight and breaks in the clouds as we head into the overnight hours, it looks like the overnight low will be well above arm and that is good. and tomorrow we stay above average with a bit more rain coming in tomorrow night, i'll show you future tracker 6 it doesn't look bad, and we'll have the full forecast for new years eve and new years day. we'll show you where the temperatures are going for the mummers parade. >> thank you for that.
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"action news" reporter, gray hall spent the morning at philadelphia international airport gauging the mood of travellers there. >> we have actually dodged a bullet because if this was colder weather we'd see a lot of snow right now. >> philadelphia may have dodged the snow and ice and other parts of the country are getting pounded with winter weather and as you probably heard yesterday, chicago had over 1,000 fights that were canceled and that of course has a domino effect throughout the country. >> so far in philadelphia, delays average 30 minutes, that is good news for travelers. as far as the experience. i would say 1 to 10, i would give it a 10. >> pack early. we had everything ready this morn in a separate bag and get them out the door and so far so good, knock on wood. >> that is not the same picture
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at airports around the country, nationally there are over 1,000 delays and 800 cancellations. as a rule of thumb always pack your patience, it is philadelphia and it is winter. and we are ready for snow and prepared so when it does come we'll be able to deal with it. airplane employees say if are you picking up someone check in with the airline carriers so you know the status of the flight from the philadelphia international airport gray hall, channel 6 "action news." now winter storm that moved through new england this morning, runways and roads are rough in plenty of places, lauer and lister continues our coverage. >> reporter: blizzard warnings and sleet hitting boston and the weather delays departures for
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dozens of planes and on top of the record rain and flooding in the south, four visiting soldiers swept away in this car and killed. and also leading to successful rescue. >> overnight in illinois this school bus carrying a girl's high school basketball team skidded off the road into floodwaters. >> we were scared and people were crying and now rivers skidded over their banks, rising to historic levels and the mississippi river is expected to crest higher than it has in 22 years, the second highest level ever recorded. >> never faced with it coming up so fast. >> now the deadly midwest storm is barrelling towards the northeast bringing sleet and freezing rain and in texas the cleanup from the deadly twisters bringing cold and ice, here in the texas neighborhood the cleanup has a long way to go,
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cars completely torn up and crews are busy at work, lauren lister, garland texas. >> can you see the latest on storm tracker radar day or night just head to new at 12:30, philadelphia police have released video of a man they say used a knife to rob a rite-aid, it happened christmas night on the 1900 block of fairmount avenue, police say the employees approached the man thinking he was shoplifting, he then pulled out the knife and chased them and allegedly threatened them while stealing merchandise. the west african nation of guinea passed a major test in the fight against ebola. and a car plows into two homes in eastern pennsylvania.
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plus, david murphy returns with your accuweather forecast including new years when we come right back.
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the world health organization declared the nation of guinea free of ebola. the virus claimed 2500 lives in guinea and is the starting point for the largest ebola epidemic ever. this came after no new cases were detected in three weeks and guinea had to go lieu two incubation periods in those two weeks. and more than 15,000 ebola survivors in east africa face health issues linked to the virus. iraq's prime minister vows that -- by next year. the prime minister says that his next goal it to quote, liberate mosul, that city is vital in the fight against isis, because it's
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the most populated area held by the terror group. and now the search continues for craig strictland, the singer went missing while hunting in oklahoma with a friend, a powerful storm struck and he was not seen since. >> reporter: as the lead singer of the country band back road anthem, craig strickland plays to packed houses, now they fear for his life. after he and a friend went out near tulsa, oklahoma to do some duck hunting, mooreland's body turned up overnight. their boat capsized but no sign of strickland. >> in case we don't go back we
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are going through winter storm golia goliath. he recently married a former miss arkansas retweeted the message, the duo was last spotted two hours after they set out. the band is asking people to pray for strickland's safe return. the power of prayers is huge. fans postd this to the facebook page, we can't even stand to think about it, we are devastated, only god and time can put us back together. >> that was david wright reporting for us. dash-cam video caught heroic agencies of a fire chief in pennsylvania, chief nate was the first to arrive at the scene of a burning car yesterday, the driver was unconscious and still in side and his life in danger, the chief went into the fiery
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danger without even putting his jacket on. investigators say that a medical emergency caused a drive toward crash his car into two homes in central pennsylvania, the police department posted pictures of this frightening scene. a neighbor called 911 and her husband rushed down to help. >> came out of the house to see what was going on there was a big puff of smoke everywhere. >> a high rate of speed coming from there, and they said there was no even track there's so it must have been airborne from this point. >> nobody was in either house at the time of the crash, the driver says he suffered from a seizure and his wife and another passenger in the car are expected to be okay. still ahead here on "action news," another check of your forecast stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you the center city skyline, looking back at the see citi from that view,
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pretty cloudy out there. david murphy has an update.
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looking live now back at the center city skyline at city hall there, lots of cloud cover at this noon hour, looking live from our temple university camera, david we are waiting for the rain to move out. >> and now the clouds to move out. go ahead and take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan i was going to say the clouds were a lot lower this morning and they are starting lift and the rain is gone lets get you to the action cam we are looking at the side of the fountain at rittenhouse square and the reason i know this is because sara bloomquist has spent time down there. i drive by rittenhouse square but i'm not always there. a nice shot and you can see by the time we were down there this
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morning the rain drops had dried off the little sculptures and everything was starting to feel a little bit better. temperature is cool, 51 in philadelphia, and winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour, they could get a little stronger than that as we go through the afternoon but not all that bad. there goes the precipitation, i am encouraged by the hole in the cloud cover, i am hoping we can get some sun in here and we could add 6 to 8 degrees to the temperatures, we are hoping for a 59 in philadelphia and wilmington has a shot at 60 but the farther north you go the cooler it will be. 50 in reading and 65 in millville and low 60s along the coast in cape may. 59 degrees that is your high around 3:00 and then back down to 55 at 5:00 and 52 by 7:00 and 50 by 9:00, these are kind of cool numbers but i'll remind you that the arrange high today is
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below tonight's low. it's still pretty mild this time of year. cloudy and a dank feel out there right now, future tracker 6 shows you in the morning clouds and breaks and a chance of fog developing, it could be that you don't have clouds high above you but are stuck beneath the fog and thicker clouds are potentially moving in. then we go into the evening hours in particular and there is a chance of light sprinkles and showers around and whatever we get will not be all that pronounced but the model showing there could be rain drops on your windshield. we are dry and during the day getting up into the low 50s, and it looks like a decent new years eve and partly cloudy overall and cool certainly, and above average, 49 by 6:00, by the time you step outside at midnight to hoot and holler and clack some spoons against some pans, 42 degrees and the winds are not
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all that strong. then friday morning and new years day it's chillier and cooler air coming in overnight and we'll get down to 37 for a low and 10:00 in center city, 39 degrees and 44 by 2:00 and high around 45 and by 6:00, 39, the yerl i look i'm getting on the winds, it doesn't look like the winds will be all that bad. i know the captains worry about the big feathered costumes, it looks like single digits or low double digits wind wise. 57 and a sprinkle at night and 52 on new years eva above average and it will be a tranquil evening and then the chillier parade forecast, coats and probably extra gear is a good idea. and for the coming weekend we see lots of sun and people are pining for that, you'll get plenty on saturday and sunday and cool high of 43 on saturday
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and sunday. more of the same on monday. >> nice temperatures but not that much sun lately. it will be nice to see it. load up 6 abc news storm tracker events app. you can find links at americans appear divided in a new poll about president obama's legacy as he entered the final full year in office, the cnnorc poll find 37% believes he has brought positive change to the country and 57% support for the handling of the climate change and economy and 59% of people say the government overall is not doing a good job. shoppers spent more money but the biggest increase was in online sales up 20%, according to mastercard that tracked
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spending from black friday to christmas eve, shopping was up overall by 8%.
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a dog was saved three years after vanishing from arizona, mayhem, that is the dog's name showed up a few weeks ago at a missouri shelter, people thought he was a stray and the dog was set to be euthanized but a group found the strip and tracked the dog to arizona, apparently mayhem hitch aid ride. police in northern california spend the overnight hours trying to keep a seal in the water, the marine mammal weighing some 500 pounds left the san francisco bay yesterday and waddled on to a road twice,
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wildlife officials believe that the mammal may be pregnant and got lost. >> a bear that walks upright has quelled fears that something happened to the bear. experts say it walks upright braus because of a leg or paw injury, fans grew concerned after not seeing it for a while but pedals was spotted last week in west milford. >> nice name for a bear until he gets hungry. hopefully it's okay. as we look at temperatures this afternoon, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies and we can't rule out a sunny break and if we get enough of that the temperatures may go up higher than we are forecasting here, reading 58, 49 in allentown and 55 in pottstown and close to 60
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in a lot of spots, 59 in philadelphia and down the shore a little milder, 62 in sea isle city and 63 in cape may, new jersey, this afternoon. breezy and mostly cloudy and chilly. >> thank you david. a lot of people will welcome 2016 with a kiss, hershey pennsylvania will have one like no other, crews tested the giant kiss yesterday, it will lift off to ring in the new year, it include fireworks and a concert by olivia holt. the kiss is not made of chocolate in case you were wondering. you can count on this celebration for cheer. dick clark's new years eve kicked off. a look now at some stories
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coming up on "action news" at 4:00, new research shows that coffee can do more than jump start your day. you may want to start grabbing a cup of joe on the way to the gym and what is the deal, you may want to make sure your charitable donation is helping out a good cause, that will do it for "action news" at noon, join us later for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. now for meteorologist, david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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