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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 30, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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has to say and first ducis rogers live at the nova care complex. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, we expect ceo and chairman jeffrey lurie to address the firing of chip kelly in a few minutes. it will be interesting to hear in lurie's mind where he feels things went wrong, and why lurie made the decision with the game left on the schedule and they will be at the meadowlands to take on the giants on sunday and he went 26-21 since last year and they are 6-9 this year and the personnel decisions have not worked out at all. but the news of his firing surprised many including analyst, ron jaworsky. >> i didn't expect it with one game to go in the regular season, i'm surprised and shocked and jeffrey lurie made a difficult decision, this town is about winning ducis, they want
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to see progress and a plan, it's the most passionate knowledgeable fan base in america, they deserve better than what they got in the last year and a half. >> we mentioned the personnel decisions, they spent a lot of money on byron maxwell and went out and got demarco murray having the worst year of his career after leading the nfl in rushing last year and made the trade of desean jackson for keiko alonso, chip kelly made the power play and had howie rosen pushed aside and got more personnel power and it will be interesting to hear if the reports are true that lurie tried to strip him of the personnel power and we'll hear more about that from the nova care facility. i'm ducis rogers, channel 6 "action news." >> all right ducis we'll go
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right back there to the nova care complex when it happens. now gray hall is at chickie and petes. >> the entire city is buzzing but most people say it's time to see chip kelly go. >> we can only go up. we can't get any lower. >> it's time for him to go. we are not missing nothing we need new leadership. >> there is no shortage of opinions from fans after chip kelly was fired the announcement came with only one game left for the eagles this season, fans gathered at chickie's and petes in south philadelphia to watch a press conference by ceo jeffrey lurie. >> there has to be something going on behind the scenes, and i think a lot of weird press conferences were going on it was time for chip kelly to go.
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>> the eagles are 6-9 after going 10-6 two years in a row. and some say the ceo should have made a change a while zblag get someone new in and lay out the plan for the future and win a championship. >> with chip kelly out fans are eagerly waiting to see who takes the reign and if it means victory. >> we'll struggle to make the playoffs the next two years. >> people are eager to see who the next head coach will be. and eagles will play their last game sunday january 23rd and they will play the giants, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> gray thank you. >> now chip kelly's firing has created a lot of buzz of what next for the eagles and we want to know what you think, join the action send us a tweet using #6abcaction or email your
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thoughts to >> now back to the latest developments in the bill cosby scandal. less than three hours ago montgomery county officials announced a felony charge against the 78-year-old comedian. cosby will make his first appearance in court since the allegations surfaced. john rawlins live with the details. >> reporter: well, the incident we are speaking about was first investigated in 2005, there was no prosecution then but there was a release of critical information this last summer, documents that came from a civil case, a related civil case that had testimony from cosby himself and that led to the charge of indecent assault. >> we are here to announce charges that have been filed, against william henry cosby, these charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an
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evening in early 2004. >> it's alleged that in 2004 bill cosby developed a romantic crush on andrea constand, a staffer for the women's basketball team, he befriended her and it's alleged he gave her pills that made her groggy. >> he urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine and the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> bill cosby is expected to appear in elkins park. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we'll be following this story all day at and we have several crews in montgomery county where cosby is expected
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to be arraigned in the matter of hours and updates continue online and on "action news" at beginning at 4:00. now back to the nova care complex we'll listen to jeffrey lurie and the fires of chip kelly. >> this team really had two coaches in the last 1 years it's not something we do every year or something you can anticipate but it was a clear and important decision that had to be made. and i look forward to watching chip succeed wherever he goes, i think he really will but i look forward to a real improvement where we are headed and you know very much look forward to the 2016 season where we have an opportunity with a new head coach and new leadership and the opportunity for the players and the organization and everybody involved to perform up to their maximum and i think that we are
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talking about being able to perform and do the very best you can as people and as players and everyone involved, i just really want to publically thank chip nobody worked harder the last three years and a smart guy and a bold decision to hire him, and certainly had some success. and you know i wish him the very best as i did yesterday. happy to answer any questions. >> jeff, where did it go wrong in your opinion and when did you come to this conclusion? >> you know with a coach, and with almost any key executive it's important to really evaluate and analyze, not to be impatient and not to react to a series of games, so every season i have to carefully look over everything and this was really a
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three year evaluation, three year evaluation of where we are heading and what is the tragedy ectory and what is the progress or lack there of and what do i anticipate for the foreseeable future. >> when -- when did you make the decision? >> jeffrey -- over here i'm sorry -- you spoke so enthuse afticly about his vision and maximizing chip and innovating scouts with coaching, how did you so quickly move on from that certainty that that was the right way to go. >> last march i spoke to many of you and i said with chip's vision it was an opportunity that he wanted to lead the way to try to go from good to great and i remember saying to all of you there's dangers in that in
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terms of having two 10-6 seasons in a row, and whether making significant changes you can easily achieve mediocrity, and i think it would be a shame not to try but the end result was mediocrity. and you know as the owner of the team very to look at the progress and the trajectory of where its headed and it's disappointing to me but that is the danger when you take a risk. >> jeff, did you present an option to chip to stay on as coach but not have complete personnel control? >> no, i did not offer that, it was decided it was best to go in a different direction. >> did chip at least make a play to try to keep his job? >> no, he did not. but the atmosphere was such he knew he was being let go, so
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that decision was made before chip met with myself and don. >> a tuesday night before week 17 why then why the timing last night? >> three reasons, for the earliest timing i guess you could say, one i wanted to get a jump start on our head coaching search and i knew already what we were going to do and having six extra days was pretty important, as you know it's a chaotic rushed schedule when you are looking for a head coach and in fairness to chip, it was a good way for him to also view the market place and see what is possible in terms of employers, most importantly however was the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our players and i already started that process, i had a players only meeting with them today and there will be more this afternoon with certain players and meet again with them on monday.
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and i think, you know, that was the defining decision in terms of when you make a decision the monday after the last regular season game or playoff loss or something like that, the players go for some physicals and disperse and they are anxious to go home. in today's world, and the way i like to run things i want to hear from the players and engage them and have them understand what they felt was lacking and i need to understand, have them understand and take accountability and also at the same time be a sponge for what is leadership like in today's football world, you are dealing with 22 to 35 or more age people, and people who are elite athletes trying to perform at the very peak of their profession and there is a lot of issues, what is leadership like,
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it's very different than 10, 15 or 20 years ago, i would like to think we would try to be on the progressive end of how to lead and that is top down and through the head coach and the head coach people he sounded him with. and if i waited until monday there would be so much less of that opportunity. >> you say the players factored into your decision, was it just the football or was it how he acted how he went about his business socially or how he communicated with his players. >> no, i think the question is how did it relate to the players in terms of the decision? you know it's one of many factors, there are so many factors when you evaluate any senior executive and certainly a head coach, so many job responsibilities and in this case, it was a plethora of variables that had to be looked
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at and the decision was made that it was important to move on. >> jeffrey, at all in your opinion, and from all the research you have done, did chip lose the locker room in your opinion and how much of this had to do with his relationships inside of the building and with the players as much as it had to do with only winning six games this week? >> it's never just one thing when you make a change. it's a combination of so many factors you can come up with 10 different variables, it was more the lack of progress and the trajectory we were going and full responsibility that the head coach has and how you would predict the way the next year would go. >> did he lose the locker room in your opinion? >> i would not say that. >> what is your vision of the
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front office, will you hire a general manager now and are you reluctant to give a head coach personnel control again? >> in terms of reluctance to give a head coach that many control again, we have done it in the past to some degree with andy reid with a lot of success, i think the best approach is a real collaborative approach, in this case, with chip i think there was some very good reasons to be bold about what he wants to accomplish and do, however going forward i think a much more collaborative approach with personnel and coaching is the way we would go in terms of front office and executives and all of that. howie rosen remains as executive
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of operations. for crucial hire and crucial position. and howie will be responsible for making sure our player personnel department is as good as it gets in the nfl, and be accountable for that. that is pretty much the way it would go. a new head coach, executive person department, they are collaborate and that is the structure. you'll have the same personnel as a collaborator yes. >> jeffrey, you mentioned 18 years and two head coaches, a lot of leeway with ed rose and andy reid, why the difference with chip kelly. >> i guess my memory is not that great but with andy it's more recent, going back with andy, the few times we did not have a
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winning season and say were were 8- 8 he came back with a 10 win or more season, we didn't have the history here, there is nothing to basically base that on, that was a situation with andy, i had a lot of faith that the following year would create a double digit win season and it did until the last time. >> i want to double back on the players, not losing the locker room, you talked about getting their feedback, how much did you get for this decision. and did demarco have a lot to say about this? >> demarco had zero to do with it, i talk to players on airplanes all the time that made media coverage but in the bidding i talk to them all the time i'm not someone that is
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hands off and i try to get a sense of players and their concerns in the locker room at all times. all year round. so that is not it at all. you know there are so many variables that go into it, i go back to peak performance, if you want to have peak performance you have to have tremendous collaboration and trust and respect. smartness. agility. you have to have a lot going for you to achieve peak performance and leadership. so that was the decision that was made to move on with a new leader at a head coach. >> i'm sure there was a lot of self evaluation during this process, what was in your opinion the biggest misstep in the course of handling chip. >> you know i go back to the original hiring of chip. it was a bold choice.
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we knew what the potential pitfalls were, he was our first choice. it was a unanimous decision we had in the hiring process that we should make the bold choice, i thought after 15 years in goes in one direction there was a reason to do that. and i think whenever you make a bold choice i hate to ever be risk averse, i don't want to operate that way whether it's acquiring a player or picking a head coach it's bet toward go for it, rather than say, other teams are doing it that way, we have never operated that way. sometimes it's a bold risk and sometimes it doesn't work out. >> jeffrey just to clarify howie rosen's role, will you seek out
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a traditional general manager to step into the front office and do you have concern that the same search committee, yourself and howie, and don is leading this search? >> i'm confident this search will be done very professionally as the last one was. chip was number one on a lot of lists last time and we were no exception for those that wants to make the bold choice, i am confident that what we'll assemble because of that search will lead our fans to an excellent choice, i'm excited about starting the search and we have started last night. >> jeffrey, right in the middle. >> given chip's background before you hired him and the two careers you had to interact with him and work with him and know him a bit. what made you think giving the
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power you gave him a year ago and keeping howie in the organization that that scenario would work? >> you know, i think it was -- i wanted to make chip accountable for everything he wanted to have happen. and one of the ways to make him accountable was to have him make the decisions because that is what he insisted on decisively doing. if you want to make the decisions be accountable for them and that is the direction it took. there was a risk involved in allowing chip to have that kind of say over player transactions, however you risk-reward, sometimes the risks don't work and in this case it didn't work. >> going back to that moment when you did give him full control of the footballs operations, he hadn't had nfl
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experience prior to coming here, did you feel he would leave and you would lose him and you wanted to keep him here? >> i used the word maximizing last march when i spoke to you, there was no choice in terms of maximizing chip without him having the lever so to speak of making those decisions, that is where it was at. i think you either were all in or you should fine a new coach in terms of the trust and so the choice was lets see if that will work. and in terms of you know the results. part of that is the reason we are here today. >> jeff -- what are you looking for -- what are you looking for in the new coach, do you want an nfl coach or a guy with nfl experience and is anyone on this staff a candidate?
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>> yes, well i think in terms of what we are looking for in a coach, it's several things and it's number one, a smart strategic thinker, that is a given you have to be looking out for the short-term, midterm and long-term interest of the franchise and looking for someone who interacts very well and communicates clearly with everything he works with and comes in touch with. understands the passion of our fans and what it's like to coach the philadelphia eagles, it's a unique and incredibly passionate fan base that just wants to win. you have to incorporate that in your life and heart and be willing to do that. and another thing is attention to detail, i think all good coaches have tremendous attention to detail in this league and amongst many other
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things, lastly you've got to open your heart to players and everybody you want to achieve peak performance. and i would call it a style of leadership that values information, all the resources that are provided and at the same time values emotional intelligence and i think in today's world of the way businesses are run and sports team are run, that a combination and it's not easy to have, a combination of all the factors creates the best chance to succeed. >> jeffrey -- >> in terms of the staff -- you know no one is eliminated, every member of the staff is under contract and yes it's possible there will be some interests views with members of the staff.
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>> jeffrey over here -- chip obviously brought in the players that fit his system and his system was obviously unique, do you see the organization like you starting over or rebuilding where do you see things right now i don't see that as that in any way. the tempo was unique but darren sproles and sam bradford, these are players that can fit in any system. and it remaybes to be seen it we run a high tempo type of offense or not than will be determined by the next head coach, by don't see any players that are only a fit for a chip kelly team. not at all. we have to increase the talent level and increase the performance level of those we have, and you know that is the
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key, it's not a fit system type of situation. >> jeff -- will you be considering currents college coaches or is that a path you would prefer not to go down, and a bias toward offensive coaches in the past? >> no category is diminished here. we are going look at nfl coaches, nfl coordinators, college coaches, retired coaches, any category you can come up with if we think it's the best candidate. so no, there will be no change in categories, it's opening to figuring that out. wham was the other part? >> the offense versus defense? no we are looking for the best leader, i looked carefully at
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coaches around the league and where they come from, and i don't think there is any clear evidence of offense over defense, or defense over offense, it comes down to the leadership ability with today's athlete in today's world, different than a long time ago but i don't treat offense or defense differently. >> jeffrey, you mentioned the collaborative approach and tom donahue got a promotion why is he not included in the coaching search? >> when i say coaching search that i who is leading it but there is a slew of valuable people that are contacted and become a key part of the search and tom is one of them. >> this season began with such massive expectations, what is the most difficult part for you? >> you know, this has been one of the most disappointed seasons i have ever endured, i didn't
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feel as you probably remember when i spoke to the media in august that our preseason success would have anything to do with our season, i never believed that at all. it was surprising i thought we were on the verge of something that could be very, very special. but it wasn't something where you do count on it based on preseason games. so my expectations were confident and high but not sky high, and i'm realistic, it's a league that teams talent wise are close together. sometimes there say culture within an organization with players that create a momentum and create energy and create a fluidity and you know we never achieved that, it was too inconsistent. and the difference between winning the division and not may
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have been slight but this was not a strong division, and you got to look at things outside of just winning the nfc east, i think it's a bigger situation than that. >> thanks everybody. >> you've been listening to eagles owner, jeffrey lurie talking about the firing of chip kelly, it was a three year evaluation and saw a lack of progress and the word he used was mediocrity and wants to get a jump start on filling the position and wants to spend time with the players and it's all about risk and reward and in the case of chip kelly the risk did not work. we'll have full coverage on our website at and on "action news" beginning at 4:00. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us or "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
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now for karen rogers, david murphy, rick williams and it's entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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