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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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brace this new years eve, 49 in allentown as well as reading and 52 in philadelphia and 55 in millville and still in the upper 50s at the shore. and you are feeling a breeze that is a lot cooler than what the numbers look like, in fact as we look at the month of december as we close it out. it's an impressive and historic month. 13.8 degrees above normal in philadelphia, the record warmest december in philadelphia's history almost half the month temperatures in the 50s and 60s for highs and not a flake of snow to be found anywhere. we got breaks of sunshine and you saw a little blue upstairs through some of the day but high clouds continue to stream up from the south and west and if you are headed out on the town, no precipitation and partly cloudy with windchills in the mid-30s, 45 at 6:00 and as we say good-bye to 2015 at midnight
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your temperature is 40 degrees, as we go into the new year, temperatures are going to be once again above average. but much cooler today 1:30 in the afternoon and then temperatures drop further into saturday afternoon temperatures then around 42 to 43 degrees, when i come back we'll talk about a tremendous drop in temperature for the beginning of next week and maybe a flurry or two. i'll show you the numbers coming up. >> a flurry? thank you. as adam mentioned the fireworks you can you'll have two chances to see them over the delaware river, and sara bloomquist is leading the team coverage at penn's landing. wait a minute are you on skates? >> reporter: look at me we are counting down the new year at pens landing, a ticket event starts at 5:00 at winter fest,
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but the moment i have the ice all to myself and then at 6:00 it's the first of two fireworks shows live over the delaware river. round and round they go, skating the hours away before the start of a new year, this is winter fest here at penn's landing and it was a wonderful way to usher out one year and welcome the next. >> we are figure skaters and we always wanted to skate on new year eve. >> fire works will light up over the delaware river with music and people line the banks on both sides to watch the show. >> we came to penn's landing to go ice skating and then we'll spend the rest of the night in the city. >> are you watching the fireworks? >> yes. >> it's a night of high hopes a night these skaters are looking forward to. >> new years is a great time to
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celebrate, get together with friends and have a good time. >> it's a new year new season and new start. >> reporter: now the winter fest viewing party, those tickets are long soldout. but you can come skate all day tomorrow, it's really, really great and you can watch from both sides of the river here on the philadelphia side and of course over in camden as well. really cool note here, the 6:00 show tonight will feature songs from the star wars sound track. that is pretty cool. live from penn's landing, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> are you pretty good on the skates, a little birdie said it may not be your first time on the skates. >> if you are hosting a party you spent the day stocking up and we found people doing some
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last minute party shoppings over at debruno's, flocks of customers picked up gourmet party trays and no short of holiday traditions, shrimp chilling on ice. and their cheese, famous for that at debruno. there are 400 kinds to find there but the triple cream is a popular choice. >> these types of cheeses go well with the champagne, the fattiness of the cheese go well together. >> these go great in champagne, put one cherry in there, people love them. >> she just keeps saying champagne and all of that food making us hungry, coming up we'll talk about traditions from around the world for new years eve and some are pretty cool. and unique things that drop from
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the sky tonight including a 200 pound baloney. that is what that is, right there. i'll tell you what happens after it hits the ground. >> between sara bloomquist on ice skates and all of that food we would end the newscast now and i would be a happy man. philadelphia means one of the oldest of most unique traditions in america. this is a live look at mt. carmel church, the annual mummers mass is getting underway, one of the final steps before the fancies and string bands strut down broad street. we have more in preparation for the parade, you got to love that music. more coming up in a live report at 4:30. and we invite you to bring in the new year with 6 abc, tune in 8:00 sharp for rockin eve with dick clark, and we'll show you how our region is celebrating on "action news."
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and 11:30 we send you back to times square for the ball drop and the start of a brand new year, and keep tabs on the hourly forecast with, you can find the accuweather forecast any time and check out the series of radars and track any wet or snowy weather coming our way. >> in other news, police in may fair are trying to track down the person that shot a woman in the face during a robbery today and we have learned that the victim is in her 70s. john rawlins is live on this story live at the northeast detectives division where they are investigating this crime. >> reporter: the victim was familiar to folks in her may fair neighborhood because she was a lunch aide at a local elementary school for years and lost $400 in the robbery, she recently cashed a paycheck. >> the elderly woman was walking home with two bags of grocery
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and was navigating this driveway when she was jumped by an armed robber. >> she described him as a hispanic male in his late 20s or 30s, asked for her money and grabbed at her and pulled her toward the car and there was a struggle and a shot was fired and she was shot in the face. neighbors heard the gunshot and called 911, the 75-year-old continued to her home blood spot as long the way. >> it's at least two blocks from here and the husband puts the groceries away and calls the police and taking her to the hospital. >> not miss judy, she is stubborn, she walked all the way home. >> she say determined lady? >> very, very. >> many in this section of may fair feel crime is on the rise. >> really getting bad i can't
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even take my grandson to the playground over here. >> i group at frankford and cotman as a little boy and you could walk around at all different hours, now after dark i would not recommend it. >> what detectives spent the day, much of the day looking for video to better identify the asail anlt, the victim was shot at 10:00 this morning and she is recovering and able to talk to detectives today and should be able to be released from hospital tomorrow. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> lets hope police get a lead on that thank you. bill cosby's defense team is vowing to aggressively fight the felony charge against him. prosecutors say he gave pills and wine to a former temple university employee before sexually assaulting her at his montgomery county home in 2004. the formerly beloved comedian was released on a million
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dollars bail following his arrangement yesterday. cosby addressed his frail appearance on an interview on "good morning america." >> he is 70 years old and blind and requires assistance because of that he is in good spirits and is confident with his legal team to bring justice in this case. >> although cosby is accused by more than 50 women, he has not been criminally charged until now. mayor michael nutter took the podium for his final scheduled news conference as mayor, before he hands over the reigns on monday to jim kenney and in the end it comes down to the facts. >> the fact is, philadelphia is safer today than it was the day before i came into office. the fact is, that there is more educational funding support for schools than there has been in
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any other point in time -- >> as for the future, mayor nutter says his plans include taking a break and staying in philadelphia, and staying involved with the democratic national convention coming up next year. >> that will be a big deal right here, time for the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman is standing by for the last time for 2015. i can't believe we are saying that. >> we too are saying our farewells this afternoon, what a year it has been with a lot more construction here on 95 at cotman avenue and lots of accidents in the ongoing work zone at cotman avenue and there are two this afternoon one southbound at cotman and farther south at bridge street, both of the crashes are now gone, southbound 95 is heavy to academy as you head down to center city maybe for your new years eve festivities, close to the willow brook mall a crash is
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in the process of clears on old walsh road and schuylkill township, valley forge road at owen drive, it's a big year at 23, with the big bridge shut down in phoenixville, it is reopened but another bridge is closed the knox coverage bridge, that is slated to reopen in january. watching a crash involving a pedestrian in folcroft, delaware by leo's steak shop at folcroft avenuep watch for a wreck at cliston avenue. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this new years eve, a few hours left why not spend it in a traffic jam along christiana southbound. it's a complete stand still on 95 southbound, we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the
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next half hour. >> thank you my friend. still ahead today hear from the man that takes chip kelly's place on the sidelines this weekend as the eagles this weekend plus a massive fire on a skyscraper in the streets when people gathered into the new year, it all happened near the world's tallest building. and a shakeup for ben carson, why three of his top aides walked off the job.
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a massive fire engulfed a skyscraper in dubai hours before a fireworks display was set to start. the fire is still bunning now, it has already ripped through 20 stories of a hotel in the same neighborhood as the world's tallest skyscraper, thousands of people had gathered to ring in 2016 and had to leave as the fiery debris fell into the
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street and at least 16 people are hurt. now to the latest on the case of the so-called affluenza teen and his mother who arrived in los angeles. she was arrested for allegedly helping her son ethan flee. she is now being held at a los angeles jail on 1 milli$1 milli for helping her son flee. >> put yourself in tanya's shoes, who has a son who is the most hated boy in america. >> after winning a delay in his deportation, ethan couch was escorted to another detention center in mexico city, and he will appear before a higher immigration court and that could take months. they believe the mother and son fled after violating his probation sentence for a drunk driving crash that killed four
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people. here is exclusive video of the couches going through daily life trying to buy meat at a local butcher shop hours before they were arrested. >> tanya couch's extradition happens next week, if she is found guilty of helping her son evade police she faces up to 10 years in prison. we heard from the man that will lead the eagles in the final game of the season against the giants. pat shermer spoke for the first time as the head interim coach. he says that fans should not expect the birds to look drastically different and he is not looking at this game as a chance to be the head coach. >> i look at every day of my life as an audition, it's just so happens that the last game of the year is against the giants in the meadowlands. >> the eagles and giants are
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both out of playoff contention and they will kick off at 1:00 sunday afternoon. republican presidential candidate, ben carson will start the new year looking for replacements for three key positions. both quit this morning because carson was listening more to his long time business manager and not his campaign staff and then lisa cohen said she left because she didn't think the campaign could function without the other two. the latest poll shows carson more than 20 minutes behind the leader, donald trump. it is time now for accuweather on this thursday afternoon, which is new years eve, lets head to meteorologist, adam joseph, people have a lot of plans today adam. >> they do, and i'm looking to see if sara bloomquist continues to do her twirls at the river
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rink at penn's landing, the camera is bouncing a bit and the other thing on the risk is the zamboni, it has a glistening to it with the warm temperatures we are dealing with, the entire month of december. how warm was it? in philadelphia we averaged 51.3 degrees, that is for typical in charleston, south carolina and savannah, georgia and as far south as austin, texas. this was more typical or average of those states in the deep south. 43 in reading and 50 in philadelphia and low 50s down to the south and there is a wind that continues to drain out of the west-northwestly direction and with that wind 17 miles per hour in reading and wilmington 12 miles per hour, and it adds a chill to the air especially with some of that cloud cover that continues to pull in. we did rip apart the clouds
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tonight with a little blue and pops of sun and all the precipitation is thankfully down to the south and it will stay there, a lot of clouds are continuing to build all the way back to the great lakes, tonight is partly cloudy at times the moon shines through and maybe a star or two, partly cloudy and cool, 31 to 36 degrees, the west wind is 5 to 10 miles per hour. as we look at future tracker 6 right at midnight, the fireworks go off at penn's landing and 36 is the windchill in pennsylvania and 29 in lancaster so again the chill as we introduce 2016. and 9:00 tomorrow morning as the mummers start to strut down broad street and venture in center city. it will feel below freezing and bundle up and 32 in millville and in the afternoon at 3:00, windchills remain at freezing north and west and just above freezing i-95 to the south and east. a bit of a chill in the air as
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we begin the new year. as we look at the four day at 4:00, partly sunny and 46 degrees, a little more sun than we saw today, baby steps after 10 days of that cloud cover and lots of sun on saturday and still chilly at 43 degrees, mostly sunny and not bad on sunday, normal high is 41, 5 degrees above that at 46 degrees and then monday we'll have some shall we say somewhat arctic air or canadian air that blasts in from the north and that brings clouds and maybe a flurry or two on monday as high temperatures tumble to 39 degrees and then they fall even further as we get into tuesday so everyone is wanting that miserable cold, and we are finally getting it. >> not everyone. hold on. >> you should see my twitter and facebook account, they think i'm holding tup in canada for some reason.
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>> thank you. for anyone that doesn't feel like staying up until midnight we have the new years celebration for you. here is the live look at times square where the security is tight for tonight and the big celebration for new years eve is right there. details coming up in a live report at 4:30. and the new face for bullying that people may find hard to believe, kids getting picked on not by other kid but by their parents. caring for someone with alzheimer's means
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flooding in the midwest forced evacuations and rivers and streams are overflowing their banks after 10 inches of rain fell this week some of the worst damage is in the st. louis suburbs, some houses are washed away and flooding led to breaches at two waste water plants sending untreated sewage into a flooded river. three people are out of their home after an early
4:26 pm
morning fire in camden, an "action news" viewer sent us pictures of the flames, it starts before 5:00 this morning and the fire damaged one home and smoke and water damaged another, all in all seven adults and six kids had to get out. the red cross is helping them and no one was injured. now to a look at 2015's closing numbers. i'm going to stand here today because it's a special day. this is how the dowed up the day down, and s&p down 19.5 points and the nasdaq down almost 6% and the s&p mostly flat, the worst year for the dow since 2008. do yourself a favor and wait a bit. >> i'll wait until next year, tomorrow. the adults are not the only
4:27 pm
ones ringing in the new year, the adults are getting in on the action too. >> two, one! >> the please touch museum held its annual new years eve celebration, the party is especially for kids 7 and younger, children were cheering and counting down as the ball drops and confetti went everywhere, the show featured characters from alice in wonderland, it's the countdown to noon. we got together with neighborhood friends and did that today at noon. i like it. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at 4:00 today. we'll show you how new york and other big cities are preparing for tonight's ball drop. >> i'm nydia han if you have think being cashing in a gift card we have advice of getting a
4:28 pm
good return.
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"action news" continues. well, it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with famous new years eve celebrations. whether you are watching a crystal ball or a giant marshmallow peak or smoked meat, there is something for everyone out there tonight. plus, parade preps, the
4:30 pm
mummers are getting ready for their big new years tradition and we are live with a preview. first new year is almost upon us and cities around the world are taking precautions, a look at times square, more than 6,000 police officers patrolling the streets right there ahead of tonight's big ball drop, abc's marcy gonzales is live in new york city with more on what the city is doing to keep the people safe. happy new year marcy. >> hey brian happy new year, extra officers and hundreds of surveillance cameras and k-9s are part of the plan to make sure there are no issues for those people outside waiting to be part of this iconic annual tradition. on the other side of the globe, the new year celebrations -- already underway. in dubai the fireworks show went
4:31 pm
on despite this massive fire tearing through a high rise hotel across the street and in paris the fireworks display called off because of terror concerns and the same in brussels after police arrest toward men in connection with a suspected holiday plot. >> you can't let people like that dictate your lifestyle and choices. in times square the crowds are already gathering. >> we are not aware of any threat that we deem credible. the nypd says the cross roads of the world is the safest place in the world with 6,000 officers deployed. those police searching every bag and looking under every hat, instance screening going on throughout the day making sure the 1 million people there to watch the ball drop from times square ring in the new year safely. >> i feel safer with the police
4:32 pm
and being checked on the way in. i feel safer and better about the situation before i got here. >> reporter: and another security measure about 20,000 smart phones were given out to nypd officers so if they see potential threats they can send information and pictures quickly. >> all right marcy thank you. here at home it looks like the weather is going to hold up for tonight's big fest visits, adam joseph has the details. as we look at sky 6 hd live down center city and broad street 50 is your temperature and the dew point 33 and the northwesterly winds at 17 miles per hour make it feel much cooler than the actual air temperature as you go through the evening, still need
4:33 pm
to bundle up as the temperatures remain in the 40s through midnight, the fireworks display at penn's landing 45 and again at midnight 40 degrees and the windchills are in the 30s the entire time, all the warmth is pushed down to the state of florida where it's a balmy 80 degrees, but you take a look at this map and it looks different from the rest of the month of december, it looks like winter and it is. 26 chicago and 32 cincinnati and 23 in bismark, we'll chat about the cooler air coming in and high temperatures that could be close to or some areas below freezing for highs here. >> seldom seen temperatures. as you head out to ring in the new year, keep tabs on the hourly forecast with, you'll fine find the latest accuweather forecast, and radars and track any wet weather coming our way. all eyes are on broad street
4:34 pm
new years day for one of the country's longest running traditions, the mummers step off tomorrow morning. gray hall is live at city hall with more on how they are preparing. hi gray -- >> reporter: hi sharrie, excitement in the air and tomorrow this section of center city will be transformed into somewhat a party central as the mummers take over the streets here the bleachers are behind me in anticipation of all the spectators and the mummers are putting the final touches on the costumes and displays. it's new years eve and crews are rehearsing and putting the final touches on costumes and displays before the mummers day parade. >> the longest folk parade in the united states. >> for spectators it may be a one day event but for the mummers it's an all year affair. >> you have a year to do it and it's very expensive and take a lot of time effort and a lot of
4:35 pm
money. they want to win over the judges and please the crowd and take home the first place trophy. >> have you to put on a show that makes sense and has clarity and needs to tell a story in some respect. and it needs to be entertaining, have you to entertain, the judges must be entertained. thousands will flock to center city to watch the mummers march down broad street showing off their costumes and muscal talents. it's put together with 40 organized clubs. it's about fun and ringing in the new year. >> we love it, and about our families, we are four generations, my father did it, my son does it and i do it now with my three grandchildren. >> keep in mind things kick off at 9:00 a.m. we have all the information on
4:36 pm
our website at back to you brian. >> i will be down there as well. to take part in the live telecast thank you. we are watching the celebrations as the clock strikes midnight in other parts of the world including an impressive show in china. >> happy new year! >> hong kong when all out to welcome in 2016, the city's massive fireworks display drew crowds to victoria harbor its version of times square. >> three, two, one! happy new year! >> and you might call this the kids version of the ball drop, students at the cats jcc in cherry little will not stay up until midnight they had a countdown to noon instead. even though it was 12 hours early their celebration was just as much fun. if you plan to watch the ball
4:37 pm
drop keep it here for dick clark's rockin eve with ryan seacrest. five seconds of summer, fallout boy and walk the moon and many other acts perform, the fun starts at 8:00 tonight only on 6 abc. >> sounds fun. it was a popular gift this christmas, the hover board but the very expensive items prove to be as dangerous as they are fun. monica malpass has more on this. >> hi sharrie, that is right across the u.s. during the holidays there was at least 70 hover board incidents that took people to the hospital, mostly were falls or fire. we have seen several instances of hover boards suddenly bursting into flames, we'll talk to a local doctor about the injuries he has treated. and how to reduce the risk associated with hover boards. sharrie we'll see you at 5:00.
4:38 pm
>> we will. thank you. well, police are searching for the gunman behind a deadly shooting in north philadelphia, there was a report of gunshots near the intersection of north 25th and west clearfield streets at midnight. when officers arrived they found a 21-year-old man in the streets wounded. he was later taken to temple university hospital where he died. there are no suspects and the motive is unknown and the shooter may have fled in a burgundy minivan. if you know anything give police a call. chopper 6 hd was over the scene of a house fire in del wear county today. this is near the intersection of west second street and jeffrey avenue in chester. it's unclear what sparks the blaze. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, some bizarre new years eve traditions from jumping off the chair to rubbing
4:39 pm
ashes on your face, we look at well the strangest ways to ring in the new year, also ahead, president obama's new gun control plan, we'll tell you about the controversial announcement he is expected to make, plus a new trend in bullying, why kids need to be aware of their mean moms. and meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the full forecast from accuweather. when "action news" at 4:00 comes back.
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4:41 pm
turns out the new year will bring out federal action on gun control, president obama is expected to announce an order on gun purchases, it's a loophole that lets some skip background checks on buyers. there is a good chance that it could happen during the state of union address on january 12th, of course any gun control action
4:42 pm
will be met with stiff congressional opposition. big talkers now it's the new face of bullying, that people find hard to believe, kids getting picked on by other kids but by their parents. particularly their moms, on an article online, that has more than 2 million views right now, writer lisa bar calls it social engineering parents putting down kids just to elevate the social status of their own kid. >> what they believe is if their kids are in the group their kids will be happy and their kids will be the forefront of facebook be the photos and these moms, have no pity for how it affects another child. >> experts say if you want to take on a mean mom choose your timing wisely and foe that some people don't change but some mothers say this is a life lesson for kids how to be strong
4:43 pm
and recsilienresilient. >> it is new years eve and some have their eyes on the sky waiting for the ball to drop, here in pennsylvania the home of the marshmallow peep, they lower a giant yellow peep, plastic sadly. you can't eat that sight. and they celebrate the dutch country delicacy, a giant lebanon baloney, it's more than 12 feet long, once it's down it's donated to the salvation army. and now the mushroom is making its decent and in florida, a sushi named stiletto makes its drop. and east port, maine, a big sardine descends from the sky to celebrate their fishing and
4:44 pm
canning roots and in bartsville, oklahoma, an olive drops from price tower. that is a frank lloyd wright building and falls neatly into a martini glass and to usher in good luck there are cool traditions that are kept all around the world. here are just some of them. in columbia, they run around the house with a suitcase in hand to assure a year of traveling, in germany they rub chimney ashes on their foreheads for good fortune and health and in greece they smash pomegranates on the ground to usher in an abundant year. and mexico it's custom to eat 12 grapes making a wish with each one and wait for it, in venezuela, they wear bright yellow undergarments for luck and then they wear them outside for everyone to see.
4:45 pm
that has got to be a sight. and you mentioned people jumping up on chairs, that happens in denmark, the higher you jump up you leave all the old stuff behind. >> they wear the underwear over their pants or no pants just underwear. >> you'll have to go and see for yourself. >> we'll look for the photos. >> happy new year everyone. >> happy new your alicia. lets get a check of the roads now. matt pellman is wearing pants. yes? >> last i checked. well, here are the briefs on traffic front this afternoon. 30 bypass having bad luck, the people here did not wear their yellow undergarments and a crash in the eastbound lanes approaching 113 taking out the left lane and money crews are on the scene and this spot is normally heavy in the morning and not the afternoon and because of this accident and the on ramp getting by it is heavy coming east of 322 from this
4:46 pm
point approaching 113, and use business 30 instead. we say sometimes stick with the pennsylvania turnpike but not this afternoon, eastbound between reading and morgan town there is an doesn't taking out the right lane. and problems on the eastbound side of 30 and the eastbound side of the turnpike and now 422, a tractor trailer accident happened approaching trooper road but the right lane is blocked and you can expect a delay to form. we have moderate delay as long the schuylkill expressway and 95 a few speeds in the 30s and 20s as you head toward center city. and camden 67 6 near collins avenue, and the white horse pike near the 7-eleven plenty of slowing this afternoon heading into south jersey it's crowded off the walt whitman bridge down to route 55. we'll check it again brian and
4:47 pm
sharrie in the next half hour. and i'll see you guys in 2016. >> thank you matt. we have breaking news now, chopper 6 hd flying live of philadelphia's hunting park section where there is a report of a shooting here, we are told that a woman is shot in the neck and said to be in critical condition, you can see here, philadelphia police here are on the scene and a section is blocked off as the police investigating the shooting, this happened at 4:15, 30 minutes ago. this is the 4400 block of north 7th street. the woman shot in the neck was rushed to temple hospital and is receiving street there. this is an active investigation as police are investigating in shooting, no information yet if anyone is held or in custody or any arrests or a motive for this shooting, but this is in philadelphia's hunting park section, a woman shot in the
4:48 pm
neck. we'll bring you more information we'll bring it to you.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph, lots of people planning to be out on the town tonight and not outdoors but it's pretty nice out there. >> temperatures in the 40s and windchills in the 30s, it could be worse but at least we are dry. as we take a look at double scan live radar no precipitation whatsoever. even a break or two of sunshine throughout the day today. as we look at the present numbers, 50 in philadelphia and 51 in millville and 53 in dover and still in the low to mid-40s to the north and west and the poconos still remaining above freezing at 35 degrees, still can't make that snow. as we look at the satellite and radar all the precipitation pushes to the south with the front and this parked itself over the virginias and carolinas and cloud cover north of this front and it will take time before we can completely rid
4:51 pm
orselves of that moisture above. as we look at the forecast tonight, partly cloudy and dry, cool 31 to 36 degrees with the westerly wind 5 to 10 miles per hour, and as we head out the door tomorrow morning, early or late depending on how late you are up tonight, westerly wind is around throughout the entire day, as you head to the mummers parade, 38 feeling below freezing and 40s in the afternoon, it won't feel like the 40s but feel like the 30s so still need to bundle up, a temperature of 46 degrees and we'll see out more in the way of sunshine as the front continues to drip to the south and east. the normal high is 41 and on saturday, it's a crystal clear sky, a chill in the air as the temperatures drop to 43 degrees and then a very strong somewhat arctic boundary is waiting in the wings of the north at the
4:52 pm
u.s.-canadian border and that brings 30s for highs on monday and tuesday as this makes a direct shot. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast still above average and 46 tomorrow and sunny and chilly and 43 and you'll get it on sunday and bump the temperature up to 46 and as the front slips through a lot of clouds on monday and there could be a flurry or two with the front especially in the poconos and the lehigh valley and the coldest air so far this season, with the high temperature in philadelphia 34 and the suburbs could stay below freezing for highs in the lehigh valley, despite sunshine and still a chill wednesday and dry but temperatures moderate here on thursday, 46 degrees, so the closest we can get to any kind of snow in the seven day, is maybe a flake or two. >> aha.
4:53 pm
>> we'll be right back.
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gift cards are really a go to gift and maybe not use as a retailer or restaurant you like and now there are a number of places you can exchange or sell unwanted gift cards, consumer reports checked a few out. >> i got a gift card for a clothing story had no interest in so i gave it to hi little sister. >> you can exchange it for cash at a gift card exchange. >> these websites buy your cards at less than face value so you get less, sometimes a lot less. >> a $100 toys "r" us gift card
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gets $80 but $50 at monster gift >> we found that gift gave us the most money back but it pays to shop around and pay backs differ from sight to site and card to card. at wal-mart a $100 gift card gets you $90 at the sites. and money right away at coin star kiosk express, this 100 wal-mart card gets only $71 gift card here. but getting a bank gift card makes it easier. >> if it carries the logo of visa, mastercard or discovery this can be redeemed at any
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place that takes the card. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> and that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, the final one for 2015. >> yes, so happy new your, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. all right lets do it, we are just hours away from bringing in the new year, hours of celebrations coming in across the globe and everybody welcoming in 2016 with the hopes of a fresh start. >> pens landing is the place to be in philadelphia tonight, there are two sets of fireworks, one at 6:00, coming up in an hour for the younger crowd and the grand display at midnight. rick is off and brian taff joins us and the big story on "action news" is all the excitement for the parties and a brand new year
5:00 pm
that is upon us. >> the weather is a hugely important part of the new years eve festivities. lets get to adam joseph. >> the weather has been on the naughty side but the rain and clouds are clearing out to ring in 2016. we are ending the month where we started on the warm side. 52 in philadelphia and 56 in millville and 57 at the atlantic city airport and upper 40s to the north and west and the poconos your high temperature 42 degrees, as we look at the month as a whole, in philadelphia, for december, we ran well above average, in fact temperatures close to 14 degrees above normal. we smashed all kinds of weather, the warmest by far in philadelphia history, almost half the month the high temperat


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