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tv   Action News 4pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. >> ♪ >> developing right now in lehigh county there was a major search under way for a child with autism who has been missing since late last night. family members say the five-year-old boy wandered away from a gathering on new year's eve. it is friday afternoon. i'm brian taff. sharrie williams is off today. the big story on "action news
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is the effort to track down little jayliel vega in allentown. trish hat man live with the latest. both police and volunteers are involved in this search. >> reporter: that's right, brian and those officers and volunteers are still out looking right now looking for five-year-old jayliel vague bat. the boy is autistic. he was last seen running in this neighborhood near the corner of east -- excuse me of south and aubrey streets. this is where people have been gathering all day to help and this is where the command post has been set up. now allentown police department has been searching since the call came in around 11 o'clock. neighborhood volunteers and family members have been searching too. a philadelphia police helicopter was brought in to help search the nearby lehigh river. search dogs and even a drone was used to help look for the boy. police have been asking folks who live around here to check their properties, porches, yards, sheds any potential hiding spots. his family tells us he was visiting a relative's house when he suddenly ran from the
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home with no coat and no shoes on. they say he's afraid of strangers and is nonverbal. >> depending on his comfort level at the time he may rock. he may go into a corner. he does not know his name but if you ask him what his name is, but if you say jay, jayliel vega, he knows who he is. >> reporter: now, police say vega was wearing a green camouflage long-sleeve shirt and gray sweat pants. he has brown hair and eyes. he's wean 50 and 60 pounds. he may be carrying a red and white tablet. if you see him do not approach him or call him. instead try to keep him in your sight and call police right away. live in allentown, trish hartman channel6 "action news. >> hoping the best for that family. it's going to feel very cold outside tonight. another reason why search crews are up against the clock there. let's get the latest from accuweather and meteorologist adam joseph standing by
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outside right now. >> yeah, those temperatures have tumbled since the new year when we rang in at midnight and numbers presently right now are in the 30's up in the lehigh valley. it is 38 degrees right now in allentown, 37 in reading, 41 philadelphia, 41 in millville. and upper 20's up in the poconos but we have been dealing with the wind entire day out of the west so you have to factor that in. feels like 27 in reading, 35 in philadelphia, even 30's at the shore and teens up in the poconos. a lot of clouds again today but you can see the progression of those thicker clouds beginning to push to the south and to the east, even a few floating flurries through the lehigh valley and the poconos and the sky will start to clear as we go through the evening hours and that will help those temperatures drop as well. 36 degrees at 7 o'clock. at 8 o'clock, 35. the same for 9 o'clock and at 10 o'clock, 34 degrees with a decent amount of stars reappearing. then we're looking at numbers to the north and eastern
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canada around the hudson bay 18 degrees, timmons at 19 degrees. the first area of arctic air will be pushing from this region as we go into the beginning of next week. we'll chat about the big drop in t it will be a shock to the system coming up brian in that full accuweather forecast. >> adam thanks very much. the mummers parade which is now in its 116th year has sure brought colorful and unique sights and sounds to center city today. >> ♪ adorned sequins and feathers. >> we've been coming to the mummers parade for the last four years and we love it. we come every year. >> it's a great tradition. it's fun to get everybody out. it's a great way to end the holidays. it's wonderful. >> it's really good. >> this tradition is meant to celebrate philadelphia's ethnic and cultural diversity but like in years past it was
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not without controversy at a. one of the comic divisions sparked backlash on social media for dressing in sombreros with brown face. another division portrayed bruce jenner's transformation into caitlin jenner. one twitter user said i don't even like caitlyn jenner but the mummers parade just mocked her in the most hateful way. it's 2016 gang they write, grow up. >> well, even as the mummers strutted protestors were on the march in center city attempting to get their message out. chopper6 was overhead as members of black lives matter joined with the philly coalition for real justice. the group said it was trying to call attention to a parade it says has a history of racism. philadelphia police escorted the protestors but managed to keep both groups safe and largely separate. two demonstrators were arrested during the course of ththeprotests. 21-year-old man suffered taltraumatic injuries on 95.
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the driver wayne demarco was traveling southbound near newport when his car struck a guardrail. investigators determined law not wearing a seat belt at the time. he was ejected out of the vehicle onto the shoulder of the highway. demarco was taken to a hospital in critical condition. it is not yet clear just what caused him to crash. meanwhile investigators in gloucester county, new jersey, stay an elk township police cruiser was on its way to a call and it was broadsided by another vehicle today. special officer jacob custis was making a u-turn on a buck road when a pickup truck slammed into his patrol car. this happened at 1:00 a.m. both vehicles were damaged. the officer was hospitalized. police say they took a blood sample from the pickup truck to determine if alcohol was a factor in this crash. the flood waters that ravaged parts of missouri are starting to recede today allowing some major roadways to open once again but for
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others, the worst may still be yet to come with swollen rivers due to crest downstream in the coming days. abc's elizabeth hur is in valley park, missouri, with the latest. >> reporter: with hundreds of roads flooded and closed like the one he see behind me here authorities say it was all about prioritizing and their goal was to first target the major highways. all interstate highways are now back opened in missouri, a welcome sight for residents. >> it's historic. >> reporter: including the millers calling flooding this severe a first. >> no, never. not in our lifetime. >> flash floods but the 141 corridor usually floods a little bit but it's usually opened in a few hours but this has been like this for, what, three or four days now. it's mind boggling. >> we were just relieved. >> reporter: dwight davis cap heard this video of his flooded neighborhood and his pictures of his home saved by the sand bags. he was one of hundreds in the
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suburbs of saint louis told to evacuate. many still not allowed to return home with authorities warning the danger isn't over yet. this flooding was historic for the mere mac river cresting 4 feet above the record set back in 1993. the water is starting to recede but with the cleanup just beginning, the national guard will remain activated until at least saturday. >> once it started going down it was just a huge weight lifted off our shoulders but we aren't done yet. we still got a lot to document indeed a long road ahead for so many. in fact in low lying areas include where did you go we are authorities say more than 100 roads are still under water. in valley park, missouri, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news." >> well, the new year means new laws are now in effect all around the country and many of them involve guns. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room this afternoon with more on that. happy new year, monica. >> happy new year to you brian. texas and california are just two of the states who are changing their laws on guns
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and they seem to be going in opposite directions. one is having tighter controls and one looser. interestingly. meantime also can the physique of your restaurant server the waiter or waitress affect what you eat and drink? we'll have the results of a interesting thought provoking study. and doctors are studying a new way to stop hand tremors in brain surgery but with ultrasound not using incisions. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. brian we'll see you that end. >> see you then monica. there is a change coming to the gallery mall in center city. the east entrance between eighth and tenth streets will shut its doors at 8 o'clock this evening. those who use the septa station in that building will need to use a different entrance now. the closing is part of the major revitalization project that mayor michael nutter signed off on back in the summer. the project will bring new shops, restaurants and brand new entertainment venues. it's a new year's day tradition that's certain to send chills right down your
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spine. [cheers and applause] this was atlantic city's annual polar bear plunge. dozens came out to jump into the atlantic this morning. some wore their bathing suits, while others came in costume. >> good way to get out and see everybody in the new year depending what the weather is you do it anyway. basically revitalize yourself i think. >> everything was wonderful. >> review advertise, hm? and this year there was quite a gift from mother nature of the the ocean temperature 51 degrees way above normal for early january. >> ♪ >> still too cold. still ahead at 4:30 a look inside the damage at that luxury hotel that went up in flames yesterday in dubai and the building is still smoking more than 24 hours later. plus the music world losses a grammy winner. what natalie cole's family is saying about her death in
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california. and adam joseph back with an accuweather forecast. we'll be right back.
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>> grammy winning singer natalie cole has died in california. the daughter of nat king cole she passed away last night at a los angeles hospital due to complications from ongoing health issues. her family issued a statement saying in part natalie fought a fierce courageous battle dying how she lived with dignity, strength and honor. cole was 65 years old. a manhunt continues for the gunman who killed two people at a popular bar in israel. he opened fire on a crowded street in tel aviv. at least three other people were wounded. the motive remains unclear today. israeli media says the government knows who the shooter is but they still need to track him down. there luxury hotel that erupted in flames in dubai yesterday is still burning right now. smoke poured from the 63 story
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building today as firefighters have been monitoring small are fires inside that highrise. new pictures show some of the incredible damage inside. investigators still don't know what sparked the blaze which broke out just as crowds gathered to celebrate new year's eve. >> waiting for the fireworks to start and near the hotel there was like a small like orange light so we thought maybe they were rehearsing for something so we didn't really care about it much but then it kept growing and growing and then there was smoke and we just pulled our phones out and we started recording and it was a fire. >> now, 14 people suffered minor injuries during the evacuation of that building. president obama has set a meeting to explore his options for taking executive action on gun laws. the president will meet with attorney general loretta lynch on monday. they're expected to discuss ways he could strengthen background check. the president said he's inundated with letters from parents teachers and children about what they call the epidemic of gun violence and
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he feels compelled to do something. he made those comments today during his weekly radio address. the first family wraps up their annual vacation to hawaii on sunday. drivers will pay a little bit more to use the pennsylvania turnpike starting on sunday. tolls will increase by 6 percent this year. the turnpike commission said it needs the extra money to repay loans that were used to fund road work projects. officials expect to impose annual toll increases of three to 6 percent over the next 28 years. the good news is that e-z pass customers will still enjoy a slightly lower toll. aaa says a jump at the pump is right around the corner. drivers should expect gas prices to increase about 50 cents next o month during refinery maintenance season but it's a bit easier take since prices are still so low. in fact the average for a gallon of regular is still below two bucks which is the cheapest price for gas on new year's day since 2009. >> ♪
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on health check at 4:00 today, so many of us made new year's resolutions but many stop doing them before january's finished. experts say one key to success is making smaller adjustments which can be easier to accomplish. one small measure, walk more throughout the day. don't start shooting for 10,000 steps a day. add a little more week by week and toss out that to do list in favor of things you'll stop doing. >> stop list. i put things that waste my time at work or at home. so, things that don't get me to be able to help you. my goal at work. or to be able to help myself in getting efficient. >> now another small change which reaps big benefits is to get more sleep. it lowers blood pressure and stress levels all while raising your energy. sounds good. a burlington county woman celebrating this new year by becoming a centenarian.
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>> ♪ >> happy birthday to you ♪ >> ardelia james rang in her 100th birthday with family and friends in her willingboro home today. besides good company she also enjoyed some birthday cake and get this, the celebration included her nine month old great great great grandnephew landon hooks and our congrats to you, ardelia, a big happy birthday. >> ♪ >> still ahead at 4:30 today and a live look outside. sky6 looking over penn's landing. not all that many people -- well, that's why, the zamboni is out there. the skaters will return once the zamboni gets out of here. we're coming back with the accuweather forecast in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us right now. we saw a glimmer of sunshine today. >> those clouds have been so stubborn. >> i know. what the heck. >> i promise you the weekend.
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>> okay. >> the sunshine will be in control. >> all right. >> that's a promise. note the time. write it down. >> 4:50. >> no, it's 4:49. it was a decent day to go for a walk or a jog. seasonable temperatures here along kelly drive but with all those geese we got to watch your step. that's a large cluster of geese enjoying their lunch or whatever it was. as we take a look at double scan live radar, not finding much in the delaware valley, southern new jersey and delaware but as you head to the north and west we're seeing a couple of puffs of white on the radar. that's a couple of snowflakes floating here and there near hazelton, lake harmony north of the lehigh tunnel even parts of the lehigh valley you may see a flake float organize two but not adding up to anything. this is coming off of a december which as you know was extremely warm. in fact we can say now it was historic warmth not only in philadelphia but basically the
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entire viewing area. temperatures ran 13.7 degrees above normal. that's the largest departure from normal whether you're talking about above or below since records began in the late 1800s so you're not going the find more than likely another month like this in a long advertisement as we look at the wind chills, 33 big change as we flip the calendar and the year. 30 in allentown, 36 in millville and just teens up in the poconos where we are trying to make up a lot of lost ground by making some snow presently. as we look at satellite and radar, all those bright white clouds streaming from the southwest-northeast they're finally sinking down to the south and east so you see the clearing beginning to the south and west so overnight tonight we'll start with the clouds. we'll end with stars. less wind as well. 26 in the suburbs. 32 degrees for center city. and your weekend outlook both saturday and sunday, take away the cloud cover, bring in that sunshine. westerly wind continues. so 43 tomorrow, 46 on sunday.
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it will feel more than likely in the upper 30's both days because of the wind. so, most of december we had that blow torch with highs 13 days in the 60's and 70's with the jet stream to the north. what actually goes up must come down eventually, so the atmosphere is evening itself out so early next week in january the jet stream will dip to the south and that's going to allow arctic air to come in with highs only in the 30's. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 40's over the weekend, wind chills still in the 30's but a lot of sun. arctic front arrives on monday, brisk cold, a lot of clouds, maybe a flurry or two at 36 degrees. and then the arctic air is here on tuesday. 31 for a high temperature, maybe only 20's in the lehigh valley and then we get a quick rebound. the jet stream doesn't stay to the south. we go back into the 40's as clouds thicken on thursday and just in time for more precipitation, the cold is gone, so it looks like a chilly rain here at the end of next week. >> alall right adam thank.
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simple money moves to get your finances in shape in the new year. that's coming up in what's the deal.
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bc's rebecca jarvis has a list of simple things you can do that will make a big difference. >> two, one, happy new we're. >> reporter: just in time for your new year's resolutions, smart money moves to get you started on the path to financial fitness. step one, cut the clutter from your banking to your bills, set up auto pay in accounts online to save yourself time and late fees in the year ahead. unsubscribe from e-mails and services you're no longer using. step two. order your free credit report at annual credit you're entitled to one a year and now is the time to check it over and know where you stand so something is standing in the way of you getting a
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mortgage credit card or car loan this year. amend any errors and pay town any overdue debt. step three, turn your phone into a financial advisor. no need to pay a broker big bucks. >> how should i manage my money. >> reporter: act like better man and wealth front help you set your goals recommend and automatically invest your money in low fee funds. step four max out that 401k. you probably heard it a million times but if your employer offers a 401k match and you're not taking full advantage you're leaving money on the table. start the year off right by setting up automatic contributions and finally step five, protect your hard earned money from fraud with free apps like bill guard you can track your spending, manage your credit and debit cards and protect the accounts from fraud and unauthorized transactions. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> that will do it for "action
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news" at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers on phl17. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> in the air and on the ground a massive search is under way tonight on the east side of allentown for a missing five-year-old boy. >> little jayliel vega reportedly ran out of a family member's house late last night right in the middle of a new year's eve party. >> friday night new year's day 2016 rick is off and brian taff joins us. the big story is the hunt for that missing child with autism and concerns are now rising for his safety. "action news" reporter trish hartman live in allentown for us with the very latest on this. good evening, trish. >> reporter: good evening, monica. police and family and friends have been searching for five-year-old jayliel vega all day long. this is the command post in the east side neighborhood where the little boy was last seen running after he ran from a relative's house during a holiday party with no shoes
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and no coat. >> it was new year's. visiting family and that was pretty much it. he was playing with his tablet in the home and then when they realized he was not home. >> reporter: family members of five-year-old jayliel vega desperately want to find him. they say the autistic boy ran from his great aunt's house barefoot with no coat around 11:00 p.m. his 16-year-old sister joined in the search distraught over her brother's disappearance. >> reporter: around 50 police officers along with volunteers and search dogs looked in the frigid woods and areas around the neighborhood including the lehigh river. >> we've will two separate helicopters come in, one with equipment to look with night vision to look and check for heat sources and we have also brought in another helicopter today to take a second look in the daylight. >> we have a couple different types of dogs on our team. we have a drone that we use out in the field as well. we had that


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