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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and no coat. >> it was new year's. visiting family and that was pretty much it. he was playing with his tablet in the home and then when they realized he was not home. >> reporter: family members of five-year-old jayliel vega desperately want to find him. they say the autistic boy ran from his great aunt's house barefoot with no coat around 11:00 p.m. his 16-year-old sister joined in the search distraught over her brother's disappearance. >> reporter: around 50 police officers along with volunteers and search dogs looked in the frigid woods and areas around the neighborhood including the lehigh river. >> we've will two separate helicopters come in, one with equipment to look with night vision to look and check for heat sources and we have also brought in another helicopter today to take a second look in the daylight. >> we have a couple different types of dogs on our team. we have a drone that we use out in the field as well. we had that out not too long
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ago searching the river line. >> reporter: jayliel vega has brown hair and eyes three and a half to 4 feet fall and weighs between 50 and 60 pounds. he was last seen wearing gray sweat pants. he's nonverbal and is afraid of strangers. >> he can only point to certain things to grab your attention. and pretty much if he doesn't know you, he gets really scared. >> reporter: now, a representative from the national center for missing and exploited children is also here helping. police say if you do see him don't approach him or don't call to him. police say you should call him right away and try to keep him in your sights. live in allentown, trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> thank you trish. 2016 is here. it did feel a bit more like winter around our area. >> yeah and even colder weather is coming. meteorologist adam joseph standing by outside with a first look at accuweather. hey, adam if 83 changed the calendar, changed the year and changed the weather pattern
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along with it. temperatures are back to seasonable averages for january. 41 right now in philadelphia, 39 in wilmington, 36 in allentown, 39 in millville. the poconos make something snow finally with your temperature there at 27 degrees but you felt it today, that wind out of the westerly direction. feels like 27 right now in reading, 26 in the lehigh valley, right around freezing for philadelphia to trenton and a little bit above freezing in southern new jersey and delaware where it's between about 35 and 38 degrees. a lot of thick cloud cover through much of the day today but that cloud cover is starting to push now to the south and east and as i look above here on city avenue a lot of breaks in the clouds and that's going to be the trend overnight tonight. so, as we look at the evening planner, if you're heading out this new year's day eve for maybe some dinner, 36 degrees at 7 o'clock, 35 or so for a couple of hours between eight and 10 o'clock and then by 10:00 the temperature dropping to 34 degrees again with a lot of stars reappearing. then we look to the north around the hudson bay eastern
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canada. many numbers in the teens right now and this hair has been bottled up and it's finally going let loose and head down to the south. we'll let you know just how going to get here as we go into the weekend and early next week with that full accuweather forecast when i come back inside in just a little bit, brian. >> a day for all of to us let loose a little bit adam. thanks very much, and a reminder you can take accuweather with you on the go wherever you may go in 2016. load up any mobile devices you've got over the holidays with our 6abc app. see storm tracker any time or watch your favorite abc shows on the go all of it available at well, philadelphia's 116th mummers parade is under way this new year's day. the parade began at 9:00 this morning and over the course of the day, thousands marched along broad street and performed in front of city hall. of course it draws people from far and wide to watch this. "action news" reporter gray haul has been with some of the spectator there is today. he joins us live in.
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hey, gray. >> reporter: hi, brian as you mentioned things kicked off at 9 o'clock. the party in full swing here in center city. take a look behind me. we're along broad street. you see some of the members of the string band preparing to march right down the street. it is a day the mummers have been working all year long for and by the crowds, they did not disappoint. >> ♪ >> i love it. we love it. ask her. >> it's awesome. >> there's no strangers here, just people you never met yet. >> reporter: mummers new roofers day parade 2016. it is fun, it is loud, it is wild and it is entertaining. >> we love seeing people have fun. we have fun. it's just a little bit crazy but family friendly. >> reporter: it's a philadelphia tradition dating back to the 19 hundreds. new this year is the philadelphia division phoned in highlight the city's ethnic and cultural diversity. >> it has been going on i think since the 1901 i believe was the first parade and i'm glad that they're adding new divisions. >> reporter: the mummers
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create their fancy eye catching attire and march through center city to ring in the new year. ly. >> the tradition just stands tall because it's a bond. it's family bond. we're bonded like family even though we're not blood relate related. >> reporter: some have been coming for years. whoever you ask the parade promises not to disapp pointer. >> it is my first time out. it's been on my bucket list for 40 years. >> it's different every year. it brings everybody together, everybody in the neighborhoods out and that the what w is whate about it. >> reporter: back out live you see some of the members of the string bands marching down broad street as we wait for the next band. this fun here will continue throughout the night. the mummers tell me that once today's events are over they'll start preparing for next year. live in center city, gray hall channel6 "action news. back to you. >> thank you, gray. well, as the mummers strutted protestors also wanted their message to be
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heard. members of black lives matter joined with the philly coalition for real journalist. the group says it's trying to call attention to a parade it says has a history of racism. and philadelphia police responded. the parade did not suffer from any major disruptions. however, two demonstrators were arrested for trying to stop the parade. the waters are finally beginning to recede from the record flooding in the midwest. the rare winter flooding has claimed at least 22 lives and left four others missing at least. most of the devastation in missouri where dozens of highways are still closed. even long time residents are shaking their heads. >> flash floods but the 141 corridor usually floods a little bit but usually it's open in a few hours but this has been like this for, what, three or four days now. >> it's mind boggling. >> the mississippi river has yet to crest in some areas and until it does, folks will be holding their breath. bill cosby's wife has been ordered to give a deposition next week in the frankfor defamn
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lawsuit against her husband. the case involves seven women who accused bill cosby of sexually assaulting them and we'll have a live report on that case for you coming up at 5:30. >> top german security officials say a terror threat in munich has now passed. two main train stations were evacuated just before that city rang in the new year because of threats that isis supporters would blow themselves up. a rochester new york man planning to impress isis with a terror attack is being described as an aggressive panhandler by his alleged target. the owner of the merchants grille hayes emanuel lutchman was a frequent troublemaker. >> he's been around the neighborhood for quite some time. he's a panhandler and a lot of the businesses have asked him to leave. >> john page says he learned about the plot from three federal agents who visited him yesterday. lutchman allegedly planned to attack that bar last night with a machete and knives but
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he was nabbed in an fbi sting. a gloucester county police officer was injured while out responding to an emergency call early this morning. it happened along buck road in elk township at about 1 o'clock. authorities say special officer jacob custis was making a u-turn when a pickup truck broadsided his patrol car. he's been released from the hospital today. police have charged the driver of that pickup truck, 38-year-old william derr with dui. >> police hope surveillance video will help them track down a man seen stealing items from a parked car. it happened december 28th here on north 23rd street in camden. now, you see the suspect there coming up he'll open the driver's side door and pull a wallet and some cash out of the front console. the man then returns to the scene and dumps the empty wallet in the grass. anyone with information please call camden county police. fire destroyed an historic church in north jersey early this morning. nobody was hurt in the raging
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fire here at the church in west orange. it took firefighters three hours to bring it under control. the church was built in 1827 and housed an episcopal cog gays until it was sold last congregation. >> the center were you filled with things to hear see and do. musicians. you could find stilt walkers and jugglers. for a more serious start to the year you could put your resolution on wall for all to see and of course that is quite a way to commit in 2016. members of the fort indian ski club got a start in 2016 on the schuylkill river in norristown. this was the 36th annual ski freeze water skiers showed off their skills as bundled up spectators looked on. donations from the group go to camp rainbow which provides free camping to sick children. >> wow.
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okay. >> yeah. >> much more ahead on "action news" for your friday night. a new type of ultrasound can stop hand tremors cold without ever cutting into the brain. >> and everything was coming up roses in pasadena today as another new year's tradition stepped off. >> meteorologist adam joseph returns with more on that inclusive accuweather forecast for your weekend ahead when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> well, they rollly dove into 2016 in rome. about a dozen men and women continued their new year's tradition diving into the tiber river. this man dedicated his plunge to all the unemployed workers in rome. the tradition started in 1946 with an out of work stunt man. the temperature there in rome about 43 degrees. >> health check tonight. the new year brings a big change for smokers in hawaii. it has become the first state in the nation to raise the smoking age to 21. the new law covers both traditional and electronic
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cigarettes. military facilities there support the new law hoping it will mean better health and save money for personnel. more than one cities and counties across the country have raised the smoking age and they say it has dramatically cut smoking rates. doctors at six u.s. centers run the final tests on technology to turn offhand tremors without an incision to the brain. mri guided focused ultrasound sends high intensity rays through the skull into the brain to heat up and destroy the cells that are causing these tremors. well, to keep the stall and from getting burned the rays pass through a helmet of cooled water. >> and allows us to send this ultrasound wave that converge on a pinpoint area of the brain and stop the abnormal functioning of that part of the brain. >> my right hand is basically rock solid as you can see. which is pretty amazing. it's just to me -- it was a gift from heaven.
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>> high intensity ultrasound is being used for uterine fibroids and recently approved for prostate treatments. sites in baltimore boston and columbus ohio are among those doing the tests. doctors say it may help with parkinson's disease, epilepsy obsessive compulsive disorder even depression. >> food for thought for your next restaurant visit. european scientists have found that the weight of your server affects what you order. if your server is overweight you are four times more likely to order dessert study says. diners ordered 20 percent more alcoholic drinks when the waiter was defined as chubby. doctors say the server's physique subconscious the sets social norm for that dinner. thousands of spectators calm out for the 127th annual rose parade this new year's day. chilly temperatures in pasadena did not stop the large crowds from camping out to get a prime spot. security was also tightened
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this year. the show was filled with bright floats along the parade route. even the holiday could not stop politics in this em election year. a sky writing message bashing donald trump was also spotted right there in the sky. tens of thousands lined the streets in london today for the lord mayor's annual new year's parade. there were 8,000 performers representing 20 different countries including a large contingent from the united states. the parade started three decades ago as a way to up london.
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>> two people died three others were hurt when a gunman opened fire a popular bar in central tel aviv israel. police say they do not know right now whether the shooting was terrorist attack or a gang land shooting or perhaps had a different motive but an israeli television station says the gunman's dad who recognized him from surveillance video shown on television says he was an israeli arab. the report says a koran a muslim holy book was found in the shooter's backpack. the towering inferno that engulfed a 63 story luxury hotel in dubai yesterday smoldered into the first day of 2016. firefighters worked throughout this day to put out hot spots even as investigators tried to
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find the cause of that fire. 14 people were hurt in the fire and the evacuation which broke out about 90 minutes before the city celebrated its new year's with a huge fireworks extravaganza. dubai has been plagued by a series of tower fires for the past year. >> a fifth worker has now vanished from a hong kong bookstore that sells titles critical of the chinese government. the latest vanished is a plan who spoke out last month on the disappearance of the others. freedom of the press is supposed to be guaranteed under hong kong chinese law but critics there are facing growing pressure from the communist government in beijing. 11 people arrest heed in china ferrate for a deadly land. a mountain of construction waste collapsed onto an industrial park during some ref rains. those arrested include the supervisor of the landfill. >> up next is the news at 5:00 continues we get a check of the accuweather forecast.
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>> let's take it outside to live 6hd looking along the riff reign and adam joseph has details of your accuweather forecast going into the first week of the new year when we come right back.
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>> an earthquake rattled parts of oklahoma this morning including a morning television newscast kfor was in it middle of the morning show when the
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4.2 tremor shook the studio. the quake centered near edmund did not cause any injuries or damage. oklahoma has had a sharp rise in small and moderate quakes. some blame it on fracking for oil in that state but scientists have not proven why. >> time to check accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist adam joseph here to fill us in on this first week of january. >> we're shaking and shivering here, shaking because it's been a little colder than we've been used to over the last month as we flip the calendar in the new year and it's a good sign for the mountains to try to make up a lot of lost ground in trying to make some snow. i took this snapshot right before sunset from shawnee mountain. you got a little patch right about there, not above to ski or snowboard. maybe you can make a snowball but the mountains are definitely cranking up the snow machines and shawnee is hoping to open on wednesday if they can make enough before then. seesaw temperatures early on in the year of 2015. in the month of february
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temperatures ran close to 10 degrees below. no you remember last year february, march even april into early may it was extremely cold. the ski resorts were rejoicing over that cold and then the end of this year -- last year 2015 temperatures in december 13.7 degrees above normal which halted all of the ski resorts so overall when you take a look at this in the beginning of 2015 and the end of 2015 mother nature always finds a way to even herself out. as we look at temperatures, 36 in allentown as well as reading, line i, 39 in wilmingt. winds drain out of the westerly direction. upper 20's to the north and west. 33 in philadelphia it feels like. 36 in millville and right around 38 degrees in the county of cape may. satellite and radar all that of precipitation is finally being pushed to the south. that is that strong southern jet stream that's bringing all the moisture from the pacific
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across parts of mexico, southern texas, the gulf of mexico. that will stay down to the south and we got this massive high to the west that's trying to bring some clear skies our way and that will occur finally overnight tonight as the stars reappear, the winds will relax some, 26 in the lehigh valley, 29 in wilmington, a chill in philadelphia at freezing, 30 in dover. future tracker wind chills as we get into saturday morning, low 20's, that's it to the north and west, 26 in philadelphia, 28 in dover and as we get into saturday afternoon, wind chills will remain in the 30's spiteful sunshine and high temperatures that will climb a little bit above normal to around 43 degrees. so, that five day at 5:00 forecast, full sun both days over the weekend. a little bit warmer on sunday but still a chilly breeze. the high 46 but feeling like the upper 30's. and then an arctic front arrives on monday. that's the first opportunity that some of us could see a flurry or two, nothing big, 36 degrees and then true
5:27 pm
arctic air is here tuesday, below freezing for high temperatures but it's here for one at any only. we're back up to 40 degrees here on wednesday with just a few high clouds in the afternoon and there is some precipitation to come at the end of next week. is it rain? is it snow? we'll let you know in the next half hour. >> uh-oh. >> little suses sens suspense t. >> we may hear what bill cosby's wife has to say about the allegations against him. a judge rules that she will have to testify. we're live in los angeles with the latest. >> and vandals send a car flying down a set of subway stairs. why they told witnesses they did this. >> plus, a month ago a boarding facility lost its little doggie. today he is back home with his family just in time for the new year and we'll tell you where he's been. >> those stories and so much more when "action news" at 5:00 continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. a judge makes a decision about whether bill cosby's wife will have to testify in a lawsuit against him. we are live with the latest. a sad day in the music
5:30 pm
world. natalie cole dies at age 65. talk about taking the plunge. this couple celebrated their brand new marriage with a very chilly dip in the ocean. >> and now the details just days after her husband was arraigned on a sex assault charge in montgomery county, camille cosby has been ordered to testify in a lawsuit. that suit is a defamation suit against bill cosby brought by seven women who say he drugged and assaulted them. now we are hearing our very first words from cosby himself after his arrest. abc's brandi hitt live in los angeles with the latest at a. >> reporter: brian, bill cosby's attorneys claim criminal charge filed against him 12 years after the alleged incident is politically motivated. and this case had been settled out of civil court. they're expected to try and prevent cosby's other accusers from taking the stand and in a separate case altogether it's cosby's wife we're waiting to hear from. just days after bill cosby's arrest on a felony charge of
5:31 pm
aggravated indecent assault all eyes are shifting to his wife of 50 years, camille. a federal judge has ordered her to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven of cosby's accusers. the couple's attorneys losing the argument that the cosby's private conversations were protected under marital privilege. more than 50 women have now come forward accusing the comedian of sexual assault and or drugging them. many of them appearing in the a and e documentary cosby the women speak produced by abc's lincoln square productions. >> i knew i had been drugged. no doubt in my mind. >> i don't know how i ended up in his hotel room. >> i was in a bed, no clothes, cosby's in the room in a robe. >> reporter: cosby has longden flied the allegations and sat down with abc news last may. >> have been in this business 52 years and i will -- i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: following his arrest wednesday, he posted on twitter friends and fans thank you only to be blasted with
5:32 pm
several angry responses. cosby's attorneys say he remains in good spirits. >> we have confidence in his legal team's ability to bring about justice for him. >> reporter: now camille cosby has stood by her husband from the beginning calling him a kind and generous man. in statement last year. her deposition has been scheduled for next week. the comedian is back in criminal court the following week. live in los angeles, brandi hitt, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you brandy. natalie cole the grammy award winning daughter of nat king cole has died. cole died last night due to complications from ongoing health issues. she may best be remembered for her 1991 album titled unforgettable with love it honored her father with versions of his best known songs and the title track unforgettable cole's voice was edited in with her dad's creating a truly unforgettable tribute. natalie cole did battle drug problems and hepatitis that forced her to undergo a kidney transplant in 2009.
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again she was 65 years old. >> president obama expected to meet with attorney general loretta lynch monday to see how he might implement a gun control measure without congress. in his weekly radio address obama said he can't "sit around and to nothing." he recently directed his staff to look into potential executive action. the president is expected to tackle a loophole in background checks. right now some sellers at gun shows are not federally licensed and may not do background checks on buyers. meanwhile some new laws that take effect this year tackle the thorny issue of guns. texas joins 44 other states in allowing some licensed firearms owners to carry handguns openly in public places but the guns have to be in holsters. california has implemented a new law that tightens a ban on firearms in and around schools. the law applies to people allowed to carry firearms. another law in california allows people to request a judge order weapons to be taken away from relatives who
5:34 pm
might pose a threat. >> starting at a india begins a sweeping new plan to help reduce the heavy pollution in its capitol cities that is limiting the number of cars on the road. new deli assessing a plan where private cars only be alloyed on the roads on alternate days depend on whether their license plate ends in an even or odd number. that tests will last for two weeks. there are exceptions to the rule politicians judges and police can drive whenever they want. last year the world health organization did name new delhi the world's most blue routed city. pope francis conducted his new year's mas in vatican city. the pope called for an end of the arrogance of the powerful. he urged the world to overcome its indifference. after mass the pope came to the window overlooking saint peter's square. >> hundreds of people worked up a sweat this new year's day and then cooled off with an
5:35 pm
ocean plunge. >> (cheering). >> there was a 5k run along the ocean city boardwalk and then this, the annual first plunge which happened on the ninth street bridge. rather beach. one couple who got married last night decided to take part and wear some fun bride and groom gear. >> never done it before, no. could be a first, could be a last. >> it's a great cause. really happy to be here to support the hero campaign. >> the hero campaign is the national nonprofit dedicated to preventing drunk driving by promoting the use of safe and sober designated drivers. >> very nice. philadelphia has its mummers, middletown, delaware, has mummers. it was a little smaller than the mummers of course but every bit as entertaining. hundreds of folks lined main street to watch the festivities. parade organizers say they poked fun at political and pop culture. it started in the early 1970's. >> still to come on "action
5:36 pm
news" tonight a show of strength is caught on camera in brussells. why witnesses say these teens picked up a car and tossed it down a set of subway stairs. >> also ahead it might have been a rough new year's eve for this guy. new jersey neighborhood was surprised to find a late sleeper perched up in a tree. adam. >> temperatures back to normal on the first day of 2016 at 41 degrees but notice the cold dipping across much of the eastern half of the country. we'll talk about the chill moving in in accuweather. >> and the eagles getting ready for their final game of the season, jaime apody with sports. we'll be right back.
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>> here's something you don't see every day the in brussells belgium last flight a group of teens picked up a car and watch this, they toss it right down the stairs of a subway station. luckily nobody was in that car. the teens told witnesses the car had been sitting in their neighborhood for months but officials have a different storily they say the group was on a vandalism spree and set fire to a christmas tree. police did arrest three people. >> back in our area home in the city's strawberry mansion section sustained serious damage when a car slammed into it. it happened about 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of 25th and cumberland.
5:40 pm
as you can see the section right underneath the porch caved in. the driver of the car was taken to a local hospital for treatment. no word on that driver's condition or if any charges are expected. and about a half hour later philadelphia police were called to the see's tioga-nicetown section for a hit and run. this one left a woman injured. investigators say about 2:30 a vehicle struck the woman at the intersection of 19th and hunting park avenue. the vehicle fled the scene. no word on her condition or the make and model of the vehicle that hit her. >> family in texas is kicking off the new year on a positive note. their miniature poodle who went missing a month ago has been found alive. the poodle named polar bear disappeared while at a border when the family was out of town. they littered the area with fliers and said they had almost given up hope until someone spotted the dog. >> i was like oh my goodness. it was him. he smelled so bad. >> there you go. he smelled bad because polar bear was 30 days outside in the cold and rain. he had lost weight and was
5:41 pm
dehydrated but his vet says he will make a full recovery. >> happy ending there. all right. fans who are this dedicated seeing their team win may deserve the championship themselves. volunteers came out in droves to help clear snow off lambeau field. it's taken several days to remove all the snow from the bleachers and put down ice melt. packers had called on fans to help them then d tomorrow night packers will battle it out with the minnesota vikings for the nfc north championship. how about that. >> nice. >> some day maybe. >> we don't have that problem here. >> no. >> on either level. >> but maybe next year. >> long time to wait. >> that's right. >> all right. well it's almost over folks. the new year will begin with the end of the eagles season two days from now in the meadowlands. the team putting in their final preparation for the giants who have nothing to play for but a long vacation. i'm sure you're wondering what i am. how on earth will these guys bring themselves to compete to fight in a game that means nothing and after all this week's drama to boot.
5:42 pm
here's how, here's why. >> we're prideful players so this season has not been what we wanted, it's a failed season in our eyes so as a player you want to go out there and ultimately you're going to be auditioning for the next coach and i think people will be prideful about that. >> a lot of guys in the locker room know why they're here. to a certain degree you got to kind of mourn for a day or two and try to get over it and try to win. >> the release of chip kelly took all of us by surprise. we have yet to here from our resident expert in all things eagles. here's espn nfl analyst ron jaworski's take. >> ♪ >> first of all, i hate to see a coach dismissed. chip kelly's a good person. he won 10 games for two straight years. it did and work this year. i never feel good about a person losing his job. that part bothers me but i think when you look ahead it was probably the right decision jeffrey lurie made. the team appeared to be going
5:43 pm
backwards. this was a disappointing season. it appeared and not being down to the novacare center every day there was some sort of disconnect between chip kelly and the eagles front office. so, it's time to move on. >> synonymous with new year's and champagne times square and the mummers, bowl game. the national championship game is set. on january 11th on espn clemson will take on alabama. the crimson tide punched their ticket with a statement last night shutting out third ranked michigan state throughout to nothing. jones 57-yard punter return for a touchdown part of the largest shutout in cotton bowl history. alabama won twice this year at cowboys stadium. the dallas cowboys have only won there once this season. marquee matchup in the fiesta bowl. irving meyer looking a bit stressed. notre dame pulls in seven of its seventh ranked buckeyes in the third quarter. ezekial elliott ran away with
5:44 pm
this one, four rushing touchdowns that tied a fee wrest at a bowl record. ohio state beat the irish handily. the last stop on the flyers west coast swing. they'll play the kings tomorrow. on their way to l.a. they stopped at ed snider's california mansion for lunch yesterday. he hosted the entire time. at new years day tradition hockey in the great wrought doors it's the winter classic the bruins hosting the canadiens. paul byron scores it and montreal wins five to one. i hope the flyers get picked to play in that game again. >> it's a fun became. >> love it. >> jamie thanks. >> ushering in the new year with a lot of spirit can sometimes come with a price tag. that time honored new year's day hangover. >> from the time of our ancestors first fermented grapes there's been a quest for a hangover cure that actually works. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> it's what happens when the
5:45 pm
party is over. your head is pounding, you're seriously dehydrated and just generally can't imagine leaving your bed. if you're paying the price for a rollicking new year's eve take heart. there may be some ways to curb your hangover and maybe avoid one next time. one tip, before you go out drinking, make sure you have coated your stomach with protein and some carbs or else you'll be sick in the morning. another important but simple step between those alcoholic drinks have some water. you'll feel a thousand percent better the next day and even if you forget to hydrate earlier in the night compensate with water before bed. you'll get a deeper sleep and wake up happier. and what not to do? don't mix tylenol or any other form of acetaminophen with alcohol. doing so is risky for your liver and could leave you with much more than just a headache to contend with. of course the best way to beat a hangover is to avoid one in the first place. this means moderation when it comes to alcohol. you'll find you'll probable have just as much fun and a
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much healthier start to 2016. with this medical minute, i'm marci gonzalez. >> well, it's not uncommon on new year's day to wake a little more slowly and for some in a place that's unfamiliar. that might have been the case in this neighborhood in summit, new jersey. folks woke up to see that black bear sleeping in the tree. he looked perfectly comfortable up there so neighbors stayed on the quiet side as they gathered around to watch that bear doze. a reservation is just a few miles away so it's not uncommon to see bears around town. residents say they hope he's not hibernating there for the winter. >> he's a big guy. >> he is. >> better to leave him alone. still to come we'll take you to a place where new year's eve is a real drag. a tradition continues to key west florida. >> live look outside penn's landing all the skaters packing the ice there tonight. a beautiful night to be outside. adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪
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>> three, two, one, happy new year! >> popular tradition continued last night in key west, florida. hundreds turned out to watch the lowering of a drag queen in a red stiletto. this particular drag queen is named sushi. he's been the star of this
5:50 pm
event since 1996. sushi whose real name is gary marion makes a special dress for the show which he only wears one time. >> spectacular. >> never a dull moment on duval street in key west. >> never. >> it's a fun time. >> i would like to have their weather. >> wouldn't that be nice in short sleeves. we have december. >> absolutely. >> now it's time to think about the winter weather lovers, the skiers, the snowboarders, the resorts. >> different. >> it is their turn so we got to share around here. as we take a look at double scan live radar around the region, not finding much in the way of precipitation but a few of us saw a floating flurry or two especially up in the lehigh valley and the poconos as we pulled back the time here on double scan live radar about an hour or so ago. that's when they were drifting through parts near blue mountain lakearmony. jim thorpe. seeing a sign of winter
5:51 pm
floating from above. as we look live right now from our pagoda cam in reading looking westward everything aglow, good visibility and even before sunset there were a few breaks in the western horizon as the clouds are finally starting to push to the south and east and sunshine is going to gain control over the upcoming weekend. although we're in 2016, yesterday was 2015 and we closed out december historically warm. 13.7 degrees above normal. that is the largest departure from normal whether you're going above or below since records began back in the late 1800s for philadelphia, so exceptionally warm. when you open your heating bill you'll smile. 46 degrees was the high today which is 2 degrees above that normal of 41. the low was 40 degrees well above that 27 for a normal and the records for and 64 degrees
5:52 pm
and the sun segment later now at 4:46. wind chills still cold. feels like the 15 in the poconos where they're starting to crank up those snow machines. 36 in millville. feels like 34 in atlantic city and 35 in dover. again today the clouds the dominant feature. they have been extremely stubborn the last week and a half but if you notice early on in the day those bright white clouds were right about here. notice where they are now. over center city so they're starting to move to the south and east. starting to see the reappearance of clear skies to the north and west and that will be the trend overnight tonight. less wind as well, 26 degrees in the suburbs, 32 degrees for center city and as we look at the weekend outlook here saturday and sunday both days wall to wall sunshine and there is going to be that breeze out of the west that will continue about seven to 14 miles an hour so despite it's 43 tomorrow and 46 on sunday, wind chills will remain in the 30's both days this upcoming week. in fact most of december that
5:53 pm
jet stream pulled down to the south over the rockies and then cut its way over the great lakes into southern canada and that flooded that warmth a blow torch here out of the southwest went saw 13 days in december with highs in the 60's and 70's. the atmosphere always has a way of evening itself out so that jet stream is going to buckle back down to the south and allow cold air to come in from the north so early next week a january chill with high temperatures only in the 30's. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast again that sunshine both days this weekend with highs in the 40's, wind chills in the 30's. then as that arctic boundary arrives on monday it's brisk and cold with clouds and maybe a flurry or two for more than just the poconos. 36 degrees. and then the coldest day comes tuesday as the core of that air pulls right overhead at 31 degrees. maybe only 20's for highs up in the poconos and then wednesday not as cold, 40 degrees. clouds thicken up on thursday and a southern system arrives at the end of the week but it
5:54 pm
brings warm air with it so unfortunately although we finally get some cold air, when the precipitation arrives it's a little too warm so is this point it looks like a chilly rain. >> adam thank. check in with before you led out the door. there you'll find the very latest accuweather forecast any time as well as your series of radars and track any wet weather that could be coming our way. >> all right so much more to come for you on "action news" tonight. >> a birthday to remember for sure. we'll introduce you to a local woman who is celebrating a milestone when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
5:55 pm
the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
5:56 pm
>> it was a very special celebration for a willingboro new jersey woman today. ardelia james celebrated her 100th birthday. james was surrounded by family including get this great great great grandnephew. a nine-year-old. of course there was some great birthday cake that she enjoyed as well.
5:57 pm
from all of us here at "action news," happy birthday to you ardelia. >> absolutely. >> love that. >> right now the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 tonight. searchers in the lehigh valley are looking for a five-year-old boy with autism who walked away from a family's new year's eve celebration. and the mummers continue a 116 year old new year's day philadelphia tradition. >> meet one of the first babies born in 2016. we'll introduce you to a little girl born in south jersey moments after midnight. for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. join me next for "action news" at 6:00. >> happy new year. >> ♪
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> "action news." delaware valley's leading new program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night jim is off i'm monica malpass. in the news protestors testimony straight during today's mummers parade and supreme court justice samuel alito comes home to new jersey for a special ceremony at a. but the big story on "action news tonight is the frantic search to find a missing five-year-old boy in allentow allentown. jayliel vega was with his family celebrating new year's eve at a relative's home when he suddenly took off. trish hartman live at south and aubrey in allentown where investigators are coordinating their search efforts. trish. >> reporter: monica, folks have been gathered here at the command post all day long either waiting for information or offering to help find five-year-old jayliel vega, the chief says police will search throughout the night. the autistic boy has been missing for 17 hours now in very cold temperatures and his
6:00 pm
family is praying for his safe return. >> i don't even know what he's going through. like i'm really scared that something happened to him. >> reporter: she says she hasn't slept since her five-year-old brother jayliel vega went missing. police say the boy ran from a relative's house during a new year's eve party around 11:00 p.m. he will no coat and no shoes just a long sleeve camouflage shirt and gray sweat pants. his family says the boy is autistic and does not speak. while he's afraid of strangers relatives say he loves climbing and is drawn to bright objects. >> he likes lights, anything lights moving like especially like the christmas lights, that's an attraction. >> we're asking the public that if they do see him that they not call out his name, just to call us immediately for us to get there and try to assist him in get him safe. >> reporter: dozens of volunteers helped in the frigid search along the lehigh river and in nearby keck p


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