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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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boy missing almost 24 hours we're liver with the latest. boy missing almost 24 hours >> 24 hours tracker dogs tracked the effort and release of trackers high and low and so far there's no sign offar there.
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>> the search and rescue teams are still canvassing neighborhoods and at one point the family got reports the 5-year-old was picked up various points around town and those ended up dead end leads and the family tells "action news" they're hoping for the best and fear the worst. >> and allentown police called in air support and for more resources on ground aubrey and south the last known location of missing 5-year-old vega. >> he's outgoing and adventurous and he can go
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pretty far. >> really. >> is that what wore juries you. >> yes, a lot i don't know what he's getting into and where he's staying at and how he's sure vaiving. >> she says her autistic brother bolted from the family new year's eve party 11 thursday night wearing minimal clothes and carrying ipad they believe no longer has a charge. >> as time continues totic away what's the fear for you? >> if he starts dying slowly because ever the cold. >> cold weather is most serious challenge at this point in tim time. >> k-9 river comb the rivers and parks for any clues and asking residents for their safety to stay out of wooded areas in effort to maintain integrity of possible trail or scent. >> we ran up and down streets and been in sheds. >> and that's the trying thing about it to a point it's almost 24 hours. >> it's that reality becoming cause for concern for family members. >> i hope he's finding something warm at least cover
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probably you know trying to get his own warmth and body heat. >> now police are looking for surveillance footage in the area to try to track the boy's movement and anyone with information is asked to contact allentown police. reporting live in allentown, christie ilefo "action news." >> thank you, christie. let's switch live to meteorologist adam joseph. christie said the temperatures are adding additional urgency to the search and they're going below freezeing. hovering right around the freezing point across much of the area and specifically allentown our number presentsly is 34. that's two degrees above freezing. but again, this temperature dipping towards freezing. we have not really seen all that much this winter season. so nobody is acclimated to this kind of weather. so it's a bit of shock to anyone's system and as we look at winds now that continued to pull out of westerly direction no matt whaert air temperature is it feels below freezing area wide and in fact allentown one of the cooler spots now with
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the wind chilla coming in at 2 25. and temperatures as we go through the overnight hours the temperatures will drop in the lehigh valley to 26 degrees with clear sky and with the rest of us and majority of us also into the 20s and then you factor into the wind that remains up throughout the overnight hours and even through saturday morning at 7:00 those wind chills will remain in the low and mid 20s. well below that freezing point and we're not going to really bust above freezing with winds chills through the weekend and we'll chat about arctic air also arivering and we'll have timing on it all monica coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thanks, adam. >> there are ways to enjoy the chilly weather, of course, this is a live look from sky6hd at the blue cross river range in penn's landing and folks finding final hour of ice skating there. and roaring fire nearby and families gather around fire pits for warmth at the ice rink lodge tonight and bundled up in coats, scarves and hats.
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it's feeling far more wintry than it has for the past month. >> glitz and glitter of the mummers parade is over tonight and festive memories are fresh in many people's mind. this unique philadelphia sell blaition features music and chance dances and competition on a new group down broad and they have both sides to gets a view of costumes and back drops and judges look for which group tell the best story for this performance and it's a show local divisions practice and plan for all yearlong and it's a family affair for many competitors involving again raiings of performers. >> it's a great tradition it's fun to get everybody out and great way to end the holidays and wonderful. >> it is 116th year fwor this tradition. >>. >> the real spec tackle is inside the convention center where fancy brigades dazzled
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crowds with highly core graphed routines and costumes and high tech wizardry and some motifs included video games and philadelphia zoo where youngsters played their role here of lions and judges awarded top prize this year to golden crown for its performance ever the scar scarecrow's dream. shooting stars second for fancy brigade and saturn alien was third. for the string band south philadelphia strumd the way to the top and heather man john barren was winning captain. [ cheers ] and so it is no surprise that the club house for south philadelphia string band is rocking tonight as the action cam arrives they have plenty to celebrate not only where they victorious this is their first win in 41 years how about that? >> and but the mummers parade was not without controversy this time after around. critics are leveling
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acquisitions of racism and homophobia saying some performances were more than just in bad taste and then there is also the assault of a parade goer and alleged gay bashing incident and "action news" reporter chad pradelli spoke with a victim of that attack and has more on this year's controversy. >> the two acts were performed in the comics division and finnegan new year's brigade and the only incidents that marred this year's mummers parade and he was attacked by mummers for being gay. >> the comic act was fin begin goes for the cold. they turn to caityln jenner side by side with fruit loops box. >> i said to people around us they're watching it on tv i said this is not going to be good and everyone around us actually did we found fruit loops box is rally inappropriate. >> president of the comics division tells "action news"
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there is no intents to harm or degrade anyone with perform as and that sort of satire has been around 116 years and this video obtained by "action news" reveals a much uglier side of someone marching with the finnegan brigade. >> and it appears the hatred extended beyond the parade route and john holes said he was walking the dog when two mumers in red, white and blue outfits urinate in the alley began shouting home owe phobic slurs. >> i turned over to say cool your jets and his buddy jumped in and punched me in the face. >> the alleged offensive acts didn't end there. sam r. struters performed their act fiesta to fiesta with pointed faces. joe betty is a spokesperson for the mummer's organizations. >> people need to be cog distance of what they're doing.
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>> 99% of mummers do not engage in offensive behavior and mummers have increased diversity this year and he ak knock there's needs to be more more over sight. finnegan said they cannot be responsible for actions of a few members. we showed beattie addressing parade spectators. >> when you see something like that, it's uncategorically wrong. that should not happen and like i said there are thousands and thousands of mummers and if one guy drunk said that kind of thing it's not going to be tolerated. >> and mayor elect jim respokened to sensitive acts on twitter calling them bad and hurtful to many philadelphians and human relations commission release aid statement that reads in part more needs to be done to end these public displays of bigotry. in center city, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> and about 50 protesters from the black lives matter movement demonstrate along the parade true as well today angry of oaf what they say was last of
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prosecution in cases of tam ear rice and brandon tate brown. protesters hope to aringet mummers for history of racism. and police bike patrol officers lined up to keep protesters off the parade route and authorities say two people, a man and woman were arrested for briefly interrupted the parade procession. >> a frightening situation for residents of philadelphia's lawndale section when a stray bullet came through the second floor of their home this evening. it happened in the 500 block of glen view street about 5:00 and another bullet pierce aid car window and fortunately no one was hit and investigators do not have a suspect so far. 6. >> and a gloucester country police officer is recovering tonight after being hit by alleged drunk driver. it happened in elk township new jersey 1 a.m. and investigators say jacob was responding to emergency car on buck road and the policeman was treated and released and pickup driver was
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not hurt and is charged tonight. >> do not cross -- and center city philadelphia tonight and it will be that for way a while. doors were closed for good three hours ago as major renovation project gets underway. the new gallery will transform into outlet shopping center and except the paern that use east entrance will have to use a different way to get inside. >> and bill cosby's wife will have to testify in a def nation case against him filed by 7 alleged victims and camille cosby asked she be spared and a federal judge ordered her to be does he posed saying couple's private conferences are not pro tektd more than 40 women accused him of drugging them and sexually assaulting or raping them bill cosby denies the allegation and he was arrested in separate sexual assault case in montgomery county and charged last week. >> and united states supreme court justice returned to his
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home of hamilton new jersey all to swear in mayor. >> i kelly. >> do solemnly swear. >> that i will support the constitution of the united states. >> and constitution -- >> judge asilio offered the administration to an audience of 100. she was elected for a four year term and led mercer county i township till 2012 after being corrupted of -- convicted of corruption. >> finding meaning notice eagles last game against the giants and shoot ago tack in israel captured in surveillanc surveillance. motives are still something of a mystery tonight. and president explains reaso reasoning to take an executive action on gun control this yea year.
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>> winter weather teens and 20s to the north near the hudson bay and this is aiming straigh straight. we'll talk about that plunge in accuweather. >> we'll show you "action news" accuweather. >> we'll show you "action news" will be right back.
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>> they're uming him to turn himself in and three others were wounded by gunfire brat attacker fled. >> st. louis country executive lifted state of emergency that was in place there nearly a week due to widespread flooding and maramack river dropped significantly easing teptions in that county and the death toll from devastating wiptser flow in the midwest has risen to 22, recovery of man's body in southwest missouri. >>♪
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up forgettable in every way♪ >> well aretha franklin tonight says natalie cole was one of the greatest singers of our timing and that's one of the many tributes for the singer who died in los angeles daughter of that king cole and rose to make her own mark in the music world and according to family natalie cole died of complication from ongoing health issues. she was 65. >> and as president obama starts finalal year in office he says his new year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business including dealing with gun violence. mr. obama called it epic in his weekly address and directed staff at the white ous to look into potential executive actions on gun control and on monday he will meet with attorney general loretta lynch to see what might be possible to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous few. >> we know we cannot stop every act of violence.
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what if we try to to stop even one if congress did something, anything, to protect our kids from gun violence. >> steps could include stronger background checks on gun purchasers. >> new year brings good news for drivers according to aaa. gas prices are at their lowest for january 1 since 2008 and national average stands at $2 a gallon and expected to go lower and experts predict they could drop to 179 next month because of slow demand and big smraiz on worldwide market. lower prices in 2015 by the way save the average driver 550 a year and collectively saved americans $115 billion. >> "healthcheck" at 11 sticking to new year's resolutions and experts say one key to success is making small adjustments and building towards your goal. for example, you're not going to go straight from the couch to running mar thonz but to get more physical activity add wal walking to your routine and you
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don't need to shoot for 10,000 and add up more and more over the years. another shawl change 2459 reepz big benefits to get nor sleep. believe it or not it lowers blood pressure and stress levels giving you more energy throughout the day. >> oh, my god. >> it was a good day for a dip in the atlantic today. you may not think so but hundreds did they took the plunge at the 9th street bridge after running a 5 k to reason a hero campaign for designated drivers. this couple got married midnight new year's and this is how they spent their first day in costume, of course. their first day married. >> not as chilly as in years past by the way and ocean temperature above 50 which is well above normal. camel back mountain is reopening for skiing and snowboarding and hoping the
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customer forecast for chilly weather and snow to on this weekend. >> during the day they may have to cease operations during the day because of temperatures and definitely during the overnigh overnight. >> it will drop. >> it will drop definitely beginning of next week and hopefully a run or two on next week for those skiers and snowboarders. as we look at double scan all is quiet here on you? year ees day night if that's even a term as we look at double scan not much going on whatsoever we had a few floating flurries to the lehigh valley and poconos earlier todayen aip and but december 2015 last month temperatures 13.7 degrees above normal and that's largest departure from normal philadelphia has ever seen since records ghun late 1800s. more than likely we'll not see a month that is this far above normal in our lifetime again. but you never say never. as we look at temperatures
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seesaw in 2015 atmosphere always tries to balance itself out somehow and at the beginning of 2015 if you remember last february those temperatures are running 10 degrees below average. because of all of the ice storms and at the end of the year december 13.7 above and it eanes it saevrl out and we had two brutally historic no 2015. as we look at temperatures 34 allentown and 35 reading and 33 wilmington and 29 millville and brian barrens they're protected from the wind and sandy soil and that allows the temperature to drop a little bit faster than other areas. when you look at the wind chill feels like 25 in lehigh valley and 29 plan cast erin teens in poconos and below freezing to all areas along i 95 and a lot of clouds from earlier are now pushed way off south and you can see the clearing set up up from boss storngs new york city yes, i philadelphia, washington, down i-95 and that will set up for a pretty nice start to the weekend and the baby blue sky will be back,
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sunny, chilly, light breeze, 32, 7:00 in the american and 10:00 temperature of 37 and in the afternoon tomorrow those temperatures will go back into the lower 40s with the sunshine and but with the freeze wind chills are going to remain only in the 30s. the entire afternoon. and after that blow torch december with 13 days in the 60s and 70s the jet stream lifting north it will breakdown and head back down to the sout south. and that's going to allow a northerly winds to drain from erin dan pulling temperatures in the 30s. the accuweather forecast sunny and chilly and 43 poem tomorrow and 46 surprised and wind dmilz 30s both days and temperatures in the 30s and arctic front passes through and lots of clouds and passing a flurry or two. that's about it. the core of the cold is here tuesday. 31 for a high temperature overnight lows in the teens for most suburbs and then we're
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back to 40s it doesn't last long, wednesday, thursday, friday, clouds build thursday and the next system comes in on friday and we can't link with the cold air early on in the week and at this point it looks like a chilly rain a week from now enjoy a sunny weekend. >> all right. thank you sir. happy new year to you. >> the first baby born in the new year in our region came into the world in south jersey little madison 12:01 virtua in mount holly. she weighed in healthy 8 pounds dad nicole and mom nicole and dad james never thought it would be so exciteing. i'm pretty sure she'll be excited to be on the news she'll think oh, mommy i'm fame us. >> seeing her makes me want to pick her up and hug her. >> i understand baby had i son the first child for the sweet >> i understand baby had i son the first child for the sweet couple
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plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. >> jamie is here with sports. prepping for sunday's game which is coming quickly. >> and it's almost over. >> thankfully. >> the new year will begin with end of eagles season and two days from now the meadowlands putting in final preparations for giants who also have nothing to play for but a long situation. >> ow on earth will these guys bring themself toll compete in a fight that means absolutely nothing and after all this wee week's trauma here's how and why. >> we're prideful players this season has not been what we
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wanted and it's failed season in our eyes as a player you want to go out there and ultimately auditioning for the next coach an think people will be prideful about that. >> a lot of guys in the locker room know why they're here and to a certain degrow you have to mourn for a day or two and kind of get over it and try to win a ball game. >> and i do not envy jeffy lurie right now. three years ago yesterday he fired andy reid and set out t toen sure the right guy for the job and now look where they ar are. he cannot afford to mess this up again. so says espn analyst ron jaworksi. >> it is absolutely critical that the philadelphia eagles find the right coach for this city. and i believe it's important that the coach is the r the kind of guy that understands the fans of philadelphia. and their passion to win. their passion for the philadelphia eagles. a coach that wears his emotions on his sleeve. it's very, very important that the eagles organization gets
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this rights. >> and coming up the sixers look to make it three out of four out west and what is going on here? on the eave of their bowl game penn state gets carry away when on the eave of their bowl game penn state gets carry away when "action news" returns.
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>> how about those sixers left for the west coast and all of a sudden they won two of three and tonight a great shot this make that three of four facing a lakers team they've already beaten without kobe bryant out with a sore shoulder covington out with three and jaleel
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okafor there nice little baseline drive. right now they're going back and forth the sixers with one point lead in the first half. >> and grand daddy of them all was, well, a blow out. this is very first place. christian mccaffrey gone. 75 yard touchdown and also returned a punt 56 yards for a score. and 368 all purpose yards smashing the record and cardinals crushed iowa 45-16 on eave of tax player bowl against georgia penn state fans do not worry this is not what the it looks like nobody was injured. this just happens to be nittany lion tradition of carrying seniors off the field after the last practice. aas you can see there's various techniques when you're 320 pound defensive tackle takes four guys dot job. >> wow. >> it's a goofy way to honor seniors and those seniors really deserve. it you know obviously those guys are the guys that stuck around when all the sanctions wentz out and they're all great
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guys and deserve that. >> i'm wondering, years from now in your final news kalingt will rick williams carry you off the same way. >> i to hope not. >> we'll walk arm and arm. >> don't want to do that to his back. >> special new year's dinner for homeless was served up tonight in philadelphia it happened chosen 300 ministries on lancaster avenue and families in the neighborhood often have to choose between paying rents or feeding families and chosen 300 distributes 350,000 meal a year to the homeless in philadelphia and pottstown. via nice. "jimmy kimmel live" is next followed by "nightline" and "action news" continues at 5:30 for jim gardner and monica malpass have a good night and for jim gardner and monica malpass have a good night and great weekend.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- calista flockhart. barbecue master adam perry lang. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from run the jewels. with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's take it from the top -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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