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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  January 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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lose hackenberg to nfl and afterwards thanked everyone in the world except james frankli franklin. 6. >> right now i'll declare for the draft and i want to thank coach o'brien coming here and his staff. without him i would not have been here. he's what this place is all about. >> o'brien, hu? hackenberg thanks everyone even walter and me. but no, james franklin. sixers in la and can their sun but no, james franklin. sixers in la and can their sun drying one of those things you
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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>> right now six ishz done a dozen in the second. college hoops after up setting
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ravrped cincinnati this week temple follows up with dud against houston they shoot 16% from deep and not a single temple owl in double figures temple losses by 27 they're 500 and st. joes on the road in richmond tide up final seconds deandre femry thoub. bang. he scores their final five points and givers them the lead and he also grabs the game winning rebound with two seconds left. st. joe's happening on to win second straight, 77-73. they're 11-2. when wins as well and 'nova right now in progress. >> "action news" at 11:30 continues next. >> "action news" at 11:30 continues next. we'll be right
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>> saturday night i'm walter perez, here's what's happening on "action news" at 121:30, historic flooding claims at least two dozen livrz and causes widespread destruction. president obama mrnls for a cleanup in missouri and teenage hunter survivors more than a day log in sengle digit temperatures how he says they survived. donald trump says about a terror group using his words about a recruitment tool. >> president obama declared a state of new jersey in the
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north west and the death toll rose to two dozen victims. >> from the sky the breath and depth ever this disaster are painfully clear. the mississippi river crested at a new high. sending its waters seeping and swamping its way in all directions from missouri down to louisiana river are ridesing and floodwaters swallowing everything in its path. >> they're in shock. >> desperate measures filed hold the water at bay. it came too late for many homeowners. >> i got to work in the morning everything is fine even they come home and eat and eight hours later and we had water rise 4 feet. >> it claimed hundreds of homes and 24 sdmrivz vast majority of those death 14 to 15 are people that drove into watter. >> suburban st. louis matt kressley told abc peterson he could only watch helplessly as
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battered his house this to this dismaptling it to drift wood. >> you're all safer everyone got out okay. >> yes, everyone got out. my dog is all right that's the important things. >> the threat of major flooding were weeks meaning things like this are ominous preview of the new year. "abc news," new york. al-qaeda recruitment video included a clip of donald trum trump. it includes him calling for a bad on muslims into the u.s.. >> trump says the video won't make him change his message. >> look, it's a problem. i bring it up. other people called me and say, well you have gouts bring it up because frankly it's true and nobody want to get involved. >> take heat. >> it's geared to getting african americans and other
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muslims. they were helping with recruiting efforts and the campaign has not commented on the new video. >> ann't national guardsman and new york city police officer was tloyd rest today. ♪ >> procession was led for louis boncava she was one of six service members that died in a suicide attack in afghanistan. his wife des spra spoke at today's of the. >> he loved what he did because he watched nothing more to protect, brorngs, sisters an faxly. >> and along with his wife he leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter and he promed his family his fourth tour of sduty would be the last. >> making way back to washington d.c. first order of business for house republicans will to be repeal the healthcare law and vote however
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will be largely symbolic and president obama will veto the legislation which would have also. >> president barack obama and family will return to washington tomorrow. today was lasts day of their hawaiian vacation. they spent about an hour and a half at the beach and president went to brother his sitner happen alouisiana and me and his sisters and daughters hull visited them out in --. police in massachusetts arrested a maybe and seized several womz from his car outside gilette stadium. they found a meat klever, swar sward, stun gun inside his car. he is now facing a slew of charges including trespassing. police were first notified after people xhaind that bron sop seen outside the patriots home field acting suspiciously. he was arrested before the nhl
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winter classic it's an isolated case with no ling to per wrist activity. >> we warning more about a teenager that sure vuvd three hours in tem sure. she's not talking about the terrifying 28 hours to missing 13-year-old was found five minute before the search for him turned into recovery mission. and we'll have the night they kept walking was found 11 miles from where vat from theed from his friend. >> got please me the whole way through there. braid sent now home 'confer covering from hypothrpia and proingt ways to. >> he customer was in the right place at the right time to stop at armed robbery. today demanded cash from the bell lar. moments later a customer realized what was going on rushed into the store and hit the robber on i head with a dmrash light and the suspect stumble away and caught in a
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home. >> rav aminged by a dog and then people. >> this is smurf you will notice die minimum blue. he was dropped off in san jose on christmas eve. this little kitten was treated for two puncture wounds some of which were deep and schedule to have more surgery later this week. >> he has a very, very ge prognosis to be normal cat. he's very sweet and very gentle and loves attention. and he's relatively strong are considering. >> murph is already making friends and bonded with another diten and the two of them will likely be placed in foster care together. >> a family from sand writingo welcomed a set of twing child hours were celebrating the new year. >> the jail? valencia was born 11:r59 and her twin brother lewis because
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born three minutes later 12 h 0 2 this mass day. the mother and babies are healthy and doing well. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight a recycling robot and all three for the falcon exto make the big journey into space. plus you o could. >> two popular foupty food sites. >> it's a new year and new weather pattern starting to here with pronely and we have not felt in nearly 0 nine here with pronely and we have not felt in nearly 0 nine months.
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>> ready for launch once again. billionaire he plan buff says the rocket was not damaged during the last mission two weeks ago and falcon 9 flight was first rocket to smoothly land back on earth in cape canaveral florida and until now they were expensive single use vehicles. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist adam joseph and those who love cold weather a little bit. >> you will get a little -- >> in that 7 day forecast maybe enough to make them satisfied a few days. >> it is a big deal. >> especially when he missed out on holiday now they have to make up ground. >> double skanl liver radar no precipitation out there whatsoever. they pushed snow gun into high mode over the last 24 hours and making that manmade snow now that temperatures are cold enough.
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as you look at the action cam it was out in septemberer city and you can see all things aglow around here and the only ghing no precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, snow, ice, is that you can get around pretty easily just need winter coat, hat, and star of ands you look at present temperatures around the region 34 in philadelphia and 26le and town and eding reign lancaster and wilmington 29 and you have a light wind out there and faping tore in the wind and that 34 feels like 29 in philadelphia and 18 am heen town and 27 wilmington and 26 millville and just below freezing in trenton an as we look at eastern half of country we look another clouds and snow showers south of hudson bay. the fronts slips south as we get to monday. also that very active southern jet stream continues in deep south and across parts of new or leebs and pan handle of florida and this is racing off the coast. eventually this is going to
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lift back north at the end of the new week and bring precipitation and warmer temperatures. so for tomorrow and sunday wall to wall sunshine and 33 degrees at 7:00 and 39 at 10:00 going back to the middle 40s during the afternoon around 6 or so degree above average and we'll still have a wind on sunday so it's going to feel like upper 30s north and west and des spits 47 or so in philadelphia and feeling like 41 and feeling like low 40s sunday after 3:30 p.m. there's arctic front a head of it 47. more sunshine, 6 above normal and then front slips through here bhop flurry or two and that drops temperature 32 for a high temperature and that would be first time that we only hit the freezing point for a high temperature since march first of 2015 ten months going and so a little shock to the system will be soon arriving and the accuweather forecast 7 day forecast sunny and chilly wind
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and tumble thursdayy or two sunday and 32 and first thing tuesday morning the core of cold air arrives and we're only going to start in the teens prettyty much area wide and 31 in the afternoon and then not as harsh wednesday it's a quick rebound to 40 and then jumping well above average thursday sun and clouds at 46en then clouds win out again. friday into day. rain develops late friday could continue to beginning of weekend and it's one of the systems that comes in south and pushes warm air. so at this point i don't see any whippedry precipitation not evening in the lehigh valley. >> that time last year? >> we would have gotten wacke wacked. >> deep freeze. >> yes. >> there's a new push to shut down those popular daily at at that pointcy sports web sites and the largest companies sued caused of illegal gambling if new attempts seized it could mean hundreds of thousands of players lost big and got money
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back we'll have the story from abc marcy gonzalez. >> tonight a potentially crim crimpping setback for two giants of daily fantscy sports. >> lx to big time. >> and if you raid in fan duel or draft kings in new york you may be entitled to get money back says new york attorney general eric schneiderman and those sites taking in more than 200 million entery freeze freeze 600,000 customersers in 2015 and snyder man is asking companies to pay a type of up to $5,000 per case. >> ooiv deposited total of $35 and won over $2 million. >> schneiderman is accusing companies of miss respecting chances of chilling. >> addition in the new case they originally deposited money with daily fantasy companies based with doubling money which is what the advertisement promised he he says thats with a false promise. >> snyder 3457b adding to a lawsuit he filed guess
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presidential companys in november calling them illegal gambling operations. draft kings responding to newly survived sign like in a statement it is based on fundamental misunderstanding of at that pointcy sports come at the pitions and fan duel says we're thoroughly dispointed in the attorney general ongoing actions and will fight this meritless amended suit. for now both companies are allowed to offer here in new york a judge has yet to decide whether that will continue as the case goes to trial. marcy gonzalez, "abc news" new york. >> more to come on "action news"someone familiar to eagles nation well underway. jeff skversky has that and more when "action news" comes right jeff skversky has that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> staley is one of the best running backs in eagles hitionry and now in the running score the head coaching job. that's right, staley interviewed for the gig yesterday days after they fired chip kelly. staley has been running back coach own kelly's staff since 2013 and before that special teams and eagles fans know staley best from playing days. 7 years with eagles racking up over 4800 rushing yards and he may be a long shot to get the job and owner jeffery lurie did handle andy reid only a quarterback coach at the time and moving on to hockey flyers west coast end trip today flier are not exactly kimingz of the road now. they have not runaway from wells fargo center since december 10. it started with trip to ed snyder's house he would love to see a w but out shot first
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period. 15-7 and out scored 2-1. kingstic tack toe twice king beats and then flyers lose third straight 2 14eu6 is the final in that arena hours later sixers with back-to-back games at staples septemberner la last night lost to lakers last night and taking on clippers. jayliel okafor off the bench in la again the rookie gives them start oak for drives one handed and sixers up 3 in the 1st and okafor. clipper go over. deandre jordan the slam. down 17 at the break. we're about to get going in the 3rd quarter. and all right, college hoops 16 rangedville november on the road creighton first half and dan ya o'chef early. how about josh makes a point to
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get going as well into the first. all right. how about ten of 13 from the field and in the second half 'nova looking good right now as they're about to finish up. >> that's sports. walter back to you. >> look like cats are giving us hope in this town of sports. >> thank you, jeff. >> castle is next here on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han and chris sowers. now for adam joseph, melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, have a good night entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, have a good night and we'll see you back here
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(the rosenbergs) ♪ i can't be anything ♪ without you ♪ don't you know? ♪ 'cause we go together ♪ just like jam and bread ♪ or maybe birds of a feather ♪ ♪ feather ♪ i don't know anything about you ♪ ♪ what will it take ♪ for you to call me? ♪ i can't be anything without you ♪ (playing dramatic, up-tempo music) (grunting, metal scraping) (imitating english accent) you've come to nottingham once too often. (imitates english accent) after today, there'll be no need for me to come again. you've been holding out on me, sir robin.
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i hear you like a boy. (normal voice) i knew she'd tell. (normal voice) so who is he? his name is owen. he's in my poetry class. very shy and very sweet. (grunts) hey! keep your guard up. then don't distract me. does he know how you feel about him? no! why not? ha! (grunts) hey! (grunts) because i don't even know how i feel about him. yes! very nice! (piano music continues) (cell phone rings) (ring) hello. (camera shutter clicking) how many bones did they have to break to get her in there? won't know till i get her back to the lab. (sneezes) don't contaminate my crime scene. sorry, it must be the feathers. (esposito) beckett's here. (police radio chatter) no sign of forced entry, same as the others. looks like our home invasion crew went for a 4-peat. they're stepping up their game, becoming more violent. (sneezes) bless you. bless you. jinx. what's wrong with him? goose down. he's allergic. i'm sorry, under the time-honored rules of jinx,
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you're not allowed to speak until i release you. (sneezes) bless you. bless you. reverse double jinx. i--just--i-- unh-unh, castle, mouth shut until i release you. thank you, ryan. so what do we have? that's joanne delgado, daughter of susan delgado, the victim. she called to say good night to her mom. only tonight, mom doesn't pick up. she calls the doorman. the doorman comes up, finds the door ajar and... and? well, let's just say this one's definitely beckett-flavored. (lanie) blood spatter indicates single g.s.w. close range. you can still smell the cordite. (moans) i'll have to take your word for it. (castle) oh, they shot her andstuffed her in the safe. better than the last one. they beat the guy to death. (beckett) none of the neighbors heard a gunshot? nada. must be heavy sleepers. no, they used a pillow as a poor man's sound suppressor. ahem! yeah--yes, i broke the jinx. i will buy you a soda. any shell casings? none. (beckett) probably used a revolver. and a bolt cutter.
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her wedding ring. she didn't want to give it up, and so they punished her for it. husband? passed a few years ago. in a building like this? this part of town, you'd think she'd be safe. no pun intended. how often are people killed in neighborhoods like this? same as anywhere else, castle. just the once. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. each of the robberies took place in a different part of the city. a different high-end part of the city. wall safes and high-end jewelry-- these guys came in knowing exactly what they were gonna find. well, there must be a pattern, something that connects them all. the first one was three months ago? central park west-- bob and linda kesler were bound, gagged and beaten. intruders wore masks. took roughly $175,000 in jewelry. same m.o. on york street? (esposito) yeah, only when mr. bruner refused to open his safe, they broke his wife's arms. which brings us to last night. they're getting bolder. they're escalating their violence. well, it can't be random. how do they know what's in the safes?
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"safes"--is that a word? is it "saves"? that can't be right. and you write for a living? castle, the point? the point is, our home invaders seem to know an awful lot about their victims. we've compared insurance companies, home security vendors, even the kind safes that they had-- nothing's been a match. i'm just thinking, they seem to know their targets so well, maybe they actually know them. (ryan) maybe the victim's daughter can tell us. (woman) yeah, we were close. she was my mother. so you'd know most of her friends? her friends? yeah, but i-- were there any that you had strong feelings about, didn't like, maybe someone she met recently? no. did any of her friends have money problems? monsters broke into her place and killed her. why are you asking about her friends? do you know nelson and janet bruner? no. how about a, uh, richard and julie pastori or a bob and linda kesler? who are these people? they're victims of three previous home invasion robberies. robberies that we think were committed by the same people
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that murdered your mother. there were others? i mean... how long has this been going on? a few months. months? what, and you haven't caught them yet? they didn't murder anyone until last week. that's when i got this case, and since then, we have been doing everything we can to-- no, don't press-conference me, detective, all right? i work in public relations. so you can save your speech because i have heard them all, all right? i'm the one who drafts all of that pathos after airline crashes and e. coli poisonings. "our--our hearts go out to the victims' families." our hearts? (scoffs and sniffles) what does that even mean? she said that she felt like baking. she wanted me to come over, but i was busy.


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