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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 6th. here's what's happening. >> tense moments during a basketball game lead to a confrontation on the court and it could land a bucks county coach in big trouble. >> upper darby police shoot and kill a knife wielding man in delaware county. >> developing right now back to back severe storms out west bear the calling card of el nino. rescuers scramble to save people from flood waters. >> let's find out what you can expect when it comes to accuweather. dave murphy is doing that dance he does and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning.
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>> yeah, it's not so bad this morning because we don't have the strong winds that we've had recently but, yeah, it's still definitely cold. take a look at satellite. we are looking at plenty of sunshine coming up over the horizon later on this morning and it's going to stay with us pretty much all day long because high pressure is in control. temperatures right now, though, are controlling us. 21 degrees right now in philadelphia. just 14 degrees in allentown. 13 in trenton. 12 in reading and we've improved to 8 degrees in millville, how about that, 16 degrees in wilmington. not much wind, though, so we don't have to worry about wind chills. as if those temperatures aren't cold enough without the wind though, right. 22 degrees by 8 o'clock so through the morning rush it's still going to be pretty uncomfortable. noon up to 34 and then by 3 o'clock, looks like we'll be about nine or 10 degrees milder this afternoon than we were in most areas yesterday. light winds, lots of sun and a high of 40 degrees around 3 o'clock. karen, when i step inside we have even milder air coming in the accuweather 7-day and that's accompanied by some rain especially over the weekend. i'll have details on that
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coming up. >> all right, dave, we've got a new accident. looking live in bristol township bucks county you see this pickup truck smashed into the wall facing sideways here. i'm looking and see the tow crux already on thtowtrucks on . bristol township i-95 past 413. traffic squeezing by but already slow approaching to past 413 so watch for this accident. looks like it might be a single vehicle accident with this pickup truck just kind of slamming into wall there so be careful as you're headed out. elsewhere on i-95 looking live approaching cottman that's your southbound traffic. a little bit of building volume. no big problem right here as you head towards center city. over on the vine street expressway the crews have left the scene at this point. the vine is reopened in both directions. looks like once again some of the overhead lights are out so it's a little bit dark out there right now but traffic's moving on the vine in both directions. in university city we've got an accident here involving two vehicles. the driver will be taken to the hospital. we're hearing minor injuries but one lane is blocked market
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street eastbound right at schuylkill avenue. we've got police and emergency workers on the scene so that may take you a little longer there on market street. also an accident here in upper salford township. sum flee town pike at shelley road. little frosty out there and watch out as you're traveling because you have a handful of accidents now, matt and tam. >> thanks karen. a bucks county high school basketball coach could face disciplinary action over a confrontation with a referee. the incident was caught on camera and we have the video. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the middletown township police department with new information. annie. >> reporter: and matt the big question is was it ahead butt and what happened on the court is something that is criminal. that's something that police will look into today. we just caught up with the police chief and we'll have more on that in a moment. but first take a look at the video that is all over the internet right now. you can see the interaction between neshaminy high coach jerry devine and the referee. the referee is knocked to the ground. now according to espn devine was arguing an offensive foul call with less than a minute
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left in the game against pennsbury high school when he was hit way technical. that's when the apparent head butt occurred with the referee and the coach. now the coach was ejected from the game. now, wbc b sports network live streamed the game. their announcer told espn the coach went crazy after the call but the announcer told espn he did not believe the coach meant to knock down the ref. he told espn it looked like the coach did though intend to get in the referee's face. the referee did stay in the game. police were not called out to the game and this only came to their attention overnight after calls from the media. they told me on the video the chief said this morning they will look into it. >> we're looking for was there anything criminal that happened. if it wasn't then it's end tearily up to the school and whatever governing body overseas basketball in the county they'll decide. we have zero involvement in whatever internally happens involving the coach or anybody that was involved. >> reporter: or if the
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referee decides to file charges. >> well, i mean, he hasn't -- he hasn't yet. he hasn't called to complain about anything as far as we know. >> reporter: and pennsbury did go on to win the game 49 to 42. now, jerry devine is a long time teacher at neshaminy high school. he teaches special ed and also algebra and history. he has been there according to a bio on the school district web site for 15 years. we still have not heard back from the school when we contacted them last night. now reporting live outside of middletown township police headquarters annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank. a fiery ignited at the ice howls on the cobbs creek golf course. fire crews say the embers rekindled at the building in overbrook park just after 11:00. the initial blaze broke out monday night. this is a big loss for the city owned golf club that dates back to 1916. fire crews are still working to find out what kicked off that initial blaze. it is 6:05 and also new on
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"action news," a popular holiday gift is now banned from at least one college campus in new jersey. officials at kean university have officially banned hoverboards on campus. the popular gift item has already received a lot of unwanted attention after reports of the devices catching fire especially when charging up. in addition numerous people have also suffered injuries while attempting to ride them. officials say they will confiscate any hoverboard found on either its union or ocean campus. >> a police confrontation with an armed man took a deadly turn at a delaware county apartment complex. chopper six was over the bishop hill amounts in clifton heights last night. investigators say a 54-year-old man called police to tell them he was suicidal and dangerous. when officers arrived, the man came outside carrying a knife. police say the man refused to drop the knife despite repeated commands from officers. >> kept on coming towards the officers and finally after he tase -- the taser didn't have any effect and the other two
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officers in fear of their life opened up on him. >> officers shot and killed the man. investigators say he had significant mental health issues. >> ♪ >> developing this morning el nino is bringing destruction across the west coast. downpours in san diego kept emergency crews scrambling from place to place rescuing trapped motorists. torrential downpours turned this backyard into a waterfall. and the quick burst of heavy rains obviously took those drivers by surprise. in some percent th areas the was too heavy. take a look at this video. it surprised diners at this restaurant. usually homeowners in this area fear wildfires. now the concern is heavy mudslides. drivers were shocked and shaken from the relentless system of storms. >> i saw cars going through it so i thought oh, i'm fine until i felt my car slightly lift off and i just felt all the water and then i was like i can't -- i can't move. >> a lot of drivers found themselves in that situation.
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el nino has contributed to the near record flooding in the south and midwest. and after a record breaking warm end to the 2000 -- to 2015, the rains in the west are expected to last until friday. matt. >> wow. thank you erin. david will be here in just a few moments. you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 radar at >> car sellers are smiling. 2015 was really a good year. let's go over to maribel aber. she's live at the nasdaq if times square. good morning, maribel. >> good morning, tam. yeah, you know, cheap gas really drove u.s. new car sales to a record last year. automakers sold 17.5 million cars and trucks in 2015. that's a 5.7 percent jump from just a year before. but sales could slow due to higher interest rates and a glut of cars coming off leases which means there will be plenty of late model used cars for sale. hey, stocks recovered after the early week selloff and finished mixed in a pretty clop pea trading session.
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right now futures pointing to a lower open. #big change. twitter could do away with its 140 character limit. ceo jack dorsey hindered a change could be on the way. one report says the character limit could soar to get this 10,000 the same limit as direct messages on the service. can you imagine matt and tam, 10,000 emojis. >> that's too many. >> that's way too many. >> spend all day looking for the right emoji. >> you ever see maribel's emoji. pretty good. >> it's a likeness. >> she worked on it. >> so did you. >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now we are dry to start out this morning but we are still cold. haven't quite gotten rid of that arctic air that came in on monday. as we take a look outside we have, yes, sky6 with clear skies, lots of stars out over the ben franklin bridge and we're going to get plenty of sunshine up over the horizon in a little while. there, that hopefully will be the last one.
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21 degrees in philadelphia currently so it is cold. in the teens in a lot of suburbs. 13 trenton, 14 allentown just 12 degrees in reading, 16 in wilmington, just 8 degrees in millville. 25 in cape play. a little better down by the ocean front but still on the cold side and still certainly coat weather there. you can see high pressure's effect. lots of clear skies overhead right now. once the sun comes up over the horizon we'll need the sunglasses any other only this morning but through midday and right up until sundown as it does look like it's going to be mainly sunny across the region today. up in the lehigh valley still cold though. 38 degrees. now, that's better than yesterday when we were staying below the freezing in a lot of areas around the lehigh valley where we were staying below the freezing level i should say but better certainly than yesterday. 43 degrees, lots of sun and chilly at the shore. also about a 10-degree improvement over yesterday. in philadelphia a high of 40. we're seeing some improvement there. it's not as windy. winds today only going to be about four to 8 miles per hour.
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they're variable right now, probably turning from the west overall as we go through the day. and also a we go through the day temperature-wise, things do improve. 22 degrees by 8 o'clock. 30 by 11 o'clock. 38 by 2 o'clock. i expect our high of 40 around 3 o'clock this afternoon. tomorrow we'll inch it up to 42 with more of a partly sunny sky cover and then there is a warm front coming at us for friday that will increase clouds but will also allow us to add even more numbers to the temperature and by the weekend we're back into the 50's but there is a storm system that will be passing us by and that will create a couple of periods of rain which i'll detail for you now in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it is going to be milder though this weekend. your exclusive seven day shows 40 for today's high. not as harsh later this afternoon after our cold start. and then tomorrow most of us will be in the 20's again in the morning but in the afternoon partly sunny and 42. so, definitely moderating a little bit. friday increasing clouds because of that warm front but a high of 47 degrees, so feeling a lot better and if we get rain on friday, it probably doesn't arrive until
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pretty late at night so friday itself 47 and not too bad. then on saturday some morning showers. in the afternoon mainly cloudy skies perhaps a spritz 47 the high there. and -- or 50 the high there i should say. then on sunday 57 degrees the high. very mild but unfortunately an approaching front is going to produce periods of rain through the day and at times sunday's rain could be heavy. so, that's something to keep in mind. then we dry out for monday and another cool slot arrives. still chilly on monday with a high of 42. brisk and cold on tuesday, 38 degrees. and it looks like that colder air, highs in the mid to upper 30's might hang around for a little while. no storm systems in sight, though. >> bring it on. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. >> 6:12 now and terror time line. a puzzle piece is still missing from the day of the san bernadino mass shooting. >> serial thief, a woman wanted for several jewel heists in the south might have struck again. karen. >> we have a new problem, it's kind of hard to see from this shot but it's a car fire. earlier i was seeing lots of smoke coming up leerily i still see fire crews out here.
6:13 am
aramingo avenue right by i-95. crews on the scene so watch for that one. also a handful of accidents in other spots. i'll give you all the details coming up. >> and taylor swift seems to have a doppelganger from another decade. see it later on "action news. >> ♪ justin drabic
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>> welcome back. we've got some breaking news. chopper6 is high above west norriton in montgomery county. the 500 block of rittenhouse boulevard. over that house there where you see firefighters there in the yard. when they got called to the scene there was a fast moving house fire. looks like they may have knocked it down. looks like we just see darken edwin dose but we're told that they're there, ems crews are there treating one person with smoke inhalation that the fire was contained but again one person was injured. somebody dealing with smoke inhalation and it's still not clear yet exactly how and why this fire kicked off in this home. >> let's turn to traffic and an early morning accident, karen rogers. >> yeah, we want to mention in that area you can see it's residential there but rittenhouse boulevard near pheasant lane watch for the crews. any time we have fire department in this kind of weather watch that it could be slippery. upper salford sumneytown pike at shelley road. we've had a handful of accidents here or there so watch it today. university city we've been talking about this accident
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that's still out there. there were two vehicles involved and the driver had to be taken to the hospital. one lane is blocked on market street and that's eastbound at schuylkill avenue. so, watch for traffic. it's getting by but with police and emergency workers there a little bit of an issue. in bridesburg also aramingo avenue right by the ramp to i-95 we have been talking about that car fire with crews on the scene. you'll see slowing there on aramingo avenue and certainly you see the slowing on i-95, 33 miles an hour southbound near cottman there. you're looking at about 45 near girard so watch for that one as well. let's go on outside live. we've got a very closeup view. this is i-95 just south of 413 but this is that accident that i had been talking about here with a pickup truck that kind of splashed into the wall and was facing sideways and penndot's taking a real closeup look at this but you need to be careful as you're traveling in that area. it's been causing some slowing but it's mostly off to the side. last time i looked at that the right lane was blocked. it's hard to tell from this shot but i think that right lane is still blocked. let's take a look at
6:18 am
temperatures through the region of the just in the single digits in some spots like quakertown nine but it's 12 in pottstown, 10 in kennett square, 23 a little better there in center city. it's not quite as cold as yesterday but it's still cold to start. in some of the spots in south jersey suburbs in the single digits but glassboro 16, dover delaware 13 and it will feel a little better this afternoon. matt and tam. >> thanks karen. the armed woman wanted for six robberies in five states may have struck again. police release what appears to be video of the woman's latest five finger discounter. the robbery happened at a jared jewelers in north carolina monday. police say her biggest heist was in panama city, florida, back in august where she made off with nearly $400,000 in jewels. there is a $10,000 reward hoping someone might turn her in. >> fbi agents on the case of a san bernadino terror attack are now asking for the public's help. they say there's an 18 minute mystery around the killers' whereabouts right after the attack. federal officials have put together a time line of the couple's moves on december 2nd but they say they still cannot account for these 18 minutes.
6:19 am
investigators want to know where syed farook and tashfeen malik went and if they were in contact with anyone. their shooting rampage killed 14 people last month. >> 6:19 and ryan howard takes a swing at a doping report. the phillies first baseman sues over what you might call a grand slam of a different kind. david. >> uh-huh, that was controversial that documentary. all right. so, we have all the extra gear on the kids basically as it's still very cold. not all that windy this morning, that's nice. this afternoon they can probably ease back on the gear a little bit. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next and we'll check out airport conditions. >> ♪ your body was made for
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6:22 am
of here approaching 676 we do have a new accident. it's on the shoulder. so as you're traveling on 42 northbound here at creek road if you continue north you're going to hit that accident on the shoulder approaching 676. also a new accident in upper darby. this is long lane at bradford road. we're hearing someone is trapped in the wreckage. we've got fire, police crews all coming to the scene right now. no reported delays with regional rails just yet but we saw so many delays all day yesterday 'cause of the cold temperatures and the concerns with the rails, dave, so hopeful that won't abbig deal today. >> all right karen on the big board we have all the extra gear on the kids of course on the way to school as we have been mentioning because it is still cold out there even as late at 9 o'clock we'll still be in the 20's. 34 by noon, though and a high today of 40. that's going to be about 9 degrees better than yesterday. lots of sun and also the winds are lighter than the last couple of days. so, definitely improvement later on. at the airport no precipitation reported out to chicago, down toward atlanta although orlando has started to pick up a shower. still no delays anywhere here
6:23 am
and owner orlando that's only place in our most commonly traveled destinations where we have any rain currently. matt and tam. >> thank you david. going to health check we know late night snacking not good for your waistline. a new study says it's also bad for your brain much researchers at ucla say making a habit of munch on midnight meals may impair our ability to learn new things and store memory. using mice in an experiment they discovered that the ones who were fed during their usual sleeping times were much worse at performing at memory recall tasks. their sleep also became fragmented. >> phillies first baseman ryan howard is suing al-jazeera america over a documentary that linked him to performance enhancing drugs. the report was released late last month and was based on secret recordings of an employee at an anti aging institute located in indianapolis indiana. that employee later recandelightd his doping claims involving howard and others. howard is suing for defamation. the phillies star added he's taking this action to protect my name tonight back against
6:24 am
the spreading of these lice. li. >> a basketball coach has explaining to do. >> annie mccormick has the story and video and she's live write now. >> reporter: an altercation between in high school basketball coach and a referee is caught on tape. was eight head butt? was eight which of the bump and was it criminal? lot of questions still. we have more coming up in a live report.
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>> retired new work met mike
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piazza appears to be in solid shape to head to cooperstown this summer. espn reports his induction into the baseball hall of fame looks like a sure thing. the norristown native received 69.9 percent of the vote a year ago just shy of the 75 required for induction. official results will be announced tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> a reddit user posted a and old photo of her grandfather. she looks a lot like taylor swift. caption underneath says when your grandma looks like taylor swift and your grandpa looks like hugh hefner's brother. i think she's right. swift has yet to respond to grandma swift. the berks county native finished a world tour last month. looks a lot like her. >> it does, really does. 6:27. next and brand new a wegmans recall to tell you bo you. >> also a high school coach storms onto the court when he disagrees with a call and what happens next gets him kicked out of the game. and the discipline may not be over. >> ♪
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>> now an a "action news a referee gets flock to the floor during a confrontation with a high school coach. breaking news just in about that coach's few. it's just coming into the news room. >> developing overnight the united nations responds to claims that north korea tested a nuclear bomb. >> 450 million and countering. powerball players are taking their chances at a huge lottery payout tonight. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday january 6th. got to get ready for that cold to start. let's go to david and karen. >> still cold across much region. at least winds are down a little bit. satellite showing you we'll have plenty of sunshine up over the horizon shortly as high pressure is doing a number on the clouds and it looks like we'll stay under the sun all day long. but it is cold to begin. 21 degrees in philadelphia. still haven't dislodged that arctic air that arrived on monday. 14 degrees currently in allentown, just 12 in reading, eight in millville, 13 in trenton, 16 in millville or in wilmington i should say and a
6:31 am
little bit milder down the shore. we are going to improve today. by noon we're up to 34 under the sun and by 3 o'clock, a high of 40 which is about 9 degrees better than yesterday and with lighter winds it will feel more comfortable later. it does look like the temperatures continue to inch up as we head through the end of the week and into the weekend but there's some rain on the way. karen rogers, i'll have details on all of that coming up in the seven-day from accuweather. >> all right we're dry but cold right now. we're starting to see that volume build here on 95. that's your southbound traffic here headed towards center city looking live at the betsy ross bridge and already slowing down just a little bit here. also on aramingo avenue right by i-95 we still have that vehicle fire out there with crews on the scene so traffic's kind of squeezing by on aramingo avenue. we had an accident on i-95 southbound at 413 and bucks county where a pickup truck just kind of slammed into the wall and was facing sideways blocking the right lane but it has since cleared so things are looking a little bit better there. we had a delay because of that accident and the delay has thinned o it as well. university see we've got an accident here.
6:32 am
there were two vehicles involved. the driver had to be taken to the hospital here on market street eastbound. a lane was blocked here at schuylkill avenue. clochopper6 leaded to the scene. in upper darby we've got an accident. this is long lane at bradford road and we're hearing that someone is trapped in the wreckage so emergency workers coming there. couple of accidents and problems going on in montgomery county. i just got off the phone with police. they tell me this fire in abington is in a basement on rockwell road near tremont avenue. crews on the scene. in cheltenham an accident cheltenham avenue at ogontz. they just keep coming in this morning matt and tam. >> thank you karen. this is breaking right now. we are just learning that a bucks county coach is off the job after a court confrontation got him tossed out of a basketball game overnight. now this encounter was all caught on camera. let's go over to "action news" reporter annie mccormick. she is live outside of neshaminy high school. she's got the very latest on what's going on. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning,
6:33 am
tam. we've actually moved over to the middletown police department because we did catch up with their chief a short time ago. we'll get to that in a moment. but the neshaminy school district just released a statement saying that mr. devine has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of that review for both his teaching and coaching positions. now, what is at question is what exactly happened on that court. take a look at this video. you can see the interaction between neshaminy high school basketball coach jerry devine and a referee who was flocked to the ground. now according to espn devine was arguing an offensive foul call with less than a minute left in the game against pennsbury high school and he was hit with a technical. that's when an apparent head butt or chest bump did occur and the referee did fall to the ground. the coach was then ejected. now, wbc b sports network an live streamed the game.
6:34 am
the announcessers told espn he did not believe the coach meant to knock down the ref. he said it looked like the coach did intend to get into the referees ar referee's face. police were not called out to the game. this came to their attention overnight after calls from the immediate based sole on the video. the chief said this morning that they are looking into it. >> what we're looking for was there anything criminal that happened. if there wasn't then it's entirely up to the school and whatever governing body overseas high school basketball in the county they'll decide. we have zero involvement in whatever internally happens involving the coach or anybody that was involved. >> reporter: or if the referee decides to file charges. >> well, i mean, he hasn't -- he hasn't yet. he hasn't called to complain about anything as far as we know. >> reporter: now, neshaminy high school also in that release that they just put out said that the administration is conducting a thorough review of the incident that was at the varsity basketball game. they say appropriate action
6:35 am
was taken at the game following that incident and further measures may follow depending on the outcome of the review. it is a personal matter. they will not be able to comment on the specifics of any possible disciplinary action until the review process is complete. now, coach devine is also a teacher there. he's been a teacher there for about 15 years. still a lot of questions surrounding this. hope to get more answers later today. for now reporting live in middletown township, annie mccormick channel6 "action news. >> thanks annie for that breaking information. we have more breaking news. chopper6 live over a fire scene in montgomery county. this is on the 1700 block of rockwell road in abington township. smoke quickly filled this home along the block. fire crews are there on the scene. we don't have any reports of injuries but it looks like the fire fight is at a point where they may be able to declare this under control. we haven't received that word just yet. we'll keep you posted. >> i'm erin o'hearn at the big board with some potentially frightening news coming out of north korea. the reclusive country has
6:36 am
claimed to have conducted a powerful hydrogen bomb earlier today. this is not been confirmed but if it is, the surprising move by north korea could be a huge jump in its quest to improve its limited nuclear arsenal. this is kim jong un signing the order for the test. the document read "make the world to look up to our strong nuclear country and labor party by opening the year with the exciting noise of the first hydrogen bomb." now some analysts say it is unlikely the north has achieved the technology to manufacture this kind of bomb but this claim once again raises questions about the capabilities of its missile programs. now it could take days to confirm if, in fact north korea's claim is true. but the united nations security council in the meantime will hold a meeting later today. back to you. >> okay, thank you, erin. there's a new consumer alert for people who shop at wegmans. the grocery store is recalling more than a thousand pounds of chicken prepared on sunday. the federal inspector realized that the meat had never been
6:37 am
inspected. the products are stamped with a code. wegmans is offering full refunds to customers. >> we'll try and climb out of these below freezing temperatures today. >> we'll do that this afternoon certainly matt. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you say we're dry. you might have some frost on the windshield this morning. as we take a look outside we have clear skies above center city and city hall and plenty of sunshine on the way in just a little while. but we are still starting out cold as we haven't yet gotten rid of that arctic air mass that came in on monday. 21 degrees currently in philadelphia. and the winds west-southwest at 5 miles per hour. they're light. not much of a wind chill out there. but certainly cold enough for all that extra gear. and there you see the lack of cloud cover. high pressure in control today. and that should give us pretty much wall to wall sun from start to finish. 22 degrees by 9 o'clock. by 8 o'clock still real cold there. 30 degrees still below freezing by 11 o'clock and then by 2 o'clock we're
6:38 am
starting to moderate a little bit. 38 degrees by 2 o'clock and your high today is 40. that's almost 10 degrees better than yesterday. and with light winds it will feel even better. and then 36 by 5 o'clock. so certainly a coat day but not quite as raw as it was the last couple of days. 38 is your high in allentown, 39 in reading and lancaster. 38 in trenton. even 40's in philadelphia, wilmington, millville and dover. and down the shore a little bit better, low 40's, light winds, lots of sun today. tomorrow partly sunny skies, 42. we'll start to inch that number up a little bit. a warm front comes in friday that gets us into the upper 40's but at the same time cloud us up and then there's a rain maker that comes in for a part of saturday and a good portion of sunday but at least it's rain and not snow and temperatures this weekend will be in the 50's. speaking of snow, no chance of it over the next five days on any of the models. and looking at long range models it looks like we could go another eight, nine, 10 days before we have to worry about any hint of snow and i'm not even promising it then but over the next seven or eight days it doesn't look like
6:39 am
there's anything on the horizon. 40 degrees not as harsh this afternoon. partly sunny tomorrow, starting out in the 20's but winding up at 42. and then increasing clouds on friday, a high of 47. it does look like we'll get the first round of rain out of that warm front on friday but probably not until late friday night. so i think the daytime is looking dry on friday but we will have the clouds increasing. then saturday some morning showers. afternoon spritzes 50 degrees is the high. and on sunday that's the best chance of rain as a cold front comes in. mild high of 57 degrees. but there will be periods of rain off and on throughout the day and at times we could even see pockets of heavy rain on sunday. all of there is gone for monday though and then we get another cool down. 42 on monday, 38 tuesday. i could see about the same on wednesday. and we might be entering a stretch of prolonged weather in the 30's at least four, five days but no snow. >> okay, thank you. it is now 6:39 and there's new information about an armed standoff going on out west. some of the protestors claim to know what the fbi is planning to do with them.
6:40 am
>> brand new. detroit dethrones philadelphia atop a nasty list. karen. >> live in south philadelphia this is i-95 at broad street. we could see the truck off the side right here. northbound traffic headed towards the walt whitman bridge. basically moving okay. little bit of volume out here. we've got a fire an in a basemet causing problems, we've accidents and a tree in the roadway. we have a lot going on. >> busy out there. are you feeling lucky? lot dough players have the lotto fever. we'll tell you why the luck might be on your side if you live in pennsylvania. that's coming up in a live report. patients across the country have spoken.
6:41 am
6:42 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. >> ♪ >> hey everyone. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge and the beautiful skyline over philadelphia and south jersey as the sun comes up today and it's going to make us a little
6:43 am
bit warmer than yesterday which is good. >> you know, karen, the ben looks good but there's a lot of spots giving you trouble. >> we've had a lot of accidents. we haven't checked the schuylkill for awhile. let's take a live look and show you what your commute looks like here and this is a look here near the conshohocken curve. westbound traffic right there headed towards the blue route. building volume in both directions as you can see. not a major jam. with no delay it would be a 14 minute ride. it's a 20 minute ride in each direction between the blue route and the vine on the schuylkill expressway. but all kinds of other issues coming up so starting here in abington we have a fire on rockwell road near tremont avenue and we're seeing rockwell road restrictions right there. stick to ferndale avenue instead because we have emergency workers on the scene and because temperatures are below freezing anywhere you have fire crews out there and we've seen that a few times today you could get some icy spots as well. we have this accident cheltenham avenue at ogontz avenue as well. so look for that one. yet another problem out there. and police tell me about this accident where a vehicle just ran into a ditch here. sumneytown pike at shelley
6:44 am
road in upper salford. that one may be causing you issues. i also talked to police about this tree that's kind of blocking the roadway here in pottstown. they had to have fire crews come out. charlotte street. look for that between gay street and saint john street. might want to stick to hanover to avoid the delay. on the big picture the problems don't end there. in upper darby we have an accident on long lane at bradford road. hearing someone is trapped in the wreckage. we've got fire and emergency workers responding to that. i told you it's been a busy day here. university city we've got market street eastbound one of the lanes blocked at schuylkill avenue because of an accident there so lots of problems out there. cold out there and it's a little frosty, matt and tam so watch there it's not a little slick in one or two spots in the road. >> thanks karen. the city controller of allentown stepped down just as she was about to start her second term. player reellen koval skipped her swearing in ceremony on monday. instead she submitted a letter of resignation. the fbi raided koval's office back in july as part of an ongoing investigation into the
6:45 am
city's bidding process for government contracts. koval's attorney says she has not been flamed in the federal subpoena and has not been accused of any wrongdoing. one of the armed activists holed up in oregon says he believes the fbi fbi has issued five arrest warrants and agents have set up a staging area. a joint information center set up to take media requests though had no information on arrests or warrants and said authorities were still working on a peaceful resolution. >> president obama was emotional as he talked about executive action on gun control but republican rivals wasted no time attacking his moves. thethey argue hi bypasses of congress is an abuse of federal power. >> ought to go to congress and force consensus. he doesn't have this power. >> president obama's executive actions will restrict our law abiding citizens. >> but the president argues those actions are well within
6:46 am
his purview and insisted they do not infringe on rights and he says he believers in the second amendment. >> there's not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass a background check, you purchase a firearm. >> the 10-point plan calls for narrowing the so-called gun show loophole instructing private sellers to run background checks just like they have to do in businesses and other places. and a response the national rifle association argued that none of the president's steps would have prevented the recent mass shootings. mr. obama says he rejects the notion that it's not worth trying tearing up when recalling the first graders gunned down in newtown connecticut. "good morning america" will have a lot more on the president's executive action and response to the plan after our show at 7:00 a.m. >> 6:46 is the time f you're feeling lucky on this cold morning powerball is giving players 450 million reasons to play. a live report is next. david. >> all right, guys, warm front alwe haveall the extra gear on s
6:47 am
this morning. by this afternoon they can probably ease back a bit on the gear. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up. from 2:00 te in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. >> an annual list of the nation's top bed bug cities no longer has philadelphia on the top. >> yay! >> well, but terminix says detroit is the worst when it comes to the nasty critters and philadelphia bumps down to number two. >> it's something. >> still quite high. new york city dropped from
6:50 am
three to 15. now terminix says it has seen an increase if bed bugs since the 1990's due to increased international travel and the failure to treat infestations quickly. >> that's right. i don't want that guy's job. >> no, i do not. >> you used to be an exterminator. >> i was an exterminator. i was about a year. >> i can't picture you doing it. next time i have a bug i'm calling you. let's take a look outside right now and check some roads. looking live on 422 at trooper. jammed as you can see slow traffic eastbound from oaks to 23 and no major problem just normal morning volume. a 12 minute ride a five minutes minute delay if oaks to 202. mass transit saw so many delays yesterday because of problems with the rails and it just being so cold so overall no big problems but right now the manayunk norristown line is showing us 20 minute delays because of signal problems not because of the cold. septa subways and market frankford line all local service no express because of the cold so they're trying to stop and help you out so you're not waiting for the next train, dave. >> nice idea in this cold,
6:51 am
karen. and the northern and western suburbs we are very cold this morning. 9 degrees in quakertown, 12 in pottstown, 10 saint davids. down into south jersey a lot of teens, some single digits in the heart of south jersey and looks like we're in the low to mid teens up and down the state of delaware this morning. if you're out there running errands today the afternoon is going to be better than morning. by 9 o'clock still at 24. 34 by noon but later today a high of 40 degrees mainly sunny skies all the way. and less wind than yesterday. so the afternoon feeling a little bit better. still coat weather though matt and tam. >> thank you david. tonight powerball players have a chance at a $450 million jackpot. that makes it the biggest lottery prize in nearly a year. let's head over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live in northeast philadelphia with even more on the lotto fever. couple times i've been in line behind people waiting to get those tickets katherine. >> reporter: that's right, tam and people are dreaming big today. they always do on a jackpot that climbs this high. they wait in line buy their
6:52 am
ticket and hope their ticket is the one. here in northeast philadelphia at this sunoco on cottman by algon, a $1 million ticket was sold for last week's drawing so people here are hoping that lightning strikes twice. that us latest powerball jackpot is a big one, the sixth bic evident in powerball history. the current estimated jackpot is $450 million and you can expect to see people lining up today across all of the powerball playing states to buy those two-dollar tickets. i'm not going to sugar coat this. odds of winning aren't good. about one in 292 million but there's always that little hope that your ticket turns out to be the winner. as it happens, pennsylvania is the winningest state for powerball with 17 jackpot tickets sold since 2002 so people we have been talking to hope that paves the way for their win. they know their chances aren't high but they play anyway and when they hear about that million dollar ticket sold here last week some got their
6:53 am
hopes up. >> i bought a ticket in there and i thought it's mine but it's not. >> reporter: but maybe this time right. >> i try again. >> chances are not good but it's worth a shot with that much money i mean give eight shot see what happens. >> reporter: now they turn the computers on here at 7:00 a.m. so just a few minutes away they'll start selling those powerball tickets for the day. they expect it to be a busy one. live in northeast philadelphia katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thanks katherine. remember you can which he can to see if your tickets are a match during "action news" at 11:00. see the drawing tonight right after accuweather. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking news at 6:56. neshaminy high school has placed basketball coach jerry devine on administrative leave from his coaching and teaching positions. video broadcast from last night's game against pennsbury appears to show devine head butting a referee. the school district has launched an investigation. >> you know it's cold and sometimes the cars don't want to work, vans don't want to work. this guy stuck off to the side on i-95 southbound at cottman. as you travel towards center city the right lane is blocked. you're jamming approaching academy to cottman, dave. >> all right, karen, and it's still cold out there. we're in the 20's in most neighborhoods. some spots in the teens. and by 9 o'clock, still 24 but as promised this afternoon is going to get a bit better.
6:57 am
lots of sun, a high of 40 about 9 degrees better than yesterday. and winds are on the light side. >> we're looking forward to this afternoon then. >> thank you david. for karen rogers matt o'donnell dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. have a good wednesday. >> ♪
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good morning, america. breaking news, north korea claims it set off a hydrogen bomb overnight. the nuclear blast underground registers as a massive earthquake. one of the world's most dangerous dictators giving the order. this morning, an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. west coast washout. powerful el nino storms slamming california right now. rushing floodwaters overwhelming homes and pouring into this restaurant. dangerous muddy waters are trapping drivers and more rain is on the way. outrage after this 10-year-old girl was patted down by a tsa agent at the airport. her father furious capturing his daughter's discomfort on his cell phone and the carry-on item that set off the search of this young girl. ♪ this is what it feels like and we're taking you to the land of fire and ice. amy teaming up with some of the


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