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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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school after a decision by the school district. >> any time they meet up with arch rival pennsbury, but last night it went too far. >> no basket and a technical tell and oh! >> whether it was a chest bump, a head butt or both, this clearly shows coach divine making contact with the referee. dr. gloria hancock the interim superintendant says she understands the passion but it's no excuse for losing your composure. >> i was disappointed as teaching professionals we are held at a higher standard. we are teaching student what's it means to be good sports man. >> in the coach's defense the man that announced the game says
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that he has coached many of coach divine's games and never saw him lose his cool. >> i didn't think he meant to knock the referee to the ground, it was not a head butt. but he made can't and that is never acceptable. >> they never received prior reports shedding a bad light on coach divine, for now pia officials say they will wait before they take more action. >> he is suspended for the next game, that is the automatic pia automatic disqualification rule and we'll look for the school to go above and beyond that in reference to the coach. >> reporter: we tried reaching out to coach divine and the referee and neither one was home. as of now no criminal charges are filed.
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walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right walter, thank you. turning to accuweather, a lot of sunshine out there and a little bit warmer out there today. >> that is a nice change. adam joseph. >> reporter: the sunshine helps with the temperatures bumping back to normal but it was still yet another warm start despite we didn't see much in the way of windchills and 18 degrees in philadelphia, and started at 11:00 in reading and 14 in wilmington and at the atlantic city airport, they were not spared at the shore, at 10 lonely degrees. 40 degrees that is average for this time of year, even as you look to the north and west, cincinnati 43 and the arctic air that blasted into canada has retreated back to the north temporarily, and we look to the south we see 50 in memphis and 60s near new orleans and some of that will push up to the eastern seaboard this upcoming weekend, at the present time we have the
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wedge of sunshine from the northeast to the mid-atlantic right back to the tennessee valley, looking toward dallas we see moisture gathering and that is low pressure that will eventually be pull add way from the deep south to bring us rain over the upcoming weekend. but we are looking at a warming trend here, tomorrow 4 degrees warm their and we are today. 5 degrees warmer on friday and 10 degrees warmer saturday and 17 degrees warmer on sunday. look ago head to the accuweather forecast, weekend 50s and then a soaking and more cold to come next week. we'll talk about the climbing temperatures and the rain when it arrives in the full accuweather forecast. >> okay the temps up up up. thank you. a chester county man that once worked as a boy scout leader is facing charges for allegedly sexually abusing a relative. radnor police announced charges against charles robinson, he is
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accused of abusing a relative, he was taken into custody on new years eve that happened to be his 60 and birthday, robinson worked as a boy scout leader, a basketball coach and a church group leader. but there is no indication that there are other victims out there at this time. police in upper darby say officers were justified in killing a man last night, and their statement was supported by the wife of the man that they shot. john rawlins has the details. >> reporter: we spoke briefly with the widow of the man shot and killed and that her husband was mentally ill and was to the taking his medications, she is convinced that he wanted to die last night and recently made peace with a family member and bottom line she does not fault the police. >> it was drop the knife, drop the knife and he came at him.
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>> superintendant describing what happens in seconds after officers were called for a man that was suicidal with a knife and dangerous. >> use caution -- >> one of the officers michael taylor, fired his taser at the individual striking him in the chest -- >> but the taser did not stop the man, he was coming with the knife. >> he was going to commit suicide and he wanted the police to take him down, whatever. when you look at the scenario, based on my experience this is called a suicide by cop. >> two officers fired two shots killing zolo, he had no criminal records but long suffered with mental health issues, police were called to his house nine times since 2007 and his wife is
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now free of all the demons plaguing him. chitwood said two of the three officers were trained to deal with the mentally ill under a program called crisis intervention training, it puts a priority on a non-lethal resolution if possible and his officers feel awful about what happened last night. >> the non-lethal force did not work and the taser did not work, but they did what they had to do. as tragic as it is. >> chitwood says it was justified as tragic as it was. there are two investigations, one internal and the other by the district attorney's office. >> john thank you. now, to the big int international question, did north korea test a hydrogen
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bomb, the white house quickly casting down on that claim. the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting after a news anchor in north korea said its her country's right to defend itself from evil war mongers like the united states and that a seismic 5.1 earthquake was caused by a bomb. the u.s. says it was not strong enough. >> it looks like they tried to make an advance and didn't get there, but they are bragging about it as if they did. >> they are trying to develop a modernized nuclear program, they are not just building a couple of bombs they can stick in the basement. >> north korea is already heavily sanctions and now the security council vowing on
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taking significant measures to respond to this. and if that claim is confirmed it will be north korea's fourth time testing a nuclear weapon in a decade. but the first time testing a thermo nuclear weapon of this kind. ten times more powerful than a nuclear bomb. the philadelphia limousine association hit the streets in protest of uber today. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in west philadelphia, the association which includes hundreds of uber black drivers is calling on uber to reduce the commission that drivers are charges and want the customer app to be reset so it's once again the defendant not uber x. they say that they understand that many limousine drivers are upset philadelphia shows an enormous appetite for more
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affordable options like uber x. the eagles have scheduled another interview in their ongoing search for a head coach, they will reportedly meet with ben mcdue tomorrow from the new york jintss but it's chicago bear bea bea bears gais that has them buzzing we'll have more on the details on the birds and their search coming up on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. >> keeping eyes on that for sure. time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets head to matt pellman with a look at how things are going on a wednesday. >> they are going slowly for sure, as we look live this is the vine street expressway eastbound side heavy as you see the headlights. you can see them right? standing still on the schuylkill to 95, we had an earlier accident on the eastbound side of the vine approaching i-95 and
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that crash is gone and damage is done, and the delay is spilling across town back on the schuylkill expressway where speeds are in the teens. a word of a crash on 95, the southbound direction approaching allegheny avenue, coming down from the betsy ross bridge slowing on i-95, and 42 northbound on 130, and that is off to the side, problems in the western burbs there was a brush fire blocking it's northbound lanes for a while and still just 6 miles per hour, and they did just get 202 reopened and i would stay on 352 as an alternate. and an accident at ramble wood parkway. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. what a mess in westchester this
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afternoon with single digit speeds because of the earlier closure of 202, surrounding roads like high street and others looking at single digit speeds, 4 and 6 miles per hour at this hour. we'll check sharrie in the next half hour. >> very good thanks very much. you mentioned money road a lot of people hoping to move there today as they map out their dreams and buy tickets for the half billion dollar power ball drawing. >> and a family found homeless in a park donations poured in to help out, the group that put a roof on their heads say this story does not have a happy ending. and a grocery store recall affecting wegmans in our area. we'll have the details.
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winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. >> all right we never tire of answering this question, what would you do with half a billion dollars by the end of tonight that may not be a dream for someone, the power ball jackpot
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is a half million dollars and has everyone rushing out to buy the ticket. gray hall is live in havertown busy making their plans for their future fortune gray. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. the story that everyone wants to win big, take a look at this line at beer guys in havertown, the line is steady all day and at one point that morning the pennsylvania lottery said they were sold at 4200 per minute and now the waiting game is on to see who will win big. >> that is definitely the winner. >> just think for $2 you could be a multimillionaire, it's up to $500 million. >> i got to win this money, i'm tired of being broke. if you take the cash prize that is $306 million. >> just give me one, one number wins it all. >> hopefuls flock to lottery
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counters in the area and everyone has big plans if they hit bit. your odds are not good, one in 300 million, and that does not stop people from dreaming. >> i would buy a casino in atlantic city and put a whole bunch of people back to work and the rest would go into real estate. >> could take care of lot of people, family and friends, that is a lot of money. pennsylvania is the winning estate for power ball with 14 tickets sold since 2002. and die hard lottery players know that it only takes one time for your numbers to hit. >> you got to play, you got to take a chance. >> most have a strategy, some play lucky numbers, birthdays and anniversaries and others let the machine do the work and cross their fingers. >> the odds are not good, most
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likely to be struck by lightning than winning the power ball but if you don't play you are not going to win. never win. >> back out live, you see folks still buying the lottery tickets, they will be doing that throughout the night, you can buy the lottery tickets until 9:59 tonight. if no one buys tonight the lottery will be even bigger. brian and alicia back to you. >> gray thank you. just reminded me to go out and get that ticket. an update to a story that "action news" brought you back in october. this is little jeremiah jones and last fall he was found by a septa police officer walking alone in love park by himself. his parents who are homeless did not realize he was missing. 300 ministries raised $12,000 in
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the matter of hours to provide housing and services to jeremiah's family. they promised to return jeremiah and his sister but they have not cooperated with the judge's orders and that means they are still in foster care and the lease on their new home has ended. now officials say that jeremiah's parents are refusing to leave the property. >> we did everything we could to try to help this family but they became difficult with our staff and a lot of vulgarity and making folks feel very uncomfortable, we had to make a hard decision to back away. >> as for jeremiah and his sister they are being taken care of by the department of health and human services, the rest of the money is put into an educational account so they can
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access it once they graduate college. >> lets hope things get better for the children's sake. >> wegmans is recalling 3,000 pounds of chicken, the grocery store chain altered the schedule and produced the chicken outside of the hours, that means chicken produced on sunday was not inspected. there are no reports that anything was wrong with the food but it's a class one recall and a reasonable probability that it can be harmful, the chick and was shipped to several states including pennsylvania and new jersey. here is a look at closing numbers and yet another down day on wall street, the dow down below 17,000, down 252, and the nasdaq down 55 and s&p down 26 points today. it's time now for another check of accuweather forecast. >> lets turn the numbers around
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because temperatures are heading up again, adam joseph is standing by with the details and skiing happening behind you. >> this is the first time this season that we see this picture with the skiers and snowboarders coming down spring mountain they opened this afternoon, one trail open and one is better than none as they come down here and they have stopped the snow making at the present time because temperatures are too warm and hopefully they crank it back up, and breaking records with the ski resorts opening so late, and this particular season, we are breaking more records as well in philadelphia, not a flake yet this winter season. so this marks the latest ever in philadelphia's history we have not picked up a flake or trace of snow and this will mean 2016 breaks the record and we are not looking at any snow until at least the upcoming weekend we are tracking more rain though. 38 in allentown and read and 38
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in wilmington and millville. and some places hit 40 to 41 degrees this afternoon, a nice recovery after starting in the teens this morning. we are look at a 24 change of 5 to 10 degrees and they move up and continue to skyrocket into the upcoming weekend well above average, sunshine is our friend and crystal clear sky and mid-atlantic to the tennessee valley and clouds build in the ohio valley, as we zoom out to the west, we are watching another storm slamming the coast of california bringing rain to the valleys and mountain snows to the sierra, and this is the storm we are watching for the weekend to bring us the soaking rain, this is a good thing when we look at last year, we are almost double the amount of snow pack, great for lake tahoe and the ski resorts and a bigger snow back is a good thing and this eventually becomes drinking water for the major cities come
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spring and summer, 14 allentown and 23 in philadelphia and 18 in mill shrill with no wind and no windchills, bouncing back to the middle 40s. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, sun and clouds tomorrow 44 degrees and early sun on friday giving way to clouds in the afternoon as a warm front approaches to the south and mostly cloudy on saturday drizzle around and 50 degrees and morning rain on sunday and it will be a soaking cloudy and drier in the afternoon, but a mild high of 57, we can see a half inch to inch of rain saturday night into sunday, so i know the ski resorts got a head start and the rain will wreak havoc for the weekend. adam thanks very much. up next philadelphia's top cop swears in a new deputy. plus, the force continues to get
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stronger and stronger with this one, star wars making more movie history today. we'll explain next. and productivity tanked today because of a puddle across the pond, the small body of water calling major waves.
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new philadelphia police commissioner, richard ross has picked one of his deputies, chief inspector myron patterson was sworn in today and will run the patrol operations which he says is the heart of the police force, patterson is a 30-year veteran of the department. the newest edition to the star wars network became the highest grossing movie in american history today, it passed avatar that brought in $650 million, it's the first
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time in two decades that a james cameron movie did not hold the title. still ahead, why mix a margarita when you can simply press a button, why you can simply use a keurig machine to make a cocktail.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with details on the possible new measures meant to keep the mummers in check, who wants them to undergo sensitivity training and you could have spent the day watching paint dry or the grass grow or joined a half million people of a live stream a puddle across the pond, why so many strangers watched pedestrians navigate a wet road. >> and later sleep and the single mom, a new study out today says that women raising children alone are not only sleeping less than other americans, the quality of their sleep is much worse, how they can turn it around coming up.
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>> first here at 4:30, three brothers all had the same goal, freedom. they were sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of trying to kill soldiers at ft. dix. vernon odom is here with more on trying to throw their conviction out. >> we are talking about the duca brothers, their case taking them down memory lane, their celebrated trial last the three months and deliberations lasted six days, the brothers were back in camden today trying to get a judge to overturn their 2008 terror convictions, they were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for plotting to kill sorts at ft. dix. family and friends gathered
4:31 pm
outside and i spoke with their father who was set up by a fbi informant and they never would have attacked ft. dix or anywhere else. >> you still believe they were railroads. >> yes, i do. >> the fbi video shows the brothers practicing at this gun range at the poconos and hours of wiretap conversations, the brothers who are devout muslims were not allowed to testify in their own defense, one said his lawyer never prepared him to testify. and that testifying that he was muslim, would not help him with the jury. sharrie the hearing continue at this hour, judge robert kugeler
4:32 pm
says he will not be ruling at this time tonight any way as the hearing continues on into the evening, he presided at the original trial. live at the federal courthouse in camden, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> okay vernon thank you. philadelphia police are searching for clues after skeletal remains were found in a vacant lot in kensington, chopper 6 hd was hour the scene this morning as city workers made the gruesome discovery on east cambria street. authorities have not determined if this was a male or female and it's unclear how long the romaines were there or how the person died. a southwest philadelphia charter school was locked down for several hours today after someone found a bullet in the cafeteria. the live round was discovered on the floor of southwest leadership academy sometime between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, philadelphia police used k-9 officers to search the
4:33 pm
campus including students' lockers but did not find a weapon. the lockdown was lifted at 1:30 this afternoon. police are not sure how the bullet wound up at the school. two students had hire hover boards stolen one at 57th and haverford, a group of men ran up to teenagers and pointed handguns at two 14-year-olds, they or ordered one to hanover his iphone and hover board and the other his book bag the other happened on december 27 and, the video shows two men on bicycles riding up to a boy and one of the suspects punched the teen and pushed him off his hover board, they ran away with his
4:34 pm
scooter, if you have information on either of the hover board robberies call philadelphia police. philadelphia police have arrested a second man in a string of propane tank thefts. joe bridesburg is facing multiple charges. he and stephan williams is accused of stealing propane tanks. more than 5,000 there's worth of tanks were stolen, they believe they sold the tanks to a scrap yard. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney says they are considering changes to the mummers day parade. two acts sparked outrage and controversy, in one some comics strutted in brown face and another comics performed a skit
4:35 pm
of caitlyn jenner to dude looks like a lady. >> the mummers parade is a celebration of family. it's competition and a celebration of new year and steeped in great tradition. making people feel bat about who they are is not part of the mummers tradition and we need to work on that. >> kenney also emphasized that he believes that progress would come out of increased education and discussions and simple awareness. all right, meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us full sunshine out there, a nice recovery, 18 if philadelphia and we moved into the 40s this afternoon and moving up ward in the temperature department, that is a good thing if you didn't like what you felt the last 36 hours, we look live at sky 6 hd, the sun is getting lower and temperature 39 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and the dew point is low at 7, we are bone
4:36 pm
dry air in place. a warmer wind creating a windchill of 38 degrees, above freezing there. live in cape may over the atlantic, notice the ribbon of clouds a storm developing off the coast to remain off the coast and 37 is the temperature there. warm temperatures at 44 degrees and a beautiful site for the skiers and snowboarders. although it's not technically opened just yet. winds from the southwest at 6 miles per hour and i saw on their website that they made about 20 inches of snow guys over the last 24 hour but we'll be battling rain over the seven day. >> check back in with for any updates with hourly forecasts and street level forecasting from storm
4:37 pm
tracker 6 live. we have you covered . a story now about a local woman that decided to step it up in her retirement years and make it her priority. rick williams is live with her story. >> yes, that is quite an inspiring story, ronny knitka is training for a 5-k in disney world in orlando and the race is tomorrow and she is busy exercising at her local ymca to get ready, ali gorman tells us why ronny decided to jump start her health later in life and what her training involves as well. and at 5:00 one new jersey college is telling its students to leave their hover boards at hom. until then back to you in the studio. get off the hover boards. >> hover boards making headlines
4:38 pm
every day. the salem sheriff's office laid to rest a beloved member of their ranks to rest. they lined up to pay tribute to k-9 officer ben, a service dog that was in office for 10 years he retired in 2013 having responded to more than 900 bomb threats statewide and was laid to rest this afternoon following this memorial service at woods town veterinarian hospital. a new study says that one group of the population is more sleep deprived more than others. why single moms have trouble getting rest. and a belt that says when you should stand up to a fridge that will help you with grocery shopping, some of the most interesting gadgets you'll find in 2016, and if you needed proof that the internet is weird, stay tuned. alicia tries to explain why tens of thousands of people spent
4:39 pm
hours watching a live stream of a puddle across the pond. >> do we really need more proof? adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast. puffs knows winter...
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a tennessee plan is ficing charges after he was spotted on top of a highway sign and caused quite the commotion. 46-year-old william waters climbed up the structure yesterday in nashville forcing police to stop traffic in both directions of busy i-65, and rescue crews tried to get him down and waters resisted it took two hours but finally came down to safety and is also going through a mental evaluation. >> on health check at 4:00, federal researchers are backing it up, single moms are the most
4:42 pm
sleep deprived group in america, most get less than 7 hours sleep a night. single dads are also losing sleep and they report daytime tiredness and there are ways to get more and better shut eye. >> make sleep a priority, if you don't commit to that in terms of your health, trust me things will suffer and fall like domino after that. and we have to drop the guilt, nobody is going to die if the dishwasher is not loaded or unloaded before we go to sleep. >> abc's dr. jennifer ashton says don't self medicaid and try 20 minutes of meditation a day and it really can quiet your brain at night. big talkers now and the big question, did the tsa go too far patting down a 10-year-old girl,
4:43 pm
this went down at a north carolina airport because the little girl had a pack of juice in her purse. the outraged father filmed it on his phone and the tsa agent spent two minutes patting her down. >> she did it over and over and i felt uncomfortable and i felt like screaming and it felt the girl feeling violated and he is filing a complaint. >> a spokesperson telling abc news says screening allows for the pat-down for certain passengers and the parent was there and they followed protocol and a phone was going off in her purse as well. here is a question, do you have a keurig brewing up your "morning joe" pod style. now you can have one that say house bar tenner, check it out. this is the new keurig cold
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machine and the company is showing it off in las vegas, using the same k cup pod system and can make drinks like mojitos and margaritas. you provide that and put it in the cup and pop the pod in and it dispenses all the mixers in one shot and a box of four cocktail pods runs about $6. more coming up in what is the deal, cocktails on the go is available. if productivity at work seemed sparse today, you can blame a puddle. a little old puddle across the pond, people trying to jump and cross the puddle. more than a half million people tuned into periscope tuned in to english watch people navigate the puddle.
4:45 pm
people all over the globe watched the puddle jumping during the six hour live periscope broadcast. the puddle an international super star pizza delivery and this guy showing up with air mattresses and people poking fun saying based water based drama since "jaws" and you have to imagine that the mooem e and someone is selling a bottle of the puddle water it's triced as $72,000. >> someone will buy that. >> i hope that is a joke also. okay. >> unreal, alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. >> lets go to matt pellman. >> more exciting to watch traffic than a puddle.
4:46 pm
that is what i spend my days doing, for the second afternoon in a row, i-95 it's not a many nice ride, a 55 minute travel time that keeps climbing, you are moving at this pace a stopped one, southbound from academy to allegheny, that is where we have the accident taking out the two left lanes, like yesterday i would head for frankford avenue in the great northeast. in buck county, bristol township, a construction vehicle that came in contact with live wires and it's a mess shutting down route 13 near bath road and old 13 around that. and warrington by the hope depot watch for a crash on old valley ride and if you head for the turnpike, watch out there say
4:47 pm
crash approaching the turnpike in the right lane and the northeast extension we have a broken down vehicle in landsdale taking out the left lane and speeds in the 40s there, and in westchester the earlier brush fire is gone and northbound on 202 toward exton making progress in that neck of the woods. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> traffic is always exciting. >> oh good i'm glad you think so. >> only yours matt. adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
here he is adam joseph. >> i thought it was sun important.
4:50 pm
>> lots of sunshine out there and seasonable temperatures, as i look at the action cam, down in wilmington, this man walking by no gloves today but maybe a light hat. as we look at double scan live radar no precipitation whatsoever, and hardly a cloud in the sky today and the numbers hit normal this afternoon 40 in philadelphia, although we did start on that very cold side of 18 degrees and we didn't have the win this morning and no windchills and the record set back in the late 1800s that record high 33 degrees above where we were today back in 2007. 30 in trenton and wilmington and the sun going close to the horizon or just below and the numbers fall with the clear sky and a calm wind. high pressure remains in control and any cloud cover is in
4:51 pm
northern and central parts of eastern canada and a storm off the coast and clouds are building but they barely get to the coast and this heads out to sea and the clear skies win out on thursday. tonight mostly clear and not as brutal and 13 in the suburbs and 15 in wilmington and at the shore temperatures in the lower to middle 20s, there is the storm off the carolinas tomorrow and high pressure remains in control and squashes it to the north and kick its out to sea and we'll move those temperatures up to 44 degrees for your thursday. morning sunshine and high pressure is still wedging that dry air in from the north and east and eventually the warm front from the south gets close you have and temperatures build in the afternoon and temperatures top off at 45 degrees, the exclusive accuweather forecast sun and clouds, 44 degrees for your thursday and then turning cloudy as we get into friday afternoon
4:52 pm
and still fairly mild at 45 and the front lifts through on saturday, a lot of clouds and maybe a brief shower or drizzle and 50 degrees and heavy rain saturday night into sunday morning, very mild on sunday at 57 and future tracker 6 showing a good after inch to inch of rain and areas to the south and east and the ski resorts cranking out the snow could see an inch of rain here in the upcoming weekend, really bad timing if you wanted to hit the slopes, it looks really warm and really wet, late saturday into sunday morning, and much colder behind the storm as it funnels the air back from the north and west and dry monday and tuesday as we go from the 40s back to the 30s and thursday an arctic boundary could pass through and touch off the first flurry or snow shower on thursday. this is the latest we have gone in the winter season without seeing a flake of snow.
4:53 pm
>> next wednesday. >> about time. from smart fridges to smart belts we'll break down some of the most buzzed about gadgets for 2016. ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back.
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so simple. get the recipes at right now a new generation of gadgets and gizmos are being unveiled in las vegas. the biggest event like this in the world. underarmor showing off devices to help track the entire body 24/7 everything from heart rate to weight. samsung a welt, a belt featuring smart center technology tracking your health.
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and a refrigerator with a two foot touch screen to see what is inside without opening the door and you can connect it to the phone and keep track of your grocery inventory when are you not at home. this is called tip talk, from samsung it allows you to hear your smart phone without head phones and from volkswagon two new electric vehicles that answers to voice commands like opening doors and responds to gestures, and check out the microsoft powered smart car that does the driving for you. see that, no hands on the wheel there, communicating with traffic lights and using wifi and it works because of its ability to link up with other devices used by other vehicles used by pedestrians, this could be a long time out if are you there in vegas. >> thanks alicia, that will do
4:57 pm
it tore "action news" at 4:00, hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> thank you, coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, wegmans recalls several of its chicken products and the items in question were sold in our region, details straight ahead. the search for buried world war ii ammunitions are searched for and how experts dig up the bombs buried beneath the ground.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it's the foul call fallout that grabbed headlines. a coach got physical with a referee and now he is in trouble. it's wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the aftermath of a confrontation on the court in bucks county. chad pradelli is live now for us
5:00 pm
outside of neshaminy high school with the full story. >> reporter: monica, district and pennsylvania athletic officials calling the actions by coach jerry divine disturbing, investigation is underway and the coach's job is in limbo. coach jerry divine make contact with the referee and it looks like a chest bump but this cell phone video shows it from another video. >> i am disappointed. as teaching professionals we are held to a higher standard. we teach children and make decisions. >> she says its investigation in conjunction with the pennsylvania inter scholastic association will take several days. coach divine is placed on


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