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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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outside of neshaminy high school with the full story. >> reporter: monica, district and pennsylvania athletic officials calling the actions by coach jerry divine disturbing, investigation is underway and the coach's job is in limbo. coach jerry divine make contact with the referee and it looks like a chest bump but this cell phone video shows it from another video. >> i am disappointed. as teaching professionals we are held to a higher standard. we teach children and make decisions. >> she says its investigation in conjunction with the pennsylvania inter scholastic association will take several days. coach divine is placed on
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administrative leave and received a one game suspension. >> we won't tolerate it and it won't be tolerated and that is not the type of behavior that should be in athletics. >> a nice job for -- >> he was doing color commentary for the game and he says the physical contact occurred after time was expiring after a controversial call as time was expiring. >> coach divine doesn't have a reputation for this type of behavior, i don't think he intenned to knock the referee to the ground, it was not a head butt. we have not gotten comments from coach divine or the referee, who is uninjured. >> i played for coach divine for three years, he is a good guy and i like him, i think he just got caught up in the moment with what happened. >> and at last check the referee
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had not filed a police report and they are monitoring the case. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in upper darby say that officers were justified in killing a man in clifton heights, that david zolo was charging at officers when he was killed. and they received a call from the man that he was suicidal and dangerous, he has been hospitalized five times since 2007 because of mental illness. a chester county man that once worked as a boy scout leader is facing charges for allegedly sexually abusing a relative. charles robinson is said to have sexually abuse aid family member since he was 13. he worked as a basketball coach
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and a group church leader. the u.n. security council is promising sanctions after north korea announced its first hydrogen bomb test. secretary of state calls the move deeply troubling. >> this act is a -- disdestabilizing, and seriously undermines efforts, and i condemn it. >> the north's announcement has been met with skepticism, the white house says that initial analysis is inconsistent with claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test, we'll have more on this coming up in our next half hour. for more on the story watch world news with david murat 6:30 after "action news" at 6:00. we are in for a warm-up
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after being in the deep freeze for a bit, it feels better outside and will be enless harsh tomorrow. >> everything is relative this morning and it was a cold morning but not nearly as bad as yesterday when we had sub zero windchills. this morning the wind was calm and it felt like the air temperature and the morning low 18 degrees and mount holly dropped down to 9 degrees and the atlantic city airport down to 10, and the afternoon high is rebounding nicely up to 40 degrees, the average high for this time of year, there is no arctic air anywhere in the eastern half of the country, chicago 36 and bismark, narc dack, not that bad and the arctic air has retreated for the time being and cold air will return next week but until then we have a warming trend, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a slice of nice right over us. a coastal storm bringing rain across the southeast coast, that will move out to sea and if you
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look to the west there are clouds moving through the ohio valley. so as we warm up the clouds will be increasing as well. so the warming trend the next several days, tomorrow 4 degrees warmer than today, saturday 10 degrees warmer and sunday 17 degrees warmer than today. but it will also come with some rain, what is ahead. i'm tracking temperatures rebounding up to the 50s for the weekend and sunday a soaking rain and that system will open the door for colder air to return next week possibly with a touch of snow. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily, an old testing ground for world war ii ammunitions is being searched for experts are hired to dig them up for security reasons. nora muchanic has more. >> six years after clearing 300
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unexploded shells from the palmyra flea market, during the 1940s and 50s the frankford arsenal used part of the palmyra cove nature park as a testing spot for weapons. highly sensitive metal detectors found shells like these underground and more than 700 locations have been identify. >>ed they are explosive anti-tank weapons developed by the army, these are high explosives, literally just sub surface. using former military bomb disposal experts, a company is moving flag to flag searching for the old munitions. they will identify the location and then investigate it with shovels and pick axe if need be. once we identify it we can pull
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it out of the ground. >> it should take until mid-february to loebts the munitions under each flags. the $1.9 million project is paid for by the new jersey environmental department of protection. it's slow. >> it's for the safety of people that are visiting here and in the long-term we are looking for redevelopment opportunities. bomb crews believe there are 700 more shells under a berm on property belonging to the flea market but the owners will not let them dig there, they are asking state environmental officials to intervene. >> it's important to get the bombs out of the ground. richard ross sworn many a new deputy commissioner today. myron patterson will be in control of the operations as he
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sees as the heart of the department, officers are a big part of the community. >> officers working hand in hand with the communities and the neighborhoods. they are not separate, lets make that perfectly clear. >> patterson has been a philadelphia police officer for 30 years and is highly respected amongst his peers. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek, matt pellman has the low down on the slow down. >> 95 not recorded as a great way to travel home but people have to do it and if you are one of them my oh my it's not a pleasant ride. southbound jams from academy to allegheny, 37 minute ride. the good news is though that the crash southbound on allegheny that caused this big mess has finally cleared out of the way, finally in fort washington the right lane is out of commission and buck county work on it's
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construction vehicle fire, the vehicle came in contact with live wires and the fire was sparked along 13 and that is still closed and old 13 is your alternate. mount laurel, westbound lanes approaching the wegmans look for a crash in the left lane and farther along 38 westbound in ch cherry hill there is a crash. and in depford township watch for a crash on clemens bridge road close to 42 and word of an overturned vehicle at many hooper avenue and charlie browns. in case you haven't heard -
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the power ball climbed tonight's jackpot equals $306 million in cash but have you a lot of folks to compete with to win it, it's play in 44 states, district of columbia and puerto rico. so good luck. >> i have a ticket. >> i sure you do. >> more to come on "action news" at 5:00. there is a new development in the past half hour regarding bill cosby what officials in los angeles plan to do about the many sexual assault allegations against the comedian. and a woman may be 71 but that is not pursuing her from doing her exercise regime. how she is getting ready for a 5-k at disney world. >> and coming up cecily will tell us how much warmer we'll get. puffs knows winter...
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. breaking news tonight from buck county chbl this is
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plumstead township. they are fighting the blaze for several hours now and billowing smoke is escaping from the roof of the home. this is burnt house road in buck county and initial reports indicate that heavy fire spread throughout the house and fire crews are on the scene here at this house in bucks county. we'll keep an eye on the situation. in other news bill cosby will not face criminal charges in los angeles, the district attorney made the announcement an hour ago, the office was looking into two separate alligations in separate assaults. she said the statute of limitations expired and evidence did not support other felony charges, cosby is facing a charge here in montgomery county. we have a recall to tell you about from a store where many
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folks shop in our area. wegmans is recalled 3,000 pounds of chicken, because of the way it was packaged. as is the wegmans garlic and fennel whole chicken roaster, it was sold in several states in pennsylvania and new jersey and has various use by dates and wegmans is offering full refunds. turning to health check tonight, gyms and fitness clubs are packed with people vowing to get in shape with their new years resolution, the challenge is to keep it going and one montgomery county woman has lessons to share on how she met the challenge. registered nurse and reporter ali gorman has more. >> reporter: it's never too late to start any level of exercise can keep your heart healthy and
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improve your flexibility and bone strength and slow dementia once it starts. one senior is proof of all of these benefits. age can't catch 71-year-old ronny, she is always moving. five days a week she goes to the abington ymca for enhanced fitness classes but that is not all. >> once i'm here i do two class a day and that is about ten classes a week. >> and she puts time on the treadmill planning to walk the 5-k race in disney world. >> i measured 3.2 miles in 60 minutes, i know i'll be able to accomplish that. >> ronny tried to stay active during her working years because of her jobs were sitting. >> my father passed away at 50
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and my mother many a heart attack and my sister passed away at 77. >> ronny stepped up the exercise, enhanced fitness geared towards seniors has made a distance especially when she traveled abroad. >> i travel with young people and i keep up, if you want to walk up the steps to kiss the blarney stone as i did, you have to have good leg muscle strength. >> and ancient cobblestone streets are a breeze now, it sponsors both enhanced fitness and 5-k race, knows what the class has done for so many. >> their fitness levels improve and felt more mobile and activity and overall the an overwhelmingly positive experience. >> ronny's walk tomorrow doesn't end with the race, her niece and great niece are also going to disney and they intend to see everything at the park so she will be doing a lot of walking
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and disney is the parent company of 6 abc. rick and monica, good luck to ronny tomorrow. >> very nice. much more still to come, "action news" is about interacting with you our viewers, follow us on social media for headlines and accuweather and to communicate with us. join us and always be part of "action news." we'll be right back. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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plumstead county, a fire battle is causing is firefighters a headache and it's a house fire and you see thick white smoke churning from the roof line and fighting it from the ground and a series of flames from the back of the home on the left and the rooftop on the lower level and this is on burnt house hill road the 3400 block in plumstead, buck county. fors are battling it at this hour. a new jersey college has banned students from using hover board on both of its campuses,
5:22 pm
keen university is banning it on their campuses in union and ocean county, they are -- no instances relating to hover boards on either campus. >> you remember the day you got your license. by any chance did you check into how much your car insurance rates will cost you. >> a lot of time they double or triple the rates for new drivers.
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accuweather second quarter meteorologist, cecily tynan is here with news that people are excited to hear about. warming up. >> warming up people are not enjoying the last two days with the arctic chill and things are starting to change and live on sky 6 hd temple university camera a beautiful shot there. you'll notice light on the horizon, the sun is later and later, also not not a cloud in the sky, another dry day and this winter is going to be one for the history books with lack of snow. january 6th the latest in the season, philadelphia reporting the last trace of snow in 2002. now the winter in 72, 73 we didn't have measurable snow all winter but we had a few flakes of snow, a trace of snow, this will break the record by seven days and it will be a good week before we have a chance of any snow. temperatures now 38 in philadelphia, down from the high of 40, the average high for this
5:26 pm
time of year. allentown 35 and wilmington 36 and wilmington 29 and cape may 36 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure is nudging to the east, the high pressure is keeping us dry and what will happen as it continues pressing to the east we are warming up and seeing clouds begin to move in over the ohio valley but our next storm system is still just moving into the pacific. it's bringing heavy rain and san francisco and los angeles they have a train of el niño storms and that will bring us rain on sunday, and in the meantime, it will bring more snow to the sierras, a foot of snow in lake tahoe, this is great news for the drought in california, look at last year, only 31% snow covered in the sierra, now up to 64%, great news for the ski resorts and great news for the drought, it's a dry night and cool but not as harsh as the last few nights, 23 in
5:27 pm
philadelphia and 14 in allentown and 22 in wilmington and 27 in cape may. tomorrow a good amounts of sunshine and temperatures begin to warm up more, 44 philadelphia and wilmington 42 and cape may 46, the five-day at 5:00, a beautiful day and good amount of sunshine with a high of 44 and friday clouds thicken and 45 degrees and cloudy damp and 50 and sunday rain heavy at times in the morning and mild 47 behind the system and cooled off to 40 on monday and a possibility of a touch of snow next week, adam will talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i said the s word for the first time. >> someone get the soap.
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5:30 pm
new jersey are asking for a new trial. and a young man enjoying his new hover board is attacked by three thieves on bicycles, it's captured on surveillance video. and this breaking news on plumstead bucks county, firefighters are battling a blaze at a home, over the scene of burnt house hill road, multiple fire agencies are now there, this is how it looked at the scene fire was shooting from the rooftop and has spread to the rest of the home, no reported injuries and we'll follow the breaking story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> from washington tonight, the white house says initial analysis does not support north korea's claim of a successful hydrogen bomb test but that did not stop a swift backlash from the international community. they called it a threat to
5:31 pm
peace. marcy gonzales is here with the lightest. >> though white house officials say this appears likely not a successful hydrogen bomb test, experts tell me the claim alone is cause for concern. today north korea's alarming claim -- that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time sparking condemnation from around the world. >> i condemn further nuclear activities. >> the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting after claims of a 5.2 earthquake around the testing facility was caused by a hydrogen bomb, a weapon that could be 10,000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb like used in world
5:32 pm
war ii in nagasaki. they launched nuclear sniffer planes to see if the claims were true. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. if the claim is confirmed it will be the fourth time testing a nuclear weapon since 2006 and the first time testing a thermo nuclear weapon. but the results were too small to be even from a failed hydrogen bomb test. >> they are claiming and puffing themselves up. the bad news is that they are trying. >> reporter: with north korea already heavily sanctioned the u.n. security council vows to take further significant measures but have not given any specifics. we are live in new york, marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> marcy thank you. a powerful el niño is
5:33 pm
slamming the california coast tonight bringing severe storms and dangerous flooding, streets are turned foo streams and even parking garages are flowing with water and the heavy rains are taking drivers by surprise. >> saw cars going through it, i thought oh i'm fine until i felt my car liftoff and i felt all the water and thought i can't move. >> el niño contributed to near record flooding in the south and west and rain is expected to fall out west until friday. >> leader of an oregon indian tribe says the activists need to leave. charlotte rodriguez says that her tribe is concerned about damage to cultural artifacts and the group is desecrating a sacred site. they seized the wildlife area on saturday.
5:34 pm
the man they say bought the assault rifles in san bernardino pled not guilty today. enrique martinez is accused of buying the weapons that were used to kill 14 and wound 30. marquez faces up to 50 years in prison and his trial is set for february 23rd. we'll have more coming up on this as well as the dangerous flooding out west, on world news following "action news" at 6:00. here at home three brothers serving life sentences for plotting to kill soldiers at ft. dix want their convictions thrown out. the brothers pled their case to a federal judge today and vernon odom is live now with the details. >> reporter: good evening, the hearings are soon to wrap up we
5:35 pm
understand, they are trying to get their terrorism convictions from back in 2008 thrown out claiming their lawyers at the time did them wrong. >> the duca brothers, threeal banean born albanian born friends and family members gathered outside and packed in the courtroom as well. >> the father of the brothers say they were entrapped by an fbi informant and duped in the not with two others convicted with them. >> know my sons, and i blame the prosecutors. >> you believe they were railroaded. >> yes, i do. >> the fbi evidence included
5:36 pm
this video of 9 brothers practicing at this gun range in the poconos and hours of wiretapped conversations, the brothers say they were denied the right to testify in their own defense. tony says his lawyer never prepared him to testify telling him his desire to tell the jury about his islamic beliefs would cast him in a bad light and come across as an extremist. all brothers testified today that they are victims of ineffective count ill. >> judge robert kugeler who presided over the trial back then is not expected to rule until late next month. live at the federal courthouse in camden, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 14-year-old boy plead guilty today in connection with a beating death of a homeless man outside of a philadelphia gas station last year, the attack on robert barnes outside of a gas station in olney last
5:37 pm
april was captured on surveillance video and died in november of his injuries, today the teenage boy admitted to third degree murder and conspiracy under a plea deal. three women also face murder charges. a homeowner was overcome by smoke when a fire started in his bathroom this morning in west norton township, this is the scene along rittenhouse boulevard just before 5:00 a.m., a firefighter went in to rescue the man and was treated at scene. it's not clear how the fire started. "action news" is at southwest leadership academy in southwest philadelphia, the school was locked down after someone found a bullet in the cafeteria. they searched the school but found no weapon and no one was hurt. a thief stole a hover board from a teenager right from below
5:38 pm
him. this is surveillance video in the 700 block of north 19th street on december 27th, the suspects rode up behind the victim who was then punched and thrown off the hover board, the victim was not seriously hurt. this is 38-year-old man from bridesburg, the third person charged in a string of propane tanks, investigators say they stole tanks last month and sold them to a scrap yard at one point $5,000 worth of protein tanks were stolen. now for an update on the highways tonight. lets go to matt pellman. >> the first hump day of 2016 almost in the books. it looked like 2015 with scrammed traffic on the roadways, like the vine street expressway still jammed solid in both directions by the schuylkill closing again tonight at 11:00 for overnight construction, earlier crash on
5:39 pm
95 southbound at allegheny, cleared out of the way and speeds in the teens from cotman and 23rd and cotman the traffic lights are out and street is like a stop sign, whitpain along white marsh and 73 that is skippack pike and the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound by norristown, giving us slow speeds as you come away from valley forge, a broken down vehicle is blocking a lane on 309 near rich field road and toms river an overturned vehicle at hooper avenue and church road by charlie browns. >> you're a good man pat pellman. >> he really is. it's one of philadelphia's biggest community events, the details of this year's mlk day of service celebration. >> would you believe a puddle is captivating thousands of people around the world, more on this
5:40 pm
puddle watch, 2016. >> there are plenty of puddles out to the west and another storm on the california coast and bringing snows to the sierra, and this is a piece of energy that will eventually bring us rain. jaime apody is here with a search for the new head coach and moves by the flyer, that and more when "action news" comes right back. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better
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the city of philadelphia is getting ready to celebrate martin luther king jury day. ♪ ♪ the action cam was at girard college as mayor jim kenney announced plan for the city's day of service and students from six schools unveiled their mural, of the montgomery boycott. >> our job is to tell history the way it has to be retold. and understand each and everyone's contribution to our society and our freedom. >> the day of service is held on girard college on january 18 and, more than 150,000 people are expected to participate. >> and today rowan university
5:44 pm
announced their expansion project. school and state leaders marked the occasion by signing one of the beams it will create more space for classrooms and allow the business school to dub enrollment. >> jaime is here with sports. the eagles coaching search is getting interesting now. >> what do you think? >> i like who they got. i like shermer. >> go with the inhouse candidate. >> i have no say. >> here is a guy to keep a guy on, former eagles quarterback doug peterson will interview with the birds after the chiefs game. maybe early next week according to espn, he is andy reid's guy and lurie still talks to so maybe. meantime adam gais is the
5:45 pm
leading candidate. reporting that the nfl coordinator will report for a second interview this weekend. if he is the guy expect jerry lurie to move fast, he will interview with the browns, dolphins and new york giants in the next few days. eagles were reported in payton if he decided to look elsewhere. breaking flyers news, the team has traded two players to the kin kings and will reportedly eat half of both players salaries. lots of changes for the orange and black, hexstall
5:46 pm
shook things up, a 4-3 win over montreal and the kid is confident. >> you know it was good, i was keeping it simple and you know just doing what my specialties are and shooting the buck and as a collective group. we did really well. >> what did he miss most about playing the trash talk. elton brand is back, and is he here for much more in his basketball skills. the 16 year veteran is drawn out retirement for his mentoring skills, specifically for holding the hand of jahlil okafor, a young start on a bad basketball team and i went one-on-one with my old buddy. >> it's bizarre, you go on a long vacation or trip and you feel like you never left. it was that kind of surreal moment.
5:47 pm
i spent four years and it felt familiar. >> is there a part of you that walks in here and says i'm 36 years old and some kids are 19 years old and i could be their dad. >> yes, i really could be their dad. just like i have kids, when i get on that court, related or not i'm going at you, today was fun. >> one of the big reasons here is to mentor a kid like jahlil okafor who went to duke like you and got in a bit of trouble off the court, what can you teach him? >> first thing he is representing the city, he representing the state and representing the area. so things are 50/50 you want to react or do something, think about that, and of course his family, he has a great family and he is a great kid. i don't see him getting in trouble again. >> the perfect guy to have here to mentor. >> jaime thank you.
5:48 pm
we have more breaking news now, another fire in bucks coins, we talked about a house fire in plumstead township, this is buckingham township with a structure fully engulfed here, over swamp and smith road, buckingham township, erupted at 5:40, chopper 6 hd capturing the billowing flames and smoke, a structure on fire and we are continuing to watch the situations and fire crews are on the scene. you can tell by the flashing lights on the bottom of your screen. we'll keep an eye on it. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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meteorologist, adam joseph here with us now and it's feeling warmer out there. >> back to normal after being below normal the last couple of days and off to the races the rest of the week and over the weekend. lots of sunshine again today, finally that sun went to work to warm the temperatures back to 40 in philadelphia, after starting off at 18 this morning. that 40 is normal for this time of year. we backed it off a couple of years, sitting at 38 in philadelphia and allentown as well as reading and wilmington 36 degrees, on my twitter account why does millville seem to have a lower number this time
5:52 pm
of year as well as the surrounding areas, you can see they are down to 29 and they have a sandy soil and are protected from wind, a lot of heat generated during the day escapes in the atmosphere and allows the temperatures drop a lot faster than areas around. as we look at satellite and radar, high pressure is in control and lots of sunshine today and clear skies from northern maine into southern new england and the mid-atlantic and tennessee valley and parts of the ohio valley, a storm brewing on west coast that brings us warmer weather and the upcoming weekend, it remains clear and seasonably chilly and there is the calm wind and no windchills overnight tonight and 14 in the lehigh valley and 23 degrees for philadelphia and the four day forecast into thursday, it's almost the end of the week into the weekend, sun and clouds and dry with know wind and 26
5:53 pm
degrees and a cold start to the morning and 40 by noon time and lower 40s in the afternoon, sun and clouds going to feel good here on our thursday the high is east of new england, 4 degrees above average and a storm is developing a decent storm south and east of the carolinas, but the high is so strong it squashes this low and kicks it out to sea and not moving up the eastern seaboard, we wait for a warm front associated with low pressure that cuts across the great lakes and that opens the door to the warmer air 45 on friday, and a couple of showers and drizzle early on saturday, with that warm front, and then attached to that low is an area of low pressure developing and this moves to our west meaning warm with a sunday soaker with a half inch to inch of rain here saturday night into the first half of sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun and
5:54 pm
clouds and 44 tomorrow and similar on friday as we cloud up in the afternoon, a lot of clouds on saturday, 50 degrees and warm and dreary and drizzle around and that soaking rain even unfortunately for the poconos, they could see over an inch of rain saturday night into sunday morning. with a high of 57 degrees, and then on monday, behind that the cold winds move back in and back to normal monday and below normal tuesday and wednesday and that gives us the first opportunity for a flurry or snow shower around but no big storm. >> thank you so much. as temperatures warm up for now, check back for for updates the hourly forecast and street level forecasts from storm tracker 6 live we have you covered. speaking of weather, a british obsession with rainy weather has gone global and it's addicting, social need yeah is showing a live stream of people trying to navigate a hazardous
5:55 pm
puddle in english, will they go around it or over it it's anybody's guess but it created a tidal wave of puddle watchers nationwide. they planted a hidden camera and then wet weather scene was trending on twitter.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. up next a referee is roughed up on the courtp a local high school coach is facing consequences. and a family was helped by a local organization after their child was found wandering alone in love park. why they have taken the help away. we'll have the stories next at 6:00. for adam joseph, jaime apody
5:58 pm
rick williams and i'm monica malpass.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and jim is on assignment, and a montgomery county man is charged with sex abuse and skeletal remains are found on a vacant lot. but the big story a high school basketball coach is in hot water after a confrontation with a referee. "action news" obtained this
6:00 pm
video of the incidence that unfolded on a court during a basketball game. the coach also a teacher placed on leave and could face disciplinary action. walter perez is following the story and is live tonight outside of neshaminy high school with more. >> as you mentioned the coach is suspended from his coaching and teacher here at neshaminy high school, his fate will be decided after the school district thoroughly reviewed this case. >> things got heat the last night at the pennsbury-neshaminy basketball game. >> oh, jerry divine bumps the official. >> there is question if a chest bump or head butt or both. but this video shows coach jerry divine making contact with the referee.


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