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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we have new information from philadelphia police about a robbery in the city's may fair section that left a 75-year-old woman shot in the cheek. >> after a 10 hour ordeal in upstate new york more than a dozen miners were trapped 900 feet underground, and the big story is the court appearance for a chester county man accused of sexually assaulting a young family matter, "action news" was there as charles robinson walked out a courtroom room. he was arrested on new year's eve his 60th birthday for sexually molesting the victim. now police want to know if there are more victims outs there. john rawlins has the latest. >> reporter: there was a preliminary hearing scheduled for this morning, and it was expected we would hear specific testimony as far as specific allegations including corruption of a minor indecent assault and indecent exposure but that did
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not occur. >> defend charles robinson was in no mood to answer questions on charges that he sexually abused a female family member over the series of years and at one point struck out at a photographer's camera as he left court. >> earlier the 60-year-old opted to wave his right to a hearing. >> he waived his preliminary hearing on seven of eight countses, one was a criminal charge for deviating sexual assault. that was withdrawn. >> the victim who was prepared to testify did not have to. >> the victim was in an office kept away from the courtroom but was prepared to testify but the victim was anxious and that did not come to pass.
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>> they offered a deal to robinson, if he plead guilty he would serve his time in a local jail not a state prison. >> i offered consecutive probation and lifetime registration with megan's law. >> robinson has time to consider that offer, he walked in and walked out of the office today, he is free on bail, terms of that bail were altered today, prosecutors say that robinson has a significant number of guns, both handguns and rifles, under the modified agreement he has to turn over the weapons to police or apparently he is given an option he could sell them. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police want your help tracking down a suspect in an armed new years eve robbery in the city's may fair section, at 10:00 that morning the suspect approached a 75-year-old woman dragged her home and demanded her purse, the
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struggle ensued and the victim was shot in the cheek, police just released the surveillance video of the suspect's car ark white or pearl colored nissan maxima, vernon odom has more on today's developments coming up at 12:30. in mercer county, a section of i-95 northbound is still blocked this hour because of an overturned tractor trailer, chopper 6 hd was over the scene, it happened at 9:00 a.m. and you can see the accident left quite a mess on the roadway. the driver was taken to the hospital and the truck driver was not seriously hurt. all right we are following developing news on wall street at this hour. u.s. markets down 1% across the board in yet another stock slump. today's drop in the u.s. comes
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after a steep fall on the chinese markets the shanghai markets fell 3% overnight causing it to halt trading, hong kong and france dropped between 2% and 3% on the day. lets look live from the dow jones now, there it is, the dow more than 200 points plummeting as we speak, it hit just under 17,000 yesterday and continues to be around 16,700 and we are continuing to follow all the latest trends on wall street and we'll bring you the latest on "action news" at 4:00 tonight. >> we are also following a developing story out of paris where a man carrying a knife was shot outside of a police station, paris prosecutors say they are opening a terrorist investigation after this morning's incident, the man was not only carrying a knife and wearing fake explosives, his body was found with a piece of paper and an emblem of isis,
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this happened a year after at tack on the newspaper, charlie hebdo that killed 18 people. salt miners are become above ground after being trapped in the mine for 10 hour, they were descending the mine in upstate new york when the elevator broke 900 feet underground, the miners were never in danger and communicated over radio, mining operations are shut down for the week, they process 200 tons of road salt each year. and now the weather and the mild trend in store, sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge, temperatures continue to rise after this week's blast of arctic air, with that warm-up comes the arrival of clouds and then rain, david murphy is at the big board with the first look at the forecast. >> philadelphia is under clouds for most of the morning and a
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few breaks here or there. we see breaks in southern delaware and probable to see breaks of sunshine through the day, it's still chilly out there, 42 in philadelphia and 35 in allentown and 42 in wilmington 35 in trenton and 44 in sea isle city, these numbers are a little better than yesterday, yesterday's high was 43 in philadelphia. clouds mixing with sun? >>'4" is the high and 42 the overnight low, also a bit above average, as we look at the wide view on stormtracker 6 live double scan we do have some rain in the picture, still a couple of days away and today is dry and tomorrow dry and then a warm front is going to start snaking up to the region adding some degrees to the temperature on friday and into saturday, and also producing the chance for light sprinkles and some drizzle on friday night into saturday morning, we have the cold front and the related cold pressure
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center here for saturday night and sunday and the second chance of rain looks determined to get us wet and we'll look at what to expect and the timing coming up in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> all right david we'll talk again soon, if you didn't win last night's power ball jackpot you are not alone, nobody walked away as the country's newest multimillionaire and now the new jackpot broke a record. 2, 11, 47, 62 and 63 and power ball 17 were the numbers and nobody matched them all. the top prize is $700 million, the largest in u.s. history. annie mccormick spoke with people hoping luck will be on their side come saturday. >> if you woke up this morning feeling like a power ball loser, there is a silver lining. >> i thought i won, i still think i won and they made a mistake. >> you double-checking your ticket. >> yes.
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>> i didn't win and that sucks. it's motivation for everyone else, people say it's this amount and this amount and i want to keep playing. >> now you can with an even sweeter pot, last night's drawing did not produce winners, it's good news for nick jenkins who thought he missed his chance last night because the line was too long. >> were you relieved when you found out that no one won the power ball. >> yes, i want to play saturday. >> i would run away to an island. i would buy an island and i would leave everybody behind. >> and counting on a higher power to make that dream a reality. >> my plan is to buy a couple of tickets every day. and then stay on me knees. >> praying? >> praying. because there are things i need to do. >> pennsylvania say lucky state to buy your ticket in over the last years 17 people have bought
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their tickets here in the keystone state. annie mccormicking channel 6 "action news.." more to come on "action news" at noon, tensions continue to escalate between north and south korea, the action the south plans to take tomorrow after north korea's claims of a hydrogen bomb test. and caught on camera, how 75 deers ended up trapped 45 feet over ground.
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this is not part of the ride that is for sure, 17 skiers got stuck on the gondola ski lift in british columbia on sunday, they had to dangle them on a rope high up off the ground and bring them to safely, some were rescued by helicopter, fortun e fortunately nobody was injured . thousands of california homes remain at risk after downpours and major flooding, roads are turned into river and rescue crew his to save a woman
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after her truck flipped over in high water trapping her inside and mudslides are a big concern here and many reads fortified their homes but are preparing for the worst. gop frontrunner, donald trump, has escalated his attacks against ted cruz, his mother was born in alberta canada, is he calling him to get hi eligibility for presidency in order. last night the three democratic presidents campaigned in nevada, senator sanders and martin o'malley spoke in the dinner in las vegas, it is one of nevada's largest gathering before its caucus next month. >> south korean officials say they will resume propaganda broadcasts after north korea
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said they tested a hydrogen bomb and the broadcast goes out aimed at at north korean border tomorrow on what is believed to be the birthday of kim jong un. they stopped the practice after an agreement with the north aimed at easing animosity. joe biden spoke with our own jim gardner about the nuclear test. the u.s. launched a plane to gather data on the claims, and it could be months before the results are back. vice president biden says that they are relying on pardners worldwide. >> we'll continue to work believe it or not with the chinese and international community to bring international pressure on north korea, and to make it so that it becomes an increasingly higher price for being one nation in the world
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out of the world. >> can you see more of jim's one-on-one interview tonight on "action news" at 6:00 and 11:00.
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going back live to the new york stock exchange and checking out the big board normal bad day. the dow down about 195 points and change, just over 1.17%.
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today's dip comes after a rough day of trading overseas, this is the worst start for the year for wall street since 2008 markets in asia and europe fell between 2% and 7% today. today we'll be watching this. and in recent years doctors focus less on treating diseases and more on preventing them and that means screenings and for most seniors most don't cost a penny. tamala edwards has more. >> reporter: from blood pressure checks and mammograms seniors joke they are always seeing a doctor, but they pay off. dr.gera works for improving colonoscopy rates, each polyp could be a cancer averted. >> that could convert to a coal
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on rectal cancer ten or 15 years down the line. >> deaths for colon rectal cancer have dropped and 10% of that is due to better treatment. >> 50% of those deaths we have averted have been due to screening. >> once upon a time medicare only covered visits for discovered problems, now they cover screenings, smokers or those that quit in the last 15 years can get annual ct scans for lung cancer and those at risk for diabetes can get checked every year. >> there are screenings for osteoporosis or brittle or weak bones especially in post menopausal women. >> don list of blue cross blue shield says they can get help, and vaccinations are part of wellness health and while
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screenings have one goal doctors use them to get other health messages across. >> while you are here can i give you a flu shot or send you for your colonoscopy at your convenience. >> for find out swha available at no cost go to now the "action news" team is out working on news stories beginning at 4:00. >> apparently we have waited for the calendar to wait to 2016 for it to finally feel like winter around here, yes the cold weather arrived and that is great news for ski resorts in the poconos many now open for the first time this season. we are live on the slopes with more on how the frigid temperatures are boosting business and that search for an eagles head coach continues, we'll talk about the new candidates lined up for interviews including one that has local ties. people are buzzing about that. take us with you on the go if
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you have not downloaded 6 abc news app, watch us live on our smart phone or tablet. and coming up we'll talk about a brand new salon and spa helping parents get pampered without having to get a babysitter. >> bring the phone number when you come in here. >> see you alicia. time to talk temperatures as we head to the break, looking live from sky 6 hd at philadelphia international airport peeks of sunshine out there as a warm front is moving our way david murphy has more on that and accuweather.
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don't wait. call now. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. meteorologist, david murphy, back now with a closer look at the changing forecast for the better. >> for the better for the most part. we are dry and that will change late tomorrow night and a couple of times through the weekend we'll put the radar to work, dry for now as we take a look at the
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action cam, a fair amount of cloud cover over boathouse row and we were down there taking a look and some sunny break influenza some parts of the region more than others, and areas to the south are better off that philadelphia it seems, but it will still be dry underneath the clouds. temperature 42 in philadelphia, milder than where we ended up yesterday and like yesterday high pressure is close enough to keep the winds low and they are calm at the airport and in philadelphia. 36 in allentown un36 in reading and 37 in lancaster and cooler north and west of the city. 39 in trenton and 42 in wilmington and down the shore we are sitting in the mid-40s currently. and all of them going up 2 or 3 degrees. here are the clouds they came in before dawn this morning, there are breaks in southern delaware and it appears that periods of south jersey are brighter and seeing some nice patches of blue
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and that could happen just about anywhere despite it has been a gray morning along the i-95 corridor. milder than yesterday in the lehigh valley, we stayed in the upper 30s yesterday. down the shore 35 degrees and milder than yesterday and a mix of sun and clouds and it depends on where you are and what your talking. sun and clouds and milder as well. yesterday's high was 40 and we are above, winds are light at 3 to 6 miles per hour. and that is about it. tonight partly cloudy and not as cold as the last couple of mornings, 32 on the cold side and some are down in the 20s and winds are light and some clouds sharing the stars overnight. for the evening commute in between the two forecasts 42 degrees by 4:00, 39 by 5:30 and down to the 37 degree range at 7:00, clouds mixing with some sun and of course partly sunny
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skies at sun down, tomorrow a similar day and more cloud cover working in as the day goes on and 45 is your high, and late at night this warm front passes us and we get into the potential for overnight and early showers on saturday, these don't look like a lot and saturday morning a shower here or there. saturday night into sunday morning we expect the low to come in a half inch to inch of rain than looks to be over by noon, future tracker 6 showing you these two rounds of rain, saturday morning at 6:30 not looking at a whole lot at noon, just a couple of sprinkles or showers and drizzle through the day, it's here on sunday morning when we start to get the significant rain and this goes up until noon on sunday. your seven day from accuweather, today's high is 44 and fair amount of cloud cover with sunny breaks, 45 with the rain arriving at night not much just sprinkles and showers and more
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on saturday and afternoon high of 50, then we get into sunday and the morning looks wet with periods of rain at times, an inch of rain for some of you and drying out in the afternoon with a high of 59 degrees, nice and mild and a cool shot coming in 38 for monday tuesday and wednesday and a chance of flurry, wednesday in particular, a clipper may come through and give us a snow shower. another half our of "action news" coming up.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. hello again here are stories we are following for you at 12:30. police release brand new video wanted for the vie lengths new years eve robbery and an hours long robbery in upstate new york and a group of minors are pulled to safety, miners stuck hundreds of feet below ground and helping children whose parents died protecting philadelphia, a new scholarship for kids of fallen police officers. now more on a woman shot in the face on new years eve, it happened in the may fair section while she was carrying groceries, vernon odom is live now with more information and surveillance video of the the susp


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