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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 8, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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it was a chaotic e on the roosevelt boulevard extension. trafficas backedp for
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miles. that is after a car crashed into another vehicle l he on. the dverurledimself on to e ramp l to ridge avenue and that turned out to be his death pnge. its thursday night the big storyn "action news" tonight is an apparent domestic fht that careenedut of control and ended in death tonight. "actionews" reporter christie llo is live at hahnemann hospital with the very latest on the the sty, christie. >> reporter: well, jim police sayhe iv diedh evening. the his three victims are he athe hospital. family members sa venous brown a her daughter are lucky to belive tit. they rering to meet up with family meers when the suspect's car plowed saight into tirs. >> my niece told me that my sister wasn't breathing at first. so w my bthere ran out of the house. >> reporter: they rushed to hahnemann hospital the moment theiriece annette alerted themhe and her mother venous bro had been in the ad on
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collision on the boulevard extension. >> she said they were on a clear road and tn e noticed this car coming at themo. out of where. it s hrible. >> it is hrible. >> reporter: chopper six caught moments after police say e9 year-old suspect sped north in southbound les with his girlfriend's five two-year old mother in the ck seat. seconds after cshing police say he tri tol onoot. >> he jumped ff the ovpass on to rge ee, whichs abt a 30 feet high drop. >> reporter: injuries to his legnd skull kept himrom going any rer. police say this all aed as a destic incident in t 4,000lock of germantown avenue. >> girl was running up germantown avenue screaming. >> reporter: this man did not want his fa camera but tells "action news"e gave the suspect's girlfriend his phoneo call for hp. >> her mother tried to get o of the car but r friend pulled off beforehe was able to get tf the c. >> reporter: police believe the suspect was under influence of narcotics or alcohol at the time of the
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crash. >> i don't know how much e survived it. head on crash, i don't kw how s suived it. just horrible. i'm prayingh everything will ball g. >> reporter: family members say brown was having surgery this evening. ofcials say that both bwn her daughter and suspect's girlfriend's mother a all in stable condition tonight. reporting live from hnemann hospital, christie lto for channel six a "action news" jim. thanks christie. fill fire a philadelphia fire fighters extinguished a blaze in the pastalfn hour. chopper six was over the scene in the 900 block of st we moreland street. ftately no one was ht. "eyewitness news" jamie mo it recorded early moments of the blaze as thick smoke poured from the building. youan sha ptographs and videos of t news happening with us, using hashtag six a abc action. a ced child mester charles robinson arrived in the district justice's office in neown square tay with
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sood up. the 60 year-old paoli man vedis preliminary ang in exchange r t prosecutor dropping one of the charges. robinson is ced of sexually assaulting a teenage relative over e the course of four years. the investigation coinues into tuesday night's dog attack in e mton section of philadelphia a. tonight there a indications that this may not have been simple accident. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is li at amal care and control in huing park. dann, what is the o here. >> reporter: well, jim, right the n two gare being held here uer ten day quarantine law to make sure they do t haveabies. meanwhile there has been disturbing new tsts in the case as you indicated. the owner claims someone purposely let the do loo whilehey we ay due to racial bias. >> i don't know who he is doingtut someone dog it on rpose. >> reporter: incident happened at 200 bck of lockhart lane in the mton section. they say her two dogs a
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masstive and mixed pit bull got lse fr their gated operty. six year-old m and 31 year-old daughter were bit. sixty-seven year-old nghbor triedo sht the ds and miss. she sayshat sin e and her my v in the neighborhood ten years ago they took exa precaution toss ma su dogs did not the get o. double fencing with double gates and sng warning people of dog on e premises. but she says ibors onhe ock haveot been lming to them. >> they don't like us very much. >> reporter: why don't they like you. >> because of being immigrants. >> reporter: you are indian. >> yes. >> reporter: on tuesday night they went out to dinner a secured both gates. she played lockround the chainut did not lock it because she thought it would all g. >> all you have to do is to open it. >> reporter: you had it lock. >> yes. >> reporter: she said someone purposelyemoved lock and chain a oped both gates a allowing both dogs too free. >> we cannot y anybody's name or yingut it i't happening for itself. that is for sure. they are dogs. they don't have hand. they cannot open the e gate by themselves. reporter: she said same thing happened
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two yearsgo whenh man 20 year-old devon mann it s bitten by one of the g >> dog came o grabbed me, gote my hoodie. i got ap. he got the me all around my area. seven stitches. >> reporter: meanwhile animal care and control tm says what hpens to theogs a after ten daises up in the air. >> there is an option if the police department wants to file charges, forarboring a dgous dog they can that. thehe owner of t dogs would then of to appear in court. >> reporter: police have not decided if ch charges will be psued considering the circumstances. the the matter mns d investigation. we're live from nng r i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, dann. philadelphia police say drer of this ca ot a sevenive-year old wan in the fe as she wa herom the supermarket new years day. it was ju before : a.m. wh the car pulled up to t woman on the 7100 block of montave seet in tony. he dand her
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purse but she refused. the man the gun to her face and fe. e bl went through her cheek. ehehief got t purse andook off. the wan wt home, unpacked her groceries before asking family members toallhe the police. >> this is something that hopefully this guy is offhe street and it doesn't have to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: the carries a 2004 through 2008 white or silver nissan maxima with t sun roof, t driver is possibly a snic l with a brd. president obaould be willing to consider legislation to revoke bill cosby'sresidential medal of freom that a according to the white house tonight. medalabestowed upon cosby in 2002 by president george w. bush. today an arizona congressman troduced a bill, to affirm the president's power to rescind the ury's highest honor. a global sck sell o that srted in china spread to wa street, giving the
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markets their biggest drop since late september. the dow jes iustrial average closed down 392 points to 16,514. that is a loss of 2.3 percent. meanwhile, the bench rk s and p500 d is n having the worst four day streak to begin yr in history. it is already down nearly 5 percent in 2016. thursday's trading sent the tech heavy nasdaq into what called a correction when a indexrops 1percent from the peak. seral factors are contributing to the sell f. the gst being oil fling a 12ear lows and ncerns about china's onomy. ncehina is a mor eine of gbal growth a weakening there would have a worldwide impact. theuthorities had toa tradingn the che stock market tay when the fears caused china's main stock index to plumet 7 percent. well, by now you have hearderhaps that no one won last g's
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power ll awing, meaning surday's drawing will be the the biggest lotty cot in american history. it is currently valued a700 million-dollar. that number is certain to clb. as a immediate lp sum payment, a winning tket woulde worth 428 million-dollar in cash, before taxes. pennsylvania may behe lucky placeo py, it h generated 17 winners, more than any other state. loingack at the past four years, these a the numbers drawnhe mo eight 54, 14 39 a 13. of course, your odd don't change no tter whatou pick, they are fixed atne in 292.2 million. still to comen "action news"onight paris police stop another potential teorist a attack with deadly force. plus my one e interviewith ve-president joe bid, on wh he would do differently regarding gun control, and what he considers to be broken whington.
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and to protect and serv in this s it oers precting deing a moer in labor on the garden state parkway. well mother natureill beelivering us a a soaking rain over the weekend as well asearecord warm, i wi have details and track ld airehind at system in the accu weather fecast. ducisodgers with the eagles huntg for a new head coach. plus a gnd mother who gave birth to her own grandchild. we will explain how that happened when "action news" continues tonight.
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in pis today police shot andilled aan o was wearing a fake psive vest, and vg a butcher kfe at the it haened outside police station exactly one ye to the minute, after e start of the aie hebdo msacre. thehe man cried a cent
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with the bm of the lic state. scores of police rush to the area and barricaded the neighborhood. meanwhilearis gathered tonightor a g to member 11 victims of t charlie hebdo attacks and three security rs killed in terrorist violence. president barack obama continued hisush for greater gun control measures tonight with a televised to hall meeting. earlier this week t e president aounced pls to use executive action, to close ao hole in background ecks. well tonight the presint admitted that the issue of guns is a a topic conversation, even in his own home. >> at one point michelle turned to me and saidf i was living in the farmhouse where the sheriff's partment is pretty far away d somebody couldust turn off the highway and co up tohe rm i would want to have sgun or a rifle to make re i was protecting my family and they we protect.
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>> recent cnn po u 67 percent of those as support increasing cround checks. but more an ha dbt measures willake a difference. vice-president joe bin stillespairs over the fact that could not sh gun control through the rublican congress. i talk one onne with ben sterday in sngton and he a agreed th gun control became a top priority afr the december 2012. >> police came. we heard the loud speaker. >> reporter: december 14th was the day adamanza ot and killed 20tudents and six teachers at sandy ok elementary school in ntown connecticut. >> enough is enough. reporter: joe biden was arged with turning unspeakable tragedy into a legislative aomplishment. >> amendment is the not agreed to. >> reporter: but it didn't turnout that wa >> if my memoryerves me correctly you were eoint
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person, on gting gun control legislation through the congress in theake of sandy hook. >> i wa >> reporter: that effort fail. >> yes. >> would you have done no looking back athing differently. >> yes. i would have spt less time emphasizing a sat ans which sort of to the eye f the bl he. i'mhe the guy that wrotehe first a a assault weapons ba it snhe middle of the bush administration. focusore honorary minding ople of core concerns he. most smart gun cology, access to ns, tough vehicles other th licensed dealers, et cetera. butt e end of the day we just could not brg ang 90 percent of the republicans went the other way. >> reporter: whole gun control issue, the most frustrating most disappointing work related issue for you in the last
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seven years. >> one of tm. one of them. >> reporter: another might be how politics have evolved in is country. fee bame number two in the executive ah, d was an old schoolegislator whoad friend on both side of the aisle. he did battle with them and then had dinnerith them. he tolde friendship and respect don't cross the ale anymore. >> you and i have o each other a long tim you c't fi any plicans at wi tell you i have not been straight with e i haveone with many republicans andeen able to do work together, because i have learned ner to question their motive. whatas haened in politics today has ce so intensely personal and a reporter: what is it about the the congress tay what is it abt government rvices toyh inhibits or prohibits opponents from respecting each oer. >> money in politics today. it a gigantic,
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overwhelming, corrupting influence. nothat people are bng bought they're not. secondly you say we talk about each other in terms of being enemies. the since when is a republican arey enemy or democrat my enemy. >> the the word opponent does notean enemy. >> it doesn't. third thing because ofhe nature of how you ha to spend so muchi raising money, we dot do things anymore. democrats, republican setors, without staff we used to go overnd eat together. ask anyone next timeou interview the house or senate how many times they have eaten run watch a democraticr republican collogue. do they travel wi em when they go orseas. it h really gotten so personal thatt is a allowed for personal a attacks to be accepted as, well, that is just nature of the politics. >> reporter: despite his diay about the current politicalulture biden seems at peace with himself and e the knowledge he won't be president.
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he ses immensely oud of s service but prouder still of his my ger tell me about his nhew, off to penn next ye and his granddaughter graduatingrom penn this year. butf cr, everything his workis wl is still coping with, and apt go to the t a of h beloved beau. >> it was good to spend time with joe biden a d regardless of ones political preference hetill has his a game. one on one interview with the vice-president is asix on health cck new diet guidelines cmend at added sugar be nmore tn 10 percent of day calories. that is 200 calories a day. samemount is in a 1ounce sugar drink. other cmendations cut down on salt. average person shouldave no more th a teaspoon of salt a day. it was an tordinary moment onhe shoulder of the gaen state pkway th was captured onasham video
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earlier is week. >> one tw three push. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> keep going good. >> there we go. that a girl. >> it is a girl. >> we're looking listening to two new jersey ste topers delivering a by monday morning. a couple w trying to get to the hospital and realized they weren't going to ma it so they pulledver near hill side tnshipnd ad 911. both mom d baby are doing very well nht. well, a texas woman has givenirth to her own grandchild. she served a surrogate r her daughter, five three-year old tracie thompson is we past nause but crs were able to get her body to carry a ba a. sheffered to a rgate after her daughter, kelly had gone through several round of infertility treatments and experienced three miscarriages. tracie gaveirth yterday to a healthy pnd1-ounce baby girl.
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they name h kelce a combination of momnd grand m's name quite a story there. >> good mom good grand m. >> yes. >> accu weaer rast. >> we will be warming thgs up and willet ve t this weekend. storm tracker six li double scan showingo rain out there tonightut weave a good amount ofloud v. what that doggies ilate the earth's temperatures. they are not dppingff very icklyight w. degrees in philadelphia down from a high 4 which is 5 degrees above normal. allentown 39. millville 30. wilmington 37. trenton currently at the 32 degrees. satellite six with action radarhowing the the next system m tracking ifirst a warm front th is moving in the tennessee vley and then low pssure th willove up ross the e lakes and at low pressure will bring ushat soing rain saturday. tomorrow, with that wm front incng closer, we will see a mixturefloud and sunshine. very similar temperatures to today, and 33 degrees at 7:00.
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by 10:00 o'clock 39. by 40 o'clock. or 1:00 o'clock4. by 4:00 o'clock 46 degrees. on saturday we will get drizzle, perhaps a patchyog inhe mning. a that is front fts through 52 degrees in the afternoon high but the re rh arrives on sunday, as th low pressure cut is a across t great lakes any co air and snow will be we west of the track, we're on the etern sideohat th is, that is the warm cr of the storm. it wille a wet y about half incho an in of rn, most ofhat falling in the the first half of the day and en temperatures up ar cd gh record highs on th sunday 63 setback in 1950. we're gog to be closeo calling for a high of 60 degrees, which is 20 degrees above normal but that rm air does not last very long. the exclusive accu aer seven day forecast, early breaks of sshine. then cloud rolln through the day with a gh of 46 degrees. on tday, mtly cloudy, a little bit damp but not a lot of rain with a high of
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52 degrees. sunday is whene will get heavy rain in the morning also it will beind which a high of 60. arctic front moves through and behind it, a big cnge in t temperature on mday, it will be blustery and sharply cold with a high of 37, we merate for one day and then back with t lower 40's on tuesday, and then temperatures, back downn thehe mid 30's, wednesday, a and thursday work a possibility of a flurry or even a snow sher on wednesday. soind of a / weekend. saturday definitelyooking to be the the better of the two day. >> thanks, cecily. there will be a new home rn organization tt has been feeding the sick in iladelphia for more than 25 years ma a a ll be moving to ron pce on r 20th street in nr cityromhe long ti headquarters on ransteady street. construction iset to bin in y staffers areoping to move in by
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so, jim kenney among those eaking at the a annual mpaign ki off for the plelphia freedom valley ymca. thevent was held citizens
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bank park, a result of the campaign the al it is six million-dollar in the next three months. the goal for phalphia eagles right now find a w head a. >> today they interviewed their fourth known candidate for that he coaching b another day another candidate forn interview. giant offensive coordinator ben mcadoos tt na to surface. even though ants as tm have in the h much success lately, he ha under his ince, giants offenseent from beg nk 28th in 2013, to eighth this past season. former eagles quarterback doug person will interview with the birds next week. terson is andy reid's fensive crdinator in nsas city. he was quaerbacksoach in 2011/12. ron jaw ski says person brings a lot to t tle. >> he has been around coach west a great pedigree. head has been with andy reid. he knowshe philadelphia a marketplace. he lives in south jersey. there e lot of boxes u canheck for
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ug peterson. flyers in minnesota tonight. the the defenseman she suffered a lower body iury. no further details. flyers have a good second period onhe rush here miael dell zotton the back ofhe byn schenn, two-one flyers. lesshan a minute ter, momentum continues vandervelde i put it on net ryan white cleans it up, it is three-one. now r-two in the third. steve masoneaves the the t. where are you going end? sack parisi ties up three. we wl go to ortime. pictureerfect passing for the ys. dellzotto with hisecond of the nht th isa winneres jim flyers win four-three in overtime. still ahead sers have en feeling good lately, tonight back to life, back to reality. plus hear which cap
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if there is one benefit to being the wor team in the nba it is th don't ofn g your oonent's be. tonight hksess than best, it is yoo much for sixers. hawkslowhe game we open in t second qrterim hardaway part of the 19-zero run, aanta shoots rcent from the dp. then gight f sers, you found it right here big manunning the court nerlens noel wi fe jail okafor, 21 points. sirs down by a dozen.
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third quarter k basemore lead all with to 22. college basketball drexel hostingilliam and marry. william and marry tas the rebound and go the lgth of e crt. he scores 21. dragons fall to e2 is season 72-six 789 also delaware loses to northeastern tonight. mike piazza will ente hall ofame as a new york met. he de the announcement today, day after his ection to cooperstown. norristown native spent one more seas in new york then he did withhe dgers the team that drafted him. reaching the hall is a crowning achievement to the man ey ld the greatest offensive ccher ever. >> i'm really ned and it is ay overwhelming to think. thankou to the the writers obviously youuys for voting us in. it t is so rewarding toe recognized. >> ofourse, piazza close to tommy sda a. >> that was surprising.
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>> he was none too happy. >> i can imagine. >> finally nht 1,000-poundf butter now on display, pennsylvania farm shown harrisburg. this is the expo's 0 ye. artist jim victor annmarie pelton of nohocken created the life sized sculpture in honor of the celebration. landolakes donated all of the butt are they needed. the eight dayarmhow ops up to theublic on saturday. >> a lot of cholesterol. >> yes. jimmy kimmel li next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's e kate ahett musicy vce jordan. now for e entire "action news" team, i'm jim rer good g. >> ♪♪
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