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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. we are following breaking news on this tuesday january 12th. >> firefighters are battling a blaze at a castle in delaware county. >> a camden county father is due to be arraigned today on charges that he murdered his three-year-old son. >> lawmakers sent a bill to governor christie's desk that would raise the smoking age in new jersey to 21 years old. >> let's go to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we'll probably get a little bit of sunshinelily before the clouds increase and then out to the west you can see snow
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showers beginning to build in past pittsburgh into central pennsylvania and later this afternoon we'll see a little bit of that around the region too. it doesn't seem like it's going is a major impact. 21 degrees this morning. we're off to another cold start. 19 degrees in allentown, 19 reading, 25 wilmington 16 trenton. our wind chill is starting out making it feel like it's 16 degrees in philadelphia and even worse up in the northern and western suburbs. trenton's wind chill currently is just nine so it feels a little bit colder out there this morning than it was yesterday morning and in fact the temperatures are lower. 24 degrees by 6 o'clock, 26 by 8 o'clock. still cold partly cloudy with wind chills in the teens on the bus stop this morning so bundle up. a lot of extra gear and those extra items like gloves important this morning. as we roll through the day it is going to get milder. 26 degrees by 8 o'clock but by noon 41 and then 44 by 3 o'clock. our high today is actually going to be kind of early in the afternoon. we'll go 44 right in there around 2 o'clock and the later we get through the afternoon and into the evening the
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better chance we have of some light snow shower activity. will that impact the road and do we get accumulation? i'll have details coming from accuweather karen. >> my kids were hoping so. i was trying to bring them back down. let's take a look in south philadelphia. this is i-95 past broad street. the construction just cleared. all lanes opened. as you're headed towards the walt whitman bridge you see that northbound traffic moving fine. no problems between the airport and center city. on the vine street expressway all lanes opened. no overnight construction once again. so westbound, eastbound moving just fine. it's okay to take the vine this morning but the crews are out there working in camden county, new jersey, on the ramp from 295 southbound to 42 northbound as well as 295 southbound between 168 and 42. so, the construction there is moving better but we did have an accident this morning on the new jersey turnpike northbound just past exit three and it has since cleared. all lanes back opened. we see the green traffic flow through that areas. 42 northbound at creek road an
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easy ride in so far and we're dry matt and tam. >> thank you karen. first up this morning, breaking right now flames engulfed a cass snell chadds ford. fire crews from three counties are on that scene trying get a handle on the blaze. let's go to erin o'hearn. she joins us from the "action news" big board with more details. good morning erin um good morning, tam. this historical chadds ford township home was analyst 1821 but around 1:30 this morning crews arrived to flames ripping through the estate house. unfortunately this plays appears to have gutted the historical structure which is on the 100 block of bullet road. when crews arrived a few hours ago they immediately called for additional water tankers from chester county and new castle county. the water supply has been a major issue in this battle because the shous house is in a wooded area. this castle was listed for
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sale. it was purchased in 19v the sale price is listed at $674,000. the castle which was originally built as we said almost 200 years ago by a prominent philadelphia business owner, it was supposedly used as a summer home. now here on this side is a picture of the rocky hill castle before the flames broke out early this morning. it has 12 bedrooms and a barn and sits on about 5 acres and you can see this is a picture of the castle before and then after. in the real estate listing the home waisted have needed some major renovations. at this point as you can see from this picture it doesn't look like this castle may be salvageable. we don't know the cause of the blaze but if we get any updates we'll bring them to you throughout the day. >> the father avenue three-year-old boy who vanished last fall only to be found dead hours slater due in court. david creato jr. faces
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arraignment on charges they murdered his son. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the camden county hall of justice with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: matt, for months people have wondered what happened to this little boy and we still don't know how he died but we do know that his father will be arraigned here this afternoon charged with first degree murder. >> just just praying it's wrong. we're all praying it's wrong. >> reporter: friends of the family are stunned. david dj creato charged with first degree murder in the death of his three-year-old son brendan. creato was taken into custody yesterday afternoon. his attorney says he'll vigorously defend his client. >> dj is going to plead not guilty tomorrow. dj did not commit this crime. >> reporter: back on october 13 creato called 911 around 6:00 a.m. to say his son was missing from his haddon township apartment. >> i just woke up. he wasn't in my apartment. >> reporter: the child's
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body was found in cooper river park about a half mile from his father's apartment. authorities have never said how the little boy died. they announced the initial autopsy was inconclusive and it was later reported a drug screen showed nothing unexpected in the child's blood. authorities say there was no sign of forced entry to the home. >> it's not a shock so much as it's a disappointment. dj lost his son and now to be accused of being the killer i think is as bad as it gets. >> reporter: creato is charged with first degree murder and second degree endangering the welfare of a child. so far the prosecutor's office hasn't said what led to these charges. arraignment is scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. live in camden, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you, katherine. an adult is wanted for stabbing a teenagerly in montgomery county over the weekend. police are looking for 33-year-old leonard greenwood saying he stabbed a 16-year-old boy at a home in the unit block of east main street in lansdale on sunday. now the victim and greenwood were play fight willing police
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say greenwood left the room got a knife and stabbed the teen once in the chest. the teen was hospitalized in serious but stable condition. >> wilmington police are trying to figure out how many people were injured in a hail of gunfire. emergency responders arrived to the 900 block of brown street at 8 o'clock last flight to find two men shot. a third gun shot victim arrived at zane saint francis hospital by private vehicle. police are trying to confirm whether that person is linked to the same shooting and exactly what happened here. the city of wilmington hired former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey as a public safety consultant. mayor dennis williams says ramsey will work with the wilmington police department to develop new strategies to fight crime. wilmington has suffered a rising rate of vicious homicides. >> ♪ >> happening today, pennsylvania senate committee will hold its final hearing to discuss the possible removal of attorney general kathleen kane. kane asked the state supreme court yesterday to reinstate her law license.
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the court put her license on indefinite suspension after she was charged with leaking secret grand jury testimony to the media. kane has also written to the senate saying it does not have the authority to kick her out of office unless she is first impeached by the house. also happening today, montgomery county commissioner josh shapiro plans to formally announce he'll be seeking to replace kane as state attorney general. the 42-year-old democrat enters a crowded field of at least four other democrats and one republican. the primary for both parties is on april 26th. >> a bill to raise the smoking age in new jersey from 13 to 21 is headed to governor chris christie's desk. the bill would finery tailers up to a thousand dollars if they sell to anyone under 21 but would not punish underage smokers. the smoking age has been raised to 21 in new york city and hawaii. >> 4:38 now. still to come on "action news," police need help
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identifying the robber who grabbed hundreds of dollars of cash right from the hands of a monk in south philadelphia. >> it was a bad start to the day for a missouri woman. she woke up to find that her car had fallen into a sinkhole. david. >> bad start for the kids at the bus stop too if you're not dressed appropriately. extra gear this morning as we have wind chills in the teens even worse in some spots. this afternoon they can ease back on the gear but they may be dealing with snowflakes. details coming up next.
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>> a missouri woman woke up to find her car had fallen into a sinkhole. it happened because of a nearby water main break. crews used a crane to lift the car back onto the street and then loaded it onto a wrecker to unfortunately haul eight weigh. >> poor lady. let's talk about what we can expect here. my little kid really wants to see some snow. i don't think tomorrow is the day. >> i mean a little bit this afternoon and this evening but it looks like just flakes and maybe a little coating on grassy surfaces in some parts of the region. storm tracker6 double scan shows you we are dry for the morning commute and taking a look outside we have sky6. there's penn's landing and the river rink and certainly feeling like ice skating weather this morning once again as we are well below
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freezing and of course the wind chills even worse. 24 degrees currently in philadelphia. so colder than yesterday. the winds not all that strong right now at 7 miles per hour but that's enough to zip that wind chill down into the teens and in some spots in there northern suburbs it feels like it is below the teens, about 12 degrees currently your wind chill in allentown for example. in terms of precipitation today, between now and noon, we don't expect anything. the clouds are going to get a little bit thicker. that's about the only change you'll see. as we get into the later afternoon hours say around 3 o'clock it looks like the northern suburbs and perhaps philadelphia will start to see the afternoon's first snowflakes. these will be fairly light snow showers that pop through. you'll notice the entire region is not blanketed and places that get snow will get a break and then a little bit of snow coming in. this will create mainly wet roads this evening. it looks like the last of the snow showers will be over to the east of us by about 10 o'clock or temperature clock.
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what are we expecting out of this? you'll see some flakes in the air around the i-95 corridor and perhaps south jersey but again only wet conditions. the only place you see this even sticking on grassy surfaces is very likely the northern and western suburbs where they'll get a little bit cooler faster and even up here very likely mainly wet road conditions. what to expect from this? afternoon and evening snow showers as you just saw. our temperatures are getting up near 40 in those northern and western areas so roads should remain mainly wet but a few slick spots are possible in the northern and western suburbs so be careful if you're driving around. 44 is our high. we'll hit it around 2 o'clock and then we'll settle back to about 37 by 5 o'clock with those snow showers in and out of the picture. high temperatures 38 degrees in allentown, 39 in reading. so again not really setting the table for widespread slippery road conditions. nonetheless as we get later into the night you continue to see these snow showers i would be careful up in those northern and western areas. tomorrow the big change is behind that snow system we get
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cold air back and wind chills are really going to be an issue tomorrow. it's going to feel like it's about 12 in philadelphia at 6:30 in the morning and even as late as 3:30 in the afternoon still feeling like it's in the teens tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 44 today. an afternoon rain or snow shower is possible. we'll probably see some rain and then a mix with some flakes south of philadelphia. everybody else probably sees just wet snowflakes. blustery and cold tomorrow. a high of 31. but wind chills in the teens tomorrow. fortunately that little zap of cold air doesn't last long. partly sunny on thursday afternoon with a high of 14 an41saturday looks like a rainy start. then in the afternoon cloudy and damp with a couple of showers and it now looks like the rain is over in time for sunday. notice how it does get milder, 52 saturday, 43 sunday but just in time for mlk day on monday, colder again with a high of 36. >> okay. thanks, david. you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker6 radar any time at
4:46 am authorities hope karma catches up way crook who robbed a buddhist monk who was buying lottery tickets in south philadelphia. surveillance video here captured the scene on january 3rd. the monk chased after the robber who stole $350 from him. the criminal then tossed the 61-year-old monk to the ground in the parking lot of the sunoco at broad and catherine streets. then the robber got into a car and drove off. detectives are looking for tips. >> time now for that first look at business. should north jersey open up two new casinos? that's the question that will be going to the voters today. a referendum that's part of the deal was bowkered between governor chris christie and lawmakers. if it passes it has to be taken up and passed by the statehouse. current ac casino operators would be able to propose projects hey we would like to be one of those two with a guaranteed 1 billion-dollar investment. opening statements expected in the lawsuit over faulty ignition switches by general motors.
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in 2014 gm recalled nearly 3 million vehicles because the switches could inadvertently slide into the off position and disable critical safety features. this case could determine the outcome of similar other lawsuits filed against gm. the major stock indices were mixed yesterday. there was a little bit of good news from the dow. it gained a little bit over 50 points after days of big losses but this morning all of the futures seem to be pointing to a lower open. app spell adding what some are calling a night shift mode when it releases its next operating system. the feature will automatically change the colors on your iphone or ipad to warmer colors at night. studies have shown exposure to blue light if screens in the evening can make it harder to fall asleep. i think a lot of people will really appreciate this update. >> especially the ones who have their phones right next to their bed. still to come on "action news" the investigation into a deadly explosion that tore through an ohio family's house. >> a village new york state has voted to keep its city seal even though some people
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think it's racist. we'll explain it all to you when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. it's only tuesday. yup, let's look outside live. this is the schuylkill approaching montgomery drive. eastbound traffic headed towards center city. light involve because it's so
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early out there coming up from conshohocken or gladwyne manayunk you're looking pretty good. no problems this morning. roads are dry. we have an issue in malvern. cedar holly road shut down between van guard and industrial boulevard. stick to north valley road as your alternate for that one. some construction out here on the northeast extension. it's northbound. if you're heading between quakertown and lehigh valley so watch for that construction blocking the right lane. crews are out here as well in new castle county and they've shut down delaware avenue between college avenue and academy. this construction lasts until 6 o'clock this morning. stick to park place as your alternate. the crews out there still working in camden county. they're on the ramp from 295 southbound to 42 and they're on 295 southbound near 42 as well. meanwhile the accident we had on the turnpike northbound is clear so all lanes there are opened, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. three people are dead and a child remains unaccounted for after a house explosion in northeast ohio. the explosion ripped through the home in northfield center township last night. emergency responders arrived
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to flames shooting up out of the home. fire crews found the bodies of a plan a woman an young girl on the first floor of the home. investigators say the family's other daughter is still missing. the cause of the explosion remains under investigation. >> note tour russ drug king pin el chapo guzman is back in the same prison he escaped from last summer this time in a different cell. helmet camly video of the raid that captured him in mexico was released depicting an intense fire fight. [gunfire] it took mexican marines about 15 minutes to battle through guzman's hideout and secure the house but that was also enough time for the most wanted drug king pin to exit through a secret tunnel as matt gut plan shows us. >> reporter: through here is this trap door. this is the secret passageway and doorway that leads to the tunnel down there. i had to come through here
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down the step into this muck. now, there's all sorts of snakes in here. i had to crawl under that to get over there. hundreds of yards el chapo had to crawl through here. it's about 3 feet high. >> quite an escape. guzman escaped from the building but police were able to stop him in his stolen getaway car. meanwhile it appears mexican authorities were aware of sean penn's visit to guzman in hiding. surveillance shows penn and actress kate dee cass still yo' being tracked from the not so secret encounter. penn says he has nothing hide. >> this whole thing remains so strange. >> could end up being a movie guaranteed. >> 4:53. coming up at 5:00 philadelphia police are searching for a suspect wanted in a violent case of road rage. >> up next, a former official in allentown pleads guilty in connection with a corruption case at city hall. >> ♪
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>> attorneys for bill cosby have filed motion to dismiss a criminal case against him in montgomery county. they claim district attorney kevin steele illegally brought the sex assault charges against the comedian. attorneys argue you'll that the charges violate an expressed agreement made by former d.a. bruce castor back in 2005 that cosby would not be prosecuted for the alleged attack on andrea ya' konstand. the defense team says the agreement prompted cosby to testify in a related civil
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lawsuit without invoking his fifth amendment rights. >> allentown's former finance director pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. the charges seventy seven an fbi probe of government contracting. court documents allege an unnamed city officials instruct edgar let stray that wasn't to manipulate the bidding process for a government contract to favor a campaign donor. ed pawlowski has not been charged. stray thorn faces up to 20 years in prison. central new york village voted to keep its city seal though some people say it's racist and offensive. the logo for whites borrow new york shows a blight man way native american. they say it depicts a friendly wrestling manage between a founder of the village an native tribesman. a and online petition forced the city to put the seal up to a vote. >> the lifesaving granddaughter hear how a little girl saved the day when her grandmom fell ill.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday january 12th. here's what's happening. >> we're following breaking news. a castle on an expansive delaware county estate goes up in flames this morning. >> a pedestrian is dead after being struck by a car in atlantic county overnight. >> accuweather is tracking where we could see the first snowflakes of this winter season. >> you know, david, you were saying before we started the show you can't believe we made it this far with jut a really big snow and karen has got the traffic. good morning. >> doesn't look like there's anything big coming in the immediate future either but we're looking at some snow showers later tonight and right now you can see some of this already pushing past pittsburgh and into parts of western pennsylvania. this will be something that clips us later in the afternoon and evening. doesn't look like it's going to have a real big imp


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