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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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unspeakable tragedy in wilmington. fire has claim the lives of two children, both girls, and one, three years old, 13 months old. their mother is in the hospital. one could ask the question how will she cope, when she gets out? it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a deadly blaze bringing devastation to a
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wilmington neighborhood. a "action news" reporter christie lleto is live in the 400 block of north monroe street. the christie, a brutal day and night there. >> reporter: that is right, jim. the home has been boarded up tonight, officials say that the 37 year-old mother was inside at the time with her three small children. witnesses say she was able to narrowly escape with one child but two others were trapped alive. >> i tried to get in there. all i could think about was the kids. >> reporter: aaron mcmahonus made it to the kitchen before intense expect pushed him out in the 400 block of monroe street. trapped inside were his neighbor's three-year old daughter and infant. >> i went around to the back and opened up the back door and crawled in there trying to scream is anybody in here? there was so much smoke coming. >> reporter: fire investigators say the 37 year-old mother and her two-year old barely escaped. >> from the the back of her
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head, to the the bat om of her calves was burned. it was burn. you could see her flesh. >> reporter: witnesses say despite her injuries she tried to go back in her burning home. neighbors say all they could do was call for help. >> unaudible. >> please get my baby, help me. it was surreal. we tried to do the best that we could for help, you know what i mean. but it was horrible. >> reporter: intern owe at times was so intense this fire fighter fell headfirst out of the second story window. he was not injured. he continued to fight the the flames. >> the house was like anyone would be with nine people living in there. a lot of materials in there. the fire traveled quickly. >> reporter: fire was contained in a half an hour but those who tried to help this family escape bears scars of tuesday's loss. including mcmahonus whose injuries trying to help are nothing compared to his heavy heart. >> i feel helpless i could not
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do nothing. i'm mad. i'm upset. i don't know how i will sleep tonight. i feel like i let the those kid down. i didn't but i did because i could not get to those kid. >> reporter: now cause of the fire remains under investigation. difficult confirm with the fire chief that the closest fire station engine one was closed when the fire started. the chief says that is called conditional company closures, as a way to cut costs. he also adds that services are not impact, to the city. that the city is covered. the reporting live from wilmington, christie lleto for channel six a "action news", jim. >> terrible story, thanks christie. it didn't last long but it got its monies worthwhile here. a burst of snow came through the philadelphia area and gave us a decent coating tonight. this is how it looked in monument road in philadelphia. with the passing of the arctic front watch out for harsh winds. a "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in pottstown tonight. but first, the latest information from accu weather and meteorologist adam joseph,
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adam is live at the big board with storm tracker six double scan, adam. >> as we look at storm tracker six live double scan that arctic front is off the coast as snow showers have moved away but they meant business, as they barreled through with some very strong wind. in fact we will take a look at the snow in the winter fourth, mount pocono a inch and a half, temple and berks county pick up half inch of snow. the royersford, montgomery county half inch. allentown just over a coating with a 54-mile an hour wind gusts. the newtown square, delaware county with those snow squalls, wind gusts of 52 miles an hour. temperatures are dropping below freezing especially north and west of philadelphia, that is where we saw most of the accumulating snowfall. so any surfaces that have not been treated where the snow stuck, definitely icing up. watch out for that traveling around and temperatures starting to get to freezing, or if not below that, south and east of philadelphia as well. wind advisory in effect until 5:00 a a.m. wind gusting to 40 to 50 miles an hour overnight tonight to
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help dry most of those roadways up but it will drop the wind chills tomorrow morning, five to ten above, the hard of the delaware valley, allentown to the north, zero to five. ten to 15 in southern new jersey. we will give it a green light tomorrow morning. bright sunshine, most roads dry but there could be some, few slick spots left over with black ice if it is not treated. watch for. that we will talk about wind chills tomorrow afternoon and another storm by the weekend in the full forecast. let's switch live to montgomery county and "action news" reporter jeff chirico in pottstown. jeff, pretty serious snowfall there tonight. >> that is right, jim. it was intense while falling but squalls moved out quickly and this is what they left behind. just a coating. it is not much but folks around hearsay they are glad to see old man winter again. it is winter blast we have been waiting for in douglassville berks county almost white out conditions on route 422, season's first snow
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fell sideways as winds gust ted. >> it looks like blizzard weather. for me it looks like dusty as first but now it looks like a blizzard. i could hardly see. >> i loved winter. i don't think it has been winter until will now. >> reporter: snow stuck on grass and even some pavement, the the fast moving squall just left a coating, but enough for those winter activities, we have all been missing. >> we're big skiers. we are looking forward to getting cold weather getting slopes opened to get out to the mountains and get to skiing on the weekend when we have free time. >> taking my daughter sledding. the she's three years old. she loves the snow. hopefully it sticks enough and hangs around long enough to get her out on the hill. >> reporter: meanwhile in pottstown montgomery county snow covered windshield and less traveled spots, penndot crews were out salting the the main roads. a although close to bedtime watching snowfall from the window, wasn't enough for sisters emily and layla. >> my god they are like it is snow, and she's trying to grab her jacket, the the boots and
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everything. >> reporter: erika jones says she's happy to see finally flakes fall but she'd like it more if she was not nearly nine month pregnant. >> this is our third child. i'm really hoping i don't go in labor while it is snowing but the the way i'm feeling i can go any day. >> reporter: the the main roads here in pottstown are mostly wet thanks to salting and penndot crews say they will be out all night treating the slick spots. real concern going into the the overnight hours are untreated side streets, and the heavy wind that penndot says is blowing snow, back on to the treated side streets, and treated streets. so if you are an early commuter, word to the wise wake up extra early, leave time to get to your destination and take it the slow. we are live, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", jim. which brings me to the fact, jeff that the "action news" morning team will be starting at 4:30 with the latest accu weather forecast and any traffic effect on the
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morning rush hour. tonight, ten american sailors are still being held by iran after their boats drifted in to iranian waters. now is there word those sailors won't be released until the morning. american officials first learned of the incident at 2:30 our time today and while they said the sailors would be released promptly they are still being detain. the sailors are part of river marine squad one based in san diego deployed to the fifth fleet in bahrain. they are detained on parsea island. they were on a training mission and a malfunction allowed them to drift. the boats are not considered to be high tech, but they do in the contain sensitive equipment. president barack obama did not mention the detention of american sailors tonight, at his state of the union address, rather he wanted to talk about the next five years, ten years and beyond. this was not a speech that saw
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the the president detail his priority programs for his last year. he did call for reforming immigration, protecting kid from gun violence and raising the minimum wage but he asked four main questions: how to give everyone a fair shot in this new economy? how to make technology work for us, not against us? how to keep americans safe and lead the world without becoming its police men? how to make our politics reflect what is best in us, not what is worse? the president said we must fix our politics. >> democracy grind to a halt, without a willingness to exrom ice. when even basic facts are contested. when we listen only to though who a agree with us. our public life witters when only the most extreme voices get all of the attention. >> obama said we need to remake international system built after world war two the
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number one priority, being protecting americans and going after terrorist networks. he called on congress to take action. >> if it is congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and to the world, authorize the the use of military force against isil. if you doubt america's commitment or mine to see that justice is done just ask osama bin laden. >> the the republican response was given by nicki haley tonight. the governor of south carolina she said president obama hasn't lived up to the promises he made when he was first elect. she outlined what it would look like if a republican wins the the white house. >> taxes would be lower for working families. we'd put the brakes on runaway spending and debt. we would encourage american innovation and success. >> haley is seen as a potential republican
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vice-presidential pick. new jersey governor chris christie was back in trenton today to deliver his annual state of the state address. christie highlighted what he described as the state's economic recovery. the state's unemployment rate has been cut by almost half, since he took office in 2010. he also criticized organized labor in the ongoing war over full pension funding. >> we cannot deny funding for health care, and education, criminal justice and the poor, our environment and our children and our infrastructure to pander to pensioners. >> about 50 protesters gathered outside the capitol, saying christie has put his presidential run before the garden state. camden county father accused of murdering his three-year old sonnies being held on $750,000 bail tonight. and today prosecutors suggested that his motive was for the the love of a teenage girl. david creato, junior is 22. authorities alleged that he
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suffocated or strangled his son, although, the the medical examiner could not determine the exact cause of his death. brendan's body was found in the stream near cooper river park in october. prosecutors say that there is no way that he wandered away from his haddon township home because the site was muddy and wet but the little boy's socks were perfectly clean. brendan's grandparents say they stand by their son. >> we love our son. >> we love him very much. we support him through all of this. justice will prevail. >> prosecutors claim creato acted in a jealous rage because his 17 year-old girlfriend, who did not like children, threatened to leave him. creato's defense attorney calls the the evidence circumstantial and weak and claims that the authorities pointed the finger at a the father because three months after the the fact they still had no answers. coming up on "action news" tonight an nfl team is packing up for los angeles. ducis rodgers has the details.
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plus a a police protest this one is in support of the men and women in blue. it comes amid a heightened state of alert for officers in philadelphia. plus lions, tigers but no bears, we will explain why a local amusement park will raise these two little cubs of different species. adam? jim, wind now gusting to 47 miles an hour in philadelphia, plumetting those wind chills but the arctic air is not going to last long. we will talk about a warm up very soon in that accu weather seven day. and new jersey may be the second state to raise the smoking age, that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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it happened in north philadelphia. the community came out in force to show support for cities men and women in blue. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the story. >> reporter: demonstrators started at broad and girard, chanting as they marched through city hall on a frigid,
11:25 pm
blustery night. >> jesse. >> hartnett. >> they shouted the name of the philadelphia police officer shot at close range last week showing support for the cities law enforcement after a traumatic few days. >> my brother is an officer with the 35th district, you know, but it is deeper then that. i want to keep saying all lives matter. >> reporter: peace march, rally was organized after officer jesse hartnett was shot in the arm last week and his police cruiser in west philadelphia. thirty year-old edward archer was arrested and charged with attempted murder. archer has since confessed to the shooting saying he did it in the name of islam. the cops who escorted the marchers say the the show of support was heart warming. >> there is so much negativity with the gun violence and other crimes that have have happened and we have done better with that in the last few years but we need to keep moving forward and it is a great way to do it. >> many participants have loved ones killed by gun violence, and organizers, said a brother was killed during a robbery in north philadelphia.
11:26 pm
she said while this march is for officer hartnett she said it helps to keep her brother's memory alive. >> our family is struggling and we try to transfer our pain into something positive. so this is something that we have been doing since 2012. >> reporter: while some marchers had hoped for a bigger turnout they say their message is an important one. >> if we don't support each other who will. >> reporter: reporting from center city, trish hartman, channel six "action news". pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is trying to convince a pegs state senate committee that he should keep her job. committee is, considering using a obscure section of the state constitution to unseat kane because of her law license has been suspended by state supreme court. the former governor ed rendell, who served as philadelphia's d.a. for eight years, testified before the the commit thee today saying that kane does not need an active law license to perform her duties. power ball fever is pushing the jackpot even
11:27 pm
higher. lottery prize has grown to $1.5 billion. strong ticket sales have have led lottery officials to increase the the pot twice now since the weekend. if it jumps again which it is likely to do the annual or actual lump sum cash pay out could top a billion dollars. the tonight it stand at 930 million-dollar. and you can tune into "action news" tomorrow night at 11:00. we hope you do. we will bring you the winning numbers, once they are drawn. on health check at 11:00 tonight, new jersey could become the second state in the country to raise the smoking age to 21. the the state legislature sent governor chris christie a bill that would fine retailers for selling to people under 21. but it would not punish under age smokers. the smoking age to 21 in hawaii was raised on january 1st. christie spokesmen said he has declined to say whether he will sign it. he has until tuesday to decide. former nba player chris
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herron shared his struggles tonight with hundreds of parents in montgomery county. herron was guest speaker at agoness irwin school talking to an audience from the the radnor school district and haverford school district. he talk about his battle with drugs and alcohol addiction and how it destroyed his career with the boston celtics. herron says he has been drug free, since august of 2008. he has an important message for adults, and tomorrow, he will talk to the kid in the school communities. >> nice little public service that you can do. >> sure. >> you learn as a mistake will teach those to go down a different path the. >> a different path. >> accu weather forecast. >> we have had a mini blizzard at times. it didn't last long but a little coating of snow as many have been waiting for. a a as we look at double scan live radar around the area not finding any snow showers there well off the coast. the the front has pushed through and now, it is the wind, that will be the the star of the show overnight tonight. temperatures have dropped down
11:29 pm
to 30 degrees in philadelphia a and below freezing to the the north and west. even wilmington now down to 30 , millville and dover. the area that saw that coating or up to a half inch of snow. if it exists on pavement still and has not been treated, it is icing over, so something to watch during the overnight hours. wind chills with that wind coming in at speeds over 30, 40 miles an hour, dropping the numbers, it feels like nine in lancaster. fifteen in philadelphia. twelve in allentown. below zero in the poconos. even teens to lower 20's in southern new jersey, and delaware. we have had a couple round of these snow showers, one earlier in the middle part of the afternoon, then a break, and then with the actual cold front that is where we had most significant snow squalls north of the city but it is moving so fast, that there are already clearing out the skies to the west, so first thing tomorrow morning the sunshine will be back, but we had wind advisory through 5:00 in the morning. wind 40 to 50 miles an hour,
11:30 pm
lows dipping in the the 20's tonight. wind chills five to ten above by tomorrow morning creating some of that patchy black ice to watch during the the morning commute. but overall, the the commute tomorrow morning, most of the roadways should be treated by that point. they should be dry with sunshine to go, a along. temperatures in the 20's but again much colder with those wind. in fact as this low deepens in eastern canada, we will funnel those wind in, continuing out of that westerly direction, all afternoon, a high of 31 with sunshine, wind chills will stay in the teens, throughout the afternoon, so the coldest feeling day we have had, this entire winter season, but then high pressure will come in from the south, switches wind out of the southerly direction and we will move those temperatures back above normal, on thursday, so we have a one hit wonder here with arctic air in the middle of the week. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, it is bitter tomorrow. thirty-one, feeling like the teens. not as cold on thursday, sun,
11:31 pm
clouds at 41. very mild for january. we are back to 50 degrees on friday, and that very strong el nino going to work with another southern storm bringing in the warmth and heavy round of rain, saturday morning, it looks like it should rain even as far north as the poconos on the saturday, and sunshine returning in the afternoon before another chill down, and another round of arctic air for the day of service on monday, the holiday just 31 with wind chills again in the 20's and stays below normal on tuesday of 34 degrees. a little hint of snow but no big snowstorm in that seven day. >> thanks, adam. the franklin institute turned into a 1920's speak easy tonight. >> ♪ >> over 2,000 people attended the museum's science after hours, event, or at least that is what they expected to have. tonight's theme science behind the speak easy. visitors learned about liquor,
11:32 pm
flappers and jazz era. there is a new attraction at six flags great adventure in jackson, new jersey. both an african lion and siberian tiger cubs. their moth's abandoned the little wonderful and they have to raise the 29 as sisters even though they will never meet in the wild. they were born in late november. veterinarians say both cubs are healthy, and they will get a name, at a later time.
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