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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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fire. >> mark caraway when to pick up some of his older children at school and learned a fire broke out at his home. >> to get an emergency call saying your house is up in flames, that is unbelievable. >> the intense blaze killed caraway's youngest, and her sister elizabeth. his wife, christina is in critical condition. in july of 1995, his mother perished in a fire trying to save four of his sister's children. >> one thing i pray to god about is i didn't want this to happen again. this is what my mother and sister's kids when through and to be the second time around is really overpowering. >> husband and wife are pen costal preachers. they are asking for people to pray for them and there is a
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prayer service planned for tonight. >> anything will be put directly into the hands -- prayerfully we'll get people to bring clothing items, coats, hats and gloves. >> they reported that there was an ambulance crew that first spotted the fire, frustrating to the chief despite it being in a busy area nobody called 911. >> with heavy smoke and fire in a busy area and 4th street is up the block 100 meters, nobody called 911. >> the chief says no one could be certain, an earlier 911 call may have made a difference and his fire units were on the scene in one minute 35 seconds. they plan to have a vigil here at the fire scene an hour from now and the larger prayer service is scheduled tonight at the city of victory church located on philadelphia pike.
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live in wilmington, channel 6 "action news." >> our thoughts are with that family. >> the bucks county basketball coach caught on video hitting a referee is facing a summary harassment offense, divine will be sent a citation in the mail similar to some traffic tickets. vernon odom will have more on this story coming up in a live report at 5:00. >> it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> it's cold out there. >> very much so. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing out in it wrapped up with a scarf. >> i can't feel my skin but the winds are beginning to relax and some areas seeing a dusting of snow as the temperatures stay cold enough not to melt it today. talking of the snowflakes,
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finally some in the city of philadelphia yesterday, at philadelphia international airport in the even, we did pick up a trace of snow and this marked the latest date ever in philadelphia's history to see that first trace of snow. so we finally got it, but still no measurable snowfall at philadelphia international airport we are still waiting on that. morning windchills, 6 in philadelphia, 5 in allentown, 5 in wilmington and a bone chilling 8 in atlantic city. as we take a look at the temperatures themselves, in philadelphia it was bright today, our high has only reached 28 degrees so far, 12 degrees below average and windchills remaining in the teens so this is the coldest day so far this winter season, present windchills still in the teens in the area, and bitter in wildwood at 20 degrees and 1 in mt. pocono, if you don't like the cold you'll like this, winds
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relax and temperatures rebound by 15 degrees tomorrow afternoon and we are talking about early weekend rain as the temperatures warm up. we'll talk about the timing on all of that plus another round of arctic air comes in and that seven-day forecast we'll show it all to you in that warm, toasty studio in just a bit. >> get back in here adam. look at this that played out in montgomery county, a broken water main turned into an icy geyser, it gushes for an hour before they were able to turn it off and an area business had to clean up an icy mess. the frigid temperatures left power line encased in ice and even frozen american flag, much of the thousands of gallons of water that spewed into the area and hit the roof of a masonry contractor company, as the water turned to ice it clogged the
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drains and flooded the office. the owner is amazed that this pipe did so much damage. >> it's unbelievable. i can't believe that the main broke, i can't believe the main broke in a way that we had water gushing vertically and over on to our roof and flooded our office. >> fire marshall said it exploded the arctic air is likely to play a role. with the first wintry mix of the air stay with us, get constant updates from accuweather as we move past the cold temperatures, and warm up for the rest of the week. >> $1.5 billion, let that sink in for a second. you good? that is the power ball jackpot up for grabs, whether you are by
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yourself or jumped into the office pool. the pennsylvania lottery says it's selling 16,000 tickets every minute, gray hall is live in havertown, with more on the power ball frenzy unfolding everywhere. it paints the picture of this power ball, everyone wants to win the 1.5 billion thrasher and the largest prize awarded in pennsylvania for the power ball a bit over $110 million awarded in 2004 to a new jersey couple. take a look here at beer guys in havertown, the lines are steady all day and everyone leaving the store want to wake up a billionaire. >> even if you don't gamble, a 1$1.5 billion power ball is enough to change your mind, everybody is joining the power ball frenzy. >> i don't play but my father
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forced me to play today so i'm here to play before i go to work. >> they are buying the tickets with the hopes of becoming the next billionaire. >> ma 2013 was a million and december was $112,000. >> many pamper themselves with gifts, others say they would use it to help others. >> honestly give it to children and help animals and people. that is the only purpose for money any way. >> birthdays and number combos may not be so lucky, 95% of power ball tickets are computer generated quick picks, most everybody goes home thinking they will wake up rich. >> think someone will win tonight, i really, really dot. >> if not? >> if not i'll be back here next
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week. >> your odds of winning are 1 in 292 million and joining a pool will not increase your chances by much, but if you do get a picture and get it in writing. >> i hope whoever wins put its to good use and doesn't squander it. >> more people will come here to beer guys in havertown, i can also tell you that sales stop at 9:59, another thing to keep in mind, once you win the billion dollars if you want to remain anonymous, there are six states, maryland and also delaware. that is the latest from here in havertown, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> that jackpot no doubt continuing to increase today. thank you very much. we'll bring you the numbers on "action news" at 11:00 as soon
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as they are drawn. and on social media. a vacant store in delaware could be demolished after part of it came tumbling down, firefighters took it on here at the b street, no one was hurt in this collapse. officials say the building was already on lni's list for partial demolition and now crews will assess the rest to make sure the entire thing comes down. >> atlantic city leaders are responding to the state takeover of that city's troubled finances, they are introducing a bill that would give the state power over most major decisions in atlantic city. the casino dollars are gone but trying to bring the city back, he wants to work with the state rather than fight it. >> there is no war, we haven't declared war, we are sitting at the table to negotiate and find
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a way to move the city forward. >> now atlantic city is under state monitor since 2010, and an emergency manager was called in last year. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> we go to the first state, where we have problems in the southbound lanes of 495, a crash near the 95 merge was blocking all lanes for a little bit, the good news is the crash cleared out a couple of minutes ago and the bad news is, you are treated to 10 miles per hour from terminal avenue, 95 southbound clear with speeds in the mid-50s at this point, this morning emergency construction on the vine street expressway this afternoon it's the schuylkill expressway, oh, yes emergency road work in the eastbound left lane east of girard avenue, this is not doing good things whatsoever for the eastbound
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traffic, jammed solid from the conshohocken curve, the benefit of this if there is one, the vine itself is not as heavy as this morning, everyone is stuck back on the schuylkill, on the top of your screen there is an accident on the westbound side of the schuylkill by the vine, you got them coming and going on the expressway, northbound on the roosevelt boulevard an accidents here as well. northbound approached wissahickon enthe two right lanes are getting by causing gentleman slowing on 76, lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day everyone, if you want to use the drives instead of the schuylkill, a lot of people are complaining about the traffic, the drives, mlk and kelly look fine at this point. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead here today find out who will headline the big saturday night concert at this year's musikfest.
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and iran hands over 10 american sailors to the u.s. and the latest on what happened. and the local filmmaker premiers his latest work at a local school all to inspire students to follow their dreams.
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iran has released 10 american sailors detained in the perks gulf and they are all said to be okay. they had their hands on their heads when they were detained. when mechanical trouble caused their boats to drift into iranian territory, secretary of state, john kerry, says newly developed ties with iran was key in securing the sailor's release. >> this kind of issue was able to be peacefully and officially resolved and that is the testament of the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe. >> kerry says the nuclear deal
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with iran could take effect as soon as this weekend gl to the markets now a look at how the u.s. markets closed today, arrows down across the board, stoc stocks closing lower. the s&p down 48. general motors said today not only will it earn more money than expected this year, it will increase the stock buy back program, gm says it expects to earn 25 cents more per share than it previously estimated. it will boost its buy back from a $5 billion program to a 9 billion dollar one, it comes after news that the american auto industry had a record year for sales in 2015. >> today a local success story came home to philadelphia, to inspire the next generation, tony shanalt is a newman goretti
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alum. he brought his film to show the students at simon gratz in the tioga-nicetown section of the city. it overcomes adversity and finding your life's purpose and sat down with the children and listened to their concerns and worries and spoke from the heart, he told them find the positive influences in your life and know that sadly they are not always found at home. if your heart is not into something, stop, find your passion never do it for the money and always pay it forward. >> i like giving back, this is morn important than anything, you guys are the future, if i can give back my knowledge, and maybe one or two of you guys can learn something that is a positive for me, that is what it's about. >> he says his mother never lived long enough to see his
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success and stressed to those kids today, don't ever tell your mom she is calling you too much. treasure every call and text, and thanks your parents for caring and worrying and pushing you. a great guy to brag about and share his success with those kids. >> great. it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> let send things over over to adam joseph standing by the latest on the killy temperatures. >> the a one hit wonder, out of here by tomorrow afternoon, we are looking live on sky 6 hd, the camera is bouncing still a bit with the westerly wind and a few high clouds above and that could display a few nice sunsets here and you may want to venture out around 4:45 that time period, 25 allentown and 24 in
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reading and millville, we did not get out of 20s most of the viewing area making this the coldest day so far this winter season, factor in the wind from the west, speeds of 15 in philadelphia, 14 in wilmington and 14 miles per hour in millville, that cuts through you and throws the windchills still back into the teens in much of the area, this morning they were in the single digits and we had wind gusts last night and this morning above 40 miles per hour be at least the winds and windchills will be slack ening off tonight. for tonight 14 allentown and 22 philadelphia and 24 at the boardwalk and down to dover
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sitting at 21 degrees, future tracker tomorrow morning, the thin veil of cloud cover in the 20s you have to head to the poconos to see flurries tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon off to the races and the temperatures 40s again in philadelphia south and upper 30s north and west, 50s are building in atlanta and memphis and that is moving in our direction. the four day at 4:00, 43 tomorrow and 15 degree jump in temperature with sun and clouds, 50 mild degrees on friday with sunshine and clouds and friday night into saturday morning there say round of rain and that rain a quarter inch on average and a little heavier to the south and east and returning sunshine in the afternoon and still mild with a high temperature coming in at 50 degrees and then on sunday itself, it's a much colder day of 38 degrees and some energy is pushing in from the west with
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another arctic front with temperatures in the 30s that could touch off a snow shower or two here on sunday, but behind that front, as we get into the holiday monday, it's a day of service and many folks are outdoors, woo. if you are going to be outdoors you'll want to see the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> it doesn't sound good. >> but you are out doing for the community. >> yes. today we found out one of the headliners for musikfest in bethlehem. we'll tell you who it is. and he was behind burglaries in six local towns and he stole over 6,000 items, wait until you hear the evidence he used to catch the suspect.
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a b urlingto n county man admitted to stealing 2,000 items, darius gifford pleaded guilty to 24 counts of theft and burglary, i hit burlington and camden county during a 10 month period that ended in 2012, police say that a flashlight with his dna on it helped them crack the case, he is scheduled to be sentenced on march 3rd. the staw berry mansion bridge was closed after a tree came down and blocked the roadway, chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 7:00 this morning. traffic was rerouted while the bridge was closed. crews were brought in to move the tree off the road and clear out the area. >> country music star lady
4:26 pm
antebellum will perform at this year's musikfest, the six time grammy winners will take the stage, the sand steel stage on saturday august 13th, they are known for hits like "need you now" they won grammys in 2010. 6 abc is so proud once again to be a partner once again this year. >> the holidays were a big -- new years eve saw 3.1 million center city hotel bookings, that is 77% capacity. they went over the hospitality breakfast today the independence sea port museum hosted the event. ♪ ♪ philadelphia is marking the third annual korean american day, officials held a flag raising at city hall this morning and featured special
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performances by the korean dance troupe, the idea is to remember the first generation of korean immigrants. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, philadelphia police are warning people about a hoax after a man called someone at random claiming he kidnapped his wife. and children at one elementary school will be out of the classroom for the next few days following a scary accident today. what happened inside of the school edwards boiler room ahead.
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"action news" continues with meteorologi meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello "action news" continues with a story straight out of a soap opera, how police in landsdale found a man trying to pin a violence crime on his twin brother and we were taught when we were young that please was the magic word but one school says it's a menace, why they banned one teacher from saying please. how much is at stake tonight and do you know the most common numbers drawn and winning tonight is the same as they were over the weekend. some of the facts and figures we bring you in a power ball edition of what's the deal. philadelphia police are warning
4:30 pm
people to be extra cautious, after a man got a call from a stranger who claimed they kidnapped his wife. for more on what the scammer want wanted. >> reporter: hey sharrie, police tell me they have seen this type of scam before across it's city and want people to be aware and watch our story, because the victim in this case did the right thing. it started with a phone call just before 11:00 this morning. >> he answered the phone and they told him they had his wife hostage and demands he go to a bank and take out some money because she was involved in an auto accident. >> the suspect wanted the husband to withdraw 2800 bucks from this fox chase bank and the police say the husband was about to do it.
4:31 pm
>> he heard a female screaming in the back saying do it. >> soon police showed up at the wife's work at fox chase cancer center. >> she was unharmed and had no idea this was going on. >> the scammers knew they were being had and the conversation ended. >> the advise call police or -- >> if someone seems fishy right away, take the time and call the person and say are you okay? >> and police tell me they have no suspects in this investigation and it's on going, and anyone else who may have been victimized is urged to call police. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right chad thank you. a west oak lane elementary school will be closed for the next two days following an explosion that injured a mainance worker there, it happened at the franklin s.
4:32 pm
school this afternoon, a 61-year-old man was work on the boiler when it exploded leaving him with burns on the lower half of his body, he was rushed to einstein medical center in critical condition, one mom inside said nobody had any idea what was happening when they heard the blast. >> a big boom, you could hear it on this here street right here. different parents came from this way asking me what happened. >> all 480 students were evacuated as a precaution before being released early and no children were hurt. officials say though the school is safe to return to, they canceled class until heat can be restored in the building. >> people in one burlington county township is asked to cut back on their water usage after a major sewer line ruptured it broke on hartford road at 48 in mount laurel temperature, that line services 80% of the
4:33 pm
township, officials are asking residents to reduce their usage and call the municipal authority when their sewer backs up. they are working to get this fixed as quickly as they can. it took extra detective work but the landsdale police department has the correct man in custody accused of stabbing a teenager zbrt suspect initially tried to blame his identical twin brother for the crime and police have clarified the situation and released this new mugshot showing lance greenwood, he gave them his brother's license as identification while they investigated sunday's crime and greenwood will be charged with providing false i.d. as well as aggravated assault. >> not brotherly love there. there was an accidents involving a trash truck this morning, chopper 6 hd was over 202 in warrington where a trash truck flipped just after 5:00
4:34 pm
a.m., the crews worked to right the truck and clean up the mess and we are still waiting to hear how the driver is doing. boy oh boy driving home last night and for many people driving into work this morning, really slick out there. >> patchy black ice where the snow stuck and there was no salt out there and temperatures dropped. but much better out there this evening, and the next few days, everything will melt as we take a look live on sky 6 hd at penn's landing, the sun is lower and you see glimmers of sun and a lot of shadows from the buildings, 28 is the air temperature and dew point is dry at 3 degrees, winds from the west-northwest. creating a windchill of 17 degrees and cape may a decent amount of clear skies and cold as well. 28 a calm wind down in cape may, the water temperature is still really warm at 42 degrees, the place ta loves this kind of
4:35 pm
weather is shawnee mountain, a few puffy cumulous clouds there, the temperature is just 15 degrees with a westerly wind at, making windchills in the single digits in the poconos, we are tracking another storm for the weekend, that is in the form of rain warmer temperatures and another arctic blast in the seven day, we'll have the timing in just a bit. >> bill cosby's scheduled deposition in the defamation case is now postponed. a federal judge says it has to wait until after cosby faces criminal charges here. it accused him of slandering several women, and his wife camille will have to give a statement. the comedian denies all accusations
4:36 pm
people say they will quit their job after winning the power ball jackpot. an interesting story here, monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more. >> a group of folks that work at italian restaurant, thought they won the big bucks last saturday night, we know they didn't, it was just a mistake, imagine what that must have felt like, valets and bus boys, and cooks in the kitchen were all cheering how they would spend that big money but they were reading the numbers wrong, coming up tonight, we'll explain what caused the mixup that crushed all of their dreams, but they can try again, speaking of winning the lottery, just thinking about an overwhelming experience like that can boost your health even if you don't win. ali gorman explains that in health check at 5:00. >> can't wait to hear it.
4:37 pm
monica thank you. there is a new way to show off your philadelphia pride and it involves a special set of emojis created for your texting plerk books pleasure, it comes with the icon of the liberty bell to the rocky statue and william penn, visit philadelphia created the app to help people spread the brotherly love, can you download it for free, by searching philadelphia key board in the apple app or google play stores. >> that is a good one to get. >> now the most common numbers drawn and the so-called curse of the lottery with $1.5 billion on the line we are focusing on all things power ball in what's the deal. >> and why one school in north carolina says that teaching our children to use the magic word is actually teaching them that obeying orders an option. >> okay. and meteorologist, adam joseph
4:38 pm
back with the full accuweather forecast. details on a warm-up coming. >> yes. >> "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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a trench clapped the man was despite being trapped for so long, the plumber was not seriously hurt. two workers at this waffle house were fired for what they caught them doing. check this out. one women treated the other woman's hair in a pot like where food is being prepared in the very same pot, where customers could see it, and several
4:41 pm
started complaining and recording it, the company says it noticed videos on facebook and fired the two women and has opened the internal investigation. >> what exactly are they doing? okay in health check at 4:00, vice president, joe biden, is coming to philadelphia friday to kick off his new mission, making america the country that cures cancer, he will meet cancer researchers including the penn team behind a ground breaking leukemia treatment. it's likened to putting a man on the moon. biden says cures are at hand. >> all of this information is silos, little of it is shared and little of the big data is able to get out to the oncologists treating the portlands around the united states of america, and there are cutting edge opportunities that are there. exciting news actually. on monday some major drug
4:42 pm
companies said they would team up on cancer trials and testing drugs from different companies together. they named it cancer moon shot 2020. biden lost his son beau to cancer. for parents it's referred to the magic word. but they are banning the word at one school. to make bratty kids behave. this is no nonsense nurture, give kids concise information, and apparently leaves kids with zero room for misbehavior. and children are celebrated and singled out for following congressmans. >> alex joins us on the carpet and is sitting quietly, saying please indicates this is an
4:43 pm
option and that puts the teacher in the power seat. the viral bikini photo inspiring people to love who they are and what they are here now and always. this is 31-year-old molly, a fitness professional keeping it real. she started her facebook post by saying this is my body, not before or after, this is a life picture, this is a body called too fat, too thin, too weak, too skin to masculine and all within the same week and some people say they would kill to have this body others say they would kill themselves fz they had this body. she posted back to fight against the fitness industry who prey on women, she says be happy and know who you are, and the only opinion that really matters is yours.
4:44 pm
love that. >> finally of a mother of almost 2-year-old, i get this, really get this. so will you. the hilarious viral video called if adults acted like toddlers. >> because saying mom once is not enough right. the latest spoof honeson ester anderson's poof. climbing up on the couch and trying to jump from the position and is this not dinner at your house every night, banging on the plate and throwing things on the floor, all your typical toddler chaos, grownups do not try this at home. it features the classic temper
4:45 pm
tantrums as well. >> the kids don't know that we are making fun of them. >> i love it. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now, matt pellman with the update on this hump day. >> speaking of temper tantrums, people throwing them as we try to drive home, a rough ride brian and sharrie thanks again to emergency construction, this morning on the eastbound side of the vine, this afternoon it's on it's eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway between girard avenue and spring garden street, penndot crews are out here knocking out the left lane. two lanes getting by eastbound and that means traffic is not moving well from gladwyne on into the emergency construction approaching spring garden street look for slick spots that gave us plenty of accidents you'll see a couple out there this afternoon. on the vine moving better,
4:46 pm
sluggish in each direction, a crash to watch out for at penn wynn park. and approaching wissahickon init has cleared. coming southbound on the boulevard at woodhaven in the great northeast look for a crash in the inner drive and south on woodhaven from 95 backing up on down to cotman, just ahead an accidents now pushed off to the side with a debris spill as well. we are cleaning that up and lots of things up, we'll check it again at 5:00 lets head outside shall we? we are talking weather in a moment. this is philadelphia international airport just before sunset. not a bad shot at all. >> a wisp of clouds in there.
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4:49 pm
we just spent the entire commercial break talking about the power ball jackpot. what we would do. >> hide go to an island and hide. you'll be sought after by everybody. any way, lets talk about the weather. the warm-up is on the way, arctic air is moving out as we take a live look now at spring mountain in montgomery county, skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of this cold blast, can you see the snow guns are on and where the snow guns are on the left side, that is where the tubing trail is, they are trying to add to their base after a warm winter so far. double scan live radar not finding precipitation whatsoever, above some high wispy clouds passing through. we open up the almanac, the high is 29, and normal low is 25 degrees, we were close to that
4:50 pm
number rather than close to the normal high of 40, the record is 70 degrees, the high in 1932, winds are lighter but still creating a windchill, feeling like 17 in philadelphia and 16 in dover and mt. pocono 1 lonely degree. and low pressure is deepening and winding up near halifax, that spin there is what is funneling in the winds near the low and we start to break a little bit of cloud cover our way and overnight tonight, we'll have a mixture of stars and clouds and it's cold and winds relax only 4 to 8 miles per hour and the air temperatures between 14 and 23 degrees, high pressure to the south tomorrow will bring a more southerly component to the wind and back above normal thursday afternoon, the temperatures warm even more come friday with a warm front lifting through, a few high clouds and
4:51 pm
50 degrees, and low pressure to the south, pulling out of the gulf of mexico and the panhandle of florida will bring a round of rain here earlier, and we are looking at a quarter to half inch of rain and the main part of this low looks to slide to the south and east, keeping the heaviest rain closer to the shore. the exclusive accuweather forecast, clouds and sun 43 tomorrow and back to 50 degrees at the end of the week and we stay at 50 degrees on saturday with morning rain and that rain should wrap up pretty early in the morning, so the sun does return in the afternoon and then on sunday, an arctic front arrives late in the day and early in the evening, to bring a couple more snow showers around and it doesn't look like a big system and 38 degrees, a bitter cold biting wind again, for the holiday on monday, if you are going to be outdoors doing community service, windchills much lower than that and it's
4:52 pm
still cold on tuesday and remains below average come wednesday of 36 degrees, so that next round of arctic air is longer lived than this present one and it does move out by the end of the next week. >> adam thanks. >> would you be richer than the kardashians if you win the lottery tonight? it's one of the burning questions in our power ball what the deal? coming up next.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
okay unless you live under a rock, there is $1.5 billion up at stake for tonight's jackpot, we have advice and a few nuggets should you win. a few nuggets besides call us, according to lottery tracker and you are going to like this one,
4:55 pm
lotto numbers they are common ones that will increase your chance of winning, these are the white balls we are talking about here, these are the ones that come up the most. 26, 46, 16, 42. as for the power ball itself. here is where you do well. choosing the day of the month numbers, anniversary or birthdays, the power ball only goes up to 26, the white numbers go up to 69 so increase your diversity with your numbers there. just a tidbit. how are your chances of winning, each ticket has a 1 of $292 million chance, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning, your charnces are the same no matter how much money is in the pot and how much you play.
4:56 pm
uncle sam gets about a quarter, it changes depending on where you live and where you buy the ticket. now the big question, how rich will you be if you win. you take the lump sum, you are left with 697 million, the kardashians are worth 101 million, all the kardashians you will be seven time richer than they are. >> everyone rich for doing nothing. >> finally at 4:00, some call him photogenic and others say he is just plain happy but either way he is one smart pup. >> say cheese. your eyes are not playing tricks on you, this dog is, he can smile on command, he has reasons to show his pearly whites in addition to being rescued this
4:57 pm
camera loving poof is going up for adoption. finding a forever family to care for him and his dental needs tore his days. >> that should get him adopted. that is it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian and ducis rogers, join me tonight for an hour "action news" at phl 17.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the winds are really whipping today making the cold temperatures feel even worse, it certainly has been a day to bundle up. you may want to add one more layer. it's wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is another day of brutally cold temperatures but the bitter blast is short lived. adam joseph is at the big board with details for us from accuweather. >> bundle upright. >> the temperatures are dropping once again in the teens and 20s, and the winds will relax and the temperatures go back above normal tomorrow. those that like the winter and
5:00 pm
snow, hey it's finally happen that we have flakes in philadelphia, yesterday evening we picked up a trace at philadelphia international airport and that finally ends the run of not seeing any snow this winter season, it was the record latest date for the trace of snow ever in philadelphia's history. we look at the morning windchills, it was mighty cold and 6 degrees in philadelphia, and 5 in allentown and 7 in trenton and 5 in wilmington and 8 in atlantic city, when the winds were gusting well over 30 miles per hour, in addition the high temperature today the mercury only hit 29 degrees, 11 degrees below average and does in fact make this the coldest day we have seen so far this winter season, presently the windchills are rather harsh, 15 in philadelphia and 11 in reading and 16 in millville, and even the shore is feeling like the teens out there, it's winds will continu


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