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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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of tragic irony. john rawlins is live now on north monroe street. you have the full story. >> reporter: this is a terrible loss for this family, two little children are dead and the mother is badly burned. all of their worldly possessions and they didn't have much, the father says this is a replay of a deadly incident that occurred 20 years ago. >> we played just last week, we don't want to lose babies. >> mark caraway mourning the loss of two of his babies, his wife 37-year-old christina is in critical condition. mark said he left to pick up a few of the older kids from school when the deadly blaze erupted. compounding caraway's pain was his mother's death 20 years. >> i didn't want this to happen again because this is what my
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mother and sister's kids went through, and to be the second time around is really overpowering. >> both husband and wife fix youred at several local pentecostal churches. they are making up collections to help the family. >> anything collected will be put directly into the hands of the pastor. and hopefully people can bring clothing items, coats and hats and gloves. >> they began this vigil outside of the home of the family of nine, they say the children were always polite and well behaved. >> they say a passing ambulance crew radioed it into dispatch and were disappointed nobody call it in sooner. >> a 911 call earlier, sooner, i
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can't dictate how lives are taken or given, but if we knew sooner -- >> a prayer service to be held at the city of victory church tonight and tomorrow night a similar prayer service to be held at mount mariah pentecostal. the community wants to help this family as much as they can. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. a school in the west oak lane section of philadelphia is closed the rest of the week after a boiler explosion, a maintenanceance worker at the edmond school suffered burns this afternoon, none of the school's 130 students were hurt and a parent inside of the school at the time described what she heard. >> a big boom, you could hear it on this street right here, different parents came from this way asking me what happened. >> you hear this big boom and what went through your head. >> what in the world is going on. >> the students were briefly
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evacuated to a school across the street until officials gave the all clear, the edmond school will be closed for the next two days as crews work to restore heat to the building. the fbi confirmed the shooting of a philadelphia police officer last week is investigated as terrorism and fbi direction ter james comey talked to reporters and characterized the shooting of jessie hartnett says using social media to motivate potential attackers, edward ar mucher charged with attempted murder confessed to shooting in the name of islam. >> a decision has been reached on charges for buck county high school basketball coach, jerry divine, live in neshaminy high school tonight is vernon odom, what is the story? >> jim, bucks county da decided not to throw the book off jerry
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divine and not letting him off the hook entirely either. when coach divine bummed a referee to the floor after arguing a call against pennsbury, he was suspended from his coaching job and is now back to teaching, the da filed formal charges against divine for harassment and not assault. >> from the criminal justice standpoint he was not from what we could tell attempting to injure somebody so it's harassment. >> not assault? >> not an assault. >> divine's classroom suspension is lifted and divine will get a ticket in the mail and it could get him 90 days in jail and a 300 there's fine, but that is not likely. >> we don't see an attempt to cause injury, he is projecting, he is projecting his displeasure
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and running over this guy. >> few neshaminy high students wanted to discuss the case. >> i don't agree with jail time. >> you think he should coach again? >> yes, he is a great guy but one small thing like your coaching job could go, but he should get one more chance. >> jim, jerry divine will get a citation in the mail and then have 10 days to respond to the da's office, will he ever coach again here that, is an open question, live in langhorne, bucks county, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. during his state of the union speech, president obama announced that vice president, joe biden, will head up a national effort to find a cure for cancer, biden will kick off the initiative in philadelphia on friday biden is set to take
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part in a round table at the university of pennsylvania's perlman school of medicine, biden lost his son beau to brain cancer last spring. now the city council added problems before the local business community, mayor don guardian says he and local council members are working to bring the city back, they introduced a bill to expand casino gambling to north jersey and introduced legislation to give the state more power over atlantic city's finances, atlantic city is already under a state monitor since 2010. so, somebody said they are holding a lottery drawing tonight and somebody said it has an annuity value of $1.5 billion, it's in full swing, now gray hall is live at the beer guys in havertown where business
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is brisk. >> business has been booming here and folks still in line trying to become a billionaire, one thing about pennsylvania if you win the jackpot you don't have to pay state taxes but you'll be identified. if you want to remain anonymous you have to buy the ticket in delaware. >> that is the winning one, i have it. i have it right here. >> this may be the night that someone will win it all. but since november the power ball jackpot is ballooning, now a world record of 1.5 billion there's and players want to cash in, first time players like bill zinc has reasons to try their luck. >> this is the first time buying a ticket, at work the last pool and jackpot, everybody put in money and i didn't, they won they had five numbers, $50,000. >> retailers are selling tickets like wild fire, if lady luck
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favors you can take the $1.5 billion in annual payments or take the cash payout of $9.1 million. >> i think someone will win tonight i really, really do. >> if not. if not i'll be back here next week. >> the odds are against you, about 1 in 292 million and experts say that most winning numbers are selected by the computer, all the math and stats don't matter to the players, all they care about it matching the five numbers and the power ball. >> it would change my life completely. >> it's awesome, i asked my daughter what do you want to do if we win? and she said we have enough money lets give it all away to people and i said okay that sounds like a good idea. >> the cutoff is 9:59 tonight and if no one wins the big prize tonight it goes up to 2 billion there's. gray hall, channel 6 "action
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news." >> gray thank you. now before this massive power ball jackpot, the highest winning jackpot in the united states was $656 million, three tickets shared that mega millions prize on march 30th 2012, two winning tickets split a mega millions jackpot in 2013 and one ticket won the $590 million power ball drawing on may 18th, 2013. "action news" will have the winning numbers as soon as they are drun tonight. we'll post them on social media, just like 6 abc "action news" on facebook or follow 6 abc on twitter. coming up on "action news" tonight, hostage hoax, philadelphia police are searching for thiefs that are praying on people's fears and gushing geyser, a water main break is causing a frozen mess
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in conshohocken. >> everybody is talking about power ball and numbers in the weather world. 26 degrees in philadelphia, you want to pick the high numbers that is what is moving in for the rest of the week, we'll show you the rising temperatures in the seven day, we'll have the coaching search when "action news" continues. for the girl scout meeting...
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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my giant. a water supply line ruptures this morning creating a geyser in conshohocken, the break happened just before 6:30, at washington and cherry streets, the water froze on trees and power lines and roadways because
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of the sub freezing temperatures, fire crews responded quickly to make sure that a masonry contracting business was not in danger of collapsing. the fire marshall believes that cold weather was to blame for rupturing the line in the first place. philadelphia police are trying to track down scam artists using fear as a weapon. chad pradelli has that story. >> reporter: the victim's phone rang the number was one he hadn't seen before. >> he answered the phone and they told him they had his wife hostage. and demanded he go to a bank and take out money because she was involved in an auto accident. the suspect wanted the husband to withdraw $2800 from this bank. >> he didn't believe it and then heard a female screaming in the background, pay him, that is what caught him off guard. the victim was on the phone with
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the at the present time his friend was nearby on his phone talking to investigators letting them know what was going down. police sent plain clothed officers to the bank and detectives to the wife's place of business at fox medical center. >> the scammers realized they were had and the conversation ended. it's a crime detectives have seen before. >> there is different types of scams, one is a tow truck your son needed to be towed, you'll have the name of the son that is the scary part and they say someone is coming to pick up $50. >> in northeast philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> police in buck county say that slick roads caused an accident involving a trash truck this morning, the truck flipped over on 202 in warrington
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township, the accidents happened at 5:00 at bristol road, the turnpike was closed for a number of hours as they worked to right the truck and clean up the mess.
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we are talking a lots about tom coughlin now but also doug peterson. >> he does not have a second interview set up but said that sunday's interview went well, the eagles said little. if doug peterson is the eagles first choice assist coaches cannot be hired by other teams until their team is eliminated from the playoffs. peterson has worked with andy reid in both kansas city and philadelphia. >> as you know he is my mentor and we work together, i worked for him in philadelphia, i understand that market and
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climate and that structure there, and so the things i learned from coach reed, if it's in my fewer, there is a lot of great examples of him leading a team and organization that i can use in my future as well. >> to the ice, the flyers dug themselves a hole, and they continue to do their best to climb out. the flyers have a huge game at home against the boston bruins, it's within nine in the conference and six are within eight points of catching in the standings. this is a crucial time for the hockey club and they know it. it's huge, going to make the difference, whether we make the playoffs or no. >> last year we were chasing and chasing and chasing, and we didn't have enough energy to make the push, tonight is a huge game. >> every day you take a peek at the standings, tonight we are 4
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points back of boston, this is a massive game for us. >> college basketball, a busy night for two-thirds of the city six, do i have my math right, la salle and villanova in action. the sixth ranges cats host marquette, they are looking to big first in the big east for the third straight season. >> they are very confident and very talented and very skilled, it will be a good match-up we have to bring it and from the start we can't get complacent, and have a slow start with this team, if we do that we'll be in for a long day. >> villanova's football team is about to go through a major transition, andy tally announced his refirement from the season. he has been at the school since 1985 and calls it a privilege to be the coach for the last 20
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years, he is the winningest coach in villanova history and assist an mark peronte is the coach in waiting, a big pair of shoes to fill. >> the pressure is on the dude and we need to see big things and get after him, it's going to be fun just being around it and knowing i was a part of it. a small part of it. >> danny garcia is getting set for his next bout, he held a workout in philadelphia, he will face robert guerrero, the welterweight title is on the line and garcia is unbeaten at 31-0 with some 18 ko's, that is sports. >> thank you ducis. adam joseph with the accuweather forecast.
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a burst of frigid weather is here, i like that kind of arctic blast, as we go back out tomorrow, not finding any precipitation tonight, unlike last night tonight, we have snow squalls passing through, as we look at headlines in this accuweather forecast. winds this morning stuck below freezing the entire day, in fact earlier this morning the windchill made it feel like 6 degrees, allentown 5 degrees and single digits for trenton and even at the shore the lowest it felt was 8 degrees, and then this afternoon, the winds eased a little bit and the high temperature only made it to 29
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degrees, with the full sunshine 11 degrees below average making it the coldest day so far this season and windchills stayed in the teens all afternoon, but the winds that gusted at times over 50 miles per hour last night, have really calmed down. 8 in allentown and 7 in trenton and 12 in wilmington and 13 in millville and 9 miles per hour in dover, but even with a light wind with the temperatures in the 20s, the windchills remain in the teens area wide and just 0 degrees in the poconos. satellite and radar, high clouds are moving in over the last few hours, especially from the west. there is a weak disturbance and energy in the atmosphere over the great lakes and some showers here but broken in nature, and this will swing to our north late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning, what that will do is throw high clouds our way in the overnight hours, if you are north of the lehigh tunney,
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you are expected to go in that direction early tomorrow morning, could you bump in snow showers this is 5:00 in the morning and the rest of us cloud cover and splashes of sun overall tomorrow morning. future tracker in the afternoon, 2:30 sunshine and going to work and 42 in philadelphia and wilmington and millville and 45 in dover, the lehigh valley, bouncing back into the upper 30s and high clouds push in with the warm front draping in through here, and 10 degrees below average by the end fbt week due to high pressure kind of pumping the southerly winds in and at the same time there is a new storm developing in the deep south grabbing moisture from the pacific and the gulf of mexico near the panhandle of florida and this will go just to our south and out to sea, but close enough it will bring a round of rain late friday night into saturday morning and looking at a quarter to half inch fb rain with that.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sun and clouds and back to normal tomorrow at 43 and milder on friday 50 degrees, and we stay at 50 on saturday and most of that rain the heaviest at the shore looks to be out of here by middle part of the morning and then sun returning in the afternoon before another arctic front arrives sun evening with a round of snow showers possible colder at 38 degrees and then we open the floodgates again from canada again here, on the holiday if you are doing some community service on monday outdoors, 29 with windchills a lot colder and that arctic air will hang around a few extra days, tuesday 30 degrees and remains below average on wednesday, we do modify some at 36 degrees, but still cannot link the cold arctic air with storms from the south to bring massive snow storms at this points. it was a trip back in time
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at saint christophers hospital for children, they are celebrating their 140th anniversary and they paid tribute to nurses today. in 1906 saint christ fer established a program for so-called cadet nurses to take care of children, saint christopher's was busy in those days because many hospitals in the region would not admit children under the age of 3, they were all at saints christopher's. abc world news tonight is next with dave muir and "action news" continues at 10:00 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers, and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the video of american sailors. their hands on their heads. iran putting out the images. the americans needing and apologizing. tonight, how did they end up in iranian waters? and critics now saying iran is humiliating the u.s. breaking news, your money. the stock market and the deep dive today. tonight, what this means for your savings and your retirement. the escape from the economy. powerball fever tonight. we're just hours away now. $1.5 billion. and word this evening, the chinese buying powerball tickets, too. could they win this jackpot? she's the fast-rising republican star. tonight, donald trump taking aim at governor nikki haley after her message to trump, as millions watched last night. and the water emergency. the national guard now called in this evening. how long was an american cy


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