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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we've got a lot of breaking news. we do, including a driver speeding off after seriously hurting a man walking down a philadelphia street. police are investigating two suspicious car fires in north philadelphia. a high school student in the lehigh valley accused of assaulting a teacher is found guilty. let's find out what to expect with weather and traffic, david murphy is outside and karen rogers is inside. >> reporter: you still need a coat. i'm glad i have gloves on, with winds calm in philadelphia it's not that bad if you're dressed appropriately. we have sunshine coming up over the horizon later on. clouds are thicker and we'll get the early sun and clouds will have a tendency to thicken up through the day. 31 degrees in philadelphia. a tad below freezing. 27 in reading, 30 in wilmington, 26 in trenton. 28 in millville. so bundle up a bit, but, again, the winds are light and that always helps. as we go through the afternoon,
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8:00 a.m., 34, noon, 48. 3:00 p.m., more clouds, but a high of 52 degrees and dry through the afternoon, not a bad afternoon to get outside and get exercise in or get something else done. this evening, it will be dry to start out, but we have the arrival of rain, i'll show you that on future trash 6 coming up. >> reporter: we are having comiewn indications -- communications problems, new jersey river line seeing half hour delays. king of prussia, the ramp 2 oh, 2 northbound to the schuylkill expressway eastbound we had a big accident. we have a truck off to the side, but traffic is moving better. it's all because of truck hours ago lost its load of steel beams. it took forever tore get the heavy -- to get the heavy equipment up and out of there. traffic is moving better there in the king of prussia area. hanover township we have an
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accident. there are injuries on the scene, emergency workers on swamp pike stick to 73 because fire and police crews are restricting traffic. 309 southbound at 563 we're hearing someone trapped in the wreckage of one of the vehicles, another terrible accident this morning, fire and police crews on the scene with this one, too, tam. thank you, karen. talking about breaking news, chopper 6 live over a fire in burlington, new jersey. since we updated you a few moments ago, we learned one person was injured in the fire. look at the huge flames and smoke coming out of the buildings. the intense flames is best of your knowledge on the 300 block of -- the intense flames are burning on the 300 block of st. mary's street. 15 minutes ago he this sounded a second alarm calling for help.
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again, we know a person has been injured and we're keeping an eye on this and keep updating the breaking story throughout the morning. we have more breaking news, fast-moving flames damage a townhouse in delaware county. this on ravens cliff drive in marple township. crews evacuated neighboring homes as a precaution because there are propane heating tanks, very frightening getting people out of the way. no reports of injuries. now to another breaking news story out of the hunting park section of philadelphia. annie mccormick has arrived on the scene in hunting park with the details. >> reporter: detective's have cleared the scene, at this point this is an on going investigation because they are looking for the driver. take a look at the video. this is video from earlier this morning, at 5th and hunting park. police initially responded out here and medics around 3:00 a.m.
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with reports that a man had been shot. but when they got to the scene, they realize the the man was suffering injuries consistent with being hit by a vehicle. he suffered head injuries. he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. detectives were out here, investigators from the accident investigation division collecting car parts that were left here on the scene in that area collecting that evidence and then, of course that man was transported to the hospital. no word on his latest condition, but he was taken there in critical condition. back out here live, this intersection is now becoming busy at this time of the morning. there are several businesses around here, detectives are hoping that once the businesses open they can take a look at the surveillance video. they are hoping to get more clues from that, for now they are looking for a driver they believe was involved in a hit-and-run at 5th and hunting park. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." that this morning, two cars
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burst into flames in north philadelphia overnight and investigators are calling it suspicious. the damaged vehicles were parked along the 3100 block of north 6th street. fire crews found them engulfed in flames around 1:30 a.m. nobody was hurt. also new this morning, a high school student in allentown has been found guilty of assaulting a teacher. the 16-year-old girl has been found delinquent of fell knee aggravated assault. she was convicted of simple assault and disorderly conduct. police say the girl pushed a teacher down a set of bleachers during a pep rally last year and reportedly punched that teacher. it looks like the eagles search for a new head coach has come to an end. "action news" has learned that the birds are expected to higher kansas chief's off -- offensive coordinator.
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him he -- he spent ten years as a quarterback in the league including two years with the eagles. the gloves came off with the republican candidates during the gop debate in south carolina, donald trump and ted cruz tangled over his eligibility to run. the moderator asked why he is bringing it up now. because he is doing better. i'll tell you what if this all works out i'm happy to consider naming you as vp if you are right you can get the top job at the end of the day. no, no. i like that, i like it, i would consider it, but i think i will go back to building buildings fit doesn't work out. those two to be in that crowd other topics of the decay
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by the including gun control and immigration. 6:07 chipotle said it would go to any length to stop the e coli outbreak in many states. maribel aber has more. chipotle will close all of its restaurants for a few hours next month for food safety. they will answer questions and it comes after health officials investigated e. coli and norovirus and salmonella. futures are pointing to a lower open, we've got reports on retail sales and industrial production do out later today. the obama administration
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wants to spend 4 billion doors to speed the acceptance of driverless cars. the goal is to cut traffic fatalities and travel delays. the proposal would require congressional approval. that's the latest in business news from nasdaq, the markets are closed on monday in observance of martin luther king. a lot of people are doing service projects they will want to know what to expect. >> reporter: nose not a reason not to do them, but it will be cold. storm tracker 6 live showing it is dry, we're looking live at sky6 live hd at the airport. notice how the camera is not moving the winds are calm and it is cold. but without the strong windy and the promise of milder conditions later today. it's not a bad morning to take. 31 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in wilmington, 24 in allentown, 27 in reading. 26 in trenton.
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still in the upper 20s in millville. again not having to worry about a windchill this morning because the winds are essentially calm. as you see there are clouds beginning to build from the west. we'll get early sunshine. as we get later in the afternoon, the thicker clouds will overtake us and you'll see less sunday. in allentown, milder, 44 degrees. at the shore, 52 degrees increasing clouds and very mild conditions there. in philadelphia, going for a high of 52. clouds on the march today increasing as the day goes on. happenings every now and then. winds out of the southeast at 6 to 12 miles per hour. not all that windy. here's how the numbers will climb. 34 boo by 8:00. -- 34 by 8:00 a.m. 52 by 3:00 p.m. if you head out of town,
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5:00 p.m., 48. after 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. we'll be on the look out for showers to build in. it's a night where you head out it might be dry, but organ the way home that could -- but on the way home that could change. the rape continues overnight the good news it will get out of here quickly saturday morning. this is 5:30 a.m. when most of you are asleep. still raining there, but by 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., the region dries out. it will be windy, high of 50 degrees, but mild. behind the frontal boundary it gets colder and sunday knight another shot of cold air comings in and another arctic shot of air comings in monday you'll see that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 52 today, increasing clouds and mild. rain ending tonight.
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saturday nice high of 50. brisk and chilly on sunday, monday, brisk and colder, high of 29 windchills in the teens. you can see the arctic air stays with us on tuesday, we get back out of here on wednesday and thursday. thursday, 38. and i could see a high of 40 or so on friday. we're following developing news, including a tourist tragedy under investigation in japan. michigan turns to the white house for help with the growing water crisis. karen. >> reporter: live in fort washington, 309 right hear by the pennsylvania turn piek -- turnpike looking good. if you would like to avoid delays on the schuylkill expressway i'll explain coming up. in the morning buzz, a lot of people are talking what they see as a glaring issue at the oscars. we'll run it down for you coming up. let's take you to this
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breaking news out of burlington, new jersey. chopper 6 live over st. mariy street. one -- st. mary street. one person was injured in the fire. the flames broke out a half-hour ago. let's show you what the flames looked like at their peak moments ago.
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when crews arrived they found fire shooting through the roof. they sounded a second alarm for more help about a half-hour ago. katherine scott is heading to the scene at this very moment. she will bring us a live update in the next half-hour. we have news of one injury. look at the damage, my goodness. let's go over to karen rogers with the latest on the commute. >> reporter: such a horrible seen there, looking live at the schuylkill expressway, westbound traffic is moving fine now, we expect delays later on the schuylkill expressway in this area here because later this afternoon vice president bide's motorcade will be going through to penn medical center at # #3:00 p.m. look for that on the schuylkill expressway. all speeds on the blue route looking good. the schuylkill expressway not in bad shape on i-95 just yet. we have problems in the hunting park section of the city. the don't cleared and we've got
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5th street reopened at hunting park avenue. that's moving better. southwest philadelphia upland street at 61st street. stick to kingsessing avenue and 60th because of fire location. an accident in west rock hill township 309 southbound at 563. someone is trapped in the wroakage -- wreckage there. avoid that area. cherry hill we have down pole and wires, blocking the right lane and shoulder. 70 westbound past haddonfield road. crews are on the scene. although not as cold as yesterday, it's cold, 24 degrees in quakertown. 29 in coatsville, better in saint davids. 31. 34 in center city. 28 in hammonton, and 39 in dover, delaware. milder this afternoon we're into
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the low 50s, which is good, but increasing clouds, alicia. thank you,. developing this morning an overnight tour bus on its way to a ski resort in central japan has careened off a mountain road killing 14 passengers. 27 others were injured. the two drivers who had been taking turns are among the dead. the ski tour operator said most of the passengers were between the ages of 18 into their early 20s, officials say there was no snow or ice on the road surface. we're learning new information on the deadly attacks in indonesia. police have arrested three men. five men targeted a starbucks with handmade bombs and guns and suicide belts killing two people. all the attackers were killed and isis flag was found in one of the attacker's home. michigan governor is asking
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president obama to issue a major disaster declaration because of the water crisis in flint. the water became contaminated with lead. the national guard is donating water and filters to help those affected by the water contamination. protesters are calling on the governor to resign saying he ignored the problem for far too long. shocking to see this happen in an american city. chip kelly heads to the west coast. more on his new gig next. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids in extra gear, neighborhoods in the 20s, this afternoon it's getting milder. we'll head to the airport and see if there's any precipitation in any of the places you might be traveling today. >> reporter: in tech bytes, nest users are saying their
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thermostats have been mall functioning. they say the problem has resolved for over99% of customers. >> reporter: am son is celebrating their golden globe success by slashing prices, you can get amazon prime for $76. espn has launched a new division called esports. it will cover the world of gaming, top gamers can make more than a million dollars a year. that's a lot of money for just playing around. those are tech bytes. have a great day. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and
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i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. the week, just one more day to
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get through. we have a new accident 30 bypass business route 30 eastbound, an accident blocking the right lane, we're jammed from 113 to business route 30. on the big board we're around the freezing mark in philadelphia. a lot of suburbs in the 20s, dress appropriately. 36 degrees. 38 by noon. the high 52. 12 degrees above average. the mildest day of the week. and winds are light today. we're not looking at rain until after 9:00 p.m. tonight. we have precipitation in order atlantic -- orlando. good news if you like to hit the iseas for vacation -- the high seas for vacation, stomach bugs are becoming less
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common. the centers for disease control say the illness rate has fallen since 1990. cruise ship companies are doing more to disinfect the ships and prevent more outbreaks. chip kelly has been hired as san francisco's new head coach. he will be formally introduced next week. it could give the 49ers a reason to keep collinpernick. chip kelly said --
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welcome back chopper 6 with an update from burlington, new jersey. a fire we've been watching, we're told it is -- we're hearing three people were hurt. this is the 300 block of st. mary street. firefighters getting there at 5:30 a.m. finding serious flames. they had hoped to bring it back down, it is flaring back up up look at the massive amount of smoke. flames bursting through the roof. the number of fire crews on the scene. we're keeping an eye on the situation that left three people hurt. "action news" reporter, katherine scott will be on the scene we'll have a live report coming up from burlington right after this. > good morning 6:30,
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january 15. matt o'donnell is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. we have a lot of breaking news starting with this serious fire that we have in burlington county. first, let's get a check of the roads -- we have another fire that is coming to us, this one vacant townhomes that have been having a number of issues fire crews on that scene. as we go to the last piece of video, police are on the scene of a hit-and-run in north philadelphia trying to piece together the details. but first up let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers with weather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, the winds are not that strong, it is cold, but easier to take this. we have clouds moving in from
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the west. we'll get early sunshine and the clouds get thicker as the day goes on. 31 degrees in philadelphia. 26 in trenton. 30 in wilmington, 24 in allentown. 27 in reading. 28 in millville, again not worrying about windchills this morning. for the commute 4 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, 48. 3:00 p.m., high of 52 degrees, 12 degrees above average and well above average by 6:00 p.m. you can see how clouds get thicker during the day. we have rain arriving later tonight that could hinder the tale tail end of your plans. i'll have more coming up. >> reporter: the accident in chester county has cleared. the delay has not, this is 30 bypass approach business route 30. eastbound traffic jammed from 322 to business route 30. a slow go because of an accident
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that we had that was causing restrictions. it's gone, the delay is still here. we have another accident new hanover township swamp pike. there are people injured on the scene. you will see emergency workers out here, as well. stick to 73 instead of swamp pike. an accident in west rock hill accident. roads are dry. 309 southbound at 563. this is an serious one, we're hearing someone is trapped in the wreckage. we have police and emergency workers coming to the scene in bucks county. look for there to be a delay there, as well. i-95 southbound this is approaching cottman southbound traffic as you try to head toward center city. you can see you're jammed here approaching cottman and girard, just a 19 minute ride so far from woodhaven to the vine. you know that will grow. we want to starting point with breaking news, we have chopper 6 live in burlington county, actually this is -- this
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is burlington county new jersey, this is 300 block of st. mary street. in this case we are told three people have been hurt. the flames breaking out here around 5:30 a.m. when fire crews got to the scene they said they saw a number of issues going on. flames shooting through the roof. blacked out windows, a lot of issues there. they went to two-alarms. 20 minutes into the fire they told us they thought they were making progress on it, a short while ago, the flames flared back up. chopper 6 live over the scene of the 300 block of st. mary street. let's go to video to take a look at another scene we've been dealing with, a townhouse fire. this townhouse was under construction raven cliff drive
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in marple township broke out before 5:00 a.m. crews are excavating homes nearby because of propane tanks on the scene worried about exploding. breaking news in hunting park section of philadelphia. annie mccormick live on the scene of a hit-and-run investigation that is unfolding at this very hour annie. >> reporter: alicia, that's right a 45-year-old man is in the hospital in critical condition and what investigators believe is a hit-and-run that happened around #3:00 p.m., initially when they came out here, medics thought he was shot, so police thought it was a shooting investigation, when they arrived they realized that the injuries were consistent with being hit by a vehicle, so investigators have been out here at the scene. we can see them picking up car parts around the area, around the scene, but that are
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45-year-old man was taken to the hospital. he was in bad shape. he had a broken leg and crushed pelvis and other broken bones. investigators expect to be back out here when daylight comes so they can find video cameras. back out here live this is an area where there are number of businesses on each corner at 5th and hunting park. they hope a camera did capture something that happened around 3:00 a.m. they are urging anyone with information that was in the area at that time to call police. reporting live in hunting park, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." we want to get you back to breaking news we started with, three people injured in a two-alarm blaze at a duplex. katherine scott has just gotten to the scene the 300 block of st. mary street. let's go over to her and hear the latest. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam,
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that's right, three people were injured and one person suffered smoke inhalation. fire crews are on the scene in burlington city. you can see the smoke an flames where we are coming from the fire that started early this morning. let's go to video from chopper 6 hd that was over the scene. this fire broke out before 5:30 a.m. in the 300 block of st. mary street. firefighters arrived to heavy flames. they were blasting water at the blaze they continued to at this hour, the flames were fierce tearing through the roof of the homes. you can see smoke billowing into the air. major damage to the homes. it's too early to know the extent of it, because firefighters, of course, are trying to putt out the blaze. we don't know the cause of the fire. firefighters are working to get this extinguished at this time of day, three injuries we're hearing right now in the early-morning fire in burlington city, at least one person
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suffered smoke inhalation. fire remains under investigation and fire crews remain here doing their job. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you for the latest from that scene. we have new details about an unresponsive man pulled from the delaware river last night. philadelphia rushed the middle age man to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the victim is believed to be a construction worker. he fell through the flooring of pier 78 along the 200 block of christopher columbus boulevard. police found his hard hat and car park nearby. there was no information on what project the man was working on in that location. president obama called for a moon shot for a cure for cancer and he said joe biden is the man to do the job. biden will take part in the round table of university of pennsylvania pearlman cancer center. he lost his sovereign to brain cancer -- his lost his son to
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brain cancer last spring. "action news" has learned that the birds are expected to higher kansas chief's offense coordinator doug peterson. no official announcement has been made, but the eagles said the search is over. some fans are not happy about that. doug peterson is owning an ice cream store and ordering vanilla ice cream. fans are disappointinged -- disappointed, it was sold like it would be exhaustive like they would do their homework. not everyone is upset. others say they like andy reid's system and having peterson will be a plus. no shortage of opinions there. the more wins he gets, the more they will like him. >> reporter: that's basically what it comes down. storm tracker 6 live double scan the bottom line is we are dry this morning. looking outside we're tranquil,
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as well. the winds are not moving the cameras around. we'll see clouds in the distance, we'll get early sunshine before the clouds get thicker today. 31 degrees in philadelphia. a lot of suburbs in the mid to upper 20s. not much wind, winds running at 3-mile an hour. things will improve as we go through the day temperature-wise. cloud cover to the west for the most part right now. it will get thicker as we go into the morning and the afternoon. the big story during the daytime period is how much milder it will be. 34 degrees at 8:00. 44 at 11 and 352 around 3:00 p.m. we're getting milder. here the high temperatures across the region. cooler in allentown and reading. stopping in the mid 40s today. 50 is the high in trenton.
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52 in wilmington and trenton and millville. 52 in ac. as you head out on the town, 48 at 5:00 p.m., 46 by 7:00 p.m. once we get up to 9:00 p.m., there's a chance of a sprinkle or shower beginning to dig in. it could be a night where you head out and it's dry and you can out of the theater tonight and it winds up being wet. future tracker 6 has rain in parts of the region. 11:30, there's a brand new model run from future tracker 6. it's consistent with what we showed you an hour ago. 6:00 a.m. on saturday rolls around we're getting to the back edge of this. let's see what the latest run does between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00. looks like the rain will pull out of here quickly on saturday. so the rest of the saturday we see clouds to sun, it will be breezy, but a high of 50. behind the front for sunday we get colder, sunday night, a snow
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shower possible and then colder air coming in for monday. in the seven day, 52 increasing clouds, mild. rain arriving later tonight. saturday afternoon's high, 50 degrees. brisk and chilly on sunday, high of 40. snow shower at night, brisk and cold on monday, 29 degrees as another arctic air mass moves in. we'll have windchills in the teens on monday. mlk volunteers will want to bundle up. we stay in the 30s tuesday, wednesday and thursday, you can see that the temperatures moderate. i think by friday heading into next weekend we could see milder air up to 40 or so. i'm loving this. thank you. more backlash for chicago police deadlying shooting of an -- deadly shooting of an unarmed suspect surfaces. we we're hearing about a solution on the schuylkill
6:41 am
expressway to stop gridlock. >> reporter: schuylkill expressway heading toward king of prussia. no major delays.
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welcome back an update on our breaking news coming from burlington, new jersey. we've been watching these row home fires in the area, the 300 block of st. mary. serious flames coming. they hit two-alarms. here's the update on three people hurt. one person burned and two people dealing with smoke inhalation. they need taken to lords medical
6:44 am
center in willing borough. firefighters have been on the scene for the last 15 mines trying to get the flames noctd noctd -- knocked down. you can see a huge amount of smoke, flames coming through the row home, one person burned, two dealing with smoke i inhalation. we'll keep an eye on this and give you updates. let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: this is the schuylkill expressway at south street westbound traffic you're slow from university to south. it's going to be slow this afternoon because vice president biden's motorcade will be going through the area. he also scheduled at 3:00 p.m. to visit penn. give yourself extra time if you're heading out during that time. let's look at the big picture, the blue route is in good shape. blue route southbound as you head toward i-95 slowing right there. i-95 26 miles per hour as we
6:45 am
look at cottman, 27 near girard. we have a fire location in southwest philadelphia as you want to watch for upland street at 61st street stick to kingsessing and 60th instead. west rock hill township we have an accident with somebody trapped in the vehicle at 309 southbound at 563. we have fire and police crews everybody out here with that. in coatsville we have an issue on kings highway ator road. looking at the waze app, smoking jim telling plea about a hazard on 295 southbound in gloucester county. 28 in warrington, 28 in coatsville, 34 in center city. chilly, but not as bad as yesterday. 27 in affirm -- in hammonton, 37
6:46 am
in dover. new video was released of f another fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. you're looking at the shooting of cedric chapman. the officer said he thought he had a gun. it turned out it is a cell phone case. a big change in the case of a woman who said she was gang raped in a brooklyn park last week. the suspects have been released. the victim told police she was drinking with her father in the park when the armed suspects sexually assaulted her. the five suspects say the sex was consensual. witnesses have come forward raising concerns about the account and the state of mind of the woman and her father. three suspects were freed while the district attorney tries to
6:47 am
gather evidence. in new york city this morning, a heartwarming story, you usually it's the police looking for someone, but this time it's a grateful man in pursuit of a kind young cop. the nypd gave him a police escort to a job interview. he was running late because he went to the wrong location. he was 6 miles away and he was going to have to make it on foot. i don't care, i need the job. ihe got the job, so now he is trying to make good on the promise to the policeman, he wants to take him to lunch, but he has to find him first.
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6:50 time for a preview of "good morning america." let's check in with dan harris with a look at what's coming up on their show. , hey, tam, hey alicia. coming up on "g.m.a.," the republican debate the bromance came to an end between donald trump and ted cruz. we'll have the latest on the womenning tickets out of
6:51 am
tennessee and florida coming up, as well. frustration brewing over the lack of diversity in the oscar nominations. 5-year-old leah still captivated so many of us, she is cancer free. leah and her nfl star dad are here this morning to share her inspiration story. it's coming up on "g.m.a." we love the stills, what a beautiful smile what a great story. we look forward to seeing it. >> reporter: makes my heart sing. let's check the traffic looking live at 42 northbound traffic at creek road. building volume. southbound at ac expressway we have an accident that cleared. in camden county down pole and wires at 70 westbound
6:52 am
haddonfield road. it will slow you down. >> reporter: karen, it's cold this morning, a lot of us in the 20s, philadelphia at 31 degrees. not a lot of wind, so we're not worried about windchill, but we are dressing the kids warmly. this afternoon they can tuck extra gear in their pockets as they get milder. cold by 9:00 a.m. 36. noon 48 and 3:00 p.m. that's the high, 52 degrees with light winds that will feel like 52. we'll see clouds getting thicker, but no rain until 89:00, 10:00 p.m. penndot is studying the possibility of opening the shoulder of the schuylkill expressway as an additional lane for traffic. now this would be done between king of prussia and city avenue. officials stress this is only a study at this point. they are examining a lot of other options to help ease congestion including on how new technology to improve traffic flow. ♪
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breaking this morning, three people were injured in this raging fire in burlington county. crews arrived to flames shooting through the roof on the 300 block of st. mary street. fast-moving flames damaged a townhouse in marple township delaware county. there were no reports of
6:56 am
injuries. we have more breaking news, the search is on for a driver who hit a man on a philadelphia street and kept going. police found parts of the vehicle at 5th and hunting park avenue. the man is in critical condition. here's the good news it is friday. >> reporter: a live look at i-95 at cottman southbound traffic as penndot zooms in on the light fixture there. southbound jammed approaching cottman and girard as we head toward center city. we're all over the place on that camera shot. river line delays half-hour in both directions because of communication problems. >> reporter: we're off to a chilly start in philadelphia. getting better later. high of 52 around # p.m. we'll get rain at 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. you might want to keep an umbrella or poncho handy in case it's raining when you're going
6:57 am
home. we'll be back with updates. for matt o'donnell, karen rogers, alicia vitarelli, david murphy, i'm tamala edwards. have a wonderful weekend. happy friday.
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good morning, america. the republican showdown in the south. >> we owe $19 trillion. our country is a mess. >> a free for all between the front-runners. donald trump targets ted cruz. >> there is a big question mark on your head. >> cruz fires back. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> everyone hammering one candidate not on stage. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> and the biggest surprises of the night. >> now you had your chance, marco, you blew it. >> the race heating up as the clock ticks down to the first votes. >> a giant storm taking aim at major cities this morning from washington to boston, severe weather and up to a foot of snow in some areas followed by a blast of bitter cold air. a siberian express bringing temperatures more than 25 degrees below zero as a rare winter hurricane churns in the atlantic right now. the b


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