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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:41pm EST

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plus another turn in the bill cosby case, next up on "action news" tonight. this is the way it looks on storm tracker six double scan radar and yes, we are the bull's eye for an overnight coastal storm. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a night of heavy rain but strangely rising
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temperatures. meteorologist adam joseph is standing by at the big board with the very latest information from accu weather. >> jim, go figure, another missed opportunity, this warm, winter season, to have a southern storm, lots of moisture and it is all in the form of rain. we can see very bright colors on double scan live radar. we have strike to the north and west, lighter rain in center city right now. a very heavy burst of rain, in southern new jersey, and in fact, a as we lah from cape may right north to glassboro, hammington, atlantic city expressway, 55 and garden state parkway dealing with torrential rain right now. in fact, some red, popping up between millville, mays landing, route 50, 49, near tuckahoe, heading toward egg harbor. egg harbor and absecon. we're seeing that very steady heavy rain and thinks all lifting from the south to the north and many of us will have that opportunity of pretty heavy bursts of rain overnight. the as we widen out on double scan live radar, the center of the low near outer banks of
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the north carolina overall a weak low despite we're seeing this heavier rain and it will slide off the coast and become a monster storm for new england. as it does that it will dry us out tomorrow and wind will whip up especially tomorrow afternoon. so what to expect here overnight? rain heavy a at times. for most of the area we are looking at a half inch to an inch. that half inch will be far to the north and west. more like an inch at the shore. it end between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. perfect timing if you get up early tomorrow morning. we have breaks have of sun developing on saturday afternoon with temperatures still very warm, near 50 degrees. but behind this system we're eventually going to bring arctic air back in, jim. we will let you know when and how cold it will get in the seven day forecast in just a little bit. >> thanks, adam. we invite to you stay with six throughout the the martin luther king holiday weekend. you can rely on storm tracker six live for the very latest, whatever comes our way. and this one will get,
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people's attention tonight, cnn is reporting on the the existence of an e-mail that could conceivably derail the montgomery county's sexual assault case against bill cosby. cnn says that former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor sent the e-mail to his successor risa vetri furhman detailing an agreement he had with cosby's attorneys in 2005. specifically, that if cosby testified, in a civil case, brought against him by an accuser andrea conn stan, then that testimony would never be used against cosby, in a criminal case. in the reported e-mail castor says quote i can see no possibility that cosby's deposition could be used in a state criminal case. he went on to say i cannot believe that any state court judge would allow that deposition into evidence. but cosby has now been charged with sexually assaulting constand. this was his a arraignment in elkins park december 31st. cosby's lawyers say it was his
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testimony, ten years ago, that fueled his arrest last month. they have filed a motion, to dismiss the charges. our efforts to reach castor and furhman have been unsuccessful tonight. from our delaware news room police are investigating a serious crash in pike creek. it happened just after 7:00 in the 200 block of upper pike creek road. police say that the driver lost control, hit a utility pole and went down a 35-foot embankment. he was taken to christiana hospital fortunate thely with non-life threatening injuries. chopper six flew over a house fire in bucks county tonight, on the 1500 block of stoney road in warminster. fire crews dealt with heavy smoke, as the battle of the blaze at 7:00 o'clock tonight. there are no reports of any injuries. philadelphia a police are trying to track down the thief who stole some priceless possessions. from a dead man. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the mcbride funeral home on east cumberland street in
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kensington. jeff, for the the family they say it is unspeakable insult to injure. >> reporter: that is right, jim. edward joyce just died last week. his family says that the items that were stolen from a car outside a funeral home, last week in kensington have tremendous sentimental value and they are asking for them to be returned. >> even people singing star spangled banner no matter where we were he would cry. >> reporter: patriotic is how these cousins described their grandfather edward joyce a world war two veteran from audubon, new jersey who died last week at the age of 93. >> just one of if not the greatest one of the greatest men i have ever met. >> reporter: he was rarely scene without his u.s.s. wichita cap, adorned with pins, and now that hat, with his gold wedding ring are missing, stolen from a car just hours after his funeral. >> to have that stuff taken for, you know, for no reason, it is a gut punch. >> i really want to say what i thought about it, it wouldn't be good, so we just want the
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stuff back. >> they took the time to empty the bag and left the bag. >> reporter: funeral director lisa miller said she accidentally left the bag inside her locked minivan outside mcbride funeral home on the 2300 block of east cumberland street. she believes the man in this surveillance image is the person who took off with joyce's possessions wednesday night. >> i feel terrible. i feel like it was left in my care and, you know, this happened. >> reporter: philadelphia police collected the bag to dust for fingerprints. meanwhile himmer is turning to social media to get the the word out. >> i have put this on facebook and it has been shared, i think, it has been shared 125 times. so far. >> that stuff is priceless. >> reporter: priceless for this family who now pleads for the return of this proud american's prize possessions. >> they mean something to you us. they don't mean anything to anyone else. >> give us hat, pins back and the ring. i mean that to us means more to us then anything.
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>> reporter: mr. joyce jeff cap and rosery beads were also stolen. the family asks whoever stole them to please return them to the mcbride funeral home in kensington, no questions asked. we are live in kensington, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. vice-president joe biden launched what he is calling his moon shot mission to cure cancer today. and he did so at the the university of pennsylvania. biden intend to use his final year in office to break down barriers he says are holding back progress. >> i believe from my exposure over two years of my son fighting glioblastoma, of the brain, stage four, that i know that i became acquainted enough with the brilliant mind around this table and others to realize that we're on the cusp, you are on the cusp of phenomenal break throughs. >> next week biden plans to
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convene global cancer experts in the world economic forum in switzerland. and just hours before biden a arrived, 20 year-old nicholas, rang the bell in celebration of his lays radiation treatment today. he was diagnosed with a extremely rare type of brain cancer in april. a lot of collaboration, doctors, at penn medicine, came up with a unique treatment plan, months of chemotherapy, and 28 days of pro ton beam radiation. nicholas now plans to go back to school in the fall, to study nursing. nobody was hurt when a home partially collapsed in philadelphia. it happened shortly after 5:00 k of orthodox street in frankford. fire officials a say a portion of the front of the three story brick and stucco structure gave way. everybody made it out okay but 12 people, now have to find another place to live. police in wilmington, delaware are working to
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determine why a woman drove her car into a house this morning. it happened on colfax court just before 8:00 a.m. police say a 60 year-old woman somehow lost control, slammed in the garage at a separate home and then lost control again, ending up inside of someone's kitchen. a seven three-year old woman was inside eating breakfast at the time, despite being pinned in between a car, and refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. police say she's expecting to be okay. >> i don't know how the the heck she made it out of there. she had a guardian angel. >> police charged the the 60 year-old with reckless driving. could this actually happen? could penndot figure out a way to open up another lane each way, on the the schuylkill expressway, between city avenue and king of prussia a? well, the the fact is they are really thinking bit. live along the the expressway tonight is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann, this is one of those stories that will get a lot of
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people to think. >> reporter: that is right, jim. you know how many thousands of people use this freeway, daily. you know, the the solution of grid lock on the schuylkill is burning problem that has remained unsolved for half century. now here's a related proposal why not open up shield tours traffic during peak hours. it is an idea being seriously kick around by folks at penndot. a sea of red taillights, a common scene on the ever unpredictable often challenging schuylkill expressway. the area when route 202 and route one, found by triple a last year to be a among 50 worst battle necks in the country. truth be told it has been grid lock from the day it opened in 1958. there have been all sorts of ideas tossed around over the the years including building a double decker. that idea shocked when someone calculated the billions of dollars it would cost. is what the latest idea. >> one of the options is hard shoulder running. >> reporter: translation opening up shield tours traffic during peak hours or special events. >> anyone who travels the 76 understands the the enormous traffic volume on the roadway
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and penndot is doing a study to look at some operation allen hans. to be done in the relatively short term. >> reporter: admitly penndot says proposal would require extensive engineering because shoulder length along the expressway vary and then there is this pressing question. what happened if there is an emergency, how will vehicles be able to get out of the way of the ambulance or other emergency vehicles. >> that is being taken into consideration in the study. those details, a lot of details still need to be work out. >> reporter: what do motorist think. >> it is a great idea. it is congested enough as it is and with the bottlenecks that happened right have after king of prussia prior to gulph mills. >> fit means track will flow better, i think it is a great idea, i mean, it cuts down on congestion and traffic. >> it could be a nightmare if there were a dangerous accident and son were hurt or on fire. would you never get emergency vehicles through. >> reporter: like i said, one
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burning problem that remains unsolved. in any event, penndot expects to complete study and reach decision by springtime. we are live along the schuylkill expressway, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". thanks, dann. still to come on "action news" tonight we are following latest on the search for marines after their helicopter's collided off the the coast of hawaii. plus 2016, not off to a good start for wall street, the markets took another plunge today we will break down the numbers. speaking of the numbers we will start with warm this weekend but by end of the of the weekend really cooling off and heavy rain here now but will soon exit. we will have timing in the accu weather forecast. plus tonight we are hearing from a familiar someone who it turns out was on the eagles coaching search commit thee, that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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we have a developing situation in the african nation of burkina fast a, where officials say, terrorist have launched an attack against a popular hotel, a hotel popular with westerners
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specifically. burkina faso is a country next to mali where two dozen people were killed in the similar attack in november. tonight, gunman opened fire, took hostages and set off several car bombs. when commandos tried to free the hostages they accidentally set fire to the hotel by using explosives, to enter the building. there is no word yet on the death toll, al qaeda has already claimed responsibility. twelve marines, american marines, are missing after their helicopters went down off the hawaii island of oahu overnight. there were two with six marines in each. they crashed during a nighttime training mission. search crews spottedded debris a few miles off shore strewn over a 2-mile area but there is still no sign of the marines. if you are one of the people who think that the first week or so of january predicts the the stock market's performance for the entire year, 2016 is going to be a rough ride.
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wall street capped its first two weeks with the steep slide today with the to you jones down almost 400 points. s and p lost 45 points, nasdaq dropped 126, and the market is now in what is known as a correction, with the dow jones down 8.2 percent since the beginning of the year. much of the downward pressure is being caused by the plunging price of oil which sank below $30 a barrel today now trading at lowest level since 2003. stockton university today completed the sale of atlantic city show boat casino to developer bart blatstein for 23 million-dollar. stockton will use the money to help build a residential campus on the site of the former atlantic city high school. a tennessee couple won one-third off the record $1.6 billion power ball jackpot from wednesday night. >> i'm a little overwhelmed, excited. we knew it was the the right number but to hear them come out and say yes, this was the winner, because there has
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been, you know, it is a little overwhelming. >> i would say, john and lisa robinson were one of the three winners. the couple plans to return to work, and they will get 327 million-dollar. the other winning tickets were sold in chino hills, california and melbourne beach, florida. back in this area a group of co-workers a at union park honda in wilmington ended up with a million winning ticket. eighteen service and parts employees will split the money. that is about 55,000 per person, 41,000 after taxes. >> it is wonderful full. you know, a lot of years, it is has been rough. >> you know, i cannot the grasp what i will do. i know i will put a little a away. >> group bought 90 tickets from three different states. winning within came from the landhope farms in kenneth square. and kenneth square, along with every place else in the the tri-state area, will get
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wet weather tonight. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> difference in one number goes from a million to a billion. one number. >> a billion five. >> yeah. >> yes. >> it is amazing. still happy for them. winner is around here. winners if you like the rain especially raining during the overnight hours. lets look at double scan live radar, around the region. we are lighting things up tonight especially in interior southern new jersey, delaware and even to the north and west we're kind of in the sandwich here for the i-95 corridor with some steady but lighter rain. the a as we look right now through the red blossoming between speed well, southern parts of the burlington county, right up the atlantic city expressway that heavy rain is moving without paying a toll. a as we head down to millville 55. bridgeton also dealing with very torrential rain. philadelphia a, a steady light rain and that continues all the way west to chester county. montgomery and bucks county. then we have this other area developing along 222 between
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lancaster and reading where we're dealing with buckets of rain falling and this is working from the southwest to the north east, and squeezing its way in the lehigh valley and also, unfortunately the poconos getting mainly rain this go around. so 36 degrees up in the mountains, 44 in philadelphia trenton. forty-two in wilmington. ocean is 44. the wind slowly wrapping in out of the east helping to hold those temperatures above average for this time of the year. the actual low right now is, entering the outer banks of north carolina and will slip off the coast. as it head to the north it will deepen and as it deepens in new england it will pull in dryer wind here for saturday. so we're looking at a general half inch to an inch, more than a inch a along the the shore, half inch far to the north and west, 3:00 in the morning still dealing with that steady rain, pockets, of heavier rain at times with temperatures in the lower 40's for most, and 70 tomorrow morning a drizzle to the north and west. drying off to the south. temperatures right around 40 degrees.
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and then 3:30 tomorrow afternoon we're looking at temperatures 50 or better to the south, low 40's to the north and west and yes, you will see the sun tomorrow. and then after we have the big cold pool of air in the upper levels of the atmosphere as well as surface, canada and this will be pulled down behind the system later on in the weekend and beginning of next week, so another arctic attack is heading our way, temperatures ten to 15 degrees below average here but core of the cold northern plains 20 to 25 degrees below average. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast warm 50 thomas we dry out, sun returns. could be a an evening snow shower, flurry coating the the ground in a couple spots as that cold air arrives sunday night but sunday itself 40 and dry and then wind chills in the single digits and teens to start monday morning for the holiday a high of just 28. it is a day of service. many folks outdoors doing community service, bundle up, we will repeat that on thursday. still windy, bitterly cold.
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wind will easily warm back to 36 on wednesday. temperatures back to normal on thursday in, to friday, and so no big snowstorms as we go toward the end of the month here. >> another week. >> another week without snow. >> yes. >> keep going. >> for some of us. >> adam joseph. >> it was opening night for the movie turn hit muse will california ones at the academy of music. >> ♪ >> eight time tone a ward winning show tells story of an irish musician and immigrant drawn together by their love of music. if you want to see it, you better hurry, it runs through sunday. >> ♪
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get out of the past. get fios. tonight's basketball game at monsignor bonner and archbishop prendergast catholic high school will in drexel hill. athletes and spectators honored veterans who were missing in action and prisoners of war. a memorial was unveiled called one empty seat, and they unveiled it to the sound of taps. on that chair a plaque reading, you are not forgotten the search for a new head coach, in philadelphia, we're finding some interesting things about who was on it and what some of those people have had to say. >> ron jaw ski assisted in the eagles coaching search that landed doug pederson. he says telling us tonight
11:27 pm
that it was a very difficult hire, because there was so many good candidates here but he believes they have the the right guy. jeffery lurie, howie roseman and don smolenski led the way in the coaching search but "action news" has learned that behind the scenes former quarterback ron jaworski was thrown his 2 cents in as well which led to doug pederson. >> there are hundreds of coaches in this book. everyone was talked about. >> jaworski a among the select few that had eagles extensive book with the confidential information on all of the potential candidates. jaws even sat in on the interviews during the search but in the even, he believes that the chief's offensive coordinator is the right guy for the eagles. >> doug pederson i believe will wow this town. yes, there were incredible candidates. there really were. that made the decision so hard. that is great that it was not an easy decision. we all talk long, hard, and lengthy about hiring the right
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head coach. it was oh, he is the guy. it was instantly or wow, let's move on. in there were good candidates. at the the end of the day the eagles got it right. >> jaws wouldn't say whether or not pederson was the the eagles number one choice but whether he was or not, dick vermeil tells us that doesn't matter because he wasn't the eagles number one choice in 1976, and vermeil, of course, led them to the super bowl. jamie a apody caught up with the former eagles coach today. vermeil says he was eagles third choice 40 years ago behind joe paterno. vermeil says pederson's background as a quarterback and learning under andy reid is a plus. >> i would like to see him come here and everybody rally around him, and stop looking for negatives. it is not saying geese, we didn't get the the guy we really wanted. guy you really wanted may not be good enough anyway. he will prove that somewhere else. >> vermeil believes in pederson because andy reid is vouching for him and that goes along way in his book. more on pederson including
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. espn saul tells "action news" pederson will get a four year deal with an option for a fifth year. pederson cannot be officially hired until after the chiefs are out of the playoffs which could happen as early as tomorrow night. >> this is a situation where jeffery lurie wanted to get control of the team back to the front office. he can do that. pederson will coach the team. howie roseman will run the front office with tom donahue,
11:33 pm
bring another personnel guy but pederson will get along with people in the way chip kelly did not. >> before the deciding on chip's replacement eagles were planning to bring ben mcadoo for second interview but when giants got wind of it they stopped it and hired him as their coach. former giants coach tom coughlin was also in the the running for the eagles job until the very end. well, look who is settling into his new home, former eagles coach chip kelly getting a tour of the 49ers facility today. where will his smoothie stand be installed, in san francisco, chip looks odd in san francisco 49ers gear. >> yes, san francisco 49ers will right the day. >> do you think so. >> i think so. finally tonight, a joyful celebration of the life and legacy of martin luther king. >> ♪ >> this is the 13th annual unity choir mlk celebrations
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at congregation shallom in cherry hill. choir is made up of 80 singers from a number of faiths, lifting their voices in praise, and song. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m., and now for cecily tynan, adam joseph, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night, and a great weekend. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kathy griffin. oscar winning screenwriter aaron sorkin. and music from the internet. with cleto and the cletones. and now, after all, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you so much for coming. thanks for risking really everything to be here tonight. the unthinkable has happened. it's now been raining in l.a. for two days in a row. which is -- that's never happened before in our history. flash flood, high surf, and wind advisories are in effect. my doppler's been going nuts all day. of course this is the work of el nino, which is -- it's my favorite storm system that sounds like an early '80s latino boy band. [ laughter ] meteorologists say the storm is tied now for the strongest el nino storm ever. they say if it gets any stronger it could turn into a dwayne johnson movie. [ laughter ] the good news is i finally have an excuse to wear a very cute pair of wellies i bought back in 2012. somebody shot this video and posted it to facebook.
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this is from not too far from here in highland park. you see the little parade of trash bins. making their way down the street. it's like they're escaping. now, this -- whoever shot this decided to follow one of the -- [ laughter ] look at that little fella go. this could be a pixar movie, right? [ laughter ] call it "receptacles" or something. just kept hanging right around that curb there. until finally it met a tragic end. yeah. [ laughter ] why is that sad? why do we attach human qualities to everything? [ laughter ] let's go out to hollywood boulevard right now. okay. so guillermo -- we put a gopro on a toy boat, and guillermo is out there. he's going to drop that boat in the -- [ cheers and applause ] the little river that runs past
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our studio. and there it goes. you know, usually that gutter is full of passed-out superheroes. [ laughter ] so we're actually very fortunate. going pretty good. pretty good clip. that's a little guillermo we put in the boat there to drive it. there you go. it's like a chase scene out of a bond movie. look at that. okay. there he is. kind of adorable. and now it's turned boring. [ laughter ] you know? it really -- perilous. he's making his way through these cars pretty well here. nicely -- i wonder if he'll get around that. no. that's where our story ends. [ cheers and applause ] you know when you're watching tv shows and they say you're going to hollywood and it sounds exciting. well, next time remember that. [ laughter ] tonight on the fox network -- by the way, the beginning of the end of an era, the 15th and final season of "american idol" is under way.
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"american idol" might be the biggest show in the history of television. at its peak more than 30 million people watched it every week. and things will be different without it. now if you want to see mentally ill people sing you'll have to go to the bus station. [ laughter ] but in honor of this historic television milestone we put together a salute to the most memorable "american idol" winners over the years. great names. names like, well, kelly clarkson. names like carrie underwood. you can see there, who became a huge star. jordin sparks, who was a winner of "american idol." taylor -- swift? no? taylor something. this one was sharon? i think. this guy is -- this is either steven or david or -- maybe a -- oh. wilson phillips. i know that one. [ laughter ] ja- -- i have no idea who that is. i don't -- i don't know that
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one. i definitely don't know that one. [ laughter ] you know what? actually, never mind. this was a bad idea. [ laughter ] i did know carrie underwood. so that was pretty good, right? congratulations to them on their -- [ cheers and applause ] whatever they do. i really don't know what it was, but they did it. meanwhile, in north korea there's much celebration this week. north korea's claiming that they successfully detonated their first hydrogen bomb. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> jimmy: i don't know why that's funny, but it is. they haven't perfected color television yet, but they do have a hydrogen bomb. [ laughter ] i should say they claim to have a hydrogen bomb. in fact, the white house today said the evidence, you know, they got the shock waves or whatever, does not support their claim.


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