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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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detainees in a prison swap. if the doug peterson era may be underway. away talked to fans about the new eagles head coach. big story on "action news," a fire tore through an apartment in delaware county. trish hartman has the story.
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>> reporter: neighbors embraced after tra morning at the apartments in yeadon. firefighters were called to the buildings around 8:30 a.m. finding flames in the third floor apartment, they found a woman who lived there an carried her out of the burning building. there was a victim inside the front door of the apartment. finding that victim they immediately pulled her out of the building and brought her down to the ems crews. that woman was taken to fitzgerald mercy hospital and transferred to crozier chester medical center. it took 75 firefighters 40 minutes to get the fire under control. officials say four units were
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damaged by the fire, but utility were cut to the entire buildings, so people won't be able to return to their homes until monday at the earliest. >> reporter: ten families are being helped by the red cross, shawna ford was one of the people who was displaced. i open the door and the smoke smacked me back into the apartment. i shut the door, i told the kids to get up and grab your shoes and get out. >> reporter: while the apartment and belongings were damaged, 89 kids were fine, a big relief for shawna and her sister with the children inside. i was happy and hugged her. >> reporter: reports -- reporting in yeadon, trish hartman. it was a rel -- relatively mild day around the region, but we'll see a dip in temperatures for the workweek.
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karen rogers has a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: hi walter, look at the temperatures, not too bad for this time of the year. normally the high is 40 degrees. we are sitting at a high of 47. it's 32 in pittsburgh in our area, temperatures above average even for the evening hours. satellite and radar showing the rain from yesterday and overnight hours is long gone. looking at satellite 6 we saw breaks in the clouds earlier. we have mostly cloudy skies in philadelphia. we'll keep a good amount of clouds tonight and tomorrow. the winds were an issue earlier 234 miles per hour gusts in the poconos. in wildwood and the winds are gusting in areas. by 7:00 p.m., 44 degrees, feeling good if you're heading out enjoy it. 8:00 p.m., just a light coat at
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42. 9:00 p.m., 39, by 10:00 p.m., 38 degrees in the overnight hours it will be drop tonight. it will be colder. here's what to expect having a seasonable sunday, not so mild. we'll bring the temperatures down a little bit. arctic air moves in and we'll have windchills in the teens. we'll prepare you for that in the forecast ahead. new information in the case against bill bill cosby, bruce r promised that cosby would never be charged. cosby's attorney said the comedian had a deal with castor promising cosby would never be charged in connection with the alleged sexual assault of andrea constant. castor wrote an e-mail saying he greed that cosby's deposition
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would not be used against him. the current d.a. said he is unaware of a assigned immunity agreement. we have developing international news, just a few hours ago, long-standing sanctions against iran have been lifted. iran met the commitment under the nuclear deal. that paves the way for iran to seek new trade opportunities and recoup some of the billions of assets that were frozen. four americans were freed in exchange. one of the those freed was jason razaian. abc's "world news" saturday will have more on the lifting of sanctions against iran as well as reaction to the release of the detainees coming up at 6:30 after "action news." in just a few short hours, the doug peterson hours could
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begin in earnest. he is on the sidelines with the chiefs is they take part in post-season play. jeff chirico is live at the saloon in south jersey. >> reporter: the eagles cannot announce peterson's coach until the season is officially over. at big charles in south philadelphia, kansas fans are talking about the playoffs and the eagles new head coach. as fans watch the chief play the patriots many praise their offensive coordinator doug peterson and just what the eagles need. good for them. he deserves it, he was a great pick for kansas, great offensive coordinator. >> reporter: the former quarterback turned coach worked
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under andy reid for years. i think it is a bone-head move by the eagles to higher him. i don't know what he has to do with calling the plays. why are we talking about peterson, we should be talking about the chiefs. let him do good for the chief's first and then we'll worry about the eagles down the line. >> reporter: if the chiefs lose, the announcement could come as early as tomorrow. fans hope the announcement is weeks away, right now, patriots are up. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." hundreds of people turned out for a march and rally in support of the president's executive order on gun control. they gathered at the media friends house to hear from people affected by gun violence. it turned into a one mile march through media down baltimore pike and state street. the president announced his
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executive announcement that would close a loophole to side step backgrounds checks. folks gathered to celebrate the life of martin luther king and recommit to his dream. county commissioner josh shapiro co-hosted the event. shapiro announced he is running for the attorney general. this year's theme was the he eternal flame. the 2200 block of winton street in south philadelphia will be known as wild bill ray. the street sign was unveiled in memory of bill waniey. wild bill said shell -- she will remember his generosity.
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not only did this great man risk his life for his country, he continued serving his at any time by helping others until the day he died. he was among those portrayed in the hbo mini series band of brothers. much more to come on "action news," nothing like a january day to take a dip in the ocean. a very good reason why these folks decided to take a frosty swim. we'll show you how young people used the force to learn about galaxies far, far away. time for the eagles and sam bradford. jeff skeverski is next about the hiring of doug peterson and how it might affect the birds qb. that and much more when we come right back.
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people who live in an around broomall have a new place
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to go for medical care. they cut the ribbon on the crozer keystone outbuilding facility. it is be located at the intersection of 476 and route 3. there was an important initiative held at the university of delaware. this was the wise and well women's power session offering workshops, covering breast health and stress management. this event was sponsored by the delaware breast cancer coalition and the women in action mentoring program. a bunch of people gathered today in philadelphia, as well to discuss concerns about human trafficking. the annual effort called speak up for her was held at enone baptist church in cedar brook. it talked about how to assist victims and unfair trade for employment practices, there were
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splait workshops for -- separate workshops for men and women. little storm troppers took part in the bad guys do good in literacy program. they celebrated reading, yoda was on hand do or do not, there is no try.
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local families learned about summer camp options today. the american camp association bucks county camp expo was on the campus of delaware valley university in doylestown. parents got to meet with representatives from all over the region. they were told about the programs offered and costs and much, much more. time for a check on sports, jeff skeverski is here and the
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flyers are looking good lately. >> reporter: the city needs the flyers to make the playoff. 2016 could be a better year around here with the flyers and the city's playoff drought. flyers three points out of the playoff spot against the rangers. nfl star jay jay was watts. a huge hockey fan. flyers take a 1-0 lead. new york scores the next two second period. flyers fall behind by one. midway through the third down one on the power play, wayne simmons, ties it at 2 in ot they can win it. matt reid in front. stoned by linguist. we go to the shootout, what a move past mason, so the flyers need a goal to stay alive,
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borachek not even close, flyers lose 3-2 in ot, they walk away with a point. afterwards they make a point this was not good enough. the shootout is a shootout. it is what it is. to know we're close to getting two points. it's frustrating, we think we deserved to win this game. not on this day. doug peterson could be officially named the eagles head coach by the end of the night, on if the chiefs are eliminated by the patriots in the playoffs. right now kc down 14-6 at the half in the new england. offensive coordinator will be eagles next boss as soon as the season is over. now you have to wonder if sam bradford's season is over. he will be a free agent.
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ron jaworski said it is undecided whether or not bradford says. it's difficult to have a crystal ball to see where this is going with the quarterback situation, you have to wait and see who doug brings in on the staff. here's the wild card don't be surprised if sam bradford rejoins chip kelly in san francisco. we'll see, how about that possibility? college can believe, how about villanova, the cats continue to claw their way through the big east, they have not lost a conditioners game since last january against georgetown. guess who they have to face today, georgetown against villanova, george hart on the ball, nova up 6. second half, katz up 10. five minister later he gets --
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five minutes later he gets set up. villanova wins. what a finish in temple cincinnati game, from an tries to come up with a plan in overtime. temple ties it at 65. 19 second left, the rebound put back, bang, temple takes the lead. cincinnati gets one last shot to tie or win it, but temple d forces a turnover, temple wins in double overtime, 67-65. they have won three of four. st. joe's is red hoss against fordham the hawks. st. joe's slams the door on yet another team. they win by 25. the hawks are 14-3. they have won more games this season than all last year. la salle has not explored
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many wins laterally. iverson nails the three from the far corner, la salle loses 73-62. they have dropped nine of their last ten. drexel and delaware losing as well. thank you, jeff. much more to come on "action news," take a live look on sky6 live hd we'll have the full accuweather forecast with meteorologist karen rogers. >> reporter: hi, walter, good to see you, we have breaking news, five american prisoners in iran freed as the nuclear deal is proved. we're following donald trump's latest tirade calling his former friend ted cruz a hypocrite. this you don't want to miss it, pandemonium at the national zoo right after "action news."
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well, they looked like they were having fun in wildwood for the annual polar bear plunge in wildwood. more than 100 people ran to the frosty atlantic for a great cause. money raised benefits 22,000 athletes who take part in the new jersey special olympics. time for a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, meteorologist karen rogers in for melissa. >> reporter: if you're going to take a plunge why not at 54 degrees. you did this last year. >> reporter: i didn't go in my family did it. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, around the region we are dry and going to
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stay dry the next couple of days. tracking one snow shower coming your way tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a minute. let's go outside, the action cam was out and about today, taking a beautiful shot of the wissahickon. wasn't it gorgeous out there, biewbl -- beautiful skies and clouds. here the highlights for the weather, getting back to normal. arctic air coming next week. you'll feel the difference in a big way. yesterday 53 degrees. today, 54. a nice mild break. normally we see a high of 40 degrees. we're not forecasting temperatures like this for a while. hopefully you got outside and enjoyed it. if you're heading out for the evening, 47 degrees for philadelphia. in the low 40s in the lehigh valley. even in the poconos you're above freezing. 45 in trenton, 45 in millville. a common number. 45 in dover. 47 in sea isle city. satellite and radar showing the clouds have really taken over,
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we have mostly cloudy skies right now. we'll see a fair amount of clouds tomorrow, as well. in the overnight hours it will dip to 30 degrees tonight. it will get colder tonight, 26 in allentown. 27 the overnight low in reading. 28 in trenton. 27 in millville, 32 the low overnight tonight. in cape may. the coldest air, the arctic air we have not seen in a little while. it's been bottled up to the north and west. by monday we'll talk about temperatures ten to 15 degrees below average. i want to show you future tracker 6 tomorrow, it's unstable tomorrow. future tracker picking up a chance of spotty snow showers especially areas to the south. 2:30 this afternoon, temperatures above freezing it's not going to amount to anything. we watch sunday night, testers are below freezing -- temperatures are below freezing and the arctic front does come through.
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it could trigger a snow shower, not going to amount to anything, putting a dusting on the road north and west. it doesn't hit everywhere, it's not a big deal. maybe a passing snow shower at some point tomorrow. i want to show you the windchill factor. this is future tracker's look at 1:00 a.m. the arctic air is pink how it pushes through. we advance this until 9:30 monday morning it will feel like the single digits through most of the region. except in the poconos it will feel like zero. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow lots of clouds, going to be chillier, 40 degrees, temperatures about average. there will be a passing snow shower at some point especially tomorrow night to the north and west, it doesn't amount to anything. monday, it's feeling blustery and frigid for martin luther king. 28 is the high. dry, other than a passing flurry. tuesday, cold, 30. wednesday, less wind, 38. thursday, cold, sunshine, 40. friday, partly sunny skies, 42.
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maybe a passing snow shower. saturday, mostly cloudy skies and 40 degrees for the high with a chance of a snow shower, too. a little chillier tomorrow and arctic air monday and tuesday. there was a very special celebration today for a local from bucks county who's been around for 100 years. leona was surrounded by friends for a birthday bash. she tells us "action news" is her second favorite thing in philadelphia. the phillies get the top spot. happy birthday leona. "world news" is next. don't miss news on phl at 10 and we're back at 11:00 p.m. for karen rogers, jeff skeverski and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, a historic day for the u.s. and iran. five captive americans set free in a prisoner exchange. years of captivity ending tonight. they are on the way home to freedom. the release as the historic nuclear deal is finally approved. twitter tirade calling his former trend ted cruz a hypocrite. the debate tomorrow night. just how negative will they go? the crisis in michigan. a state of emergency over tainted water. fema in to help. the city's most famous face tonight lashing out, calling for the governor's arrest. the taco dell executive caught on camera beang


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