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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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pederson would be the successor to chip kelly. we begin with sports director ducis rodgers and ducis, the reaction to pederson has been tepid at best but the same was true for dick vermeil and andy reid. >> and eagles hope he is at least as successful as those two legendary head coaches. doug pederson is here and he's begun working. his mission is simple take this seven and nine football team and turn night a super bowl contender. the new eagles coach flew in from kansas city this morning. he headed straight to the eagles novacare facility to begin working on assembling his staff. pederson will be formally introduced at a news conference tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. pederson is a former eagles quarterback. he was also an assistant here with the birds under andy reid. owner jeffrey lurie will host pederson in his home for a dinner this evening n a statement lurie expressed his delight with the hire. lurie went on to say "doug is a strategic thinker a compelling leader and communicator and someone who truly knows how to get the best out of his players.
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all of these factors were what initially attracted us to doug and we believe that he is the right plan to help us achieve our ultimate goal ." later in sports we have video of who we expect to be the new eagles defensive coordinator arriving at the 30th street station. we'll have that for you coming up in a little bit. >> thank you ducis. let's go thrive "action news" reporter clad pradelli at logan square in philadelphia. chad, how are fans reacting to the arrival of one doug pederson? >> reporter: well, jim, i don't have any scientific polling data but from the fans with whom i spoke, i'd say two-thirds of the fan base are not very excited about the hiring of doug pederson. i would say another third are saying give pederson a chance and let's see what he can do. doug pederson has a history with the eagles both as a player and a coach. but it doesn't seem to be buying him much support among many fans. >> i was hoping for somebody different but we'll have to see how it is. >> he's just a clipboard holder for andy reid right
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now. he's not the guy calling the plays. >> i think he was a joke as a quarterback and i don't think he's going to be that much better as a coach. >> reporter: pederson area rid in philadelphia today to formally sign his contract to become the new head coach of the birds. he has been offensive coordinator under former eagles coach andy reid in kansas city and while support has been tepid with the fan base, many in football circles like former eagles players brian dawkins and ron jaworski have said pederson is the right man for the job. those endorsements have eased concerns for some fans. >> i'm going to wait to see what he does. >> i like. >> reporter: why. >> he did good with the cleaves. got them into the playoffs. got good record. >> reporter: pederson wasn't the quote/unquote hot coaching candidate this year but he is the florida and ithe man in cha. time will tell how good pederson is and the measure stick will be wins. still there are concerns among the eagles faithful. >> we don't have a track record for him. we don't know how good he's going to be. >> reporter: and many fans tell me they think the real
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key to determining pederson's success will be the coaching staff he puts together. i'm live in center city, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news. jim. >> as we'll see later, chad, he's off to a pretty good start with that. we have more video of doug pederson's arrival on along with a look at the new head coach's career. you can also take part in our facebook poll about the new hire and see reaction from fans and former eagles quarterback ron jaworski. and remember, when pederson meets the media tomorrow, we'll bring it to you live. just look for coverage right here on channel6 or treatment coach's news conference at or the 6abc news app. >> ♪ late today philadelphia police have apprehended the alleged gun plan in the killing of a homeless shelter employee and the wounding of another. the shooting happened early yesterday on north broad street. the apprehension late today.
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"action news" reporter walter perez is live at the shelter where a vigil is now getting under way. walter. >> reporter: that's right, jim, the vigil is for the victim who died. now identified as edward barksdale. meanwhile as you mentioned, just a short time ago, "action news" learned the suspect has surrendered to police. police say 32-year-old john brock is the man who entered the station house homeless shelter yesterday morning and shot two of the shelter's employees. 26-year-old lamont barham was injured, 43-year-old edward barksdale was killed. men's of barksdale's family say it took awhile for the truth to sync in. >> still waiting for him to pop out like hey i just want to see who love me. that's just who he was. give you the shirt off his back. he loved there job. that shelter was his life. >> reporter: we also spoke with lamont barlam's father who says his son will remain at temple hospital for a few more days but seems to be recovering well. >> he just got shot in his hip
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but the bullet ended up in his stomach. didn't tear it, didn't do any major damage. they were able to fix everything. >> reporter: meanwhile "action news" has learned that the suspect has a long rap sheet including 10 prior arrests mostly linked to crimes involving drugs and violence. the victim's families say they're able to forgive the person who did this but they still want justice to be served. >> this would never be okay. we will find a way to deal with it but it will never be okay. >> i mean i'm dealing with it. it's hard, you know. i don't let him see me, you know, kind of -- i got to be strong for him but it's real hard. >> reporter: so once again the suspect john brock has surrendered to police. he faces a string of charges including murder and attempted murder. reporting live from north philadelphia, walter perez, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, walter. we are experiencing our coldest weather of the winter season so far and with 35 to 40 miles an hour winds we've had trouble getting our wind
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chills out of the single digits today. let's go to the big board and "action news" meteorologist adam joseph. adam, what's the latest information in accuweather. >> these winds literally cutting through you today and stinging you on bear skin. right now 22 philadelphia, 19 in allentown, 18 in reading. low 20's down to the south and that ocean temperature coming in around 40 degrees. but those winds continue to drain out of that westerly direction, so it feels like seven right now in philadelphia, four in wilmington, eight in millville, three in allentown, now down to one in lancaster, five below in the poconos, so much of the area the wind chills in the single digits and some areas didn't climb out of the single digits throughout the entire afternoon. as we look at satellite and radar we dealt with a lot of sun, just a few cumulus clouds throughout the day. we got low pressure off to the north and parts of eastern and central canada and also high pressure to the west, so the pressure force is between these two opposite mechanism is draining that wind out of the westerly direction and it will not ease overnight and those
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winds will continue to move through the atmosphere even into tuesday afternoon. so as we go into the overnight hours, philadelphia trenton wilmington all points to the south and east it's going the feel between zero and five. early tomorrow morning feeling like zero to five below in our pennsylvania counties and then north of the lehigh tunnel between five and 10 below so we have another bitter day on tap for tuesday and then slight moderation in temperatures back into the upper 30's wednesday, thursday and friday. and then late on friday into the early part of the weekend there is a storm that more than likely will develop along the east coast. we'll talk about the timing of that and what could or could not happen coming up in that full accuweather 7-day. jim. >> thank you, adam. now the winds today fanned an early morning fire that destroyed the beloved hillcrest tavern in bridgeton, new jersey. the flames broke out at 4:45 this morning at the popular restaurant and bar on west broad street. fortunately nobody was hurt. but the 75 firefighters who
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battled the blaze had to do so in brutal conditions. the county even offered them a nearby courthouse as a warming station. after the fire was out, customers showed up to take it all in. >> very sad. i lived here all my life and this was our cheers and we come here quite often. going to miss a lot of friends. >> the oldest section of the hillcrest tavern was built in 1782. sections of the building that were left standing after the fire have been demolished. there is still no sign of a philadelphia marine missing in hawaii since thursday. 31-year-old captain brian kennedy was one of 12 marines who disappeared when two military helicopters collided. today the coast guard found three life rafts from the aircraft but still no evidence that anybody survived. sergeant adam schuler from adams county, pennsylvania, was also on board. coming up on "action news" tonight, more than a thousand volunteers perform a face-lift at a philadelphia school.
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we'll take you to this day of service in honor of martin luther king jr. and montgomery county high school students get a makeover of sorts. we'll tell you why they changed their look for charity. of course more on doug pederson now arriving in philadelphia and the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> today of course at the federal martin luther king holiday in philadelphia this is always meant a day of service and focusing on a certain bell. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the story.
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>> reporter: at high noon the annual symbolic ringing of the liberty bell to celebrate martin luther king's birthday. dignitaries flood this event for a shot at the microphone. the new mayor focusing on the local history and ethnic hatred to drive his point home. >> 1844 there were anti-catholic rioting. we need to remember this on this day of sacrifice and struggle and compliment to fairness for everyone. >> it's a celebration that's tempered by the solemnity and the seriousness of his work and of his legacy. >> reporter: governor wolf noted america's journey for equal rights for all has been uneven. he says he'll veto any future attempts by republicans to push their voter i.d. laws which many critics and courts have described as efforts to suppress voter turnout among minorities the elderly. >> i started online voter registration not tomb months ago. we have 60,000 people who are
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registered to vote using that. >> reporter: in north philadelphia the mary mccleod bethune schools got a makeover today. the source, 1200 volunteers organized by city year america core. >> it's about creating an environment where students can come and be successful. feel that people are invested in them and move along in a obtaining the education they deserve. >> we're beautifying the school. at the same time we're inspiring these students and giving them something to look forward to when they get here. >> all the murals it's a literacy theme. everything has to do with reading. it's encouraging culture of literacy at our school. >> reporter: the mlk holiday once so bitterly opposed by his detractor center city into the mainstream of american life. in north philadelphia, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> and volunteers across the delaware valley spent this day of service giving back to the community. at martin luther king high school in the germantown section of philadelphia, volunteers were busy painting and cleaning the school. mayor jim kenney stopped by to
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talk to some of the students. one of the goals of today's project was to give students a brighter feeling about their school. mayor kenny was there for a day of service project this afternoon at rhd's opportunity place on the 3200 block of baron street in powelton. volunteers painted and refurbished the site. opportunity place serves homeless men and those with mental health challenges. busy day for the mayor. kenny was also in north philadelphia for a digital job fair. the philadelphia opportunities industrialization center on the 1200 block of north broad street opened the fair to all members of the community. mayor kenny spoke about the need for workers who truly understand the digital world. some young ladies parted with their long locks today. this was januhairy event at springfield high school in montgomery county. each volunteer donated at least 8-inches of hair to pan teen's beautiful lengths program where it will be
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played into wigs for cancer patients. this makeover for charity also collects financial donations for the children's hospital of philadelphia.
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>> doug pederson is here and beyond saying hello to everybody and making a good first impression he's got to hire a staff. >> he needs an offensive coordinator defensive coordinator. it will be very ponder for a guy who has no head coaching experience beyond the high school level. despite firing him eagles owner jeffrey lurie is still fond of andy reid. today lurie hearkens back to the past and officially hires doug pederson an andy reid protege. pederson arrived in philadelphia a little after 10:30 this morning. cleaves elimination from the playoffs over the weekend cleared the way for this hire. pederson is a former eagles quarterback as well as a former assistant under reid. that's video of howie roseman do you go pederson and his wife heading to jeffrey lurie's louse for dinner. lurie called statement a
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"strategic thinker compelling leader and communicator. the ladder may have been lacking with one chip kelly. jaime apody has been at the eagles novacare facility all day long. she joins us live with details of pederson's coaching staff. jamie. >> hey there ducis. what has pederson been doing inside? he's been having meetings and formalizing his staff. the man expected to be eagles offensive coordinator is schwartz. schwartz arrivedth street station by train. schwartz is a very experienced coach. most recently it was buffalo's defensive coordinator in 2014 and his defense allowed the fourth least points in the yards in nfl. in his last three stints as a d coordinator he has finishes of fifth, seventh and ninth defenses in the nfl so that's impressive. he's an intense and fiery guy. he ran the wide flynn before but he likely would bring the
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four-three back to philadelphia and what's great about schwartz is he's got five years of led coaching experience in addition to his experience as a coordinator and position coach so he would be a great advisor for the untested doug pederson. of course for pederson to succeed here as a novice head coach, he's going to need a lot of guys to advise him. experience on the other end and it looks like that's what he's doing. the move met way lot of enthusiastic support on twitter in eagles fans who are very excited to see what this defense can do under schwartz. much more of course under tomorrow when pederson is introduced at the 2:00 p.m. complex. live at the novacare complex jaime apody. ducis. >> to basketball now. sixers did not have the holiday off. they visited the new york knicks today in what appeared to be a thriller. pick it up in overtime, sixers up one, clear the way for nerlens noel. 18 points, 13 boards for him. sixers up three. now down three with time expiring. robert covington not pretty but it worked.
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game tied at 107. we are headed to a second overtime. in double ot, carmello anthony just seven for 28 but that one falls. the sixers come up short 119-113. villanova continues to climb to 16 and two. wildcats up to fourth in the national rankings. it's their highest position all season. the cats will visit seton hall wednesday night. once again 2 o'clock news conference tomorrow. doug pederson announced as the new head coach of the eagles. >> thank you ducis. volunteers in pennsauken new jersey spent some of their day giving back to the community. this was the scene this morning at the food bank of south jersey on tipton boulevard. volunteers were busy organizing food donations for the needy and putting the food in boxes.
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>> so, talk has already begun about some potential weather event friday and saturday. >> really? what is the story. >> it's all over facebook and twitter. this is not about is it going tout out to sea or is it coming here. it's going to come. the question is who sees rain, who sees snow and how much. that's still a big question. >> so who he's cease rain and who sees snow. >> yes, that's the question. as we take a look at double scan live radar around the area it is quiet but it is bitterly cold out there and that is what's revolving around our highlight tonight in that accuweather forecast, those brutal morning wind chills not only this morning but this is a forecast for tomorrow morning when you step out the door it will feel like one in philadelphia, one in trenton, zero in wilmington, below zero north and west and
6:24 pm
even single digits down to the shore in southern delaware. and also that late week storm, we're talking about the time period of friday afternoon into saturday afternoon where there is a heavy snow potential but the track is highly uncertain at this point because you're still four days out from the storm. so who sees snow, who sees rain, that's the biggest question at this point but there will be some strong wind gusts and also the possibility of coastal flooding as being a major concern. wind chills right now seven in philadelphia, six in trenton, three in allentown, four in wilmington and five below up in the poconos. as we look at satellite and radar a few of those cumulus clouds develop this afternoon but notice how quickly they have been squashed once that sun sets. they're diurnal driven so you get that sun to cook up those clouds or cold air aloft so overnight it's clear, it's cold. biting wind will continue, 14 to 16 with that westerly wind still sustained up to 20 miles an hour at times overnight throwing those wind chills back to near zero if not below north and west tomorrow morning.
6:25 pm
so for that bus stop forecast it's windy and really cold. maybe if you have to drop the kids avenue typically at the bus stop maybe you can push work back a little bit keep them in the warm car with wind chills near zero and air temperatures between 16 and 18 degrees. then as we get into tomorrow afternoon wind chills remain in the teens throughout the afternoon so another windy cold day on tap for tuesday. then that storm potential. here's the ingredients. we'll have a weak low coming in from eastern parts of texas. arms it crosses the deep south it will start to deepen as it moves towards the carolinas. at the same time the current arctic air that's in place will be departing and leaving so we'll have stale cold air its going to be cold but not bitterly cold. as that low moves over the open waters of the atlantic the ocean temperatures are running way above average for this time of year and that can help or harm us depending on where it blossoms if it's close to the coast it explodes and throws a lot of warmth in here to throw the rain line
6:26 pm
inland. if it explodes just off the coast cold air remains in place and then you're talking about snow for everybody so we've got to wait until this storm actually hits the u.s. before we can really sample it with the models and that comes tomorrow night into wednesday morning. so your seven-day forecast here exclusively windy and cold on tuesday of 29 degrees. and then turning cloudy wednesday and notice the jump up in temperature into the upper 30's. maybe an evening flurry on wednesday. lots of sun thursday at 38. that snow starts to arrive late on friday but again, you're up to 36 degrees for the air temperature and then rain and snow likely on saturday of 34 and then it dries out the second half of the weekend. more seasonable on monday of 42 and over on my facebook page i wrote a pretty lengthy discussion explaining we have to wait for the energy to come to the u.s. read it and you'll know more both storm. >> the system hasn't reached the united states. >> it won't until tomorrow night so you can't model it or sample it until it does. >> thank you adam. finally tonight volunteers spent this martin luther king day doing some quality
6:27 pm
control. they inspected, processed and sorted through donated goods in montgomeryville. all of the items that passed the test will be sold at the bristol impact thrift store fashion outlet. proceeds from the secondhand merchandise are passed along to area charities. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪ oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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breaking news tonight. taking sides. donald trump taking aim at ted cruz. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> but tonight, key conservatives come out with their own message for trump. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fierce battle for iowa tonight. the new fallout after those unexpected moments. the dangerous commute. the change reaction crashes. 95 million americans from the dakotas to virginia to maine in the grips of an arctic chill. and now, the next major system moving in. at this hour, the americans coming home, held prisoner in iran. but what about the one left behind? we hear from his family, right here tonight. gas prices in america, where it's under a dollar. the line of drivers. and is it here to stay? the oscar controversy. actress jada pinkett smith and her message to hollywood. the video now seen


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