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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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plus it is down to business for the eagles' new head coach next. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. it didn't seem that long ago when we were asking if winter weather would ever get here. well, it's here now. we're going to have single-digit wind chills throughout the area tonight, and some places the
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wind chill will stay below zero. monday night, the big story on "action news" is cold temperatures and cool winds. the combination is making it painful to be outside. meteorologist adam joseph at the big board with the late word from accuweather. >> jim, in most of the county shaking and shivering as the cold air pulled way to the south. atlanta 27, chicago 3, 11 in cincinnati. 24 raleigh and 18 degrees in philadelphia. the cold is one part of the story, and we are still dealing with winds pushing in from the west, sustained speeds of 20 in philadelphia, 20 in wilmington, 16 in allentown. with higher gusts. that is pulling the air temperature much further down. in fact, when you factor in the wind, it feels like 2 in philadelphia, and also in trenton. 1 below in reading. 2 below in reading. 1 below in wilmington and lancaster. and even at the shore feeling in the low single digits with the
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poconos at 11 degrees below zero. we do have a clear sky out there right now of the winds continue to drain out of low pressure that continues to pull east ofle northern parts new england to the eastern parts of the great lakes. once that departs late tomorrow into wednesday, the winds will finally ease. first thing tomorrow morning, windy and cold for the bus stop forecast. 16 to 18 degrees. wind chills near zero. if you can keep the kids in a warm car until the bus arrivals, that's probably the smart way tomorrow, especially with the harsh winds. so another bitter day on tap for tomorrow afternoon. then the temperatures will jump up through the rest of the week in time for a late-week storm that could complicate things going on here. we will chat more about that in the full accuweather forecast, jim, in just a little bit. >> we'll wait for that, thank you, adam. with the arrival of dangerously cold weather, keep
11:03 pm close at hand. rely on us to keep you and your family safe. he is the new man in town, and "action news" there as doug pederson landed by private jet today. first up for the new coach, assembling a staff and convincing some skeptical eagle fans, not to mention his players, that he is the right man for the job. sports director ducis rodgers, it is a lot of pressure on doug pederson. and hopefully everybody will give this man a chance to succeed. >> right now he is 0-0. he has not coached a single game yet starts off with a clean slate. and doug pederson played for and coached with the eagles in the past and likely knows what he has signed up for. and arriving from kansas city shortly before 11:00 immediately going to the team's training facility, and that's where the eagles announced his hiring. and a news conference slated for tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. pederson we understand had dinner with lurie and roseman at
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lurie's home. and he issued a statement saying doug is thinker and compelling leader and knows how to get the best out of his players. all of the factors initially attracted to us doug and we believe he is the right man to achieve our ultimate goal. and the ultimate goal is it a super bowl title. and he is building his staff and names later in sports. and details about the eagles' head coach. doug pederson 47 years old born in bellingham, washington and went to college at northeast louisiana. pederson is married and has three sons. he played for the eagles in 1999. pederson has seven years of coaching experience, including four with the eagles, but this is his first head coaching job at any level above high school. we have more video of doug pederson's arrival in philadelphia at along
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with a look at his career. and take part in the facebook poll about the new hire. and hear from ron jaworski. when he meets the media tomorrow we will bring it live. look for coverage of the coach's news conference on channel 6 and streaming live on 6 abc and the 6abc news app. there is other news tonight. the alleged killer of a homeless shelter employee now behind bars. that after surrendering to the law late today. meanwhile, mourners game together at the shelter tonight. "action news" reporter live at police headquarters. >> jim, family members say it's somewhat of a relief now that the suspected gunman is in police custody, but it doesn't change the fact that edward barksdale is gone. >> i know you all had love for my brother. >> the candles and the crowds of people outside of the station house homeless shelter are a snapshot of how many lives
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edward barksdale touched while working there. the police say the 43-year-old shot five times, including in the head. and another employee, 26-year-old lamont barham was wounded. the alleged gunman, the shelter resident john brock surrendered to detectives late this afternoon. >> it is a weight off our shoulder that he turned himself in. like i said, it is very unfortunate. >> and i am happy that the killer turned himself in. >> police say brock had been turned away saturday for being intoxicated and belligerent only to return sunday morning with a gun. >> he was trying to help and he helped him. so you hurt someone that helped you. this is a violent crime for somebody who is not a violent person. >> i don't think there is anything that could have been done to prevent this. >> brock was able to enter with workers reported for duty. the shelter says the execute has pat-downs for those entering and looking at what can be done,
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especially as they get packed for code blue. >> what happened was pretty tragic, but it is not something that has ever happened. we do not have violence in our shelters. >> you're forgiven. you are forgiven, we will never forget. you took something from us, and you will never understand what you took from us. >> now police say brock had prior arrests, mostly dealing with drugs and violence. and now he faces an array of charges, including murder and aggravated assault. reporting live at police headquarters for channel 6 "action news." >> thanks. and things turned icy following a firefight in north philadelphia late this afternoon. the flames broke out just before 4:00 along the 600 block of germantown avenue. it took less than a half-hour for the firefighters to get the fire under control. with the below-freezing temperatures the water used to douse the flames quickly froze on nearby cars, on everything.
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fortunately, nobody was hurt. fire destroyed a historic tavern early this morning. the flames consumes the hillcrest tavern in bridgeton. long-time customers and employees stopped by today to get a glimpse of the destruction. they say the loss is heart breaking. >> this is our "cheers" and we come here quite often. i am going to miss a lot of friends. >> it is where everybody knew your name and everybody there was friendly. this are was "cheers". it's sad. it's very sad. >> the popular landmark was built in 1782. lansdowne police need help tracking down three suspected car burglars. police say residents are making it easy for the thieves by leaving valuables in unlocked cars. investigators say the pair simply going around checking door handles in the overnight hours. you are urged to call police if you recognize these three men. and the police remind
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residents -- just two of them, sorry. and the police are reminding residents to lock their car doors. workers at philadelphia international airport protest on this martin luther king, jr. day. ♪ we who believe in freedom cannot rest♪ >> and mayor kenney released a statement saying they are committed to resolving the crisis at the airport and help them work with dignity. and similar rallies at other airports in emergency cities today. for others across the delaware valley, today marked a day of service. 5,000 people volunteered today at girard college in north philadelphia. they took part in 150 projects and activities, including bird houses, sorting books and writing letters to service members. this was the 21st annual greater
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philadelphia martin luther king day of service at girard college. ♪ a gospel performance highlighted the martin luther king day of service at the liberty bell. several dignitaries on hand to pay tribute to the civil rights leader. the ceremony concluded with the symbolic reading, the tapping of the liberty bell. president barack obama even spent the day serving others. the president and first lady, michelle obama, volunteered with the boys and girls club of greater washington. the obama's stuffed bags with books for needy children, and also helped to assemble a garden bed and planted vegetable seeds at a nearby elementary school. and still to come tonight, following a developing story at this hour. the president of the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences responds to the controversial over the lack of diversity among oscar nominees. a pennsylvania man who
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nearly froze to death last year, returns to the lehigh valley hospital to thank those who saved his life. his remarkable story ahead. >> and the cold, bitter winds of monday spill into tuesday afternoon with winds gusting to another 30 miles per hour dropping the wind chills. the latest on the numbers and the storm coming up in accuweather. trader joe's issues a recall for cashews. and, of course, more on doug pederson's arrival in philadelphia when "action news" continues tonight.
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we are following a developing story out of hollywood tonight. the president of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences just issued a response to the lack of diversity among this year's oscar nominees. cheryl boone isaacs expressed her frustration and says that big changes are coming to the organization. she said we have implemented changes to diversify our membership in the last four years, but the change is not coming as fast as we would like.
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she said we need to do more and better and more quickly. and she says steps will be taken to alter the make up of the membership. she said she will announce details in the coming days and weeks. this announcement follows a declaration by director spike lee and actress jada pinkett smith that they will boycott. and jada's husband will smith was one of the actors in "concussion" and watch the oscars here on channel 6 and coverage at 7:00 p.m. five americans detained in iran are free. and a graduate institute the first to return home to massachusetts and three others in germany undergoing medical evaluations at a u.s. hospital. and the fifth american chose to stay in iran. they were all released on
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saturday. in exchange for their freedom, the obama administration agreed to release seven iranians charged with violating u.s. sanctions and pay $1.7 billion to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government. the search things for 12 marines off the coast of hawaii. two helicopters crashed last week, no sign of survivors. one of the missing marines identified as 31-year-old captain brian kennedy of malv n malvern. they found some life rafts and took them in for investigation. and donald trump, in a debate. and parliament took it up after a half million signed a petition for trump to be excluded for his call for a temporary ban on muslims.
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understand british law, any petition supported by 100,000 signatures is considered for parliamentary debate. and eagles' guitarist glenn frey died. and he along with don henly was one of the most successful song writing teams including "hotel california" and "life in the fast lane" and frey had a successful solo career with "the heat is on" and "smuggler's blues" and he was 67. and a book about george washington and his slaves pulled. and no longer displaying "a birthday cake for george washington" and the slave has a smile as he bakes the president a birthday cake. and they say it sugar coats slavery and scholastic will
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accept returns. and trader joe's recalling raw cashew pieces over a possible salmonella contamination. they are pulling them from the shelves and asking people to throw it away or return it to the story for a full refund. nobody has gotten sick. and an a man returned to allentown to thank foes who saved him. and justin smith's father found him laying unconscious in a s w snowba snowbank. and he was there when the temperature dipped to four believe zero. and they thought he was dead automatic before forming cpr for hours his heart beat on his own. >> and they showed me great things and i had to come back here. i wanted to thank every person who had a part with this and it has been amazing. i am here and life is good now,
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you know. >> life is good. smith lost his pinky fingers and toes but since then made a near complete recovery. and also dangerous cold tonight in the delaware valley and this story makes us think of the precautions you have to take. >> talking of wind chills that basically on bare scan can get frostbite in a short period of time. and it is continuing into thursday, but easing on wednesday and thursday. and a clear sky above, but the winds continue to funnel in out of the westerly direction. as we take a look at sky 6 live at philadelphia international airport, it clearly shows you here the direction of the wind and how strong it is. because the smokestacks are basically going from the right to the left on your screen. if you flew in, or expected to fly out tomorrow, expect a very bumpy flight as you ascend or descend into philadelphia international. as we look at wind chills right now, 2 in trenton, as well as
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philadelphia and millville. 1 in allentown. feels like 2 below in reading and 1 below in wilmington and 4 in the deep south around dover and sussex county in delaware. and some clouds bubbled up this afternoon but they collapsed as the sunset. and the lake-effect snow machine going on in the northern and western parts of new york state, but for us all is quiet until the end of the week. going way to the west, a little precipitation on the west coast and this area of clouds, and some clouds to the north there, are the late-week ingredients to develop a potential east coast storm. more than likely yes, this is going to happen. the question is the placement of the low when it explodes off the coast and how much of it is snow versus rain and where. and weak low develops in southern and eastern parts of texas. it cuts across near the tennessee valley before it transfers its energy off the coast, somewhere near california
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or virginia. and still cold air in place. the cold, arctic air will retreat as the storm develops. when it transfers the energy, this storm will develop very quickly because the ocean, overs are above average. that creates a zone where you will see rapid development. the question is, does it develop right along the coast where it can pull in the very warm ocean for this time of year? or is it a little further to the east and it can pull down some cold air from the north? that's the biggest question of the placement and who sees rain or snow. it is too early to tell. when the energy hits the west coast late tomorrow night, then we can get the information into our super computers and they can give you a little more of a placement of where the low will be. until then what we know tomorrow, futuretracker wind chills, 2 in philadelphia. and below zero north and west. and tomorrow afternoon feeling like the teens across the entire viewing area. despite that, seeing a decent
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amount of sunshine. the exclusive accuweather forecast. cool tomorrow 29 the high. cloudy wednesday, could be an even flurry with a weak system coming through. and the arctic air into the 30's. and sunshine thursday, clouds and 38. and some snow yes, will arrive for us friday afternoon with a temperature of 36 degrees. this does have the potential to bring some of our area a heavy snowfall. the track right now highly uncertain. strong wind gusts, more than likely no matter what happens with some coastal flooding concerns. going into saturday, rain and snow likely with a high around 34 degrees. so above freezing, which you always think there's going to be mixing concerns here. and sunday into monday we quickly clear out and the temperatures jump up to near 40 degrees. and, of course, we have updates with every newscast, so tune in with meteorologist david murphy tomorrow morning with the latest information that comes in during the overnight hours.
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>> adam joseph, thank you. "jimmy kimmel live" next coming up at 11:35 right after "action news." and here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim. hello, philadelphia. here comes a free view of tonight's show. please turn off your phones. >> the bedroom, oh, my god. [laughter] >> that's the only way i could get satellite television. [laughter] our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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starting next week you have to pay $9.99 a month to listen to your favorite play lists and stations. they offer a three-month trial if you are not quite ready to make a commitment. beatsone the only free radio service provided by apple. guest hosts and music selected by the apple deejays. first thing, pederson has to select a staff and get people to go along with him and take on this mission of making the eagles a winner. >> most important thing for a rookie head coach is to get experienced coordinators on both sides of the football, that should help very much. call it the worst-kept secret. today it is official the eagles hired doug pederson to succeed chip kelly as coach. and succeed is what they believe he will eventually do. arriving in philadelphia from kansas city this morning, the news conference slated for tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. lurie will be there. and pederson, his wife and howie
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departed for lurie's home, a welcome home dinner so to speak. and a statement expressing excitement over the hire. saying doug is a strategic thinker, compelling leader and communicator. and someone who truly knows how to get the best out of his players. all these factors are what initially attracted to us doug and we believe he is the right man to help us achieve our ultimate goal. pederson's first order of business, as jim mentioned, to assemble a coaching staff. he is already hard at work on that. the action cam spotted jim schwartz arriving at the 30th street station this evening, expected to be named the defensive coordinator. he has been a d-coordinator and experience with the lions and that certainly helps. the offensive coordinator position, many say frank is the choice. and the offense ranked ninth and
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garbage. that's the budget passed by the republican legislature in harrisburg. it's unfunded, unbalanced and unconscionable. it'll balloon the deficit. and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control, and build a better future for pennsylvania.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. >> one of these days the sixers will figure out how to win the close ones consistently. this afternoon against the new york knicks they come up short again of the picking it up in overtime. sixers up by 1, that is nerlens noel 18 points and 13 rebounds for him. sixers up by 3. now down 3, time expiring. robert covington, they'll take
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it. tied at 107-107 and going to a second overtime. carmelo anthony a big bucket and sixer fall by 6. >> and the cavs and warriors, must be a big hit at barbecues and reunions. the best teams in the respective conferences but all warriors. curry, part of the 12-2 run at the beginning of the game. and later over to iguodala and they destroy the cavs 132-98. villanova climbing, they are now ranked fourth in the nation. the 16-2 cats visit seton hall wednesday night. and a news conference set for 2:00 at the novacare facility. >> a big day. and a basketball celebration in north philadelphia. current high school players at
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martin luther king high school celebrated former players. former philadelphia players that made it to the nba. williams, wallace and mowably talked to students about their success and importance of giving back to the community. it is part of the second all martin luther king basketball invitational. "jimmy kimmel live" next, and his guests are whitney cummings and an interview and performance by senior elton john. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sir elton john, and comedian whitney cummings. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone


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