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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 19, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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eric's gotten used to the lingyep, he's gone noseblindoom he think it smells fine, but his guests smell this... sfx: ding, toilet flushing sfx: music begins febreze air effects heavy duty has up to two times the odor-eliminating power to remove bathroom odors you've gone noseblind to and try febreze small spaces heavy duty... continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days febreze small spaces and air effects' [inhale + exhale mnemonic] two more ways to breathe happy. "tion news," delaware valley'seading news program with jim gardner. t didn't seem that long ago when we were asking if winter weather wou ever get here.
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well, it's here now. we' going to have single-digit wind chills throughout the area tonightand se ples the wind chill will stayelow zero. monday nigh the big sry on the cbination is making it . painful to be outside. meteologist adam joseph at the big board with eate word from accuweather. >> jim, in most of the cnty shaking and shivering as the cold air pulled way to the south. atlan 27, chicago 3, 11 in 24 raleigh and 18 degre in the cold is one part of t story, and we are still dealing with winds pushing in fr t west, susined seds of 20 in pladeli 20 in wilmington, 16 in allentown. wh higher gusts. that pulli t air in fact, when you factor in the win it feels like 2 in philadelphia, and also in
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1 below in reading. 2 bow in reading. 1 below in wilmington and lanster. and even athe shore feeling in the low sine digits with t poconos at 11 drees below zero. we do have a clear s out there right now othe winds contie to drain out of lowressure ttontinues toull east ofle northern parts new england to the eastern parts of the gre lakes. once that darts late tomorrow into wednday, the winds will finally ease. first thing tomorrow morning, ndy and cold f the bus sp forecast. 16 to8 degree wind chills near zero. if you can keep the kids in a warm c until the b arrivals, thas probably themart way tomorw, especially withhe harsh winds. so another bitter day on tap r tomorrow afteoon. then the tempares wl jump in time for a late-week storm k at cld complicate things going on re. we will chat mo about thatn the full accuweather recast, jim, in just a little t. >> we'll wait for that, thank
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you, adam. with t arriv of dangerously cold weher, kp 6abcom/weatherlose at hand. relon us to keep you a your mily safe. he is the new man in town, and "action news" there as doug pederson landed by private jet today. first up for the new coac assembling staff and convincing se skeptil eagle fans, not to mention his players, thate is the right man for the jo sports direcrucis rodgers, it is a lot of pssure on dou pederso give this man a chanceo ll succeed. >> right now he is 0-0. heas not coached a sine game t starts off with a clean and doug derson played for and coached with the eaglesn the past and likelynows what he has signed up for. and aivg from kansas ci shortly before 11: immediately going to the team training facility, and that's where the
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eagles nnced h hiring. and a news conference slated for tomorrow afteron at 2:00. pedersone understand had dinner with lurie and roseman at lurie home. and he issd a statement saying doug is think and compelling lear d kws h to get the best outfis plays. all of the factors initially attracted to us doug and we believe he is the right mano achieve our ultima goal. and the ultimate goal is it a super bowl title. a he is building his staff and names latern sports. and detai about the eagles' hd coach. doupeds 47 years o born in bellingham, washington and went to college at northeast louisna. three sons. mared and has he played forhe eags in 1999. pederson has senears of coaching experience, inclung four wh the eagles, but this is his first head coaching job at any levelbove high school.
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we have more veo of dg pederson's arral in philadelphia at along with a look at his career. and te part in the febook ll about the new hire. and hear from rojaworski. when he meets theed tomorrow we will bring it li. look for coverage of the coach's news confence cnnel 6 a streaming le on 6 abc and the 6abc news app. the is oth news tonight. the alleged killer of a homeless slter employeeow behind bars. that after surrenderingo the lawate today. meahile, mourns game together at the shelter toght. "actionews" rorter livet police headquarters. >> jim, fily mbers say it's mewhat of a relief n that te suspeed gunman is in police cuody, b it esn't barksdale is edward >> i know y l had love for
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my brothe >> the candles a the crowds of people outside of the station house homeless shelr are a snshot of how manyives edward barksdale touched while the pice say the 43-year-old shot five times, including in the ad. and another employee, 26-ye-old lamont barh was the alled gunm, the shelt resident john brock surrendered to detectives late this afternoon. >> it is a weight off our shouett he tned himself in. le i said, it is very unfortunate. >> and i am happyhat the killer turned himlf in. >>olice say brock had been turn away saturday for being intoxited and belgerent only toetu sunday morning with gun. >> he was trying to help and he heed him. so you hurt someone tt helped you. this is aiolent crime for somebody who is not viole person. >> i don't think there anything that could have bn done to prevent this. >> brock was ableo enter with workers reported for du.
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the shelt says the execute has pat-downs for those entering and lking at what can be done, escially as they get pacd for code blue. >> whahappened was pretty tragic, but it is not something that has ever haened. we do not have vionce in our shelters. >> you're forgen. you are foiven, we will never you took something from us,nd you will never understand what you took from us. >> now pole say brock d prior arrests, mostly dealing with drugs and olence. and now he faces an array of charges, incding murder and aggravated sault. reporting live at police headquarters for chael 6 "action news." >> thanks. > and things turned icy following a firefight in north philadelphia late this afternoon. the flames broke o just before 4:00long the 600 block of rmantown enue. it took ss than a half-ur
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with the below-freezing get the temperatures t water used to douse the flam quick fze o nearby cars, on everything. fortunately,obody was hu. fire destroyed a historic tavern early ts morning. thelames consumes the hicrest tavern in brgeton. lontime customers and employees stopped by today to get a glimpse of the they say the loss is heart breakg. >> this is our "cheers" and we come here qui ofte i am going to miss a lot of friends. >> it is where everybody knew your name and everydy there was friendly. this are was "cheer. it's sad. is very sad. >> the popular landmark was built in 1782. lsdowne police need help tracking downhree suspected car burglars. policeay ridents are making easy for the thiev by leaving valuables in uocked cars.
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invesgators say the pair door handles inhe ornight ng you arerged to call police if you recogze these three me andhe police remind residents -- just two of them, and the police are reminng residen to lock their car doors. workers at philadelphia international airport protest on this martin luther king, jr. day. ♪ we who believe in freedom cannot rest♪ >> and mayor kenney reased a atement saying th are mmitted to resolving the crisist the rport a help them work with dignity. and similar rlies at other airportsnmeen cits today. for others acrosshe delaware valley,oday rd a day of serve. 5,000 people volunteed today at girard college in north philadelphia. they took part in 150 projects
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and actities, iluding bird hous, sorting books and writing lters toervice memrs. this she 21st annl greater philadelphiaartin luther king day of service at girard college. ♪ a gospel performance highlit the martin luther king day of service at the berty be. several dignitaries on hand to pay tribu to theivil rigs the ceremony concluded with the symbolic reading, the tapping of the liberty bell. preside barack oba even spent the day serving others. the president and fst lady, chelle obama, volunteer with the boysnd girlslub of greater washington. the obama's stuffed bs wh bs for needy children,nd also helped to assemble a garden bed and planted vetable seeds at a nearby elementary school. and still toome tonight, following a develing sry at this hour. t president the acamy of
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moti pictur, artsnd controrsial over the lack of diversy among oscar nomine. a pennsylvania man who arly fze to death last year, returns to theehigh valy hospital to thank those who saved his li. his rarkable story ahead. >> and the cold, bitr winds of monday spill into tueay afternoon with winds gusting to anher 30 miles per hour dropping the wind chills. the latest onhe numbe and the storm coming in accuweather. trader joe's issues a recall for cashews. and, of course, more on doug pederson's arrival in philadphia
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justssued a resnse to the lack of diversi among this year's oscar nominees. cheryl boe isaacs express big changes are coming to the she said we have implement changes to diveify our membership ithe last four yrs, but the change is not cong as fast as we would like. she said we need to do more and better and more quickly. andhe says ste wilbe ten to alter the make up of the she said she will announce details in the comg days a weeks. this announcement follows a declaration by director spike leend actress jada pinkett smith that they wl boycott. and jada's husband will smith was o of the actors in "concussi" and watch the oscars here channel 6 and
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verage at 7:00 p.m. five amins detained in iran are free. and a gradue institu t firsto tn home to maachusetts andhreethers germany undergoing medical evaluions at a u.s. hospital. stay in iran.ranhose to they were all released on saturday. in exchange for tir frdom, e obama adminisation agreed to release seven iranians charged with violang.s. sanctionsnd pay $1 billion to settle an old financial diute with the inian government. theearch this for 12 marines fhe coast of hawaii. two helopters aed last week, no sign of survors. one eissing marines identified as 31ear-old captain bri kenne of malve malvern.
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they found some life rafts a took them inor inveigation. >> a dald trum in a debate. and parliament tk it up after a half mlion signed a petitn for trump to be excluded for his cl for a temporary ban on muslims. understand british law, any petition prtedy 10000 signatur is considered for parliamentary dete. and eaes' guitarist glenn frey died. a he along with don henly was one of the most scessful sg writing tms inclung "hotel californi and "life in the fast lane" and frey had a successful solo career with "the ht is on" and "smuggler's
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blues" and he was 67. and a book about grge washington and s sves pulle and no longer displaying "a bihday cake r george wasngn" d the sve has a smile as he bakes the president a birthy cake. a they say it sugar coats slery and scholastic will accept retus. and trader jos recalling raw cashew pieces or a possible salmonella contanation. they are pulng them from the shelves and asking people to throw it away or return it to the story for a full refund. nobody hasotten sk. andn a man rurned to allentown to tha fs who savehim. and justin smith's father found him laying unconscious in a s w
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snowba snowbank. and he was there when the temperature dipped to four believe zero. and they thoht he was dead automatic before forming cpr for hours his heart bt on his own. and they showed me gre things and i had to come back here. s been this and it i am he andife is good now, you know. >> life good. smith lost his pky fingers and toes but since then made a near complete recovery. and also dangerous cold tonight in the delaware valley and this story makes us think of the preutions y have to >> talking of wind chills that basically on bare scan can get frostbite in a short perioof te. and it is connuing io wednesday and thsday. and car sky abov but the winds continue to fnel inut the westerly diction. as we take a look at sky 6 live
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athadelphia internaonal airport, it clearly shows you here the direction of the wind and how strong it is. becau the smokestac are sically goi from the right to the left on your screen. ifou flew in,r expected to fly out tomorrow,xpect a very bumpy flight as you ascend or dend into philadelphia as we lk at wind chls rht n, 2 in trenton, as well as philadelphia and millvie. 1n alntown. feelsike 2 below in rding and 1 below in wilmington and 4 the deep south arod dov and sussex county in delaware. and some clouds bubbled up this the sunset.ut they collaps as and the lake-fect snow machine going on in the northern and western parts of new york ste, but for us all is quiet until the end of the week. goi way to the st, a little and this area of clouds, and st so cuds to the north there, are the late-week ingreentso
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develop a potenal east coast storm. more than likely yes, thiss gog to happen. the question is the placement of the low wn it explodes off t coast and h much of it is snow vsus rain and where. and weak low develops in southernnd etern pts of tex. it cuts across near the tennessee valley beforit ansfs its ergyff the or viinia.ewhere near california and still cold a in place. t cold, arctic air will reeat as the storm develops. when it tnsfe the energy, this storm will develop vy quickly because the ocean, overs are above average. that creates zone where you will see rapid development. the question is, does it develop right along theoast where it can pull itheery warmcean for this te of year? or iit a liteurther to the east and it can pull down some co air from the north? tt's the biggest queion of the placement and who sees rain or sw.
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it is tooarly to tell. wn the energy hits the west coast late torw night, then we can get the informaon int our super computers and they can give you a little me of a acement of where the low will be. until thenhat we kno tomorrow, futuretcker wind chills, 2 in philadphia. and below zero north and west. like the teens across the eire viewing area. despi that, seeing a decent ount of sunshi. the elusi acceath forect. cool tomorrow 29 the high. cloudy wednda coulde an even flurry with wk sysm coming through. andhe arctic air into the 30's. and sunine thsday, clos and 38. andomenow yes, will arrive for usriday afternoon with temperature of 36 degrs. this does have the pottial to bring some of our area a heavy snowfall. the track right now hhly strong wind gusts, more than likely no matter whahappens
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with some coastal floing going into saturday, rain and snow likely with a high aund 34 deee so above freezing, whichou always think ere's going to be mixing concerns here. andunday into monday we quickly clear o and t temperatures jumpp to near 40 degre. and, of course,e have updates th every newscast, so tune in with meorologi v muhy tomorrow morning with the latest the overnight in during >> adam joseph,hank you. "jimmy kimmel live" next cing uat 11: rhtfter "action news." and here is jimmy with a preview >> thanks, jim.. hellophiladelia. here comes a free vw of tight's show. please turn off your phones. >> the bedrm, o my go [laughter] >> that's the only way i could get satellite television.
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word has come tt apple is asing out i free ites radio service. starting next week you have to pay $9.99 a mon lten to your favorite play lts and they offer a three-month trial if you areot que rdy to ma a coitment.
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beaone the only free radio rvice provided by apple. guest hosts a mus selected by the apple deejays. fir thing, pederson has to select a sta and get people to go ang with him and taken this mison of making the eagles a winner. >>ost important thing for a rookie head coach is toet periced coordators on both sides of the football, that should help very much. call it the worst-ke secret. today it is official the eagles hired doug pederson to succeed chip kly as coh. and suced is what they believe he wl eventlly do. arriving in philadelphia from kansas city this morng, the news conrence slated f tomorr tnoon at 2:00. lurie will the. and pedeon, h wife and howie departed for lurie's ho, a welcomhome dinr so to speak. and a statement expressing extement over the hire. saying doug is a stregic think, compelling leader and
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comnicator. and someone who truly kws how to get the bt out of h players. all these facrs are at initially attracted to usoug and we believe he is the rig man to helps achieve our ulmate goal. peders'first oer of busins, as jim mentioned, to assemble a coaching staff. hes already rdt work on that. the aion cam spotted jim schr arriving at the 30th street station this evening, expected to be named the defensi coordinator. he has been a d-coordinator and experience with theions and that certainly lps. the offensive coordator position, my say frank is the choice. and the offen ranked ninth and a former nfl quarrback. and villanovaoved up in the latest rankings. and the sixers >> one of these days the sixers
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will figureut how to win the closenes consistent. this afternoon again the new yo knicks tyomep short again of the picking it up in overtime. sixers up by 1, that is nerns noel 18oints and 13 rebounds for him. sixs up by 3. now down 3, time expiring. robert covington, they'll te it. tiedt 107-107 and going to a
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send overtime. carmelo anthony big bucket and six fall by 6. >>nd the cavs and warriors, must be a big hit at barbecues a reunio. theest teams in the respective confenc but all warriors. crypart of the 12-2 run at the beginninothe game. and lat over to iguodala and ey destr the cavs 132-98. villanova climbing, they are now ranked frth in the nation. the 16-2 cats visit seton hl wednesday night. and news conference set for:00 at the novacare facility. >> a big da and a basketball celraon in nth philadelia. current high school players at martin lher king hh school celebrad forr players. former philalphia players that made it to the nba.
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williams, walla and mowab taed totudesbout their ccess and portance of giving back to the communy. it is part of the second all martin luther ki basketball invitional. > "mmy kimmel li" next, and his guesre whitn cuings and an interview and peormance by senior elt john. and "action news" continues at 4:30ith tamala edward matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rogers with trafc. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, dus roers and the entire good night.s" team, i'm jim ♪
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