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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, january 19th and here's what's happening. >> new year, new coach. doug pederson will be officially introduced as the eagles head coach. we're live with all the details. >> a blast of dangerously cold temperatures sticks around for at least another day and plus accuweather is tracking a potential snowstorm for later this week. >> the blame game erupted over flint's toxic water crisis. now the fight for funds is headed to washington. >> we'll talk more about those dip in temperature. let's go to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> cold air definitely in place this morning, guys. welcome back matt by the way.
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nice to see you. right now we've got a lot of clear skies overhead. a lack of clouds. we'll see plenty of sunshine but it's not going to help much. the temperatures are very cold, 17 degrees in philadelphia currently, 14 in allentown, 15 trenton, 14 reading, 15 in wilmington and millville. like yesterday there's a strong blustery wind rolling in from the west and that's giving us wind chills worse this morning than what we had yesterday. it feels like it's three in philadelphia right now, three in trenton, one in wilmington and below zero wind chills currently in allentown reading and lancaster. everybody really needs to bundle up with all that extra gear and layers. heading out the door this morning temperatures are going to be in the mid teens between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock but the big story is those severe wind chills that we will be experiencing through the morning and a good portion of the day. here's what it looks like today. 15 degrees by 8 o'clock, still in the teens by 10 o'clock. then we get up into the 20's with a high of 27 around 3 o'clock this afternoon. but it's still going to be very raw with those wind chills even at the best of times later today as the winds
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start to die down a little bit in the teens so bundle up not only on the way out this morning but expect to still need all that extra gear on the way home. karen we have that that end of the week storm which is coming a little more in focus. details coming up. >> everyone talking about that. let's hit the roads right now and just get you through your morning commute and you're looking pretty good if you're about to hop on the schuylkill expressway. here's a live look past montgomery drive. eastbound traffic headed towards center city coming in from norristown or conshohocken you're not going to have a delay yet and the roads are in good shape. maybe a slick spot or two here or there but no widespread problems. on the vine street expressway no overnight construction. the vine stayed open, it's looking good. we've got very light volume this morning. in douglas township though we have a water main break and likely some icy conditions philadelphia avenue at the route 100 northbound ramp so watch for that. a water main break happening right now this morning. we saw several of them yesterday. northeast extension northbound between mid-county and lansdale some construction out here blocks a right lane but still speeds of 55 miles an hour so it's early it's not causing a big problem. and construction out here
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blocking a left lane northbound near quakertown. other than that you're good to go this morning, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. we'll check back in with you a little bit later. now let's switch over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's braving the cold at septa's norristown transportation send station for people at home still wondering what it's going the feel like what's the answer, katherine? >> reporter: well, it's going to feel cold tam that's the short answer. the air is cold, the wind chills make it feel even colder out here so it's going to be a frigid commute. here at the norristown transportation center you can see the people that are here seem to be huddled inside as they wait for their buses this morning. expect to see commuters moving with a few extra layers as they head out the door. you can see again people are just huddled inside hoping their bus comes soon. thought the case in rittenhouse square last night with people bundled up. people reached to their closets and gave their winter clothing a workout. the temperatures are in the teens but the ridges just make e
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it seem in the single digits. we've gotten used to these relatively mild temperatures we've often seen this winter but not dan not everyone is complaining. up at bear creek mountain resort they had a slow winter so far. usually they can make snow if they don't have the real stuff but it's even been too warm for that but not this weekend. the conditions have finally been cold enough to keep the snow on the slopes and the change came right in time for the holiday weekend. so the skiers and the snow borders were out in force and encouraging others to join in. >> if you like snowboarding and that just come out and just try it. >> today seemed like a good day to come out and we tried to do it a couple times a year. >> reporter: so obviously it's early now but even later on when the sun comes up, the wind is still going to stick around so just expect it to be a cold one all day. bring on the layers. we are live in norristown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> will do. thank you katherine. with the arrival of the cold weather keep close at hand of. rely on constant updates from
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accuweather and our meteorologists to keep yo you ad your family aware of the weather. >> a man accused of murdering a man at a homeless shelter is behind bars. john brock opened fire inside the station house transitional shelter on north broad streetlyllyly sunday morning. edward barksdale was shot and killed. family members are somewhat relieved now that the suspect has surrendered. >> it is 5:05 and happening today the mayor of flint michigan is headed to wads and hopeto washington,d.c. its water supply is contaminated with lead. right now residents can only use bottle water. state officials switched to the flint river in an effort to save money. residents complained but it wasn't until this past august when researchers found high levels of lead in the drinking
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and bathing water. some are calling for the governor to resign. "good morning america" will continue our coverage on flint's water crisis. "gma" starts at 7:00 after "action news." >> this is a brand new day for the philadelphia eagles. new head coach doug pederson will talk to the media for the first time today about taking over the team. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is lie at the live ise novacare complex with more on doug. annie. >> reporter: good morning, matt and it was yesterday that doug pederson became coach pederson to eagles fans here in philadelphia. many of them saying will it is be enough that he has a history with the eagles? will fans embrace him? we talked to some fans to see what they think. doug pederson touched down in philadelphia yesterday morning flying in from kansas city and immediately went to the novacare to start working on his new team. pederson has been the chief's offensive coordinator under andy reid, before that he was an eagle both as an assistant to reid and on the field as a quarterback. "action news" has learned jim
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schwartz is expected to be named defensive coordinator. our cameras were there as schwartz arrived to 30th street station yesterday. schwartz's resume includes a head coaching job with the dedetroit lions and defensive coordinator job in the nfl. many eagles fans are expressing strong opposition to pederson's hire. >> he's just a clipboard holder for andy reid right now. he's any other the guy calling the plays. >> law a joke as a quarterback. i don't think he'll be that much better of a head coach. >> reporter: brian dawkins and reason jaworski are throwing their support behind pederson. >> i like it. >> reporter: why. >> because he did good with the chiefs. got them to the playoffs. got them that good record. >> reporter: and eagles owner jeffrey lurie did host doug pederson at his home last flight for dinner. he released a statement yesterday saying that he called pederson a strategic thinker and a compelling leader and communicator and those are traits that did lead
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to their decision to hire him. for now reporting live outside the novacare complex, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> players seem to like him. thank you annie. we have more video of doug pederson's arriving in philadelphia on along with a look at the new head coach's a career. you can also take part in our facebook poll about the new hire and see reaction from fans and former eagles quarterback ron jaworski who equally thinks this is a good hire for them. >> you know why i know he's tough because he came off the plane yesterday with like an opened collared shirt and a blazer despite the wind chill was 16 so, yeah. >> got into a warm car. >> he was. storm tracker6 live double scan right now, we are showing no precipitation. taking a look outside sky6 cameras bouncing a little bit at the airport and everywhere else occasionally anyway because we do have some blustery winds blowing through the region. the same that you experienced yesterday they're still in town. 17 degrees in philadelphia right now. just 15 degrees in wilmington. 15 in trenton. 14 in allentown. 15 in millville and on top of this with that strong blustery
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wind coming in out of the west gusting into the 30's at times we do have wind chills down around zero across much of the region this morning so definitely a morning to bundle up. you'll also need the shades oddly enough once you get out on the street or behind the wheel as we have a lack of any real significant cloud cover. later today there's the possibility of something filtering in like yesterday but i do think it's going to wound up fairly bright today. we'll call it mostly sunny up in the lehigh valley. 27 is the high, though, and we have that bitter wind blowing keeping those wind chills in the single digits for most of the day. down the shore, well, again, cold, 30 degrees, lots of sun but the winds very strong giving us wind chills in the single digits for the first part of the day and the teens later in the afternoon. and in philadelphia 27 is your high, mostly sunny. it will be windy and bitter with those winds out of the west gusting as high as 35 miles per hour at times very similar to yesterday and a similar feel and yesterday was certainly a day for coats and gloves and scarves and all that extra stuff. here's how the numbers are going to go today. 15 by 8 o'clock.
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still in the teens temperature-wise by 10 o'clock. and 26 by noon. it will probably take until about plan to or so to get those wind chills out of the single digits. and by 3 o'clock, 27 degrees and by 5 o'clock the winds starting to die down a little bit but still pretty cold with a temperature of 25 degrees. overnight tonight 20 degrees is your low in philadelphia and 15 in the suburbs. got an area of low pressure then coming in toward the end of the week. this storm is going to deepen as it cuts across the southern states and comes to our southern area and then tries to scoot up the coast. we'll have cold air in place as this arrives and most of the models are suggesting snow for us on friday afternoon and friday night. the question then becomes as the low starts to cut in to the warm ocean water, does it start to circulate enough warmth in to dislodge this cold air and change us over to rain? most of the models are saying we're going to get something whether or not it's going to be a lot of snow or mainly rain is still up in the air but i would definitely keep my eyes on friday late in the day in through much of
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saturday. that is the period to watch. 27 is today's high. it is going to be pretty bitter again. tomorrow we're up to 35, though, and then thursday 38. and then that friday/saturday period with that storm cutting in does look like we have a pretty good chance of at least some snow arriving late in the day and friday night and then the question becomes does it change over to a lot of rain on saturday or does the storm stay just far enough off the coast to keep us with what could be a pretty big snowstorm. and it could go either way at this point. we're still watching it but that's definitely a time period to keep your eyes on. >> fair enough. thanks, david. time right now is 5:11. still ahead more stories you didn't see last night. hear why chained protestors blocked traffic and shut down a major bridge going into san francisco. >> a tennessee school employee in trouble with the law after police say they find something bizarre and disturbing in the back of her car. karen. >> we're in the holmesburg section of the city here at state road and traffic moving okay at this point. want to watch for a slick spot or two through the region.
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we're going to check chadds ford see what's going on there coming up. >> a basketball legend is the first in line to get tickets to see the rams play in los angeles. that's coming up later in the morning buzz. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:14. good morning everyone. taking a live look at the platt memorial bridge. a lot of people had a three day weekend coming back to work and school today and it's going to be cold. >> yes, it will. let's head over to karen
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rogers. you got to be worried about anything wet on the road. it is going to freeze. >> yeah, for sure. temperatures were below freezing all day, all afternoon yesterday and staying that way today. so you may see a slick spot or two. not seeing widespread problems. looking live in chadds ford delaware county, this is 202 at baltimore pike. traffic here moving nicely so no problems coming in from talleyville or concordeville. you're looking pretty good right now on 202. let's switch over to this water main break. this is an issue this morning in place you'll likely find icy spots. philadelphia avenue at the route 100 northbound ramp we've got a water main break happening there this morning. and some construction in ocean county happening on i-195 westbound approaching 537. the crews are out there even in temperatures like this blocking the right lane for about another hour. let's switch over to your commuter traffic report and see what's happening with the waze app and if you're coming in from moorestown, new jersey, into the city, you're looking good, no reported problems through cherry hill or camden. 22 minute ride easy taking
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route 38 and heading up and over the ben franklin bridge so no issues out there this morning just yet. let's look at the temperatures right now. it's even colder this morning than it was at this point yesterday. 17 degrees in philadelphia, five in mount pocono, 14 in reading, 15 degrees in millville and you factor in the winds, it feels like three in philadelphia and minus 15, that's the wind chill right now in mount pocono and staying just in the 20's today, matt. >> thanks karen. protestors chained themselves together on the busy san francisco oakland bay bridge yesterday blocking rush hour traffic bound for san francisco. groups linked to the black lives matter movement cited recent police shootings for their demonstrations. some involved with this martin luther king day protest even chained cars together while others sat down in traffic. police arrested 25 people. >> representatives from mothers against drunk driving have vowed to fight the so-called affluenza teen in court. ethan couch was tried as a juvenile but madd wants to see
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him tried as an adult. today's hearing will go on without the 18-year-old. he remains in custody in mexico. couch and his mother were found there after they fled the country once a video of ethan couch at a party where beer pong was being played surfaced online. >> i'm erin o'hearn at the big board. a tennessee elementary schoolteacher was arrest #ed sunday and charged with child endangerment after police say they found three children in the trunk of her car. but the woman andrea james, claims this is a misunderstanding. police were alert whether a customer at a local store said there were a large amount of children getting out of james' car and three of them actually climbed out of the trunk. police say surveillance video confirms the claim. all in all authorities say there were nine children ranging in ages from eight to 10 years old, all of them students of james who is an intervention specialist at an
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elementary school in nashvill nashville. >> able the view video footage of the gas pumps and observe the vehicle pull up to the gas purge and three children exit the trunk of the vehicle once it stopped at the gas pump. >> and all of them didn't get in the trunk now, let's not get it confused. all of them never got into the trunk. >> james says she picked up the kids from a basketball game and they spent the night at her home. police said when parents were notified, they were furious understandably so. james is charged with three counts of reckless endangerment. guys -- back to you. >> any of them in the trunk. >> i guess that's her defense. i don't know. >> any of them. okay. it's 4:-- 5:18. modest gains this morning overseas are keeping wall street investors hopeful. the late nest business news. >> new study find that is sleeping in on the weekends may help you reduce the risk of becoming diabetic. >> ♪
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>> all right, let's take a look right now. what stays in the commercial break. let's take a look outside right now, the roosevelt boulevard at fox street southbound traffic coming right towards you headed towards ridge avenue. no problems between oxford circle and the schuylkill. you're looking good this morning. we do have a new issue here in burlington county, a brush fire it's on the shoulder here of 295 southbound right on the highway past rancocas woods delran. fire crews are coming to the scene right now so you'll see some restrictions heading there on 295 northbound through burlington county. meanwhile mass transit back to normal schedules today, dave. >> really important to put all the extra gear on the kids this morning, karen, as we have low temperatures in the teens but wind chills down around zero this morning in many neighborhoods. here's where numbers are going today. 15 by 7 o'clock. 16 by 9 o'clock and by noon, 22 degrees. by 3 o'clock 27. that is your high today but even then it will probably feel like it's no better than the low teens. so, it is definitely a raw day ahead. if you're traveling to the airport, no major delays and unlike yesterday we don't have
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any hint of precipitation in any of our most commonly traveled destinations but there's a lot of cold air out there. in chicago the temperature right now is one. >> geez, could be worse. we could be there. thank you david. going on to health check catching up on lost sleep may reverse a few rest let's nights. it could cut down on the risk of developing diabetes. the university of chicago watched 19 healthy men in a study found in getting fewer than five hours of sleep four nights in a row hiked their diabetes risk by 16 percent. but after sleeping more than nine hours for two consecutive nights they seemed to return to normal levels of diabetes risk. >> hey there good morning. topping america's money bad news from china could be good news. >> the country's economic growth last year was the slow nest a quarter of a century but investors aren't too discouraged. most asian markets ended up higher today. overnight u.s. stock futures were also up. >> tax filing season begins. today the irs will accept 2015 returns. you may notice some changes
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this year. >> and you also get an extra three days. the deadline is april 18th. >> you may also want to start making your romantic valentine's dinner reservations today at white castle. the burger chain says reservations at its restaurants are going fast. >> hard to believe but it's the 25th anniversary of valentine's day table service at the burger chain. by the way they also do weddings. >> oh. let's start planning. >> and that's america's money. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> it is time for your morning buzz. a publishing company is pulling a new picture book about george washington and his slaves. it says it will no longer distribute the picture book a birthday cake for george washington. critics say it sugar coats slavery. it pictures a slave wearing a smile as he bakes the president a birthday cake. the world of tennis is roiled by scandal. roger federer says he's heard enough speculation about match fixing in tennis. if players are suspected of corruption he wants names. the number three ranked player in the world spock out yesterday after secret files said to expose evidence of top level match fixing which includes the rigging of three matches at wimbledon. no players have faced sanctions. and the rams are heading to los angeles next season. they can't begin selling
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tickets to the los angeles memorial coliseum just yet but the team already has its first deposit. lakers legend magic johnson was the first to sign up for seats. team officials took to twitter to confirm the sale. the team received more than 5,000 deposits in the first five minutes. they were available but they're refundable because those deposits actually don't guarantee you tickets. >> fingers crossed. back to you guys. >> thank you erin. it's 5:27. still ahead on "action news" stars are outraged about this year's oscars nod. what the academy's top boss is planning to do about it. >> residents in atlantic city are speaking out against a state takeover of the gambling resort. "action news" continues.
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garbage. that's the budget passed by the republican legislature in harrisburg. it's unfunded, unbalanced and unconscionable. it'll balloon the deficit. and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control,
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and build a better future for pennsylvania. >> now on "action news," bone chilling winds will really wake you up this morning and accuweather is tracking the chance for a big weekend storm. >> governor chris christie has a beef with the first lady's healthy lunch program. hear his biting response to a fifth grader's cafeteria complain. >> the head of academy promises big changes as high
5:30 am
profile stars plan to boycott this year's oscars due to lack of diversity. >> good morning. 5:30 now on this tuesday january 19th. let's find out just how cold is really cold and head over to dave murphy and karen rogers has a look at your traffic. good morning. >> really cold is what you feel as soon as you step outside this morning. it does look like a little later today we are going to get plenty of sunshine. you see a lack of cloud cover but the winds are still bringing cold air into play across the region and that's giving us a combination of severe temperatures and even worse wind chills. 17 degrees is the current number in philadelphia. it's 14 degrees in allentown. 14 on the thermometer in reading. 15 in wilmington, 15 in trenton, 15 in millville but when you factor in that strong gusty wind coming from the west the wind chill in philadelphia makes it feel like 3 degrees and as you survey these numbers we've got some negative numbers in allentown, reading and lancaster where it feels like it's below zero. two in millville, 94 wildwood and even that is not exactly pretty. on the bus stop this morning, temperatures are going to be


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