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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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talks about turning the teem around. but the big story is another bitterly cold day and the big question about the end of the week. today was another day in the upper 20s but the blustery winds made it feel substantially colder than that. but it's not just the cold that is grabbing everyone's attention, we have a chance of a major snow event at the end of the week. lets go to john rawlins in lafayette hill but first meteorologists, cecily tynan and adam joseph. lets begin with cecily at the big board. >> first we have the cold to talk about, this morning was brutal, trenton and atlantic city, the lowest windchill 1 degree below zero allentown and wilmington 2 degrees below zero and the winds are still fierce, 31 in wilmington and 30 in lancaster and 29 in millville
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and trenton 20 and overnight tonight we'll still have some very strong wind gusts. right now second day in a row, windchills stuck in the teens, it feels like 15 in philadelphia and 10 in reading and 14 in allentown and feels like 11 in millville and the windchill is 3 degrees, tonight clear skies and a very cold night, it stays windy, 15 degrees in the suburbs and 20 for center city, and tomorrow morning we have tough windchills but it's not quite as brutal as this morning. the bus stop forecast, breezy and cold and at 6:00, 20 degrees and 8:00, 22 and the windchill will be near 10, we are beginning to climb out of the deep freeze and temperatures moderating through the week and then by friday night and saturday, a major winter storm on the way and more with that from adam joseph. >> we are waiting for that piece of energy to enter the lower 48
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that is happening now. this is the energy in the northwest that will meet up with the storm in texas and develop a nor'easter off the coast of virginia and the carolinas and have to make a long trek across the country as we go through the week and now the energy is in the lower 48 our super computers can ingest this information and try to fine tune exactly where the placement will be, just entering the lower 48 we are still three days away with in unknowns, the track is uncertain at this points and the strength and movement we have to fine tune over the next 24 to 36 miles per hours, also the ocean temperatures for this time of year, running way above average, that will do one of two things, it will help develop the storm quicker and bring a bigger storm but if it's close to the coast it will throw a lot of warm air and that means mixing for places
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south and east of the philadelphia and that limits the location of who sees the heavy snow, is it the northwest or south and east if the storm is further off the coast. at this points there is a high risk that someone is going to see a heavy snowfall. are you talking about plowable and shovable snow. icing and extreme cold does not look likely, not a lot of cold air or ice to form sleet and strong winds and coastal flooding is high and a powerful storm that develops in the mid atlantic. we'll chat about the temperatures and more on this in the seven-day forecast. lets go live to john rawlins in lafayette hill. it feels like a lot of folks in the area are getting into the presnow mind set. >> reporter: hi jim, that seems to be the case, the folks at the
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story am at right now said yesterday it was quiet and now things have picked up. the pro's in this business the people that get paid to clear the highways are focused. >> now mother nature may send us this, it's last element in the winter trifecta something we haven't seen. the plow truck is ready in case it's call nood service. this same last season there were nine plowable storms, and they are watching the models. >> we'll take the information in consideration, possibly plowable snow. >> h and r landscaping has 32 trucks and 20 snow lowers,
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earmarked for snow removal at commercial locations. it can be tricky year to year. >> this year is slow and the last two years were good and the last two years hardly any snow, and have you to prepare and be ready for it all the time. >> at the true valley, the chance for possible snow stirs c consumers to buy. >> snow blowers and ice melt. >> this man is an early bird. >> you never know, i saw a few models, the kids are excited so i'm preparing for them. >> best to be prepared? >> yes. >> in answer to your question, yes people are slipping into the snow mindset here, and the next stop is the supermarket and comfortable food. >> live in lafayette hill, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> with snow possible on friday, is your resource for comprehensive
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updates, you'll see the latest tracking models, details from accuweather and real time conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. formal introductions were made at the nova care complex this afternoon as we met the new eagles head coach, doug peterson. owner jeffrey lurie heaped praise on peterson and tried to dispel the perception that they settled on doug peterson. >> we'll get the reaction from chad pradelli, plugged into fanned today but first ducis rogers and jaime apody were there for the peterson news conference. >> reporter: jim peterson today stressed he wants this team to be a family and wants everybody to trust each other coaches included. and wants everybody in the building to be held accountable.
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peterson says he will put his own stamp on the football team. >> jeffrey lurie says that one resource was having one week to ask players for their input. >> jeffrey lurie and doug peterson a new era in eagles football. it cleared up the atmosphere and the owner wants to bring it back here, he called his communication skills unparalleled, something that chip kelly was obviously lacking and that peterson was the best man for the job and now both the owner and new coach hopes this is the hire that brings winning football back to this town. >> i understand the passion of philadelphia, i understand that because of being a quarterback in 1999, i experience that firsthand and now coming back i understand what it feels like to win in this city.
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the city hasn't won and this organization hasn't won in quite sometime. it's my job to turn that around. >> what doug brings also is an understanding of our passion and fans of philadelphia, this is not a requirement for the job but he understands how dedicated and obsessed we all are to bring a super bowl to philadelphia. >> reporter: also today doug peterson confirmed the news that jaime broke yesterday that jim schwartz will be the new defensive coordinator. and that had something to do with the super bowl that lurie was just talking about. >> thank you. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli watched the news conference with customers from jackson's barbershop in upper darby. what was the reaction there? >> i watched it with a bunch of guys and they heard what they
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expected. a bunch of coach speech talking about passion and their opinion is the same and the reaction of whether peterson is the right man for the job remains mixed. insized jackson barbershop the clippers hum and the talk is football. >> if he is a 4-3 guy, they will love him. >> new head coach, doug peterson addressed the eagles faithful and they listened. >> he has been here before, he knows the philly fans, he knows how they are with you when you are winning and when are you losing they hate you. >> he hasn't improved his commodity yesterday and that is what we have to look forward to. >> peterson says he understands the culture and passion in philadelphia. >> i think being a head football coach, you have to be a great
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listener, you have to listen to your coaches and owners and fans. >> some like him and some don't, but most like the fact that he is a sam bradford fan. >> bradford is not a bad dude, the second half of the season he got the job done. >> but will peterson get it done, in this city football is about one thing, a lombardi trophy. >> it's philadelphia they want to win here, they are starving for a super bowl win, bottom line they want to win. >> reporter: and even many of peterson's harshest critics say at this points it's time to give at coach a chance. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news" thank you chad, chopper 6 hd is now live over a roaring blaze this is 21st and locust in center city, philadelphia, flames attack the upper floors
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of an apartment building on the 2100 block of locust, the upper floors are not where the flames are restricted to anymore, the entire building now engulfed in flames and this fire has just gone to two alarms. we have no reports of anybody trapped inside of the building and no reports of anyone injured inside of the building but clearly flames have overtalk enthe structure and firefighters doing what they can to put these flames out. you are looking at 21st and locust in center city. coming up parents protest the potential takeover of two philadelphia public schools and a murder that shook northern liberties two years ago today. a young woman shot to death over her purse, what police are saying about this cold case. >> will new jersey's smoking age go up to 21, the answer from chris christie and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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we want to give you another look at this fire burning out of control on the 2100 block of locust street in center city philadelphia, the flames first erupted at 5:35 tonight but the fire has gone to two alarmed, and we have no reports of anyone hurt in this blaze. investigators in chester county say an 81-year-old woman was the victim of a deadly stabbing and a family member is charged with her murder. it happened at 2:30 inside of a home on irvin drive, at this hour that family member is in
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custody. philadelphia homicide detectives are pleading for new tips in a cold case. exactly two years ago today 26-year-old amber long was shot during a purse snatching on northern liberty, amber long resisted and was shot to death, her attackers fled in a rented chevy impala, it was too blurry to make out the plate numbers. police have yet to make any arrests. >> we have a couple of people we are looking at because of tips, doing background on but not strong enough to say we have a person of interest. we know somebody knows who did this and we just need them to call our unit and give us the information. >> a $20,000 reward is available for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. new jersey governor, chris christie rejected several bills including a financial assistance package for atlantic city, it
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would set up to pay the tax money it owes to the casinos, this could pave the way for a state takeover for atlantic city and rejected a bill to raise buying tobacco products in new jersey from 18 to 21. and people convicted of gang crimes or terroristic threats from owning a gun. and parents in north philadelphia this morning came to urge the school reform commission to keep their schools public. cook and huey elementary schools could soon become renaissance charter schools, the parents claim that the company slated to taking over the schools are tied to for profit companies with records of failure in philadelphia. >> no one in philadelphia, no parents in our area and no one representing this area of color, and we feel like it doesn't
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exist. >> the school commission is expected to vote on thursday, and meanwhile the school system of philadelphia say that cook and huey will remain neighborhood public schools we admission to all currents students.
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ducis rogers and jaime apody live at the nova care complex. doug peterson at his news conference hoping to make a good first impression. do we think he did that. >> reporter: i think so for sure. >> reporter: i think so as well. >> reporter: one thing he did was show he was the anti-chip kelly. the two men walked in jeffrey lurie and doug peterson. lurie says he was the unanimous choice among those in the search. peterson has never been a head coach at this level but doesn't feel that will hinder him. >> the experiences i have had as
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a former player and now as a coach have prepared me for this situation, you bring up the fact you are a former player, the others are career coaches, the fact that you played the game what leg up do you think that gives you as far as being a head coach. >> it helps you to relate to players, you have been in the locker room and you have put the pads on just like those players have been have a sensitive side to that. but with any leadership position it's about relationship and it's about understanding the player not only as a player but as a person. >> reporter: now one guy that had a lot of input on this decision, the guy that people respect in this industry, and that is andy reid. >> the detail of andy's analysis of doug over the years and especially over the last few weeks was important because it was so thorough. >> andy reid is a mentor, i'll
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be the first one to tell you that he is, but this is not an andy reid football team and it's not a doug peterson football team but a philadelphia football team. >> a new member to the football team is coordinator jim schwa z schwartz, you broke the news yesterday. >> he spent five years as a lions head coach, but schwartz' reasons for coming here is simple. >> i have been a coach and been to a super bowl, the only thing i haven't done is hold the super bowl trophy, i'm possessed with get that done here for the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: next step, hire an offensive coordinator, reporting live from south philadelphia, i'm ducis rogers along with jaime apody back to you. >> a day filled with hope, cecily tynan and the accuweather forecast, a forecast filled with
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dread. well, good stuff. snow. "action news" continues in just a moment.
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we continue to monitor the firefighting effort going on at locust in philadelphia, two alarmed sounded, they are pouring enormous amounts of water on this structure, flames continue to burn and no reports that anyone has been hurt. lets get the seven day accuweather forecast, of course everybody is interested in three days out, three days out a major storm on the way. >> in the meantime it's cold out
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there, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing dry conditions out there, but the second day in a row, temperatures haven't climbed out of the 20s and windchills second day in a row, stuck in the teens, philadelphia 15 and feels like 14 in allentown and feels like 10 in reading and 11 in millville and feels like 11 in wilmington, satellite 6 along with action radar showing that the next system we are dealing with tomorrow night, there is a weak feature pulling out of missouri that could bring us a few flurries or two, but tonight is a clear night and a very cold night, 16 degrees in the subu suburbs, 20 in center city and windchill dropping around 10 brutal but not as harsh at last night with windchills below zero, we see increasing clouds and for the first time since sunday afternoon, temperatures rise ago above freezing and windchills in the upper 20s, this is what everyone wants to
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hear about, the impending winter storm, the impending piece of energy that will form our weekend storm is just pulling ashore in oregon, it has a lot of real estate to cover and this is key, once we get the low pressure along the lower 48, we get access to upper level data from the weather balloon, that can be put in the computer models and the american models, we get better consensus and better information from the computer models, thursday at 4:00, the low pressure moves over dallas and this begins to tap into the moisture from the gulf of mexico, and this is when we begin to see swirling happen, it intensifies, it become a nor'easter, by early saturday morning, we have snow arriving friday night. the big question, the track of the storm, when that is stronger it hugs the coast, along the i-95 corridor. however, what will happen is
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pull in warmth from the ocean and ocean temperatures in the 40s and that change its over to a mix and rain southeast, however if that track is weaker and further offshore, i'm leaning authoreds this the heaviest snow southeast of i-95, all snow, so how much are we talking about, early estimate for philadelphia, the highest percentage, 40% 6 to 1 inches, but a close second 12 to 18 inches, so a good bet we could see a foot of snow. quiet the next two days, friday afternoon and evening the snow arriving continuing into saturday, behind that system it's blustery on sunday, 38 degrees, and temperatures moderate on monday and tuesday, new information coming up on "action news" at 11:00, i'll have details and follow me on facebook and twitter. >> i'm jim gardner we'll see you at 11:00 tonight.
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breaking news tonight. at this hour, sarah palin is back. the event right now, revealing she's all in for donald trump. tonight, the palin factor, and why it matters. also breaking now, the stunning new poll out of new hampshire. not good for hillary clinton. the deadly greyhound bus crash. the bus flipping onto its side. and what the driver has now revealed. we are watching a major storm brewing at this hour, that could bring more than a foot of snow. several major cities along the possible track. and developing now, the latest on the toddler and the hundreds who have shown up to search in the brutal cold. stealing your money. the irs says it's the biggest telephone tax scam ever. calls in every state, demanding you pay back taxes. tonight, you'll hear from the victims and how to protect yourself. and, geo


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