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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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and bringing snow sometime this weekend, david murphy has the accuweather details. a home in delaware went up in flames and one person was killed and annie mccormick reports from the scene and the michigan governor apologizes and asks for emergency help for flint. the efforts taken to fix the pap water. and we are tracking a storm coming across the country and in our region later in the week. the impact remains uncertain. lets look live at sky 6 hd at a deserted beach in cape may, it has the potential to hit the jersey shore pretty hard but it's a wait and see situation. >> there is my house there. my shore house. lets check in with david murphy out on the terrace still cold out there and feeling better today. >> a little better today the winds are not as strong but we are setting the table with
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potential snow, it's energy off the coast of oregon, it's past portland and heading toward denver, colorado, and that settles into a trough to our south and west at noon on friday, in the vicinity of st. louis and heads east friday night and transfers to a coastal low that develops into a northea'easter and brings us th potential for heavy snow in parts of the region, how much snow and where it goes depends on the track and that is still uncertain. there is one scenario, that is a stronger storm hugging the coast allowing for the warm air to be drawn in off the ocean and shoving the heaviest snow line northwest of i-95, and this scenario is the northwestern suburbs that picks up a foot of snow or more, a snow mixing with rain or ice in the central portions of the region and perhaps all rain down by the shore, a second scenario where
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the storm is weaker and offshore, that doesn't mean good news for us, that means the position of the snow band would be farther south perhaps over i-95 or southeast of it, and sharp cutoff with less snow to the northwest but we could get a heavy snow band over philadelphia. and another scenario that take its down closer to the coast, wherever it hits, we think there is a real good chance of snow suitable for shovels, a good chance for 6 to 12 inches and some places perhaps a foot to foot and a half of snow. so a lot of snow on the way but we just don't know where it hits. they all agree that baltimore and washington is the bull's-eye, there is already a blizzard watch down there, we'll see if the local officials feel like issuing something like that, but the heavier snow so miss us to the south and west.
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when i come inside we'll look at the close-up views, it will be pretty bad for somebody but it's a matter of who? >> how is miami looking? >> it's looking good. for the late of on the approaching winter storm check the constant updates, they are giving you the daily forecasts and the coming storm, find us on facebook under 6 abc "action news" news and like the page when you are there. the delaware state fire marshall is investigating a fire in talliesville, the victim is in his 50s and lived alone. annie mccormick has the details. >> reporter: neighbors heard a loud bang and when they ran outside they saw the home engulfed in flames, this captures the images of
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firefighters rushing towards a home with a man trapped inside. sandy ross ran outside from her home two doors away and called 911 and started to record the dramatic scene. >> i was upstairs in his office and heard what sounds like a loud bangor pop, it almost sounded like metal on metal. friends dropped him off moments before ross heard the bang and saw fire and the friends ran in to save the victim and on lockers called 911 and heard the scream. >> we heard him calling for help and the flames were too much. >> the fire department responded, and got the fire under control and found one person inside deceased. the state fire marshall remains on the scene overnight into and the morning and fire crews came
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back when fire flared up in what was left of the split level home. >> we have a home destroyed from the fire and we have to find out the origin of the fire and what caused the fire. >> they have no information about the victim only that he is in his 50s, neighbors a he had difficultly walking and lived on his own. they report that they felt chest pains and taken to the hospital and they are okay, there are no reports of injuries to firefighters. reporting in talliville, delaware, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." and investigators are back on the scene of the massive blaze in northeast philadelphia on locust street, crews blasted water that quickly froze and nearby homes were covered in ice and dozens of people are now displaced and two firefighters are recovering from minor injuries they received when the
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building suddenly collapsed. i was marvelled by the firemen, their care and concern for everybody. was immense. >> city and state investigators are working to determine the extent of the structural damage. >> philadelphia officials have launched a new campaign to get prescription drugs off city streets, the program will put special drop boxes in police districts around philadelphia so anyone can use them to anonymously deposit left over prescription drugs and they will be collected by the district attorneys office and taken to conshohocken for safe destruction, seth williams says this program is a big step against the fight against addiction and substance abuse. >> overdose does not discriminate on race, gender or economic status. it affects all philadelphians every walk of life. >> the boxes are installed in
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six police districts and the remaining districts will get their own boxes in the coming month. the massive search for 12 marines that crashed in helicopters off the coast of hawaii has been suspended. the five-day search failed to locate any sign of the crew, all four life rafts were found empty, captain brian kennedy from philadelphia was among the marines on board. and the water crisis in michigan is showing no signs of easing. emails could shed light on the response to the water problem in flint. we are live from new york with the full story. >> reporter: yes rick good afternoon to you and that water emergency dominated the governor's state of the state address last night.
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even though he apologized and took full responsibility, his apology did little to calm the community. >> i'm sorry most of all i let you down, you deserve better. >> mayor rick schneider apologized to the city of flint but not everybody is accepting it. protesters are demanding that schneider step down and even be arrested. >> they were silent, they were staring at a public health emergency and they sat on it. >> lawyers representing families from flint have filed three class action lawsuits arguing that state and city officials should have acted sooner. according to recently released emails, in an attempt to save money they waited five-months to warn the public about the toxic led in the city's water source. >> we have not had our water tested. i am concerned, i have five
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kids. >> we are surrounded by the great lakes, the biggest fresh water supply. >> i am making sure that every home in flint gets visited as soon as possible. >> during his state of the state, the governor pledged more aid and transparency, after the mayor met with president obama and white house officials lobbying for more help. and again now we are waiting for the governor's emails to be released to learn who know what and when. that it from here. live in new york, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. drivers that use the falls bridge in philadelphia's fairmount falls section, starting monday there are temporary lane closures to prepare for a possible project, and on monday february 21st all lanes are closed to traffic, and the closure stays in place until
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april 1st, bikers and walkers will have access to the sidewalks. and students learned in's and out's of the business from a familiar source, matt o'donnell hosted a conference in bryn mawr, they are taking part in a program to become more involved in their communities. the fbi is investigating a professor at kent state university. they believe he may be suptsing i isis. .
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about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. a professor at kent state, in ohio is under investigation for potential ties to isis. kenneth moton has the latest. >> reporter: is he under
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investigation for possible ties to isis and it's 55-year-old man also known as assad teaches at the ohio school, it came to light after the editor of the student newspaper broke the story. they investigated her while investigating the professor. >> they wanted to see what we talked about and trying to get more information about him. >> the campus paper denied it online and supporting the terror group. >> i do not break the law and i don't advocate anyone break the law. >> a cuban native and convert to islam is not charged with a crime. he made headlines after shouting death to israel after a lecture given by a former diplomat giving a lecture on campus. >> everything i have done is perfectly legal, i fulfilled my
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duties as an american citizen, by speaking out on issues that are controversial of course. >> the fbi has assured the school there is no threat to campus. kenneth moton, abc news washington. teachers in detroit are staging another sickout to protest conditions in their schools. they say it coincides with the visit from president obama to call attention to the district's problems. is he visiting to tour the north american auto show, and this gives the president a chance to highlight the auto industry's remarkable turn around in the last seven years. dogs in puerto rico will be ready for adoption in our area, the dog as rived at the philadelphia international airport last night. the spca will monitor them during a quarantine to make sure they are healthy for adoption.
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they were brought from an area where they are dumped without food or water and brought here to philadelphia. as we look live from sky 6 hd, showing you spring mountain, there is one lone skier -- i bet that is cecily tynan. meteorologist, david murphy, has the update from accuweather. a forecast that skiers will probably love. stay with us. hey gus! good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya.
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david back with another check. accuweather forecast, and he is talking about snow. >> this is good gives me something to do. it's been a while. they are fun to track. stormtracker 6 live double scan says no problems now as we look outside we have sky 6 hd temple university looking at broad street in center city philadelphia. some sunshine poking through the clouds and they are getting thicker and clouds and sun mix the rest of the way. 33 degrees and cold out there,
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coat up from you headed outside, it won't be as bitter as yesterday and winds only 7 miles per hour, and had some early sunshine and now the clouds are getting thicker and the clouds start to overtake the sun a bit more as the days goes on and clouds and sun mix. high temperatures a little milder, 4 or 4 degrees milder than yesterday. 33 in allentown and 35 is your high in philadelphia and 36 in cape may. 34 by 2:00, and 33 by 4:00 and below freezing again by 6:00 and down to the 20s tonight. winds lighter as we go through the afternoon and evening. friday night we are looking at a nor'easter, forming off the coast to our south and slowly coming in our direction and it looks like after the rush hour on friday night we'll be on the
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lookout for snow. where exactly this low tracks is an uncertainty, the track is out in the western united states and there are several scenarios coming in on the various computer models and one has the low. it's bad for the shore and wendy in terms of snow and warm air off the ocean would be able to be tugged in by that storm on the coast and change you over to a lot of rain at the coast and a mix through the i-95 corridor and you get some snow and there is ice and maybe rain mixing in at times, that could keep the accumulations lower, the heaviest band is up to the north or west and 6 to 12 inches or more. and then another scenario where it's off the coast and we get mixing along the coastal counties and a heavy snow band through philadelphia and will withing ton. a third scenario, i showed you the future tracker 6 model and
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talked about not pushing the snow much past philadelphia, here is a brand new run, this one after 9:00 or 10:00 has the snow up into philadelphia and had is probably more likely, it does overnight push up into the lehigh valley as well. in this scenario you have potential for fairly heavy pockets of snow from close to the coast to the lehigh valley, which track is takes we are uncertain but we are confident in the amount of snow we'll get, 40% that it's 6 to 12 inches in the worst areas but 12 to 18 in some spots as well. the thing not in question is the effect on the shore, strong coastal winds from the northeast from a northea'easter and we ar looking at coastal flooding because of the high wind and
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lunar high tide. tomorrow not bad at 36 and dry during the day with the snow arriving friday night and 34 is the high setting the table for snow nicely and staying with us through most of the is it an and it starts wind down untaper off saturday night. do we get rain mixing in in parts of the region, you can hope for that but it depends on the track of the storm. back up into the 40s monday and tuesday. >> we have a list of things to do. >> other than wash my car. >> hand rick the remote. >> that is my favorite. >> you mean the tv remote. holy cow with snow possible on friday, is your resource for comprehensive updates. see real time conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. verizon has introduced toll
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free data allowing third party companies to pick up the costs of the data usage when you download apps from their website, the company pays for that call not you, the new verizon service is called freebie data, mcdonald's restaurants in japan will start selling chocolate covered french fries, the mcchocko potato, covered in a white chocolate sauce and it's a salty and sweet taste. the reverend al sharpton is starting a campaign not to watch the academy awards show next month. after spike lee and jada pinkett smith said she were not twoing to the awards ceremony, the list does not include any african-american actors, lee is this year's lifetime achieve
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david murphy has one last check of the forecast. this is one of those days we listened to everything you said. >> thank you rick. there is a snow shower around tonight after 9:00 or 10:00, that is not the big storm, just a quick passing thing may only be a flurry. down to 29 by 10:00 and winds are not as strong but future tracker 6 showing you the big story, looking out for snow from the south and may hold off until 9:00 or 10:00 at night. but eventually overnight into the day on saturday. looking at bands of snow coming in and could be significant for part of the region, if you believe this model it's all of the region getting snow and some of us could get over a foot. updates coming up at 4:00 from adam and cecily by the way.
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>> a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, atlantic city at a major cross roads, what city leaders want to do to stop that from happening. how you can own the fiat that pope francis used while in philadelphia. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for david murphy and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice and safe afternoon. see you later.
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