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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the denver, colorado area and one near oklahoma city, doesn't look like much now and will continue to look very weak as we go through the overnight hours before these two merge just east of dallas and develop a storm in the deep south early tomorrow morning. but in addition to that winter storm warnings and watches advisories and even blizzard warnings. when you look at the tragedy ectory of this, it's a southern sliding storm and the deep south will get hard with a major coastal nor'easter and we also get clipped by the northern fringe of this major storm. winter storm watches are up and the potential is up there for many inches of snow and a
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blizzard watch for baltimore area. it has changed a bit pushing it back for the start time with the latest information, it doesn't start until overnight hours on friday, friday itself is dry and quiet and snow arrives from the south to the north. and during the daytime that is when we see the bulk of the storm and the snow and the latest information most of us see a snow event with it mixing along the coast, winds of 25 miles per hour in philadelphia and stronger at the shore and early saturday morning the snow ends west to east. i'm bringing in cecily tynan with more elements, especially the shore getting hammered by this. >> a lot of ingredients creating this snow storm across the m mid-elect.
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that high pressure is injecting cold air in our region, cold enough for snow, it's not arctic air, 31 degrees friday at 6:00 is cold enough for snow, and it will be a blocking mechanism, that puts the brakes on the low pressure and stalls the system. future tracker 6 showing the pieces of energy they start to come together thursday afternoon in eastern texas, this is when we see moisture pulled up from the gulf of mexico. i think they will be dealing with severe weather, perhaps tornadoes, and then the low pressure continues to push to the east, 8:30 in the morning friday we see snow breaking out in the ohio valley, we are still dry and friday is looking fine and late friday night into saturday, this is when the nor'easter begins to develop and one thing about the warm ocean, it's like a hurricane, that could help rapidly intensify the storm and the storm bombs out,
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with that high pressure, it creeps up the eastern seaboard, that brings hours and hours of heavy snow. i do want to talk about the shore, it's not just the snow but the wins, coastal flooding and winds more than 60 miles per hour on saturday morning, this is not going to be a new england storm, it's mid-atlantic, in parts of virginia more than two feet and large parts of our viewing area will have a foot of snow. the first call in a couple minutes. from penndot to private plow drivers this could prove to be a busy weekend with people trying to clear the roads, chad pradelli continues team coverage for us, he is live in havertown with how people are getting ready. >> reporter: we are here at the garden center and today we see a stream of crews coming up to load salt and get shovels getting ready for the storm.
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they call snow storms white gold and this one could be a gold rush. inside rj power equipment the men are busy fixing the snow blowers. >> oh my god, phones are ringing off the hook, it's a beautiful thing. >> owner has the gleaming new snow blowers ready to be purchased. he'll sell two dozen for the impending storms. it was warm weather and people were talking about lawn mowers, a little hype and i'm ordering more snow blowers, it's a beautiful thing. >> across the street salt is being loaded for the many landscapers that look to supplement their income during the winter months by doing snow removal. >> hopefully a couple of inches and people don't want to see the snow but it works for us.
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>> in upper darby the brining trucks are ready to attack the roads starting tomorrow salt is in abundance and the crews are ready for the long hours. >> we have 20 trucks ready to go, 1800 tons of salt and a brine system ready to roll out first. >> it's not our first time at this. not looking forward to it but it's not our first time. >> you need to make sure you check on the elderly especially if this is a big storm, and make sure you do not park your cars at the end of roadways where the plows need to get through. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. we have more coverage from across the region as we move throughout the evening, gray hall has a live report from delaware and new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic, is following preparations in trenton and walter perez is live in the poconos where ski resorts hope the winter weather gives them a boost and nydia han has
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details of what you should keep in your car ahead of the storm. as we countdown to the winter storm, keep open on all of your devices. for all the latest on accuweather and stormtracker 6 live double scan. and watch our videos updated throughout the day on our 6 abc "action news" facebook page. and the cold temperatures made for a tough day at the scene of a center city apartment fire, the building was covered in ice for most of the day, and it forces people out of their homes and caused the building to partially collapse. john rawlins is live on locust street where investigators are trying to figure out how this all started. >> reporter: they are trying to figure out what is going on here and they are trying to figure out what to do as far as the long-term eventuality of keeping this building up. they will have to take down unstable parts of it here and
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equipment is brought in behind me to assist that. this is all announced by the lni commission this afternoon and the work will come in two phases, today using the fire truck aerial platform, a inspector peered into the core of 21120 locust street. it collapsed. >> we determine the building to be imminently dangerous and a certain amount of demolition work has to occur. the building is in a dangerous condition there is no reason for those folks to risk their lives. >> they have to stabilize the building so fire investigators are finish their job and then another investigation to see if the structure can take the weight of snow that might fall this weekend. as for the origin of this night's blaze, there was heavy fire in the basement and the top
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floor. two separate fires? possibly but it could be flames racing up in the wall cavity. >> if it gets into the walls it could spread to the fourth floor. we don't know if it was two separate fires or if it spread through the walls. >> no word on when people can go in and collect belongings. this morning a rescue volunteer who was briefly allowed inside was able to reunite ajax with his owners. >> the cat was own and it didn't look like signs of smoke inhalation. >> back here live now, the platform device is maneuvered in position here, the first phase of demolition will begin today and then the pause and the fire investigators will go on the scene and look at the or begun of the fire and the cause of
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fire. maybe an accidental fire here that began in the basement but that is not determined. we should stress that and then the further evaluation of the structural integrity of the building. they want to save as much as possible but have to get in there to get a look first. police in philadelphia and new york are investigating a possible threat against officers in both cities. someone called in an anonymous tip about a man that wanted to shoot a police officer. police connected that to new york and then the nypd got a similar call and that the shooter had ties to isis. police have taken the man named by the caller into custody, sara bloomquist will have more on this story coming up in a live report at 6:00. construction on the falls bridge in fairmount park begins on monday and it's expected to be spring time before it's finished. the streets department announced
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that emergency work will start monday and the bridge won't actually close to traffic until february 1st. at that point, traffic is detoured on to the city avenue bridges while crews reenforce the falls bridge. the bridge stays open to anyone that wants to walk or bike across. it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center, it's hump day. >> and the speeds are starting to fall as we head out on the afternoon commute here on the schuylkill expressway, the crowd is gathering in the eastbound lanes on the conshohocken and slows again and farther east closer to center city. an 8 minute delay so far but overall a better start than this time yesterday afternoon. that is the good news. a crash this afternoon yaden at myra road. and speeds just starting to slow on the northbound side of the
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blue route 476, now in the mid-20s, and watching a house fire in lower moreland, welsh road is shut down as a result. and landsdale look for a crash at hancock at broad street and a whole lot better on the northeast extension than yesterday afternoon with the overturned fruit truck. everything is open. but a crash to watch out for bucking him township, along 263 near 202, lower york road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day. in glasgow, delaware look a vehicle stopped on the road, along south college avenue, it looks like it's broken down. we'll check it again sharrie and rick in the next half hour. >> right now we have breaking news to bring you. matt pellman just hit on it a
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moment ago, we are told that a firefighter is hurt battling a fire in lower moreland township, live on the scene of the 400 block of welsh road and that road at this point has been closed. we are not sure how badly this firefighter he or she is injured. we'll keep following the story and bring you more details as we get them. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, another wild day on wall street, we have the closing numbers and explain what spooked investors this time. >> and news on the water crisis in flint, michigan, as pressure mounts for the governor to resign, the player goes to the white house for help. and the state could be planning to take over atlantic city, and what city leaders want to do to stop that from happening. we'll be right back.
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developing now it was a rough roller coaster day on wall street, here is a look at the
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day's closing numbers, the dow below 16,000 closing today nearly 250 points down and the nasdaq down 5 points and the s&p down 22 and the dow plunged 566 points at one time, but it did rally at one point to close at 250 down and they are reacting to the crashing oil market that and concerns over china's economy, the worst start to a year ever for the stock market. the dow is down 11% so far for 2016. >> thank you. michigan governor, rick schneider is asking president barack obama to reconsider his denial for a disaster declaration in flint. they are comparing that water crisis to a flood calling it a natural catastrophe. obama declared an emergency but does not meet the definition of a major disaster.
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and last night the governor apologized during his state of the state address. >> i'm sorry i let you down. you deserve better. >> protesters that gathered outside the state capital called for schneider to step down. they moved the water to the flint river in order to save money. they are releasing emails. one day after new jersey governor, chris christie, vetoed an aid package to the ailing atlantic city and now they are considering asking the state for permission to file for bankruptcy, the aid package would have helped the city and its eight casinos get back on its feet and today the officials met in trenton with a plan to hold an emergency meeting as they scramble to find an alternative to a state take over. mayor guardian feels like he was
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knifed in the back by the state with christie pulling this funding. >> we feel this is extortion, if this was on the other side, we would be indicted, you see the situation season know the city's situation and governor christie failed the city. >> and governor christie says they failed over the past five years to get their budget in order and stop the spending. he will not ask the taxpayers to continue to be enablers in this waste and abuse. this is a heated topic in atlantic city with mayor guardian saying they have worked closely with the state and no one wants to find a solution more than they do. we have to follow this one closely. >> strong opinions on both sides. meantime allentown city council is holding a no confidence vote to call on the mayor there to resign, the motion says that mayor ed po low
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sky is no longer an affective leader and can no longer carry out his duties as mayor after an fbi investigation, he has not been charged with a crime. it was a big thrill for hundreds of elementary students in philadelphia, the philly phanatic surprised the kids because they were the top readers in the philly phanatic about reading program. they read a book from the serieses. >> always nice to be rewarded. >> and a novel approach too. >>w.
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camel back mountain looks live on sky 6 hd, you think great for the poconos, they may get giped because this is a southern system not getting much up to the north and we may say more here more than likely than the ski resorts. it's feeling much better than the last few days, 35 in philadelphia and 34 at the atlantic city airport. as we look at windchills, last two days, single digits and teens and sometimes below 0, and not bad 29 in philadelphia allentown as well as trenton and wildwood and lancaster at 20 degrees, as we look at satellite and radar, clouds have pushed in and some in the way of flurries and showers and a weak system that will ripple through and as we go through the overnight hours tonight, there could be a period of flurries or light snow
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showers, don't be surprised if you wake up tomorrow morning and there is a dusting on the ground or your car. not as cold tonight, 20 in allentown and 24 in wilmington, down to the south at 27 degrees in cape may. future tracker 6 at 1:00 in the morning, here are the snow showers that will pass through, it's right around the midnight hour, they move on and the morning rush sunny tomorrow and to end the day it's a beautiful thursday, 36 in philadelphia and 35 in allentown un36 in wilmington and friday a quiet day as well. we could start with sunshine in the morning and even into the afternoon at 3:00, some high clouds coming in squashing the teachers and kids dreams of having friday off from school. not happening this go around with the precipitation holding off with temperatures above freezing into friday afternoon and then the snow starts to arrive from south to north, 11:00 on friday night right on the verge of philadelphia, notice the temperatures are at or above freezing this will be a
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wet heavy snow, not the fluffy snow, it will paste itself to efrlg. this is the calm, and then friday, could it change? yes, we are two days away. we are thinking 6 to 12 north and west of the turnpike, southern new jersey maybe a foot or more and some areas up to 18 inches and toward the coast it drops off because of mixing issue, cape may county between 3 and 6 inks of snowfall. as you take a look at the four day at 4:00, tomorrow quiet and sunny and 38 degrees, some clouds at times in the afternoon, snow doesn't arrive until night on friday and 36 and heavy snow all day saturday and that is the brunt of the storm and windy as well and 34. again, temperature as above freeze and it's a wet snow, a
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compact snow and windy. and the consistency being winds and snow, 60 plus miles per hour, there could be power outages in addition to the wind. >> tomorrow will be deceiving though. >> even friday you'll be like where is it? still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, why they took a dozen people into custody overnight. and a man accused of scamming a local couple out of tens of thousands of dollars.
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the montgomery county sheriff's office arrested a group of what they call dead beat dads today in an early morning sweep. they were led into court and sheriff's deputies found ten parents that owed a total of almost $123,000 in child support and one that was wanted for a
4:27 pm
par ole violation. there was a problem with the initial mold and once it's complete it will go to its home at diesel s la salle university. a chance to own the piece of philadelphia history when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues, with the safety alert for temple university. details about the crime that has students on edge. and a fake contractor busted how he managed to cona family out of 50 50 50,0$50,000. reporter gray hall is live
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in newcastle county, delaware as people prepare but lets begin with adam joseph who has the latest from accuweather. >> hey sharrie, we are looking at double scan live radar where the pieces of energy are sort of broken apart one near the rockies at denver and one north of oklahoma city, and once they merge here late tonight and tomorrow the storm will develop north and east of dallas, texas, we are talking about a storm that has yet to even form than is what make its complicated, because are you forecasting something that has not developed at this point. we are looking at a winter storm watch issued for the entire viewing area that means accumulating snow is expected. we look at the key ingredients here and the latest trends we are looking at with the models, it looks like snow with the most and mixing issues as far west as philadelphia and looking at the mixing being only at the shore and far south and east of
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philadelphia, that storm is centered to the south on saturday, good because most people are away from work and are you home any way, for most of the us and it's a heavy, wet almost glue like snow that will paste to everything and create a lot of weight on the limbs and power lines. friday night through saturday, this is the risk, heavy snow that is very high, looking at icing, sleet, freezing rain and extreme cold, that is very low. the temperatures are right around freezing during the entire storm but we'll have strong winds and a very high risk of some moderate if not major coastal flooding with the storm, we'll talk about all the aspects and future tracker and totals coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. our team coverage continues with "action news" reporter, gray hall live at a home depot.
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where people are starting to prepare for the wintry weather. >> it's a mild winter so far, in the next couple of days or so, that could all change and shoppers say they want to be prepared. >> jerry schafer says that this is not a winter for snowplowing, typically when the area gets 2 to 3 inches his plows are on the move. >> we do parking lots and malls and some roadways, we'll be pretty busy. a mild winter means business is slow but this weekend could be a game changer and snow is on the way and crews are making sure they can handle the workload. >> we are working on trucks and equipment to get it ready in case we do get hammered this weekend. >> it's about time for something. about time for it. >> ahead of what could be a major storm, shoppers headed to this home depot in claymont to stock up on the essentials like
4:33 pm
salt and shovels. >> i love the winter but keep the snow. >> we get double time after 16 hours, so i hope we get stuck at the refinery for a couple of days, i could use the money. >> we didn't find any meteorologists, but everybody has a prediction. >> i don't think it will be that big, just mediocre. >> i don't know, all of these years i don't know what is going to happen. sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. >> i think we'll get 3 to 4 inches. >> if are you snowed in food is a must, shoppers flocked to this acme to stock up on the go to diet of milk, bread and eggs, nobody was to be caught unprepared. >> i am getting milk and eggs and a few goodies, i expect to be snowed in for a few days and i don't care if it's a few weeks. >> we all hope it's not for a
4:34 pm
few weeks, the delaware department of transportation says the crews are prepared for whatever comes in terms of the weather, they will likely hold a press briefing live in newcastle county, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." 6 abc will continue to bring you the lightest on the approaching storm here and on air, you can get updates on facebook, there is adam joseph one of many meteorologists we have posting videos throughout the evening as winter weather continues to head our way, you can find us by searching 6 abc "action news" and be sure to like the page as well. police have arrest aid delaware county man accused of posing as a fake contractor and allegedly conned a family out of $150,000 for a project he never even started. vernon odom explains his rather elaborate scheme. >> this is the drexel hill home
4:35 pm
of pat and their four children, construction resumed on the addition to their house but they have a new contractor and say the old contractor, vincent latrel was a scam artist and ripped them off. latrel's scheme involved him filling in his own information on the website of john kelly, he would go to the home and claim he was kelly a vice president of sales and now faces theft by deception and fraud. >> he stole his identity. kelly's identity and was able to hold himself out as kelly and convincing the homeowner he was a reputable contractor.
4:36 pm
>> i appreciate the county's work, it's been an emotional roller coaster. >> vince cantrell has a history in new jersey and pennsylvania and in lower merion township and is a convicted felon. sources say the investigation into him and a number of his associates has expanded into 30 complaint cases. cantrell remains free on bail and he may be looking at lengthy jail time here. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." temple university has put its students on alert in the wake of an on campus robbery, it happened near the health sciences campus in north philadelphia, investigators say someone robbed a woman that was not a students at knife point and made off with her purse and cell phone and she was not hurt. a crash turned deadly in gloucester county, two women
4:37 pm
were in the car when the driver lost control and ended up in a wooded area, chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 7:30 this morning. all of this happened on the northbound lane of route 55 in elk township, the passenger passed away from her injuries and the driver is being treated at the hospital. high school students at roxborough high school learned a valuable lesson on staying alive. a safe driving panel was held at the school to steer kids to safer choices, it was hosted by pennsylvania state police and state farm insurance, and statistics show that car crashes are the number one cause of death between teenagers in america. philadelphia officials have a new plan to fight substance abuse and get prescription drugs off city streets, monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on that story. >> hi rick. it's called med return and city officials launched the campaign in its first stages, new at 5:00
4:38 pm
where officials are putting the special boxes city wide to encourage the safe, anonymous turnover of prescription drugs and chain restaurants have taken serious flak for their so-called mega meals but a new study shows other restaurants and not fast food joints may be just as guilty. we'll explain. we'll see you on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you. a $10,000 check was provided today to provide children with the vision care they need. td bank donated the money to la salle university's vision care for kids for underinsured and uninsured children in the norristown community. a piece of papal history is up for grabs right here in philadelphia, we'll explain how you can be the proud new owner of pope francis's fiat. >> and college grads give a
4:39 pm
popular tv judge a big promotion, the results of a civic survey that has some raising their eyebrows about judge judy. >> coming up meteorologist, adam joseph, returns with the full forecast.
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the fbi was invest dirting a professor at penn state university in ohio for potential ties to isis, he is an associate professor that teaches latin american and third world history, pino is a cuban native that converted to islam, he made headlines, for allegedly shouting death to israel to a diplomat that was visiting the school. he has not been charged with a crime. >> you can own a piece of papal
4:42 pm
history, a fiat used by the pope in philadelphia will go on the auction block, the fiat 2 l is on the auction block for the right price. the philadelphia archdiocese announced this morning that one of the fiats will be auctioned off at the auto show's black tie tailgate gala next friday night. >> the money raised will go to the catholic charitied, 50% of it, the annual appeal to help us assist those in need in a variety of ways. and the second black fiat was on display during the auto show and it may also be auctioned off as well. alicia? all right here we go, i don't know where to go here. i'm going to the desk. how does that sound? with the big talkers, you know groundhog day, in just two weeks and here in pennsylvania,
4:43 pm
punxsutawney phil is just about a weather king along with meteorologist, adam joseph, of course. >> adam is hairier. >> ew! >> it's election year and another pennsylvania staple is vying for the job, peep wants you to know that they are not good as predicting the weather. >> does pennsylvania deserve a more reliable candidate, this groundhog day vote peeps. it attacks phil's creditability, when peeps are on store shelves, that is when it's nature, this is up to you the voters, go online and cast your ballot, peeps versus groundhog, the future is in your hand america. you think it's cold here? in minnesota they are freezing their pants off. literally. one guy trying to use humaner to
4:44 pm
warm those frigid bones by freezing pants and placing them around town, tom's frozen pants are popping up everywhere, and some have matching frozen shirts to match, because he doesn't have elsa as a helper, he soaked them in a bucket and hanged them outside and sculpts them as they freeze. and finally, judith shineland, you know her as judge judy on tv, and 10% of college grads thinks she serves on the supreme court. no judge judy does not have a seat on the supreme court of the united states. 1,000 grads were polled by alumni and trustees, and 60%
4:45 pm
thought that jefferson was the father of the constitution, and it's madison and they said that today's grads are alarmingly ignorant of the heritage. and three women serve on the supreme court. to be fair, it was a multiple choice question. and it did say judith shineland and maybe that threw them off. giving them the benefit of the doubt. >> all right. lets get an update on the highways, at this hour and our "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman here with the update. >> i'm here busy judging the traffic this evening, the verdict is in rick and sharrie, could be worse, not as bad as last night but better too. plenty of slowing on 422 westbound side coming out of
4:46 pm
king of prussia through oaks a broken down 15 passenger van on the right shoulder, someone helping out both lanes are open, and it's what you need to know it's slow out there for sure. landsdale watching a crash near broad street, and in worchester township a crash at valley form road by the bravo pizza and a crash in middletown township at delco, by middletown family dentistry, and one fire in lower moreland, blocking off york road and krog crossing into the city foster street gets you around that. >> we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. quick break and more news including a check of the accuweather forecast.
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meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now, getting to today's weather, warmer today than days past. >> finally we broke above freezing. compared to the last two days, it's quiet and we are tracking snow showers overnight tonight as we look at double scan live radar a couple of flurries near baltimore and washington, d.c., a weak system passing through during the overnight hours tonight, for today 36 in philadelphia, that was the high at 2:58 this afternoon, shy of the normal and better than the last few days and nowhere near 65 the record set in 1961. trenton 23 and dover 23. and much better than the single digits and teens for windchills monday and tuesday.
4:50 pm
the clouds are filling in all afternoon and you can see the light flurries and snow showers to the west, it's a weak clipper system passing through some overnight tonight, don't be surprised later on to see a period of flurries or snow showers that dust the car, maybe dust some of the sidewalks and streets and the temperatures are cold enough and not as cold as the last few nights, the westerly wind 25 miles per hour, then we are watching the big storm taking shape, it's in many different pieces at this point and they start to come together during the day tomorrow and it form a coastal storm near virginia, carolina and then starts to slide to our south and out to sea. future tracker 6 on friday afternoon, we are good, and still dry during the rush hour with temperatures near freezing so fine for work and school and even friday at 9:00 at night, still waiting for the storm
4:51 pm
pulled and held back a lit with the snow near washington and baltimore and by 11:30 on friday night the first flakes in philadelphia all snow to start to the south and then saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. we see the mixing far so the south and heavy snow down to the south and the poconos on the verge of almost missing this storm and then at noon on saturday, near freezing across i-95 and it's the heavy wet snow with temperatures near the 32 degree mark and by lunch time on saturday it's all rain at the shore with high winds and mixing it and turning it over. what to expect at the shore it's a quick change to rain on the onset, down the shore winds of 50 to 60 miles per hour and a strong jet stream wrapping around with this storm and major coastal flooding is expected on saturday and major beach erosion, we are talking about snow totals here, north of the
4:52 pm
pennsylvania turnpike, 6 to 12 inches that includes the lehigh valley, the poconos 3 or 4 inches at most with this storm as of right now. wilmington and center city and interior southern new jersey, 12 to 18 inches likely and drops south of millville and dover where you have the mixing issue of 3 to 6 inches of snow. it's the first call map and the areas could go more north or south or stay the same, we'll continue to look at the model run as they come in day and night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 38 tomorrow and sunny and snow arriving on friday and most of the day is dry at 36, and the heavy wet snow and wind here on saturday, 34 so it's above freezing most of the time but drys out and cloudy and 38 and we have the thaw going on monday, tuesday and wednesday highs in the 40s, so if you are like rick williams
4:53 pm
with a bad back, fine someone else to shovel the snow. >> i try that but it doesn't all work. >> what is the deal with restaurant week coming up. for the girl scout meeting...
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foodies rejoice, there is no shortage of amazing restaurants in philadelphia. it's center city restaurant week, it goes through this friday and then it picks up on sunday and extends through next friday, participating restaur t restaurants are offering three course dinners for $35 per person and some restaurants are offering a three course lunge for $20 a person and the ice rink in dillworth park is
4:56 pm
hosting restaurant week events, show your receipt and get a dollar off your rink admission. dining and hitting the ice, we'll show you how to get a reservation on >> fun there, thank you. finally at 4:00, a miami beach valet learned the hard way that showing off in someone else's car is not such a good idea. the valet had the keys to a $400,000 lamborghini and was revving it when something on the back caught on fire, it even caught his exaspirationed expression. >> not a good day. i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now monica malpass with a look
4:57 pm
ahead at 5:00. >> hi there. coming up next at 5:00, the team coverage continues while many are bracing for the snow. some are expecting it quite happily. plus -- >> you might call it the calm before the storm, i'm nora muchanic in willingboro, people are beginning to go out and get the bread, milk and eggs before the bad weather. i'll have that story coming up.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead
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and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. mother nature handed us a small reprieve from the bitter cold but the slight warm-up could come with a heavy price. people across our region are getting ready to hunker down for the weekend as a new system comes toward the area putting us on a winter watch. the big story is the nor'easter that could deliver a snowy hit to the area. the first significant snowfall of the season, the question remains how much snow to expect. we have live tv coverage, in
5:00 pm
both new jersey and the lehigh valley. and adam joseph and cecily tynan have the latest look at the track. cecily tynan is first. >> there is no doubt this will be a big storm, all the winter storm warnings lining up from memphis to northern new jersey, this shows the track of low pressure toward the coastline and areas like nashville and memphis, they can't deal with the snow, we can deal with the snow and we will see a lot of snow. watches are post the friday night to saturday morning. i want to show you blizzard watch is posted for the d.c., and the baltimore area because of the gusting winds and low visibility and i think we'll experience blizzard conditions here back at home. double scan live radar showing oh my gosh is that the storm


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