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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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team including the blizzard watch issued today, cecily tynan is standing by but lets kick things off with adam joseph at the big board. >> we are taking a look at the blizzard watch that was issued this afternoon and replaced the winter storm watch that was in the area in green, that is pennsylvania turnpike, buck county and the entire oi 95 corridor right to the shore and the winter storm warning continues up the turnpike to the poconos. and this is the same period friday evening until sun morning. so why did they issue the blizzard watch instead of keeping the winter storm watch, it's winds gusting over 35 miles per hour with reduced visibility atthe same time.
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and the wind power it will have. not because of the snow totals increased. stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing the storm taking shape east of the dallas and all the moisture is pulling out of gulf of mexico, and the storm did not exist as of early this morning, it is quickly developing and that will move toward nashville, tennessee, and had is where the primary low is going to fizzle out. and then transfer its energy to the north carolina-south carolina coast and develop that nor'easter blizzard as it heads up the eastern seaboard as we look at the timeline for you, southern delaware and southern new jersey, 10:00 p.m. on friday night, have you a good 24 to 36 hours and not until after 1:00 in the morning on saturday in the lehigh valley. the storm has different impacts,
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some of them very major, cecily tynan has that part of the story. >> reporter: that is right, when the snow begins on friday night it begins light, however the height of the storm 12 hours between 5:00 saturday morning and 5 in the even, this is when the snow will be falling at 1 to 3 inches per hour that creates virtually white out conditions and winds gusting 65 miles per hour along the shore, with that heavy wet snow, the high gusty winds, i would prepare for power outages, i think there is a good probability of widespread power outages with the visibility and the snow piling up at that rate most roads will be impassable and that is why a state of emergency is posted. the exception is along the coast, right along the immediate
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coastline, cape may county, this is where it will be mainly rain, you have the warm ocean than will have an effect and then you get farther atlantic city and millville towards dover, you'll see snow turning over to a mixture of snow and rain and a little bit of sleet but in philadelphia this is a snow event. i want to talk about what is happening 5,000 feet in the at motion fear, this is why the winds are so fierce at the shore. something called the low level jet, a river of strong winds higher in the atmosphere, 65 to 80 miles per hour winds and this is a tremendous transport for moisture to pull it in from the atlantic and that generates the strong winds down at the shore and this will be the biggest test for the shore since
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hurrica hurricane sandy. and governor tom wolf declared a state of emergency. that frees up resources. and he warns everyone to stay prepared and look after one another. >> take the time to look after your friends and family members and your elderly neighbors have everything they need and all the food they need and they warm and ready to go through whatever this weather gives us. >> meanwhile, penndot crews are working to treat the roads and stay ahead of the weather, john rawlins continues our team coverage live in hunting park. john? >> reporter: hi sharrie, behind me just a little bit of penndot's 131,000 tons it has on hand to deal with things in this
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area we call district six, maybe a dozen, dozen and a half trucks it can use in the next 24 to 48 hours, earlier today other trucks were out at work. >> penndot out brining highways, a salt mixture that works in the early going of a snow storm. >> it leaves a salt residue and prevents during bigger events when we have heavier accumulations it keeps the snow from bonding to the roadway. >> that is critical because it reduces the chance of a road icing up. we met john in the penndot control center and the 300 cameras displayed here gives the staff key information all during the storm. they are doing preventative maintenance, for penndot, storms
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have pluses and minuses, a plus is coming on a weekend and not a weekday. >> we are not dealing with a morning or evening rush hour. >> reporter: but there appears plenty of negatives. this morning penndot was planning on a 24 long storm that might at time dump 1 to 2 inches of snow an hour, plows take two and a half to three and a half hours to cleat a sir yut. >> by the time they get back there there will be at least 3 to 4 inched of snow there. they will be passable but difficult to travel on. >> it's smart to stay off the roads during the storm. penndot has a 511 website. what we heard from penndot we have heard before and will hear
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many times. if you don't have to go out, it's a major storm with a lot of wind. don't. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the forecast has delaware seeing some of the highest snow totals this weekend, chad pradelli continues the live team coverage in newark. >> reporter: preparations well underway in delaware as crews give i-95 and other roadways prepared for mother nature, a couple of hours ago we were a quarter mile from here at a salt yard and here is the scene where the salt loaders are being loaded and del/dot officials say that brine is applied to most roads over the past few days and that continues into tonight and the transportation agency is preparing for the worst which it says is possibly two feet. it will have 450 pieces of equipment on the roads and 150 personnel and other sub contractors on stand by.
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>> we have ample supplies of salt and good for fuel and equipment and now it's just waiting for the event to really start to happen. >> know it's going to be a long event, we may not get right to your road or area right away, we have to focus on the interstates and primaries and then we go out to the secondaries. and the roads after that. >> del/dot also has a phone application like penndot, they want people to download it so they can see in real time where the plows are. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well this may not grab the head leans of the big snow totals, one of the big issues we could see is coastal flooding, this is expected to cause major beach erosion, and nora muchanic has this part of the story live in ocean city. i know a lot of people bracing for this storm there nora --
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>> reporter: a lot of concerning into this storm about beach erosion and coastal flooding, there may not be a ton of snow involved but the beaches at the jersey shore is expected to take a beating so towns like ocean city are getting ready. crews were dumping sand so if behaves get high enough they will not breach the dunes and spill into the street. beach erosion is a concern but who could be record flooding that comes with the impending blizzard. coupled with the 65 miles per hour wind gusts could create a situation where water can't drain out of the bays. that will pile the water in the back bay and make each tide higher and higher. because power outages are a possibility. ocean city high school is a
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stand by as a shelter and now the town has military surplus vehicles ready to roll in rescues are necessary. the tires are a good three feet high so getting through snow or water is not a problem. these workers on b and b department store spent time shoveling snow off the street left by yesterday's snow squall. >> we are getting practice for the weekend and i don't think we will be here on saturday quite honestly. >> a couple took a stroll and did not seem concerned. >> sometimes these storms don't get as big as they think. there is nothing we can do about it. >> tom is not doing anything out of the ordinary to prepare. i have a four wheel truck and a snow brothers. >> well, the waves are rolling and the bay too once the gale force winds hit, this will look
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look a washing machine over the weekend and the officials up and down the coast are doing what they can to get ready. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you nora. our coverage is just getting started. at 4:30 gray hall has more on people running errands and stocking up ahead of the storm many and at 5:00 sara bloomquist has a live report on what the city of philadelphia is doing to get ready and we are expecting a news conference with mayor jim kenney and at 5:30 vernon odom lays out what power crews are doing to minimize outages that could result from the storm. and dann cuellar has a recap of the mayor's news conference. >> we are helping to prepare you for the snow at, check storm tracker 6 raid and the local forecast. and we'll have a checklist of items you'll need to ride out the storm. as the storm hits this weekend, we want you to be a
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part of "action news," send the videos of the current conditions along with your family and friends and pets enjoying the wintry weather, use #6abcaction on social media, or email >> all right time for a check of the "action news" traffic report for your thursday afternoon. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center. >> we have action you don't want to join, it's a crash here on 95 southbound side and of course it's right in the work zone at cotman avenue and penndot arrived on the scene and a couple of vehicles involved and the accident is taking out the left lane, south of academy can you expect substantial delays towards center city and southbound i think i'd use the roosevelt boulevard and northbound stick with 95 because approaching cotman there is an overturned vehicle accident taking out the outer drive so the express lanes are open going under the tunnels, there so
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northbound delays of 17 miles per hour at the moment. a crash in warwick township involving a tractor trailer into a fire hydrant shutting down 263 york road and meeting house road a possible alternate and traffic light troubles close to the mall at german town pike. the fire and police helping you through the intersection. and a pole came down at greentree road and down toward vineland, issues at 55, southbound lines are closed at 555. and lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, speeds of just 6 miles per hour in that area, come down delsy drive, no reported problems there. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead another hollywood star joins the boycott of the oscars. and the latest on the water
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problem in flint, michigan.
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people dealing with the water crisis in flint, michigan, are getting help from a local celebrity. rapper meek mill sent 50,000 bottles of water to michigan and donated to the flint child and health development fun, flint's water supply became tainting when they switched water supplies in 2014, but it wasn't until this week that the governor asked the white house to declare a federal disaster. actor and philadelphia native, will smith, is joining his wife with boycotting the oscars, smith spoke exclusively with robin roberts, he says he will stick by jada pinkett-smith, for the second year in a row all the nominees in the acting categories are
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white. and it reflects the industry as well as a trend in america. >> there say regressive slide toward separatism and towards racial and religious disharmony. and that is not the hollywood that i want to leave behind. that is not the industry that is not the america i want to leave behind. >> reporter: this year many in the industry felt the academy snubbed smith who did not earn a role in concussion, and noted the irony he was nominated twice and lost to a fellow black actor. the academy and the industry now seems to be going in the wrong direction. sharrie -- >> strong opinion there's thank you. dozens of kids in our area need to be able to play in the snow and stay warm thanks to the generosity of others, 50 new
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winter coats are given to children in need at shares elementary school in east philadelphia, the second and final operation warmth, philadelphia firefighters coats for kids give away. >> they will need them. time for a check of accuweather forecast. adam joseph is here with more and our local weather today. >> temperatures above freezing once again, sky 6 hd a calm and tranquil philadelphia international airport, if you are expected to fly out though, especially on saturday, check with your carrier, i did see on twitter, some airlines are suspending all service from philadelphia international airport during the day on saturday, so double-check that. checking numbers, 36 in philadelphia, at freezing in allentown and 35 in millville, and above freezing at the shore. and the ocean temperature sitting around the 40 degree mark, and cloudy to the west and
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south of here, as the clouds try to build away from the southern system. this is the very infant stages of what eventually will be the east coast storm, you can see severe weather popping up in parts of louisiana and mississippi, and the moisture is being pulled out of the gulf of mexico and eventually moisture from the atlantic will link with that low pressure center, so future tracker 6 at 8:00 tomorrow morning, sunny as you head to work and school and we have a full day to prepare and get the errands done, 18 in allentown and 25 in will with ing -- wilmington. 30 in philadelphia and 29 in allentown and 31 in millville, and the snow pushes in from the south to the north, this is 11:00 when it starts to snow in center city. and some bands of heavy snow developing in southern new jersey and delaware and snowing
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heavily with reduced visibility and strong winds saturday morning and temperatures in it's 20s in philadelphia and 33 in millville, seeing mixing going down in cape may county and saturday still heavy wet snow with temperatures near freezing on i-95 north and west and the mixing of changing to rain in far southern areas with the wind coming in off the ocean, our expected snowfall map really has not changed all that much, expecting a foot to foot and a half, southern chester in philadelphia and interior and western parts of new jersey and northern delaware, as you head to the coast it quickly drops off because of that change over to rain and we inch the numbers down in the lehigh valley, and position 3 to 6 and allentown on the verge of 6 inch line because there is a sharp cutoff as you live north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike because of the storm being so far south, major concerns gusting 40 to 50
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and branches down and expect power outages in southern new jersey and the coastal delaware, 35 to 65 miles per hour winds. as we look at your four day at 4:00 forecast, we expect temperatures to be in the 30s tomorrow as we stay dry and as it stays dry, clouds are thickening up during it's afternoon and as we get into the day on saturday, heavy snow developing once it begins late friday night and windy as well. 32 degrees and it's windy but a brighter afternoon on sunday, 37 and monday temperatures in the 30s and good and sunny and hunker down on saturday, and then eventual out on sunday as the sunshine returns, it's a one day affair of being at home. >> okay thank you adam. still ahead we'll have more live reports on the preparations for this storm including the mad rush at the grocery store. stock up before the snow begins. >> i was there today, plus a car
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goes off the road and into the delaware river, what we learn about the wreck when we come back.
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a pastor wanted in chester county on child rape charges will return to the area next week after waiving his right to an extradition hearing, jacob malone arrived last thursday from ecuador, he is accused of molesting a 16-year-old who came to live with him in exton. colleagues at his former church says the girl is now pregnant and may not be his first victim. malone has since resigned from the church and was out of the country. one person is dead and another went to the hospital following a crash with a dump truck in burlington county. it closed the highway for nearly three hours, the dump truck ended up on its side, the van driver, 55-year-old david turry
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died of his injuries, the dump truck driver is expected to be okay. there is more ahead in the next half hour of "action news," police hope that jewelry can help them identify mysterious remains. and thieves use tools to attack an atm but were they successful. and we continue our coverage as people run a lot of last minute errands anticipating a winter storm.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with an icy rescue from the delaware river after a car plunges into the freezing water. >> and forget home depot or lowes this is a homemade snowplow we'll tell you how this was built. creative right. >> once the snow is cleared you need to be on the lookout for ice, we have tips to keep you from slipping and falling ahead in what is the deal. and most of our area under a blizzard watch for this weekend, and double digit snow totals, we are talking strong winds and white out conditions and flooding at the shore, be ready for flooded roads and power outages as well.
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lets get to adam joseph with more from accuweather. >> we have watches going on that means potential for heavy snow, but they will be flipping over to warnings relatively soon, the winter storm warning continues north of the pennsylvania turnpike and the lehigh valley and the poconos, that is where we expect the least amount of snow out of this storm. you won't get the most north and west this go around, it will be around i-95 and parts of southern new jersey and delaware. that is where we have a blizzard watch in effect from friday evening to sun morning, everyone in the green including the highly populated i-95 area to points south in atlantic city and dover, meaning we'll have blowing snow and reduced visibility and strong winds, the blizzard watch not because there is more snow coming but strong winds and reduced visibility. a coastal flood watch saturday into sunday, you definitely want to move the cars if you are in a
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flood proned areas, the shore and the back bay areas. as we look at the storm taking shape in dallas, a tremendous amount of energy with all the moisture pulling out of the gulf of mexico with the tornado watch boxes down to the south, back at home for your friday, your morning rush and the evening rush, no issues whatsoever. that is great we have a typical friday on tap for tomorrow, dry roadways to start and to finish your day, overnight that is when the snow arrives from the south to the north well after 8:00 and on saturday that is when the blizzard conditions and worse conditions are noticed and then the snow ends west to east, and we'll let you know what to expect coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> looking forward to that adam and with the snow expected to start falling tomorrow night, the push is on to prepare now. people are stocking up on storm
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staples like salt, groceries and gas. >> bread and that stuff. many stores are doing their best but struggling to keep up with demands. gray hall is with the crowd joining us live from wegmans in cherry hill this afternoon. hi gray. >> reporter: hi rick and sharrie, we all here people say the calm before the storm, that may be the case outside but not inside at wegmans, it's really busy here as shoppers grab up the last minute items before the storm and from stores to gas stations everyone wants to be prepared. >> business is booming at liberty gas station at merion station and customers can fill up and buy bags of salt. 50 pound bag that cost just under $10. >> like pot cakes. >> bags of salt are a must have
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after a winter storm. some say the snow is bound to come and expect several inches. >> 12. >> it's not going to be the mother of all storms. >> the big snow, it's going kill us but it's the weekend, and no snow day for the kids. >> the salt selling frenzy continued in upper darby at clydes. and folks are keeping an eye on the forecast and no matter what old man winter brings, preparation is key. >> i have seen a couple of bad ones and i am ready. >> what would preparations be without stocking up on food. >> i got salt, that is pet friendly, and two gallons of milk and eggs and bread, a couple of days before the storm is set to hit, this wegmans in cherry hill is packed with shoppers filling their carts
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with food necessities, and thousand they are waiting for the snow to start falling. >> i am avoiding tomorrow because there will be a lot more people. it's busy today but it will be a lot worse tomorrow. >> back out live the frenzy continues at this wegmans, i had a chance to speak to the manager, milk bread and salt and water are the most popular items. if they run out a new shipments will come out tonight. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right gray grab your groceries too why not. with the storm coming the postal service coming keep your friendly mail carriers in mind, they will try their best to make deliveries wherever possible. clear the snow from around your mailbox and you have an increase chance of delivery if you keep your porch and steps and
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walkways clear and clear snow that could fall from the overhang. news of the blizzard had us digging out of our ash archives and found that philadelphia's last blizzard was six years ago, the storm dumped 26 inches of snow on the city and then 24 hours later, a second blizzard came to town. on february 10th crews were out trying to clear out 16 inches of snow. that is a weekend i will never forget. as the snow storm hits this weekend be a part of "action news," send us videos showing us what your neighborhood looks like we want to see your family, friends and even pets, use #6abcaction or email us at in the meantime we are helping you prepare for the snow
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at, be sure to check stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and the hourly forecast and snow emergencies declared in local communities and a checklist of items you need to ride out the storm. >> and more on approaching snow and that includes live team coverage coming up at 9:00, monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more of what to expect the next half hour. >> vernon odom spent the afternoon talking to crews keeping a watchful eye on the power lines and they were looking at anything that might knock the lights out over the weekend, in health check, nearly 200,000 people a year hurt themselves shoveling snow. ali gorman will break down the proper technique to stay away from the er this weekend. we'll have those stories coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. in another news, a person
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was rescued after their car plunged into the icy delaware river. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in moresville, buck county, it went into the river at ferry and river roads. we do know that one person was pulled from the car and taken to the area hospital. well, do you recognize these rings, right here pennsylvania state police say they belong to a woman whose remains were found in delaware county, a hiker found her body off a trail in ridley creek state park, investigator says the woman was in her late teens and 20s, if you know anything about these pieces of jewelry, you are asked to call the state police. philadelphia state police are looking to find two burglars whose crime did not turn out the way they hoped. this is surveillance video from inside of the seven brothers supermarket in olney. detectives say the two men got into the store through a garbage
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vent and made their way to the atm and used tools to try to get et cash out. you can see sparks flying as they tried to cut through the front panel. but it wouldn't budge, the men left without taking a single thing. >> more ahead on "action news" at 4:0030, philadelphia police have a little fun with an important message for this weekend's storm. hear their new lyrics to a popular storm. and why this couple separated 70 years ago is thanking hundreds of people for their romantic reunion in the making. and adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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6 abc is once again proud to partner with the philadelphia fire department with operation save a life. for the past 4 years "action news" teamed up with firefighters for this fire safety campaign, this morning in
4:41 pm
northeast philadelphia, fire commissioner, derek sawyer kicked off the initiative. >> we have already proven that if you have a working smoke alarm can you get out. and we documented at least two saves where we put a working smoke alarm in and they had a fire and got out safely. >> with the help of home depot, they will make sure they are handed out and installed if need be. abc president bernie prazenica was there for today's kickoff event. here is a heart warming love story to thaw your frozen bones, it's more than 70 years since they have seen each other but just before valentine's day, a world war ii vet is review nighted with his old girlfriend.
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he was stationed in germany in the spring of 1924, he was sent to the normandy invasion and they were torn apart, he came back to america and they both went on to marry other people and they kept in touch, via skype thanks to her son. thousands of people help to fund their trip and now a 93-year-old thomas and joyce 88 will be together again on valentine's day in australia for the first time in seven decades. and now to this very important snow announcement, no safesies, every year the philadelphia police department comes out with the warning, no saving spots, do not shovel ought your spots out and mark it by placing cones, trash cans or toilets on public streets. do people do that?
4:43 pm
so how do you make a familiar reminder even more fun. ♪ call me from my cell phone ♪ ♪ pretty catchy and memorable. the police department remixing the most popular song of 2014, changing up the words to remind people to call 911 when they see a saved spot. that is hilarious, and finally before you start complaining about the impending snow, imagine what it's like for a man named dan, his home town in eastern quebec in canada, gets slammed with snow from november all the way to april, so when you need to get anywhere, you have to get creative and that is just what he did. can you see his video and why it is going viral. he shows how to byop build your
4:44 pm
own plow, he built is from bits and pieces from his yard, an angle iron and bumper from the truck and other random do dads and made a plow he attached to his minivan, he can't afford a professional plow and a snow blower is out of the league they get this. >> whatever works, maybe he should go into business. >> he can make a few bucks around the neighborhood too. >> alicia thanks. >> speaking of a few bucks, matt pellman is in the traffic department, working for his money. >> am keeping bus this evening, there is a lot going on including the accident still closing the southbound lanes of 55 in the vineland area, no traffic getting by at 555 and main line, stay with delsy drive as a possible alternate.
4:45 pm
a crash in the process of clearing in pleasantville at the pawnshop outlet. and a fire along kingston avenue near sunset avenue, and a downed pole near evesham by the whole foods, a lane out in each direction, slowing there especially on the southbound side. this is the southbound side of 95 across the river, the crash i showed you is pushed off to side. police are there and it's heavy from academy road and the accidents on roosevelt northbound at cotman that is good news, look for new construction at winfield heights, close to channel 6 and the old pathmark. more coming up in the next half hour. coming up accuweather is next.
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meteorologist, adam joseph here now and we are updated to this blizzard watch. >> i-95 and south and east and people think blizzard, and think the snow amounts must have gone up. >> i think dairy queen. >> that is nice as well. but it's the strong winds and low visibility. as we take a look at the double scan live radar not much going on today, very tranquil and calm and quiet unless you have done a fewer rands and see people doing the same thing, 36 in philadelphia, and 34 in wilmington and temperatured around 34 to 35 degrees at the shore. so plenty cold for snow to push into and as we look at satellite and radar a few high clouds during the day especially to the north and west and clear skies to the south and that moves in
4:49 pm
tonight and for the first part of your friday. the storm starting to take shape, a spin near dallas and the energy already coming together, you can see it in the form of these tornado watches, setting up near jackson and new orleans, and that pushes through the delaware valley and to us on friday. the high tomorrow 36 degrees and starting with sun and the clouds thicken up in the afternoon and temperatures going above freezing to 35, 36 around the 4:00 hour and 7:00 the clouds really start to thicken up and south of philadelphia that is when the first few flakes start to fall. anywhere near dover and west of lancaster, that snow line pushes up to philadelphia and reading and just to the south of lakehurst friday night. then into the lehigh valley, after midnight on friday and early saturday morning, it's snowing heavy pretty much
4:50 pm
everywhere, mixing at the coastline and that mixing will push inland into saturday afternoon, changing to rain at times for cape may county near atlantic city, and maybe as far north as dover and millville, still snowing heavily and philadelphia north and west all day saturday and you see bands of heavy snow, setting up especially near wilmington and philadelphia, the expected snowfall hasn't really changed all that much since yesterday. the mixing cuts the number to 3 to 6 inches, wilmington to dover 12 to 18 and center city as well as center city and burlington county and chester county and delaware county and north of pennsylvania turnpike, 6 to 12 and lehigh valley around 6 inches and around 3 inches up in the poconos. in addition to the snow the winds are a big concern and 57 miles per hour at the shore and 31 in philadelphia and this is why we don't have a blizzard watch to the north and west because the wins will not be as
4:51 pm
strong there, in the afternoon, 50 plus miles per hour south of philadelphia, near 40 in philadelphia, and that is going to cause major concerns at the shore, brief snow to rain there, winds gusting 55 to 65 miles per hour and tropical storm force, and moderate to major coastal flooding and beach erosion during saturday and sunday high tide. dry tomorrow and snow comes in at night and 36 degrees, it's the wet, heavy snow, don't wait until the storm is over to shovel the driveway or sidewalks, go out every few hours, with temperatures near 32 degrees on saturday, and windy and a brighter afternoon and we venture back out with the sun returning, and monday 38 degrees and in the middle 40s for the middle of next week as we melt the fresh snow we get over the weekend. >> thanks adam. as always 6 abc will bring you the latest on the
4:52 pm
approaching storm here on air and you can get updates on facebook, our team of meteorologist are posting videos throughout the evening as winter weather continues to head our way, find us on face by searching 6 abc "action news" and be sure to like the page. from our cold weather outside we head indoors for a special treat on the rink, our cameras were rolling for a private performance for disney on ice dare to dream, it took place at the sun national bank center in trenton, it featured scenes from tangles, snow white, cinderella and the princess and the frog it started yesterday and runs through the 24th, disney is the parent company of 6 abc.
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with this weekend's snow
4:55 pm
storm on the way you need to keep an eye out for ice especially when walking on driveways and sidewalks, nydia han has advice for keeping you from slipping on the ground. >> you see the devices that are suppose to keep you from falling, they slip over your shoes. jean slipped on the ice and suffered severe brain injuries. >> i never thought that a couple of inches of ice would change my life that day and i would be where i am nine months later. >> consumer reports tested four products, they range from $8 to $34. bernie dietrich made his own skating rink and tested them and went to a real rink and tested them while standing, walking and running. >> they all improve your grip.
4:56 pm
the yack track for $18 performed the worst, despite the coils on the bottom bernie slid all over the ice, the outer star has these on the bottom but you can slip fairly easily, the $27 ice truckers gave more traction but the best by far was the stabilizer max that cost $34, it didn't allow any slipping. the stabilizer max is available in several sizes at stores and online, prices vary by size. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> safety is the key. for rick williams, brian taff, alicia vitarelli anddam joseph i'm sharrie williams.
4:57 pm
>> we have live team coverage for you now and we are waiting to hear from philadelphia mayor, jim kenney, he is expected to lay out a conting plan for the city in the matter of minutes. and live intel wear where we are suptoes get the first drops of snow. and folks on narrow side streets prepare for what is to come from mother nature. much more and all that coming up next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i'm urging all pennsylvanians to pay close attention to the weather forecast and take steps to be ready for what might be the first major snow storm for 2016. >> it's a state of emergency for pennsylvania and the weather heading our way has the whole area on high alert. how much you get depends on your location, but people from the shore to the city are getting ready to hunker down for what could be a long weekend. >> "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist and chad pradelli are following the preparations
5:00 pm
underway along the i-95 corridor but first cecily tynan and adam joseph have the latest track. lets start with cecily. >> reporter: blizzard warnings are posted for friday evening until sun morning, all the counties in green, the pennsylvania turnpike on south through delaware, and the blizzard watch is posted not for snow falling from the sky but for snow being blown around by the winds, it's about winds and visibility. the criteria, winds sustained or frequent gusts more than 35 miles per hour. >> and what that will do it reduce visibility to a quarter mile or less and that lasts consistently three hours or longer. so we have blizzard conditions during the height of the storm, virtually whiteout conditions, stay off the roads and inside on saturday. stormtracker 6 live double scan


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