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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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and storm tracker six double scan radar is up next. there are desperately trying to get a head start on the storm. throughout the region, agencies like penndot are putting down brine like here on the schuylkill expressway. individuals who cannot brine a driveway are buying rock salt
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to melt the the snow after it falls. one way or the other it is all about being prepared, for the big storm. it is thursday night, and the big store own "action news" tonight is 24 hours from now, by then, most of us should be seeing snow beginning to accumulate. we've got "action news" reporters dann cuellar and christie lleto on the snow beat tonight, but lets start with meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph, cecily is at the big board. >> jim, you can see on storm tracker six live double scan just how immense this storm system is now. quickly, it has blossomed. that low pressure in the eastern louisiana right now ahead of it. we've got this plume of moisture even encountering a little will bit of the mix in the tennessee valley. you can see that squall line of thunderstorms. that indicates the dynamics with this system. it is strong. it has left. it has moisture. it will be tapping into that more as it becomes a nor'easter. the the winter storm watches and warnings, extend all the way from little rock, up
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toward long island. that is more than a thousand miles. this also shows us the the track of the storm. this, yes, is that southern slider. as it moves off the coast, it explodes into a nor'easter. that is when you get the wind. so because of the wind, reducing visibility we have a blizzard watch posted for friday night into unday morning for the bulk of our viewing area, the pennsylvania turnpike and really all points to the south and to the east. so when does that storm begin to move in? it will be, this time really tomorrow night. delaware and south jersey moving in between seven and 10:00 o'clock. here in philadelphia we will see the flakes beginning to fall between 10:00 o'clock at night and 1:00 o'clock on saturday morning. lehigh valley, it the will take a while between one and 4:00 o'clock saturday morning. it starts as light, fluffy snow but then things change dramatically on saturday, details on that with adam joseph. >> it becomes that heavy wet, almost glue-like snow during the day saturday. that is when we will get brunt
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of the storm starting at 5:30 in the morning saturday lasting through saturday afternoon where we could see snow rates of one to 3 inches per hour. southern parts of the delaware, new jersey if you see that thunder snow that is when we see two to 3 inches per hour. because of the weight of the snow with the consistency we could see power outages in addition to those very strong wind, aiding in that weight on the trees, limbs and power lines. gusts to 40 to 65 miles an hour. forty close to philadelphia. sixty-five at the the shore. and, during the day on saturday most road will be impassable because of just how heavily the snow will be falling, in addition to those very strong wind. expected precipitation types, friday night through the the duration of the storm, it is mainly a wet snow from millville, all points to the north and west. could it mix in sleet at times near millville? it could. but mainly wet snow. snow to mixing for dover to atlantic city. corn cape may county, sussex county there, some snow at the
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on set. mainly rain during the the storm. it the may end up as a little bit of wet snowfall. the low level jet, which is 5,000 feet in the atmosphere with this storm, will be screaming out of the easterly direction. you can see the strongest wind are aimed for southern new jersey and delaware, anywhere along the the the mid-atlantic region. when we get that heavy rain and heavy snow coming down, that will pull those strong wind to the surface and that is why we will have some major beach erosion, and coastal flooding, at the immediate shore. we have no friction on of land. that land can come in off water, 62 miles an hour saturday afternoon, and 51 atlantic city. down to around 30 to 40 miles an hour from philadelphia a to wilmington. the the reason there is no blizzard watches or warnings to the north of philadelphia, it is because wind are much less up there. jim, when meteorologist cecily tynan comes back she will give you those expect snowfall amounts in the full forecast. >> adam, thank you. pennsylvania governor tom
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waffle declared a state of emergency a ahead of the storm this clears the the way for authorities to deliver state resources where ever they are needed as quickly ace possible. wolf urged everybody to use common sense to stay prepared, and to look after each other. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in center city philadelphia tonight where we will probably see a snow emergency tomorrow, and dann, the pressure is on the city a's brand new mayor. >> reporter: that is right, jim. eighteen days in the job and mayor jim kenney is getting his first true test at the helm during a major snowstorm. he dozen joy a level of confidence in that some of the same group of veterans running things under mayor michael nutter are now running things for him. >> we are preparing for the worst that we think will happen in this particular time. again, i would love for all of us this to be wrong and the sun comes out saturday and it is 65. but that is probably not going to happen. >> reporter: city official announced all essential personnel have been put on stand by bye mayor's team which includes director of the
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office of emergency management has yet to declare a snow emergency even though it is evident there will be one at some point. >> only reason for waiting is we have a responsibility to our citizens and visitors in philadelphia to make decisions on the the best available information, and we will get our last good information tomorrow morning. >> reporter: there was also a word of caution as some people across the sit hoy tried to create space savers for their vehicles. >> i mean i understand. i have dug out a number of cars in my day, my own and neighbors, and it is frustrating when you clear a space and you think that space is yours. it isn't. >> reporter: for many residents who have had problems in the past having streets plowed in the timely fashion they are waiting to see how things go under this new mayor. >> will this be a real test to see if he will get that street cleaned, yes, i hope so. >> reporter: you are counting on him. >> to clean my street, yes, i need to park my car. >> reporter: that would be a true test of the new mayor. >> yeah, pretty much. he has a challenge, that is for sure if they are calling for all that snow, yeah, definitely. >> reporter: now the mayor
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seems keenly aware of the challenge he face is a ahead and that is why he surrounded himself with battle to tested veterans to get the job done. we are live in center city, i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". >> dann, thank you. the impending winter storm is already impacting on travel. more than 2,000 flights across the country have been canceled for tomorrow and american airlines has canceled all flights in and out of philadelphia on saturday. flight aware, a web site which tracks airport activities, expects more than 5,000 flights to be canceled over the weekend. amtrak will operate on a modified schedule throughout the the northeast corridor. amtrak suggests that passengers with reservations check the the status of their trains, on line, or through amtrak's mobile app. coastal flooding and high wind are also major concerns with this storm, and in ocean city, new jersey, front end loaders sealed off beach access today to keep the ocean from breaching the dunes and flooding the back bay streets. ocean city high school is also on stand bias a shelter, in
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case power outages and military surplus vehicles are ready to roll in rescues becoming necessary. delaware will most likely get the the most snow in our region. certainly very high wind, and state officials say they are prepared for whatever comes. delldot will have 450 salt trucks and plows on the highways, with an emphasis on i-95, routes one and 13, and other major roadways. private contractors, are on stand by and will be called in, if needed. officials say they have plenty of salt and road crews are ready. so, how are philadelphians getting ready for the storm? "action news" reporter christie lleto was at wal-mart on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia, and let's hear what she saw tonight. >> doesn't have rock salt. >> they are out. >> reporter: that was story at lownecessary park side. >> salt. >> reporter: because that is what everybody is looking to buy ahead of the weekend
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storm. >> salt was flying off of the shelves, at fairmount hardware. >> thinks only thing you were looking for. >> yes. just rock salt. that is it. and i got it. >> reporter: are how many times have you been looking for salt. >> today, we have did four skids, and each skid contains 48 bags at 50-pound. so do the math. yeah, probably 8,000-pound. >> not a lot of food in there. no salt. >> reporter: mad dash at shoppers in shop rite in south philadelphia, some had to settle for basics, others. >> a lot have of soda and junk food. >> reporter: that is a long list. >> this is my typical saturday receipt. i just went on thursday instead of going on saturday. i didn't get anything extra, in casey can't get out saturday we are good for next week. >> reporter: residents stocked up on supplies, while essential workers like the volunteer fire company in yeadon tested their gear for a busy 72 hours ahead. >> we will have crews start
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coming in around 6:00 o'clock friday evening, tomorrow evening, and that will be pretty much be dedicated here until monday morning. >> reporter: with one day left before the the storm hits, residents are just trying to get what they can, to prepare. >> they are kind of cleaned out, slim pickings but just enough to get my car out. >> reporter: now many of those stores that ran out of certain items, should be getting restocked, tomorrow, just in time for saturday's storm. reporting live from south philadelphia, christie lleto for channel six a "action news". jim? >> thanks, christie. of course, you can find around the clock coverage of the impending winter storm on six a we will provide constant updates on the six abc "action news" facebook page, and, on twitter. still to come on "action news" tonight a good samaritan rescues a woman who drove into the icy delaware river. a new report points to russian president vladamire putin for approving the death
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of a former kgb agent. cecily. this developing storm will bring us high wind, and a coastal flooding and heavy snow, i'll have new information on what areas get hit hardest in the accu weather forecast. and philadelphia schools consider adding muslim holidays to the calendar, that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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more news tonight, a a good samaritan jumped into rescue a woman today, who drove into the icy delaware river in bucks county. this happened at 11:40 near east ferry a and river roads in lower makefield township. a municipal worker witnessed the incident and took action pulling female driver to the shore. paramedics took her to the hospital. a pedestrian suffered critical injuries after being struck by a minivan tonight in new castle county. accident happened on route 13 near bacon avenue in wilmington manor. police say a man in his 20's darted out, on to the highway, and then was hit. the pedestrian was taken to christiana hospital with a possible head injury.
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traffic tragedies scared route 55 in millville cumberland county this afternoon. a state prison van slammed into the the rear of the flatbed truck that was hauling a disabled vehicle. inmate in the van headed to bayville state prison was killed. a second inmate and two prison guard were injured. the parents of the two-year old girl who drowned in ocean county, last summer, now face criminal charges. berkley township police arrested robert trella and bridgette mccarthey today. both face charges of endangering welfare of the child and possession of drugs. the daughter was found in the pool last august. the witnesses told police that the toddler had wondered the neighborhood unsupervised before. philadelphia's school reform commission is being asked to add, two muslim holidays to the school calendar. the request came from city councilman curtis jones, who earlier today won unanimous council approval of the resolution, calling for muslim holidays for city workers. jones says that muslims feel
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marginalized and recognizing two holy days would be inclusive. but adding holidays, of course, will require negotiations between the city and its school unions. defamation lawsuit filed by a pittsburgh area woman against bill cosby has been dismissed. renita hill said cosby made her out to be a liar and extortionist when he issued blanket denials to claims that he drugged and molested her and several other women. the judge ruled that cosby's statements were opinions protect by the first amendment. cosby faces criminal charges in montgomery county for an alleged sexual assault involving andrea constand in 2004. his death sparked enormous intrigue in 2006. former kgb agent turned kremlin critic, shown here, died after meeting with two russian officials at a london hotel. a report released to day by a british judge conclude that
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the two russians poisoned the man at the behest of russian security services and probably, with the the approval of the russian president vladamire putin. well, washington d.c. has already gotten a taste of the the winter weather that is heading our way. icy conditions, stranded drivers, for five hours, or more, this morning on the dulles toll way. the slick conditions also proved treacherous for pedestrians. a camera crew captured a woman slipping while crossing the street, ouch. forecast is are calling for 2 feet or more to fall in washington this weekend. it is nearly six years since, philadelphia last experienced a blizzard. back in february 2010, we had two, back to back in just a week. first happened on february 5th and 6th, 28 and a half inches of snow fell during that storm. then on february 9th and 10th, 15.8 inches of snow fell. that winter remains one of the most snowy in philadelphia a's history.
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you've got aways to go to have winter of 2016 match those kind of numbers. >> and i could correct you. >> absolutely. >> 2009/2010 was the the most snowy. >> 78.7 inches of snow, that winter. >> yes. >> it has been burned in my brain, so make note of that. >> we will never make that mistake again. >> we will not be topping that this winter. >> so far half inch of snow, but that will change a lot dramatically. >> in. >> storm tracker six live double scan showing that nothing is showing up on double scan right now but that will be different, this time tomorrow night as that snow creeps up from the south, and cold enough for snow. currently philadelphia a 30 degrees. down from a high of 37. allentown 25. wilmington 23. millville is 23. a atlantic city airport reporting cold temperatures of 18 degrees. so one ingredient for the the the snowstorm you need a lot of moisture. i want to show you the water
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vapor imagery from the upper atmosphere at 11:00 this morning. look at what happens as we head toward current time. you can see this plume of moisture, developing, out of the gulf of mexico. that is because of a very strong low pressure center. what that low pressure will do will traverse the east coast, that southern slider, and then it will emerge off the coast of the carolinas, as a nor'easter but what will happen with that nor'easter. first of all, it is over warm waters. that will help it intensify. also, is there a piece of upper level energy. what this will do is it will move toward and it will feed energy into that low pressure, again, gets right over it. it is men as vertical stacking. that is a very strong storm system. that can sometimes stall the the storm before it weakens and gradually moves out. this will be a long duration, snow event. so, future tracker is showing good news i have been saying for days now. friday during the the day is dry. around 8:00 o'clock we will see some snow showers just beginning to develop in our
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southern zones, it is here by 11:00 o'clock. temperatures in the the lower 30's and 20's and then it really gets cranking as we head toward the morning hours. at 3:00 o'clock some band of heavy snow, 8:00 o'clock in the morning not only do we have heavy snow band. but we have a little bit of mixing a along the the coast. then i really think there will be a lull in the action. it will be in the afternoon. some dry air gets entrenched and gets pulled in and you think hey, it is all over. not quite yet. it will continue into the evening until around 8:00 o'clock. it will be more spotty. then finally everything wind down between about three and 4:00 o'clock in the morning, on sunday morning. so this is an all will day snow event. expected snowfall map, i'm still really happy with this. still having that zone of 12 to 18. pennsylvania turnpike and interior south jersey into northern delaware, and some of the latest computer models have been indicating there could be isolated areas of around 20 inches. the actually a little bit more
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juicy, sharp cut off. head autopsy cross lehigh valley, three to 6 inches in the rip off zone, the the poconos not getting a lot of snow with this storm system. then across south jersey we will get mixing. that will hold down the amounts. but the cozies going to get battered. not with heavy snow, but with high wind. and with coastal flooding. the shore impact, snow to start. change over to rain, ending with snow. wind gusts down the shore will be tropical storm force wind. fifty-five to 65 miles an hour winds. that will create moderate, to major coastal flooding for three tides cycles not just along the coast but also back bays, delaware bays and this will cause significant beach erosion. this really is going to be a test for the beaches, really biggest test since super storm sandy. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, snow arriving from the south and very gradual tomorrow night. sunday we are in the thick of
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it with heavy snow, visibility, near zero at times, high wind, stay off the roads. hunker down. just watch "action news". we will be on all day long. a and then by sunday it is windy but sunnies back by the afternoon and then temperatures will climb and we will have a lot of melting going honest specially on tuesday and wednesday, and we will still get in new information that could still be a little bit of the shift in the track and david murphy will update us on "action news" beginning at 4:30. >> i love that term, southern slider. >> i know. >> i thought a southern slider was a mini hamburger from mississippi. >> it sound good. >> southern slider. >> we will have one of those after the storm. >> thank you. with the snow heading our way this weekend, we want you to be part of the action. please join the action and send us your individual yes, sir from your backyard. use the hashtag six abc action on social media, or e-mail us at join the action at six
11:23 pm channel six is once again, proud to partner with kidde for operation six save a life. the program collects smoke and carbon machine oxide collectors. more than 100 fire companies from the tri-state area then distribute the deviceness their communities. six abc president and general manager bernie prazenica attended today's distribution at the philadelphia fire academy. since 1992, six abc has helped to distribute more than 1 million smoke a alarms and we are proud of that. emotions were running high tonight in runnemede, new jersey. tonight the freeholder board paid special tribute to amdayo junior. he for the in europe during world war two and his division was first to cross the rime river in german territory. he has received the bronze star, two purple hearts, and the the french legion of
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. tonight but they got off to a great start. >> yeah, but they don't end all that well. you hope when they get to the beginning of the april a game like this doesn't come back to haunt them. flyers/penguins have played each other tough and with both teams fight to go get in the playoff picture tonight is no different. flyers get off tie great start, 21st period goals, both on the power play. jake voracek beats marc-andre fury here. two to nothing flyers. the penguins score the next four goals. three in the second period. bill kesell scores twice on the nice.
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this makes it three-two. now down four -two in the third. claude giroux on the power play his 14th of the season. he cuts deficit down to one. late in the game, 72nd to play, goalie pull, brayden schenn and shane gostisbehere each got a shot at it and they both come up empty. flyers lose four-three. they snap a eight game winning streak over pens. we are hearing from frank reich for first time since being name the teams offensive coordinator. reich is anxious to work with whatever quarterback bird end up with. former nfl qb was chargers coordinator the past two seasons. he was fired earlier this month. reich is happy to have a job and he is happy it is here with the bird. >> i look forward to the next opportunity. that is what we have here in philadelphia a. you know, doug and i go back a little bit. we were teammates for a short time in 1995 with the panthers. i think a lot of doug when he was at kansas city. we talk, obviously playing
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twice a year. he and i would always talk 30 minutes before the game just exchanging ideas, talking football. and eagles have named john dephilipo as teams quarterback coach. the 37 year-old was a browns, last season, and their offensive coordinator. dephilipo, was radnor high school graduate. his father gene was athletic director in villanova the in the mid 1990's.
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delaware falls to unc wilmington 79-70. due to the impending snow self games have been postponed this weekend. villanova/providence will tip sunday at 1:00 in the afternoon, and then, st. joes, lasalle game has been moved to sunday at 5:00 p.m. ouch. and temple/smu has been rescheduled for sunday as well, time to be announced. nova is trying to find a positive in the schedule change. >> we will get an extra day, we have to stay down here an extra day so we can make sure we don't get stuck out there and not get in for the game. >> we have an extra day to prepare for providence to recover from the seton hall game. it is was a tough physical game. all and all it is a positive. sixers/celtics at wells fargo center on saturday. the last check we checked with the team, so far, it is still on but -- >> still on. >> yes. >> they will have four people there. >> parx casino in bensalem,
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shut you have a the expansion tonight, hundreds of vip gathered to check out new slot machines and gaming tables, tonight's celebration marked the grand opening of the x lounge. big deal. jimmy kimmel live next up on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest zach efron, molly ackerman and music from ben harper and a innocent criminals. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. the for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- zac efron. from "billions," malin akerman. and music from ben harper & the innocent criminals. with cleto and the cletones. and now on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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