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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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better. the accu weather forecast and complete coverage, next. you are looking live, at south broad street, in center city philadelphia, and yes, the the the storm is picking up steam. by this time tomorrow night there could be a couple of feet of snow on the ground. driving is getting dicey on
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the area's major roadways like here on the schuylkill expressway. the best strategy is to get behind a snow plow like we did on i-95, in claymont, delaware. friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight, is the blizzard of 2016. it is underway. blizzard warnings went into effect three hours ago. we obviously have a a lot the to talk about tonight and we will do so, with the the the help of "action news" reporter walter perez who is in center city. jeff chirico is at the jersey shore where is there serious concern about flooding. and dann cuellar is staked out on i-95 in newark so he can talk to travelers hoff been trying to negotiate some very difficult conditions. but, first thing is first, meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph have been tracking the start of the storm. we will begin with cecily at the "action news" big board. >> jim, thinks a deep, dynamic storm and it will be intensifying in the overnight hours. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we're already beginning to see these
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horizontal bands of heavier snow working through. as the storm system intensifies these will be fast and furious and they will also get a lot stronger. these band right now across route one right now, i-95, north of wilmington, this has snowfall coming at a rate of an inch an hour. at the height of the storm the snow will be falling at a rate of two to 3 inches per hour. we will see more of these bands. another band right now is beginning to develop near millville and fortecue and we will see more but already the snowfall totals, amazing, it seems like the snow just started and they are adding up. williamstown 2.5 inches. cape may, 2.5 inches. in newark delaware 1.5. warn gate 2 inches and west dover reporting nearly 4 inches of snow. wider view showing big picture on double scan live, and what is happening, that low pressure is starting to form, and starting to intensify, and to the south of cape look out, north carolina a the it will hug the virginia cape.
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it will gradually head to sea but you can see all this moisture it will be pulling from the the atlantic. we will see that rain band get closer to the coast, as we head to the overnight hours. but this system is going to be crawling. and that means we have hours and hours of heavy snow, and that will be piling up, very quickly. details on that, let's head over to adam joseph. adam. >> we will see a lot during overnight hours as we go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning. if you take philadelphia, for example here as we break it down between now and gone, 7:00 o'clock in the morning. eight to 10 inches on the ground. then an additional eight to 10 t during the day time on saturday. and then saturday evening, an additional two to 4 inches of snow. so in philadelphia a, you put these together, the the range will be that 18 to 24 inches, once all is said and done. visability will be a big issue. that is why there is a blizzard warning in effect. right now dropping throughout a half a mile across much of the area. better to the the north. mile to a mile and a half. but at times the visibility
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will be nearly zero during the day tomorrow. that is you why do not want to venture outside on the road. there will be blowing, drifting snow. road crews will have a hard time keeping road clear. of course, you won't be able to see a car in front of you. looking at the expected gusts as we go late tonight into saturday, far to the north and west there is no blizzard warnings here because wind will be less around 35 miles an hour. blizzard warning, criteria has to do with visibility and wind. philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, interior southern new jersey and most of delaware, 45 to 55 miles an hour. a high wind warning at the coast, at the height of the storm tomorrow morning, wind there near 65 miles an hour. coastal flooding, between 4:00 g and noonan sunday. there will be moderate to major flooding at the shore at times of the high tides. parts of atlantic county could see top ten high tides. cape may county top five high tides and that is why there have been evacuation of low lying area. waves up to 20 feet just off shore which will cause
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significant beach erosion at the time of high tides, first one, jim, will be at 6:30 tomorrow morning. meteorologist cecily tynan will come back to show you a map how much snow you should expect where you live in the full accu weather forecast. well, snow is coming down heavily as we look at penns landing in philadelphia, live on sky six. great picture there. but it is still not nearly as force full as it will be in the morning and through the day tomorrow. but let's begin our tour of the region, first with "action news" reporter walter perez on south broad street in center city tonight. walter, what about this snow emergency in the city now in effect. >> reporter: jim, that declaration went into effect at 9:00 o'clock tonight. meanwhile we will give you a live look right here at broad street south of city hall. as you can see, it is a snowy, windy but just a prelude of things to come. this is a snow emergency route so any parked cars along this stretch can an will be towed at anytime. the this means many of us here in the delaware valley are
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prepared to shelter in place, until this storm blows through. what you'll often notice a the a snow emergency declaration is fewer people on the local roadways and more people in the local supermarkets. plenty of folks from the local state store as well. >> i guess people are hunkering down for what they know is coming. >> reporter: little wine helps? >> it keeps you warm. >> reporter: but many of the restaurants across the region do not see this as a laughing matter. officials from bridgette foy's on south street said, simply put snow is bad for business. >> this is like snowarmageddon so people are really skeptical about leaving their homes at least. if you look outside is there not much there. it feels like there is 3 feet of snow on the ground right now because there is clearly not the a lot of people in here. >> reporter: upside means that means we are heeding the warnings and preparing for a nasty shot of winter weather. the city's emergency operations center is already activated on a limited basis. oec goes into fully affect at
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8:00 tomorrow morning. with the snow emergency now in place all cars parked on snow emergency routes in philadelphia will be towed by the parking authority. getting your car back will cost you up to $125, that is why parking authority officials are trying hard to get the word out before the the the tow trucks reach your vehicle. >> what i would like to stress is we do not want to tow your car or write you a ticket. what we really want people to do is cooperate, move their cars and no one gets towed and makes everyone's job easier. >> reporter: all right. back out here live, parking authority garages are only charging five bucks during the the snow emergency. also if your vehicle does get towed, you can find out where to retrieve it by calling 215-686-snow, of course, all that information can be found on six reporting live from center city, walter perez, for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, walter. talk about touring the the area, mobile six is on the go tonight, and it is currently northbound on the roosevelt
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boulevard extension. the it was following that plow truck, in its wake. i hope you are not intending to pass that plow truck guy, be conservative, driving in that snow. obviously very tough conditions, on the northbound roosevelt boulevard, extension right now. penndot officials are urging everyone, to stay off the roads. throughout the weekend penndot trucks will be spreading salt, over 40,000 miles of highways. officials say that they have 4,000 employees across the the state. that will be working 12 hour shifts. >> the the more traffic a roadway has, the the more attention it will receive from plows. >> penndot has reduced the speed limit on highways, to 45 d officials say that if you have to drive, do not pass the plow trucks. we will say that again, and allow at least ten car lengths behind them, did you hear that
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mobile six. the blizzard will bring operation to philadelphia international airport to a stand still. all flights in and out of philadelphia are canceled tomorrow. nationwide more than 6,000 flights will be out of service. airlines hope to be back in full schedule by sunday afternoon. septa a is suspending most of its service starting at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. only the broad street and market frankford lines will be running. amtrak will operate with few trains, on a modified schedule. new jersey transit is suspending buses and trains beginning at 2:00 in the morning. in delaware, dart buses, are out of services tomorrow. governor chris christie returned to new jersey tonight, from the presidential campaign trail. about two hours ago he declared a state of emergency. >> we have certainly concerns about beach erosion. i'm not all that concerns, i think we will have some street flooding at the shore but i don't think we will have much more than that. >> new jersey is bracing for
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up to 24 inches of snow and there are a lot of people at the shore who are concerned that the situation could get worse then being described by the governor. coastal flooding is the concern. there are also worries that fierce winds will down trees and wires causing major power outages. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in margate tonight, jeff, there is a lot of concern at the shore and with good reason. >> reporter: jim, did you say fierce winds? the winds are gusting and they are fierce right now. only expect to get worse. take a look, if you look up above me you can actually perhaps see the wind as it pushes the the snow sideways right there in the light. now this is what is happening tonight about an inch or so on the ground here on asbury avenue, excuse me, atlantic avenue in margate but the real issue, the the real concern is tomorrow morning. with the high tides, and the spectations of some flooding. as the storm moves in the wind
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pick up and snow quickly covered roadways, in longport. the blanket of white, not a problem for warmly dressed, man, it is what else the storm brings that brings his pal, vince. >> it think it will miss us here, you know, but it will turn to rain and we have to where i about the flooding. >> reporter: predictions about coastal flooding prompted officials to order mapped try evacuation for residents of barnegat who live between the beach and east bay bridge. expected rising waters during this weekend's tides have businesses piling sandbags. at the ocean city fire department. >> we have five vehicles in operation right now, two and three people movers, two bumpers. >> reporter: crews are ready to roll out military grade trucks to fight fires and evacuate residents if needed. >> is there room for like 15, 20 people. >> reporter: what are chances you will need this this weekend. >> we will be needing them. forecast is 2 feet lower than sandy which is a lot lower, so, in the the area of flooding prone we will use these vehicles i'm sure.
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>> reporter: are meanwhile resident of this apartment building feet from the beach in atlantic city are in the taking any chances and they are moving to higher ground. neighboring buildings were destroyed by super storm sandy. >> this time i'm terrified, it will happen so i'm out of here. >> reporter: despite the threats atlantic city's mayor says the city is ready for the storm and opened to visitors. >> when are living here, when are working here or whether you are coming to party, we will make sure thaw are safe, you have a good time. >> reporter: back out here live a block from the beach we're looking the atlantic avenue. road is covered in snow. winds are gusting. again, real concern here tomorrow morning with high tides between seven and 8:00, officials here expecting some flooding. now the high winds and the chance of flooding, has officials both in the atlantic city and ocean city, opening possibly, possibly opening emergency shelters. they say they will determine tomorrow whether they will be needed but once again it is a very nasty night out here, along the shore, we are live in margate, jeff cher co --
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chirico channel six "action news". we want to you join the action and send us videos of how you are coping, and also how you are enjoying the wintry weather. just use the hashtag six a abc action on social media or e-mail us at join the action at six coverage of the blizzard of 2016, continues. you are looking live at newark, delaware. we will update road conditions in that area, they are difficult. and, philadelphia police officer who was injured in an ambush leaves the hospital today. well, snow is picking up, so are the wind, this buoy off the coast of delaware reporting wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. 9-foot waves. conditions will get worse before better. we will have all of the details in the accu weather forecast. snow has created changes for local sports teams, their schedules, have been altered, those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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mobile six heading southbound on the roosevelt boulevard, extension. as you can see it is now approaching or over the schuylkill river, and, mobile six will be heading eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, to begin to check things out in center city philadelphia. the road, not completely white, not completely snow covered, here on the extension. we will see how things are on the schuylkill expressway in just a few moments. we are hearing it from governors, from mayors, from anyone who has responsibility for others. stay off of the roads while the storm barrels through the region. unfortunately some people are either ignoring that advisor they simply don't have a choice. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the new washing service plaza on i-95 in delaware. dann, it goes without saying but conditions are only going to get worse. >> reporter: that is right, jim. it has been coming down in sheets. we had heavier band that moved in here a half an hour ago. look at behind me it has been
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coming down straight for over five hours now in newark, delaware, and it is only increasing. dell dot is reporting that despite best efforts, hundreds of the workers operating more than 330 plows, the roads and bridges are snow covered, they are having a a hard time keeping up with it all. take a look here at the the ground you get an idea is what happening here in newark delaware. we have a nice fluffy snow coming down and increasing right now. we have an inch and a half. it will get worse before it the gets better. >> reporter: the the state of the delaware flags told the story as storm made its way here at 5:30. >> we know we're heading in to it so, it is not pretty coming up here. >> reporter: how far are you going. >> to annapolis. >> wow, you will go right through the height of the storm. >> unfortunately. >> reporter: a lot of truckers were sitting this out hunkered down in the welcome center parking lot waiting to see what tomorrow brings. this is as dell dot crew where is doing their best to keep i-95 operational.
11:19 pm
at this yard in newark it was all hand on deck as they work throughout the the any to keep up witt. >> at some point during the storm it will be too much to actually keep salting so it will be a complete thely mechanical operation at that point. >> reporter: meanwhile some of the back roads were beginning to get snowy as the storm hammered away. where are you coming from. >> pennsylvania. >> reporter: what sit like on the road out there. >> well, they are getting bet. >> reporter: getting bad. >> yes. >> reporter: time to get home as soon as you can. >> as soon as you can. >> i just got back from pennsylvania, and they were starting up really good there. >> reporter: trying to get home. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: across delaware these scenes were typical as the the snow kept coming down in the steady clip, residents were doing their best to keep up with it, shoveling and brushing snow off sidewalks before they got too deep. you have your work cut out here tonight. >> yep. >> reporter: you will have a long time day tomorrow. are you ready for it.
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>> yes. >> reporter: yeah, he didn't look too thrilled. i don't blame him one bet. dell dot is report ago this i-95 remains opened, but the governor has declared a state of emergency which means if they deep it unsafe, it will be shut down. we will be live in newark delaware, i'm's dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. the expression neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet. >> yes. >> well, not tomorrow. there will be no delivery of mail tomorrow, in the philadelphia south jersey and delaware post offices, sometimes the the blizzard just wins out. >> yes, i think that is a good move. more people that can stay home better a lot of first responders, shout out to them, they have to go to work. nurses have to go to work. >> keep those mail trucks off the road. >> absolutely. that is key. you want to stay off the road, because the storm is pretty bad, it will get a lot worse overnight. storm tracker six live double scan showing we have a heavier
11:21 pm
band right over us right now. you can see that pink over philadelphia, it is working up to the north. media, west chester and snow is falling at the rate of up to an inch an hour with that. we have another one developing not quite as concentrated near fortecue, cumberland county and you can see this rain, snow, line. that is getting closer. that is creeping to the coast and that will be moving inland over the overnight hours and changing the snow to rain in cape may. but do i want to go live to cape may, this is sky six, and it shows it is still snowing. if you look you can see how that snow is really being blown horizontally, the wind are cranking up, win gustness cape may 32 miles an hour right now inland, philadelphia, wilmington, dover 31 miles an hour. wind speeds along the shore will be pretty much doubled as we head through the the day tomorrow. the combination of the temperatures in the 20's, and the wind, another reason you do not want to be outside right now. the wind chills have dropped down into the single digits.
11:22 pm
philadelphia feels like 8 degrees. that is why the the snow is light, powdery, it will get a little bit heavier as we head through the day tomorrow. now, satellite six with action radar is showing we have a feeder band of the snow right now, the actual low pressure is south of cape look out. you can see the streamline. it is starting to get its act together but it has not bombed out yet. it hasn't really exploded. that will happened around 3c in the morning and then continues to deepen. thinks when we will really get the heaviest bands of snow with that deep purple. thinks where we will get this that rain getting closer. 9:00 o'clock in the morning when we wake up there is 10 inches of snow on the ground already. we do have that mix ago long the the coast. 1:30, still we will get an ebb and flow with the snow band and then finally, saturday night, it beginning to taper off with showers, snow showers, and look at this by sunday morning, it is out of here, the sunshine is back, but we have got a lot to get
11:23 pm
through, until then, the height of the storm, about 12 hearst from 3:00 in the morning until will 3:00 in the afternoon. snow falling at a rate of one to 3 inches per hour. that snow is just thumping. thunder snow possible, philadelphia area south. it is not a crack with you more of the deep rumble. wind gusts to 40 to 65 miles an hour. you shouldn't be traveling at all tomorrow but if you have to, do not do it, between 3:00 g and 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. that is when the visibility will be the worst. so expected snowfall will be a lot. mount pocono, you are missing out on most of the action, three to 6 inches. cape may county three, to 6 inches due to mixing but the heart of the philadelphia area, will get 18 to 24 inches, philadelphia, wilmington, glassboro, norristown, downingtown, reading, quakertown, trenton, mount holly, millville, hammington, smyrna, little bit the lower here but still a foot the to a foot and a half. this is really a big storm.
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as far as the flooding, major to moderate flooding. the these are times of high tides. we have three cycles to get through. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, we are in the thick of it tomorrow. the blizzard, of 2016. but then, look at what happens after that. a nice increase with temperatures. good amount of sunshine by tuesday, and wednesday. temperatures will be up, in the 40's. i do want to mention, check in on your elderly neighbors, maybe offer to shovel their driveway and don't forget about the the pets. >> thanks, cecily. we have an important story, it is not storm-related but the philadelphia police office shore was injured in that ambush shooting is back home tonight. officer jesse hartnett was released from the hospital today, nearly three weeks after he was attacked, hartnett was shot three times in the arm while sitting in his patrol car. you will remember that picture. according to police suspect edward archer told them the assassination attempt was carried out in the name of
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sincerely, alex payne. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. has been, impacted by the snow. >> yeah, obviously the the teams are doing right thing. better safe than sorry or snow in, sixers decided to postpone tomorrow's game against celtics. it will be now played sunday night at 7:00. players are okay with the change and they are okay with the snow. >> i ren when i was just 16 riding my dad's camry around in the city, you know, in 10 inches of snow. i'm looking forward to it. it will be fun.
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>> hopefully the roads will be clear, if not, i will drive 10 . >> philadelphia a rapper meek mill took in practice today. he can play defense, although, i think he block might have been ten years old. meek mill is a huge sixers fan. surprise from the nba, cleveland cavilers has fired david blat, surprising because calves have the the best record at 30-11. blat is blasted after just 19 months on the job. college hoops, jay wright when we come back. as we told you last night
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villanova moved its game to sunday at 1:00 due to the storm. fourth rand wildcats coming off wednesday's win at seton hall, a narrow victory just one point. coach jay wright says his team can learn a lot from that one. >> those games help you actually more than games you play real well and win by 20. those games help you a lot. you have to find your way, you know to gut it out and find different ways to win. >> a few more scheduling updates temple basketball game against smu will be played at noon sunday. drexel and unc wilmington will be held at the same time on sunday. valparaiso and wright stayed, grant, from 07 feet away, accuracy of a cecily tynan forecast. >> yes. >> how about that. >> the shot beats the first half buzzer. >> right on point. >> yes, he banked it in. >> she gets the squish. >> "action news" has you covered, throughout this storm on channel six. we want you to know this,
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around the clock coverage on six and we will provide constant updates, on six abc "action news" facebook page and on twitter. so be sure to share your blizzard pictures on social media, using hashtag six abc action. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continue at 5:00 d and matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic, of course, we will all be here throughout the weekend to bring you the very latest and most comprehensive coverage of the blizzard of 2016. >> yes, we will. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night, and have a great, and safe weekend. ♪
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, david duchovny and gillian anderson. from "room," jacob tremblay. plus music from leon bridges with cleto and the cletones. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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