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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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morning, the roof of a chester county church caved in and the blizzard of 2016 is to blame. the blizzard is putting in towns in the record books. this morning the jersey shore is breaking for another round of flooding, look at all this water turning parts of margate into a lake. the garden state got pounded by flooding and heavy snow. this morning, david murphy is gathering more on the snow totals and karen rogers has the
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roads. the blizzard smashed the old snow record in the lehigh valley. allentown was slammed by 30 inches of snow, the most it has ever gotten. chris this is staggering number there. >> reporter: welcome to the delaware valley. now it's the big cleanup. the snowstorm is working out to sea, but some areas picked up an entire season's worth of snow with one storm. philadelphia, 24.2 inches. that's the 4th largest snowstorm for the city of brotherly love. king of prussia, 26 inches. that's more than two feet. broomall, 22 inches. the official number at the airport, 22.4. that's the fourth largest snowstorm for the city of philadelphia. haddonfield, 18 him toms river, 17.
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williams town 14 1/2. new castle, 16.1. talleyville 14.2. dover more than a foot, hockessin 12.2 inches. there's a lot of snow that needs to be shoveled and cleaned up. my best advice today is to dress warmly and temperatures are cold take it slow, maybe get a young one to remove the snow. i want to pull in david murphy we have issues down the shore and we'll talk about that and how it feels down there. >> reporter: it's a cold one across the region, the winds are not as bad as yesterday. if you check out temperatures, bundle up. 22 degrees in philadelphia. 18 in allentown and just 22 in millville. the windchills even though the winds have dropped off a bit, they are out of northwest windchills feel like 13 in philadelphia and single digit
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windchills in northern tier. bundle up. we have heavy snow drifts, back strain is a possibility. strain on the heart is not out of the question. you want to go slow and take breaks. we have a coastal flood warning in effect until noon. the worst of the flooding is high tide along the oceanfront early this morning and later at the top of the delaware bay. we'll talk about the seven day, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the jersey shore had icing flooding there. chunks of ice and snow mixed with back bay flooding in the margate and ventnor area. nora muchanic is live in ocean city, there's fears more serious flooding could happen this morning. >> reporter: yeah, we are waiting for that third high tide which will be here in just about an hour or so, we're waiting to
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see what will happen with this, right now we're standing on 13th street in ocean city, you can see there's street flooding. it's a world of difference compared to yesterday. let's look at the tape we shot in ocean city which was saturday's high tides sent water over bulkheads of the bay side and spilling into the streets with chunks of ice flowing down bay avenue. this is the same street this morning, the water has receded leaving dirt in the streets, but roads that were impassable yesterday are no problem to drive on. there are pockets of flooding in ocean city, we'll be waiting to see how the morning high tide effects that. you have to be careful driving through the streets. shore towns will be assessing the damage after the last high tide. north wildwood and stone harbor some of the towns had major water in homes homes businesses.
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we checked the bay a little while ago. it's high it hadn't come over the bulkheads this morning, that's good news. back live you're looking at the flooding on 13th street near west in ocean city. most roads are passable. pockets of water we're waiting to see how things happen, thank god things are better today than yesterday. there's a gaping hole in the roof of a chester county church. five feet of snow proved to be too much for the cal calgary chh in in downingtown. the found of the loud water falling it sounded like a waterfall. it was crazy. it was overwhelming when i saw
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it. the pastor said they will hold services, but they will be streamed online from his living room. the website is cf there's a link on the page if you would like to help the church rebuild. septa is working to get back online this morning. the broad street line is working at the fern rock transportation center. bus service will resume at 10:00 a.m. septa plans to update the situation throughout the morning. mobile 6 is back out and roam egg the streets checking -- roaming the streets, checking out the aftermath after this massive storm. roads are impassable, if you have to go out take it easy. we'll go back out live to mobile 6 throughout the morning. philadelphia international
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airport operation is improving, looking at there's a spirit airlines flight to chicago o'hare that is scheduled to depart on time. the airport restoring some service after being completely shut down yesterday. airlines canceled nearly 7,000 weekend flights and they starting to consult some monday service, a good number of them in philadelphia, new york and washington, d.c. call 1-800-phl-gate to check the status of flights. good morning for to you kan rogers. >> reporter: good morning to you, this poor guy has been trying to dig out since yesterday. chester brook 202 northbound, we see penndot on the scene you can see the truck has been plowed in there, he got stuck yesterday and still out there. you can kind of see in the shot the road surface which is snow
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covered. be careful that's what it looks like in a decent amount of the areas. we saw so many problems on 202 and the 202 parkway. looking around we're looking at 202 parkway 309, snow covered, the plows have been threw, not piles of snow on the roads, but slick, you have to be careful as you head out. let's switch to the conshohocken area and show you when it looks like on route 23. today is the day to take the schuylkill instead of 23. we've a lot of snow. we saw a lot of problems on the ramps and the turn lanes. if you're going to make the turn you have ice and slush to deal with. looking at the ben franklin bridge doesn't this look better than yesterday. looking good we see the clear ride. traffic moving okay. i-95 showing clear roads, as well. not the case everywhere.
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kaitlin sent us this picture, snowed in in south philadelphia, she'll see you in the spring. gray and nydia. speaking of south philadelphia, that's where our trish hartman is live. she is at broad and moore typical of the small streets the city that is to worry about, what are you seeing from your vantage point? >> reporter: good morning, guys, we're at broad and moore take a look, broad street is looking really good, it's just wet today obviously this is one of the main thoroughfares. take a look down here, this is moore street people will not be driving out of here anytime soon. we have a giant snow bank, obviously people have walked over here, but really this street has not been touched at all by the plows. we've seen plows coming through
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broad street today this morning since we've been here. you can see down the street there's dips and mountains ranging from a couple of inches. you have piles down there. a lot of cars have not been touched. huge piles of snow on top of the cars. so still a lot of work today, this is going to be the case in a lot of side streets in south philadelphia. a lot of digging out. if you, again, broad street is looking good, we have cars coming through, having no problems. the other way down moore is actually passable, still a lot of snow on the ground, but there's not a giant snow bank in the way. again, we're still under a snow emergency for philadelphia, so stay off the plow routes, septa services expected to resume at 10:00 a.m. today, but some routes and services could take longer so make sure you check
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the website before you leave if you're using septa today. a city says 6 hours after a snowstorm ends residents and business owners need to shovel their walks in front of their properties, 36 inches wide, how long is that the length of the "action news" yardstick, 36 inches is how wide you should be shoveling your walk. you've got the salt. lots of work to do in south philadelphia. i tried to stick the yardstick in the snow bank it's so packed, there we go, very cold, lots of snow, lots of shoveling to be done today. live in south philadelphia, channel 6 "action news." annie mccormick is up in the lehigh valley in south white hall, lehigh county, the lehigh county broke a record with allentown getting 17 inches of snow.
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annie is not far from the area where they hit the jackpot. >> reporter: hey guys how awesome is this. it's overwhelming when you come into the allentown area. we're in the shopping center that has been plowed in the last hour. when you come into the allentown area, you'll filed that some of the shopping centers are plowed. there are a few stores that are open. turkey hill is open. i want to give you an idea of what it's looks like getting up here. if you need to leave allentown or head into the city. we hit 76 around the city area it was fine. it was when we hit the northeast extension we were having problems. there are pieces that are icy heading up to quakertown and closer to the allentown area. lehigh valley airport said it was around 30 inches of snow that they got up here. when you drive in here, you get
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it, because all you see is snow around the area. i want to walk through the shopping center right now. the plow driver was just through here a short time ago. this is a parking lot that had a plow driver come through there. if you look behind there, you can barely see anything because of the snow drifts. lehigh valley airport if you have a flight they are operating, but there are a number of flights canceled. in the next half-hour we'll let you know about the driving conditions to get you around the allentown area. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." i'm from texas, this is like, wow! pretty wonderous. gymnastic teams raise their hands after getting stranded for
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hours on the pennsylvania turnpike. south philadelphia, this is where trish hartman was earlier in the newscast, side streets will be a major problem, people will have their work cut out for them today and we'll go back to our team coverage of the possible additional flooding at the jersey shore.
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good morning to you, 6:16 take a look at this, mobile 6
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producing -- perusing the area, this is nedro and 11th. the this is the side street, the main streets are plowed, this morning when you get up there's a lot of work in store. there's the cleanup after the major blizzard. people will have to dig out, the jersey shore calculating water totals instead of snow totals. >> reporter: we'll talk about that in a second. the good news it is an offshore wind so we're not piling the water on, so the tides are getting better. live on sky 6, philadelphia international airport. get ready to shovel today. most of the region picked up one and two feet of fresh powder, a season's worth of snow in one day. 4th biggest storm of all time
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for the city of philadelphia. the storm is long gone at this point. this is good news. get the winds and the snow showers and snow squalls out of here. the area of low pressure is sitting right here off the coast. the winds are wrapping in a counter clockwise fashion. these are offshore winds. the tides will be higher than normal, because we have a full moon, it will not be as bad as this time yesterday. high tide on the oceanfront occurs around 7:30. an hour later on the back bays, the delaware bay expect high tide around 9:30. after this morning's high tide we get into the evening high tide that's when everything goes back to normal. for philadelphia this was the 4th largest snowstorm 22.4 inches. an inch behind the third ever december 2009 where we picked up
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23.2. this was quite a doozy here, northern virginia and west virginia 40 inches. allentown, 18. philadelphia, 22. 22 in millville. sea isle city 27 with a windchill of 17. philadelphia, 13. feels like 5 in allentown. when you go outside to shovel the snow, bundle up because the temperatures are cold. future tracker 6 we don't have any issues, expect a combination of sun and clouds during the afternoon hours, partly cloudy overnight tonight. tomorrow is another day of sun and clouds. sun and clouds this afternoon, windy and cold, 32 degrees the freezing mark. winds out of the northwest at ten to 15 miles per hour. that will keep the windchills in the teens throughout the day. speaking of teens, partly cloudy and cold, we'll bee upper single digits low teens for the far northwestern suburbs, allentown,
6:20 am
reading, 9 or 10. surrounding suburbs in the city, 19. wind out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. before we get to the seven-day forecast, looking ahead over the next few days, after today each and everyday will be above freezing, that will create melting during the day only to see it refreeze at night. be careful of that because we could have a lot of mornings where we wake up to black ice out there. be on the look out for that over the next few days. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 32 degrees sun and clouds, breezy, windchills in the teens. monday, sun and clouds, 34. tuesday 43. the next system moves in we could see rain showers. wednesday, cloudy, colder, 40. thursday, 35. friday, 37 anticipate saturday, 42 degrees. no big storms in the foreseeable future. atlantic city electric
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today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. a lot of churns have canceled services for this morning, people will want to get out and about after cabin fever
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struck yesterday. >> reporter: if you're cooped up with three children, you may want to get out and about to my dear husband. we're starting this process of getting back to life and certainly with mass transit, as well. the broad street line still running, market frankford line running. all other regional rails not running and resuming slowly. all the buses are returning gradually at 10:00 a.m. of course there will be detours because all through the city you have areas you can't get through because of the snow. they will begin at 10:00 a.m. route 101 trolley will be resuming service and 102 that will start later in the day. mass transit will be as it comes along. let's take a live look outside at the roads, broad street at spring garden. we can see they have done a great job trying to clear the
6:25 am
streets, watch the turn lanes that's the area where you will slip and slide. i was walking on the area that was plowed this morning and i slipped twice myself. be careful as you head out. this is the ben franklin bridge we saw speed restrictions and problems earlier with the bridges. not so much now, things are better there. going back outside live, if you have to get on the schuylkill expressway traffic is moving nicely, nydia and gray we have 45-mile an hour speed restrictions on the majors in the area. they want you to slow it down and anticipate you might do slipping and sliding. the schuylkill is looking good. there were cheers on dark buses, the temple university women's gymstic team finally got going. we talked to a girl, they said they made the best use of their
6:26 am
time. many girls have gone out to stretch their legs, but that's pretty much it. and the team made it back home last night. they were supposed to attend a mete at the university of pittsburgh. they never made it. they are excited to be back home right now. we'll be back in a moment.
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when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. time 6:28, the day after the huge storm you're looking action cam ocean city, high tide expected around 7:30, meteorologist chris sowers saying the flooding should be not as severe as yesterday. that is good news for those in ocean city. take a look at what the
6:29 am
"action news" camera caught, a couple of people caught atvs on the art museum steps. the all terrain vehicles bouncing as they made their way down the steps. we'll be right back. we aree
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blizzard of 2016.
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new video in overnight as people in the city moving all the snow. it was a blizzard for the record books in parts of the area. the jersey shore is hoping to avoid another wave of severe flooding that may be caused by this morning's high tide that will be around 7:30. mobile 6 by temple university hospital. things are moving smoothly, but take it slowly. septa has restored some service at the fern rock center, but full service is hours away. let's goat to our team cover -- let's get to our team coverage. david murphy is tracking the recovery along with chris sowers. chris we'll begin with you. i'm happy the storm is out of here. >> reporter: the good news it continues to pull away. snow totals ranging between one to two feet, some areas close to
6:32 am
three feet of snow. allentown, 31.9 inches. east coventry township, 25 inches. moorestown, new jersey, 19 inches, somerdale, 16. port penn, a hair over a foot. everybody has seen at least a foot of snow and close to 3 feet. the storm pulling away. the area of low pressure was sitting down here, the winds blow in a counter clockwise fashion. where you were getting an offshore wind off the virginia capes and the carolinas, you were getting an onshore wind for the jersey beaches. the water couldn't recede because the winds were pilling it on. that's why the flooding was so bad. now that the winds have pulled away, the winds are shifting out of the northwest. the high tide will be higher
6:33 am
than normal, but not as bad as yesterday at this time. peak windy gusts from yesterday, very, very impressive. dewey beach hurricane force winds, 75 miles per hour, bayville, 72. tuckerton, 68. ocean city, 63. fortescue on the delaware bay, 55 miles per hour. i'll bring in david murphy he'll tell you howl it feels when you're shoving the snow. >> reporter: take a look at temperatures we're sitting at 22 degrees and 18 in allentown. 15 in reading. 12 degrees in lancaster and there is a bit of a breeze dropping out of the northwest, a land breeze as chris just mentioned. in philadelphia, though, only 7 miles per hour. having said i'm standing here just on the city border and it is feeling pretty cold even with the light wind. occasionally you are jumping into the teens. you can see that in allentown
6:34 am
and millville. 13 degrees in philadelphia. single digits up north and wilmington and trenton and in the milder spots you need coats and extra gear. if you're going sledding don't sled near highways. it is breezy and cold if you feel your fingers and toes tingling take warm breaks inside. as chris mentioned we're looking at a flood warning, the next high tide starting at 7:00 and ending at 8 in most spots. we'll see more street flooding, maybe some buildings affected, but the last of it was the last evening high tide. we'll be back with the seven day, chris will have that. cold out here, guys, you have to bundle un, but not as bad -- bundle up you can but not as bad as yesterday. the jersey shore is
6:35 am
preparing for another round of potential flooding. some towns left partially underwater by the high tide. nora muchanic was there yesterday back outside live in ocean city, what's the scene there this morning? >> reporter: hi there, guys, gray, it's water water everywhere. this is 13th street behind me. this is street is flooded, but things are markedly improved over yesterday. today you can drive through the streets that were covered with water yesterday. but we are waiting to see, as you say if the high tide will flood everything out once again and make it impassable once again. shore towns were pounded atlantic city, margate, north wildwood ocean city, some of the locales that had the streets flooded with icy bay water that
6:36 am
seems to be freezing over a bit. by daylight we'll have a handle on beach erosion. the storm surge sent water up to the dunes on the boardwalk which has not happened in a while. we do know businesses up and down the coast had water in them, along with basements of homes and some folks were stranded by water that flooded their homes and had to be rescued in high water military vehicles that so many police departments have now. it's a waiting game at this point. we're waiting for the high tide to come and waiting to see exactly what happens here if the streets flood out the way they did yesterday, we hope not, but we expect to have some water in the streets. for now live in ocean city, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news" back to you guys. thank you. a chester county church will not have traditional services today after five feet of snow caused it to cave in.
6:37 am
it happened in downingtown overnight. the pastor said the collapse left a gaping hole in the rooch. he roof. he said it sounded like a waterfall when he arrived, he plans to hold services online. lehigh valley takes the cake for the snow. it's hard to believe this is my first philadelphia winter. allentown set a new record getting socked with 30 inches. annie mccormick is in white hall a suburb of allentown, annie you're surrounded by a wall of snow. >> reporter: surrounded by it, luckily we're here and the plows are working. when you come into the area, i can tell you there's a number of shopping centers that are not plowed. take a look at how high the snow is that they have pushed over. on the ground i want to give you an idea of what is left. it is icy in areas like this.
6:38 am
even if it's plowed and you are able to drive in, you want to be careful walking. the snow is the fun powdery snow that they have up here. if you're coming from center city, 76 is fine until you heat the northeast extension there you will have problems. and then when you get off the exit ramps that's an issue, too. i know crews will work hard to get that done. close to 32 inches they did get in the area. looking back the vast amount of snow that goes on and on and on in this parking lot. this is a full moon i know this causes problems where nora is because of the high tide. it makes it beautiful driving up here because the snow is glistening off the light of the moon. in allentown you have ten days to remove the snow around the home.
6:39 am
in this area it's a rule, you can get ticketed if you don't do it in time. we're by the intersection of hamilton and cedar crest boulevard, it's clear, but like i said, some shopping centers, i can imagine some of the neighbors around here are having issues. i want to college up here, one of the best places to go sledding is to go around the corner here by cedar crest park by cedar crest college. i'm curious to see how much snow they got over in the area. i can imagine what a snowfall like this, 32 inches up here, what it looks like now. reporting live in south white hall township, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." you'll have to take the action cam along with you, that sounds like fun. thank you. let's go over to south
6:40 am
philadelphia, trish hartman is dealing with the same. trish people who have not been dug out on the side streets until days after the storm, what's the story there? >> reporter: hi, gray and nydia. we have seen plows working, but it's going to be slow as broad and moore street. there's giant snow banks. broad street is cleared, but it caused this massive snow mountain i'm going to walk over. there's a vehicle that's coming down moore street, i don't know where the vehicle is going to go, because, there again is the giant snow mountain in the way. moore street there's snow piled on top of the cars. the sidewalk, this corner is fairly shoveled there's a dusting here. very cold, you want to be careful, it's slippery on the walks. we have the infrared thermometer
6:41 am
showing 20 degrees. very chilly lots of snow. the city code says 6 hours after a snowstorm you have to shovel the walk. 36 inches, 3 feet wide, if you own a residents or business in philadelphia, that you're doing that today if you have not done so already. let's take a look down broad street. broad street is looking good, we talked to a couple of drivers who stopped by to say hello this morning. they are saying the main roads are fine. we drove up from delaware on i-95, we took it slow, the roads were wet. things were pretty good, we were able to make it here this morning. the side streets packed with snow are going to be troublesome especially for the folks walking around south philadelphia. live in south philadelphia, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." nydia, gray. you know when you're with
6:42 am
your photographer jackie you're in safe hands. tell her hello for us. >> reporter: exactly she is a pro. a lot of people wondering when septa will resume services today. >> reporter: i'm wondering where i am. this posterior guy got stuck -- this pour guy got stuck in the snow yesterday. they have the tow truck out, they are going to pull him out of the snow bank. the left lane is getting by okay. you need to be careful you can see the tire tread marks in the snow. this is port richmond, live at aramingo and lehigh, we watched the guy turn, he is already. take it easy expect to do slipping and sliding, other than that we're watching him turn ever so careful. everything is moving okay in port richmond.
6:43 am
we'll see what's going on on the blue route near the mid county tolls. we'll have bright sunshine it will do melting before it freezes and makes a mess for tomorrow. this is the blue route near the tolls. a car is pulled off to the side. other than it's looking okay. this is a good shot of the ramp. you can see the road surface this is nice. a little bit of road on the side. that's the order of the day. looking good on i-95 near cottman no problems. area bridges are looking good. we were under speed restrictions yesterday, not the case today. however the majors are on speed restrictions, all the majors in pennsylvania 45 miles per hour speed restrictions. in new jersey, 42 is looking good, as well. we have flooding to the south and lots of closures because of that. kaitlin sent us the pictures of the icy waters in wildwood, that's an issue, never cross the flooded roads nydia and gray. there's much more to come
6:44 am
on sunday morning as we cover the cleanup of blizzard 2016. we'll keep an eye on the flooding concerns at the jersey shore. mobile 6 is out and about. this is temple university at cecil b. more. take it easy if you have to hit the roads. meteorologists david murphy and chris sowers are back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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good sunday morning to you, time 6:46, action cam at philadelphia international airport which is empty, flights were canceled yesterday, but today the airport will resume operations on a gradual basis. check in with your airline about departures. it's going to be slow going this morning. we called this one just right. some areas saw an entire season's worth of snow. >> reporter: you look at the forecast models and it may complete sense given the pattern we were in the last couple of weeks, yeah, we were right on top of that. let's go live on sky 6. there's penns landing, a lot of folks will do shoveling today. we have one to two feet of snow on the ground. well have temperatures close to freezing, it will be a lot of easier to shovel the walks today
6:48 am
than what we were in the thick of it yesterday. double scan live crystal clear, no precipitation out there. the storm system continues to pull away. it's an offshore breeze today. we'll see flooding down the jersey shore, but not as intense as yesterday when we had the southeasterly windy when we were piling the water on from seaside heights to cape may. we'll have moderate to major flooding, but not as bad as yesterday at this time. once we get into the evening high tide, everything will go back to normal. maybe that tide is higher than normal, as well, but from this point on it will get closer to normal. 22 degrees, dewpoint, 9. winds out of the north northwest, windchill 13. 15 in reading, actual air
6:49 am
temperatures. 22 in philadelphia, and 22 in millville. feeling like ten. feels like 6 below in in allentown and 1 below in trenton. canadian maritimes and northern porks of new england the storm is moving toward. later this evening, the winds will diminish. this will set up a nice week for us, the pattern begins to relax. there's no big storms out there over the next five to seven days, that will give us a lot of time to clean up. lunchtime, feeling like 22 in philadelphia. 19 in allentown. 18 in reading. 12 in the poconos. later on still most of the area talking about windchills in the teens and then you get the idea as we get into the overnight. now, first thing tomorrow morning, the windchills look good, the actual air temperatures will be close to the numbers, you're not dealing
6:50 am
with too much of a wind by monday morning, but the air temperatures will be cold, so you have to bundle up as you wait for the school bus monday morning. 33 degrees, clouds forecasting a high of 32. allentown 29. reading, 30 degrees, lancaster, 30. look for a combination of sun and clouds, breezy and cold. millville, 31. trenton, 31. overnight lows tank, 15 degrees in philadelphia. 9 in allentown, 10 reading, 10 for millville. 13 in trenton. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 32 degrees today, 34 tomorrow, i want you to notice every single day in the seven-day forecast after this afternoon is above freezing, all the morning lows are below freezing we'll see refreeze taking place at night. that means you'll have to be careful in the morning hours with the potential of black ice and slick spots. tuesday, passing showers, 43.
6:51 am
wednesday, 40. thursday and friday, 35 and 37 degrees. that's your first blizzard. you put a smile on my face, you said no storms in the near future. >> reporter: i will put a frown on your face, because we said february was the month we have to look out for. an elderly person who was shoveling in the delaware valley is among 16 storm related deaths we know of so far. five people were killed in new york, later this morning governor cuomo will deliver an update. the governor helped a driver who got stranded on the cross island parkway. new york city will lift its travel band at 7:00. foot traffic has been doing just fine. they were plenty of people making the best of the blizzards conditions. cleanup continues in washington, d.c. neighbors dug out drivers stuck
6:52 am
alongside streets. officials say the reagan national airport and dullus national airport will remain closed today. we'll be right back.
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6:54 am
welcome back, as we start digging out from this record-breaking snowstorm. mobile 6 live at 12th and vine street. and you can see's to be moving pretty smoothly. the street was clearly plowed fairly recently. looking pretty good, slippery out there if you're heading out today be careful. karen rogers has an update on the traffic. the major roads have been plowed, it's the side streets that need to be cleared. >> reporter: how about the crews, they did a great job clearing many of the streets and as they clear more, that will allow the mass transit to resume. yesterday they had all the septa routes and lines canceled.
6:55 am
septa broad street line and frankford line are running today. all the septa bus routes will return one route at a time we'll see that happen as they dig out. 101 trolley running, 102 later today. we did see a lot of snow, 422 westbound past oaks, i can see the road surface with the snow creeping in on the sides. we have speed restrictions on the majors. i-95 we have a plow strain going through to continue to salt the roads on i-95 looking good there, as well. if we come go back a little bit, i-95 by the stadium. if you're heading to the game, nova playing you're okay toct to get to the stadium. how about one more look heading
6:56 am
to bucks county and see when it looks like on route one, not too many problems there. we had more snow and the secondary roads and overpasses you need to be particularly careful. don't go away we're weather be be -- weathering it all with you. we'll be right back. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy
6:57 am
through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. is it affordable? it costs less than 35 cents a day-- that's pretty affordable, huh? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp. so, you said it was guaranteed acceptance? yes. it's for people ages 50 to 85. there's no medical exam or health questions. you can't be turned down because of your health. it fit right into mom's budget and gave her added peace of mind. you should give them a call man: are you between the ages of 50 and 85? for less than 35 cents a day, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program. you cannot be turned down because of your health. there are no health questions or medical exam. your rate will never go up and your benefit will never go down due to age-- guaranteed! these days, the average cost of a funeral is over $7300, and social security pays a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for yoloved ones.
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call about the colonial penn program now. i to the acidity in any never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, and it was a real easy switch to make. sunday morning. the action cam right here, showing you south white hall township. the mounds of snow, of course this one was one for the record books, a huge amount of snowfall. allentown not far away from there, 31.7 inches. our annie mccormick is in south white hall township she'll
6:59 am
have an update in just a bit. "action news" team will be on the air at 4:00 a.m., david murphy and karen rogers here today will be with you tomorrow. we'll be right back? just a moment. at longhorn steak like this doesn't need anything else. which is why we don't just add, anything else. longhorn steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the new smoky bacon sirloin. the new spicy grilled jalapeno sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. all with hand chopped salad & unlimited bread for $12.99.
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