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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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sunday night school districts deciding whether to open or close tomorrow, and the after aftermath of the snow. >> also, trees, power lines and rooftops are coming down under the weight of all of
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that snow. the big story on "action news" is the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016. >> after spending sat the day hunkered down inside many of us spent better part of the today cleaning out, shoveling out and getting ready for week ahead. >> schools are closing and that is some of the biggest districts in our area philadelphia public schools will be closed tomorrow. that is including all offices, early childhood and after school programming. also, philadelphia archdiocese schools are closed tomorrow. and, of course, there are many more closings, we are running them right there at the bottom of your screen. for a complete list of is what closed tomorrow make sure you check out six of course, the question on everyone's mind is what is going to happen next. >> hopefully nothing. >> for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. >> hi there, sarah and walter. we have changes throughout the overnight hours and throughout the day on monday but here's a recap. record breaking day yesterday,
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and historic snowfall from the blizzard of 2016. allentown, record largest snowstorm with a seasonal average of what you to typically pick up for a season, 32.9 inches. yesterday you picked up, 31.9 inches of snow. philadelphia a two 2.4 inches, fell yesterday. check this out, a seasonal average, is two 2.4. so we have pick up a season's worth of know in one day making this the the fourth largest snowstorm in the it is i. right now high pressure is dominating our region. we have a west northwesterly wind drying out the atmosphere. wind not the a factor like yesterday across the region sustained at 3 miles in trenton. eight for philadelphia. wilmington. also into millville. but with those winds coming from the west northwesterly direction it brings down cooler air. current air temperatures in the lower 30's but when you factor in the wind chill it feels like 22 in the the city, 13 in the poconos. twenty-three in allentown a long the the coast in atlantic city coming in with a current wind chill at the 19. this is what we need to check
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out, a as we look through the days ahead. next few days temperatures during the day, will be above freezing. we will get enough solar radiation to melt that snow during the day. the the problem, however, comes during the overnight hours, refreezing, more than likely will be an issue which will cause black ice in the morning and slow you down for the the commute, and morning rush. we will have more details, guys, with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. now we will send it back over your way. >> thanks, melissa. heavy snow was behind a big problem here in quakertown. chopper six was over this building on north heller town avenue after the roof collapsed at about 8:00 o'clock this morning. nobody was injured and we're still waiting to hear about the full extent of the damage. moving on to the the devastating damage donna long the new jersey shore where residents are dealing with more than just snow clean up, they are struggling with major flooding. >> really bad. >> "action news" reporter jeff chirico live in wildwood with the story, jeff? >> reporter: hey, walter. we saw damage to homes. we saw some road still flooded
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in certain towns down here and those high wind yesterday caused this sign, for a bowling a alley and dry cleaner to just snap. but all and all, folks hearsay it could have been worse. >> normal sidewalk here. >> yes. >> reporter: she returned to her beach front home in atlantic city to assess the damage. the ocean today, a a a lot more calmer then yesterday when powerful waves ripped away bulkhead, tore up her sidewalk and poured inside. waves two stories high. >> yeah. >> reporter: first floor deck with the killer view, gone tossed 50-yard away. >> it is unbelievable. unbelievable. >> reporter: in north wildwood, crews worked to restore electricity, strong wind that took down power lines, also ripped down shingles and signs. meanwhile in sea isle city the clean up began as flood waters slowly receded. >> it is freezing. it was freezing. walking around in ice water, with bags on my feet.
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>> reporter: it was a close call for angel, when flood waters sparked a small fire in an outlet, the fire department, rescued her. >> we got there, she was basically, no shoes and socks, and standing in the water. we were frozen. we jumped off the truck. it was over our boots. >> my god i'm so lucky. the it could have been so much worse. >> reporter: at last check atlantic city electric says some 7400 customers were without power this afternoon, some 5400 of them here in cape may county but a spokesmen says they expect to get most of them backup and running by tonight. we are live, from wildwood, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". >> jeff, thank you. in ocean city, high tide brought more street flooding but not as bad as yesterday. strong waves though continue to pound the coastline. it was a sight to see, for some, a reminder of the destruction yesterday. storms brought to the shore. but for others, this was a
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chance to hang ten. >> cruising down the the line, you know, i was just like wow, wow, wow, bang, i hit the lip right there. and then my leash snapped off, i landed on the rocks way down there. >> reporter: crazy, um. >> action cam spotted four to five to a cliff, chewed out of the sand dunes near fifth street. high surf undid a major beach replenishment just completed last year. philadelphia, narrow back streets and all, is in the middle of the tough clean up today. the plenty of neighbors spent their day shoveling out their cars while hoping to make local streets anal i ways more passable. "action news" reporter vernon odom live from old sit the eye with much more, vern om. >> reporter: good evening, walter and sarah. city and government residents are in a clean up, recovery mode today and by most accounts doing fairly well in the process. all in the name of, all with an attitude rather of help thy neighbor. at fourth and market tonight trucks full of snow poured
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their hall in the huge snow melter, which we have seen on the streets of the city, during blizzard clean ups in the past. a across town neighborhood clean ups are not that high tech. it is basically shovels, snowblowers and in this case in wynfield heights a good smart ton with the bobcat arriving to help a friend in the densely populated area with narrow streets and winding up helping multiple people dig out. >> they are not letting me go. i have to help people pull out their cars. i get to do a good deed too. >> reporter: are they paying you. >> yeah. >> reporter: but hailing the spirit of the local folks and soluting city workers for their relentless battle against crippling elements of the landmark blizzard of 2016. >> they are soldiers in the war begins mother nature. they were not backing down. they were not hesitating. they were taking 15 minute cap naps and back on the trucks and plows, hauling salt, fixing cars, fixing vehicles. >> reporter: this snow fluffy, easier to shovel, froze
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overnight and now is heavy, and more taxiing on shovelers. >> it is word i have seen. i have been here for 16 years. this is one of the worse, maybe the worst. >> unaudible. >> reporter: sarah, as i said before with an attitude of help thy neighbor, mayor kenney says city government operations will be operating at full speed tomorrow. live from the olde city, i'm vernon odom for channel six "action news". >> yesterday's blizzard left quite a mess to clean up in south philadelphia. the action cam spotted residents trying to dig out cars and sidewalks, today. some said their goal was to get as much snow as possible into the sunshine to get a melting boost from mother nature. challenge was finding a place to put it all after city officials urged residents not to throw the snow back in the street. >> which is why a lot of it is
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piled up against my house and my other side of the car and they plowed the street and put a big mound here i can throw it on top of that. >> city officials say they are focusing on primary and secondary road, first, so it could take a while to plow the the side streets. if you have a non-emergency snow issue you are asked to call 311. let's move on to the suburbs now and "action news" reporter christie lleto joining us live from norristown. christie, how are things shaping up there. >> reporter: walter, the sun helped a little bit the today but main street in norristown is snow packed and slippery, not the to mention can you believe that this is a a car that is buried underneath this. this is a mountain of snow. most of the cars here on main street are buried under a snow that we saw yesterday coupled with snowplows trying to keep the roads clear. >> layer by layer, and then do side by side. >> reporter: linda dug her car out under mounds of snow
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mother nature dumped but it is a slower process for others. how long have you been doing this. >> for two hours. >> we're cleaning it up now and hopefully the the plow doesn't come later and cover it again. >> reporter: while fire department goes block by block digging out buried hydrants it took them ten minutes to find this one on main and barbados. >> we clean out fire hydrants to be accessible if we had an emergency in the the area. >> reporter: mother nature dumped feet of snow in our region leaving residents to dig out malvern and it is to blame for this roof collapse at a chester county church in downingtown. officials are also investigating whether the the blizzard played a role in forcing this roof to cave-in quakertown earlier this morning. >> this has been a heck of a week even. >> reporter: mother nature isn't done. >> getting a little icy, going into the evening. we think probably tomorrow morning we will need to reapply after all this melts. >> reporter: many residents
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are concerned they are already warranted. this sidewalk was shoveled and already frozen over, very slick and slippery. this is what people will have have to be concerned about heading out the door tomorrow morning. reporting live from norristown, christie lleto for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. lehigh county communities were among hardest hit by this winter storm. allentown got the most snow of any town or city in our area. in fact, highest in allentown's recorded history. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has the the store friday there. >> reporter: the lehigh valley became mother nature's bull's eye saturday and sunday residents woke up to glistening piles of snow, nearly 32 inches. 31.9 to be exact, a new record. and this is what residents woke up to, beautiful spectacular school but then reality set in. in solebury township residents could not drive or walk down some streets, and this dog had to get car toyed her walk. >> just disoriented, she
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doesn't know where to go, it is not natural for her. >> reporter: neighbors helped each other dig out, lending a hand with shovels and snowblowers. >> it was crazy, we were out all day trying to clear the driveway. we were out three times yesterday. >> reporter: was it hard to keep ahead of the snow falling. >> we didn't even try. >> reporter: in allentown on hamilton boulevard you could fine cars, abandoned in the height of the storm. sunday morning, after plows came through on already narrow street, there wasn't a a a lot of places for the snow to go and many cars are being covered. the mayor responding to residents on twitter, asking for patients, telling them the city received a season of snow in just one day. over in south whitehall township, steven longmiller and his 12 man crew used massive equipment in their clean up meant for an epic snowfall. >> we will be here with 60 or 70 hours in, total. >> reporter: have you slept. >> no, no.
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i'm going home in two hours to sleep. >> reporter: with so many in a hurry to dig out, it is nice that we have kid, and pets, to remind us to take a minute, and enjoy it. in allentown, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". there is much more to come tonight on "action news". an "action news" exclusive, we will go inside septa's war room as officials make a decision about what to do about tomorrow's commute. also ahead temple's basketball team plays in the biggest game of the season but thanks to the the snow getting ready for this game proved to be a bit more difficult. jeff skversky has that story and much more in sports when "action news" comes right back. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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the lives of 25 people, including several here in our area. an officer with the united states capitol police died of a heart attack while shoveling snow at his home in delaware.
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and a man from berks county died when he was trapped by a passing snowplow, which blocked in his car, and the exhaust pipe, on the vehicle. in less than one hour we're expecting an update from septa officials about rail and bus services. only a "action news" was there for septa's internal meeting this afternoon as agency leaders discuss their next move. septa has gradually restored bus, trolley service city wide since ten this morning. most regional rail service is still suspended. officials say they expect regional rail lines to be up and running tomorrow morning, but with delays. airlines are slowly resuming services the at philadelphia international. the airport shut down completely yesterday allowing crews the opportunity to remove nearly 2 feet of snow that fell there. airport officials tweeted out photos of crews hard at work today. meanwhile according to flight aware another 330 flights in and out of philadelphia were canceled today. well, there are some great places to sled in our area but art museum was the the place
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...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. how about those to temple owls. >> and temple making a case to be in the ncaa tournament. they are on a roll after a very tough start. temple basketball coach fran dunphy did not want to risk getting stranded in the snow so owls coach slept inside the arena, for the last two nights before facing the only unbeaten team in the country today. this is what dunphy wanted to avoid, smu's bus stuck in the snow yesterday, first they are hit with the storm and then larry brown eighth ranked team is stuck trying to dig
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themselves out of the hole started wye devon coleman. career high 23 for him. second half, tre low, owls up as many as 19. coleman a perfect day, seven for seven from deep. temple beats smu, 89-80. how about this storm, temple fans, storm the court. >> this is a great win for us. we're kind of in that middle area, you know, where the season can go up, or down, and today helped us. it was a good step in the right direction. >> that is a big win for them. like the the snow, wind piled up for fourth ranked villanova they won 32 straight at home and 22 straight against big east teams but today, a against providence things slipped away. jay wright frustrated, 16th ranked providence will do that to you. final minute. nova up two. chris dunn from the galaxy far away. providence takes the lead. nine seconds left cats down three, ryan archie
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arcidiacono, yes, he ties it, we are in overtime. in overtime final seconds, providence slams the door, ben bento goes off, villanova loses 82-76 in overtime. their first loss at home in two years. st. joes and lasalle making up their game, as we speak. hawks down by 11 in the first. back they come three in the first deandre bembry3. st. joes up in the second half, as we speak. lots to get to tonight, tired of talking about snow, let's talk about sports. "action news" sports sunday at 11:45, 97.5 mike missanelli joins us in the studio to talk about the afc, nfc championship game. >> we are just getting warmed up talking about snow. >> thanks, jeff. >> another check of the weather is up next here on "action news". >> take a look here from penns landing from sky six. plenty of folks, skating tonight. meteorologist melissa a magee has the exclusive accu weather
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melissa is here with the check of the accu weather forecast, the sun was nice to see today but it may contribute to problems overnight. >> it will be an issue, we have temperatures slightly above freezing so we will get melting during day and refreezing in the overnight hours. give yourself extra time later on tonight, guys. we will show you what is going on storm tracker six double scan live radar. we have no issues with precipitation. we are not tracking any snow. we get a break today. clean up continues for rest of tonight and into tomorrow. we will show you the picture
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outside, sky six live in hd there in spring mountain in montgomery county where, folks picked up a foot and a half to close to 2 feet of snow. definitely a welcomed sight for skiers on the slopes at this hour. high today in philadelphia 34 degrees. the slightly above freezing by 2 degrees. we are coming in at 30 in the city. twenty-three in the poconos. twenty-seven in atlantic city. twenty-five out to the west in lancaster. we have that northwesterly wind, west northwesterly win. it feels like just 13 in the poconos. current wind chill in philadelphia 22. nineteen in millville. twenty-seven in reading. current wind chill in wilmington only at 16. here is satellite six with action radar. we have got dry conditions that storm we had across our region that affect much of the mid-atlantic, up through portions of southern new england is well the to the north and east. high pressure dominating over the virginia, at this hour which is why we're tapping into that northwesterly or west northwesterly wind for tonight. dry atmosphere but cools is down quickly.
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winter chill continues, over the next 12 hours and refreeze is likely with melting of that snow. we will drop down to a single digit, 9 degrees for northwestern suburbs, 15 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low with that northwesterly wind at six to 12 miles an hour. so use caution for the morning rush tomorrow. keep in mind temperatures early tomorrow morning will only be in the teens, watching out for that black ice and allow extra time for your commute tomorrow. future tracker six showing you numbers at 6:00 the in the morning tomorrow only teens a lock i-95 corridor, feeling like three in lancaster. eighteen in the poconos w that fresh snow pack on the ground it will feel definitely colder. nineteen in lakehurst. 20 degrees in millville tomorrow morning. by 3:30 in the afternoon not much in the way of recovery here. these are not wind chills but current air temperature numbers. not much wind chill to factor in tomorrow. thirty-three in philadelphia a. thirty-one up in the poconos. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you sun and some clouds tomorrow, and high up to 34 degrees.
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southeasterly wind moves in wye tuesday, and then milder day in at 43. passing shower is likely, late tuesday and early wednesday morning, there could be a shower around, otherwise, it is mostly cloudy in at 40. cooler, thursday and friday with temperatures only in the the 30's, and the rebound next weekend, into the 40's once again, guys. >> all right, melissa, thank you. an important programming note "action news" will be on the air extra early tomorrow morning to make your starting your day with the latest forecast as well as traffic and transit conditions. tune in at 4:00 a.m. with david, tam, matt, and karen for everything that you need to know. abc world knees sunday next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. we are back here on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez, the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00. i think i got it the right the the first time.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the blizzard of 2016, beating the forecast in america's largest city. the epic storm killing nearly two dozen people. buildings pushed to a breaking point. entire communities buried in snow. rivers of ice flooding homes, as the big dig gets under way. travel mess. tens of thousands of travelers stranded. airports under a virtual ground freeze. convoys of snow plows clearing the roads. how long till travelers get to where they need to go? race for 2016. one week till iowa. the new numbers out tonight. donald trump surging past ted cruz in the hawkeye state. on the run. three men considered extremely dangerous, accused of murder and torture, busting out. inside their escape plan.


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