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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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is 5:00 a.m., monday, january 25. we continue our coverage of the blizzard of 2016. people in the delaware and lehigh valleys continue to try to dig out and cleanup after a massive storm dumped several feet of snow in the area. september the -- septa is working to get trolley subways and rail lines updated. philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed and are running at the bottom of the screen. we begin with weather and traffic and meteorologist david
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murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: karen and i were here yesterday helping with the digout coverage and speculating whether the schools would be off. a lot of side streets are covered and the septa lines are not running a lot of schools were like let's try again tomorrow. we have clouds building in and we'll see a fair amount of sunshine i can mixes with the c. it's cold. in the teens, trenton, allentown and wilmington. single digits in millville. not much wind so we won't bother with windchill. we'll be in the upper teens between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., not a lot of wind, but cold. and a couple of issues with the morning commute, sidewalks are freezing, side streets need resalting there, too. parking lots, are an issue. side street plowers which you ce
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snow on the road which can give you slick spots. 31 by 1:00 p.m. looking at a high of 34 by 3:00 p.m. down to 30 by 6:00 p.m. a mix of sun and clouds, not much wind today. karen milder air on the way tomorrow, details ahead. let's look outside live and show you the roads, i-95 academy, southbound traffic heading toward center city. we can see they did a great job clearing i-95. maybe melting and refreezing on the sides of the road. switching over to port richmond, aramingo avenue at anne street. getting to our car is an issue. you have to climb over a mountain and get out of that. you can see the side streets completely snow covered there. here we're live on the schuylkill expressway. you go back on the majors. looking good near spring garden eastbound traffic heading toward center city.
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one look on the secondary roads. montgomery township at declub pike, for the most part it's good, slushier, take it easy, don't go too quickly, watch the ramps and overpasses you'll do all right once you get off the secondary roads. our latest accident we had a jackknife tractor-trailer turnpike new jersey northbound past exit 3. that cleared. let's switch to annie mccormick live in the mount airy section of philadelphia with more on how people are digging out, annie. >> reporter: and matt, you just heard karen talk about people having to climb over a mountain of snow to get to their car. that's the case here in mount airy. you can see people cleaned off their cars, but it will take a while to get to them. this road is covered in ice. it's tough to get up and down. these are some of the issues people will be dealing with as
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they head out to work this morning. across mount airy, snow covered cars and unplowed streets are a common sight. many residents did not wait to clear their cars and spent sunday digging out. this man worked to move snow off his vehicle in spring garden. the city of philadelphia kept the 24/7 operation going well into the night. the snow proved dangerous in some parts. in malvern piles of snow was on main roads and snow covered medians took drivers by surprise. it's bad, people are driving over median, thinking they are not medians, but they are. >> reporter: and back out here live in mount airy, you can see this has been plowed really well. but it's looking slick, you have to be careful of black ice if you're stepping out here. if you're on a street in the city that has not been plowed
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call 311 start today at 6:00 a.m. reporting live annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." cleanup efforts are in full effect in the wake of the winter wallop. all tracker and recycling collections have been canceled because the city needs the trucks to plow the streets. those who who get their trash collected on monday hold it for a week. trash will be picked up in the front of homes. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live at the septa station in paoli how september is working to get the services rolling again. katherine has the train gone by this morning? >> reporter: it it has, matt. septa is saying leave extra time time to get and running. the here in pay pay old low, the
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first train came through at 4:53 that's 20 minutes behind schedule. it's running. this morning you can see the clearing welcome come through in aold lee. they have rail-mounted blowers to clear the tracks. septa has been monitoring conditions across the area. half of the city and suburban bus routes are operating. supervisors have been reviewing the routes and between road conditions and parked cars and other obstacles there there's af work to do. the market frankford line is running. norristown high speed line is running from 69 to bryn mawr. they are working to clear snow from the third rail in spots that drifted caused complicated issues for the crews clearing the rails. september at that is saying service on all lines expected to resume today.
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expect a slow start. service is suspended between thorndale and malvern because of an amtrak switch problem. i'm hoping to get on the train, i actually have to go to new york today, so hoping that the train is running opt misk that it will be. -- optimistic that it will be. we'll see. >> reporter: if that was not enough for you to keep in mind, i have another thing, the parking spaces are limited, 35% of them are unavailable because of the huge piles of snow in the lots. septa will bring in trucks and start trucking out of the show today. but it will take time, an effort that will take all week, there will be a parking issue throughout the week at your station. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thanks. residents at the jersey shore continue to clean up from destructive flooding. power crews restored electricity
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to customers in cape may county. erosion created a cliff at 98th street. some say the flooding rivaled or exceeded that of hurricane sandy. there was more debris than from sandy laying all over the streets. powerful waves crashed on the beachfront property in atlantic city tearing up a sidewalk and tossing a deck yards away. the back breaking process is beginning at the gym at the 10th street in north wildwood. water there reached a foot deep. stay with for the latest on the clean up of the blizzard of 2016. we have school closures a few clicks away at felt terrible for our friend down the shore, there's nothing as destructive as water damage. but they will have temperatures that will be decent to get clean
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up done. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have nothing precipitation wise. it's cold this morning, but not all that windy as we check out center city. that will help as we go through the day. testers will moderate this afternoon and get better tomorrow. the winds are light, 3 miles per hour. the windchill is the same as the temperature. not much windy to worry about. we'll get early sunshine, but clouds will dance around the region at times and sun mixing with clouds is a good way to perceive the forecast. we're looking at cold conditions today. 10:00 a.m. in the 20s. noon, 31. we'll get above freezing for a while. the high is 34 degrees, even at times where we are below freezing and you get the bright sun on the snow it will work on the snow and begin to melt a little bit. we'll get more of that done the next couple of days. 35 in allentown. 36 in reading. 35 in trenton and 4 in wilmington and philadelphia
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milder down the shore getting up to 38 degrees there. sun and clouds everywhere across the region and light winds. on tuesday morning we'll have a mix of clouds and stars as we go through the day it's clouds and sun. at times it could be mostly cloudy. later in the afternoon there's a chance of a passing shower and that could continue into the evening of most of this is light. it is rain because it will be mild enough tuesday evening nor rain and not snow. we've been talking about this since saturday. daytime highs for the purpose of the most part is above freezing which means melting. for the most part nights are below freezing and that means the reformation of black ice. if you have sidewalks that gets ponding and puddling you'll have to put the salt on as we go through the week until the snow is beaten down a little bit. 34 degrees is the high, light wind and cold, sun and clouds. tomorrow mostly cloudy and milder, high of 43. we showed you the sprinkles
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showers around. wednesday, we'll have morning fog and 40 degrees. thursday, 35 degrees. friday there's a coastal low that we'll be passing us by like we just had, most of the long range models have it so far off the coast it doesn't do anything for us. there's one that has it clipping the region midday with snow, looks like jersey and delaware will be online for this. it will not be a lot of snow. a couple of inches possible on friday if the one outlying model is correct. otherwise we're dry. saturday, clouds and sun, 42. 47 on sunday, cloudy there. looks like showers are possible on sunday in the after in particular, but it's rain and not snow. this snow will stick around for i a long time. i think it will you got
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20 inches in places. more coverage of the blizzard of 2016. a harrowing situation comes to an end for a local college gym narveg -- gymnastic team stranded on a bus for more than a day. >> reporter: we're looking at spring garden street, it's snow covered. we'll take a camera tour join me when we come right back. we come we'll have the morning buzz.
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welcome back taking a live look here, the action cam in old city, as the crews are trying to get the snow removed. we have word if you have expected trash pick up in the city, not going to happen. the trucks will be getting all the streets plowed. hold on to it, they will be back next monday for it. 27 degrees, the high is 34. main roads looking decent now, karen? >> reporter: the main highways look good, they did a great job. you have to watch for the ramps and overpasses, we had melting. 17 in allentown. 22 in philadelphia. 8 in millville. that means we have refreeze throughout the area. the main roads are good, it is the ramps and overpasses where we have issues right now.
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all the cold is creating issues with the cameras. they are plaque at the moment. we'll come back with those. in the area we're dealing with slick spots, you need to be careful with that, people are talking to me on twitter, as well. we had a problem on the new jersey turnpike northbound past exit 3 it was a jackknifed tractor-trailer that was causing an issue. now i think we're able to to go back to the cameras right here. here we're looking live, this is the 202 parkway on the border of montgomery and bucks county. you can see the 202 parkway is looking okay at county line road. it's snow covered. making the turns it's rather slushy. you need to be careful about that as you head out. we want to thank everyone from twitter, rick was saying the ramp from 476 northbound to the schuylkill expressway westbound is bad with black ice and snow. this is the ramp that's talking about. we've been saying you got to watch for the ramp.
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share your thoughts with us on social media as well as the pictures on the secondary roads. we'll be sharing them with everyone else. let's go back to the camera view, exton route 1 had the sunrise boulevard. -- route 100 is looking good, sunrise boulevard we have snow and disabled vehicle off to the side at route 1100. route 1 at baltimore pike we're watching the skies not doing any slipping or sliding, the turn lanes or the ramps a different story. be careful out there. in delaware, dart plans to operate regular service with a few exceptions on some routes. para transit operates with some delays. i'll be glad if this is it for the year, to be honest. i don't like snow, but if this
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it for the year i'm happy. the action cam caught tom carper shoveling out his neighborhood. he said he likes to work out everyday and shoveling snow is like a workout. temple's gymnastic team arrived back in philadelphia after being snow bound for nearly 30 hours. the team's bus got stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike with 500 vehicles on the their way to a tournament. the girls called their snow-bound experience valuable an uplifting. it was an experience, we were not expecting this much snow and getting stuck on the road, but the team bonded this weekend, and it's definitely something to tell next generations. turnpike chief executive officer mark comp ton vowd an expensive -- vowed an extensive
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review how the situation developed with the trucks getting stuck on a hill during the storm and the turnpike response. sends us pictures of your family at #6abcaction or e-mails us at join the action at gas prices are falling fast, howrng will the decline -- how long will the decline last. super bowling 50 is ready to go, we'll break down the conference champions next. hapa
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restful weekend with all the shoveling. let's look outside and show you what the commute looks like, we're live in south philadelphia. be careful if you're walking across the street there are slick spots like front street,
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most of the main roads are looking good. lots of issues with mass transit, septa is coming back to live. paoli line not operating between malvern and thorndale. septa buses we have 60 different routes running, patco on special schedule and new jersey transit returning to normal. >> reporter: 23 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., 29. we'll spend the afternoon in the 30s. 34 slides in there around 3:00 p.m. this is a good day to get stuff done if you're snowed in. be careful of black ice this morning in parking lots and sidewalks and driveways. snow safety, too, a lot of kids off from school if you're riding the sleds avoid hills with cars.
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you want to take warm breaks if your fingers or toes start to tingle. super bowl 50 will feature a veteran quarterback and rising star. the panthers rolled over arizona 49-15 in the nfc tidal -- title game. the broncos beat the patriots to win the afc title. broncos nail biter down to the last bit. i like the quarterbacks it's going to be an interesting matchup for the super bowl. the panda challenge that's going viral in the morning buzz. jack markell said crews have the upper hand for cleanup in the diamond state. that story at 5:00 a.m. ♪
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time for the morning buzz, if you've ever lost your wallet are their honest people out there, am i going to get it back. mark garuffalo lost his wallet even phone during the weekend blizzard you imagine buried under snow never coming back. he promised over his 2 million
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followers, a reward and signed pic. he fetched belongs a few hours later and met up with the good samaritans, bobby white was called up about a noise complaint for basketball. rather than shut him down, he joined in the pick up game. that got the attention of shaquille o'neill. he decided to surprise officer white and the kids. way to go. in my facebook feed i've seen this video a million times, a resident of maryland challenged a panda to a snow battle. the national zoo posted the video of 2 of 4-pound panda rolling in the snow. he throw its on himself, and
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lace on his back. i think this is his first snowfall. the panda person challenged him to --, anyway he said i challenge him to a snow battle no word on whether he accepted. these the real guy who was on my feed, he is the adorable one. i would warn this guy, if which i chin chin loses he could rip your face off he is a bear. we'll take a look at the road conditions with karen and run down the mass transit situation.
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