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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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safely tucked away and none of them or any of the zoo keepers are hurt but they are asking for donations to help make repairs and you can find details on that on our web site at >> it is just one of the issues we're following throughout the area and we have team coverage to cover this story from every angle. let's begin with "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist who is live in south philadelphia. sarah. >> reporter: hi, rick and sharrie. we're here at broad and ellsworth. we come onto broad street. it's clear here. smooth sailing for vehicles. if you can show this big dump truckloaded up with snow. the city has been carting it in from across the city and taking it to a lot up the street at broad and washington. if we step out here to broad and ellsworth, ellsworth not exactly a teenie tiny street here in south philadelphia. but you can still see it is very snow covered at this hour. people have made progress,
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though, cleaning off their cars. the trouble is there's just so much snow. the challenge at this point is finding places to put it. >> at broad and washington the snow is piling up. no longer falling from the sky, crews are lifting it loading it and piling it up in an open lot on the corner. people stopped to watch and said they liked this approach. >> usually the piles are out into the other lane and you can't park and traffic, it's just. >> reporter: some so much snow some said they had no choice but to throw it into the street. >> it's nowhere to put it and you don't want to block somebody else who is shoveling their own spot so you throw it in the middle of the street. >> reporter: they say don't do it. >> i have nowhere dollars put it. >> reporter: at seventh and popular a confounding sight. someone dumped a huge amount of snow. this is drone video from overhead of the massive hill
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that stretched from one end to the other on the street trapping cars parked on either side. >> i have two of my work vehicles. i'm trying to get my work done and we're stuck in here. we're out here shoveling the snow and everything. i think it's crazy. >> reporter: with the sunshining ice and snow is coming down from buildings. a woman was injured today when a chunk fell off hahnemann hospital. in mayfair the chairs were out again something the city says you cannot do. saving parking spots you've shoveled. so plows kept at it all day. some roads are cleared, others still snow covered. overall we heard high marks for the city's cleanup efforts so far. >> roads are pretty good. philadelphia doing a good job. >> reporter: back here live this is along ellsworth here in south philadelphia. i can see this has not been involved, at least not very well at all, so people have been forced to still walk out into the streets and again remember, they are still snow covered and slushy, really packed down at this point. we talked to city hall about
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the situation at seventh and popular in north philadelphia. they said they're sending somebody up to have a look at it but at this point they don't know where that snow came from that was dumped right into the street. live in south philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." >> all right, sarah, thank you. meantime philadelphia has nearly 400 plow vehicles working to remove all of the snow. city leaders say about 1800 miles of city streets had been made passable as of 2 o'clock this afternoon. but as we mentioned, some neighborhoods have not been touched including here in manayunk. crews say they are just now turning their attention to secondary roads. >> we're getting to your streets. we have to take care of the big ones first to get everything rolling and then that affects the most number of possible but we haven't forgotten you. we are coming or we are already there. >> residents can help the plowing process by park away from corners so that trucks have room to turn onto the smaller approximately the
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parking authority is offering few dollars parking at its garages through tomorrow morning and trash correction will also resume tomorrow for residents who normally have service on tuesday. >> meanwhile at the jersey shore, it's not about digging out but drying out. tidal flooding was a big problem over the weekend along with serious beach erosion and some damage from crashing waves. chopper6 flew over beach haven inlet on long beach island today. we found crews using heavy equipment to try to repair the dunes near the beach accesses. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic continues our team coverage this afternoon. she's live from holgate. hi, nora. >> reporter: we're down on the beach at carolina avenue rick in holgate so that you can see the kind of damage we're talk about. take a look at the dunes behind me. they have been eaten away right up to the houses. that's prompted an emergency response from local officials who are concerned about what another storm would do here. s-hundred truckloads of sand are being dropped in holgate
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over the next several days in an effort to shore up the dunes on the southern tip of long beach island. the storms carved 10 to 15-foot cliffs leaving several homes on the edge. the deck of this house collapsed when the dune underneath washed out. >> we're going to build a dike about 25 feet wide, go north and south for about a mile and hopefully that will -- that might last one northeast high tide. >> it shouldn't have happened because beach replenishment should have been here before this. they've left and they've gone down south again and here we are again. >> reporter: in beach haven katherine's pharmacy was open for business. >> we got in yesterday. got out the bleach and the mops and the brooms, swept it all out and we're almost done. >> reporter: lieutenant governor kim guadagno was surveying storm damage along with the dep commissioner and other officials. >> you can see that the sand is gone and the question
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becomes what do we do next because what happens if there is another storm. >> reporter: the state environmental commissioner and many others on lbi are critical of the contractor who pulled its beach replenishment equipment out on christmas eve to do another project in the south. >> we told them that was a major mistake that nor'easters come through here and a major nor'easter could have taken all these houses with them. >> reporter: now, congressman frank lobiondo was also here and says prior to this storm he met personally with great lakes, the contractor and the army corps of engineers which is supervising the beach replenishment project to see about getting the dredges back here. he'll be putting the pressure on again after this. meantime the state is helping pay for all sand that's being dumped here and says they're looking into right now offering grants and or loans to people who may be affected by this storm. live on the beach in holgate, nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> nora, thank you. "action news" has a crew in cape may county today. some families are trying to
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salvage their belongings after flood waters seeped into their homes in north wildwood. state officials are also working to replenish the beaches. "action news" reporter trish hartman will have more on that in a live report at 5 o'clock. >> trenton is digging out from almost 2 feet of snow. we know the feeling, don't we? drivers are struggling to get cars and trucks out of the snow piles. people are working together, though, to free the trapped vehicles. some streets still need a lot of work to get back in shape and take a look at this, a dog was bundled up for a walk but for people and their pets a short trip on foot can be difficult. the lehigh valley saw some of the highest snowfall totals. most of the major roads in allentown are clear but the action cam found secondary roads like church street untouched earlier this afternoon. and it wasn't smooth sailing for everyone who tried to venture out. a fed ex truck got stuck on dixon street for more than an
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hour. walter perez has been in the lehigh valley all day. he'll have a live report coming up at 4:30. >> all right. a lot of folks got some exercise this weekend. >> yes. >> including meteorologist adam joseph who had to dig himself out a little bit and he has more on the accuweather forecast but didn't we all adam, right? >> we all d i trekked out a mile to my house. as we take a look here snow totals no matter where you are at least a foot fell in many locations. philadelphia international airport 22.4-inches of snow marking this the fourth largest snowstorm in philadelphia's history and points to the north and west especially north and around that pennsylvania turnpike hit jackpots. in allentown 31.9-inches officially at the airport. making it their number one snowstorm. harrisburg over 30-inches baltimore close to 30, newark coming in at 28.2-inches and j.f.k. up in new york city just over 30-inches of snow with this latest blizzard.
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temperature-wise we are improving despite that a blizzard did pass in the midatlantic. the numbers have responded tremendously just two days later. 51 in raleigh right now, 39 philadelphia. 48 in cincinnati, 57 atlanta even chicago above freezing at 38 degrees and much of this week those numbers will be above freezing. in fact, tomorrow 11 degrees above freezing. wednesday 10 degrees above freezing. a little dip come thursday and friday but we're still going to be five to 7 degrees above that 32-degree threshold each afternoon. but want to remind you every day this week temperatures will be above that freezing point there will be lots of melting and overnight lows will be dropping below freezing so shortly after sunset areas of black ice will develop if you have not treated those surfaces once that sun goes down. rick, when i come back we are tracking some rain showers. we'll let you know the timing on those coming up in that full accuweather forecast.
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>> rain showers, okay, good, all right. we'll check back in later. thank you. the commute to and from work has been slow going for people who rely on public transportation today. septa has been using heavy duty equipment to clear snow from the tracks. the regional rail lines began running again today but many trains have been operating with delays. a portion of the paoli line will be out until amtrak can finish repairs there and many buses were still out of service this morning as well. >> had to get the 109 back at 7:30, 7:05 there was a bus. not another until 12:00. >> we continue to open up the remaining routes as road conditions and vehicle parking issues permit. >> septa says about 70 percent of bus routes were operating by 2:00 p.m. but many sidewalks around the bus stops are still covered in snow forcing people to board from the street. many of septa's parking spacess are blocked by snow piles. removal efforts will continue throughout the week. >> well, it is the start of the new work week. we'll have places to go and it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> not many school buses out there tonight which is
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possibly a good thing. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how we looking elsewhere? >> when adam says things like temperatures above freezing, that's music to my ears because what a mess we still have today, rick and sharrie. even though it's not snowing in fact we're dealing with bright sunshine and bright sun glare out there this afternoon, as you try and travel, it's really blinding but we've had a whole bunch of accidents because of some slushy patches and wet roads. this is the blue route 476 by the villanova saint davids interchange. these are the northbound lanes where an suv flipped over just a bit ago. they got the vehicle uprighted and towed away within the last couple minutes but as you can see northbound traffic on 476 the blue route remains halted as the cleanup continues. so if the blue route is normally your route, don't head northbound this afternoon. head for 320 or 252 as some alternates. another overturned vehicle is here in chester county. in fact it's an overturned propane truck that's blocking the reutter one oxford bypass in both directions between
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tough ken nam mon and 82 kennett square. all lanes shut down. stay on baltimore pike to get around that closure. this is a live look at the schuylkill expressway where? the dig out continues here in the westbound lanes by the exit for mall boulevard. they are removing snow. you see the crews out here and at the moment they've got the local lanes blocked so coming west of the blue route you're hitting a wall of traffic on the schuylkill headed toward the turnpike tolls. in hilltown township bucks county there's a crash shutting down busy 309 between church road and bergey road. on the northeast extension we're doing okay but there has been snow removal throughout the day as well. one live look takes us to i-95 northbound accident by girard taking out the right lane. even though volume has been lighter than normal you're still jammed coming out of center city on this monday afternoon. we'll check it again, rick, coming up in the -- and sharrie in the next half hour. >> either one. >> we're both here. >> just say williams and somebody will answer. >> and you won't be wrong with that. all right, matt, thank you. of course at cleanup
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effort continues from our blizzard of 2016, head to for the latest information on school closings and mass transit and remember the power of storm tracker6 double scan radar is just a click away at and not only will the 6abc facebook page keep you updated with details about the big cleanup, it will also provide a few diversions for everyone who may be sick of the snow. make sure you get important news and also some fun information by liking our page at "action news." >> how was your weekend? okay. >> i was glad to get some rest on sunday. >> okay. >> we were here you know. >> yes, we were. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, the philadelphia eagles make a move to keep one of the key parts of their offense in town for years to come. >> plus, more trouble for japanese air bag taker. the latest incident that forced another round of recalls acting millions of cars in the u.s. >> and from a democratic debate to a republican endorsement and a possible
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independent bid. we've got the latest on a busy day in the race for the white house. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> investigators have linked another death to the japanese auto parts maker takata and that has led to another recall. 10 people have now died because of the company's faulty air bags. as a result, u.s. regulators have added 5 million more cars to the 19 million already under a recall. takata released a statement offering its condolences to the victims' families. the company's air bags can explode when they inflate which could send shards of metal and glass toward drivers and passengers. >> politics now. we're just one week away from the iowa caucuses and we're following several big developments in the lead up to the first presidential contest. on the democratic side the candidates will take that's right a town hall tonight at drake university in des moines. it is the final time hillary clinton bernie sanders and
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martin o'malley will share the stage before next week's caucus. several polls show sanders leading clinton in i. a on the republican side former candidate rick perry endorsed his fellow texan ted cruz for president. perry says of all the people that have a chance to win the republican nomination cruz is the most consistent conservative. polls show cruz and donald trump are the two leaders in the hawk eye state. abc news learned former new york city mayor michael bloomberg will not decide weather to jump into the race until the first week of march could touring a long time friend who said bloomberg would seriously consider an independent beurre bid is sanders wins the democratic nomination and republicans look like they'll nominate either trump or cruz. but if clinton wins the democratic nomination sources bloomberg likely would decide against running. and as we get closer to the caucuses we'll have special coverage from iowa. look for live reports
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beginning thursday night. >> a bit of sports news. the eagles are starting to shore up next year's team. they signed tight end zach ertz to a five year extension today. he's been a big parter of the offense since the birds drafted him in 2013 he caught 75 passes for more than 850 yards this year with two touchdowns. we'll have more on this move coming up in sports starting on "action news" at 5:00. >> all right, time now for another check of the accuweather forecast. >> all right. we are trying to recover from the week. let's can check in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> some folks enjoying it especially with most school systems shut -- it's you? oh. i didn't know that. how could you be there and there? >> magic of the digital. [laughter] >> as we take a look at sky6 live in spring mountain again the school systems let out today enjoying the fresh powder here on sky6. as we take a look at some of the winds, they have calmed down from over the weekend so a little more enjoyable to be
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out there along with those temperatures above freezing. right now zero in allentown, three philadelphia, seven in millville, 10 in dover and between five and 10 miles an hour at the shore. as we take a look at the temperatures, 36 lehigh valley, 38 in reading. on the verge of 40 in philadelphia t beach haven long beach island the temperature sitting at 40 degrees. satellite and radar the atmosphere at this point is fairly exhausted so very little going on. some cloud cover still extending across most of the tennessee ohio valley and parts of the midatlantic. you see a little spin to the north of saint louis, a very weak low pressure center that will work toward our north and west tomorrow mean a southerly wind so it stays warm and not a lot of moisture will tap in with that system so only expecting a few rain showers in spots tomorrow afternoon. tonight patchy clouds and areas of fog will develop. 19 in allentown, 26 philadelphia, 27 millville and right around freezing at the shore so once that sun sets,
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those temperatures will quickly fall and use caution especially during tomorrow morning's rush hour. there will be some icy sidewalks and icy driveways where it hasn't been salted so keep resalting every evening. if you see some of that melting going on in your area of your driveway and again those sidewalks. future tracker at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning we quickly, though, jump in the morning above freezing. in fact, 41 in philadelphia, 47 in millville. near 50 tomorrow morning at the shore, 37 in the lehigh valley. as we get into the afternoon this is 4 o'clock. there's some of those rain showers in spots passing through with those temperatures well above the freezing point even at that time and then the clouds will hang around at times on tuesday night into wednesday morning. wednesday 7:30 a.m., 34 philadelphia, 36 in millville. starting to clear to the north and west and then by wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock with sunshine coming back temperatures not as warm as tuesday but still not bad, up are 30's north and west, 40 philadelphia and in the low
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40's down to the south. as we look at that four day at 4:00 forecast we'll see a spotty shower tomorrow at times in the afternoon with a high of 43 degrees. morning clouds and then turning brighter on wednesday afternoon of 42. and then on thursday looking great, sunshine, just a few clouds in the afternoon of 37 degrees and we will be watching the coast at the end of the week on friday, 39 at this point sunshine to the north and west, some clouds to the south and east. at this point looking at all of the models, every single one keeps that system out to sea. it's out to sea and it's a little close so we'll watch the it here on friday. >> i was vicariously enjoying the shredding. >> all in your head. >> i should be on a beach somewhere. thank you adam. up next on "action news" at 4:00 philadelphia's catholic leaders gather to say goodbye to an influential archbishop with philadelphia roots. >> more coverage on the cleanup of the blizzard of
4:23 pm
2016. we'll have a live report on the big dignity lehig dig in thh valley. ave? you can. because you have the power of a card that opens doors in all fifty states. the one most accepted by top doctors and specialists. independence blue cross. live fearless. open enrollment is now. go online and sign up today.
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>> ♪ >> friends, family and the faithful gather to say goodbye to a long time leader of the church today. the action cam was outside the cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul as the motorcade arrived for the funeral of archbishop frances schulte. he was born in philadelphia and graduated from saint joe's prem. he served as the bishop of wheel charleston in west virginia and was the archbishop of new orleansly he'll be buried in louisiana later this week. >> four of twitter's top executives are leaving the company as part of a shakeup. twitter's product chief head of engineering vice president of global media and vice president of human resources are all out. ceo jack dorsey says the company plans to announce new hires including new board members in the coming weeks. twitter has been struggling to attract new users which has dropped the company's share
4:27 pm
price to an all time low this month. speaking of which, here's a look at the days numbers from wall street. not a great way to start the work week. the dow down 15,885. the nasdaq down 45 and change. the s & p 500 also down. hopefully things will pick up as we move into tomorrow and wednesday. >> let's hope so. >> uh-huh. >> there's still much more ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a bulky coat an car thief can be dangerous as a combination. was need to know to keep your heads safe ahead in what's the deal. >> plus an unusual rescue in the middle of this weekend's blizzard. we have the incredible tale of this little piggy coming up in big talkers.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with details on an oil speak leaking fuel into the schuylkill river. >> plus, assessing the damage. the action cam is in brigantine, new jersey, as people try to clean up from a massive fire that tore through townhomes in the middle of the of this weekend's blizzard. >> and a stroke of good fortune for a family stuck with a broken furnace in the dead of winter. we'll explain how their emergency home repair turned into a memorable act of kindness. that's ahead in big talkers. >> first we begin in the lehigh valley where people are digging out from the record breaking snowfall. allentown got the most snow of
4:30 pm
all of our area, setting a new record nearly an entire season's worth of snow fell during this one storm. "action news" reporter walter perez, he's covering that for us. he joins us live as the cleanup is under way. hi, walter. >> reporter: hey, sharrie. you know, sometimes a picture tells a much better story than we ever could. this is a perfect example. take a look at south third street in allentown, one of the many smaller roads in the queen city that road crews have simply not got the 1 gottet all. city officials say it will take a few more days until things return to relative normal. the mayor of allentown says he has every piece of snow removing equipment running around the clock across the city and he could still use some more. >> i'm going ask if there's any contractors out there that want to work with the city and either lease us some equipment or donate some equipment for the snow removal operations. we need front loaders and we
4:31 pm
need dump trucks. >> reporter: it's been two days since allentown was on the receiving end of the biggest one day snow event in the city's histories and removing those 31-inches of snow is going to take time. the snow on some roads like south third street remain untouched t robert colon says it took him all day just to shovel a path from his drive way and down third just to get his car out. >> really frustrating. my wife, we need to go out. my daughter she still stuck in school at her friend's house. there's no school today so we just told her sleep over because there's no way to get her. >> reporter: bus service remains suspended. allentown schools remain closed tomorrow and the city will begin together cars parked on city streets tonight so the plows can finish the job. mayor pawlowski says the city is doing its best under very trying conditions. >> our crews have worked and will continue to work long hours and i understand your frustration. i get it. i know that there's a number of streets that are still unplowed. but i can't stress enough it's
4:32 pm
going to take some time to get back to normal. >> reporter: back out live lanta bus service will decide if they'll resume service. allentown schools will remain closed tomorrow and city parking remains free to encourage every one to get their cars off the roads to allow the plows to do their jobs. reporting live from allentown, walter perez, channel6 "action news." >> all right, walter, thank you. we're also following the cleanup in delaware today. crews had some work to do in downtown wilmington. they were clearing big piles of snow from market street. a dump truck was waiting to carry it all away. the sidewalks were also covered in some places. we found one man trying to scrape the ice away using a shovel. many delaware communities got more than a foot of snow throughout this storm. >> caution tape still surrounds townhomes in brigantine, new jersey. the building taking a look at it, it caught fire early saturday morning and this is just some of the damage you can see. all the top of the homes are
4:33 pm
charred and the roof is completely gone. some of the siding on a neighboring building is also melted down. this is what it looked like at around 5:00 a.m. saturday as crews battled the heavy flames and also the strong winds from the blizzard. while the damage was extensive, the good news here, no one was injured. >> shar he wreaks the weekend blizzard gave many local students an extra day off today. hundreds of schools were closed across new jersey, delaware and pennsylvania. crews were busy shoveling sidewalks and steps around overbrook high school this morning in philadelphia so that students have a clear path when they do go back to class. >> i don't think they're in any rush to go back? the can kids are happy to be out. that's the for my kid was break dancing when he found out he didn't have any school today. i didn't even know he knew thousand do that. >> a flake of snow before this and then bam. >> they finally got a snow day. >> what they wanted. as we take a look region by region here philadelphia international airport all
4:34 pm
sunshine as you can see. many of the run ways nice and clear, 39 degrees the air temperature. winds out of the south-southeast at 3 miles an hour creating a wind chill the same as the air temperature so really not that harsh out there today. we look at shawnee loving that fresh powder. see some of those skiers heading on down. 30 degrees is your air temperature with the wind chill coming in at 23 so even better there and a snapshot here of a live camera at bear creek, what a lift line. you can see the folks waiting to go back up. 38 degrees is your air temperature. the dewpoint 17. and a wind chill not too far off that air temperature of 34. we'll chat about temperatures each afternoon, the rest of the week remaining above freezing. some showers tomorrow. we'll time that with you and then there's talk of that storm later on in the week. we'll show you the latest model runs that show it off the coast but we'll watch it for you coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> hopefully more wet than white. >> this week it looks that way. >> we were just talking about schools. we want to remind our viewers to check the bottom of the screen for the updated school
4:35 pm
closings for tomorrow. >> folks are waiting with baited breath. thank you sharrie. >> adam thanks. chopper6 had. d flew over some of the storm today. the rough seas watched this huge weather buoy onto the shore in ocean city. the gigantic structure normally sits way off the coast. but you can see a few people down there taking advantage of the rare photo opportunity. and the action cam got some great shots of the delaware river covered in ice and snow today. the camera was in morrisville bucks county. that's trenton and the statehouse in the background. water may be flowing underneath but the surface as you can see that is completely froze essential whether you're out having fun or still digging out we want to see how you're dealing with the snow. send us your photos and videos from the blizzard's aftermath. use #6abcaction on social media or e-mail join the action at >> in the meantime crews are
4:36 pm
monitoring an oil spill that is leaking fuel into foot schuylkill river. let's take a live picture from the chestnut street bridge. it's believed to be from a tank holding residential heating oil in the 2400 block of market street. the philadelphia water department says the drinking water is safe because intake valves are located up river from the spill. here's a picture from an "action news" viewer showing a different view of the spill. it's estimated 4200 gallons of oil actually spilled. the coast guard is monitoring the cleanup at this hour. >> of course all that snow from this storm brought to the region it meant a day off from school for many kids in our area. monica malpass is live in the news room with more on this snow day. hi, monica. >> hi, sharrie, of course that's right and we found many students instead of hitting the books hitting the hills for some sledding to enjoy all that beautiful powder out there today across the delaware valley. but that fun might be short lived. in fact today vernon odom spoke to school officials about what it takes to call for a snow day and if that's
4:37 pm
likely again tomorrow or whether classes may resume and he'll have the answer. much more on that coming up next at 5:: controversy over diversity at the oscars strikes a cord at the sundance film festival as well. what some a-list stars are saying about the growing boycott against the academy award. those stories and more at 5:00. rick and sharrie i'll is he you then. >> much more still ahead. an important salad recall that has already sickened people in pennsylvania. >> plus, three dangerous inmates are on the run. we have the very latest on their elaborate escape from a california prison coming up. >> also a family has quite the story to tell about this little guy. details about their adventure of rescuing a pig in the middle of a blizzard ahead in big talkers. >> kind of cute. >> okay. >> all right. >> i thought so. also coming up, meteorologist adam joseph, he'll be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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>> ♪ >> philadelphia police are looking for three men in connection to a corner store that was robbed at gun point in west philadelphia. this is the rodriguez grocery at 200 north 57th street. one man pretended to look around while this guy pulled a handgun on the clerk and demanded money. police also believe this man who entered the store earlier in the day may have had something to do with the robbery. if you recognize any of the men, give philadelphia police a call. a manhunt is under way in southern california as authorities look for three inmates who managed to escape. this is the fourth day that the group has been on the run. they broke out of the maximum security prison friday. officials say the three men cut through a metal great and half inch steel bars. they then allegedly made their way to a roof and used a rope made from bed sleet to rappel
4:41 pm
to the ground. >> the immediate thing that jumped out to me is that they had help and probably and side help. >> well, police released this surveillance video overnight saying the shadowy figure here is one of the men moving across the roof. all three are considered armed and dangerous. >> and now to the latest on the water crisis in flint, michigan. the state's attorney general has assigned a special investigator to determine if any laws were broken when the town switched water sources. he says his office is reviewing what can be done to make sure flint residents aren't being billed for the lead tainted water they cannot use. federal investigations are also under way. the governor has apologized for regulatory failures that led up to the crisis. turning to health check at 4:00 federal investigators continue combing a dolezal lad packaging plant in ohio for the source of deadly listeria bacteria. one person died and 12 people in six states were hospitalized since july after eating salads that were bagged there.
4:42 pm
the sick occurred in pan new jersey. the salads were sold under the dole name as well as wal-mart and ailed dee store brands. pregnant women the elderly and young children are affected most by listeria. >> all right, rick, to big talkers now. an act of kindness that's getting a lot of attention. a military wife from the pittsburgh area is thanking her local repairman for fixing her furnace when her family found themselves in a bit of a pinch. bridget stevens husband robbed would usually be the one to fix something like this but he's deployed overseas and even though he's away he actually textd his wife some instructions but bridget couldn't get the heat to turn back on. with two little kids at home she called local repairman paul bent land. she felt lucky enough to find someone on such short notice but little did she know she was in for a much bigger surprise. the fix wouldn't cost her a dime. >> i couldn't say it 'cause i would break up a little bit. it was a little emotional so i
4:43 pm
wrote night call, deployment special, one dollar. >> well, he said the dollar was really just a joke. he did the job for free and told bridget to thank her husband for his service. so, a nice way to give back to that military family. now we want to introduce you to this little guy. his name wee life wee. a piglet rescued from a road during the blizzards. the family was heading back to the hotel after a day of skiing at white tail ski resort in franklin county when they found him. the poor pig was shivering as you can imagine and also covered in snow and ice. unsure what to do, smith told the kids, hey, they'll just take the piglet back to their hotel room. they snuck him in under a sweatshirt and made a bed for him in the bathtub. he recovered from the cold pretty quickly and the family says bananas seems to be his
4:44 pm
favorite. they're all back home in southern maryland right now where wha wee-wee continues to hang out with the family. a local animal sanctuary is going adopt him as soon as they can dig out from the blizzard. a piggy will have a home. >> a p anything a blanket. >> exactly right. bum up. >> speaking of hors d'eouvre matt pelman is here with another check of the highways and by ways. anything tasty for us as we drive home tonight. >> i could go for some hors d'eouvre that's for sure. good evening to you rick. a lot of people did have to get back to work, bring home the bacon you might say and now they're trying to drive home through the slop and having problems. crash in chester county in downingtown involves an overturned vehicle between the tow truck and the fire truck. it's taking out the right lane here in the westbound lanes. you can see just that left lane getting by. so, coming away from business 30 on the 30 bypass westbound
4:45 pm
it's jammed solid, business 30 would be a better bet. elsewhere in chester county we have an overturned propane truck that's actually leaking propane along the route one oxford bypass so not surprisingly they've had to shut it down in both directions between tough ken nam mon and 82 in kennett square. speeds on the southbound side coming from chadds ford in the teens. a third overturned vehicle accident this afternoon was here on the blue route in delaware county. northbound side by route 30 saint davids villanova still taking out the two left lanes but at least one lane is now getting by. still though i think 320 or 252 would be better bets. in hilltown township bucks county 309 is still shut down by car sense. cowpath road right down there would be a better bet to get around that. on the schuylkill still have the snow removal westbound by mall boulevard taking out a lane causing delays coming away from the blue route and lincoln drive is closed because of snow removal there between kelly drive and
4:46 pm
wissahickon. i think the boulevard would be best to get you around that. we also have mass transit issues. we'll talk about them, rick and sharrie, in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right, matt, thank you. >> a lot on your plate. thank you matt. much more still to come on "action news" at 4:30, how to keep your kids safe when puffy winter jackets 'cause problems with their car seats. stay with us. >> ♪
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> ♪ >> how about this? this is the view from drone6 flying over the city of philadelphia today. you can see of course the skyline there in the background but drone6 giving us a different perspective. the image is so clear someone saying it looked a bit fake but this is real taking a look at the snow still left around the city as of course the cleanup is under way butter those snow piles are still out there but drone6 flying all over the city today for that up high view. >> nice shot of the skyline there a few moments ago.
4:49 pm
>> beautiful. >> meteorologist adam joseph. fortunately it will be above freezing during the week. >> yes. >> but overnight -- >> afternoons above freezing lots of melting going on and then once that sun sets the temperatures quickly drop below freezing so resalt everything this evening. as we take a look right now at double scan live radar, we're looking at snow here at the fairmount water works. i'll go to double scan and show you that nothing is going on at the present time. lots of sunshine during the day today. as we look at the almanac in philadelphia, 40 degrees was the high temperature which is normal for this time of year, the low 19 degrees. below that normal of 25. so that deep snow back allowing those overnight lows to go a little colder than what a lot of models would indicate and then that sun setting later and later now at 5:11 p.m. 36 in allentown, 38 in reading, 37 right now in trenton, near 40 philadelphia as well as beach haven and upper 30's for dover as well as sea isle city. as we look at satellite and radar, decent amount of sun
4:50 pm
today but notice some clouds building the ohio to tennessee valley, there's a weak area of low pressure to the north of saint louis and chicago that lifts to the north bringing southerly winds. we warm even more tomorrow and even a couple of showers, rain showers developing in spots tomorrow afternoon. but for tonight patchy clouds, areas of fog and also those areas of black ice that could develop, 19 to 26 degrees in fact for that morning rush tomorrow, there will be that patchy black ice so just take it very slow tomorrow morning. if you see anything that looks wet, treat it as if it was ice with temperatures at 28 at 6 o'clock in the morning and at 8 o'clock, the temperature coming in at 31 but no precipitation falling from the sky. in the afternoon that's a different scenario. we got a weak little front passing through, 40 allentown, 42 philadelphia. this is 2 o'clock. there could be a little strip of some quick showers passing through. that continues during the evening rush. most areas stay dry but watch for some of those light showers. and then as we get into the end of the week on thursday there will be two separate systems.
4:51 pm
there will be energy to the north over the great lakes and in the deep south but at this point unlike the last go round these two merged near the carolinas that brought that big storm. these two will stay separate on all of the models until they meet in eastern canada and all over near greenland but this is thursday night and this low at this point on all the models is hundreds and hundreds of miles away off the coast and there you can see that precipitation even about 50 miles off shore and on friday it continues to drift away and we stay dry at this point but it's close enough that we'll continue to watch it but a at this point there's not one model saying we get hit, one model saying it's going out to sea. they are all out to sea at the present time. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast a spotty shower tomorrow afternoon at 43 and then it turns brighter wednesday afternoon as the clouds depart, 42 so still very warm. lots of sun thursday, 37 degrees. we'll watch the coast but right now staying dry on that seven day of 39 and as we get into the upcoming weekend, clouds and sun saturday, 42 and here we go on the mild
4:52 pm
side on sunday and monday, a nice ridge building in the east as temperatures go well above normal and making a run at 50 at the end of that seven day. >> hey, i like that. >> good direction. >> yes, we do. >> adam thank you. >> going to feel balmy when it gets here. thank you. quick break. what's the deal when we come back. stay with us.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
you. >> may have seen reports about the danger for children who wear puffy winter coats while buckled into their car seats. nydia han explains how to keep the kids safe and warm in today's what's the deal. >> reporter: as parents we want the make sure our kids are nice and warm but bulky coats and car seats can be a serious concern. in cold weather we bundle our children up to prepare them for the elements. but a bulky coat an car seat can be a dangerous
4:55 pm
combination. consumer reports emily thomas says the harness might not be tight enough to secure your child in a crash. with the help of five month old ben, she demonstrates a quick way to check if your child's coat is too big and bulky to wear under the car seat harness. they first put ben in his snowsuit and properly secured him into his car seat so that there was no slack in the harness strap. then they remove ben's coat and put him back in the seat to see how loose the straps were. >> so, really the snowsuit added this extra room. in the event of a frontal crash there's much more for ben to ride up and for his head to be outside the protection of his shell. >> reporter: you can use the same test for bigger kids to see how much room their puffy coat puts between them and their harness. in addition to not wearing a coat make sure that your child is properly harnessed every time. you should not be able to pinch any nah fabric and their chest clip to be at armpit level. >> how can you keep your child
4:56 pm
safe and warm in the car? for a baby consumer reports recommends first securing her into her seat and then putting a blanket on top of the harness. for bigger kids teach them this cool trick of wearing their coat over the harness for riding in the car. >> make a blanket. >> reporter: you can get a cape or poncho made to fit securely with a car seat and consumer report recommend you make sure your car seat is properly installed throughout the year. i'm nydia han channel6 "action news." >> i like the bac backwards coa. i'm trying that at home. >> go ahead rick. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> here's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> our team coverage continues of the cleanup after this weekend's big blizzard. we are live at the jersey
4:57 pm
shore where floods ate away at the beaches and made a mess inside hundreds homes. plus a scene at elmwood park zoo. the exhibit that collapsed under the weight of this weekend's snow. while the postal service is warning ugg if you still have mounds of snow in front of your house you might be delayed getting your mail. those stories and more at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it has been more than 24 hours since the snow tapered off from this weekend's blizzard but from the city to the suburbs and to the shore, officials and residents are still digging out in hopes of getting life back to normal as quickly as they can. monday night, the big story on "action news" is the cleanup process. it is far from over, of course after this weekend's winter storm. >> some schools remain closed tomorrow. we have closures scrolling at the bottom of your screen tonight. we also have live team coverage for you this evening. "action news" reporter vernon odom talked to officials about what it will take to open school tomorrow and meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking what's next for from mother nature that could hurt or help the situation. but we begin tonight with trish hartman following
5:00 pm
cleanup at the jersey shore. she's standing by live in north wildwood. trish. >> reporter: good evening, rick. i want you to take a look at the beach behind me. crews are hard at work. the down here at third avenue is destroyed. the mayor says it could be months before it's restored. many residents here spent the day cleaning up the storm damage after what they say was a scary weekend. >> we're used to in michigan 185-inches of snow and this is a lot worse. >> reporter: karen batch row spent much of the day cleaning out her muddy garage trying to figure out what she could salvage. this is her first north wildwood winter and she and her husband larry spent more than 24 hours without power or heat. she showed us her basement that took on about 4 feet of water just shy of the flooding that took place during superstorm sandy. >> when the water started coming in at 6:30 in the morning on saturday morning, and we looked


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