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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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manayunk and it looks like it will take some time to plow here. and there are issues at the jersey shore. up and down the coast, for instance, here in north wildwood, it was already work to repair destruction and erosion of the beaches. and residents who saw their basements flooded are tossing away household items lost to the fury of the storm. "action news" reporter trish hartman will have the latest from the shore and lehigh valley correspondent walter perez will be live in allentown but first sarah bloomquist has surveyed the situation in philadelphia and is now live at broad and ellsworth. sarah, what's the situation there. >> reporter: jim, all day long we've been watching a steady stream of dump trucks going up and down broad street. you can see a couple of them here. they're headed out right now. they've been returning filled with snow. the city is actually removing the snow from the neighborhood. they're taking it just up the street to broad and washington and dumping it all there. as far as broad street goes this main artery just wet at
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this point but come out here onto ellsworth, not exactly a small side street here in south philadelphia and you can see it is still snow covered, really packed down despite the fact that we have seen plows coming through. this was another day for snow removal but as you can see lined me, there's just so much snow. the challenge today was figuring out where to put it. the sound of shovels echoed all across the city this afternoon. day two of the cleanup, no more excuses time to dig out those cars. >> there's a lot of snow and we just kind of like neglected it until like last minute and we're paying for it now. >> reporter: so much snow some said they have no choice but to do what city all asks that you don't, throw it into the street. >> you don't want to block somebody else who shoveled they spot so you kind of throw it in the middle of the street. they say don't do that. >> i have nowhere else to put it. >> reporter: crews were scooping up the snow and hauling it over to an empty
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lot over at the broad and washington quite a sight as it all piled up. >> this is huge. >> it was below the yellow line earlier. it's dump truck after dump truck. >> reporter: here at seventh and popular someone dumped a massive amount of snow on the street. this is drone video of the mound stretching from one end to another. >> i have two of my work vehicles here that i'm trying to get my work done and we're stuck in here. we're out here shoveling the snow and everything. i just think it's crazy. >> reporter: many streets remain snow covered. we heard high marks from city hall considering the size of this storm. >> it's great. new mayor. doing a great job. >> i think the mayor did a great job. i think he did a great job. >> first time in office i think he did an excellent job. >> reporter: of course city hall will be pleased to hear that. now, the concern of course tonight as you can see the sun was out during the day today. there was a lot of melting as well. this is likely to refreeze in the overnight hours causing some problems again in the
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morning. as for that situation at seventh and popular, we're told by the mayor's office they're looking into it. they don't know at this point where all that snow came from but they are promising to remove it. live in south philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." jim. >> sarah, thank you. this afternoon city officials said crews have been working around the clock to clear roadways. 1800 miles of city streets have been plowed. crews have used 10,000 tons of salt. mayor jim kenney says the focus has been on the major roads. kenny urged residents to be patient and to use mass transit. >> plows and trucks moving snow at 4:00 a.m. all night long. today certainly if your street is not plowed yet i understand your frustration. be patient. we're getting there. >> the streets department hopes to have roads cleared by the end of the day on wednesday. trash and recycling service will resume a normal schedule tomorrow. philadelphia students and many others around the region had a snow day.
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but school employees were hard at work today clearing school grounds. at overbrook high school this morning crews shoveled sidewalks and steps clearing a path for students to return to class but not tomorrow. up and down the jersey shore, floods and erosion have been the real problem. chopper6 surveyed the damage at the coast today. ocean county beaches battered by sandy took another hit from the blizzard. in beach haven the storm include out cliffs in the sand and in holgate crews will dump 600 truckloads of sand over the next few days to shore up the dunes. with chris christie back on the campaign trail in new hampshire, lieutenant governor kim guadagno surveyed storm damage along with the dep commissioner and other officials. >> you can see that the sand is gone. and the question becomes what do we do next because what happens if there is another storm? >> reporter: further south in margate you can see that
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the water line left behind heavy surf that pounded the coast this weekend. live in north wildwood is trish hartman. tough to know trish what got hit harder or the beach or the residents who live near it. >> reporter: exactly, jim, and crews are still out here tonight on the third avenue beach. take a look. they say they'll be out here for another two hours. they're trying to push that sand back where it belongs. folks have been stopping by to check out the beach erosion all day. many of them before going back home to clean up their own messes. billy rutherford creates a tile of ruined belongs outside his 17th avenue home in north wildwood. >> major cleanup. underneath the house, lawnmowers, bikes. >> reporter: he says the storm caught him and his family off guard with flooding he says was higher than superstorm sandy. >> just with the storm surge
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itself and i was -- like i said i thought it was just going to be moderate flooding with this particular storm. the tide did not go back down after that -- the first tide. >> reporter: city officials are dealing with major beach erosion. the dune at third avenue will have to be replenished. sand and dirt were brought in from quarries and giant boulders that were moved by the force of the water will to be moved back. it's all a temporary fix until the dune can be restored with a price tag of around $10 million. >> saturday morning we had a coastal storm system on steroids. we had a much big are coastal storm since the 1960's. >> reporter: in cape may the lobster house restaurant is closed to clean up. this dock nearby is in pieces up by the water. back in north wildwood we found this woman cleaning out the flood edgar research. perhaps the greatest gadget we did move our cars up on what we thought was highland and we had a dodge vice president and infinity lincoln town car and they all got water, all of
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them. >> reporter: now, back here live take a look at that page it'at that pipe.he says he's noe beach restoration project will officially begin but he's already coordinating with the dep and army corps of engineers to get it done as quickly as possible. live in north wildwood, trish hartman channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you trish. septa says 70 percent of its city and suburban bus routes are now operating. regional rails are in service. but efforts continue to clear snow from parking lots at rail stations. 30 to 50 percent of spaces are still under snow. major airports including philadelphia international airport are starting to increase flight volume as they work to resume normal operations. flight aware says airlines canceled more than 1500 flights today but that is down from yesterday when there were 3500 cancellations. final numbers for the storm are in and recorded for
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posterity. let's get the facts and figures from meteorologist cecily tynan and accuweather. >> jim, in philadelphia this was our fourth biggest snowstorm in history, 22.4-inches but a lot of parts of our region getting even more than that especially the northern suburbs. allentown the biggest snowstorm on record, almost 32-inches, eagleville reporting 31, broomall 22-inches and malvern 30.1 and mercer county hamilton township reporting an even 2 feet of snow. so this snow will take awhile to completely melt. the good news is mother nature will be on our side with this. currently philadelphia 36 degrees, down from a high of 40 and if you look to the south and west temperatures are even warmer. so, we will be climbing real through the mid 40's as we head through the week and temperatures will be above freezing during the day. the problem, though you get the melting during the day. we get into the cycle where at night the temperatures drop below freezing. so, do be careful tomorrow morning. anything that looks wet just
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assume it's ice because we will see a lot of black ice forming on any untreated surfaces. i will talk more about what's expect the rest of the week coming up in the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. and as the cleanup effort continues from the blizzard of 2016 just head to for the latest information on school closings and mass transit. and remember the power of storm tracker6 double scan radar. it is just a click away at coming up on "action news" tonight, a record 31-inches of snow fell on the city of allentown and ahead we'll show you how residents are coping with the cleanup. and zach ertz signs a new deal with the eagles. ducis rodgers with the details on that coming up. cecily tynan will be back with the accuweather forecast for the rest of the week. seven days into the future. "action news" continues in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> this is video from drone6 over south philadelphia. we can show you a unique view of all the snow across the city and this is drone6 in skippack village in montgomery county where it made its way under a snow covered bridge. beautiful pictures. we used conventional conveyance to get to allentown today although there was so much snow in that part of the lehigh valley, a dog sled might have been the most effective means of transportation. here is lehigh valley correspondent walter perez. >> reporter: allentown officials say they have poured every single piece of snow
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removing equipment onto the city streets and they can still use a little more. >> i'm going to ask if there's any contractors out there that want to work with the city and either lease us some equipment or donate some equipment for the snow removal operations. we need front loaders and we need dump trucks. >> reporter: the blizzard of 2016 dumped 31-inches of snow on allentown setting a new record. and that's why removing all that snow is going to take some time. we spoke with cecilia morell who is trying to dig his sister's vehicle free from an unplowed race street. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: he says what can can i say? it's a lot of snow. my sister abandoned her truck. she wants it back. i'm doing my best. allentown schools will remain closed tomorrow and lanta bus officials say they'll decide tomorrow morning if they'll resume service tomorrow. the director says their priority has to be the safety of the drivers and passengers. >> transit center, the snow isn't gone yet. noplace for people to stand to be able to get on the bus so
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we're just thinking it wasn't a very safe situation to have people standing out waiting for the buses today given conditions. >> reporter: mayor pawlowski wants the people of allentown to realize the city is doing its best under very trying circumstances. >> our crews have worked and will continue to work long hours and i understand your frustration. i get it. i know that there's a number of streets that are still unplowed. but i can't stress enough it's going to take some time to get back to normal. >> reporter: as you can see, south third street in allentown is among the streets unplowed so now city officials are urging everyone to remove their cars that are parked on city streets so the plows can get to smaller roads and alley ways. be warned they'll begin together vehicles parked on city streets tonight. reporting from allentown, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> in case you missed the beginning of this broadcast, philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools will be closed again tomorrow. crews are monitoring a fuel leak in the schuylkill riverton night. 4200 gallons of home heating
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oil spilled into the river saturday near chestnut street and the philadelphia water department was quickly notified, closed off the drinking water intake valve. the coast guard is monitoring the situation and working on cleanup plans. officials say there is no threat to the city's drinking water and no health risk to the public.
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. >> eagles beginning to take care of some personnel business. >> they've got a few guys they need to take care of but zach ertz is the first one a five year contract extension worth over 42 an half million dollars, 20 million of that is guaranteed. the deal makes him among the top five highest paid tight ends in the nfl. he's only 25 years old and he says he wants to be here for the long haul. >> kobe bryant jaemis winston two athletes i've looked up since i was a young kid. those two guys stayed in their
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cities throughout their entire careers. when people think of great tight ends in philly i want to be the guy 33 think of. i look at dawkins, donovan, i look at westbrook and these guys left lasting legacies in the city and those are the guys i want to be mentioned with. >> got his homework. ertz does not know who his quarterback will be in 2016. today he endorsed sam bradford to return. bradford who becomes a free agent in march told ertz he wants to remain in eagles green. >> he's excited. he wants to be in philadelphia. whether he's back here or not that's none of my business honestly. he's going do what's best for him and the eagles will do what's best for us. at the end of the day i think he does want to be here. >> pat shurmur has found work. the former eagles offensive coordinator has been named the vikings tight ends coach. law not retained by the eagles when doug pederson was hired as head coach. flyers host the bruins tonight. orange and black coming off back to back tough losses. we still don't have a makeup
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date or saturday center city postponement. villanova's loss to providence yesterday hurts but not too badly. the wildcats fall from fourth to sixth in the latest rankings released today. nova next plays sunday on the road. seeing an athlete compete on his or her playing field does not always tell the whole story. hearing what they had to overcome to get there gives you great perspective. jeff skversky reports from saint joe's. >> the hawk will never die. that's the saint joe's motto and the same could be said about the drive of avery morris. her determination to one day play for the hawks will never die despite suffering a stroke just 17 hos ago. >> my life changed like that in a matter of seconds. hard evidence thing i'll probably ever have to go through in my life especially at the age of 17 when it happened. >> reporter: happened days before her freshman year. she was moving into the dorm when their number one high
6:20 pm
school recruit a star guard from reading suffered the stroke caused by a blood clot. >> immediately collapsed. whole left side of my face dropped and i could only speak out of the right side and i was like mom what's going on. she's like you're having a stroke. >> reporter: temporarily paralyzed on her left side mars didn't snow if she would walk again letter alone play basketball. a year and a half after the incident mars is practicing again but she still doesn't have full range of motion on her left side. >> for her to suffer this just breaks your heart because you know she has so much to give and, you know, if anybody can overcome this, she's going to be the one to be able to do that. >> the goal for mars to walk out onto his court and finally play in her first collegiate game at the start of next season. and as you can imagine, she can envision what that day will feel like. >> i think it will be pretty surreal. me and my mom always joke about how she's going cry. >> reporter: her dream to play for the hawks will never die. jeff skversky, channel6
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"action news." >> glad to see she's recovering and again not going to bet against her. >> not for a moment. >> no. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> 25, 26, 27-inches is probably enough. we're done for the winter. >> basically got a season's worth of snow in one day. so we should be done. >> and you can tell us that this will not happen again. >> that would be nice. we should not get a storm like this again this season. we should not. i'm not making any promises but not going to happen tonight that's for sure. storm tracker6 live double scan is snow free and that's great news. we all have snow fatigue after
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saturday but certainly beautiful sunset. this was tweeted to me by photographer john lloyd jr. and this is from west dover where they got about a foot and a half of snow on saturday and you can see just enough cirrus clouds to make the sunset really beautiful especially with all that snow on the ground. that snow did melt today, at least a little bit, 36 degrees currently in philadelphia. down from a high of 40 is where we should be for this time of the year but already down to 28 in allentown, 32 in trenton, 34 the atlantic city airport and wilmington, 33 degrees and really the big concern this week will be the overnight low temperatures dropping below freezing: we will get that cycle of melting during the day and refreezing at night. satellite6 along with action radar showing there are some clouds trying move in from the west. this is from a disturbance that is bringing snow north of chicago but that low pressure will head up to the north so all we get is that. a little bit of some spotty shower activity with a cold front tomorrow afternoon. so, tonight will be dry.
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patchy clouds. some areas of fog and some of that fog gone freezing fog so you want to be careful. 19 in allentown, 26 in philadelphia, 24 in trenton. 32 in atlantic city and 25 in wilmington. so, tomorrow morning definitely do want to use caution. i know i'm repeating myself but one piece of ice can cause a lot of problems. the sidewalks, the driveways, really anything that's untreated will be refreezing so a good idea to get that rock salt out there and try to treat your driveways and your sidewalks. future tracker showing 1:30 tomorrow afternoon we have a round of light showers moving through. then just some clouds on tuesday afternoon. wednesday the sunshine is back and a lot of people have been asking me well, how about late this week and hearing about the possibility of another storm? well, here's the setup. there's high pressure to the north. there is a coastal feature developing but the latest computer models really all showing it moving out to sea and not phasing with another low pressure until it's near
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nova scotia. so hopefully that will be the case but less than a week after a big storm this close enough that, they're kind of too close for comfort. i'll be watching it. if the track shifts farther to the west south jersey and delaware could get clipped with light snow but this does not look to be a major. no i'll keep you posted. the seven-day forecast showing spotty showers tomorrow afternoon 43 degrees. on wednesday morning clouds afternoon sunshine 42. the temperatures take a dip on thursday, 37 degrees. on friday going with mostly cloudy skies right now, again watching the coast. no matter what happens on friday, the weekend, though, is looking dry and mild, 42 degrees on saturday. on sunday bump it up to 47 and monday a lot of melting go on there, temperatures making a run at 50. i do want to invite our "action news" viewers to watch world news tonight. i will be on talking about some of the coastal flooding in delaware and south jersey this weekend. >> are you ever not going to be on world news tonight. >> it's 10 seconds. don't blink. >> okay.
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finally tonight it may be cold and snow covered outside but orchids are in full bloom right now at kennett square, pennsylvania. flowers are nice and warm inside this heated conservatory at longwood gardens for its orchid extravagance sam more than 5,000, can kids are in all different sizes and colors and shapes and they're now on display through the month of march. beautiful. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the blizzard of 2016. the ripple effect coast-to-coast. 30 killed, a mother and child in their car as her husband was digging out. thousands of flights cancelled. is there another storm brewing? and the countdown is on. seven days to iowa. donald trump, and his comments, making a point about his populari popularity. and the urgent man hunt. three escaping. the mid-air scare. the american airlines flight hitting turbulence, multiple injuries. and buildings on the edge.


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