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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news another casualty from the
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weekend blizzard. details on the local man killed by carbon monoxide in his car. and from the city hall to the classroom. michael nutter announces he has a new job. and the big story is the arrest a 17-year-old girl for allegedly threatening an attack. police and the fbi tracked her down and took her into custody. annie mccormick is live in chester with more. >> reporter: rick, authorities did not take this lightly in fact local law enforcement worked with the fbi to figure out quickly who was behind this threat. in the end they arrested a young woman that attends chester high school and faces serious charges including one felony. students at chester high school returned after two snow days some anxious after this threat on social media. this post threatened to shootup
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students at chester community charter school and chichester high school. and ended with all blacks must die. >> i think it's ridiculous that someone would do that but as a parent i'm glad they caught the person that did it. >> i don't think it was funny at all. >> i thought it was like a joke but i knew they were going to get arrested. >> authorities were not taking this lightly, the threat came in before 7:00 p.m. and the police and fbi immediately responded. soon after authorities moved into this neighborhood in the the 1300 block in chester township where they arrested a 17-year-old suspect a female student at chester high. according to police she was sleeping over a friend's house and admitted to writing the hoax. and even those students who knew it was a hoax were glad they responded the way they did. >> they could have really blew
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the school up. >> the parents were happy the way the school district kept them in the loop on the situation. they have charged the young woman, 17-year-old, with terroristic threats and she is not being charged as an adult. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meanwhile, it was back to reality for a lot of local students today. they had to go back to school for the first time after the weekend blizzard. children returned to dobson elementary in manayunk this morning and the entire district resumed operations after two snow days. mayor kenney says that 80% of the city's residential streets were passable. and promised all of them would be passable by the end of the today. >> accuweather is tracking milder temperatures, going live outside sky 6 hd showing us the temple university campus. the warmer conditions could help melt what is left of the snow
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there. but there is concern about the refreeze when it gets colder overnight. for more on that, david murphy joins us at the big board. >> in terms of precipitation we had showers earlier and a little bit of a snow shower up north but that doesn't look to make it here either. between the two of those we have clouds give weighing to sunny breaks and to the west of us you can see that happening toward the lehigh valley and we'll see increased sunshine in the day to come. 42 in philadelphia, 40 in all allentown and 41 in trenton and a bit of a breeze kicked up and i can see the breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. every now and then a higher gust. but we go for an above average high of 45, clouds and sun and a bit breezy. look what happens tonight though. future tracker 6 showing you
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that after 5:00 we are above freezing but overnight we have temperatures below freezing and close to 20 for an overnight low in philadelphia. and some suburbs in the teens, that does indicate the potential for a freezeup of all the melting snow we'll see this afternoon. we'll talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. the pennsylvania state senate is expected to issue a report today on the possible removal of attorney general, kathleen kane. a house panel also said they will possibly look into removing her from office. john rawlins has more from the senate report today at 4:00. today marks one year since a roof collapse in center city philadelphia. the roof collapsed at the
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lululemon, 28-year-old allison freedman was one of the people hit by the debris. the teacher filed the lawsuit yesterday saying she is living in constant pain since the accidents. the police cleared an accident that blocked the blue route in delaware county. it blocked the southbound lanes near baltimore pike and no one was hurt and the traffic was a mess for most of the morning commute. it took about three hours to clear away the scene. federal agents had a deadly confrontation with the protesters that occupy a national wildlife refuge in oregon. here is the report with the latest. >> reporter: rick and sara a containment zone is set up by oregon state police and fbi agents around the wildlife ref new jersey -- tensions boiling over with armed anti-government
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pro pest testers and the government. >> they unloaded and just shot him a whole bunch of times. and they killed him. >> the daughter of protester spokesman roy fincum. he spoke to cnn earlier this month. >> we don't have an intent to shoot or hurt anybody, who is pointing guns? they have. >> reporter: the take down of militants unfolding late tuesday afternoon after we are told that members of the armed group were on their way to a community meeting. soon thereafter gun fire erupted at a traffic stop. >> a couple of people were shot and one person is dead. today booking photos released showing seven of the occupiers
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arrested. including ammon bundy and his brother. what was once peaceful occupation turning deadly after 4 days, the frustration growing stronger amongst community members. >> i'm glad to see an end to this. hopefully it is an end to this. >> we are told that the protester wounded was treeated and is now in fbi custody. channel 6 "action news." and there is more to come on "action news" at noon, a school bus jumps the curb and kills an elementary school principal. and a major judgment against a man that started a hot yoga empire. what happened after he was sued for sexual harassment.
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police say a school principal was struck and killed by a school bus while trying to save several students. the bus was stopped in front of an elementary school and lurched forward and jumped a
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curb. the principal moved to push children out of the way and was killed. now they are mourning the loss of a leader. >> my son has downs and she connected with him and understand him and made sure he was in his class. >> three 10-year-olds were hospitalized but expected to survive. the bus driver says she is not sure what caused the bus lurch. the police stopped -- was arrested following an undercover investigation in milwaukee. authorities say he wanted to shoot up a ic temple. the jury says that he must pay $7.4 million to a former
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legal adviser. she accused him of inappropriately touching her and firing her when she refused to cover up a rape alligation against him. he is named in six other sexual assault lawsuits. the 69-year-old has built an empire around yoga? and trump's campaign manager accused fox's megan kelly of being obsessed with his candidate. the future between it's two began during the first debate. when kelly asked about disparaging comments about women. kelly says he is fair game. the white house calls this an informal meeting with no set
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agenda. a win in iowa could lead to more support from establishment democrats. plans are in the working to temporarily shut down part of the niagara falls, they are looking to replace two pedestrian bridges. if they do that they would have to shut down the water flowing over the american side of the falls. the state scheduled a public hearing for today. former philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, lands a new job. he is joining the faculty at columbia university as a professor on urban policy. nutter says is he deeply honored that he was asked to teach. still ahead on "action news" at noon, uber is trying to protect drivers from drunk passengers. we'll tell you the new concept being tested in some cars. plus the zika virus sparking new concerns, which airlines are offering refunds for travelers
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headed to tropical nations.
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oprah winfrey gave weight watchers stock a big boost. she announced she lost 33 pounds so far on the diet. they closed up yesterday that means the market value rose by $150 million. oprah took a 10% stake in weight watchers back in october. toyota is holding on to its
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title. they sold 10 million vehicles last year and volkswagon finished second after the emissions cheating scandal. and general motors came in third. health check this noon, a government task force is recommend that all adults should be screened for depression. it affects 16 million americans every year and can go undiagnosed when the symptoms are with others. and all women should be screened for depression during pregnancy and after giving birth, this comes in light of new evidence that maternal mental illness is more common than previously thought. and now the government is reviewing a possible vaccine for the zika virus. the cdc warned pregnant women to take precautions if they travel to latin america and caribbean countries where there are outbreaks.
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it's linked to birth defects, united and american airlines are allowing people to cancel or postpone their trips to the affected areas. the agency says that they have an emergency need for blood. because of severe winter weather this month canceled blood jobs across 20 states. in our area 800 scheduled donations went uncollected since the blizzard last weekend. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview of 4:00. >> our team is busy working on stories for you coming up today at 4:00 and one of the questions we are asking is your budget feeling the pinch. ahead in what is the deal we'll show you how to turn closet clutter and out dated electronics into cold hard cash. you don't want to miss that. and the new tourism commercial for philadelphia shows off the hot spots while poking fun with two local icons.
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think benjamin franklin versus a cheesesteak. that looks epic. we'll explain this one coming up in big talkers. take us with you on the go, you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. and in the next half our i'll join you in the studio to talk about decluttering in this new year. >> thanks alicia. we have this reminder. later today we have a live web chat from cooper bone institute. they will talk about osteoporosis. you can submit your questions now and log back on to get the answers beginning at 4:00. we'll be right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here now with a check of the weather midweek. temperatures are climbing? >> not bad they will hover where they are the next couple of days and then go up over the weekend. live stormtracker 6 live double scan. you can see all the rain this morning that was only sprinkles is now gone. down to wilmington on the action cam, down near rodney square. i think it was named for caesar rodney, the signer of the declaration one from delaware. played a critical roll in getting it declared. it's looking and feeling like winter. 42 right now. at the noon hour a couple of degrees above the average high so a little bit on the mild side and winds west northwest at 12 miles per hour. feeling like it's in the 30s, you'll want to bundle up a bit
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on the way out. but we are getting an easing of temperatures after all the snow. 40 in wilmington and 41 in trenton and 40 in allentown and 42 in millville and 40 in cape may. satellite shows you the light sprinkles and showers that came through in the predawn hours, some stuff held on during the rush hour at the shore. and now cloud cover to the west and every now and then a break in the clouds and we expect a break in the sun at some point today. not terribly windy but every now and then it gets blustery. but 43 degrees, it feels better. down the shore clouds and sun and 46 is the high there. and in philadelphia 45 is your high on the breezy side with winds kicking up to 10 to 20 miles per hour. and clouds mixing with sun today overall not too bad. for the evening commute, chilly,
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43 by 4:00 and 40 by 5:00 and after sun down we see the numbers jet pretty far down. still mostly cloudy skies and we see clearing overnight and it is really going to be cold with colder air coming in from the northwest. 20 is your overnight low, and some suburbs in the teens and that gives us a concern of freezeup on sidewalks and side streets and driveways, and anything that has not been treated or the salt that was on there kind of washed away. overnight into tomorrow morning, icy conditions reforming and tomorrow it's cooler, only 39 for a high. but the good news the area of low pressure we were worried about earlier in the week the now off the coast and not an issue for us. thursday dry and friday dry as well. as we take a look at your exclusive accuweather forecast, we are going for a high of 45
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degrees this afternoon and cloucloud s occasionally mixing with sun and the breezes picking up. partly sunny and chilly tomorrow and a high of 40 and the big issue is the overnight low in the 20s in a lot of neighborhoods and then the freezeup. and friday 41 degrees the high and saturday partly sunny and starting the weekend in good shape with a high of 40, and on sunday things start to change for the better and we draw more of a southerly flow, well above average, and a high of 50. it's rain and not snow, milder and 52 and i could see us in the mid-50s by wednesday. and colder air will probably start coming in earlier next week again and no big storms on the horizon. and milder in the interim. >> hello february. thank you david. business leaders gathered in winfield heights for the first annual future-cast.
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6 abc manager, bernie prazenica was among the speakers, it focused on real estate projects aimed at growing the city avenue district. more to come in our next half our at noon, hollywood speaks out what marlin wayans says about thear diversity controversy.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. hello again. here are the stories we are following for you. on "action news" at 12:30. a huge fire in new orleans reaches six alarms overnight. find out what was inside of the building that is now destroyed. plus the crossing guards are back on the job getting kids to school safely and the snow days are over and it's time to get back to learning. and from decluttering your kitchen to getting your closets organized. we talk to an expert. our weekend blizzard was followed by two days off of school for students in philadelphia, today it was back to normal and back to class, our katherine scott was there this morning as the bells were ringing. >> after to snow days the kids
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are back at class, here at dobson, the sidewalks were shoveled and treated and the school was ready to welcome them back. >> are you excited to be back at school? >> no. >> reporter: it's hard to blame her the last few days off have been jam packed with fun. >> hot chocolate and sledding. >> homework? >> no. >> reporter: but this morning it was time to get back to work at dobson elementary in manayunk. a lot of manpower went into getting the grounds ready. >> we have a wonderful building engineer who is probably soaking in bathtubs every evening since this started. they worked relentlessly, tirelessly. >> as far as the trip in parents did not hit major problems but hit some messy spots. >> some of the side streets are


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