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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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with ugly vandalism. he washes off the graffiti spray painted on her bar. it's now run by her son, lou. the third time in two months. >> someone just irked getting tosses out of the bar. >>. >> reporter: he cannot pinpoint a motive for the vicious vandalism. >> our crowd is diverse, it could be a local guy walking the street and decides he wants to put something on someone's wall. it happens. >> this is sad, it's sad. it's terrible. you know that someone would deface something like this. >> the magleos have filed complaints with the police
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district here and if they are caught jail may be the result. >> repulsive is the word for it. but yes, it's today's day and age. >> i never thought i would see this on one of my properties. >> reporter: tonight the station bar and grill is open for regular business. and police would appreciate a tip call to help catch the perpetrators. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in south jersey are looking into reports of attempting lurings in two communities on the same day. evesham township police gave us this surveillance video of the vehicle they say was involved. they say an older man and teenage girl ask sd two kids if they wanted candy and then the car drove off. and police in oakland got a
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similar report on the same day with the same description. sara bloomquist will have a live report on this at 5:00. police say a man died from carbon monoxide poisoning and tied his death to last week's blizzard. they say his exhaust pipe was blocked by the snow and he went to the hospital but died yesterday afternoon. the ninth person in pennsylvania whose death is connected to the storm. from our delaware newsroom, the storm cleanup continues in rehoboth beach. the north end was hit the hardest and the dunes were washed away and the boardwalk was damaged by harsh waves. the hotel is also dealing with water damage this afternoon. today in philadelphia was the first day back in class after two snow days to start the week off and for students across the city that meant turning in sleds for school books here is
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katherine scott. >> reporter: after two snow days kids are back at class, here at dobson the sidewalks were shoveled and treated and the school was ready to welcome the student's back. >> are you ready to go back to school? >> no. >> that is easy to understand the last two days were jam packed with winter fun. >> having hot chocolate and sledding. >> just sledding. >> any homework? >> no. >> now it was time to get back to work in manayunk. >> we have a wonderful building engineer who has been probably soaking in bathtubs every evening since this started but they have worked relentlessly -- tirelessly. >> parents say they did not hit major problems coming in but it was still messy in spots.
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>> some of the side streets are messed up but the main streets are good. >> the streets here in roxborough and manayunk are narrow and there is really no place to pull over. >> they did a good job of plowing, they plowed people in -- but they did a good job on the roads. >> the students can come home and spend time in the snow. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast for your wednesday. lets head outside to adam joseph with how things are coming along midweek. >> the sun is shining and a couple of early showers and a pretty nice wednesday afternoon with warm temperatures, as we look at the numbers in philadelphia, 43 degrees the same in trenton, mid-40s for the shore and 39 in reading and the poconos sitting at the freezing point. as we look at satellite and radar, 2:00, 3:00, 5:00 showers in southern new jersey and
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delaware and see how quickly they broke apart midmorning into the afternoon and the sunshine going to work and melting the snow and slush and that sky will overall stay fairly clear into the overnight hours. 33 at 7:00 tonight, we dip below freezing once again between 7:00 and 8:00 and below freezing upper 20s for 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 and anything that is slushy will harden up with the low temperature and later tonight near 20 and it turns a tad cooler and a rapid warm-up along the way, we show you the up and down numbers in the full accuweather forecast. >> keep your devices open to, as the snow melts and warmer weather returns. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar has you covered along with updated forecasts from the "action news" weather team. a former philadelphia election official is accused of stealing from a nonprofit clinic
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where she served as president on the board of directors. an indictment charging her with conspiracy, fraud and theft. court documents say she bought the building that housed the clinic and repeatedly jacked up the rent charging them $75,000 a month. she falsified documents to do this and lined her pockets with the funds. the pennsylvania senate released their report on kathleen kane, when it comes to remove her from office, lawmakers decided to wait and see. john rawlins is covering the story and live in harrisburg to break down what the report means and where we go from here john. >> reporter: sharrie, are you right. wait and see sum its up at this point, people are waiting for a roadmap, known as direct removal but instead the special committee tasked with this
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assignment says the senate should wait for a decision on miss kane's appeal to the supreme court. >> the committee decide tropical disturbance would be inappropriate for the senate to consider this action. >> after months of work it was expected that the senate special committee would say go or no go to remove kathleen kane from office. instead advising them to wait and see to see if the supreme court reinstates the law license. if she is reinstated -- but if it remains it should move on the removal vote of kane. >> we had the concern that the license could be restored before a vote was taken on removal. i think prudence dictates that should be heard first and the supreme court gives us direction on that.
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>> and the city did not recommend how the senate should vote if there is ever a vote. the go slow and wait for the supreme court applauded by kathleen kane. >> she believes that waiting for the supreme court to act is the appropriate one even though she believes that the committee's attempt to remove her from office because of this obscure provision is unconstitutional. >> reporter: so the kathleen kane saga continues here in harrisburg, eyes on the supreme court, some expected a green light or red light and instead they issued kind of a yellow light. >> john thank you. meanwhile, today in philadelphia, it was a hero's salute from fellow brothers and sisters in blue, members of the nypd's 17th precinct took the trip down from new york city to
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celebrate jessie hartnett who was injured in an ambush shooting, they presented officer hartnett with a plaque for his bravery and selfless response. you can see his left arm there, he is still very much recovering. he was released last week nearly three weeks after being shot while sitting in his patrol car. the nypd officers came to wish hartnett a speedy recovery and show their support and solidity. >> all right alicia thank you. time for our "action news" traffic report wednesday afternoon. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> today was not a great day for frosty the snowman. a lot of melting did happen so this afternoon we are dealing with wet patches as we head
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home. but the bright sunshine is giving us sun glare delays. this is the schuylkill expressway by the conshohocken curve. 12 minutes behind on the westbound side. but at this point on 76 it's just normal afternoon volume combined with the sun glare. at the airport look for a crash at bart ram avenue at scott way. and crossing into new jersey into gloucester township on 42 by the bus turn around, watch for an accident taking out a lane. and in hainesport, burlington county 88 is blocked at hainesport mount laurel road. no issues so far along 295, or the new jersey turnpike but if are you riding the septa trolleys, 11, 34 and 36 are seeing delays because of a medical emergency at 33rd and
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market. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. we had two morns in a row on the blue route, this afternoon it's plenty slow with the sun glare on the blue route and westchester pike. at least no accidents at this point. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead, hillary clinton is coming to philadelphia tonight, while her democratic rival spent the day at the white house. the latest on the standoff in oregon and the arrest that led to a deadly shooting, the suspects are about to make their first appearance in court and we learn about how they were caught. and we are hosting a web chat at a doctor from the cooper bone and joint institute is taking your questions on managing
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the light latest on the ongoing saga in oregon. the group was given what they call ample opportunity to leave peacefully. last night authorities say they tried to conduct a traffic stop to put an end to the national wildlife reserve and refuge but that attempt ended with eight arrests and the death of one man. at a press conference authorities are working to safely remove those that still occupy that site. the numbers are still up in the air. the local sheriff saying that this cannot happen in america. >> doesn't have to be happening in our community, we don't arm up -- we don't arm up and rebel. >> as for the man that died last night, the fbi says it happened while they were trying to take him into custody.
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there is a look at him there, they would not confirm his identify but his daughter confirmed it was her father. robert lavoi fincum. they are expected to appear in federal court in just a few minutes. they are occupying that land since january 2nd saying it doesn't belong to the government it belongs to the people. a new lawsuit is filed on behalf of the people in flint, michigan, they want a federal judge to order a quick replacement of led pipes in the water system to assure that residents have a safe drinking supply and they want the repairs done at no cost to customers. flint's water pipes became contaminated when they chose to use the flint river without
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adding the proper chemicals. republican donald trump is not backing down from tomorrow night's debate on fox news. is he fighting with fox news over who should moderate the debate. he claims that megan kelly is bias and questioned him about derogatory comments about women and kelly calls the questions fair game. and bernie sanders spent one-on-one time with president obama, they talked about foreign policy and the economy and a little bit of politics during their visit to the white house. their first extended conversation between is the two when sanders launched their campaign, in philadelphia tonight. and there will be special coverage of the caucuses and they start tomorrow night here on "action news." toyota is holding on to its title as the world's top selling
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auto maker. the japanese company sold more than 10 million vehicles last year that ranks it number one. despite it's caught up in a recall of faulty airbags and volkswagon is number two, they were on track to beat toyota until an emissions scandal hurt them. gm finished third. and today a down day on the street. the dow down 22 points and the nasdaq down 100 and the s&p n r nearly down 21 points. lets check in with adam. warmer today. >> temperatures well above the freezing mark helping to melt the snow and the slush and temperatures also above normal for this time of year. as we look live at sky 6 hd at
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penn's landing, lots of blue upstairs we start with the rain showers. we are down between 3 and 9 degrees, that is the front that slipped through to bring the clouds and showers, and we are still above normal. 43 philadelphia, and 43 in trenton and 43 in allentown and at the shore temperatures in the lower 40s and the sunshine and these really warm temperatures since the blizzard has done some damage to the snow. if you look at the totals on sunday. that is how much snow we saw during the blizzard. you take it from 7:00 a.m. this morning, that does not include what has melted or compacted today, 25 in allentown and philadelphia almost cut in half already to a foot and wilmington 6.1 inches in two days and atlantic city has almost lost its entire 14 inches of snow on monday and tuesday, the numbers will be re-evaluated this
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afternoon. we'll have new numbers later and more than likely they will drop. because the snow is light and flurry so it has compacted as well as melted. as we look at satellite and radar, no fronts to the north and west and the next round comes in on friday. tonight a moon lit sky and cold and look for the icy patches, 12 in allentown and 13 in philadelphia and wilmington and temperatures at the shore at 24 degrees, future tracker showing at 10:00 tomorrow morning, numbers north and west at 10:00 tomorrow, 34 in philadelphia and near 40 at the shore and in the afternoon tomorrow a mixture of sunshine and clouds and temperatures a little cooler than today. upper 30s north and west. 41 philadelphia and 42 in millville and a light breeze and at the same time in the afternoon windchills remain in the 30s area wide despite locations hitting at least the 40 degree mark for afternoon highs. your four day at 4:00, shows
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sunshine and a few clouds tomorrow with a high of 40 and blustery if not windy as a front passes through and with that front there could be a round of a couple of flurries on friday. and highs around 40 and partly sunny on saturday and 42 degrees and turning milder and dry on sunday as we approach 50 once again. and all of this snow if not most of it will be gone by next week. wait until you see the seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> already adam thank you. we have a bit of breaking news happening now at 4:00, we learn from new jersey state police they are investigating a possible explosive device at atlantic city international airport. they call it organic material and believe it could possibly be explosives. the airport has been evacuated we are told and bomb crews -- bomb tech crews are on the way to determine what is going on. no reports of injuries but they
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are determining that it is out of an abunds an of caution and evacuated the airport because of this possible explosive device. we'll have more on this, quick break.
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a coatesville man has turned himself in to face charges of witness intimidation, police say that kenneth whily is a defendant in a drug case and that he tracked down a witness and tried to intimidate a person into not testifying against him. police say that wiley had help from his girlfriend turner, she has since been fired. philadelphia police and the fbi are looking for the man that robbed a bank in center city. take a look they gave us surveillance video from inside of the pnc bank from inside of the market.
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this man walked in and took money from a teller. police did not say he flashed a weapon during the crime but they consider him armed and dangerous. former mayor, michael nutter, has a new job joining the faculty at columbia university. he will work in urban public affairs. nutter's daughter olivia say student in columbia. and nutter was named to the department homeland of security's advisory council. business leaders gathered in winfield heights for the first annual city annual future-cast. 6 abc president and general manager, bernie prazenica was among it's featured speakers. it focuses on initiatives aimed at growing the city. and a center city high school is celebrate after
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students received a special grant for their work using solar power. a check for $9,000 was presented to the science academy for their work on water purification. they hand out various grants for student led projects ever year. it's one of 22 organizations selected across the u.s. and there is so much more ahead in the next half our of "action news." a 17-year-old girl is facing charges tonight accused of killing a 13-year-old boy. we'll have a live report on the case straight ahead. a student threatens to attack a local high school, see the social media post that has her facing a felony charge.
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"action news" continues. hello again. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with emergency help for local pets. on the jersey shore a team of volunteers helps animals impacted by the blizzard and flooding. >> and this is part of pennsylvania's new tourism campaign it shows off the hot spots with two local icons. think benjamin franklin versus a cheesesteak. and information about a
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local basketball coach for this encountser with a referee. the latest on a fallout that has him off the court for good. first, a 17-year-old is under arrest accused of shooting a 13-year-old to death earlier this month. the murder was the first of the year for camden and still hitting that community hard. "action news" reporter, gray hall, is working the story and is live with the latest. >> reporter: it's a crime that has rattled a community but tonight there is a bit of closure knowing that a suspect is locked up. >> a memorial still stands along beacon and lime streets at the spot where nathaniel plummer jr. was killed. a 17-year-old girl was charged in his death. she said she called police january 7th, the night of the shooting. >> i heard shots and called 911, i saw he was lying on the floor
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and we went out and tried to help and the police took him. >> a facebook page was set up to honor nathaniels young life. >> we never had any problems of this nature in this neighborhood. this is something we didn't expect and we are concerned about it. >> tragically 13-year-old nathaniel was camden's first homicide of the year. the 17-year-old suspect surrendered to police in connection with a 2015 shooting and ballistic evidence connected her to nathaniel's murder. the suspect's name has not been released and we don't have a motive. but a detention hearing is schedule ford this friday at 11:00 a.m.
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we are live in camden, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 17-year-old student from chester high school is under investigation for allegedly threatening to attack several schools investigators say she posted a message on instagram to shoot up students in the chester and chester upland district. she is charged way juvenile with at least one felony. parents were relieved but concerned. >> as a parent i think it's ridiculous that someone would do that, but i'm glad they caught the person that did it. >> i thought it was a joke but you can't play with stuff like that. >> they want to stress they take threats like these very seriously. police in had on town, new jersey, have video of thieves
4:33 pm
rummaging through an office area and police are not releasing the name of the business but say that the crime happened on black horse pike. philadelphia detectives are on the lookout for a man that held up three cell phone stores in the city. they say his crime spree started at a t-mobile in may fair and then stole from a verizon store in south philadelphia. the most recent crime was the one we told you about yesterday, he got away taking multiple phones from a verizon in northern liberties. police say he used a silver handgun and has tied up employees and customers each time. and do you recognize this man, wanted in connection for a robbery in german town. >> reporter: investigators say he forced an employee to open a door but when she could not get it unlocked he left without getting anything.
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the neshaminy high school basketball coach that got physical with a referee. is off the team. the school board voted to remove him from his duties this year. he is still a teacher. he was caught on camera getting into a physical confrontation earlier this month and has since returned to teaching. adam joseph is here now with milder conditions. and overnight they will go down? >> they are crash into the teens and 20s and everything will be rock solid the slush and melting snow will kind of freeze up. as we look now it's beautiful out there the sunshine in cape may 39 degrees with a northwesterly wind at 7 miles per hour, knocking the temperature down to 34 where the windchill and as we look at bear creek 39 there and pretty nice skiing and snowboarding
4:35 pm
conditions, windchill is not bad either, 1 degree below the freezing point and as we look at temperatures in the eastern half of the country, you notice something not much in the way of winter like temperatures, wichita 52 and 50 in raleigh. a little dip in temperature at the end of the week, a quick flurry here on friday and then the numbers go up up and away on the seven-day forecast. we'll show you when we turn that corner and head to the 50s and stay in the 50s. >> thanks a north jersey mother got quite the square this morning as she was walking her child to school. "action news" anchor, monica malpass has more on how a morning walk ended with several calls for help. >> it was an animal attack in bergen county when a raccoon jumped out and latched on to a
4:36 pm
boy's head. and tonight in health check increasing concern from the white house over the zika virus, coming up the call to action from president obama on this spreading disease. we'll have more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you monica. a new initiative is helping to transform blighted properties in philadelphia while providing jobs for inmates. the horticulture society and land rise teamed up for the initiative, it helps private contractors and companies transform blighted blocks with inmates. they call it one the most innovate programs in the nation and they met with perspective applicants to fill a variety of positions. still on "action news" a gold mine of cash could be hiding out in your own closet. we'll show you how to turn junk even the out dated electronics
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into income, that is ahead in what's the deal? and two feet of snow did not stop a bride and groom from tying the knot and they got hitched in the middle of the blizzard and have the pictures to prove it. >> it's beautiful. >> okay. >> in a still shot. >> very still. and adam joseph is back with the full forecast from ac waench.
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chopper 6 hd over the scene of breaking news in hamilton, mercer county. a tractor trailer overturned on the i-95 ramp to southbound 295. they have closed the road to clear the scene and clean up a fuel spill. we know there is one injury here and we'll update you as information becomes available. volunteers are making their rounds to check on pets impacted
4:40 pm
by the flooding and blizzard. volunteers are providing pet food, supplies and boarding and taking care of any hotel fees. >> we heard a lot of families were thinking of getting up their pets after the flooding happened and we couldn't allow that to happen. >> red paw relief helps people recover from any type of emergency in the area. for help go to for more information. one of famous fiats used by pope francis is at the philadelphia auto show. it's rolled in this afternoon and made headlines during the papal visit. bishop shanahan was behind the wheel and his son was blessed by the pope. you may remember that emotional moment.
4:41 pm
the passenger seat was occupied by choir singer, bobby hill. he had a stunning performance in front of the pope during the festival of families. the fiat will be auctioned off on friday night to benefit families. and he was riding in a red dodge viper that was custom built for jon bon jovi. they hope people will visit the show generating $50 million in spending in the city. this reminder, tune in saturday at 7:00 for our auto show special. karen rogers, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli will give you an inside look. more than 700 cars fill the showroom at the philadelphia convention center and we'll have a list of the must see things at at auto show. it's saturday at 8:00. and sharrie's first visit so it
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will be fun to watch her eyes light up. >> i want to see sharrie on the red carpet. >> it's the ultimate white wedding. a plymouth meeting company with 1-23 as their wedding date still tied the not on their wedding day still tied the not by using the winter wonderland as a backdrop. isn't this beautiful. despite the forecast they said no way we are not canceling this wedding we are getting married. only about half the guests could make it but still with roughly 60 friends and family members and some really good sports in their bridal party, they did it. and to ensure their wedding photographer was there for the big day, he slept over the bride's house the night before, he snapped these magical shots at the church in conshohocken
4:43 pm
and used the backdrop at normandy farm in blue bell. love this one where the snow is landing on their eyebrows. that was a lot of love and a lot fun. snowball fight, you love the girls in gowns braving the weather for those epic shots. those are some good friends. there are reasons to visit philly, they go beyond rich history and the cheesesteak. but a new tongue in cheek commercial from visit philadelphia called fill zilla has everybody talking. who is your money on? ben or the cheese steak? the show takes us around town to show us the gems, the arts and
4:44 pm
cultures and hotels and museums. we are more than a good cheesesteak or big ben but we love them larger than life don't we? and it looks like ben won that one, and with or without it was definitely with. and finally a grandma's post of her weight, adorable grand on aing the abc's sweeping social media. 2-year-old john david has down syndrome and this week he nailed the abc's including the tricky letter w. >> q, v, w -- w. >> x, y, z. yea! she told abc news this gives hope as well.
4:45 pm
reminding people do not give up, all children reach milestones when they are ready. so they can shine special light on down syndrome, and the w he got it. >> good deal he got it. thank you. lets get another check of the roads today. matt pellman has the abc's of traffic. >> f, f. that is the letter we are giving this situation in hamilton township, this afternoon we continue to watch from chopper 6 hd the overturned tractor trailer that is blocking the ramp from 195 westbound to 295 southbound, if you are trying to get down to burlington from 195, you can't use this ramp right now. the tractor trailer is on its side. there is a fuel spill, and it has thrown down sand on top of it. and one person was injured at least one person in this accident. we'll show you the maps, coming west on 195, i would bail for
4:46 pm
206, and from 130 get in the southbound lanes of 295. there is normal crash on 195 in the westbound direction of cox's corner, luckily that one is on the left shoulder. in burlington vw a crash at illinois avenue and states avenue. the mcdonald's and dunkin' donuts look for a crash. and crossing in delaware from newark there is a crash. and delaware county a crash on the southbound side of the route 1 media bypass before you meet up with baltimore pike and we said at least there were no accidents on the blue route. famous last words, a crash now northbound side approaching media, luckily it's off to the side but causing northbound slowing away from 195. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. adam has your forecast up next.
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we are going up into the new month. >> valentine's day. >> he wants candy already. >> yes, he has a sweet tooth. >> as we look at the action cam in philadelphia at fairmont water works, notice the snow melting and what was blue and drifting all over the place and the large piles really starting to collapse, condense and also melt so to speak. in fact we look at double scan live radar they are really going to work and sunday philadelphia had 22.2 inches on the grown and now 9 inches, we lost more than
4:50 pm
half the snow already in three days. 41 in allentown un42 in millville and 42 in dover and sea isle city a warm 40 degrees. drag in a light northwesterly wind and the windchill is 32 in philadelphia and 35 in allentown and 37 at the atlantic city airport. if you are in the direct sun it feels good but in the shade it's mighty chilly, satellite and radar, morning clouds and light showers in delaware off the coast the front slipped through and then this afternoon sunshine kind of ruled the area. overnight tonight, much colder and the ice will really kick in to high gear here once the sunsets. temperatures crash between 12 and 20 degrees. watch for some of that patchy black ice and that slush will harden up as you back in to a parking spot that has mounds of snow on either side.
4:51 pm
there are those two people of energy. the model shows it comes together and it's east of new england. and eastern part of canada, we miss the beast of this storm, on friday the front swings through and chilly wins kick in and there could be a flurry or two or a snow shower on friday, wouldn't add up to all that much. the exclusive accuweather forecast 40 degrees and sun and just a few clouds on thursday, blustery with clouds around and the front of 40 degrees and then 42 on saturday partly sunny and turning milder the second half of the weekend, sun and clouds, 49 degrees, as we go into the new month of february. here it is we warm your heart so to speak. 52 on monday could be a couple of showers around and clouds around at times tuesday and wednesday. temperatures stay between 50 and maybe as high as 54, 55 degrees,
4:52 pm
a week from now. get out and i just tweeted out get the kids out to enjoy the snow. by the middle of next week, it could be all gone. >> yes, sharrie is applauding over there. is that for me? >> adam thanks.
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cold hard cash is hiding in your closet and clutter. and today we are helping you find up to $1,000 you can cash in right now. >> learn best found that alexa is helping mom eliza find money around the house. tip one turn your old clothes into cash. alexa shares her secret on getting the most out of sites
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like trademark. >> it works well for adult clothes, price them together and get rid of more stuff. the dress paired with shoes could make you a quick $100 and make selling seasonal. >> winter coats peak time is fall. >> and now i'm phones at gazelle or you phone. >> sell the old one immediately. old ipods $70 on you sell. >> and don't count out the really out dated tech on sites like declutter. and this old boom box. >> $40 on ebay from a pile of trash to a bundle of cash. the clothes selling for $648 and electronics for $178 and miscellaneous $111, the grab
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total from the cleanup more than $1100. rick you joked about the vcr. but there is someone that want its. >> oh they can have it. i have an 8 track cassette player too you think they want that. >> maybe a museum. >> that is not that funny actually. finally at 4:00, a new york father could not handle the news he and his wife were having a boy. they had a cake made for a gender reveal party. when pena saw it was blue, the room erupts in cheers and he fainted. the news was too much for him to handle. he and his wife have four daughters. he was waiting for this moment for a very long time. his son is due in june. >> congratulations.
4:57 pm
that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for rick williams and brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. coming up next guys, i'll see you in a moment rick. police departments in two south jersey towns are trying to track down luring suspects after being caught on camera luring students. and bernie sanders heads to washington and what he told reports about the meeting with the man he is trying to replace. and former mayor, michael nutter, has a new job turning his focus forward to new york city.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a scary scene for parents caught on camera here in south jersey, a recording shows two people trying to possibly lure two children into their car and they worry they may have tried to strike more than once. the search for the suspects in an attempted luring investigation. >> one happened before sun down in evesham, and one in oakland,
5:00 pm
a similar report on the exact same day. sara bloomquist is live now with all the details. >> reporter: rick and monica, two incidents eerily similar, one in oakland and the other in evesham township. two boys were playing in their development when they were approached by the suspects who offered them candy. in recent days police came across surveillance video from one of these homes and it appears to show the suspect vehicle. in this video surveillance, you can see two boys 10 and 11 walking along the street near peter heard way. just before 5:00 p.m. on january 16 and, this black sedan drove by with an older white male with gray hair driving and a teenage girl with blond hair also in the car. >> the driver asked them if they wanted candy. >> the boys knew


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