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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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utter chaos inhe street in the hunting park section of philadelphia. two cars and a house pummell by van completely out of control. there's a reason for the mayh. bothen in t van h been shot. wednesday ght, the big sry oactnews" is an exclusi report. call it car carnage on t street of philadelph. dn cuellar live at the poce district, quite story. >> quite a story. a woman looks out her doornd couldn believe what she saw. herrand new car parked outside ofer homeooked like target in a demolition derby. struck n once, but again and again and again and again. and it was all ctured by you are about toee in this s >> i didn't know what to think. >> yeah. >>verything that came out of my mind was oh, my god. >> mar was in her home cooking
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dinneand it was just after 5:00 last friday right befo the bzzard when e heard gunsho and r to the door, worrieder husband m have en hit by astray bullet on the w to the corner stor the shock of her life. >> asoon ase opened t door boom it hit us. i didn't know what was goi on. my daughtedid not knownd i went in the use. >> someone firedhots at two people in the van of the driver los conol and crashes into her 2016 kia she bought a mon ago. >> i am looking towards 7th street and note the van going in reverse. i didn't think wou come towards us and it went too fast. >> that was oy the beginning. >> it slammed into the house, into my ca reversed back, slammed into m houseslammed into the car, reversed bk. slammed into the car and brought it up to t sidelk. reverd and then made a new parkingpot in fnt of my neighbors. >>ar strk five times.
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assault to injury, it slammed into her uger car behind hers. and thewo men fleeing on foot. her car? >> it s killed, bled to death, nothing in the car. >> the car totallednd her daughter's. and the home suffered dages but she has a $1000 deductible on homeoers and another $500 on her car. >>nd i have to get aoan and get another car. >> n hap camper. >> it is keeping me from my work and duties. >> one man shot in the face. e police made an aest but be lking for oersho may have been involved. >>hank you. the sto of a dver spenng tet the auto body shop after a sinkhole swallow e fro end of an s.u.v. the street caved inn
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pennsauken and the ahorities had to wait unt t crews could shut off water from a broken line bubbling uprom the grod. they finally pulled the.u.v. out an hour ago. chest police investiging a homicide this hour. t victim shot to death inside of a v of e scene t 1600 block of upland street and t poli have notdeifiedhe victim or suspects. n hour later chester police resnded to another shoing at 12th and mton anue near village deli. the victim's condion said to be gvend t suspect at large. a po-blizzard controver in south jersey community. suspending a crossing guard whe she a suppoers say s was trying to protect the kids iner ca. and whats the storyline here?
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>> well jim, officials say ga broke the a of command texting theayor askingor help. but she told "actnews" she was trying to do her job. gina recorded video of the snow-choked intsectionhat forced e sdents she crosses ermorning to walk in the trying to gett cleared by texting theayor for help, oy to fd herse suspeed for o days. >> because ias kind of rprised i was actlly getti suspended for doing myob to the best ofy ability a children safe. other peopls >> the 16-year vet reached out to "action news" on o facebk pagefter receing this nice ting her for breakghain ever coand. >> who was your chain ever command. >> sergeant muay. >> d you contact him? he was not working that y. >> a the police chief wldn't coe on wt he stays is a
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personnel issue, but a statement was posted on the departnt's facebook ge saying they have specific procedures that employees are required to fallen abling them to have pper coordinated emergency response as quickly as possible. >> theyre saying we told you, you were to contact your a ever command. and you carly ignored it contacting the may instead. >> my first thought was the children's safy and i cald whoould get it done the ft faster. >> and if sheoesn't is she failing our ki? feeling wrongfully punied. >> the parents are frustrated. it is like dned if do yo damned if you dot. >> a a petitiono get her suspension returnednd they will likely prese it at next wk'cnl meeting.
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>> thank you. a 17-yr-d girl under arrest tonight. she has been arrested for the murder of a 13-year-old boy in cden. nathaniellumm, jr. shot and killed january. the police have noteleased a possible motive or t girl she is already held at a juvenile detenti fility in connection with the shooting la year that left a the owners of a neighborhood bar wants to know who is vandalizingheir pla with rast grfiti. the trd time in two months it grill on 1h a mckean n b & recovered inlurs against africaaricans. the owner has no ia why someone would tgetis place. >> our crowd ia mixed crowd. we don't know whot could be. it couldeust a local guy lking the street once a awhile and just decides he wants to put setng on the wall. >> this is d. it's sa
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it's terrible. you know that someone would deface sething like is. >> the police say if they catch the culprit they face hate crimes iaddition to charges of defing property. the police say a 17-year-old girl responsible for an instagram post threateng to shoot students in three schools. thepland school distct, ester commuty scol and the high school saying "a blacks must die. and the girl who is herlf rican-american will be chaed, but not as an adult. police in oakland and evesham township loong into incidents of luri. surveillae veo of t bs ages 10 and 11 walking down the street in the area of peterurd way. the police say the driver of a black sedan asks the boys in they want candy. a male passeer is in the car. one ofheoys uses his cell
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phone and pretends to call lice a the driveulls away. a car approhed tee boys on manner avenuen oakland the same day. in hrisburg a senate committee today recommd that theull sene eveually vote on whether to reme attory office because she las a valid law office. the cmittee chairman, senat gordr said the matter shoul be dided in an up-or-down vote. the cmiee agrd to wait until the state supme court rusn h request to have the license reinstat. congressman's defse team having to stay on the job even though the four lawyers have not been paid in month. they asked a feral jge to be reased from the corruption case but the judge ordered them to continue workinghrough the trial, whichs scheded for may. the jge says he fears that the lawyers step down.ayed if tonight the lear of an armeanti-government protest
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group asking his folwers to stand dnnd go back to the this comes after last nighs rest of seven oths in ogon, an aest that turned deadly. >> the members of an antigovernment group in court r the first heari todaynd lrng more about the deadly and state officers yesterday on a rd nearby. an agents stopped them, and they say a mitant drove away with ofcers in pursuit, and a dozen sho reportedly rang out. a otherembers reactedhis >> my son rn had been shotn the arm. the bo fingan they cold-blooded kled him. and he was out and had his hands in the air and said he wasn't wasn't any threatnd th cold-blooded just killed him.
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>> criminal complaint uealed by a judge in portland said they had explosives and night goggles and theyroht an e to the 24-day siege. >>esrday the f.b.i.ith our partners took the first steps to bng ts occupion to conclusion. >> we don't arm up and rebel, we work threw the appropriate chaels this can't happen anymore. >> e protter's leader, through his attorney, urged him to sta down, too. >> please sta by. ghome and hug your famils. >> and they staed to protest what theyall the federal land restrictishat are overbearing and pson sentence of two ranchers convicted of setting fires earlier. we will see if the remaining members heed the leader's advice and go home. >> thanyou, monica.
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an injured philadelphia police officer received quite police department today. officers from new york's 17th precinct came to pladelphia to present jesse harett with a plaque describg his bravy. h a was shattered when he was shot at cse rang edwararcher went rit up to the cir and opened fire. andrcher later said that he shot hartnett in the name of islam. still to come tonight, a presidti candidate comes to town. and walter -- water resc, t man saving victims of the flint water crisis, tens of thousan of bottles at a time. nd the foods to eat to hp y lose weight. someay surprise you. temperatesre falling, 30 ges and colder when youtep outsi forhe morning coute. letting you knowow cold and the accuweather forecast.ngen
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> and jamie apody with flys and sixers highlights tonig that and more en "action news" continues.
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this is the work of at ast one tornado that tore through florida, d winds beten 90 and 100il an hour. e car lifted out of the southbou laneo the highway and thrown into the northund lanes with the drivertill that driver suffered only minor injuries. u.s. natnal democratsay th will address the water is in flin michigan as pa ofn energy bill. the idea to protect children fr water deay or poisonous.
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and a man has taken his own action for the wer cris. >> nehemiah davis stacks water in his west philadelphia shop. they arehat is lt of the thousan he and his friends devered monday. starting with a phone call. >> y, we need to do sething what should we do. >>hat they do despite a blizzard and 600 miles of roadway and ltle money is pack two trucks with water for folks happening in a couple of days. >>eople came up and literally h 500, 600 cases on the ground. we had to rent anoer u-haul. an initial goal of 10,000 bol bottles, but instead delivered 5000ottles and there are plenty more. >> for us to be able to provide for them wa stre water so the k
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bathe and drink a push wh goodater was awesome. >> calling himself an author and philahropist. and person after person dating a s detroit ptons morris who hails om philadelphia heardbout effort and helped withhe transportation costs. >> i had no clue iwas going t be so expensive. we assumed it would be cheap, st gas alo cost us $1,0. >> the remaining bottl are al heading to michigan. davis'riend willeliver them. and he and his friends know first-hand the peoplef fnt need more. >> whate did is a great start, but is a lotore help they need. >> in west philadelphia, chad news."or channel 6 "action ♪ on the politic fro tonight, democratic presidential cdidate hillary clinton at the philadelphia navy yard tonight
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raising money for her esidtial mpaign. the fundraising event with enteainment from jon bon jovi. her riva sands, got he disclosed theyalked about foreign policy,he econo and a little bit of polics, those his words. sanders asked the president for an update in the fight against islamic extrism. andonald trump dominating side.eadlines on the republican this time becau of h fd with fox news and date moderator, megan kelly. trump operad out of tomorrow night's debate and at this point holdi past. senator teds cruz challenged him to a one-on-one debate any te ywhere before the caucuses. > and rick williams there for the iowa ccuses and watching forhe fir le report from
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des moin tomorrow nightn "action news" at 11:00. elier today the mayor center in a custom dodge viper built for jon b jovi. work now underway to set up the philadelphia auto show which opens to the public this ekend. and following mayor j kenney was the very fiat thatope frcis used during h visit to philadelphia. behind the wheel enjoying themsees, bishop shanahan. and ridg as a passenger, bobby hillhe choir singer wowghe crowd. and the ft on displ a then ationed o for catholic the auto show preview speci, we ask you to join us for an uplose lk at some of the 700 caron display.
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"healthcheck" at 11:00 tonight. a new u pinpointing the frui and vegetles that you should eat to maiain a hlthy weightr shea few pound. apple, pear, berriesnd ppers with the gre of the effect in ducing weighgain or limited i the benefitrom signal compounds andhe stu singles t blueberries, strawberri, blackberries, and gpes a and other ilude onions and tea. even a small amount do the trick. a single portion a day will have an impactn middle age, i remember that. and the researchers point out america don eat eugh fruita vegetables of any kind every day. >>t is kd of interesng, there are diet tt say you sldn't have fruit, they have too much sugar. appartly that study says the >> you want find something
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you want to eat? go find you a dt that says it >> that is tr, you can pick and choo. >hatbout the accuweather fecas >> cooling this off. stormtracker live double scan showing it is clear and it is gettg cold. temperatures dropping below freezing across most of o viewing area right now. in philadelia, 30ownrom the high of 45. alltown down to 23. treon 31 degrees. wilmington 26. this iseally a big change from this time lt night. tperatures running anywhere from about 9 to 25 degrees cooler thanast time. not only the 24-hour change a shock to the system, it means anything unmelted will be freeng over solid inhe overnight hours. and we are really between stems. the next system iaold front early friday morning much
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tomorrow the bus stoporecast is going to be cold and a lot of sidewks will be icy. be carul with the kids. at 6:00, 22. 8:00,6 degrees. andt will be a sw ride. aund lunchtime in phidehia we should be climbgbove freezing. and by 4:00, about 39 degrees. so cooler than today. but a in all, a prey nice y with a gd amount of in the day.ncreasgloudsate if you have sinkg air between t o system what will happen on friday, t clier lls through early in the morning. could bring a round of flurries or shower. and the low pressure joins forces with the coaal low and deepensrging us wd tnel effect. a little cooler, 39 degrees. you factor wds gusting 25 to 30 miles perour it feels about 10o 15 degrees cler on friday. but then gradually warmingp as we head thrgh the weekend. theast weekend of are january. so the exclusive auweather seven-d recast,omorrow good amount of suhine.
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a few cloudpopping up late in the y with a high of 40 on frida blustery and morning flurrie and maybe a quick coating of snow high of 39 degrees. the weekendore pleasant than last weekend. partly sunny satuay, 42 degre. we bump it up to 49 degre and monday up to 52 degrees. we have some clouds and showers. and tuesday we rlly keep the trend. a lot of clouds,gain mildith hhs in the 50's. and wednesday mild with a good chce of some showers with a high of 54 degrs. so the first three days of february, temperatures in the 50's. but therere some iications by the end of the week that the cold air wl return. >> thank you, cecily. mucheeded helping hand arrived in elkins park tonight. 83-year-old lois stuck in h me since saturd. a she says even her doors were blocked by the snow. this hardly funny.
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tonight the ae christian men, abc came tthe rescue. >> where do you g kind people like this? i don't know. people there toelp you and to hpenior citizens, i bless em all the time. >> the volunteers refused to accept money, saying a simple thank you was more than enough. flyers-citals, where do
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they play now? in washington? >> d.c. >> what game it was tonight. >> what a ge it was. on paper it sms like a mismah. record in the leue, and the flyersn a thregame losing streak but the games not the last game befo the all-ar break. ryan ite gave themn early but theaps came back to tiet at 2-
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second period, je voracek unties it. but not for long. in the thd, the man named ae burakovsky ties it back up again. so we head to overtime. howev, in overtime watch this, je voracek, behindhe net, this would be the game-wner. how about at! the flysith a huge win. tappingth -- tapping the losing strea and okar did not make the of the's me bause is lady spent so bad for him, it him a hat. and noel 2 of the 20 for e xers up 4. how about jeri grant tonit, creer hh 21 points. bro liking it saying are we going to win two in a row here? n heaid reggie jackson called himr. january. the sixers fall 110-. ever a sond chance to
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ma a first impression. dg pedeon onhe first offici businessrip hop to do that. joining jeffery lurie and others at the very bowln mole, abama. maybe ging looks to the temple guys. skills.wls showcasi their ty are l looking to get drafted and pederson is there to learn. >> learni,ou have to watch everybod as head coach you have to watch all phases of the game. instead in the past iwas jt offense, b now looking at from that stapoint it is a lot of fun to evaluate the ente field opposed to one aspect of the game. cing up almost february, which means it is almost rch, which means it is time for the hos games to get
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temple facing east carolina giving the pirates a 2-point ad and later josh bro hits two free rows to tie it up. one last chance, and barcky thehreeot play a temple losing 64-61. > and st. joe's hosting umass. and 12 rebnds a the hawks win 78-70, the sixth strait >> you're welcome to much. "jimmy kiel live" next on chanl 6ollod by his guests night, you willee in just a moment.
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for "action new" i'm jim gardne good night. >> "action news" is sponsor in part by --


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