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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, january 28 here's what's happening. bullets shatter car wind shield in a shootout in the city. a crossing guard is suspended after contacting the mayor about a snow covered crosswalk. can you believe allentown schools are closed for a 4th straight day still digging out up there. others listed at let's go outside to david murphy and matt is here for karen. >> reporter: we're off to a chilly start, take a look at satellite. we have breaks in the clouds and sunshine later and high clouds streaking in later in the day. 25 degrees in philadelphia. up in snow-bound allentown. 12 degrees. 14 in reading. 11 in lancaster. 17 in trenton.
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19 in millville. as we look outside at the winds, they are very, very light, 3 miles per hour in philadelphia and calm in most of our reporting station. #9:00 a.m., 31 below freezing, watch out for patchy ice from the melting snow from yesterday. 1:00 a.m. we're melting that, 37 degrees, 9:00 a.m., 42 degrees at 3:00 p.m., more melting underway a little bit later on this morning and continuing through the afternoon. matt pellman milder air is on the way eventually in the seven day, i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: we're happy to hear that, we'll welcome the milder air, the cold air is giving us problems with icy patches that's for sure, david. the snow melted yesterday and created wet conditions that refroze overnight. on the the blue route ramp to the schuylkill expressway westbound a vehicle slid off the ramp into the snow. it got in an accident, the
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vehicle towed away now. you have to watch out for icy patches they are giving us problems this morning. whiff a new crash, a -- we have a new crash, a serious one, someone trapped in the wreckage street road at tillman drive. if you're coming in from bucks county i-95 southbound starting to tap the brakes as you enter the work zone at cottman and further south at girard. we have a vehicle that struck parked cars along hunting park avenue at j street. no big problems on the schuylkill expressway. back outside, this is norristown, markley street at main street. you can see some of the icy patches out here, especially as you try to come to a stop, before a traffic light you have to allow extra space an distance and time to make the stop because you could go slip sliding on the icy patches.
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cherry township broken down truck on the ramp 295 southbound to 561. gunfire erupted in a north philadelphia neighborhood leaving a man critically wounded. the man was sitting in his car on the 2100 block of north 8th street. the victim was shot and the victim returned fire. two other cars were riddled with bullets. a fast-moving fire damaged a house in chester county overnight. crews arrived with thick smoke and heavy smoke coming from the structure on james street at 1:00 a.m. the owners were not home at the time. no reports of injuries. a south jersey community is rallying behind a crossing guard after being suspended from her post. she said she was only trying to protect the kids in her care. katherine scott is live in runnymede camden county. i posted about this, people are
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on her side. >> reporter: a lot of people have a lot to say about this. this crossing guard was a 16 year veteran she felt breaking the chain of command was the last thing on her mind. parents and residents are rallying behind runnymede crossing guard gina bound. she video a snow covered intersection she sent a text asking for help to get the intersection cleared. for that she was suspended for two days. i surprised i was getting suspended for doing my job and keeping other people's children safe. she said the proper channel to contact, but the sergeant was not working that day. the mayor said he forwarded the
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message to public works to get the intersection cleared. the police chief would not comment on what he called a personnel issue. the statement said they have specific procedures employees are required to follow that enable to the borough to have coordinated response as quickly as possible. if she doesn't take action and something happens to a child, who are they going to come down on? her. >> reporter: she got a two day suspension, but a lot of members of the community are rallying to get the suspension overturned. we are live in runnymede, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you katherine. we have a brand new story this morning, a gunman schott and killed a man in the juniata park section neilson and hunting park avenue. a 20-year-old man was leaving a
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nearby mini market when he was hit at pointblank range. they are looking four -- for two people in connection with the murder. trenton police are investigating a disturbing discovery made outside a catholic charity's office, worker found a human fetus inside a box. a note references a miscarriage. catholic charities is a national organization in that serves the poor and people in need. police in evesham township are investigating incidents of a an attempted luring. this is video of two boys walking down the street. the driver asked the boys if they wanted candy. there's a female passenger in the car. one of the boys uses a crfer -- cell phone and pretends to call police, the car pulls way. the very same car approached
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boys on oakland the same day. maribel aber is in time square. >> reporter: vehicles with breaking or front collision warning are less likely to cause a rear end crash. highway safety found automatic a. economic growth has slowed, futures pointing to a higher open. we have reports on pending home s.e.a.l.s. and durable goods today. >> reporter: fcc is prosing changes on cable boxes.
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9fcc will vote on the proposed changes mid february. i called got mine cut 150 bucks. those cable boxes are the clunkiest things. they never work and they run a lot of power. >> reporter: wow, matt. they shall be easier to use. they probably will be eventually. storm tracker 6 live hd double scan we have nothing showing precipitation wise. as we look outside, there's the sky 6 temple university camera looking down broad street. you owls heading cross region bundle up. 25 degrees currently in philadelphia. 12 degrees in allentown. 14 in reading. the best thing we can say is the wind are very light across the region, so we're not worried about windchill, but you want to bundle up. with the temperatures sliding
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overnight we have freezeup on sidewalks and roads, as well. satellite shows you we have sunshine as there's not a lot of significant cloud cover. the clouds will thicken a little bit, but generally speaking a good day. we have melting after the blizzard 3 1.9 inches on the ground in allentown. we're looking at significant snow in allentown. philadelphia, 9 inches. wilmington, 4. atlantic city is dry. 37 is the high in the lehigh valley. some clouds occasionally, but a fair amount of sun. wind are light. down the shore, windy sun and clouds, 45 degrees is the high. in philadelphia, 42 degrees is the high, chilly, but winds light at 5 to so miles per hour. milder enough to continue to work on the snow. maybe we'll see grass showing up. i think i'm starting to see around the base of the house, the mulch and grass showing.
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if you have an option to waiting to get things done i would recommend it. noon, 38 degrees. 3:00 p.m., 42. overnight tonight we have patchy ice developing in some of the familiar places. future tracker 6 shows us there's a chance of snow shower in the afternoon. the model right now wants to place it up north. should be nothing more than a nuisance, but slow it down. 42 degrees, clouds and sun, not a bad day, light winds, tomorrow a spotty snow shower clouds and sun, high of 41. saturday we dip to 39. after that wind will turn out of the south and during the day on sunday it will turn milder high of 46 in the afternoon and then 52 on monday with a shower
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possible. still on or about 50 on tuesday with rain arriving probably at night. just ahead of the next front we get to 56 on wednesday. there will be rain around, but a nice temperature for early february. probably gets cooler on thursday, i'm thinking 40s. we're following developing news, police arrest more members of the militia that is occupying a federal building in oregon. a local man goes to michigan to help people with the water problem. >> reporter: we have a crash 422 oaks egypt road. we're getting our first sneak peek at a super bowl commercial next in tech bytes.
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welcome back taking a live look here, it looks pretty good right now getting up over the platt bridge. a reminder it's 28 degrees out there. there's been refreeze of melting snow, so you could find patches of black ice, take it easy. let's owe over to matt
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pellman. >> reporter: you know what would taste good is blue berry pancakes. today is blue berry pancake day. whip some up for breakfast. it is also can kazoo day. we have a number of ramp issues because there are slick patches on the ramps. this is an accident on 422 eastbound to egypt road oaks exit. you can see the police on the scene. traffic is squeezing by getting toward egypt road that's the bit of good news. we have icy conditions in norristown, the crews have been out there trying to remove the snow and put salt down. i would watch out for slick patches along markley and dekalb street. pennsylvania turnpike looks good with the speeds in the 50s and 60s no complaints at this point. warning for you if you you're heading west towards pittsburgh
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and ohio they are going to close the westbound turnpike at breeze wood exit 161 where we had the big problems with the trunk down the embankment. the truck is there, they are removing it during the midday. westbound turnpike closed out in western pennsylvania. a crash at tillman drive by the outback steakhouse. we have construction 206. watch out for lane restrictions each way. we have a broken down truck on 295 southbound to 561. the ramp is partially blocked. watch out for a crash at egg harbor road at clifton avenue. federal agents made three more arrests in connection with the standoff at the wildlife refuge in oregon. an undisclosed number of people are occupying the public building. one activist was shot and killed
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on tuesday during a traffic stop that led to another arrest including leader ammon bundy. he asked his followers to go home. a man drove ten hours to michigan to deliver clean water to a community in need. he heard about the water crisis in flint, michigan and wanted to do something about it. the goal was to collect ten thousand bottles, he collected 60,000 bottles an emergency spending bill for more bottled waters and filters is up for a vote in michigan today. the leader of the free world talks movies. president obama dives into the diversity issue at the oscars. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids warmly this morning because temperatures have dipped below freezing in most neighborhoods, moderating this afternoon. i'll take a trip to the airport to see if there are any delays.
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>> reporter: amazon is running an ad on super bowl sunday. cheerleaders. cheerleaders. i thought you were the expert at these parties. >> reporter: dan marino they are planning a super bowl party with the virtual assistant. samsung is getting to launch upgrade program. leisure devices for one year and exchange it for a newer model. apple has a similar plan for the iphone. facebook like button is about to get more emotional. you can go beyond a thumbs up and add an emoji angry, sad, wow, ha, and love. those are tech bytes. have a good day.
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cruised into the pennsylvania convention center in a dodge viper built for bon jovi. behind that the popemobile. which you can keating was -- chuck ceeght was behind the wheel. bobby hill was in the car who wowed the parkway crowd with the solo performance and beautiful voice. the fee -- fiat will be on display and auctioned off. join karen rogers, melissa, ducis rogers and alicia vitarelli for an up-close look at the 700 cars on display. i'm sure the popemobile had
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features you that they are not letting on to. press the button and talk to god? >> reporter: getting word of a crash in northeast philadelphia involving a septa bus and a car over pennypack creek reportedly blocking one lane of the outer drive. elsewhere on the boulevard this is the scene in east falls, bottom right corner of the screen, can you see the icy pox from the end of fox street to the southbound lanes. extra traffic on the boulevard twin bridges and the city avenue bridges starting monday when the falls bridge is which he woulded woulded -- scheduled to close for 40 days. >> reporter: icy patches on the roads and sidewalks and driveways too. 7:00 a.m., below freezing, 9:00 a.m., 31. we'll get plenty of sunshine up over the horizon early.
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a few high clouds mixing in early in the day. plenty of time for melting with highs around 42 degrees. heading to the airport no major delays between here and our most commonly traveled destinations. we're high and dry down to orlando and atlanta and out to chicago. surveillance cameras caught an out-of-control van smashing into a car and house in philadelphia. marie rivera heard gunshots and ran to the door. someone was firing shots at the two people in the van. the van wiped out a stop sign and pashed -- crashed into her brand new kia. the driver of the van kept going back and forth smashing into the car five times. it sent the car into her
6:24 am
daughter's car parked behind hers. the two men took off, they made an arrest in the shooting and looking for others who may have been involved. ♪
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happened 30 years ago today. the spacecraft exploded january 28, 1986. all seven astronauts were killed including school teacherrer
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chrisy ma -- mccullism ff. president obama has spoken out on race before and the hard and necessary work coming together with to recall ascertains and inclusion. look for talent and provide opportunity to everybody. i think the oscar debate is just an expression of this broader issue are we making sure everybody is getting a fair shot. this is the second year all the acting nominees have been white. new from the overnight, police in chester get to the bottom of a social media threat the second one in as many days. drivers are waking up to a mangle mess of metal outside of their homes. we'll tell you what happened up next.
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>> new on "action news," a carbon monoxide leak in delaware sent four people to the hospital including a child. chester police arrest a man threatening them for how they handed another threat made against a city school. a racoon attacked a little boy walking to school. good morning, 6:30, january 28. let's head over to david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers. >> reporter: it's colder than yesterday. take a look at satellite we'll have lack of significant cloud cover early, we'll see additional clouds filter in as the day goes on. 25 degrees in philadelphia. 12 in i will in allentown. 14 in reading, 17 in trenton and 21 in wilmington. the winds are light, 3 miles per
6:31 am
hour in philadelphia. for the most part calm wind across the region. 31 degrees by 9:00 him we'll be below freezing. keep in mind there's a lot of patchy ice that formed because of the melting snow yesterday and the driving temperatures this morning that are in the 30s. still below freezing by 9:00 a.m. we'll melt the ice and melt more snow today in the afternoon we get into the 40s and wind up with a high of 42 under mainly sunny skies and high clouds building in. matt pellman we're looking at snowflakes around tomorrow, no big deal and big time warmup in the seven day. that's coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i like the big time warmup. good morning, everybody, as we look outside live in ambler we're having problems and accidents this morning. this is welsh road at 309 bethlehem pike there are a lot of icy patches as vehicle try to come to a stop or make a turn it's possible to go slip sliding
6:32 am
if you're not careful. a lot of ice on the roads welsh road 309 bethlehem pike. getting word of a new crash in hatboro, york road at 263 summit avenue. use blair mill or jacksonville road. they had an accident street road at tillman drive. a crash involving a car and septa bus win chester avenue taking a a lane at at this point. we have an accident 422 eastbound at egypt road, traffic has been squeezing by. you're barely squeezing by a broken down tractor-trailer 295 southbound to 561. crash clementon avenue. and one in delaware i-95 northbound i'll have details on
6:33 am
that in just a few minutes. an 8-year-old is among four people in delaware being treated for exposure to carbon monoxide. they got sick from high leaves of the gas inside the home in bear, new castle county. neighbors are being checked out. so far no reports that the carbon monoxide have spread to the other homes. delmarva power is investigating the cause of the leak. new this morning, a second series of threats on social media targeting people in chester. this time they warn bliss about how -- this time they warn police about how they arrested a teenager for the original threats. annie mccormick is in chester to sort this out. >> reporter: a strange twist of the story we brought you yesterday. a 23-year-old arrested for making threats to chester police on social meade i -- media. they say the region why he was upset about the arrest of a teen
6:34 am
because she made threats online toward the school. the threat allegedly from david millbourn of media. threatening police officers on foib -- facebook and instagram in response to the arrest of a 17-year-old chester high school student who posted two inis it a grams saying she would shoot up several schools in the chester area. the teen who was african-american posted it on a dare on a sleepover in this neighborhood in chester township hours after she made the post the fbi and local authorities swarmed the home. police say then she admitted that she wrote it and she was arrested. back out here live, the 17-year-old has been arrested and charged she has not been charged as an adult. millbourn faces terroristic
6:35 am
threats and harassment charges. it is not clear if they are related or knew each other. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." new this morning, a driver loss control and crashed head on into a park car in juniata park section of philadelphia on hunting park avenue near j street. the driver was taken to the hospital with various injuries. no word on what caused the crash. a congregation in philadelphia's brewerytown section will be surveying the damage today. a small fire broke out on the 2500 block of cecil b. moore avenue. no word on what caused the fire. the american tourist killed in grenada has been identified as the wife a doctor who practices in berks county. a ma she -- ma she -- machete wg
6:36 am
man at a tacked the woman on the beach. time is 6:36 donald trump is not budging on his promise to boycott the final republican debate before the iowa cause of action can you say. iowa caucuses. trump's campaign said fox crossed 9 line. he taped an interview with bill o'reilly who pleaded with trump to reconsider. i think you should be the bigger man and don't you think that's the right thing to do. trump plans to host a
6:37 am
fundraiser for veterans at the same time as tonight's debate on fox. on the democratic side hillary clinton attended a fundraiser here at the philadelphia navel yard. her rival ben -- bernie sanders got face time with the president in the oval office. rick williams is heading to des moines to cover the iowa caucuses watch for the live report tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. seeing a refreeze? >> reporter: absolutely, matt, storm tracker 6 live showing we're clear, but it's cold. a lot of sun coming up over the horizon, you can see that over the ben franklin bridge. it's cold than yesterday and cold enough to freeze up the melting snow from yesterday, as well. look at how glassy the river is, as we have very little wind
6:38 am
around the region. 25 degrees in philadelphia. the winds out of the southwest at # miles per hour. so not enough to create a windchill, bundle up, you don't have to hunch your shoulders all that much, but you'll experience the cold. you can see the lack of cloud cover on satellite. some of the clouds may filter in cruel get a sun and clouds mix. an icy alert this morning. temperatures have dropped we're in the 20s and pushing close to the teens. with the melting yesterday, we have the icy patches out there, now. things improve at 10:00 a.m. above freezing. 38 degrees by noon. there's the high, 42 around 3:00 p.m. we continue to work on the snow. as we take a look at highs across the region in the 30s in allentown and reading, but above freezing and warm enough to melt a big snow pack up north and west. 43 in millville.
6:39 am
down the shore, mid 40s, light winds sun and clouds digging in as the day goes on. tomorrow, 41 degrees is the forecast high. it will be windy tomorrow. you can see the model is showing wrapping around this departing low pressure center, a little instability that could produce scattered snowflakes and flurries and snow showers. the latest run shows this mixing with wet snow and rain, this is the noon view and quickly in the afternoon it looks like it gets out of here. a little bit of a issue tomorrow, but a nuisance. today's high, 42 sun and clouds. tomorrow, a spotty snow shower around otherwise clouds and sun, windy, high of 41. saturday we start out the weekend chillier with a high of 39, but it's dry. sunday that's when things start to change. a frontal boundary way out west inches toward us, we start to turn milder with a southerly flow. 46 sunday, 52 monday, shower
6:40 am
around, 50 on tuesday with cloudy skies and rain arriving at night. wednesday, 56 degrees but with the front on our doorstep we'll see rain on wednesday. behind that front it gets cooler and probably stays cooler for a while, but the high on thursday in the mid 40 os, not too bad. a real live nightmare, a north jersey boy is recovering from a frightening encounter with a racoon on a busy suburban street. a sinkhole swallows a car in south jersey. refreeze is occurring right, matt. >> reporter: right, matt traffic on i-95 is moving okay. we'll talk about the delaware accident and a bridge opening after the break. an animal rights group plans for a house in the movie silence of the lambs.
6:41 am
we'll tell you about it later on "action news." > 6:43 saw refreg
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overnight. later on today you'll get more snow melting. 26 degrees right now. high temperature of 41 today. >> let's see what the commute looks like and go over to matt pellman. >> reporter: we're up and down and all around with the temperatures. speeds are down in delaware matt and tam along i-95 northbound lanes 10 miles per hour at times as you come north at christiana. an accident scene on the northbound side of i-95 approaching 141. probably not a spot in which you want to find yourself stay on 40
6:44 am
and 13 as other alternates. as we go outside live in norristown you can see why we're having problems and lots of accidents. 202 dekalb pike at john son highway. look at the ice all over the roadway. they need out there removing snow and putting down salt, but we're left with patches like this if you hit the brakes on that you'll fly in the middle of intersection even when the light is red. crash at hat bore summit, use blair mill or jacksonville road. bensalem there's a bad wreck at street and tillman drive. stay on woodhaven that's clear at this point. northeast philadelphia we have a septa bus accident on the boulevard by winchester in the outer drive blocking a lane. no accidents on i-95 or the schuylkill expressway.
6:45 am
but a lot of speeds in the 20s. tacony-palmyra going up in a few minutes, head to the betsy ross bridge instead. thanks, matt. a sinkhole in south jersey swallowed up the suv last night. the street caved in in pennsauken. the crews had to shut off the water from the broken line bubbling up from the ground. authorities pulled out the suv an hour later. there are new details on a deadly night in the city of chester. "action news" learned that one of the victims shot at 12th and morton avenue has died. firefighters on a call nearby were first to hear the gunfire. they helped two of the victims waiting for an ambulance. a third victim ran to a nearby home to get help. an hour early chester police found someone shot to death inside a van upland street. this murder is unsolved this morning. a 6-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a racoon.
6:46 am
a witness told officers the animal ran across the street and jumped on the boy's back and crawled on his face in elm wood park yesterday morning. danny wall was heading to work when he heard the mother's screams for help. he grabbed his painting pole and started swinging. he clawed into the kid's face, i killed the racoon. the child was taken to the hospital with deep cuts. bergen county animal control has the dead racoon and will test it for rabies. a live preview of the "g.m.a." is next. a property featured in silence of the lambs could be become a real animal house. >> reporter: we're below freezing this morning, so we're dressing the kids warmly this afternoon things east up and we'll get melting underway.
6:47 am
i'll have the day planner forecast coming up next.
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6:49 am
>> construction workers unearth the bones of a mammoth under oregon state footballle field. he this-- football field. they found the bone of a buys
6:50 am
son -- bison and camel that date back ten thousand years to the ice age. drivers formed a human chain to help save a trucker from falling off the pennsylvania turnpike. the driver had lost control of his big rig near bedford. he and the truck were dangling off the highway, so witnesses locked stammered -- arms to pull him to safety. the truck will be pulled from tk turnpike today. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m. they will close the westbound lanes at breeze wood expected to take three or four hours to get it cleared out. heading outside this morning, tacony-palmyra on the way back down. northbound ship just went through, you know what that means, burlington bristol bridge opening in just a little while.
6:51 am
commodor barry bridge watch out for eastbound construction heading toward new jersey one lane getting by that could cause delays. delays are starting to form on 42 northbound between 544 and 295. speeds are dropping. mass transit is on time so far this morning. >> reporter: it is a cold one this morning with temperatures in the teens and 20s in northern and western suburbs and south jersey. on or about 20 up and down the state of delaware. definitely a situation where we had a lot of melting yesterday and refreezing this morning as matt has been talking about, not only on the roads, but the sidewalks. below freezing by 9:00 a.m. but we'll have sunshine working on the ice and melting the snow. we'll do more melting through the afternoon. 38 degrees by noon, and nor high today will be 42 and that will probably slide in right there around 3:00 p.m. if you have plans to head to the market, you might want to hold off until later in the afternoon.
6:52 am
winds will be light all day and more comfortable later on. now that michael jackson fans have a day to digest that a white man will be playing the pop idle. jesse fine says his appearance is not too far off from jackson. fines a british actor added the movie is in in malicious. it's a look at a road trip jackson took trying to get home from new york city to l.a. new on "action news," pita wants to convert a western pennsylvania house "silence of the lambs" into an empathy museum. it's been sitting on the market with few interested in the 250,000-dollar sale price.
6:53 am
peta wants people to go there and wear the skins ever slain animals in reference to the psychotic killer buffalo bill.
6:54 am
6:55 am
an 8-year-old is among four people in delaware being treated for carbon monoxide they got sick from the high levels of the gas in bear, new castle county. chester police have charged a man for making threats against police officers. his threats came in response to the arrest of a 17-year-old high
6:56 am
school student. a crossing guard is facing two day suspension she received a notice after she broke the chain of command and texted the mayor telling him there was a crosswalk that was filled with snow. >> reporter: i-95 in delaware, approaching 141 an accident is blocking all lanes, single digits speeds north of 273. stick with kirkwood highway for 40 or 13. i-95 delaware county this is the scene of a crash in ridley park. >> reporter: the melting yesterday turned to ice overnight, we'll met -- melt it this afternoon. we'll have a high of 42 light winds and share amount of sunshine. can you believe allentown schools are closed for a 4th
6:57 am
day digging out from the record snowfall. i hope it end soon. for tamala edwards, matt pellman, david murphy, i'm matt o'donnell. "g.m.a." is next. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
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good morning, america. donald trump standing his ground overnight firing back at fox. >> i was not treated well by fox. you know, how much of this do you take? >> and megyn kelly. >> i think she's highly overrated. >> ted cruz taunts trump daring him to a one-on-one debate offering more than a million dollars to charity. tonight's debate stage now set. trump still promises he won't be on it. state of crisis, the dangerous zika virus spreading. scientists now warning it could become an explosive pandemic. more than 20 cases already in the u.s. as the world health organization holds an emergency meeting and we talk to one of the nation's top health officials, are we on the verge of an outbreak? breaking overnight, new arrests in that massive manhunt as three escaped inmates remain at large. now an exclusive look inside the maximum security jail, the fugitives sawed through


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