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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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of a man that posted threats on facebook against cheffer officers and their families. gray hall is live now with more. police and prosecutors sent a message they don't take this lightly. >> reporter: indeed they did, two people are locked up because of those online threats. officers say that any time there is threats made against schools and law enforcement, they will take it seriously and act quickly and aggressively to arrest those responsible. 23-year-old david millborn signatures in jail accused of threatening police in response to a teenager's social media post threatening to shoot up schools in chester. police were able to arrest millborn and the 17-year-old chester high school student. they caught up with her when teens were having a slumber party and they were surprised to
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find the police at the board. >> the 17 and millborn confessed to the threats and wrote about them on facebook. in one rant, millborn wrote tell the stupid chester cops they should worry about their families getting murdered. >> he said irrational and ill logical statements i would not be surprised but we have not documents a mental condition at this time. >> reporter: the two did not know each other but may have been in contact via social media. they warn they take it seriously finance you think you can hide behind a key board. think again. >> you post a threatening message, something against law enforcement and their families, something against students in an educational facility. we are coming with our team of investigators --
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>> reporter: and tonight police say they would also like to thank the community for their tips and reporting in these cases, as for the 17-year-old suspect her name not released because she is under able, we should mention that police say they don't believe either suspect had the ability to act out on the threats. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> okay gray thank you. >> it has been two days since a 73-year-old woman was murdered in her home in mercer county, new jersey. but police are looking for someone specific in connection with her death. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in east windsor tip with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: sharrie that someone specific is the victim's daughter-in-law who disappeared the day of the murders. police are not calling her a suspect but they want to find her and see what she knows about what went on inside of this house.
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>> it's shocking. oh my gosh i saw that coming -- >> residents like don mcdonough is trying to make exception of the bludgeoning of one of their neighbors. she was killed with blunt force trauma to the head and her body was found in her home on mozart court in east windsor. >> it's sad and i know they are nice people and a great family, it's really a terrible tragedy it's just shocking and upsetting. >> reporter: police are now looking for the victim's daughter-in-law, who lifbed in the house and disappeared on tuesday, it's believed she is driving a 2000 nissan quest minivan with tags jyy 16 p. >> if she is really the one who
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did this, because we did not see if it's really true or not. but it's scary. no matter who it is. if they are still out there it's scary. >> sources say she suffered from mental health issues but maybes that knew her casually were not aware of that. >> nothing i saw that made me think any other than this is a normal american family living here in the suburbs. >> if you see her or her nissan minivan, police say you should not approach her but call them immediately. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. brand new at 4:00, a camden police officer was injured today after his cruiser hit a building and "action news" viewer sent us this video of the moment after the crash, it happened at 27th street this morning, the officer went to cooper hospital and is expected to be fine.
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it's not clear what cause that crash. any time you see breaking news happen join the action, post your picture and video with #6abcaction on social media or email them to it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. lets send things outside adam joseph is standing by with a first check of the forecast. >> it's still feeling pretty nice out here but some clouds are trying to slight the sunshine and we see a little dip in temperature. yesterday 45 and so far today 42 degrees that is helping the melting process. 37 in allentown and as well as reading and 34 in rand caffer and wilmington and dover where the clouds were thicker to the south and west of philadelphia. temperatures at the shore between 41 and 44 degrees. satellite and radar lots of sun and you see the high clouds that were streamed in from the south
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and west. an ocean storm off the carolinas and developing into energy off the great lakes with showers and the two will merge to our east into friday, this evening temperatures slowly drop into the low 30s and stay below freezing through the 11:00 hour, no quick iceups as we go past sunset. we'll chat about the rest of the week and the big warm-up into february. now, to the latest on vote 2016, tonight presidential gop frontrunner, donald trump, will be a no show at the republican debate just four days after the iowa caucuses, standing his ground an calling it an eye for an eye against the network hosting the debate. >> i get on the stage for the first debate, i get an unfair question. >> but for tonight's debate nature rated with the same
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something, trump is will not be anywhere that debate. and rival, ted cruz says skipping the debate is like skipping a job interview with iowa voters. if someone didn't show up at the interview, you know what you would say? you're fired. the senator now challenging trump to debate one-on-one and marco rubio says this drama is deflecting from the real issue. >> a great side show, the greatest show on earth, this is not a show, this is serious, we cannot lose this election we have to turn this country around now. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a statist typical tie. >> the enthusiasm and momentum is with us. >> the clinton campaign is
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watching -- >> if they let bernie sanders win iowa he will win new hampshire and then the race resets and it's in a different territory than they thought. >> and sanders released his medical records with his doctor calling his health good. >> and john mccain wishes he would not use a veteran event to further his own political agenda. we'll have all the action for you in iowa. "action news" anchor, rick williams is in des moines right now look for his live reports starting tonight at 11:00. philadelphia is now six months away from hosting the democratic national convention, dnc leaders and mayor kenney spoke about the planning process at old bar in old city. they say they are on budget and on time. and want to make sure the local businesses can ben fit from all
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the visits in july. >> we are on task with efforts to make sure that diverse communities and companies get a piece of the economic pie. >> a new google partnership will help business owners increase their online presence over the next few months and a vendor directory will help them find local suppliers for their needs. they have contracted with local hotels so far. >> feel like the pope just left and now the next big thing. and time now for the next big thing. the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is live in the traffic center with an update. >> i was going to say the big event is brian taff is back. welcome back. don't boo. >> adam is booing. that is so hurtful. this is not right, slow speed as long the schuylkill expressway, but we expect these right, this is the eastbound side by
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montgomery drive, 28 minutes either way, double what it ideally should be, if you can envision the schuylkill, the ideal time is 14 minutes. 309 and bethlehem pike at stirling drive an accident and an accident involving a pedestrian is in chester county along 52 at balmoral drive and look for a wreck at greentree road at pitman road. and issues, mechanical issues with the del air bridge, as a result of that the ac rail line is not running suspended between philadelphia and cherry hill. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday, almost friday. one of our friends using the waze app says look for a traffic stop near route 13 there in claymont. we'll check it again coming up
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in the next half hour. still ahead here today he is known as the affluenza teen is back on u.s. soil. and an uproar on the philadelphia music scene. we'll explain what it is all about. why the city councilman says it's fessies -- necessary.
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so-called affluenza teenager was finally deported from mexico, ethan couch returned to texas on a flight, he was in puerto vallarta and captured with his mother. they believe he fled because couch was accused of possibly violating his probation related
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to a drunk driving crash, he is due in court for a detention hearing tomorrow. and now warnings about the zika virus, the world health organization said there could be 3 to 4 million cases of zika in the u.s. over the next year, it's linked to mosquitos and could cause birth defects in pregnant women. today marks 30 years in the biggest tragedy of the history of nasa. the space shuttle broke away after it launched in 1986. nasa learned later it was caused by a booster engine that failed. they use today as a day of remembrance, in addition to the challenger, it honors apollo one and the shuttle columbia on this
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day. here in philadelphia today big noise in the music industry over a music venue bill being considered in city council. it started with a proposal from mark squila and a reversal that could be music to their ears. >> representationives from bands and managers were contacting me asking how the bill would effect them. it all started with a bill that would seemingly give police -- to improve who could perform. >> there was an impact in the music community in the united states about coming to philadelphia. >> the bill had a line that would require venues with 50 people or more to collect contact information for all performers and then be handed over to police. >> if you have a more famous
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performer like bob dillon or cold play, or jay z, there are privacy concerns, why do you need my phone number and what would police do with it. >> meanwhile skilla says the intent of the bill was a way to crack downtown facilities operating without a license and without real life music. they were running it off their phones or ipod off a play list and is willing to remove those controversial lines. >> it's not the intent of the bill and can be easily removed from the bill and that will alleviate most of the concerns i am hearing. >> you'll do that? >> yes, absolutely. >> he feels the bill will actually benefit musicians. and skilla telling us today he is willing to take out the lines
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about the registration and about collecting that personal information of those artists. >> we have more music here, cold play with a tour that will stop in philadelphia, they will play lincoln financial field on august 6th, ticket goes on sale one week from tomorrow. it's one of only seven u.s. shows. and they will headline the super bowl next week in california. and another installation of philadelphia the great america. it covered 1840 to 1854 where the city incorporated ra the county for the neighborhoods we all know and love today and the movement to end slavery. it airs tonight at 7:30 here on 6 abc. and if you are a fan of "wheel
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of fortune" you can see it in its entirety at 1:30 a.m., set your dvr's, tune in for your chance to win a trip to see that show live in los angeles. >> a lot of interest in that of course. it's time for another check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets go live to adam joseph. even though you booed my return -- >> someone had to. i have to give you an uprise on your first day back. welcome back of course. reading pennsylvania on sky 6 hd, a little haze as you look into the western skyline there, high clouds have pushed in there, but if you are not a winter weather lover, i have some good news for you. we have turned the corner from the heart of the winter january 5th to january 26th our normal high during that period of time 40 degrees, a couple of days ago on wednesday, the high went up a
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degree to 41 and we are now pushing towards spring and from the statistly coldest part of the winter season in the delaware valley. 37 in allentown as well as reading, 42 in philadelphia and 42 in millville and 41 and 44 degrees at the shore. satellite and radar a system to the south, rain off the carolinas and down to florida. this is low pressure that develops off the coast and in addition to energy off the great lakes, the two will merge or they are going to merge over the northern atlantic. halifax, will miss us and new england but the energy from the north wraps through early tomorrow morning and the lunch time hour, there could be a quick rain our shower. cold tonight 22 to 30 for the overnight low, and future tracker showing tomorrow morning it's dry for the morning rush hour, a few clouds around, 33
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philadelphia and upper 20s to the north and west and a couple of snow showers in the poconos and right around the lunch time hour at 1:30, you can see a hit or miss rain or snow shower. but it will not accumulate, temperatures around 40 degrees at that time. it's quickly out of here a half hour at most and tomorrow night temperatures below freedsi ifre the skies clear out. a high of 40 degrees tomorrow and then the sun and clouds are back on saturday, chilly high of 39 and then a big jump up come sunday, the second half of the weekend, 48 degrees and a lot of clouds and a couple of showers on monday as you go back to the 50s and you get warmer than that next week. we'll have the seven day in the next half hour. >> thank you adam. still ahead, a massive brawl at a local school we have the
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video of what happened there and a live report coming up. >> plus, the high tech sport that wants to become the next nascar. we introduce you to the world of drone racing. plus a lesson in love wins and age is just a number. and the happily ever after happening in ocean county right now. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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the x1 voice remote is here. from our delaware newsroom four people were hurt in a house fire in hockessin, the fire broke out at 7:00 a.m. everybody was out of the house before the firefighters got there, but all four people went to the hospital for breathing in too much smoke. the fire caused $200,000 in damage to the home and a fire marshall is trying to figure out how this started . the closing numbers on wall street. green arrows, the dow close sd
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up 125 points and the s&p up 11 points on the day. the sixers kicked off their fit 76 clinic today. sixers player, robertgton went through drills in norristown and talked about choosing a healthy lifestyle and the clinic lasted 76 minutes. fit 76 was made possible by a partnership between blue cross and the sixers. the central bucks family ymca is celebrating 60 years in the community. they held an anniversary party in doylestown today. they shared photos and stories about the dedication to the community. today was the start of a year long celebration that features perks and family events for
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members. coming up, a video shows a fight breaking out in a philadelphia middle school and we learn this is not a rare occurrence. sara bloomquist is live with the latest on the investigation. plus -- i'm nydia han if you like to buy natural foods you may not be always getting what you think.
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"action news" continues. >> it's 4:30, and "action news" continues with a mom under arrest after allegedly using her toddler to hide drugs. and barbie's body was scrutinized for years now and today she debuted a new image. we'll talk about it in big talkers. and new deals saves the uss united states, but the iconic ship's future is still uncertain. >> we start with the accuweather forecast, we like to use the word boring when it comes to the weekend after last weekend. >> last week we were gearing up for the blizzard and tracking its every move. we are developing a storm off the coast of the carolinas but it's way off to sea. we are not looking at that. 42 in philadelphia, average for this time of year. 39 in washington and 43 in charleston, west virginia and
4:30 pm
30s for buffalo and binghamton. camelback mountain people ski boarding, 31 is your air temperature and win 10 miles per hour creating a windchill of 22 and moisture is gaining strength and steam from charlotte to raleigh and the two come together but as that energy pulls through here tomorrow we could see a quick rain or snow shower around lunch time tomorrow but we are tracking a quiet weekend and then a big warm-up in that seven-day forecast, wait until you see the temperatures as we get into the beginning of february around here. january was a little bit above normal but as we go into february it will start well above that. overall the winter season we saw the snowfall overall staying above normal each and every day so far.
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>> an emergency mother is accused of using her toddler to hide heroin and crack cocaine, tara worthy is facing several charges. manchester township police say they found the drugs in her 19-month-old child's car seat during a traffic stop on monday. they searched the car after learning that worthy was driving on a suspended license, her child was turned over to the division of child protection. "action news" can now confirm that a house fire in cherry hill has turned deadly. chopper 6 hd was over the home of sheffield home this morning, fire officials tell us that flames and thick smoke made it hard to get to a 25-year-old woman inside they were edge to rescue her but she died at the hospital. three others were treated for mine orb burns and it was accidental. the woman lived with her mother and father who were not home at
4:32 pm
the time. philadelphia fire crews are trying to figure out what caused flames to break out in the church in brewery town. smoke came from the whalen baptist church late last night. they put the fire out quickly and no one was hurt here. an early morning shootout in north philadelphia left a man with gunshot wounds on both of his arms and the action cam was on the scene of the 2800 block of north 8th street as police marked evidence. police say that the 48-year-old victim was in the car when the shots rang out and he returned fire, the man is being treated at temple university hospital no word on who shot him and why, and video of the fight in northeast philadelphia we learned was under investigation, a lot of students were involved in this one, as fists fly through the air at the middle school. sara bloomquist is live at that school and are you learning that
4:33 pm
fights like this are more common than you might think. >> reporter: that is what we are hearing, "action news" obtained the video from admiral wilson middle school. district officials were unaware of the fight on video earlier today and they are looking into it. we talked to parents and students who say as alarming as the video is, it's not unusual at northeast high school anymore. the cell phone video shows a large number of students involved in the fight at woodrow wilson middle school and it appears to start in a classroom in the hallway, where punches are thrown and one male student gets stomped repeatedly on the head. >> i heard that happens a lot. it's common because the school is overpopulated. rash el's daughter is in the
4:34 pm
seventh grade and picks her up and shows other fights on cotman and wilson middle and high dismiss at 3:00 p.m. >> they are restless and there are too many children. her daughter told us she witnesses small fights all the time and calls them a distraction. >> every time there is a fight outside the door and i look and the teacher is like pay attention. >> victoria santiago has two younger siblings at woodrow wilson. >> what do you think of that? >> it's ridiculous. shoemaker believes there so be a bigger police presence at dismissal and class size should be addressed. she is glad someone had a cell phone. >> it's a good thing we do so we can get more protection in school. >> the philadelphia police tell
4:35 pm
us they did take an assault report from the school but the victim and his mother were uncooperative and we are told that the victim broke a window following the fight at the school and he himself was charged with vandalism. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. many people are finally done cleaning up from the blizzard of 2016, but there are plenty of neighborhoods still dealing with it. in lambertville, new jersey, crews are removing piles of snow and carrying it away in a dump truck vehicles were still buried or blocked in, lambertville's small streets make it more challenging to dig out. two philadelphia institutions are in hot water with the city's health department after inexpecters found problems inside of both of those restaurants. monica malpass is in the newsroom with more on this.
4:36 pm
>> this may be upsetting to hear about some of their favorite places in philadelphia. both pat's steaks and debrunos on eighth and chestnut were the subject of unannounced health inspections and both cited for serious infractions. just how the restaurants are reacting. plus, a meeting between the pontiffs and an oscar nominee, we'll talk about the conversation between pope francis and actor, leonardo dicaprio real have those stories coming your way at 5:00. >> thank you. the ss united states is about to undergo a rebirth, supporters of the icon ship docked in philadelphia, they have a deal with a partner now and have not offer heed details. many wonder if that rusting hull is headed to another port perhaps new york city. the luxury vessel is larger than
4:37 pm
the titanic and holds the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing. >> interesting. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, a lot of items on grocery store shelves are labeled natural and do you know what that means. we'll explain in what's the deal? ahead in big talker we have the story behind this new jersey couple that tied the not just this week. hold on tight we are taking you for a wild ride, turns out drone racing is the latest tie tech past time. more on the growing sport ahead. >> that looks awesome. meteorologist, adam joseph, back with the full accuweather forecast.
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french police have arrested a man near a disney resort in paris, investigator says he had
4:40 pm
two guns and ammunition in his luggage, they stopped him as he tried to go through security at disney's hotel new york and the man was carrying a quran and told police he was armed for his own protection. police are still looking for a woman that was with him. an owner of the nba team is the latest high-profile person offering to step up and help with the flint water crisis. he is offering to raise 12 million there's to help the michigan city. people are drinking bottled water and using filters and getting children tested because the tap water is contaminated with led. it's the latest in competitive sports, drone racing and just like the nba and the nfl it's so big it has its own league. the drone racing league calls this the nascar for drones.
4:41 pm
the latest race hit the skies in miami this past december. the creator, nick calls it a whole new form of entertainment and straddles the real. this year dubai is hosting the first ever drone grant prism and racers bringing their own drones with risk of collisions and that make its fun and i'm guessing expensive. in case you are wondering they prefer to be called jockeys. and barbie is tooking different and a bit more real, like us. mattel's latest line of dolls come in three new body types, curvy, tall and pet eat and a variety of hair styles and
4:42 pm
colors and barbie released the now line today and was the big topic on twitter today. she is available in seven skin tonights and 10 eye colors and they call her more embracing, if you love the original you can get her too. now to the prime example love wins and age is just a number. this is carroll and walter and over the weekend they got married in ocean county, it started with nightly chats and smiles and ended with happily ever after. it was a wed something yes there was a dress and a blushing bride. carol there, there were bridesmaids her daughter and granddaughter, and a nervous groom doesn't walter look handsome and of course there was a cake. the venue their retirement and
4:43 pm
assisted living facility, the pines at whiting, they met last year when carol moved in and they were both widowed and neither looking for love. they exchanged vows and they are in their 80s, but that this is puppy love and that now they are officially married they are moving in together. so carol and walter how do you like this, his little machine here it says walter and carol just married. off they go. all decks out. isn't that great. >> they are holding on to their age they don't want you to know that. they found love. alicia thanks so much. by the way congrats today. lets get a check of the roads today. >> from tying the knot to traffic being tied in knots that, is what we are seeing this
4:44 pm
afternoon in center city. i don't know if you want to say i do to the vine street expressway s there is plenty of traffic in both directions, it's normal afternoon volume on 676, the roosevelt off the schuylkill, we are locked up like most afternoons heading to broad street. but next week you'll see more traffic on the roosevelt twin bridges as well as the city avenue bridge because monday the east falls bridge closes for emergency construction. route 1, the boulevard and the city avenue bridge will take extra volume during the closure time. meantime in bensalem watch for a crash at nights road and lancaster county a couple of closures, route 10 is blocked and cambridge road a possible alternate and 30 is blocked in gap because of downed wires from
4:45 pm
an earlier crash close to the brass eagle, strasburg road or up on the turnpike is an the nate. and a crash near the applebees on 40 polanski highway. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. still ahead. foods labeled natural are flying off grocery store shelves but they may not be what you think coming up in what's the deal? >> and sky 6 hd looking at penn's landing, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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sensing a different mood in the forecast center than it has been. it's quiet. >> it has been.
4:48 pm
>> we don't need two weekends back to back, thankfully we are missing this next storm developing off the carolinas, as we take a look at this tranquil and calm picturesque video here, the fresh snow back on the banks there. many creeks are not freezing over because we have not had an extended cold snap day and night to get that going. some high clouds from the south and west this afternoon but not tracking any precipitation, north and west upper 30s near 40 degrees, 40 saint davids and tannersville 37 and oxford 37 and buck county 41 and into the state of new jersey and delaware, ewing and browns mills 40 degree mark and bridgeton 41 and smyrna 42 and ocean 42 degrees.
4:49 pm
as we look at satellite and radar the system is developing over the south and over the great lakes a weak clipper system that will inject itself into this ocean storm and it becomes a beast of a storm that happens way too late for us. even new england missing out and blows up near halifax and heads to the north and east later on in the weekend. tonight back at home, not as cold as last night, 22 lehigh valley and 30 philadelphia and near 30 degrees at the shore. future tracker 6 first thing tomorrow morning it's dry and sun and clouds for the morning rush hour as we end the work and school week. 28 in allentown and around freezing in millville and as the energy to the north pulls by here early tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, there could be a spitting rain or snow shower and no accumulation and temperatures well above freezing at 40 degrees, you see it falling in the air very briefly as it passes through and by 5:30
4:50 pm
tomorrow evening and clear with temperatures around the freezing point. the jet stream is carving itself to the south and as we get into february and next week the jet stream buckles back over the great lakes, surging the warmth and eastern seaboard. this is reminisceent of what we went through if january, highs in the 50s and 60s. 40 degrees with a quick rain or snow shower at lunch time tomorrow and then sun and clouds and chilly saturday with a high of 39 and then the bounce up on sunday 48 degrees, and a lot of clouds on monday shower 52 and then mild on tuesday, some sun 54 and suchitouching 60 on wedn and that drops the temperature on thursday back down to 42 degrees, as we start february
4:51 pm
here on monday to the 50s and 60s we go for the first three days. >> oh man. >> unreal. thanks adam. what's the deal? is coming up next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
if you shop for foods labeled natural. you are not alone. they find that two-thirds of shoppers look for foods that say they are natural. consumer reports says it doesn't necessarily mean what you think. nydia han explains in what's the deal? >> the buzz word at the supermarket is natural. what exactly does it mean? >> i would prefer to buy natural. >> look for natural because i feel like it's healthier. >> a consumer reports survey of american shoppers fine that most
4:54 pm
people that buy processed foods labeled natural have no pesticides, or gm ox's and half of those surveyed think that this is independently verified. >> the problem is the natural label doesn't guarantee any of this. there are no government standards. manufacturers are allowed to use the gmo's and call it natural. the natural label could be little more than a marketing tool that can fool consumers. weson vegetable oil is called 100% natural but is made from genetically modified soy beans. delmonty did not respond to the ingredients and this kraft natural cheese has a mold inhibitor.
4:55 pm
and they did not respond either. >> for processed foods the natural label should mean organic and no artificial ingredients and requirements like the organic label. consumer reports wants the food and drug administration to ban the term natural or define it in a meaningful way and now the fda is asking the public to weigh in on how it should be used on food labels. we put a link to the page at i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> finally at 4:00, lebron james put on quite a show against the phoenix suns but a young fan at the game is also garnering attention for his performance. this is how it all started. the cavs stole the ball and it led to a fast break and an awesome dunk off the backboard by lebron james, a fancy pass and a slam that sent the crowd going wild including this kid,
4:56 pm
the kid breaks out the dance moves and celebrating the dunk himself. he was sitting court side. a true fan at the game. how do you get the seats? dance moves like that. >> they might invite them back. >> now, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli i'm brian taff. join me along with sharrie and ducis rogers every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now monica malpass is here with a look ahead. >> many could go up next at 5:00, we continue to follow developments out of the south jersey felt a sonic boom that rattled the state. and the countdown is on to the democratic convention. exactly six months before a nominee is named. and the health organization is calling the spread of the zika virus explosive.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
4:59 pm
it's 5:00 we are following breaking news from south jersey, multiple sonic boomed gave people in the garden state a jolt like this. they started southeast of hamilton and east of the jackson. brian taff joins us the big story on "action news" is the shake in new jersey that had many folks thinking an earthquake hit. >> our newsroom got flooded with calls shortly after and many of you tweeted and posted on our facebook page. we got reports from folks down the shore shaking like an earthquake from ocean county all the way down to cape may. christie is live in hammonton at the ep center with more. >> it's all that people are talking about here. we know for sure it wasn't an earthquake, it was a somic boom just north of hammonton but it's unclear what caused it.
5:00 pm
>> i was just getting out a school in may's landing and i thought i was going crazy for a second and then i felt it a second time. i knew there was something going on. >> like a rumble like a heater backs up, the whole house shook. >> what caused it, the mcguire air force base says they don't have aircraft capable of supersonic flight and the national guard in atlantic city flies f-16's but they have no flights in the region but still the tremors were felt from brigantine to toms river. >> it was a big noise i didn't think it was anything. i thought it was a fighter jet. >> the whole house started shaking and the dog started barking and it was like every 20 minutes it felt like. >> while the officials work to confirm the sonic boom they are asking people not to contact 911 or call


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