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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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person of interest. the victim is 47-year-old sean spence of new castle. the person of interest the man who lived in that house. police say it all happened right here on eider court. his name is gregory parker and police believe he knew the victim. this is the man sought by new castle county police 52-year-old gregory parker. he's 6-foot 8225 pounds and lives in the house where police say a man was found dead last night. police were called around 10:00 p.m. for a welfare check. inside on the first floor they found the body of 47-year-old sean spence having suffered significant injuries. >> with enough knowledge and experience and training they know that that's not a natural death. >> reporter: adrian toss cano says when he saw flashing lights outside parker's house late last night he knew something was wrong. >> we were watching the news and it was a homicide and we were kind of a little shook. >> reporter: in the daylight officers continued to investigate removing evidence from the home and shooting video footage. police want to tress that spence and parker knew each
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other. still, neighbors say it's unsettling. >> it's just scary. knowing that nothing has never happened around here and this happened right next door to you. it's -- i'm shook up. >> nothing happens here. >> reporter: no arrests have been made and police are still searching for parker. if you have any information, you're asked to call 1800-tip-3333. live in new castle delaware, trish hartman channel6 "action news." brian. >> trish thanks. three students taken into police custody outside philadelphia's ben franklin high school today after a gun was fired in a stairwell. police said a fight had broken out shortly before that shot was fired and now they're trying to figure out just how someone managed to get a gun inside that school in the first place. "action news" reporter gray hall following that investigation. he'll have much more tonight at 6 o'clock. >> now to developing news on the political front.
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the state department is withholding more than 20 e-mails sent from ill hillary clinton's private server because they have been deemed top-secret. clinton's campaign is now questioning the secrecy of messages saying the e-mails originated and remained the state department's unclassified system. they're demanding the e-mails be released calling overt classification run amok. that news could throw a wrench into clinton's plans three days and countering until this year's iowa caucuses. >> today presidential candidates rallied for last minute support. rick williams live with all of the day's developments many hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, monica, hi, brian. that's right, you know, we attended a rally for hillary clinton today and she made no mention of the e-mail controversy not that she had a to because there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from her supporters the the college campus we visited earlier today. for the next few days iowans will be inundated with
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political messages and campaign rhetoric ahead of monday night's crucial contest. the iowa caucuses can make or break a presidential campaign and that's why the candidates were crisscrossing the hawk eye state all day long today. >> ♪ >> reporter: following last night's debate here in des moines, republicans have fend out across the state of iowa with the exception of donald trump who has already in new hampshire ahead of the nation's first primary there february 8th a week after the iowa caucus. the other candidates spent this day appealing personally to as many iowans as possible like here at this political rally at grant view university where we were here as democratic frontrunner hillary clinton showed up urging supporters to vote for her monday night. her chief opponent bernie sanders also crisscrossing the hawk eye state today like this appearance in mount pleasant, iowa. back live now of course it will be a busy friday night
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for the candidates and the week should be a wild one as well as we count down to the iowa caucuses monday evening. now, coming up at 6 o'clock we'll show you why it's so important for the candidates to win the iowa caucuses and why some of the candidates especially on the republican side wouldn't mind finishing second or even third. that's coming up at 6:00. until then, rick williams reporting live on the action cam from balmy des moines, iowa. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you rick. he will be there in iowa throughout the weekend leading up to the caucuses on monday. you can watch for his reports all week long right here on "action news." >> health officials in pennsylvania say they've tested six to eight people for the zika virus all of whom had recently traveled to affected areas. now local healthcare professionals are getting a plan together to contain the virus if it is found here. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman live at the big board with details on this. >> right now health officials say this is something that we need to prepare for just in case but it is not something that we need to panic about in the united states.
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the main concern is for pregnant women who travel. stacy gore ski is a biology professor at the university of sciences. she says zika virus lab around since late 40's but up until now it was considered just a nuisance virus. now that it's potentially linked to a serious birth defect, there is much more concern. that condition is called micro cephaly. the cdc advised pregnant women to not travel to areas affected with the virus. gore ski says take this advice seriously. >> just because we don't know so much and i always would like to say stick with the adage better safe than sorry. >> in most cases, zika virus causes mild or no symptoms. but experts say it may now also be linked to guillen beret system in adults.
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it causes temporary paralysis sis. in terms of a vaccine. >> we're at ground zero in terms of zika virus. very few labs were studying this virus because it was so mild. >> because of that she says it will likely take at least a few years to develop a safe and effective vaccine. so many are focusing on mosquito control. the mosquito that carries zika isn't in our area but other type that could carry the virus is. health officials say they'll be on alert come spring. >> we'll be tracking some mosquito in pennsylvania, all species to see what diseases are being tracked but specifically we'll be looking for mosqu mosquitos carrying caa virus. >> one person in new jersey was infected in colombia. zika virus can not be spread
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person-to-person through casual contact. there has been one case reportedly spread through sexual contact. but again, there are no cases of anyone camping it in the united states. monica. >> all right, thanks so much ali. as tax season gets under way local lawmakers want to call attention to a tax cut for the working poor. mayor kenney outlines the you earned it campaign. he wants taxpayers to take advantage of the income tax credit. it could provide you with a refund. the city he is offering free tax preparation services at 28 different locations. we've listed them on >> after months of construction the 69th street transportation center's west terminal is back opened. >> cut. (applause). >> septa officials and local lawmakers held a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning in upper darby.
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the $20 million reconstruction and modernization project got under way last spring. some of the improvements include new president ramps, termina --pedestrian ramps. >> matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center with an eventful evening. matt. >> yeah, that's for sure. our cameras showing us a bad situation here along 95, brian and monica, a vehicle actually ran off of the northbound side of 95 down the embankment into the trees here. that's the red vehicle right there in the trees so the emergency responders are still out on 95 in the northbound lanes just out of view taking out those two northbound lanes approach, the betsy ross bridge. that's giving you a very heavy traffic as you come north of the vine street expressway through this point approach, the betsy. speaking of that vine street expressway, uh-oh, broken down tractor-trailer here in the westbound lanes approaching the schuylkill. that means coming away from 95 you're looking at very heavy traffic, eastbound also a sea of headlights from the schuylkill out to 95. pair of issues in delco.
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there's a crash in brookhaven along edgemont avenue near brookhaven road by the walgreens. also one in chester along kerlin street near 14th. in clementon the crash involving a pedestrian blocking off the white horse pike. berlin road a local alternate or you could use 42 but there there's an accident southbound near shoppers lane in washington township. so, lots of accidents. we'll check them again, monica and brian in the next half hour. >> all right, see you then, matt. thank you. much more ahead still on "action news" tonight. so-called affluenza teen made his first appearance in court after returning to the united states. ahead at 5:30 the decision a judge still has to make that could land ethan couch behind bars. >> first developing news from southern california. one accused murderer has been captured after a jailbreak from a maximum security prison. cecily. >> well its a cool and windy start to the weekend. it's not going to stay that way, though. i'm tracking a taste of spring as well as our next storm system. details on what to expect in the "action news" forecast when "action news" returns.
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>> developing news out of california where police say one of three escaped inmates is back in custody. police arrested 43-year-old bac duong this afternoon in santa ana after he spent one week on the run. police are searching for two
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others. ravaghi is accused of helping the criminals escapes. investigators say she taught english as a second language at the central men's jail and provided three with google maps and other information to help them escape. >> michigan's governor has approved $28 milillion to help the city of flint recover from its toxic water crisis. the plan was unanimously passed by the state senate. $4 million of that money will be used to treat children affected by lead poisoning. the rest will be used for things like paying residents water bills and replacing the water system infrastructure. >> there's another reason in health check to make sure you're getting enough sleep. researchers claim women who struggle to sleep at night are more likely to develop type two diabetes. experts at harvard school of public health found people who complain of sleeping disorders are also more likely to have high blood pressure weight problems and depression. new study by the cdc looked at memory loss in adults and it found that three
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out of four adults over 45 years old did not mention memory loss problems to their doctor and of those who did, 50 percent failed to go on for follow-up treatment. researchers say memory loss is a problem when you start for getting recent events and people. police in north jersey have that issued a safety alert after a raccoon attacked a six-year-old boy did test positive for rabies. the attack happened wednesday morning in elmwood park bergen county. the child walloped with cuts to the face;... the child was hospitalized with cuts to his face. lease police want anyone to be on alert for wild animals. >> south jersey it's not raccoons residents are worried about but birds. turns out there's a pack of wild turkeys wreaking havoc and ruffling plenty of feathers in burlington county. residents are asking the state to help. nora muchanic has the story. >> they're all over the neighborhood. you have to stop while they cross. >> reporter: when you say wild turkey some folks think
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about bourbon whiskey. in palmyra and parts of cinnamon son they think about birds specifically a growing flock of wild turkeys that roam through backyards, stop to gobble up a snack and perhaps leave a calling card wild turkeys that to many residents have become a nuisance most foul. >> about 20, 30 of them usually at the backyard and at dusk they fly up into the trees and sit there all night. >> reporter: along the palmyra cinnaminson border the turkeys often roost overnight. he says this furniture was just cleaned last week. gross. >> i think people are feeding them so they're getting less and less afraid of people. i'll go to take the trash out or recycling and they'll come right back. >> they're large, leave a mess wherever they go. they're a little bit aggressive. >> reporter: as they travel around the wild turkeys sometimes cause traffic problems, too. >> they won't move. they move so slowly so i beep my horn and they'll move. >> reporter: the wild
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turkeys have been ruffling feathers in this neighborhood on and off for a couple years now and palmyra has been asking state wildlife officials for help. business administrator says fish and game reps say they plan to set a trap using a net suspended over a 60 square foot area. >> bait the turkeys to that location. when they get a sufficient number they actor 58 the trap. >> reporter: exactly when that will happen is unclear. residents fed up from the mess are looking forward to the day when the only turkey they have to worry about is the one on their thanksgiving table. i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> still to come on "action news" nearly a week after the blizzard of 2016 slammed that coast. plus, first a popular breakfast item. mcdonald's could soon make available all day nationwide. we'll have that and more when "action news" comes right back. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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>> ♪ >> xerox corporation best known of course for making copy machines is splitting in two. reports say the company will be divided into separate hardware and services businesses. xerox has been dealing with a slow down in hardware business for years as customers focused more on print management services. mcdonald's is going to start testing a popular item
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to all its -- to its all day breakfast menu the mcgrid department they launched all-day breakfast with select items leading to a spike in sales. the test begins monday in tulsa oklahoma. no word on when or where it might expand. >> students got a sneak peek at the coolest cars at the philadelphia auto show. 20 kids from four archdiocesan schools of special education toured the pennsylvania convention center to check out the sleek wheels and shiny cars and trucks. they also got to see the papal fiat that pope francis rode in when he visited philadelphia last september, a fun field trip for sure. more from the philadelphia auto show for you coming up on "action news" at 6:00. well, nasa says there is more ice on pluto than previously thought. these are new scans taken by nasa's new horizon spacecraft. the map shows exposed water ice is abundant on the surface of the dwarf planet and is likely what makes up most of pluto's crust. scientists say they found ice
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made of frozen gas as well like methane and nitrogen. fascinating. >> still to come, a check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's take it live outside rider now, sky6 hd showing you spring mountain. lots of skiers and borders having a blast tonight. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather fiche day when "actiofive day w" comes right back.
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>> runners lottery for this year's blue cross broad street run will open monday morning. the 10-mile race down broad street has a limit of 40,000 participants but as you know many more people usually try to sign. this year's lottery will stay opened until february 12th. organizers are letting people sign up for groups this year for people who want to run together. the race itself is scheduled for sunday may first. >> all right. time to get a check of that accuweather forecast at the "action news" big board. >> all right, meteorologist cecily tynan standing by with the accuweather forecast. hi, cecily. >> hi, guys. a few minutes ago you showed that live picture if spring mountain. i want to show you a live snapshot from shani mountain where we have some skiers out and about. with all the snow we had last weekend all of the ski resorts are reporting a really deep base so a great weekend to go skiing my son has his ski race at elk mountain. right now if you're in the poconos the wind gusts 33 miles per hour in allentown 35 miles an hour wind gusts, philadelphia not quite that
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strong, down 23 but atlantic city airport 29 and wilmington 30 degrees. these winds are pulling in some cool air so the current wind chill feels like 30 in philadelphia, feels like 26 in allentown, 28 in atlantic city, 27 in trenton, 24 in reading and for folks skiing in the poconos right now the wind chill is currently 11 degrees. but if i show you temperatures across the eastern half of the nation you can see there is a lot of very warm air building to our southwest. what will happen as we head through the second half of the weekend and early next week, we get the winds out of the southwest so that will be tapping into that warmer air and that means tomorrow will be seasonally cool but then it's going to feel a little bit like spring as we start february. satellite6 along with action radar showing we did have that cold front pull through and that brought us a round of some snow showers and some rain showers and now what's happening low pressure associated with that is really deepening offer the coast of new england so that's what's pulling down the winds out of the northwest but as we head
5:26 pm
through the overnight hours, high pressure builds in and that means the winds will gradually diminish. association the call from accuweather for tonight, it's going to be a cold night. it clears out and the winds diminishing, 22 in philadelphia, 15 in lancaster, 16 in allentown, 25 in atlantic city and wilmington 19 degrees. future tracker showing as we head through the afternoon most of the day temperatures will be stuck in the 30's. at 2 o'clock 38 degrees. and then as we le ed into sunda, a good amount of sunshine, 33 degrees. as we head into the afternoon by 1 o'clock, temperatures up near 50 degrees and it gets even warmer as we head through the first half of next week. so, it's five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow you like winter, feels like winter tomorrow, sun with a few clouds, a high of 40 degrees. on sunday partly sunny skies and milder with a high of 50 degrees. monday as we start february it gets warmer but a little bit of shower activity,.
5:27 pm
ground hog day a high of 50 and wednesday our next big storm, that cuts to the west so that means we're in the warm sector of the storm, 60 degrees, but rounds of rain, heavy at times. i'll talk about what happens behind that system in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, guys. >> can't believe it's ground hog day. >> it's almost. >> cecily thank you. much more "action news" when we come right back. >> ♪
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. rick is on assignment for the iowa caucuses. brian taff joins us tonight. here's what's happening on "action news." ethan couch the affluenza teen appears in front of a judge for the first time since escape to mexico. residents of a south jersey town heavily damaged by the weekend blizzard ban together in a show of strength. what they're saying about recovery efforts. >> ♪ and police officers on one local college campus launch a new safety video and it's got everybody dancing. we'll show you. >> and now the details, the texas attorney prosecuting ethan couch says he'll make every effort to hold that
5:30 pm
affluenza teen accountable for his actions. the 18-year-old and his mother fled to texas last month as he was being investigated for possible probation violation they fled to mexico. tonight couch is being held in a juvenile detention center. abc's marci gonzalez with more. >> reporter: the judge ruled that for now couch will stay in juvenile detention center his future still larging undecided. so-called affluenza teen ethan couch back in the u.s. briefly facing a judge in texas today after being deported from mexico yesterday. >> he's relieved to be home i can tell you that. but certainly he is like anybody else would be, he is concerned about what the future holds for him. >> reporter: authorities say the 18-year-old went into hiding with his mother in mexico two months ago after this video surfaced appearing to show couch at a booze party a possible violation of his 10
5:31 pm
year probation sentence for a 2013 drunk driving crash in killed four people. couch who avoided a jail sentence with a controversial defense claim that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong could now spend time behind bars if his case is transferred to the adult system. until that decision is made, he's being held in a juvenile detention center. >> the important thing is that he is here. he's not going anywhere. he's not going to mexico again. >> reporter: while couch's attorney claims he's sorry, victims' families say they are still waiting for an apology and for justice. >> no hesitation, no remorse, no care. that's why i'm here, man. i'm not leaving until i can see something, until i get an understanding. >> reporter: and couch is scheduled to be back in court february 19th. meanwhile his mother remains on house arrest. reporting live marci gonzalez channel6 "action news." brian, back to you. >> thank you. we've got a consumer alert tonight for anyone who uses
5:32 pm
apple products while traveling overseas. the company has just issued a voluntary recall of some of its ac power adapters due to a risk of electric shock. apple says the adapters were sold for use in europe south korea and several other countries. they are of the two pronged variety sold between 2003 and 2015 with mac commuters, some iphones and ipads. the captors were also sold as part of apple's world travel adapter kit. 12 incidents have been reported so far. apple says it will exchange the faulty plugs for free at any apple store and will also refund customers who bought new plugs over that issue. >> meantime president obama is taking new steps tonight to close the gender pay gap even more for women. today he expanded a data collection program trying to find abuses of gender pay inequality. he called on businesses not to penalize women for starting a family and says men have to help parent, too. but he admits getting equal pay will be a long haul and
5:33 pm
says more women must go into high paying jobs like technology and engineering. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on president obama's fight to close the gender wage gap as well as ethan couch's court appearance. you can watch all that following "action news" at 6:00. >> from our new jersey news room tonight a camden county judge said a 17-year-old girl charged with murder will remain in a juvenile detention center police are not releasing her name because of her age tonight. she appeared in court today charged with the shooting death of 13-year-old nate plummer jr. it happened on line street in camden. police say she was already in custody for shooting a 19-year-old man in october. that man survived. the action cam was in trenton this morning for the sixth annual new jersey human trafficking awareness event. members of the state task force called for a bigger focus on preventing new victims from entering the cycle of abuse. january is human trafficking prevention month. >> new jersey officials are
5:34 pm
still assessing the damage from the weekend blizzard and preliminary estimates show cape may county sustained $67 million in damage, also authorities say 19 of the beaches sustained heavy damage, among the most severe loss of sand happened in northern ocean county along long beach island. for example in holgate here, 12 to 15 feet of beach loss in brand beach 12 feet as well and atlantic city also further down the coast suffered terribly, beach elevation dropped two to 8 feet, ocean city had beaches falling one to 7 feet. so, serious damage along the jersey shore. also from our new jersey news room tonight, we have residents of stone harbor cape may county, they want to know if -- they want people to know that they are on the rebound following the storm. mayor walters invited business owners police and firefighters as well as neighbors for a coffee break this morning. the mayor says the borough saw flooding that was a foot higher than superstorm sandy. luckily the dunes prevented even more damage. the mayor says her town is
5:35 pm
still determined to rebuild. >> weary silent and we will -- we're resilient and we will come through this. the shop owners have been rebuilding and making it better than before. >> how is that for a positive outlook. following this morning's coffee break the entire group walked to the middle of 96th avenue and posed for a photo with the #stone harbor life and they say this year's summer season they promise will be better than ever. >> no doubt. monica, thank you. delaware county police officers are the first in the world to carry a new version of a lifesaving drug. until recently narcan was only available as an injection but now it also comes in a nasal spray form. it's an easier way to reverse heroin or pain killer overdose. delaware county officers are the very first to get it. they say they have already saved more than 170 lives since they started using the original narcan back in 2014.
5:36 pm
law enforcement in chester county says their prescription drug program has been a success. district attorney tom hogan announced last year more than 3700 pounds of prescription drugs were collected at their drug drop boxes. the boxes are set up at police stations around chester county so that citizens can safely dispose of medical prescription medications. >> graduation day for 30 new recruits of the philadelphia police department. they were sworn in today after spending the past nine months training at the police academy. some of the new grads talked about the dangers police face. it was on many of their minds. just a few weeks ago officer jesse hartnett was shot three times while on patrol in west philadelphia. >> we are trained so i hope that like with officer hartnett his training right away came back to him and a had you able thewas able to do s able to do. >> there's always a little bit of fear. that's what keeps us say. it's overwhelming but not
5:37 pm
overwhelming where i can't do my job. >> police are trying to do more to create positive actions between children and the officers patrolling their neighborhoods. as part of the new initiative officers with the 22nd district participated in this chess tournament at saint martin in north philadelphia. >> now to a check of the evening commute as we get another check of the "action news" traffic report. >> over to matt pelman to see what's rolling. hey, matt. >> last week day commute of january for this year. are we sad to see it go? >> no. >> not so much. and it's keeping us busy on this friday afternoon, monica and brian especially on the vine street expressway westbound here at a crawl coming off 95 through this point approaching the schuylkill. you see the culprit, a broken down tractor-trailer taking out the center lane so you got to get on the left or the right. can't stay in that center lane coming west of broad street. on 95 still have that accident involving a vehicle that ran down the embankment off the road northbound approaching the betsy ross bridge. speeds just in the teens approaching that. in east oak lane watch out for a crash along mascher street at cheltenham avenue. if you're headed up to the poconos for skiing this week
5:38 pm
watch out for a broken down vehicle along the northeast extension northbound approaching the lehigh valley interchange right lane out of commission there. in limerick township a crash along royersford road at ridge pike. fire police helping around that. one in folsom along macdade boulevard and in brookhaven one along edge mont of a 352. monica and brian, enjoy your weekend. >> you too, matt. thank you. still to come right here on "action news tonight an enormous task to protect pieces of history is now under way in university city and penn history experts show us how they're doing it. >> plus a campus safety video sure to go viral. the university of delaware police force break it down in a new online campaign. we will show you. cecily is in for add today. hi there. >> hi, monica. we have a cold start to the weekend, wind chills below freezing but i'm actually tracking a taste of spring on the way. we'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> we like the sound thereof. >> oh, yeah. >> plus an eagle got one big pay raise and now he's the high of the paid in that position. we'll have his latest update
5:39 pm
in the league coming up. >> ♪
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>> for the first time we are getting a detailed look at how drug kingpin el chapo escaped from that mexican prison.
5:42 pm
mexico's attorney general's office released this animated video. it recreates what joaquin guzman's escape likely looked like in july. he escaped through a tunnel and used this makeshift railroad powered by a motorcycle. there he goes. the video also shows him being aided in his escape by another person. the drug lord was recaptured in january following a secret interview with actor sean penn. >> historian and archaeologists in philadelphia's university city undertaking a major project right now. safeguarding thousands of priceless artifacts during a long term construction project. "action news" reporter katherine scott shows us just how they're getting it done. >> reporter: it's a careful and considerable process. gently delicately thousands of artifact must be safeguarded at the university of archaeology and anthropology. >> based on the type based on the size it will get packed a
5:43 pm
different way. >> reporter: all artifacts must be stored and the construction of a patient pavilion. the heavy equipment and demolition caused vibrations that could damage the artifacts. museum lettership began metering with penn medicine more than a year ago. >> the primary objective was to work in a fashion collaborative about any potential impact our work may have. >> the biggest concern is when they go down into the bedrock when they start doing the first stages of construction because the bedrock will shake and send it completely into our building because we sit on the same bedrock. >> reporter: special projects manager bob furlough says the museum has around 1 million pieces in its collection. a survey of all their material in storage and galleries identify the susceptible pieces. some of the larger ones need to be deinstalled other pieces stabilized. sensor with alarms are placed throughout the building. >> we had to address and
5:44 pm
evaluate a few thousand pieces on display and change some of their storage conditions. >> reporter: much of the egyptian section will be moved off site. smaller artifacts will be braced in foam packed cavities. other like the pieces of this coffin are strapped down to pallets. >> we rapid it in tie vic can which is a very nonabrasive material so that we can put foam underneath to preventer any sort of vibrations during transit. >> reporter: the museum will stay opened during construction and the work to improve the pieces that remain on display. in university city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> jeff is here with sports. eagles playing big time for another big player. >> handing out money. zach ertz, brent celek. cha ching. lane johnson is now the highest paid right tackle in the nfl. johnson signs a six year contract worth $63 million, 35 of it guaranteed. johnson their 2013 spurs round
5:45 pm
pick set to be an eagles lineman until at least 2021. johnson is being groomed to eventually take over at left tackle. for now though he's happy to be on the right side until jason peters walks away. >> i think it's what they drafted me for. obviously jason peters probably the best tackle of all time one of them him and walter jones in my opinion. having him here, he's taught me so much and i'm going to continue to do that until that time comes. >> earlier in the week the eagles locked up tight ends brent celek and zach ertz. celek calls this a dream come true. he wants the retire here. this was his birthday present monday night. >> i was so excited i probably had tears coming out of my eyes and i just went downstairs and sat on my couch and just thought about, you know, everything it took to get here and where, you know -- where we need to go as an organization and, you know, we need to win a championship here. >> hopefully they do. all right, it is the best against the worst.
5:46 pm
the sixers getting set to host the defending champs, the golden state warriors. they are here tomorrow night. sixers have lost their last four to them. by nearly 30 points per game. so the sixers with clearly their toughest test of the season tomorrow night at 5:00. the warriors are 42 and four, hands down the best record in the nba in large part to steph curry who leads the league in points per game. >> i think we feel confident coming into this game. we know what the warriors have done and it's definitely an accomplishment in this league and they're a great team. i think we had a good practice today. >> one day we want to be where they're at and they took the proper steps and the stages to be champions and to be as dominant as they are right now, so it's a tall task but we going to go out and tie our shoes up like everybody else do. >> good news for the sixers. rookie jahlil okafor is back at practice after missing the last two games with an illness. he's expected to go tomorrow.
5:47 pm
flyers captain claude giroux will be in the company of the best in the nhl this week at the all-star game in nashville. normally he's used to fighting against most of these players but for the next few days they're teammates. >> as much as it's hard to try and enjoy because you know you're going to go into battle with them soon so it's kind of mixed feelings but it's a lot of fun and these events, 33 always do a good job so we'll have a lot of funner. >> not been a lot of fun for this guy. former phillies first round pick jesse biddle removed from their 40 man roster to make room for left-handed reliever bobby who they claimed off waivers. they designated him for assignment. the team has 10 days to trade release or send him to the minors. biddle is expected to miss the entire season recovering from tommie john surgery but his career with the phillies could be over. he had so much promise. we'll see if he can bounce
5:48 pm
back here. we'll see what happens. but definitely not a great situation for jesse biddle. >> all right. jeff, thank you. the philadelphia police department used to it get the word out about not saving shoveled out parking spots. today the university of delaware police department released its own take on drake's mega hit hotline bling. but this time the highlight campus -- to highlight campus safety. >> ♪ call us on your cell phone whenever you need our help. we know when that hotline blings. >> yeah, we got a cop line bling tonight. the entire department students and even the blue hen mascot got in on the act reminding everyone on campus to use their cell phones and those emergency call boxes to get help when needed. if you would like to see more of the university of delaware police department's cop line bling video, and we know you do, you can find it on our
5:49 pm
6abc facebook page. do, you can find it on our 6abc facebook page. >> ♪ mom! baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh, i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff? good idea. it's off. mom? i am doing something. need more bandwidth for all your devices? it's good to be back. switch to fios for 100 meg speed internet, tv and phone, now only 69.99 per month online for 1 year. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v is to provide choices that offer you the best prices,
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>> i was just thinking this time last week everybody was running out to the grocery stores getting ready for the big weekend. this weekend, though, relax, put the shovels away. >> it will be warming up and our next storm in the middle of next week it's going to be rain. >> oh good.
5:52 pm
>> no big snowstorms on the horizon. we're kind of relaxing in the weather office now. storm tracker6 live double scan showing storm tracker also getting a bit of a break with dry conditions outer there and chopper6 flying over center city this evening or actually this afternoon and you can see there's still some snow on some rooftops on the ground but a lot of this has melted. i had great drone footage from right after the storm on my facebook page and you can see how much white was here after the blizzard but a lot of that has been melting away. alex tweeted this to me from wilmington delaware saying finally we got the clouds out of here right in time to see a beautiful sunset and the clouds will continue to break up as we head the evening hours. right now philadelphia 39 degrees, allentown 36. trenton 37. millville 37. wilmington 36. and the atlantic city 38 degrees but it feels colder thanks to this. we've got some winds howling. 35 miles per hour in
5:53 pm
allentown, 33 in the poconos, cape may 24 miles an hour winds and lancaster 32. the sun has set and high pressure is building in so that will gradually diminish the winds overnight. satellite6 along with action radar showing the front that blasted through this afternoon that did bring us snow and rain showers that's moved off shore. the that low pressure is intensifying off the coast of new england so that's pulling down the strong winds and you can see how the clouds are beginning to break. tonight gradual clearing, the winds diminishing. overnight low 16 in the suburbs, 22 for center city so it's a friday night if you're heading out you definitely do want to be bundled up. tomorrow seasonably cool, a high of 40 degrees and we get these winds out of the south and what this will do is bring us a dramatic warmup on sunday. sunday with this real heat pump working, 50 degrees in philadelphia. we'll see a good amount of sunshine with a few high clouds. much milder and temperatures will continue to climb as we head into the middle of next week. so, if you're heading to the slopes to ski, the poconos
5:54 pm
tomorrow, partly sunny, breezy, 34 degrees and then on sunday, kind of like spring skiing with that nice soft snow, mostly cloudy and milder with a high of 44 degrees. and maybe i'll see you up there this weekend. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, pretty nice looking weekend. tomorrow a high of 40 degrees. good amount of sunshine, a few clouds. on sunday partly sunny. it gets milder with a high of 50 and then on monday as we welcome in february, 52 degrees but it comes at a cost. lots of clouds with occasional showers. tuesday ground hog day, that is a ground hog by the way, a lot of people asking me on twitter exactly what that is, that is punxsutawney phil. he'll be looking for his shadow on tuesday. we're in the warm sector of the storm so the high of 60 on wednesday but it will be windy with periods of rain, some of it heavy at times and behind that system we cool off to more seasonable levels on thursday, 44 and friday mostly sunny and chilly with a high of 42 degrees so good looking
5:55 pm
weekend and then getting very wet on wednesday. >> okay. >> that was the maybe that was gus. >> first cousins. >> trying to give us powerball tickets. >> that's right. >> thank you cecily. >> and we invite you to check storm tracker6 double scan radar regularly throughout your weekend. a full range of forecasting resources is there, they're always on tap. you can swipe or mouse clip them at >> ♪
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now game jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories. five students in custody after a gun goes off after a fight at a philadelphia high school and our rick williams is in iowa a heads of next week's caucuses. he'll have more on why the first electoral matters and why it doesn't. >> a sneak peek at the technology and trends at this year's philadelphia auto show. >> pretty. >> for rick williams adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass. i'm brian taff. "action news" at 6:00 is next. have a good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. >> ♪ >> friday night. detectives search for a person of interest in the death of a man in new castle and 12 south jersey students suffer minor injuries when a career ends their bus. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a very rough day at philadelphia's ben franklin high school. there was a fight in a hallway as seen in this video. there was also a fight in a stairwell and police say somebody fired a gun. police have taken five individuals into custody. we're still sorting out the details of exactly what happened and why.
6:00 pm
"action news" reporter gray hall is live outside the school tonight. gray, what do we know about what happened there today? >> reporter: well, jim, i can tell you it was a very emotional and frightening time for everyone inside ben franklin high school today. we can confirm that a bullet casing was found inside the school and tonight five students are in police custody. >> i heard boom and everybody started running. >> reporter: students at ben franklin high school reacting after there were reports that someone fired a gun inside the school. >> i was scared though. >> i didn't know what was going on. they didn't tell us nothingly they like the school on lockdown. >> reporter: the school does have a metal detector and students are puzzled how anyone can manage to get a gun inside. >> there's a metal detected at every doorly they suspended me for five days for a lighter that was this big. >> reporter: police say there was a fight and reports of a shot fired. officers confirm they found a shell casing inside the school from a 45 calib


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