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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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bucks at the the car show, next. the the search goes on tonight, for the gun man who turns a juniata park section of philadelphia a into his personal killing field. he opens fire in the 4200 block of neilson street, and put two bullets into the body of an innocent man. twenty year-old donald green,
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the wound, were deadly. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the unspeakable despair of a philadelphia family. they lost their loved one to random robbery, and deadly gun violence. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in philadelphia police, jeff. >> reporter: good evening, jim. police are looking for two men in that are early to mid 20's who reportedly tried to rob green, before one of them, pulled the trigger. green's family says he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> they took the the light out of our family when they took our donald. >> reporter: the grieving family of donald green remembers a 20 year-old as a good man who loved music and his family. green's aunt spoke to "action news" on behalf of his mother. >> he was the family joker. always had a smile. so much love. light. he was phenomenal. >> reporter: police say 2014 roman catholic high school
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graduate and friend were robbed by two men outside this grocery store two blocks from the juniata park home he shared with his parents. green was shot at point blank range. now above a display of candles messages cover the the store's brick wall remembering the man family and friend called ducky. >> he was really just stayed to himself, and didn't bother anybody. it is sad. senseless violence. >> reporter: "action news" fee teared group's family during happier times in 202 as his navy reserve father, also named donald, return from his second tour in afghanistan. that reunited family now forever torn apart as police search for killers, green's aunt pleads for justice. >> turn yourself in, if anybody knows anything, just report it. we can get donald a proper good bye. >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras near the scene but it is unclear if police recovered any images of the suspect.
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now as in all philadelphia homicides a $20,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest and conviction. we are live at police headquarters, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news", jim. >> thanks, jeff. fire fighters needed two a alarms tonight to contain a blaze in trenton. chopper 6hd was over the row home fire on hamilton avenue near south clinton avenue. blaze erupted at 8:00 o'clock but at this time we do not know what spark the the flames. philadelphia police took five students into custody today, that is after a gunshot rang out inside been franklin high school in spring garden. nobody was hit but there were at least two fights today, one in the hallway, the the the other in a stairwell. law men did find a shell casings on the shore from the 45 caliber handgun. it was down right chilly tonight, with the wind, making it feel particularly raw, on south broad street, in center city philadelphia a let's go live to meteorologist cecily tynan, cecily what is the
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weekend story from accu weather. >> we have a cold start to the weekend but we have a mild day and temperatures will warm up for the second half of the weekend. right now though is there definitely a chill in the air. thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-one a allentown, the atlantic city airport. wilmington 29. trenton 32 degrees. however, factor in the wind and the wind diminished but we have a enough breeze to make wind chill 23 in philadelphia a. eighteen in wilmington. twenty-two in allentown. heading up to the poconos to go skiing, wind chill currently is 6 degrees. the satellite six with action radar is showing a cold front that moved through earlier this afternoon with a round of rain and snow showers. that has moved off the eastern seaboard and that means our skies will continue to clear. the wind diminishing but down right cold. sixteen in the suburbs. 22 degrees for center city tonight. but i'm tracking a dramatic warm up on the way as well as our next storm. all of the details on that from the accu weather seven day forecast, jim? >> the runnemede school crossing guard who got into trouble for sticking her neck
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out over snow conditions, will have a chance to clear her punishment. "action news" reported this week how gina brown, texted the mayor of the runnemede while on duty asking to get an intersection cleared of snow. the 16 year veteran, was worried about children's safety but her police supervisors say that she broke the chain of command and didn't follow proper procedures. well, tonight the chief of police has offered to dismiss her two day suspension if no further infractions occurred. the white horse pike was closed for several hours tonight, when a school bus struck a pedestrian. it happened in the intersection of brand and ewing-clementon. the the 50 year-old victim was flown to cooper university hospital in grave condition. an accident involving a gloucester township school bus today, sent 15 people to the hospital. police say a car, rear ended the bus on sicklerville road at 7:45 this morning. the the bus was transporting students to ann mullens middle
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school. twelve children on the the bus along with the driver of the other vehicle and two children in that car were all treated for minor injuries. a bucks county with the penn ridge school district in bucks county is behind bars tonight on $75,000 bail, and he has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing special needs students. seventy-four year-old james macintyre allegedly touched a 14 year-old girl and a 22-year old woman and exposed himself to them while the bus was stopped at traffic lights on the way to school. a prostitution investigation in bensalem led to a chase and crash today that injured two people including a police officer. the incident started, at noon near street road and tillman drive. the detectives tried to question 37 year-old michael britain was driving a silver audi. police say britain sped off striking an officer and two unmark police cruisers. from there britain hit another
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car, on tamer drive. the driver of that vehicle a and police officer suffered minor injuries. the britain faces charges of aggravated assault. these are newest members of the the philadelphia police force, sworn to protect and serve. 309 recruits officially graduated today after eight months of training at the philadelphia police academy. the the ceremony for class number 374 was held on the campus of the temple university, the first under commissioner richard ross leadership and he soluted and shook the hand have of each new officer of the law. the new officers will be on patrol, starting on monday. police officers in delaware county will be the the first in the world to carry a new form of the the heroin anecdote known as narcan. this is a nasal spray. the it is easier and faster to administer, nasal narcan is being distributed by adapt pharma of radnor and just approved by the the f.d.a. in
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november. delaware county officials say officers have already saved more than 170 lives, since they started using the original narcan in syringe back in 2014. the state department today released another batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server but this time it sensored 22 e-mails that contain closely guarded government secrets. the obama administration made the revelation while clinton was campaigning today in iowa, three days before the caucus on monday. those e-mails are being upgraded to the highest level of classification, what is unknown is if the e-mails contained classified information at the time of their transmission. meanwhile rick williams is live in des moines iowa tonight where presidential candidates are showing up all over the place, except one candidate who has moved on. good evening, rick. >> reporter: good evening, jim. that is right, donald trump he
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was a in show at last night's debate, tonight he is not even in the state, more of that coming up in a moment. we are coming to you live from what could be considered election central will in downtown des moines. thinks where results will come in monday night. on this final friday before the the vote there is certainly a lot willing on, not just here but all over town. with so many members of the the media in town, the city of des moines has set up this media center, and it was a buzz of activity today in preparation for monday night's vote. this is also where election totals will come in once caucus begins. around the city excitement is heating up. bundled up iowa residents don't mind waiting in long lines to see a candidate. the it is a all part of the process they say in picking a president. >> they are bright state. we don't take anything for granted and we work hard. >> reporter: they care about their politics. >> absolutely care about their politics. >> we're proud to be from this
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state. i mean thinks our future, that we're voting for so it is very, very important to take it seriously like we do here. >> reporter: supporters of the hillary clinton filled this gymnasium at this university. they waited hours in the iowa cold just for an opportunity to see her and to hear her. >> and if you will go to the caucus for me on monday, i promise you, if you stand up for me monday night, i will stand up and fight for you, as hard as i can for the next four years. thank you all. >> reporter: rally for democratic opponent bernie sanders, also well attended tonight, davenport, iowa. >> so on monday night, all of you, are in a position to make american history, let's do it. thank you. >> reporter: turnout will be important monday night. that is why candidates are turning up at various events throughout the the hawk eye state. this shows just how much ground the republican candidates have covered today, not even 24 hours after their
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debate here in des moines. except for donald trump, who arrived in new hampshire today a ahead of the first primary election there on february 8th. one week after the the iowa caucus. so with or without the donald the count down continues to monday night's caucus, less than 27 hours to go. jim, i think it is safe to say this time monday night the race for president will have suddenly and perhaps dramatically shifted in to high gear. that will do it from des moines, now back to you. >> to say the very least, thank you rick. we can watch for rick's reports on "action news" throughout the weekend and caucus on monday. you can find his daily dispatches from iowa on facebook and twitter and behind the scenes look in our continuing coverage on six help held an inaugural ball tonight at springfield country club in delaware county to introduce the city of chester's newly elect
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democrat. the welcome party was hosted by the chester democratic committee among those introduced mayor-elect thaddeus kirkland, several council members and new members of the chester up land school board. the the philadelphia auto show premiers tomorrow at the convention center but they held a black tie gala tonight. the star of the show and star of the night was compact car that transported a very important person around philadelphia a "action news" reporter chad pradelli was live at the the convention center with that story, hello there, chad. >> reporter: hi there jim, that carries that fiat that the pope rode in coming here to philadelphia it was auctioned off for $82,000. the black tie tailgate is coming to an even. it was a fantastic night of food, drink and beautiful cars like these ferraris but like you said one car was the highlight. >> this is a car lovers dream. >> reporter: bentley's, big trucks and vintage drives
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including this 57 morocco, only six remain in the world and pete le carry owns one of them. >> only 16 were built. it was an experiment by gm to make front half of the car like 57 bellaire and back half of the car like a 57 cadillac. >> i saw you checking out orange mustang. >> it is a very cool mustang convertible. >> reporter: why do you like it so much. >> very comfortable. very sleek looking car. i know it has got to be fast. >> reporter: car of the night was this fiat, pope frances was in during his visit to philadelphia a it was auctioned off, michael chapman of the chapman auto group bought it for $8,000. >> great car, great person in it. >> reporter: miss america betty can trail greeted people with the bentley's and aston martins. >> it is incredible. i have never been to one before i like hanging out with these cars. i don't mind one bit. >> reporter: black tie event benefits children's hospital for philadelphia for $200 people got good food and good
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views, and then that el morocco it is worth a pretty penny. how much is that worth today. >> i'm hoping a half million-dollar, i'm hoping it is worth half million-dollar. >> reporter: yes, $500,000. now that black tie tailgate is coming to an end, time for general public to come down here and check out these great cars. i'm live at the auto show chad pradelli for channel six "action news". jim? our preview special airs tomorrow night the at 7:00. join karen rodgers, adam joseph, melissa magee, ducis rodgers and a alycia vitarelli for more on the technology, trend and the 700 cars on display. still to come on "action news" tonight, facebook announced a plan tonight to limit gun sales. we will explain how it might affect you. plus that sinking feeling, el nino is being blamed for a haven that is swallowing a major highway, cecily. it will be on the cool side tomorrow, temperatures running 1 degrees below normal
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but sunday, monday, tuesday 10 d then wednesday, close to 20 degrees above normal but that comes at a cost, i'll explain in the accu weather forecast. plus a fishing trip we will see the the length that a father and son go to in south philadelphia, in order to net steph curry's autograph. what about the latest numbers and how they reveal or what they reveal about america's economy. the that and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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facebook launched a new policy to crackdown on gun sales. the world's largest social network is banning private sellers from advertising on facebook, or coordinating a person to person gun deal. idea toys prevent illegal buyers from alluding background checks. licensed gun retailers will still be allowed to advertise their businesses, but cannot accept order. policy a applies to instagram as well which is of course, owned by facebook. one of the three inmates who escaped from a california prison, turned himself in
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today by walking in to an auto repair shop and asking work tours call police. the the suspect is one of the three men who broke out of the prison in santa ana on january between the second, investigators say that they may have had help from this woman who taught at the facility, she is now under arrest. a massive sinkhole in southern oregon is growing by the hour. it opened up on busy highway 101, just feet from another giant sinkhole that formed back in december. both are being blamed on el nino storms that dumped heavy rain in the region. officials say all that water a has overwhelmed the storm drains. the highway will likely remain closed until springtime. the u.s. economy grew in the final three months of 2015 but not nearly as quickly as it has been. the gdp grew at ana you'll rate of just .7 percent during the holiday season of october through december. the u.s. has been out of a recession and expanding for six and a half years now.
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the most analyst surveyed said they expect the slump to be short lived as some caused by a drop in oil prices, strong doll or and warm december keeping people from buying winter clothes. but investors weren't bothered by slowing economy at least not to day. stocks soared on wall street, on this last trading day of january. dow jones surged nearly 400 points, s and p500 gained two and a half percent as well. still markets suffered for the month of january, did it ever, down over 5 percent. now, feel badly about that you might be heartened to know and i just did the the math that the high temperature between now and sunday will be up about 18 percent. >> you did percentagey never work with the percentages. >> well, there we have something to look forward to. how about next wednesday. >> enough of the math. >> it will be 60 degrees. we will work on the the math.
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>> i can't do the the math in my head i'm talking about the the the weather. storm tracker six live double scan is showing it is dry out there tonight. action cam on south broad street avenue of the arts on this chilly friday night but what a difference a week makes. this time last friday night we were watching that snow really begin to accumulate. the snow has been melting since then and right now still covering just a above freezing in philadelphia. thirty-three. dropped down to 31 in a allentown. twenty-eight in reading. thirty-one the atlantic city airport. trenton 32 degrees. factor in the breeze. wind chill makes it feel like 22 in philadelphia 14 in lancaster. eighteen in wilmington. twenty-two in allentown. wind diminishing tonight but with the skies clearing, temperatures are going to be taking a nose dive. so tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine, and these are the the temperatures you'll wake up to. twenty-two in philadelphia. allentown 16. trenton 20. atlantic city 25. wilmington is 19 degrees. so tomorrow, a little bit on
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the cool side, temperatures running 2 degrees below today's high. 40 degrees. that is 1 degree below normal, so pretty close to where we should be for this time of the year and then, on sunday we have a perfect set up, for a classic heat pump. we have high pressure to the east low pressure to the northwest, that pulls up the wind out of the south. afternoon high up to 50 degrees. the both days this weekend will see good amount of sunshine and then that front will move through on monday. that could bring us scattered showers but bigger storm is on wednesday and that will bring us a lot of rain and also windy warm conditions. if you are heading to the mountains they looking great for skiing. we have fresh snow partly sunny for saturday, breezy, little bit on the cool side 34 . sunday bumping up to 44. mostly cloudy. almost a spring skiing with that nice snow on sunday. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast weekend looking nice. good amount of sunshine, little bit of the cool side
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tomorrow. 40 degrees. we will bump it up to 50 on sunday. and then on machine mostly cloudy, could have showers in the afternoon as a cold front pulls through. 52 degrees. that drops temperatures 2 degrees on tuesday which is groundhog day, partly sunny, so we will see if phil sees his shadow, whatever he decides on wednesday it will be wednesday, warm inn windy with a high of 60. and then 44 degrees on thursday and friday. the mostly sunny and chilly with a high of 42 degrees. if i did my math correctly i think we will be 43 percent. >> what do you mean if you did your math correctly. >> i was trying to impress all of the viewers. 43 percent warmer on wednesday. >> remarkable. >> good job, jim. >> a delicate operation is underway at the university of parks museum of archaeology and anthropology. anxious artifacts are being pack up and moved, pending, because of the pending demolition of the penn tower,
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johnson, today, eagles offensive lineman lane johnson is now highest paid right tackle in the nfl. johnson signed a six year contract worth $63 million today, 35 of it is guarantied. johnson the 20,131st round pick is now under contract until the at least 2021. he will be groomed to take over left tackle for jason peters. for now the big guy believes big things are ahead for the the eagles. definitely optimistic. we have a bunch of great young players here and, you know, veteran leaders like celek, hoist a warrior. i think we're good. there will be some changes, moving forward but i think, you know, we have a new taste in our mouth and we will do good things moving forward. as far as celek's deal he calls it a dream come true today because he wants to retire a philadelphia eagle. celek got the news monday night on his birthday.
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>> i was so excited, i probably had tears coming out of my eyes and i just went downstairs and satan my couch and just thought about, you know, everything that it took to get here and where, you know, where we need to go as an organization. we need to win a championship here. >> yes, they do. it is best, a against the worst. sixers hosting defending champions, golden state tomorrow night and to put in perspective just how far apart these two teams are sixers have lost ten times more times games and then the warriors. before practice at wells fargo center, look what is hanging for step curry as he walks in the arena. a a father a and son are fishing, for autographs. curry signs his sports illustrated and jersey attached to a clipboard and string. you have to love it. warriors star says sixers fans, hang in there with all of the losing. >> if you you stay, focused,
11:30 pm
and focus on that and try to get better, through the losing, it makes you a better player. and then, you know, it could click next year with the right combination of guys and once it does, it is easy, to go from there. >> they get jahlil okafor signing autographs that way. okafor expect to play tomorrow night at 5:00 after missing last two games with the illness. they could use all of the help they could get. they have not beaten golden state in three years. more sports after this. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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philly first round pick jesse biddle has been removed to make room for left-handed reliever who they claim from the a angels. jesse biddle's career could be
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over. the phillies designated him for assignment. team has ten days to trade, release, or send him to the minors. biddle is expect to miss the season recovering from tommy john surgery. but this could be the end of his career, in a phillies uniform. he always dreamed of making it to the big league is here. >> and he came out of of germantown friend school, high draft choice, lieutenant of promise a at that point. it hasn't worked out. a philadelphia tern has received one of japan's highest honors, dennis, marcowa received order of the rising sun tonight the at the the union league. he was honored for his extensive legal work on behalf of japanese americans and japanese national list. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. for the entire "action news" team i'm's jim gardner. have a good night, and a great weekend. >> ♪
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