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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 1:37am-2:11am EST

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police are lking for two men in that are early to mid 20's wo reportedly tried to rob green, before one of them, pulled the trigger. green'samily says he was simply in the wronglace the wrong time. >> they took the the light out of r filyhen they tk our donald. >> reporter: the grieving family of donald green remembers a 20 year-old as a good man who loved music and s family. green's aunt spoke to "action news" on behalf ofis mother. >> he washe fily jer. always had a smile. so ch love. light. he w phenomenal. >> reporter: police say 2014 roman catholic high sool graduate and friend were robbed by two men outside this gcery store two blocks from the jiata park me shared withis parents. green w shot at point a nge. w above a display of candles messages cover t the store's brick wall rembering the man family and friend called ducky. >> he was really ju stayed to himselfnd didn't bher
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anybody. it is d. senseless violence. reporter: "action w fe teared group's familyuring happier times in 202 as s navy reserve father, also named donald, return from hi secd tour in afghanistan. that reunited family now fover torn apt poli search for killers green's aunt pleadsor justice. >> turn yourself in, if anybody kns anything, just report it. we n get dald a pper good bye. >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras nearhe scene b it is unclear if le recovered any iges of the suspect. nows in all idelphia homicides a $20,000 reward is being offeredor any information leading to an arrest and conviction. were live at poce headquarters, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news" jim. >> thanks, jeff. fire fighters needed two a armsonight to contain a blazen trenton. chopper 6hd was over the row home fire on hamilton avenue near south clinton avenue.
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blaze erupted at 8:00 o'clock butt this time wdo not know whatpk the t flames. philadelphia li ok five students into custody today, that is after a gunshot rang out ii been franklin high scho in spring garden. nobody wasit but there were at least two fights today, one in the hallway, thehe the other in a stairwell. law men did find a shell casgs on e sre from the 45 ciber nun. it was down ght iy tonight, with the wi mang it feel particularlyaw on southroad rt, in center city philadelphia a t go live to trologist cily tynan, cecily what is t ekend story from accu weather. >> we have a co start to the weekend but we have a mild day and mraturesi warm up for the second half of the weekend. right now tugh is there definitely a chill in the r. thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-one a allentown, the atlantic city airport. wilmington 29. trenton 32 degrees. however, ftor in the wd and the wind diminished but we ve a enough breeze to make
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wind chill 23 in philadelphia a. eiteen in wilmington. twenty-two in alntown. heading up to the poconos to go skiing, wind chill currentlys 6 ges. the satellite six with aion radars showing a co front that v through earlier this afternoon wi a u of rain and snow showers. that hasov off the eastern aboard and that means our skiesillontinueo clr. the wind mishing butown right cold. sixteen in the suburbs. 22 degrees for center city tonight. but i'm tracking a dramatic warmp on the way as well our next stor all of the details on tt from the accu weather seven day forecast, m? >> the runnemede school crossing guard who got into trouble for sticking her ne outver ow conditions, will have a chance to clear her punishment. "action news" rorted th week how gina brown texted theayor of e nmede while on duty asking to get an intersection cleared of snow. the 16 year veteran, was worried aut cldren's safety but her police supervisors say that she broke e chain of mnd and
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didn't follow proper procedures. wellonight the chief of police has fed to dismiss her two day suspension if no further infractions occurred. the white horseikeas closed r val hou tonight, when a sool bus struck a pedestrian. it happened in the intersection of brdnd ewing-clementon. the the 50 year-old vt was flown to cooper uversity hospital in grave ntion. an accident involving a gloucester whip schlus today, sent 15 people to the hospital. police say a ca rearnded the sn sklerville road at 7:45 this morning. the the b was transporting students to n mullens middle school. twelve children on the the b along with the driver of the her vehicle and two cldren in that carerell treated for n injuries. a bucks county with the penn ridge hool district in bucks county is behind bars tonight on $75,000 ba and he has been rted and charged with sexually abusing special needs students. sey-four year-old jes macintyre aegedly
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touched a 14 year-old girl and a 22-year old m and exposed hself to em i the s was stopped at traffic lights on the way school. a pstitution investigation in bensalem l to a che and csh today that injured two people including a police officer. the incident started at noon near reet road and tillman drive. the detectives tried to question 37 year-old michael britain s driving a silver di. lice say britain sped off striking an officer and two unmark police cruisers. from there iin hit another car, on ter dre. the irfh vehicle a and police fer suffered minornjuries. the britain fes crges of aggravated assault. these are newest mrs of the the philadelphia police force, sworn torotect and serve. 309 recruits officially graduated today after eight months of training at e philadelphia poce academy. the the ceremony for class
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number 374 was held on the campus of the tple university the first unr commissioner richard ross leadership and he luted and shookhe hand ha of eh new oicer of t law. the new officers will be on patrol, starting on mday. police officers in delaware county will be the the first in the r to carry n fmf the e heroin anecdote known as narcan. this is a nasal spray. the it is easiernd faster to administer, nasal narcan is being distributed by adapt pharma of drnd just approved byhehe f.d.a.n november. delaware county officials say officers have rdy save more than 170 livesince ey srted using the iginal narcan in syringe back in 2014. the state department today released another batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private rr but this ti it sensored 22 e-mails that
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contain closely aed government secrets. the a administration made the revelation while clinton was campaigning d in iowa, three days before the caucus monday. those e-mails are being upgraded to the highest level of classification, what unknown isf t e-mails contained classified information at the ti of their tnsmission. meanwhile rick williams is live in des is wa tonight whereresidential candidates are showg up l over the place except one ndidate who hasod on. good evening rk. >> reporter: good evening, jim. that is rht donald trump he was in show at la nit's debate, tonight he is not en in the state more of tt coming up in a moment. were coming to you live fr what could be considered election central will in downtown des moines. thinks where results wi come in monday night. on th final fday before thehe vote the is certainly aot willg on not juste but a over town. with so many members of the theedia in town, the city
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des moines has set this media cenr, and it was a buzz of activity day in preparation for monday night's vote. this also where ection totals will me in oe caucus gs. around the city cements ating up. bundled up io residents don'tind waiting in long linesoee a candidate. thet is a all part of the processhey sayn picking a president. >> they are bright state. we n't ta anything for granted anwe work hard. >> reporter: they care about their politics. >> absolutely care about their politics. >> we're proud toe from th ate i an thin our future, at 're tg for so it very, vy importanto take it seriously like we do he. >> reporter: supporters of the hillary clinton filled this gymnasium at ts irsity. they wted hours in the wa cold just for an ptunity to seeer and to hear her. >> and if youillo to the caucus for me on monday, i omiseouf you stand up
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fore monday night i will and up and fht for you as rd as i can f the next four years. thankou all. >> reporter: rally for democratic opponent bernie sanders, also well attended tonight, denport iowa. >> so on monday night, all of you, are a sion to make american history let's do it. thank you. >> reporter: turnout will be important monday night. that is why candidates are rning up at various events roughout the the ha eye state. this shows just how mu ground the republican candidates haveovered toy, not even 24 hos afr thr debate here in des moines. except for donald trump who arrivedn n hampshire d a ahead of the first primary election there february 8th. one week after the the io caucus. soi or without the donald the countown continues to monday night's caucus, ss
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than 27 hours to go. jim, i think it is safe to say this time monday night the race for president ll have suddenly and perhaps dramatically shifted in to high gear. that will do it from des moines, now back to you. >> to say the very a thankou rick. we can watch for rick's ports on "action news" throughout the weekend and caucus on mday. you canind his daily dispatches from iowa on facebook and twitter and behind the scenes look in our continuing coverage osix help held an inaugural ballonight rgfield country club in delaware county to introduce the ci of chester's newly elect democrat. the welcome party was hoed byhe chester democratic committee among those introduced mayor-elect thaddeus kirkland, val council members and new members of the chester up land school board. the the philadelphia auto show eers tomorrow at the convention ct but they held a black t ga tonight. the star of e sw and
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sr the nit s compact car that aported a ve important person around philadelphia a "action news" reporter chad pdellias live at t the convention center withh story hello there, chad. >> reporter: hi there jim, that carries that fi that the pope rode coming here to philadelphia it was auctioned off for $,000. elack tie iate is coming to an even. it was a nstic night of foodrink and beautiful rs like these fraris but li you ione car was the highlight. >> this is a car lovers dream. >> reporter: bentley's, big trks and ntage drives including ts 57 morocco only six rain in the world andetee carry owns one of them. >> only 16 were blt. it was experiment by ke front half of the car like 57ellaire and back half of the car like a cadillac. >> i saw you checking out orange mustang. >> it is a very co mtang
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convertible. >> reporter: why do you like it so much. >> very comfortable. very sleek looking car. i know it has got to be ft. >> reporter: car of the night wash fiat, pe frances sn duringis visit to phadelphia a it was auctioned of michael chapman of the aan auto o bought it for $8,000. >> great car great pson in it. >> reporter: miss america bettyan trail greeted people with the bentley's and asn martins. >> it is incredible. i haveever en to one before i like hanging out with these cars. i don't mind one bit. >> reporter: black tie event nefs iren's stal for philadelphia for $200 people got good food d good views, and th that el moroccot worth a pretty penny. howuchshatorth today. >> i'm hoping aa million-dollar, i'm hoping it is worth hf million-dollar. >> reporter: yes, $500,000. now that black tie tailgate is coming to an end me for general publico come down here and check out these great
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cars. i'live at the auto sh chad pradelli for channel six "action news". jim? ourreview special ai tomorrow night the at 0 join ken rodgers adam joseph melissa magee ducis rodgers and a alycia vitarelli forore on the technology, trendnd t 700 cars on display. stillo come on "action news" tonight cook announced a plan tonight to limit gun sale weillxplain how mig affect you. plus that sinking fling el nino is being bmed f a haven that is swallowing a major gay cecily. it will be on the cool side tomorrow, temperatures running 1 degrees bew nmal but ny, monday, tuesday degrees a have o and then wednesday close to 20 degrees above nmalut that comes at a cost, i' explain in the cu weather forecast. plus a fishing trip we will see the the length that a father and son go to uth philadelphia, in dero net steph curry's autograph. what
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about the latest mbersnd howh reveal or what they revl abo america'sconomy. thehat and muchore when "action news" continues tonight.
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facebook launched new policy to crackdown gun sales. the world's largest cl network is banning private sellers from advertising on facebook, or coordinating person to rson gun deal. idea toys prevent illegal buyers from alluding ckground checks. licensed gun retailers will still be allowed todvertise their businesses but cn accept order. policy a applies to instagram as well which is of course, ownedy facebook. one of the three inmates who cad from a lornia pson, rd mlf in todayy walking in an au repair shop and aski wk tours cl police. the the suspect is one of the three men who o o of the
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prison in santa ana on january between the second investigators say that they may have had help fr th woman whoaughtthe facility, shes now under arrest. a massive sinkhole in southern oregons growing the hr. it opened up on busy highway 101, just feet om another giant sinkhole th form back in december. th are ing ad on el ninotormshat md heavy rain in the region. officials say all th war a has overwhelmed the storm dras. the gay will likely remain closed until singtime. the u. economy grew in the final three months of 2015 but t nearly as ily as it has been. e gdp grew at ana you'll ratof just .7 percent rg the lay season of october through december. the u.s. has beenut of a recession and expanding for sixnd a halfears now. the most analyst surveyed sa th expecthe slump to be shortid some udy a drop in oil is, strong
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doll or and warm december keeping people fr yg winter clothes. but investors weren't bothered by slowing economy at least not to day. stocks soarednall street on this last trading day of january. dowones surged nearly 400 points, s a p5 gained two and a half percent as we. still markets suffered for the monthf january did it ev down over 5 percent. now, feel badly outh u might be heartened to kw and ju did the the math that the high temperature betweenow and sunday will be up about 18ercent. >> you did percentagey never work with the percentages. >> well, there we ha something to look forward to. how aut ne wednesday. >> enough of the math. >> it will be grees. we will work on e t math. >> i can't do t the th in my ad i'm lng about the e t weather. orm tracker six live double an is showing it is dry out there tonight.
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action cam on south broad street anue of the arts on this chly fridayight but what a dference ae makes. this time st friday g were watching that sw rlly beg to accumulate. the snow has been melting since then and right now still covering just a above freezing in pladelphia. thirty-three. dropped down to 31 in a allentown. twenty-eight in reading. thirty-one the atlantic ci airport. trenton 32 degrees. factor in the bree. wind chill makes it feel like 22 in philadelphia 14 in lancaster. eighteen in wilmington. twenty-two in allentown. wind diminishing tight t with the skies eing, temperatures are going to be taking a noseive. so morrow rng lots of sunshine, and thesere the the teeratures you'll wake up to. twenty-two in philadelphia. alntown 16. trenton . atlantic ci 25. wilmington is 19 degrees. so tomoow little bit on theool side, temperatures running 2egrees below today's high. 40 degrees. that is 1 ge below normal, so pretty close
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to whe should be f this mof t year and then, on sunday we have a rct set up for a classic heat pump. weave high pressure to t east w pressure to the northwest, that pulls up the wind out of the u. afternoonigh up to 50 degrees. the both days this weekend will see good amountf sunshine and en tt front ll mo through on monday. that could bring us scattered showers but bigger srm is dnesday andhat wl brg us a lot of iand al windya ntions. ifou are hding to t mountains they looking great for iing. we have fresh ow partly sunny for saturday, breezy, little bit on t cool side 34 degrees. sunday bumping up to 44. mostly cloudy. almost a spring skiing with at nice sn on sunda ehe exclusive ac weather seven day fecast wkend looking nice. good amount of sshine, little bit of the cool side tomorrow. 40 degrees. we will bump it up 50 sunday. andhen on machine mostly cloudy, could have showers in the aernoon a cold o pulls through.
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52 degrees. that drops temperatures 2 degrees on tuesday which is groundhog day partly n so wei e if phil es his sdow, whatever he decides on wednesday itill be dnesday warmnn windy with a hi of 6 and then 44egrees on thursday and friday. the sy n and chilly with a high 42 degrees. if i d my math correctly i tnwe will be 43 percent. >> what do you mn if you did your math correctly. >> i was trying to pss all ofhe viewers. 43 percent warmer on wednesday. remarkable. >> good job ji >> a delicate operations underway at the uversityf parks sm of archaeology and anthropology. anxious tifacts are being pack up and moved pending because of the pding demolition of the penn w they are red at operation could damage the eces. me artifacts being mod clu es of eptian
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coffin dplays of smaller obcts are fitt with sensors that will activate if the vibration of cstruction equipment becomes too strong.
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in the wakef chip key eagles trying on g their ducks a rnd they got within more duck in a w today. >> they are ndg out contracts this wk. zach earthrent celekane hnson, today eagles offensive lineman lane joson is now highest paid right tackle in the l. johnson signed s yr contract worth $63 million today, 35f it is guarantied. joson the 20,131st round pick is now under contract until the at least 2021. he will be groomed to take over left tackle for jason ters. row the big guy believes bighingsre e for the the eagles. definitely optimistic. we ha a bunch gre yog players here and, you know, veteran leaders like cek hoist a warrior. i think we're good. there will be some aes moving forward but i think you know, we he a new taste in r moh and we will do goodhings mong fward. as far as celek's de he
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callst a drm co tr today becausee wants to retire a philadelphia g. celek got the news monday night on his birthday. i was so excited i probably had tears cong out of eyes and i just went dostairs and san my couch and just thought about, you know, everything th it took to get herend where, you know, where we eto go as an oanization. needo win a championship here. >> yes, they do. it isest, a ainst the worst. sixers hting defending champions, golden state tomorrow night and to t in perspective just how far apt these two teams are sixers have lost ten times re times gamesnd tn the warriors. before practice at wells fgo center, look at is hanging rtep r ase walks in the arena. a a fatr and son are fishing, for autographs. curryigns his os illustrated and jersey attached to a clipboard and
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string. you he to lo it. waiors starays xers fans, hang in there with all of the losing. >> if you you stay, focused and focus on th and t to get better, through the singt makes y a better player. and then, you know, it could ickext year with the right combination of guys d once it es it is easy, to go from e. >> theyet jahlil okafor signing autographs that way. okafor expecto play tomorrow night at 5:00 after missing last two m with the illness. they could e all the help ey could get. ey ha not beaten ln state ithree
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mt. airy native former philly first round pick jesse biddle has be removed to make roomor left-handed reliever who theylaim from the a angels. jesse bdle's rr could be over. the phillies designated him for aignment. team has n da to tde release, or se him to the minors. biddle is expect to mi the season recovering from tommy john surgery. buth could be t end of his career, in a phillies uniform. he wsreamed ofakingt to the big lgue is here. >> and he came out of of germantown friend school, high draft choice, lieutenant of promise a at that point. it hasn't rd o. a philadelphia tern has received one of japan's ghest honors, dn marcowa ceived order
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of the rising sun tonight the at the the ion league. heas hored for his extensive legal work on behalf of japanese americans and japanese national li. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. for the entire "action news" team m jim rer. have a go night and a great weekend. >> ♪♪
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