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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, february 2nd. here's what's happening. >> tragic new developments in a crash involving a pedestrian who was walking along the roosevelt boulevard. >> embattled comedian bill cosby is preparing to fight his case in court. what his defense team will argue that could get rape charges against him thrown out. >> punxsutawney phil will emerge from his hole in a few hours after a long winter's nap to predict more winter or an early spring. >> let's get the latest on your accuweather. we've got dave murphy taking a look at that and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> i don't know there's an awful lot of sunshine getting ready to build over our neck
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of the woods so we'll see what phil sees out in western pennsylvania, central pennsylvania. flood watches in effect and and i want to start with this. it has the potential of being a big deal. this doesn't kick in until tomorrow at noon, doesn't end until thursday late in the afternoon but it covers the entire region away from our coastal counties and the concern is that we're going get a band of significant rain coming through in the afternoon and that combined with very mild temperatures and melting snow could give us problems with street flooding and maybe some creek and stream flood as well. the system itself is out in omaha over here on the east we for now have plenty of sunshine on the way. 38 degrees currently in philadelphia, 35 in trenton, 34 in wilmington. we are above freezing across most areas although that's not the case the farther north you go toward allentown and reading so maybe some icy patches up there on some sidewalks in particular and even down in philadelphia you might be scraping ice off the windshield. that happened to me a little while ago this morning in delaware county. mainly clear and cooler heading out overall. 35 degrees by 6 o'clock and 37
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by 8 o'clock, above freezing on your thermometer. as we roll through the day it is going to be another mild one. not quite as mild as yesterday but we'll wind up with this high of 50 around 3 o'clock before sliding back to 46. light winds today. lots of sun. more on the impending rain tomorrow and what we can expect from the potential flooding, karen, in the accuweather 7-day forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> all right, dave. looking live outside on the schuylkill expressway this is where we had an accident scene a few minutes ago but the accident is cleared. this is the schuylkill westbound approaching girard. all lanes openy opened and looking good so far. on the big pictures your speeds are in good shape. don't forget the falls bridge is closed and that lasts until april 1st. also we've got that long term construction closing portions of monument. monument road right now closed between ford and belmont. let's go right now a new problem that's popping up. a disabled vehicle we caught here in franconia township in montgomery county right on cowpath road at reliance road. a downed pole in salem county that had been out there since yesterday evening, that's cleared and 130 northbound is
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reopened now so that would have caused big problems if it stayed closed. it is reopened and traffic moving better. outside live on the ben franklin bridge we're in the clear. that's your westbound traffic coming into the city. we saw big problems on the ben yesterday morning. so far so good right now, matt and tam. >> thanks karen. a hearing is scheduled in montgomery county today that could help decide if a sexual assault case against bill cosby can go forward. >> now his lawyers are working to get the case against the philadelphia entertainer thrown out. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in norristown way preview of what's ahead. good morning, cath run. >katherine.>> reporter: good mo. bill cosby's defense team is going to ask that the charges be dismissed. it's unclear if cosby himself will testify today. today bill cosby's attorneys will ask a judge top throw out the only criminal case against him out of dozens of accusation for molesting women. his attorneys will argue 78-year-old cosby had a deal in 2005 with then district
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attorney bruce castor that cosby wouldn't be prosecuted in exchange for his testimony in accuser andrea constand's civil lawsuit. kevin steele said he would have need an immunity agreement in writing to avoid prosecution. in his deposition cosby admitted that he had a number affairs, had obtained quaaludes to give women before sex and gave constand a former temple university employee pills when she visited his home in 2004. cosby claimed their encounter was consentual. constand says she was drugged and violated. his testimony was released last year. his case reopened and then he was charged with felony sexual assault. and it is expected to be packed here today. they have the primary courtroom, they have an overflow courtroom for additional reporters. this is all set to get under way at 9:30. we're live in norristown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> ♪ >> all right, katherine many
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political pundits saying it was not supposed to be this close for hillary clinton again but close it was. too close to call in fact let's take a look at the numbers right now. as you can see there, clinton has a slight edge in the number of delegates, 22 to 21 over bernie sanders. but one is still outstanding. however clinton's campaign is claiming victory. now, donald trump meanwhile on the republican side did not live up to expectations ahead of the caucus while ted cruz did better than predicted. now, here are the final results of those numbers on the republican side. cruz won with 30 percent while trump and rubio were close behind each with 26 percent. now, marco rubio had a stronger showing than expected. meanwhile, after the numbers were tallied two announcements were maid made on the republican side. mike huckabee right here is suspending his campaign. that didn't turn out to be a very good s but i meant to put
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suspends right there. and democrat martin o'malley who got 0 percent of the caucasus vote also suspended his campaign. "action news" will be back on the campaign trail for the first primary in the country. "action news" anchor monica malpass reports from manchester new hampshire starting this sunday. sigh to work on my s's matt. >> you do that. governor chris christie is hoping to rescue his campaign in the new hampshire primary which is one week from today. he kicked off his bus store in the granite state yesterday. the new jersey governor held two town halls to rally voters ahead of the state's february 9th contest. christie is hoping to provide an establishment alternative to iowa winner ted cruz and to donald trump. new on "action news" three people are recovering from a nasty crash in delaware overnight. it happened along the 2300 block of falkland road in price's corner new castle county at 1:00 a.m. police say the car was speeding when the driver lost control, hit a parked car an utility pole and finally stopped in a snow bank. rescuers had to cut the driver
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out of the car. two passengers were also hurt. the crash is under investigation. >> tragic new developments on a story that we brought you as breaking news at 11:00 a man is dead after being hit by several cars in northeast philadelphia. it happened shortly after 8:00 on roosevelt boulevard near harbison avenue. police say the man was partially clothed running in the southbound outer lanes when he was hit by a car. the impact was so hard police say he was thrown and hit by possibly three more vehicles. >> the behavior that he was displaying, the fact that he was wearing just underwear, it's the wintertime and he's running along the boulevard waving his arms wildly in the air singing loudly there's a pretty good possibility this individual was suffering from some mental health issues. >> police say the original striking vehicle did stop. we have an update on a story we brought you yesterday morning. handle track believes that the projectile that smashed into an acela train window was a rock. passengers reported hearing a loud boom on sunday night while traveling through the bridesburg section of
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philadelphia. the train stopped in new jersey for an inspection. no one was hurt. >> pennsylvania's most famous ground hog will offer its annual prediction this morning as to whether we will see an early spring or not. punxsutawney phil will make the call at 7:30 a.m. if phil sees his shadow the prediction is for the u.s. to have six more weeks of winter. if he doesn't his handlers say expect warmer temperatures and a warner spring. phil's prediction has been right 13 times and wrong 15 times since 1988 less than the average of a coin toss and i'm just thinking since we've already seen an early spring, isn't the ground hog a little late with this? >> kind of. >> phil says don't rain on his parade. it's his big day. he may not be a meteorologist but this is his day. >> yeah, i rank his forecast right up there with the family's almanac. it's great reading in the you know what. but it's fun. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you a lack of rain today. as we take a look outside we have very little cloud cover around. sky6 with clear skies above
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and tranquil conditions down below. a little cooler this morning than it was yesterday but still above freezing across most of the region. and with light winds now you put on a couple of layers and you're in pretty good shape. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia, 34 in wilmington, 35 in trenton. it's up in those northern and western suburbs places like allentown, reading, lancaster maybe even pushing up into northern bucks in montgomery counties where you are still below freezing and you might have some icy patches from any runoff that froze overnight. not the case down in philadelphia and down toward the shore. in cape may we're already at 40 degrees. satellite and radar shows you a little sprinkles and light showers from yesterday and now lots of sun on the way today in advance of the next approaching storm system for tomorrow. up in the lehigh valley today lots of sun, cool but nice, that should actually be cool but i guess you can coo if you're a pigeon. 47 degrees is the high. down the shore mostly sunny and mild conditions, a high of 48 degrees down at the shore. again winds staying on the light side today. and in philadelphia, not quite as mild as yesterday when we
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got up to about 59 for a high but 50 is still several degrees above average. mostly sunny, mild, winds eventually turning out of the southeast at only about six to 12 miles per hour. then increasing clouds overnight. there could be a shower toward dawn in a couple of spots, 41 is the overnight low. that's a little bit milder overnight. and winds out of the southeast at four to 8 miles per hour overnight. and during the day tomorrow we get that cold front coming in. and ahead of it we will see a line of showers, some of this in the morning but the heaviest stuff in the afternoon into the evening. it's going to be a warm one with a high of 63 degrees ahead of that cold front. in fact that would set a record high for philadelphia tomorrow. the big issue will be the fact that there could be some flooding from this because of the warm air, the rain coming in and again at noon it's mostly to the north and west. allentown and reading probably starting to pick it up. and then you really see that line of rain coming through philadelphia later in the afternoon and early evening, maybe even a rumble of thunder, but you also have that snow on the ground that's going to be melting. so a quick look at what to
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expect poor drainage areas tomorrow would certainly be affected by this, streets and maybe some creeks and streams. remember after the rain is gone it takes awhile for those waterways to subside and there's a bit of a concern along the schuylkill river, minor to moderate flooding. some of those places that tend see the schuylkill spill over its banks that could be a problem tomorrow night and thursday morning. sunny and still mild today for ground hog day, 50 degrees is the high. maybe they'll show a tender over phil and he won't see his shadow. 63 degrees then tomorrow, with rain combining with the snow melt giving you some flooding and that could linger into thursday evening though thursday will be a dry day with a high of 50. little cooler, right? then back into the 40's with plenty of sun on friday, coastal storm is going to miss us, no more concern there. clouds some sun saturday 46. mostly sunny skies on sunday, 44 and the next chance of rain would be monday. >> thanks, david. 5:11 now. coming up the in-flight fistfight a pilot decided to
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ground a dealt at a flight for more than an hour because flight attendants actually started throwing blows. >> new concerns about the zika virus now declared a global health emergency. karen. >> we're in norristown looking at markley street at main street. just a couple people up right now. little damp. we'll take you to west conshohocken live coming up. >> you have a baby so you teach him how to crawl and teach him how to walk and then you throw them on the slopes like right away. that story later in the morning buzz. >> ♪ oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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>> welcome back. taking a live look the view from temple university into center city. cold start to the day. little chilly. wish i had taken a heavier coat when i got out this morning. 39 degrees. but i won't need it later on. karen will tell you why am it's 5:15. >> let's start with traffic. >> there's ice on the windshield you're right tam in some spots even though the grounds surface is above freezing ice might be forming on your windshield. let's hit the suburbs right now and let's show you what's going on. we're live right now in west conshohocken. this is the blue route over the schuylkill. a little damp in some spots but no problems. very quiet out there currently so coming in from upper darby on saint davids you're looking good. let's go to the maps right now. on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid-county here you want to watch for a roving construction crew. had been causing some problems. they've cleared out now so should be moving better. we had a disabled vehicle that's clear now as well so looking pretty good there on the northeast extension. in your commuter traffic report if you're coming in from marlton, new jersey, into
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the city, you've got a nice easy ride. 25 minutes taking route 70 up and over the ben franklin bridge. no problems. the ben is looking good this morning as well. how about the temperatures? it's only 24 in martin's creek, 29 in pottstown. freezing mark in warrington and 38 degrees in center city and the suburbs in new jersey just the 20's in browns mills, 32 in glassboro headed up to a mild afternoon. 50 degrees with a good amount of sunshine. can't beat that, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. new on "action news," delta airlines has apologized to customers on a flight that diverted when two polite attendants came to blows. the altercation happened last month on a flight from los angeles minneapolis. the captain decided to land in salt lake city delaying the flight more than an hour. delta says the actions of the crew members did not reflect the professionalism expected of employees. a spokeswoman wouldn't say if the attendants were punished. >> the world health organization declared the spread of the zika virus a
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global emergency. the virus is carried about mosquitos is that spreading quickly through several south american and caribbean countries. public health officials are concerned over a potential link to birth defects. the cdc is warning people particularly pregnant women not to travel to areas where the virus has been reported. puerto rican native luis travels home every six weeks and says now he'll be more cautious. >> the flyers hit the ice for the first time following all-star break. they play say the games in 13 days beginning with montreal. the denver broncos and carolina panthers took part in media day last night. quarterbacks peyton manning and cam flute ton talked about their mutual respect for one another. >> he's been a great percent, he's been great runner, great leader. you don't go 17 and one as your starting quarterback without being awesome. >> peyton is a player that it's like a one of one type of
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guy. and i say that because it's never one before him, there probably will be another one after him. he's been a person that made this game a better game and brought the best out of so many people. >> the panthers face the broncos in super bowl 50 sunday evening. >> nice to see that level of respect between the two of them playing. >> absolutely. >> 5:18. app spell no longer the most valuable company in the world. >> new study on marijuana find that is years of smoking it may have an effect on your ability to remember certain words. >> ♪
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>> happy ground hog day. who is excited? i am. let's go on outside right now and see what it looks like and we're going to check out spring garden for you now. this is spring garden street at north broad and we're seeing no problems this morning. the road surface there looking pretty dry but i think some spots it's still a little bit damp as you head out. art museum drive behind the art museum closed all week for
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construction so stay in front on eakins oval instead. you have to stay there instead. let's take a live look at mass transit. everything is on time so far and you're looking good and cowpath road at reliance vehicle a disabled vehicle is clear and the roving construction is clear on the northeast extension dave. >> northern and western suburbs below freezing so we've got gloves and hats on the kids early but this afternoon will be milder and we're looking at plenty of sunshine. here's how it's going to go today. 36 degrees by 7 o'clock in philadelphia and still in the upper 30's by 9:00. but by noon 45 and by 3 o'clock that is your high, 50 degrees today. winds are light, lots of sunshine. a good looking day overall. if you're headed to the airport we're hoping for no major delays. we usually don't have them this time of morning so we're not seeing that. however, couple issues in orlando and atlanta. some fog at those airports so we're going to see a delay later on when the air traffic gets a little heavier those might be the spots. tam.
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>> in health check, i think everybody out there could tell you this. if you smoke a lot of pot you could have memory problems long after the smoke clears. researchers in switzerland examined data on the marijuana habits of nearly 3400 americans over a 25 year period. at the and of the study period the subjects took several tests that measured their cognitive abilities. the study found people who smoke marijuana on a daily -- for a longer pooh of time had poor verbal memory in middle-age. you think than people who didn't smoke or who smoked less. >> reporter: topping america's money the world's new most valuable company alphabet. when the markets opened this morning it will be worth $544 billion roughly. that's about 6 billion more than apple which has been on top since 2011. and free snacks coming back to american airlines. nation's biggest carrier says those snacks will be available in all its domestic flights by april. american's announcements about
5:23 am
the free snacks came just as united airlines began offering the freebies as well. the seminole tribe is taking the hard rock chain of restaurants and hotels the a new level. a 34 story high guitar shaped hotel it's in hollywood florida. the tribe says that it could have just built something boxy for the expansion but they wanted to create something kind of special and looks like they got it. i don't think the windows open there. that's america's money.
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>> ♪ >> time to your morning buzz. business mogul russell simmons part of a glowing list of celebrities donating to flint. high levels of lead have contaminated its water source. simmons personally delivered cases of bottled water to a number of flint homes monday morning. later hundreds of people gathered for a town hall meeting with him and other activists. >> ♪ [laughter] for super bowl 50 the nfl brought together some actual super bowl babies if there's such a thing. according to studies nine months after super bowl victory winning cities see a
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rise in births. really gets you in the mood. the students performed kiss from a rose: imagine if that was combined with snowstorm. this toddler barely knows how to walk but she's already taking it to the slopes on a snowboard. this is 14 month old sloane henderson. she looks better than i do on a snowboard. she hit the slopes in park city utah last week. the video has gone viral. baby sloane and her snowboarding skills on "good morning america." >> next up sloane, the k12. thanks erin. 5:27. still ahead the sex ed plan in san francisco. the city school district is considering handing out condoms to students still in middle school. >> the fast moving fire that injured two people in new jersey overnight. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪ >> high turnout leads to high drama in iowa. there was even a coin toss in a race that was too close to call last night. >> cosby showdown. a judge will hear arguments on whether the entertainer's sex assault case should proceed and who should prosecute. >> a teen turns her videotaped beating into a powerful message against bullying. >> it's going to be warm again david. >> not quite as mild but still above average and not a bad day ahead. we have an issue kicking in tomorrow. this is the one we want to you keep in your mind. this kicks in wednesday tomorrow at noon and goes until late thursday afternoon, a flood watch in effect across of the region away from the shore because of some heavy rain coming in combined with mild temperatures produce something snow melt tomorrow. there's its system though. it's way out to the west and over in the east. for today we still got lots of sunshine with maybe a few high clouds streaking in late in the day or tonight. 38 degrees to start out this


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