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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you, it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, february 6 him here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," we're following breaking news. the a philadelphia cab driver has been shot after picking up a fare. a chester county high school football team under investigation facing claims of hazing. a beautiful start to the weekend across the delaware and lehigh valleys, but we are keeping our eyes on the next possibility of snow. meteorologist chris sowers has a look at that small possibility. keep it small. >> reporter: it doesn't appear to be a big storm and i know that makes you happy. it does indeed, thank you sir.
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>> reporter: looking live on sky 6 the philadelphia international airport. the numbers have dropped off we have frozen splush -- slushes and black ice around. pottstown, 21. saint davids, 23. chester, 25 degrees. the numbers south and east are equally as cold across the pine barrens and southern new jersey, millville, vineland, 23 degrees. philadelphia 27. satellite and radar, we actually have a few snow showers pushing through lakes erie and ontario. that will push off to the northeast. that won't affect our weather today. we have in control, high pressure, the seasonable high for this time of the year is 42, 43. we're forecasting 46. a decent amount of sunshine high, thin clouds mixed in from time to time. 40 degrees by noon, 3:00 p.m.,
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45 and 5:00 p.m., 44. gray when we come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about the small chance of snow in the seven-day forecast. back to breaking news from philadelphia's point breeze section, a cabby shot this morning on the job is now fighting to stay alive. police say a passenger may have actually pulled the trigger on this one. the search is on for the shooter. following the gunfire the cab crashed into a parked car on the 2300 block of morris street. the cabby was taken to penn brebs -- presbyterian hospital in critical but stable condition. conchester high school in chester county hazing issues. word has been spreading around here at conostoga high school since detectives began snooping around about alleged hazing in the football program. crazy stuff involving
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seniors doing some not so cool things to the freshman. >> reporter: conostoga high has a respectable football program now it's clouded by disturbing allegations. it goes back to the football season last year. that led to other oalings e -- other allegations. sources say they will go back two years to learn how far the alleged hazing goes, much of it is your average hazing idiotcy. one incident may make people uncomfortable and one victim may have been injured. there appears to be a ritual theme built hazing and there's a sign of culture the school needs to deal with. the thing is here with the football team they are boys in a locker room, stupid things are going to happen, but nothing to the degree that is going around. >> reporter: i'm dann cuellar
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channel 6 "action news." a temple university security guard was injured after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. that guard was sitting in his personal car near 13th and berk street in north philadelphia when he was hit. the driver took off after the accident, but located at 11th and diamond street. the guard was taken to university hospital with back and neck injuries. police in camden county investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital. this all happened on the 100 block of burnt mill road in voorhees last night. crews rushed the victim to cooper university hospital to be treated. no word of a motive or suspect in the shooting. the search continues for the gunman who held up a 7-eleven on long lane in upper darby. police say the man waited until the store was empty, and went in
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and demanded money, the clerk refused, he shot the clerk in the thigh. police superintendent said investigators are look into whether the suspect is connected to scholar crimes at other 7-elevens over the last two weeks. the time now, 6:05. if you're just waking up, no prison time for philadelphia rapper meek mill. he has been sentenced to house arrest. a judge handed down the sentence yesterday. he has to serve 90 days house arrest and 6 days probation beginning march 1. he violated the terms of his parol on a drug and gun case. his romance with niki minaj is partly to blame that you say he we bet went out of state to perform with her.
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prosecutors say this man was the ring leader they claim that he and two other men forced a woman into a van last april and beat her when she would not provide a code to a safe. one accomplice was sentenced to 15 years and the other is awaiting sentencing. dorney park is offering to higher a special needs man who was fired for not performing well during a interview process. he has cleaned bathrooms at the park for 12 seasons. a friend took to social media after chris was dismissed. in addition to being upset about the firing he said he was bullied about other employees. he said kids made fun of me at the park.
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chris' mother said she held her tongue about the bullying for 12 years, when he complained to his supervisors they told him to stop being a tattletale. there are concerns about high leaves of lead in children, they are not turning up like in flint michigan. the lead is coming from older homes. a 2014 study found 18 cities in the state with children having higher leaves of lead explorer than in flint. philadelphia, allentown, atlantic city and trenton have more than flint according to studies of p health care system a -- pennsylvania and jersey. there's a lot of lead that needs to come out. physicians determined if a
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child should be tested for lead. new jersey mandates the testing. a building that once housed west philadelphia high school is getting a major makeover. the massive building at 47th and walnut will be turned into apartments. a brooklyn-based developing has secured a lone -- loan to turn it into a apartment building. the construction on the apartment is set to begin next year. a piece of trenton history is no more. demolition if he trenton center high school is nearing completion. yesterday the iconic clock tower above the school entrance was taken down by ropes and crane. the school opened in 1932. it's set to be completed in april. the construction for the new high school will begin. new school is slated to open in
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2019. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, do you have a cracked iphone? it may not be a total loss. we have the details on how i may be able to trades in that phone. parts of new england are cleaning up after a foot of snow fell on that region. >> reporter: we have a little bit of icy patches and snowfall out there from yesterday on the ground creating slick spots. we have the possibility of more light snow in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that when we come right back. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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new england is digging out from up to a foot of snow. the storm has taken a tragic toll. a tree limb crashed down in michigan killing a of-year-old girl. roads are slick, new england dodged last month's bullet. this is their first big snowstorm of the winter. boston last year got 100 inches of snow. no snow here, but it's sad news with the 6-year-old girl. >> reporter: heavy wet snow, the crane that clapped in new york maybe the heavy wet snow had something to do with that, as well. when you get heavy wet snow it adds weight to trees and power
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lines and things like that, next thing you have trees coming down and power outages and the whole nine yards. the temperatures getting into the 40s today. whatever snow you picked up yesterday more than likely will be gone by afternoon. double scan live nothing going on, it's clear and a few clouds around, it's cold and blustery. 30 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 19. winds out of the west at 5. we have a windchill of 25 degrees. if you head out early, bundle up. 21 in millville. hammonton, 23. the poconos 19. allentown, 21. 23 in reading. wilmington, 23. dover, 28. wildwood, 27. you get the idea wherever it snowed yesterday morning if you have snow on the ground, be prepared there's going to be slick spots, icy pamps, black ice and maybe frozen slush.
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as we get above freezing all that will melt. satellite and radar it will be quiet across the eastern seaboard and through the upcoming weekend. this is the storm that we're watching here very closely, this is sunday afternoon. super bowl sunday looks nice and quiet around the delaware valley as of now with all the forecast models suggesting this storm stays out to sea. what will happen as this dives in on the the departing low on the backside, another low develops. it is a possibility that the secondary low brings snow to the region tuesday. all quiet up and down the eastern seaboard. there's the two systems, there's the first one diving out of the high plains, here's the coastal low, we're dodging a bullet with this, had this come up the east coast this would wallop us with 6 to 12 inches of snow maybe more. this stays out to sea.
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monday, snow erupting across new england here comes the secondary system out of the ohio and the tennessee valleys. the good news it is in the developing stages over top of us, we're expecting lighter snows. by the time it is better organized it is across new england. new england will see the heavy snow with tuesday's event. things could change, but right now that's the way it looks on the modeling. 46 degrees, nice, for february standards. 42 in allentown, millville, 45. cape may, 44. it's a cold night tonight, 25 degrees in allentown. millville, 23. refreezing a good possibility. trenton, 28. lancaster, 25 and dover bottoming out at 29 degrees tonight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll keep it quiet all weekend long, 46 degrees, decent amount of sunshine today. more sunshine tomorrow, 50. tomorrow it will feel really, really nice. 43 monday, mostly cloudy, maybe
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a rain shower across parts of the area. monday night into tuesday we have light snow with minor accumulations expected. 40 degrees wednesday lots of clouds, 40. thursday an arctic front arrives, 34 for the high, friday, partly sunny and cold, 36. it's colder as we head into valentine's day weekend. right now it looks like we're dodging a couple of bullets here. 6:16. verizon high at the kimmel center felt the earth move under their feet. all right. philly pops opening night the carole king song book from tap he tapestry.
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so glad you stayed with us, there may be hope for those of you with a cracked iphone. apple is letting customers trade in broken phones for an upgrade. the company is accept 5s and 6 plus models. apple is partnering with bellcon to install screen protecters in
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stores. scion had a unique style designed to be easily customizable, millennial buyers prefer to buy cars known and trusted brands. alphabet is now the world's most valuable company. google's parent company surpassed apple which held the spot for four years. the company is worth $554 billion. analysts say it caught up to apple because the iphone is not what it used to be. ben and jerries is launching a none dairy ice cream from almond milk. they need asked for years making
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nondairy ice creams, they said creating flavors for customers' expectations was a challenge. we'll be back after the break. ♪
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is to provide choicese the that offer youto help you the best pric,s quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. everyone, 6:23 saturday morning, day planner looks really, really nice, temperatures in the mid 40s, 45 degrees by 3:00 p.m., 44 by 5:00 p.m. shooting for a high of 46. normally we should be around 42. let's talk about tuesday, we have a couple of areas of low pressure. we have a low diving out of the arctic a potent cold front that will be pushing through the high plains this weekend. a coastal low develops down here off the georgia coast on sunday. that low pulls to the north. okay, this is pretty much etched
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in stone. what will happen beyond this point, the sunday low starts to strengthen here. this arctic front departing front, a secondary low is close by draws in from that low taking away from it so it never has a chance to get organized it. pulls up to new england and it is nothing more than a raggedy storm. tuesday there's a storm system off the coast of delmarva. light accumulation, one to three inch snow at best, is of now, it turnings colder by the end of next week on the departing low pressure system. gray. chris thank you for the update. 6:24. in sports, the philly new york rivalry heats up today, the
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flyers host the rangers. the sixers had no magic against the wizards last night. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: go to work, the last time we saw the sixers they were getting run out of the gym they lost against the wizards last night. sixers down big biel scores a game high 22 points. the sixer fall behind 25. they get behind in the 4th. the wizards put it away later a triple double on assist to biel. the sixers lose 106-94. flyers make up ground in the chase for the playoff spot. 4 points the final wild card spot in the east. they scored 14 goals in the last three games. they host the rivals rangers a
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team they are chasing in the standings. we have to catch up to the rangers and playing at home against them, obviously it's going to be intense, the fans turn out when we play the rangers. it's games like that we are excited to play, it should be a good game. flyers alumnae game in reading a game that featured a representative from every game of flyers hockey including bobby clark. tickets went for 12 bucks. what a value there. third ranked villanova in prove prove -- dentist -- providence today. penn hosted mouth, ten
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takes it. we are a day away from super bowl 50. peyton manning playing in probably his final game. cam newton his first one. it's time to roll, the sentimental aspects of it go out the window, we're there to play a game. we worked hard to get to this moment, we'll do everything we can to take advantage of it. if we study the plays to e a test, if you cram on friday for saturday you're not going to feel that good about that test. if you've been cramming since tuesday or wednesday, you will be confident in your work. i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend. is.
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appear huge crane crashes to the ground in new york, now city leaders in philadelphia are looking for ways to avoid a similar tragedy. the stage is set for
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tonight's big debate among the concerned of the republican presidential nomination. chris sowers is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. hopefully no snow. >> reporter: no, next week is a different story. that's a beautiful shot chester, pennsylvania, commodor barry bridge. beautiful shot this morning. slick spots out there, temperatures have plunged overnight down into the teens well north and west and 20s for everybody else. 19 in martins creek. 22 in crater -- quakertown. 21 in gandys beach. vineland and hammonton. woodbine 24. ewing, 23. use caution first thing this morning so long the temperatures are below freezing we'll see the black ice and the frozen slush. so sidewalks could be slippery,
6:31 am
as well as secondary roads. be careful out there early on. satellite and radar, high pressure in control, that means a few harmless clouds overspread the area this afternoon that's about it. here's the forecast, 10:00 a.m., 35 degrees, mostly sunny conditions. lunchtime, 40 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 45. shooting for a high of 46 sun and clouds. we're following breaking news coming in from south philadelphia. a taxi driver has been shot, police looking for the gunman, the cab crashed into a parked car on the 2300 block of moore street in point breeze. the driver is listed in critical, but stable condition at penn pretty presbyterian. the gunman may have been a passenger in the taxi. a cab driver shot in south philadelphia. also breaking this morning, this time coming in from tampa,
6:32 am
florida, police say 8 people were shot at a strip club, one victim is dead this morning. investigators have not said if the shooter is under arrest. detectives are looking into the possibility that a disagreement may have caused the shooting. we're days away now from the new hampshire primary and the countdown is on to tonight's debate among the republican candidates seeking their party's nomination. the latest poll shows donald trump in the lead with marco rubio gaining mo momentum. kenneth moten is live from new hampshire with what can be expected. >> reporter: we're expecting fireworks on the campus this is the first debate since iowa caucus night since ted cruz was accused of shady tricks by ben
6:33 am
carson and donald trump is leegd in leegd -- leading in the polls. i don't want anything just your vote. >> reporter: trump kept out of the granite state due to the bad weather. bitter about his loss to ted cruz in iowa. i don't think i came in second, i think i came in first. god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> reporter: the winter storms didn't keep the other candidates off the trail. their supporters were walking door to door. even barbara bush braved the treacherous conditions for her son before the gop debate hosted by abc news. overnight bernie sanders got a rock star reception at a democratic fundraiser in manchester. clinton was there undeterred by the polls. new hampshire has never quit on me, i'm not going to
6:34 am
quit on you. [cheers and applause]. and clinton who is who is working tonders supporters is here. donald trump is expected to be here after he skipped the iowa debate before the caucuses something he believes cost him. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." thanks for the update. on the democratic side a new quinnipiac poll released yesterday shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a statistical dead head. clinton has 44% to sanders 42% that's within the margin of error. clinton was ahead 62-30 in the poll over two months ago. "action news" anchor money upon is covering the prime other on the ground in manchester.
6:35 am
watch for her live reports beginning tomorrow night. in new york city, the focus is switching to what caused a massive crane to collapse on the street there. one person died, 3 others injured. the crane was in the process of being secured during high winds when it crashed to the ground. 38-year-old david witch a wall street worker was walking on the sidewalk at the time he was killed. the accident calls into question the safety of cranes in philadelphia. "action news" reporter, jeff chirico has more. >> reporter: philadelphians were more cautious walking through center city last night after seeing the video of a towering crane crashing on the streets of manhattan did you realized you walked under one? no i didn't. i am in a rush to get home. i never thought about a crane falling. >> reporter: cranes have become part of the philadelphia skyline at the corner of arch three are
6:36 am
up build the new comcast building. it raises the question is there something we can be doing? >> reporter: l l&i has no jurisdiction over mobile cranes like the one in new york, although they are regulated by the states and federal government, she said mayor kenny has expressed interest in supervising mobile cranes. we need to pay strict attention to the investigation that started there and see what lessons we can take from that. meanwhile, the pedestrians said they will be more aware fortunate potential dangers overhead. to be clear the trucks and mobile cranes are snrpd -- inspected by osha a federal
6:37 am
agency, but local supervision would aid a layer of protection. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." in delaware county firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire in a three story home. it took a half-hour to bring the flames under control in ridley township last night. the fire started in the back of the home. flames poured out of a norristown montgomery county home sending everyone inside scrambling for safety. a 12-year-old boy died when he ran back into the home trying to save his father. sadly his dad already escaped the flames. >> reporter: philadelphia fire commissioner, derrick sawyer said the chaos during a fire is why a family needs an escape plan. the plan can be as simple as this one, route number one cruises a door, the second a window, the meeting place a
6:38 am
tree. everyone should meet at the same place. >> reporter: the meeting points stopped attempted rescues and allows responders to know if someone is trapped. the key is families must practice the escape plan. it's important because in the heat of the battle you talk about the chaos, when the chaos is going to go on if you have not practiced. >> reporter: more than two dozen people were displaced by the fire, four for the long term. the red cross is helping out. in norristown, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." new for you this morning, prosecutors want and appeals court to -- reverse overturn last month's decision against jerry sandusky. a three judge panel threw out
6:39 am
similar against against graham spanier after their rights were violated their rights. kathleen kane's law license will remain suspended while she faces charges of leaking grand jury material and lying about it. the court's rejection could pave the way to an unprecedented vote in the state senate on whether to remove her from office. happening from the new jersey newsroom, the borgata casino said it will stop paying taxes and it has the backing of a judge. new jersey courts ruled atlantic city owes the borgata $62.5 million. until the city pays up, borgata is specked -- spending tax payments. this move will only cripple the city's finances. there's much more to come
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on "action news" saturday morning, hail caesar george clooney and his famous pal star in a new comedy. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues after this quick break. gliejth you i have asthma...
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pope francis will drive by his graffiti mural when he arrives in mexico next week to hold mass there. a spray painting shows him wearing a mexican hat. philadelphia painted a mural for the pope when he came to town in september. i'm sure a lot of folks were praying we don't get another blizzard around here anytime soon. >> reporter: you really hate the snow, gray. i don't hate it, friday the light snow in and out, perfect. >> reporter: that may be with a we're dealing with tuesday. dodging another bullet. live on sky 6 down in cape may. this is an area that picked up more accumulation in yesterday's event. the farther north you want the heavier the snowfall totals got. lakewood, monmouth county 3 to
6:44 am
4 inches of snow. cape may and atlantic county you picked up one to three. it was heavy wet snow. a lot of it is gone. temperatures in the afternoon climbed into the low 40s throughout the area. double scan is dry for now. 30 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 19. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. just the slightest windchill right now. feels like 25. that's the only area that's picking up a windchill. allentown, 21. millville, 21. trenton, 23. the poconos 19. the winds speeds everybody is sitting at zero, one, two, three miles per hour. it's cold, but the saving grace is that we don't have a harsh windchill to deal with this morning. nevertheless you have to bundle up. it could be worse especially for the beginning of february. cloud cover approaching from the west, a lot of this will fizzle out before it makes it into the delaware valley. all this snow shower activity to
6:45 am
the north stays to the north it will not be influencing our weather. here's the wider view on satellite. this is the system that will hug the coast sunday afternoon. it reforms off the coast of jacksonville and pulls toward the northeast. here's the better view on the water vapor image. you can see the counter clockwise swirl. this is the bullet we'll be doming monday into tuesday, once it hits the eastern seaboard it explodes and becomes a huge storm with a tremendous amount of rainfall and gusty winds. it will stay out to sea. we'll see clouds sunday night into monday morning. future tracker 6 the close up view. combination of sun and clouds no big deal. it's clear overnight tonight. clouds, tomorrow, warmer, winds out of the southwest, high temperatures expected to top out around 50 degrees sunday afternoon. there's the coastal storm you
6:46 am
can see it getting better organized here, snows on the back edge of the carolinas and the eastern shores of the virginia capes. it will pull off to the northeast and move away from the delaware valley. heavy snows hit new england and the can canadian maritimes. the second storm charges in monday, tuesday, a raggedy storm. there will be a period of light snow tuesday afternoon, it appears it will be light and nothing more than that, which is good news. sun and clouds today. seasonable, 46 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. a nice looking day, partly cloudy and cold. not as cold as this morning. 25 degrees outlying suburbs, 30 center city. the southwesterly winds, 5 to 10. they warm us us nicely sunday second half of the weekend. 50 degrees, mostly sunny skies, a really nice day. mostly cloudy monday, 43. maybe a couple of rain showers
6:47 am
late, shouldn't amount to all that much. tuesday, some light snow, 40 degrees, accumulations if i had to pinpoint a number, i would say between one and three inches. wednesday, 40 degrees, thursday, 34. friday, 36. valentine's day weekend looks cold with an arctic front pulling through with highs in the 20s. right now we're dodging bullets that's the trends. thank you. folks remember, you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at your time 6:47 when old man winter makes getting around difficult four legs might be better than four wheels when it comes to patrolling the streets. st. paul, minnesota, officers on mounted patrol are on horseback instead of squad cars of they checked the traffic violations
6:48 am
and pull over cars, when off duty the horse are go back to the farm.
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6:50 am
a pleasant good morning to you, sky6 live hd right now overlooking camden, new jersey right at the aquarium there along the waterfront. so glad you're waking up with us saturday morning, 6:50. the stores continues to be strong. the newest star wars movie has grossed $900 million in the u.s. it is the first movie to make that much money domestically in 50 days. it will gross $2 billion worldwide by the end of weekend. it will only be the third movie to do so. it is distributed by walt disney the parent company of 6abc. there are new movies arriving this weekend. karen rogers has a preview. >> reporter: there are pair of new films hitting theaters
6:51 am
weekend including a remake of a timeless classic, pride and prejudice and zombies. the film is a mashup of the classic 1813 novel. the handsome mr. the the ds a zombie killer. they must conquer the undead once and for all. hail caesar, the cohen brothers are back to tickle your funny bone. you have your movie star, get $100,000 even await instruction, who are we? >> reporter: a virtual who's who
6:52 am
stars in a film about a fixer who worked in the hollywood studios in the 1950s. he is forced to spring into action when a movie star is kidnapped and and a star becomes pregnant. have fun at the movies, karen rogers channel 6 "action news." ♪
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everyone, 6:54 saturday morning, looks like a nice, quiet weekend around the delaware valley. west to east we go across the lower 48 there's nothing going on, snow showers across the great lake states this morning and small disorganized area of
6:55 am
low pressure is south to southeast and come off the coast of jacksonville tomorrow afternoon. an arctic front appears as if it will be diving into the mid atlantic states, cold air driving this. sunday after we'll see a coastal storm riding up the coast. it will be situated up here over the coast of new england. a second storm develops here, what's preventing this from becoming a huge storm it will steal energy from this, it will be the stronger system, but prevent the other storm from turk into a hey -- hay maker. a light to moderate snowfall is possible, we're in the expecting huge accumulations, right now
6:56 am
it's not a blizzard and it doesn't appear this will be a major event. 6:56 if you need art for young your house and you can't afford especially after a holiday season of big spending. you're in luck. the designers at the live well network show knock it off have a do it yourself project. >> reporter: big white wall also can be intimidating. why not try this solution that will spice up the space for 30 bucks. we're creating a giant mural a simple process. engineered prints are used by architects and builders, but you can have any picture made into an engineer print at a local copy center. we took a butterfly and we cut it into three equal parts.
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we're rolling up each sex from the bottom to the ceiling. and spraying each section on the wall and working section by section down. we're using color with chalk, playground chalk, all we're doing is working with the picture and choosing areas to add pop. rub on the chalk and blend it, it gives i want a nice finished looked. it makes it look 3d. high end art of this size could cost 5 to $700. we created it for 28 bucks, that's what we call picture perfect. go to live well network it off. the lunar new year begins monday, but festivities got into full swing in universal city
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last night. looks like fun there. the traditional lion dance and meal of authentic chinese cuisine at the international house, this year is the year of the monkey. we have more stories we're working on for you right now. a cool frozen creation, we'll show you what one dad did for his little girl. the ancient art of acupuncture might help breast cancer patients ease their symptoms. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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a pleasant good morning to you, it is 7:00 a.m., on this saturday, february 6. here's a look at the stories we're working on for you on "action news," we're following breaking news. a philadelphia cab driver has been shot after picking up a fare. a chester county high school football team under investigation faces claims of hazing. a beautiful start to the weekend across the delaware and lehigh valleys. we're keeping our eye on the next possibility of snow. meteorologist chris sowers is outside with a look ahead at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. when will the snow arrive, chris? >> reporter: right now looks like a monday night into tuesday event. it doesn't look too impressive. doesn't look like


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