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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:31am EST

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family dog after it attacks a teenager girl overnight leaving her in the hospital with bites to her face and arms. it is mild sunday, but we have our eye on possible snow in the workweek. >> reporter: it's a cold start to your sunday, but a mild finish. temperatures in the 20s, it's blustery out there, you'll need to bundle up in layers first thing this morning. the numbers will rebound nicely this afternoon as the wind shift out of the southwest and that will warm us into 40 ins and low 50s. millville and atlantic city, 21. philadelphia, 28 degrees. now allentown, 35. lancaster, 28. millville, 36. poconos 32 and trenton 31. it's blustery out there this morning. cloud cover beginning to increase from the south as we are watching a coastal storm
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develop off the coast of the carolinas. as that gets going the clouds lower and thicken overnight tonight and perhaps a few rain showers possible first thing tomorrow morning for the jersey shore. everybody else looks like they will stay dry. 49 degrees that's the forecasted high this afternoon with a combination of sun and clouds. 1:00, 46. 3:00 p.m., 48. 5:00 p.m., 47. when i come back in just a few minutes, nydia, we'll talk about the chance of accumulating snow in the seven-day forecast. philadelphia police say an officer was dragged by a car that tried to get away from him during a traffic stop in overbrook. when the man behind the wheel tried to take off, the officer got caught on the car and dragged several feet. he did manage to escape with minor injuries. police say the man and a woman jumped out of the car after it hit another vehicle on the exit ramble from city avenue to
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lincoln drive. police say they caught the man in a school yard. the woman is on the run. 9:02. it was a horrifying situation for a teenager and her siblings who were home alone when the family dog attacked her on in west philadelphia late last night. police say the 14-year-old girl was home with her siblings when someone knocked on the door. the family pitbull escaped from a locked basement an attacked her biting her in the face and arts. others called 911. officers got to the scene and were force to do shoot and kill the dog. the girl is in children's hospital in stable condition. this morning a young man is in critical condition after he was shot on a philadelphia street. the action cam was on the 200 block of nedro street in olney. police found 22-year-old victim
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lying in the street with a bullet injury to his stomach. no word about a motive or suspects. a former can you cumberlany bar has been gut the by fire. firefighters were called out to the tavern on the 500 block of south second street. the fire went to three am alarms. one person was rescued. a nearby resident said the fire intensity was very scary. i backed up, because i felt the heat coming off. [inaudible]. it took three hours for crews to bring the fire under control. a 12-year-old boy is being remembered as a hero after losing his life trying to save his father from a fire. that blaze tore through sanford 's home friday morning. the father got out safely, but
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is an folder went back into the home -- sanford went back into the home looking for his father, but he had escaped out a back window. sanford died in the fire. a swastika was drawn on a car in north philadelphia. temple university police released the pictures of a group of men they want to talk to in connection with the drawing and racial snow that was written in the snow. temple university releasing the statement saying they condemn the use of railsist symbols and language. if youle recognize in these surveillance pictures -- if you recognize anyone in these pictures police want to hear who from you. they climbed 200 feet to steal a
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dorney park flag. two people flagged down a cabby, he kept driving and crashed into several parked cars. i heard the people in the cab they were trying to get out. the three people managed to take off, anyone with information should call philadelphia police. time, 89:05. montgomery county officials want to talk to a good samaritan who came to the help of a young girl when a rabid racoon attacked. jeff chirico has the story. >> reporter: the girl was walking home from school along the bridal riding trail when a racoon attacked a girl. a good samaritan was driving by at the same time. he stopped his car and had a hockey stick in the trunk and
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used it to hit the racoon which detached from the girl which was wonderful of him to do that. he drove her home. animal control captured the animal in the woods and tested it to be rabid. health officials want to make sure sure the man was not disposed to the rabies virus, as well. the person should not think because they are feeling fine today, that they were not composed. it is very important that proper medical officials have a chance to talk with the gentleman. >> reporter: there is a small chance that he could have been exposed to the rabies virus even if he was not bitten. he is asked to call the montgomery county department of health. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." things could get interesting in harrisburg this week, governor wolf is expected to present his new budget plan while the fight about the
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current one rages. hehe is is expected to present s budget proposal. he is the first governor in pennsylvania to reach this point while the current one is in limbo. happening today, it's the last day to see the philadelphia auto show before it speeds off for another year. the doors open at the pennsylvania convention center until 6:00 p.m. you can go tore a drive on a test track. sixers dancers will be making an appearance from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. atlantic city boat show ends this weekend, it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. a hero of world war ii was recognized during an event honoring black history months.
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dr. gaither is a retired oral surgeon. he was a member of the tuskegee airmen one of the most successful flying squadrons during world war ii. people don't realize there are so many didn't fly we were responsible for those who did fly. during the event, dr. gaither was honored for his lifetime of service, we wants to thank you, sir, for your service. much more to come on the sunday morning edition of "action news." oh, that sinking feeling. nearly two dozen cars fall into the icy waters of a wisconsin lake after drivers use it as a parking lot. not good. sky6 live hd looking at temple
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university. temperature in the 30s. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we see you after the break. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. on a sunday morning, you could call this a lesson learned the hard way. drivers who parked on the ice of lake geneva, wisconsin could only watch in despair. their cars started to sink in the ice 20 people parked on the
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ice for the wintery fest. the temperature began to rides and the ice started to thaw and the cars started to sink. hey, don't do that. we have similar weather today, we're starting out cold, but warming up nicely. >> reporter: warming up really nicely. temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s. it will feel like spring out there today. the same areas that reach 50 degrees or close to it today may have snow on the ground by tuesday. quick changes ahead in the seven-day forecast. in the meantime there's a lovely shot in penns landing. the sun shining down brightly as temperatures start to moderate a little bit. temperature are clear, 35 degrees, dewpoint, 28. the winds are calm we don't have a windchill the pressure reading is falling from 30.19 inches. upper 20s, north and west, low to mid 30s, south and east.
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millville, 36. dover, 35 and trenton 31. here's satellite and radar, we're watching a couple of features out here, there's an arctic front and area of low pressure crossing across the high plains states near the u.s./cancanadian border and low pressure system off the caroline analysis. this storm will -- carolinas. this storm will pass on by to the northeast. there's a ton of moisture if this was close enough and come up the coast this would be 6 to 10 inches of snow maybe a little bit more. watch what happens the modeling takes it out to sea just far enough. it may skirt the shoreline, with a couple of showers after midnight tonight, but it will stay out to sea and behave itself. the second system, the arctic boundary that will come through and transfer its energy to a coastal low monday into tuesday.
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that will bring light snow to the area did you work that time frame. cloudy conditions, one or two rain showers for the jersey shore, maybe a little bit of moisture around midday across central portions of new jersey. there could rain showers around monday. tuesday the colder air works in and the shower activity will flip over to light snow. this will fill in as we get closer, we'll see light snow spreading out across the area. accumulations with this appear to be minor. we have not changed the thinking. what we thought yesterday is the same thing this morning, this is not a big deal, it's not a major storm. monday into tuesday, it's disorganized that's why we'll see lighter snowfalls. it will be on grassy surfaces, generally 12 -- 1 to 3 inches. if it comes down hard enough briefly it could stick to the
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secondary roads tuesday afternoon, but we're thinking this is a light event and on grassy surfaces that's where you pick the accumulations. sun and clouds milder spring like, 49 degrees, it's chilly underneath cloudy skies shower after midnight. 26 degrees outlying suburbs, 32 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly cloudy and mild for tomorrow, 45 degrees, again, maybe one or two rain showers around or a spritz or sprinkle. tuesday cloudy snow developing 39. wednesday, 389. thursday, friday, saturday, here comes the arctic express, 34, 32 and 28. in the next half-hour i'll show you ridiculous numbers for valentine's day. i'm hoping it doesn't pan out. here's an unusual but cute dinner guest, a sea lion was found sleeping in a booth. the managed to break into the
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restaurant and make its way into the booth with a scenic view of the sea below. sea world is taking care of pup, they are optimistic it will soon return to the wildwood. we'll be right back.
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welcome back on this sunday, 9:18, 37 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at spring mountain you can see folks out there enjoying the snow. if you like the white stuff you'll like this week we'll see a little bit of snow, monday night into tuesday morning. "healthcheck" want to avoid health problems later in life, take control of your cholesterol as a young adult. high cholesterol can affect anyone at any age. the american heart association recommends screening early adults for high cholesterol and do a repeat screening every five years is risk factors change. this will get your attention, researchers at the
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mayo clinic may have discovered the key to living longer. a team of researchers found that by removing damaged cells that no longer divide they can increase the life span of mice by 17 to 35%. removing the damaged cells made the organs healthier for months. very important tissue is the heart. >> reporter: the damaged cells were removed with a drug that was injected into the animals. there have been no negative side effects. they began to see health imroorveghts in -- improvementsn the mice. a new study questions the accuracy of the body mass index. bmi measures weight to hite. they exaird -- compared it to specific marker also linked to
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everyone, 9:22 sunday morning, pretty quiet across the lower 48 states. we have snow shower across the u.s./canadian border and huge storm off the coast of the carolinas. this will be heading out to sea it will not be affecting our weather in the delaware valley. this is a potent front. there's cold air behind the front blasting through the high plains states this morning. as that gets closer and closer it will develop a secondary low off the coast of the delmarva. here comes the arctic boundary. if the secondary low develops in here, we'll get a decent snow one to three or three to six. in the low develops to the north it will be areas up here that will see the snow. this is pretty much up in the air, right now we are leaning towards the lighter scenario
9:24 am
with lighter snows for the delaware valley tuesday afternoon, one to three inches on grassy surfaces. today, spring like, enjoy it, sun and clouds milder, 49. time 9:24, mexican alhadro took home best director film for the reserve nanlt. that year's -- revenant. this year's academy wards are here on 6abc february 28. taylor swift game a new mobile app game, swift has partnered with blue moon on the game. the tidal of the game -- the title of the game will be inspired by smith's life. disney of course is the
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parent company of 6abc. well if you're in the constant battle to declutter your home it appears you have company. a study found 25% of americans with a two car garage have so much stuff they cannot fit a car inside a garage. we consulted the experts to find out how to declutter your life. >> reporter: we seek to produce order in our lives. perhaps why the number one and two best sellers are by a japanese organization guru. we spend a total of 3700 hours going through clutter. i have places for thing to be. >> reporter: lisa says she struggles to keep up. it's overwhelming.
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papers, bills actual work stuff in the same tiny space. >> reporter: a message heard again and again. i get tired a and i don't do anything for three days and my house is a disaster. >> reporter: she hired an expert. if you have have not used it in 6 months or a year get rid of it. >> reporter: don't overthink it. next, know what you use. turn cropper hangers around and you can see what you wear what you don't wear. >> reporter: design systems with the whole family in mind. one parent couldn't get their kids to put away their launder bring. they have a lot of bins, they could get the cloths in the bins. one of the biggest pitfalls is when one person sets up the
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organization system and the rest of the family doesn't follow along. if you need more motivation, one study found by declutterring your kitchen, you could reduce snacking up to 44%. i have that problem at home, i'm organized and nobody is. really? 9:27 the time, there's much more to come on this sunday morning edition of "action news." rescued after a 3 day ordeal what happened to this pooch now he is safe. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a little snow in the forecast, when "action news" continues.
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fire force as philadelphia family out of their home overnight. republican candidates took to the stage for one last debate before voters in new hampshire make their voices heard on tuesday. will we see snow? we're tracking the possibility in the week ahead. meteorologist chris sowers is outside with the all the details, starting out cold today, chris. >> reporter: a little blustery this morning, but by afternoon you'll think it's march or april, as temperatures climb into the upper 40s and low 50s throughout the area. 31 is the number for pottstown.
9:30 am
fleetwood 29. saint davids 31. chester, 34. we have a breeze this morning so the windchills are a good three to four degrees colder than the actual numbers. glassboro, 35. vineland, 32. woodbine, 35. hammonton, 34. satellite and radar, we'll start out with a decent amount of sunshine and see the high, thin clouds overspread the area from south to north. later this afternoon as the coastal storm gets going off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. it is heading out to sea. if it was coming 0 up the coast we would be shoveeling 6 to 1 inches of snow. 36 degrees. 11:00 p.m., 42. 46 by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 48 degrees shooting for a high of 49.
9:31 am
again, some areas south and east could hit 50 degrees and maybe a little bit warmer. looks what's waiting in the wings to the north. up on the horse of the hudson bay -- up on the shores of the hudson bay it is 40 below zero. wait until you see what it does to temperatures by valentine's day. it's not a pretty sight. guys? we're two days away from the new hampshire primary. last night the republican candidates went to the matt once again in the prime time debate on abc. candidates made their final push for votes in that debate. we go live to new hampshire to kenneth moten. it was heated. >> reporter: it got a little nasty, yes it did, it was quite a show. gop candidates have a full schedule of campaign events today. all the talk this morning is on the performances on the debate
9:32 am
stage. the final gop dee -- debate before the new hampshire primaries. it was a good night for the good governors a bad night for marco rubio. that's what washington, d.c. does a drive by shot at the beginning and incomplete information and memorized 25 second speech. jeb bush hit trump on eminent domain. what donald trump did was use eminent domain to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is down right wrong. he is trying to to be a tough guy. i didn't take the property. >> reporter: ted cruz was in an apology mode cruz accused of playing dirty triks -- tricks to
9:33 am
steal votes from dr. ben carson. hillary clinton brought the cheers at a new hampshire rally and bernie sanders brought the laughs on saturday night live during this titanic-inspired skit. 1% getting preferential treatment. sander is back in new hampshire today with a big lead in this state. hillary clinton is in flint michigan to address the water crisis there and all the republican candidates they are fitting in between the watch parties and the town halls and rallies, they got to watch the super bowl tonight, nydia. reporting live in new hampshire kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." they are human, right? our own monica malpass is in new hampshire for the primary. her reports gin tonight on
9:34 am
"action news," stay with "action news" and for the results of the new hampshire primary as they come in. a smoke detecter is receiving the credit for getting two woman and three teenagers out a burning rowhouse in overbrook. the action cam was at the scene on north 59th street. when firefighters got to the scene they found the residents safely outside. cruz put out the -- cruz put out the grapes in 15 minutes. north korea put a satellite into orbit. critics say the launch is meant to test banned nor north korean technology. even china has expressed regret over the launch. south korea and the u.s. are reacting by talking about one of
9:35 am
the most advance missile defense system also against north korea. officers were pursuing a car in san francisco after it was doing donuts. the officers called off the chase and the car slammed into a taxi, one person died after being thrown from the vehicle, two others burned to death inside the car. no one inside the taxi was injured. police in alabama say a 3-year-old boy shot and killed his 9-year-old sister. the boy found a loaded gun on the night stand in his grandparents home. the girl died at the hospital from a gunshot injury to her head. the grandfather left the gun on the night stand not knowing his grandchildren were coming over. it could be several weeks before we know what caused a huge crane that collapsed and killed a man in matt had an --
9:36 am
man manhattan. the 3565-foot long crane came crashing on to the street on friday morning as crews were trying to lower it during strong wind. cell phone video caught the moment the crane toppled and landed on cars. a 38-year-old wall street worker was killed. they have covered the movement recorder. it is not a black box. it will give us the angle of the boom, the two pieces that were in action at the time. if it gives us more than that, that will be extra. i don't want to set expectations too high. cranes similar to the ones that collapsed friday will have to be inspected one by one. radioactive material was found in ground water at a nuclear plant north of new york
9:37 am
city. officials say the public is not at risk. it happened at the indian point center 45 miles north of manhattan. the govenor order state health officials to investigate. the national parks service said improperlyarded smoking material was cause of the fire that destroyed hundreds of original photographs and items connected to the passengers and crew of the plane that crashed during the 9/11 high jacking. 7:30, the night of dining and dances in center city. hundreds of people attended the philadelphia heart ball that benefits the american heart association life saving mission helping people live healthier
9:38 am
lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. kids move their feet in the name of charity in north wales. they raised $34,000. the money will go to the four diamonds fund that battles child cancer. this is the third year for the event they call the mini thon. how a fare for a uber driver turned into a hip hop experience of a lifetime. children are pulled from beneath the rubble in collapsed buildings in taiwan always frantic search for the more survivors continue. that's a live look at the platt bridge. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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lucky to be alive after spending three days stuck in a sinkhole. his owner searched for three days before hearing the faint sound of his bark. he was rushed to an emergency vet. he is okay, but he is on antibiotics and most likely need therapy. meteorologist chris sowers tracking the forecast for you, reaching the 50s, but a week away today, valentine's day. >> reporter: it's ugly. we'll show you the numbers in a minute, let's get you outside and show you the slopes. this is spring mountain, folks are having fun out there taking advantage of the colder weather. the huge snow pack also, thanks to the colder temperatures they been made a lot of snow, they are in peak season at this point. double scan live crystal clear, we don't have any snow in the foreseeable future until tuesday, it appears as if it's
9:42 am
going to be a minor event. 49 degrees is the high temperature this afternoon. a good seven degrees above average. 35 in philadelphia. millville, 36. still colder north and west, 20 in allentown reading and lancaster. 31 in trenton. 36 in wildwood and freezing up in the poconos. here's satellite and radar, again we're watching two systems here the coastal storm which is bringing heavy torrential rains to the eastern carolinas this morning, the arctic boundary quickly approaching from the west. these are a closer look on the coastal storm. the greens, that's where we're seeing the thicker cloud tops or the heavier rains. it's pushing north, northeasterly direction not coming up the coast, that's the saving grace with that storm all that is passing us by to the east. as we get into monday night and tuesday, an area of low pressure to the north will transfer this energy to a coastal storm
9:43 am
somewhere off the coast of the delmarva. that low produces a little bit of light snow monday night into tuesday morning. it doesn't look like a big deal. future tracker 6 high, thin clouds overspreading the area later this afternoon. nice and mild, temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s. the rain passes on by to the east. first thing tomorrow morning, a brief shower for the jersey shore. that will pull away, by afternoon it's mainly cloudy. we get into monday night an tuesday, that's when some of the lighter snows overspread the area. right now the general thinking leaning toward this, one to three inches mainly on grassy surfaces. it could go as high as 3 to 6. there are forecast models that suggest that, but most of them show one to three, but we are not concerned we'll get more than 6 inches at this point. it will be monday night into tuesday when the snow starts to
9:44 am
fly. today, spring-like and mild. wilmington, 48. millville, 49. trenton, 48. mid 40s for shore. cape may, 44. atlantic city, 46. we turn colder by the end of the seven-day forecast, probably not going to see temperatures this warm for the next week to ten days as the pattern starts to shift. 45 degrees, cloudy and mild for monday. tuesday we'll post snow for now, 39 degrees. wednesday lots of clouds, flurries 39. thursday, the arctic front arrives, breezy and cold, 34. 32 friday, saturday, sun, 28 degrees, you ready for valentine's day. you want to see this. if we could go back over to the graphics, there's a battle going on between the forecasts there's an european model and high temperatures will be stuck in
9:45 am
the low to mid teens with windchills below zero. in the gfs model is correct it's more like a 28 to 30-degree day with windchills close to zero. look at the european model if that has its way it will be the coldest valentine's day for the city of philadelphia. you will have to snuggle with your honey. thanks, chris, you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at double scan radar at time 89:45 there was a chinese new year celebration this weekend in center city. folks packed into reading terminal market to celebrate the year of the monkey. there were cooking demonstrations from local chefs and chinese crafts. they performed the chien --
9:46 am
chinese new year lion dance. we're back in a bit. right now, get dunkin' donuts coffee k-cups, 10-count packages for just $4.99. and thin-sliced boneless chicken breast or tenders, cut fresh in store. buy 1 get 2 free. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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sunday morning, 9:48, sky6 live hd taking live look along the camden waterfront, battleship new jersey. temperatures in the 30s. meteorologist chris sowers says we can reach the 50s today. the number of dead continues to rise in taiwan in collapsed buildings following
9:49 am
the 6.4 earthquake. rescuers pulled children from the collapsed building yesterday. more than 100 people are believed to be buried in residential buildings. the quake struck while folks were sleeping. 26 people have died. pope francis made a surprise visit to the faithful who were visiting shrines at st. peter's about basilica. he made a stop to pray at saint pio. we want to share the viral video of a utah police officer who went beyond the call of duty. the police officer kevin norris took on the role of babysitter in uniform. he stepped in to help out a dad who was in traffic court. 2-year-old abbey kept him busy. he said he is a dad and he gets
9:50 am
it. i got a kid myself, i know what it is to have rambunctious kids. it's hard to take them anywhere. he got her to take a nap. she was sound asleep when her dad came out of traffic court. dad said he is grateful for the helping hand. uber driver's day in new orleans turn out to be the best. uber driver got a call to pick up four men the driver wouldn't pick them up. another driver picked them up. they are the group naught by -- naughty by nature. i was going to go to the show, i was there with everybody else, they singled me out and pulled me out of the crowd and thanked me in front of hundreds of people. how cool is that.
9:51 am
he said the band is inspiring him to pursue his own love of music. good luck welcome back on ty
9:52 am
9:53 am
morning. it is february 7, 9:53, 39 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at cape may, new jersey him we'll warm up nicely today, but getting cold this week. turning to sports now, the flyers drop the puck on a shootout. it's a slam dunk for the sixers plus there's a small game in san francisco. just a little one. here's jeff skeverski with all your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: him it's a big weekend for the flyers two games against teams they are chasing
9:54 am
including washington later this afternoon. flyers four points out of the playoff spot they are short-handed. to make matters worse, they lost wayne simmons yesterday. here's the hit everyone is talking about, first here against rangers. simmons checked in the head by ryan mcdounagh. he punches back and kicked out for it. he could be suspended in today's game, as well. stephen mason beat, it goes to a shootout. what a move on mason, they lost 3-2. they are four out heading into today's game. sixers honoring darrell dawkins in the game against the nets, this is the way to honor chocolate thunder with a big win. sixers down two, over a minute to go, covington for 3. sixers put it away, the steal,
9:55 am
it ends up in the nerlens noel, wide open! sixers win 103-98 they are 8-43. opt eve of super bowl 50, panthers quarterback cam newton a winter. he was named m.v.p. offensive player of the year last night. his coach named coach of the year. i'm sure they would trade all that hardware for the vince lombardi trophy. peyton manning will get a shot sean mcdermott defense in what could be his final game. carolina is a 5 1/2 point favorite. why not, they are 17-1. that includes 5-0 record against quarterback. in the quarterbacks are playing for a lot of people. during the the award shows last night they didn't just hand out hardware they had fun at the
9:56 am
expense of every player in the nfl. it been an incredible post season, chip kelly is now the new coach of the 49ers. yeah. the they are excited to adopt kelly's fast-pace style of losing. 49ers new coach chip kelly will be played by the pampers baby. >> reporter: feel bad for championship? i don't think so. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. okay, just in case you have not heard super bowl 50 happens tonight. many will be watching the game at a party. millennials will spend the most on game day. people between 25 and 34 years of age will shell out $140 for super bowl related activities
9:57 am
compared to an overall average spent 82 bucks by the rest of us. they will spend money on food and new television sets. there's more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." super bowl party raises money for a good cause. predicting the winner of the game. we have the results of an unscientific poll from animals. they say stories, plus, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
9:58 am
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10:00 a.m. sunday, february 7. in the news, a philadelphia police officer is dragged overnight after a confrontation with a driver. we have new information on what happened, details in a live report. philadelphia police are forced to shoot and kill a family dog after it attacked a teenage girl overnight leaving her in the hospital with bites to her face and arms. it is cold start to your sunday, but we'll warm up nicely this afternoon. beware we're keeping an eye on the possibility of snow during the workweek. meteorologist chris sowers is at
10:00 am
the big board with more. >> reporter: nydia, you won't believe we're going to see snow with the very spring-like temperatures. philadelphia, 36 degrees. millville, ho. wildwood, 36 -- millville, 40. wildwood 37. this is a coastal storm, all the moisture is being thrown back into the carolinas. charlotte, is picking up heavy rain. we go back to friday, friday we had a system that hugged the coastline north to south up the eastern seaboard like this. the moisture got thrown back always far west as philadelphia. this system is differently. after midnight and into monday morning, the storm is take a jog farther out to sea.
10:01 am
so the track will mean the precipitation shield the farther west it goes is right there along the jersey shore. that means we'll miss out. it's a good thing because it's a moisture-loaded system. if it shifted 50 to 60 miles per hour to the west we would be talking 3 to 6 inches of snow higher amounts for the jersey shore. we are expecting the storm to stay out to sea. here's the hl, -- headlines, a spring-like finish to the weekend. tuesday, we'll have light snow possible. sharply colder by week's end. temperatures by valentine's day may not get out of the teens for highs. we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. guys. the big story on "action news" sunday morning, new details on a philadelphia police officer who was dragged by a car following a traffic stop overnight. police have a suspect in custody. they are searching for another. let's go to "action news" reporter, trish hartman southwest detectives, trish you
10:02 am
have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: well, nydia, police say fortunately the officer was not hurt. his equipment was scraped up when he was thrown to the ground. let's take a look at video. this started at 2:30 near the intersection of 61st and lancaster in overbrook. a man and woman were in the vehicle. the 19th district officer pulled the car over for suspected dui. during that stop the man driving sped away knocking the officer to the ground. the silver vehicle was spotted on city avenue heading toward the schuylkill expressway. the vehicle crashed into another car on the exit ramp from city avenue to lincoln drive. at that point the man and woman jumped out and fled on foot. the driver was found in a school yard near kelly drive and ridge avenue. he has been arrested for dui
10:03 am
before. police are looking for the female passenger who fled from the scene. if you have any information philadelphia police would like to hear from you. we're live at southwest detectives, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." gray. glad to hear the officer will be okay. 10:03, it was a horrifying situation for a teenager siblings when the family dog attacked her. the pill bull escaped from a locked about the same time and attacked the girl biting her in the face and arms. when officers arrived they were forced to shoot and kill the dog. the girl is recovering at children's hospital listed in stable condition. this morning a young man is in critical condition after he was shot on a philadelphia street. the action cam was at the scene. 200 block of west nedro street
10:04 am
in olney section of the city. around 2:00 a.m., police found the 22-year-old victim lying in the street with a bullet injury to the stomach. no word about suspects or motives. from our new jersey newsroom, a former cumberland county bar has been gutted by fire. now the search is on for what sparked that blaze. firefighters were called out to the tavern on the 500 block of south second street in millville last night. the fire went to three-alarm also. one person was rescued. a nearby resident said the intensity was scary. i backed up, because of the the heat coming off. it took three hours for crews to get the fire under control. a 12-year-old boy is being remembered as a hero this weekend after losing his life while trying to save his own father from a fire. that blaze tore through the home
10:05 am
in norristown on friday morning. the teen's mother got five of the children out safely. but the child went back into the burning home to rescue his father. he thought his dad was trapped on the second floor. his dad had escaped by jumping from a window. heartbreaking story. 10:05. police are on the case after someone used a snow-covered car for a racial snow near temple's campus, you can see the swastika parked on the car on north carlisle street in north philadelphia. police released these pictures of a group of men connected to the drawing. temple university released a statement saying they condemn the use of the racist symbols and language. if you recognize anyone in these pictures police in south white hall township want to hear from
10:06 am
you. they climbed 200 feet and stole a large flag. a cab driver was shot in the city's point breeze section. two men and woman flagged the cabbie down early yesterday morning. once they got to 28th and tasker, the man pulled a gun and demanded money. the cabbie was shot in the arm and kept driving and crashed into several parked cars. i come out, i see all the debris in the street and i am looking down and i heard the people in the cab and they trying to get out. the three managed to take off, anyone with information should call philadelphia police. in montgomery county, officials want to talk to a good martian who came to the help of a young girl when a rabid racoon attacked. jeff chirico has the story. >> reporter: the girl was walking home from school along the wild trail thursday afternoon when the racoon attacked biting her leg. the montgomery county
10:07 am
commissioner said a good martian was driving by at the same time. stopped his car had a hockey stick in his trunk which he got out and used to hit the animal until it detached from the girl, which was wonderful of him to do that and then he drove her home. >> reporter: animal control captured the racoon in the woods and test revealed it was rabid. the girl received vaccines and is expected to be okay. montgomery county health officials want to talk to the man to make sure he was not exposed to the virus, as well. i incubation can be anywe from days to weeks. it's important that proper medical officials have a chance to talk to the gentleman. >> reporter: there's a small chance that he could have been exposed to the rabies virus even if he was not by bitten. he is asked to call the department of helmet montgomery
10:08 am
county. governor tom wolf is expected to present a new budget plan while a fight over the current one rages on. else expected to release the proposal that begins july 1. the first pennsylvania governor to reach this point proposing a new budget while the current one is in limbo. school funding and taxes are expected to be major focal points of the budget proposal tuesday. happening today the last day to see what the philadelphia auto show has to offer before it speeds off for another year. the doors are open until 6:00 p.m. tonight at the pennsylvania convention center. 700 cars and trucks are on display. the sixers dancer will be making an appearance from noon to 2:00 p.m. ac convention center is the atlantic city boat show. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tonight.
10:09 am
10:08. the countdown is on for super bowl 50. we are 8 hours away from the start of the big game. millions are gearing up for the game and the half-time show, abc brand hicks has more. >> reporter: super bowl 50 is here. excitement building for the ultimate football showdown between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. at 39 peyton manning is best quarterback of all time. uncertainly if tonight's game is his last. manning and the defense take on the nearly undefeated panthers led by cam newton. i plan on this being the marquee win we need as a franchise. >> reporter: all eye also on the massive security presence on the ground and in the air. fbi is unaware of any credible threats targeting super
10:10 am
bowl 50. >> reporter: with an estimated 189 million americans expected to tune in. the famous ads are competing for attention. along with cold play and special guest beyounce headlining the half-time show. the biggest honor and privilege so they put their life and soul into it. >> reporter: the same feeling felt by the players on the field tonight hoping to win super bowl 50. we are live outside levi stadium where you can see the sun is coming out. those are the cheap seats. not very cheap because tickets costing $2,700. this is our own little tail gate. if you can't be here, perhaps you're one of the # 0 million americans going to the super bowl party and consuming 1.3 billion chicken wings this day along according to the
10:11 am
national chicken counsel. back to you. $2,700 not cheap. for the second straight year a tasty super bowl fundraising event taking part in south jersey, the action cam was in mullica hill gloucester county a short time ago. about 400 students and teachers and other volunteers are taking part in hoagies for hopefully' they are making two thousand hoagies this morning the effort helps area children with life threatening medical conditions. the sandwiches are on sale from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. still to come on "action news" sunday morning. a boy and his duck. we have the video of a young boy who is fond of his pet. cars parked on an icy lake soon begin to sink. let's take you outside, sky6 live hd over chester pha. chris sowers has the exclusive
10:12 am
accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll he back here after the break.
10:13 am
so glad you stayed with us, 10:13, sunday morning, you can call this lesson learned the hard way. drivers who parked on the ice on lake geneva, wisconsin could only watch in despair as their cars began to sink in the ice. the temperatures began to rise and the cars started to sink,
10:14 am
because they it could not suppoe weight of the vehicles, nobody was inside. message to those folks, don't do this next year. >> reporter: if you're an insures company do you insure the damage. there's no skews on -- no excuse for stupid. let's go outside and show you what's going on, looking live in penns landing. it's a beautiful morning out there. it's cold. we have a decent sunshine. temperatures this afternoon will respond nicely, some areas will push 50 degrees. the pattern is getting ready to take a nice change more arctic air will get involved and we have several chances for wintry precipitation out there. double scan live is clear. philadelphia, 36 degrees, dewpoint 25. wind out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. that's a light breeze not much difference between the temperature and the windchill.
10:15 am
pressure reading holding steady 13.19 inches. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, 50s and 60s. a cold front came through friday, cooled us down, even these numbers are above seasonal averages. friday, 44. as a result, we topped out at 43. the normal is 42. 40 degrees in millville. 36 in philadelphia. allentown, 34. the poconos, 35 degrees this is going to be a much milder day. satellite and radar, southwesterly winds clouds increase going coastal storm getting closer and closer. the good news this storm will not hug the coast as it comes up. it will push out to sea, therefore we should not see any moisture out of that. this one crossing over the high plains that will slide into the viewing area monday night into tuesday, that will bring light snow to parts of the area during that time frame. 3:30 a.m., it's out to sea. we won't have to worry about
10:16 am
this. it may bring snow to new england like connecticut, massachusetts and cape cod. tuesday, this low is closer to the coast. with the winds out of northeast we're throwing moisture back into the cold air. washington, d.c., baltimore and metro areas, tuesday afternoon, starting out as light rain across south jersey and delaware, snow for the i-95 corridor points north and west, everybody starts to transition to snow as the day wears on. you can see this little band right here, this is what accuweather is worried about. overall we're generally thinking this is going to be a light event. if you pick up banged it could come down at a moderate clip for a time. it would lay down an accumulation for parts of the area. we'll see how this plays out. the models are holding steady. european and n a. m had 1 to 2 inches.
10:17 am
gfs had 4 inches yesterday. this is how the modeling is trending at this point. what you saw on future tracker closer to 4 as opposed to 1. monday night into tuesday there's a chance of light snow. sun and clouds, milder, 49 degrees is the forecasted high. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. quiet overnight tonight and chilly, 26 degrees outlying suburbs, 32 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 45 degrees for tomorrow, stays mild, and tuesday, there's the secondary coastal storm. 39 degrees, some snow for parts the area, accumulations generally on the light side. right now we're thinking 1 to 3 imples -- inches. stays chilly wednesday, 39. thursday, 34. friday, 32. saturday, colder, 28. valentine's day colder potentially teens for the high. what do you call it?
10:18 am
snuggle alert. this weekend a hero of world war ii was handle during an event honoring black history month. dr. correspond kneel -- correspond -- dr. gaither was a part of the tuskegee gee airmen one of the most successful flying squadron also during world war ii. he was honored for his lifetime service, we'll b right back. with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots.
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10:21 am
jaguar in the entire county. a young texas boy and his pet duck are approving to be an online hit. tyler's parents got bee as a duckling and had no idea they would bond so swell. it's a tale of a boy and his duck. the bath time video was the first to go viral. every subsequent bath has been just as funny as this one. whole win the super bowl. it's anyone's guess, we show the tiger at zoo in des moines iowa. she also going with the fellow felines, panthers. in north carolina, the ground hog is making his own
10:22 am
super bowl prediction. grade disappointed panthers fans with his prediction. this is his 11th year he is making the picks, i think they should boot that groundhog out. meteorologist chris sowers will have a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. we'll be right back. ♪ you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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later this morning on 6abc, here's matt o'donnell with a preview. >> reporter: i hope you're having a great sunday. coming up on inside story, the very, very bad week for philadelphia congressman chaka fattah. mayor kenny supports an opponent, the republic's -- the rep's son is going to prison. governor wolf is proposing his new budget, wait a minute, doesn't he have to pass the current one. those on inside coming up at
10:26 am
10:00 a.m. what do you have to say about yourself. i feel like donald trump after the last comment. 49 degrees, tomorrow, 45 degrees, it turns colder monday into tuesday, cloudy conditions, periods of snow develops, accumulations look light, there's the possibility there could be more depending on the track. it's colder toward the end of the weak. valentine's day there's a battle going on between the forecast motels if -- models, if the european has its way, look for windchills around zero. if the gfs model wins, it will be 30 degrees. this week with george stephanopoulos is next on 6abc. "action news" continues at noon. here's some of the stories we're working on on for you, a police officer is dragged during a traffic stop in the city's
10:27 am
overbrook section we're live with the latest development. save big on the dream wedding experts say it starts with location, location, location. now for chris sowers, gray hall, the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great morning, we'll see you back here at noon!
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starting right now on a special edition of "this week" with george stephanopoulos. debate night face-off. the gop candidates on the attack. in a fiery final debate in new hampshire. >> let me talk. be quiet. a lot of times -- [ crowd booing ] >> two days until the first in the nation primary. will trump put a win on the board? >> and our country is going to hell. >> donald trump joins us live. then, rubio under fire. the freshman senator takes incoming from all sides. >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> marco rubio responds in a "this week" exclusive. plus, the democratic underdog? hillary clinton knocking on doors in new hampshire. can she come from behind against bernie sanders? donald trump, marco rubio,


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