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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tomorrow will be substantially worse. much worse. we'll be going live to "action news" reporter trish hartman on the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia but first the full story from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> and jim, it's hard cold but the real siberian air mass has yet to get here. currently in philadelphia it's 24 degrees. now temperatures are not going to get back up to this until monday because there's another arctic front on the way and this is what will really unleash the polar vortex. lined this front air temperatures as low as 22 degrees below zero and as it blows in during the day tomorrow not only will we be dealing with cold temperatures we'll also be dealing with the gusty winds. now double scan live showing we've got an area of some light snow showers working through the i-95 corridor but really what i'm tracking for overnight is this band of snow squalls so as this front moves in, we could see some snow squalls. not everyone will get them but those who do expect reduced visibility and a quick coating
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on the roads. the key time for this to happen, between 11 o'clock tonight and 5 o'clock in the morning. now, if it happens and you're driving a good idea to pull over to because it does reduce visibility to zero. ly in a platter of minutes you could get a coating to an inch of snow. not everyone will see them. a wind chill advisory has been posted our entire viewing area from 6 o'clock tomorrow evening until 9 o'clock sunday morning. wind chill warning for the poconos and this is because the wind chills will be dangerously cold. the poconos we're looking at wind chills 20 to 30 degrees below zero. philadelphia through the lehigh valley 15 to 20 degrees below zero and the highest wind chills areas to the south still dangerously low. 10 degrees below zero to 15 degrees below zero. i'll talk about our next winter storm on the way in the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. let's go live to the parkway and trish hartman.
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how are philadelphians coping with the cold and what are you hearing from city hall? >> reporter: jim, city officials say this cold is dangerous and are continuing efforts to shelter anyone who needs it. in the meantime we got some practical tips from folks who have to be out in this cold. you might not think riding a bike at the best way to weather the subfreezing temperatures but this messenger says it's not so bad. >> riding the bike makes me warm. i guess that's my method when i get going, it things warm up. >> reporter: folks at big bus tours this is a big holiday weekend and ticket sales are done outside. but they've made adjustments to the open air buses to keep tourists nice and toasty. >> we offer our covered top double deckers. people can ride up top they can stay warm get a view of the city. >> reporter: a much different view for folks in west philadelphia this morning. a water line break left 63rd industries and the cars parked there covered in ice this morning. city crews struggled through the cold to make repairs while drivers used ice scrapers and
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tools to deice their vehicles. >> my tires are frozen. my windshield is frozen. my doors are frozen. i think my window is cracked. >> reporter: city city officials say 450 extra beds are available for anyone who needs shelter this weekend. outreach teams are on patrol checking on those who may be intoxicated or who may not want to come insides. >> we try to keep a notebook on people who do struggle with addiction and we try to double-check on them twice throughout the day. >> reporter: here at dillworth park a family was making the most of a freezing day off from school. youngsters gustav and mabel were properly bundled and looking on the bright side. >> you can ice skating when it's cold and it snows when it's cold. >> reporter: now, officials remind you to check on your elderly neighbors this weekend and to make sure that you bring your pets in as well. if you see anyone who needs shelter city officials ask you contact project home or philadelphia police. reporting live in center city, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." jim. >> trish, thank you. of course we invite you to
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visit often this weekend. our team of meteorologists will keep you upto date on this arctic blast and remember to follow each of them on facebook twitter and other social media platforms. late today bill cosby's legal team filed an appeal of a montgomery judge's order to go ahead with a sexual assault case against him. cosby's team argued that a former district attorney verbally granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago. the judge ruled that the case should go forward following a two-day hearing last week. cosby is accused of indies centerly assaulting andrea constand a former temple university staff in 2004. the state superior court will take up the appeal. no date has been set for that hearing. four students were hurt in a crash outside brandywine high school this morning in wilmington. the collision happened on foulk road just after 7 o'clock. delaware state police say
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17-year-old driver turned into the path of another car. she was cited for failure to yield the right of way. both drivers and their passengers all ages 14 to 17 were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. two were students at brandywine. philadelphia police trying to track down a an alleged shoplifter. that was hardly the worst thing she did as you are about to hear. "action news" vernon odom has details. >> i lost my only child. i wished i had him back. >> reporter: mrs. johnson of north philadelphia is incredulous like so many others to learn that a woman went into macy's last night with her three-year-old daughter and got caught trying to shoplift some $1,400 in merchandise according to store officials. but she pulled a houdini weaving out of the store security handcuffs and safely getting away. she remains at large tonight. but the suspect left her child behind at the store.
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people are appalled. >> i'm very shocked as a matter of fact. this is my actually four-year-old son and i -- i -- it's very shocking. >> something has to be wrong for a mother to do something that way. has to be wrong. i can't even think that she would do that. >> reporter: moments ago the little girl was turned over to other family members. police say they have the suspect's name and will be getting a warrant for her arrest tonight. here is the court of public opinion. >> i think that is insane. i think it's crazy she would shoplift with her child in the store but then even crazier that she would leave them behind. >> as a child, that would be devastating to her. i couldn't imagine what frame of mind she was in to do something like that. >> reporter: when the suspect is indeed locked up, she'll face multiple charges in this case including recklessly endangering the welfare of a child and retail
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shift. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" in center city. >> ursinus college officials say seven more students came down with the stomach bug overnight. that brings the total to 192 students and staff who have reported symptoms of the infection which is working its way around the campus in collegeville. the first reports came in on tuesday. the stool shut down its dining hall and canceled classes because of the outbreak. the dining hall has since reopened. cleaning sanitizing and disinfecting will continue through the weekend. classes are expected to resume on monday. a massive fire burning in north jersey was visible from philadelphia this morning. you can seal the plume of smoke from chopper6 flying over west philadelphia. the blaze erupted yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon at an industrial park in hillsborough somerset county. the fire burned out of control for nearly 20 hours. firefighters say they contained the flames at
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11 o'clock this morning. philadelphia mayor jim kenney announced today the appointment of a new director of black male engagement. kenney said jack dromonds will hold the position. drummond made -- or kenney made the announcement this afternoon at city hall. drummond's duties will include reducing economic and social disparities and improving outcomes for black men and boys in philadelphia. dozens of people gathered this afternoon in center city to honor abraham lincoln's birthday. civil military units, civilians and heritage groups all gathered for a ceremony on chestnut street sponsored by the union league of philadelphia. before that, they marched down broad street to independence hall. >> coming up on "action news" tonight, snakes on a train. well, almost. how about a septa platform. the search is on for whoever left a slithering reptile behind.
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it's love that is lasting decades. local couples share their secrets as they renew their vows today. >> well, i'm tracking snow squalls, dangerous cold for this valentine's weekend and then our next winter storm. i'll have all the details in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> is allen iverson bound for the hall of fame? ducis rodgers with that story when "action news" continues. >> ♪ i
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with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> septa is investigating a wild discovery at its train station in university city. a passerby saw this insides a trash can at 4:30 this morning. this is exclusive video of a large snake coiled up inside a
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bag. animal control officers were called in to remove it. septa is still trying to determine who left the snake behind. the noise arts garage of stockton university is hosting the 47th annual black history month art show. the featured artist this year is philadelphia native eb lewis. lewis has illustrated more than 70 books for children. the work of photographer daniel allen and artist christina young are also on view. the exhibit is the gallery in atlantic city runs through march 27th. >> ♪ sunday is valentine's day and love is definitely in the air in cherry hill. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has a case in point, in fact eight cases in point. >> i renew my commitment. >> i renew my commitment. >> reporter: clerical mayor chuck kahn did the honors as eight senior citizen couples renewed marriage vows for valentine's day at the spring hill assisted live community in cherry hill.
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>> as long as you both shall live. >> i will. >> reporter: clutching hands and small bochys the couples recited vows most took over 60 years ago. >> it's sort of romantic and sort of gives you another commitment. >> reporter: does it feel like 62 years? >> longer. [laughter] >> you have to learn to smile and don't be very bossy. >> reporter: phyllis and arnold cohen have been married 63 years and are tying the knot again. >> make a nice touch to our marriage and make us appreciate each other more. right, arnie. >> reporter: carol and maurice have been married 60 years. her secret to staying together. >> the only thing i tell anyone that asks me is always say yes, yes, dear, whatever you say dear and then you turn around and do what you want. [laughter] >> reporter: these husbands and wives may be infirm, their hair is grayer now or gone altogether but their bonds of marriage have never been stronger. >> he's done a beautiful job. i'm very fortunate to have him. >> reporter: area they are
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was on omaha beach during v day in world two. he survived that, 67 years of marriage his sense of humor has survived, too. >> i promised her father when i asked for her land in marriage and he told me take the whole body. [laughter] but i definitely would take excellent care of her and i think i have. >> reporter: the couples posed for pictures took a short turn on the dance floor if they could. this was a moment to rejoice in relationships that have stood the test of time producing children, grand and great grandchildren fulfilling that vow as long as we both shall live. in cherry hill, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news. (applause).
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>> carolina panthers wide receiver corey brown paid a visit to his elementary school today in most in philadelphia. >> panthers and corey brown a handclap wish for all the best. >> students at john hancock
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elementary school welcome the football player with some special cheers. and when he was a fifth grader at the school brown made a tile you just saw it showing a football and talking about the nfl saying that he dreamed of one day playing in the nfl. good lesson for those youngsters. always follow your dreams. don't let them go. >> uh-huh. and i got a guy today who followed his dreams all the way to the nba and maybe the next stop enshrinement in the hall of fame. allen iverson has had some big victories in his playing dame he's close to scoring 911. he's a finalist for the basketball hall of fame. the announcement was made today in toronto. iverson is one of 14 finalists. he was an 11 time all-star the 1997 rookie of the year in 2001 m.v.p. the 2016 class will be announced april 4th. if he's elected and it bed be a no-brainer he'll be inducked in september in spring fields massachusetts. >> i'm a product of michael
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jordan isaiah thomas magic johnson, charles barkley shaquille o'neill all those guys that paved the way for us, man. >> nba all-star weekends is upon us. sixers big name jahlil okafor there in toronto for tonight's rising stars challenge game. teammate nerlens noel will miss the game with knee tendinitis. to their ice flyers trying to overcome that horrible start to get into the playoff picture. they have an important stretch of games ahead. tomorrow against the rangers and sunday at detroit they tell jeff skversky they know how big this weekend is. >> every game is a must win for us. >> reporter: flyers are on thin ice with 29 games to go they're four points out of a playoff spot and it changes by the day. they've been anywhere from seven to two points out over the last few weeks. so how often do the flyers players check the standings? pretty much every two hours. [laughter]
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>> if you win you look, if you lose you don't. obviously we looked this morning so that's a good feeling when you get a win in and you can look at the standin. >> reporter: from where they stand the flyers believe they're in position to make the playoffs. >> definitely doable. we're -- maybe it's not a situation we would want to be but you know what, there's so many games left. >> reporter: how the flyers play this weekend of course will help determine their fate. they have two key games against new jersey on saturday, then the rangers on sunday and how big are these games? well, that goes without saying. >> like i said, you know, it's a must win. every game is a must win. we got to make sure we're playing good lock key. >> reporter: flyers are looking no further than tomorrow at home against the devils who are four points in front of them. jeff skversky, channel6 "action news." >> t minus five. five days away from the phillies reporting to clearwater florida for spring training. the phils loaded up an
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18-wheeler today and sent it on its its way. it's a thousand mile trip through eight states and listen to the list of tights. 2400 baseballs, 1200 bats, 450 pairs of socks, 125 belts and one, just one phanatic hot dog launcher. seconds round of the pebble beach prea.m. how beautiful is that. andy garcia is an amn pro a.m. but shots like these make him look like a pro. that's a look at sports. >> thank you ducis. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. you want cold we got cold. we'll be back in just a moment.
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>> i think we've made the point we're going to have a very, very cold weekend. >> yes. >> and dangerously cold. >> exactly. for everyone and especially for the homeless, for the elderly, for pets. i mean, you really have to look out for other people this week. storm tracker6 live double scan slowing in addition to the cold moving in we have some snow showers. these are really instability snow showers. we have some over cape may. another band that's moving right over the heart of the delaware valley across the new jersey turnpike, i-95, heading towards the coast. these are really light and these are actually not associated with a cold front that's moving through later tonight and that could bring us some pretty potent snow squalls. right now wind chills in the teens and this is warm compared to where they'll be on sunday morning. feels like 16 in philadelphia. 25 in wildwood. 10 in allentown. it feels like four in the poconos right now. now satellite6 along with action radar slowing the next arctic boundary is still over
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the great lakes. and you can see a pretty good band of some snow with that and that will be moving through in the overnight hours. so, tonight some snow squalls, some snow showers. best chance between about 11 o'clock tonight and 5 o'clock in the morning. can leave a quick coating in spots and really cause whiteout conditions so do be careful if you're driving tonight. 16 below in the suburbs, about 19 degrees for center city and then temperatures will be free falling through the day tomorrow. by 4 o'clock, 15 degrees. by 7 o'clock, 12 degrees but combine these temperatures with wind gusts up to about 45 miles per hour, future tracker showing the wind chills and these are based on sustained winds so it could feel even colder than that. at 8 o'clock, two in philadelphia, seven below in allentown, three below in trenton, 23 degrees below zero in the poconos, 3 o'clock in the afternoon wind chills below zero and really the worst of it will be sunday morning when the wind chills down to about 10 below in philadelphia. close to 30 degrees below in the poconos. so, i know this is a big ski weekend. if you're planning on skiing,
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want to cover everything up. dress in lots of layers and take breaks because with these wind chills in the poconos we're looking at frost bite on exposed skin happening within 15 minutes. the lehigh valley and delaware valley if you're planning on going out you really want any exposed skin covered up because frost bite can occur in only 30 minutes. so, heading into next week, the next storm system with this arctic high this weekends you'd think we're talking about a snowstorm but what's going to happen is this high pressure will move away and then this storm will move in from the southwest and really take a bit of an inland track. that will pull in warm air. when the precipitation first begins monday afternoon and monday evening, it's cold enough this will start as snow. we're looking at a coating to 3-inches and then as the warmer air begins to move in, a period of icing overnight. i'm concerned about the northwest suburbs that icing could last into the wee hours of the morning and then during the day on tuesday, a soaking rain but the problem with up to about an inch of rain, the
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grounds is flooded -- frozen, this could cause some flooding and also that on-shore flow means there will be some coastal flooding with that storm. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, the high 19 tomorrow and then dropping through the day. sunday for valentine's day cuddle up by the fire. 16 the high, a record low of two in the morning. monday president's day 33 degrees, that snow arriving in the afternoon and evening hours. transitioning all over to ice. rain by tuesday morning, a high of 52 degrees and then back down to 44 on wednesday. thursday turns colder, 38 degrees and friday mixture of clouds and sun with a high of 44 degrees. and i will have an update on the cold and on monday night's storm coming up on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> thank you cecily. a new jersey teenager continued his tradition today of donating hundreds of pennies to cooper university hospital in camden. melvin shepherd dropped off his donation this afternoon for the neo natal intensive care unit. the 18-year-old began collecting pennies for
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premature babies when he was 11. he says it's a way of paying back for care he received as a premature newborn at cooper. since 2005 shepherds has donated more than $2,000 in pennies. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel6. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> ♪
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breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers. and a horrific machete attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years. silence broken. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine?


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