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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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you it is 5:30 on this saturday february 13th here are stories we are following on "action news" this morning. a deep freeze, grips the delaware valley putting the home less population in danger. delaware state police are investigating a shooting that sent two men to the hospital plus a police officer in georgia who was shot and killed in the line of duty is honored by local fire department. but first lets get you caught up on this cold forecast with meteorologist chris sowers with the the look at accu weather forecast. the man, it is cold. help us out. >> i will do my best.
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tall task. the lets go outside and show you what is going on. we have coldest air of the season in the process pushing through now. arctic front has come through. wind shifting out of the northwest and that arctic air will continue to roll role into the delaware valley over next several hours. wind chill advisory in effect beginning at 6:00 a.m. this morning and will continue right through the afternoon hours right through 6:00 o'clock this afternoon, gusts as high as 55 miles an hour for the area. this includes the entire region, delaware and lehigh valleys, poconos included as well. the right the new we are seeing sustain wind from ten to as much as 15, 20 miles per hour in portions of the the viewing area the these win speeds will continue to increase throughout the day and those gusts get even higher. with temperatures struggling just to reach about 19 or 20 degrees today, factor in that wind and these numbers will be warmest you will see all day wind chill wise. the these numbers will go in the gutter over next several
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hours, below zero all day long. 11 degrees is what it feels like in millville. 9 degrees in philadelphia three below in philadelphia. that really cold air is lurking in the wings here waiting just to the west, buffalo 2 degrees. pitberg eight. and binghamton, ten. we will get pouring in the area over next several hours. here is your day planner. only 19 degrees by 9:00. we have a afternoon high of 20. numbers will not go anywhere today. 3:00 o'clock 17. by 5:00 we are back down to 4 degrees. dangerous wind chills arrive overnight tonight. when i come back we will talk about that plus potential for accumulating snow monday night into tuesday. gray, lots to talk about with the seven day forecast. >> chris, thanks very much. 5:32. temperatures are dropping to dangerous levels. as you head outside this weekend you will need to wear layers. because of the dangerous coal, warming shelters are opened across the delaware valley to help home less a at risk in these conditions. as "action news" reporter chad
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pradelli found out cars do not the fair too well in these temperatures either. >> parked a half block from the opposite direction. >> reporter: triple a crews have been busy. kim, lost power to her car but bill jolean was quick on the scene. he said he has responded to several calls for dead batteries and even frozen fuel. >> what do you think it is? >> i don't know yet. >> i totally lost power. thank god for triple a because i would be stranded out here for a while. >> reporter: thinks start of the arctic blast that could break records. valets and others who work outside are bracing for the brutal cold to come. >> i'm a college student and just trying to get a little bit of extra money on the side, so i will be out here. i will stay warm. my hand warmers ready. i'm ready to go. >> reporter: city issued a code blue triggering outreach to the homeless like kenney thomas. where are you going to go this weekend. >> sleeping at the mission on south street.
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>> she had a quick dead battery in the even, 150 bucks and she was back on the road. she is relieved her misfortune happened tonight and not this weekend. >> another happy member. >> i'm not getting my car towed tonight the so it is all good. >> reporter: cold weather will get dangerous this weekend. some tips for you, make sure you turn on your faucets, keep it a drip, it the will only cost you a penny but prevent your pipes from freezing. remember animals, bring your pets in. if you see neighbors not doing it, let authorities know. in logan square, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". plumeting temperatures make it dangerous for the homeless. the frostbite can set in for those who exercise outside. doctors say moving helps keep your body warm but sweating can increase the risk of frostbite. early signs include numbness, tingling and skin turning red, why or grayish or appearing waxy. the doctors say frostbite can set the in ten minutes if not
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dressed appropriately. keep track of the the brutally cold temperatures anytime from accu weather on our web site the at six also follow our meteorologist is a as they post updates throughout the weekend. police in delaware are investigating what led to the double shooting, someone shot two men at the about 10:30 last night on the 300 block of clive street in delaware. crews rushed the victims to christiana hospital with serious injuries. police have not made any arrest. fire department in south jersey right now paying tribute to a georgia police officer, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. lawnside fire company put out black bunting outside its building in camden county in honor of major greg barney. that flag is lowered to half staff there. barney worked here as a volunteer fire fighter for 17 years, he was shot and killed while helping police survey warrant thursday near atlanta. suspect was also shot the and is expected to survive. from our delaware news room this morning the widow of
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the man who killed his father, his former daughter in law and another woman at the new castle county courthouse has been sentenced to life in prison. sixty-nine year-old len math switched, her son said she has three to six months to live. matusiewicz were convicted of conspiracy in the death of christine bellford. david matusiewicz will be sentenced next week. 5:36. bill cosby is trying to get his sex assault case thrown out of court. the cosby a's lawyers filed a support with the state superior court yesterday. judge denied cosby a's request to have charges against him dismissed. comedian claims to have been offered immunity by then district attorney bruce castor in 2005. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually violating andrea
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constand. last month's blizzard, may have dealt atlantic city, casinos, a financial blow, gambling revenues at table and slots dropped five and a half percent last month. but it seems gamblers stuck indoors spent time, on their computers. internet betting was up more than 26 percent. happening today, six flags great adventures in jackson ocean county, will host a job fair and entertainment auditions. 4,000 employees are needed for upcoming season which kicks off in six weeks. if you are interested, you can go to the park's employment center this saturday. the job fair will be held from 10:00 to 4:00. auditions will be at 2:00. before you head out fill out an on line applications, at www six flags thousands of people packed in the wells fargo center last night to see the boss. >> ♪ >> he sound good.
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the bruce springsteen and e street band, brought the river tour to south philadelphia, and this is 12th time the band performed at wells fargo center. people traveled near and far, they line up to see springsteen perform his hits right there in person. 5:38 is your time. much more to come on "action news" for this saturday morning, looking for love, a michigan manco workers try to help him find a special someone for valentines day. and they did it in a unique way. plus plumetting temperatures. people in upstate new york are dealing with sub zero temperatures along with new snow, chris. we will have a very similar forecast here in the the delaware valley, near record cold and dangerously cold wind chills arrive overnight tonight, possibility of snow, monday night into tuesday morning. i'll have details in the seven take forecast when we come right back.
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glad you are with us on this saturday morning. 5:41. we may be dealing with frigid temperatures out there but not as bad as buffalo at least, right? wind chills are expect to drop between negative 20 and negative 30. they could be dealing with more snow and possible white out conditions. so i guess we cannot complain too much, meteorologist chris sowers, right. >> it may be as bad as buffalo. let's get you outside and tell you what is going on. we have dangerous wind chills that is rolling in here later tonight and possibility of some snow, monday afternoon
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into the evening hours before a change over to rain but that snow with temperatures being as cold as they are expect to be this weekend that snow could accumulate. we will get in the details in a minute. is there the view from sky six at philadelphia international airport. the nice and quite it this morning but wind are in the the process of picking up. those wind are really going to sting later this afternoon. double scan live is clear. we have nothing going on out there as of right now but there were a few snow showers early this morning over the last couple of hours. maybe you have a coating, across, some of the outlying suburbs, so again just be careful first thing this morning. we are at 22 degrees. anywhere near there later this afternoon as numbers fall. dew .12. wind sustained out of the west at 15 miles an hour giving us a wind chill reading of nine. wind chill advisory overnight tonight throughout the entire delaware val that i includes lehigh valley. wind chill warning for poconos where we could see wind chills as low as 20 to 30 degrees below zero. these are actual air
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temperatures, we're down to 11 in the the poconos. nineteen in allentown. pair of two's for philadelphia millville 21. reading 16. 13 degrees in lancaster with a wind chill of minus two. the it feels like minus four in the poconos. 9 degrees in philadelphia a the feels like 11 degrees in millville. satellite six with action radar we were worried about the possibility of snow squals with the arrival of the front. but good news is the front is slipping through dry. we will not the worry about white out conditions with brief snow squals along this front. again, good news there. bad news is all of this arctic air just starts pouring in. this will be the coldest air not only of the season so far but coldest since we had to deal with that polar vortex last february which dropped overnight lows below zero a couple times about a year ago. and here's future tracker six. these are wind chill values. the as we set this in motion even though we have forecast is in upper teens all day long it will feel like single digits below zero. by 3:00 in the afternoon it
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well feel like 22 below in the poconos. gets worse in the evening. the close to 30 below up there. anywhere from five to ten below during evening hours across the western suburbs, and then close to zero if not a few degree below for everybody else. the first thing tomorrow morning, there you go getting dangerously cold. from ten to 20 degrees below zero with the wind. 30 degrees below zero in the poconos. so possibility for frostbite exists especially in the poconos where wind chill values ranging from 20 to 30 degrees below zero. bundle up in layers. do not leave any skin exposed, 15 minutes is your frostbite time. lehigh valley and delaware valley, late tonight and delaware valley frostbite can occur in 30 minutes with wind chills from ten to 20 degrees. again, bundle up out there. wind chills from five to zero below. very cold. 20 degrees. we are at that point right now. temperatures falling. wind northwest at the 25 to 35 .
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there is also a possibility of the brief snow shower in spots as that cold air continues to filter in. then overnight the tonight it gets really cold. minus two across the outlying suburbs, about 4 degrees for center city. wind chills ranging from ten to 20 degrees below zero. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 17 degrees, sunny, frigid for tomorrow. thinks a top five coldest valentines day ever for the city of philadelphia then we will get into monday. starting out the with clouds, snow arrives by midday give or take a couple hours here, temperatures will still be cold enough where this will accumulate. we could see a couple inches before a change over to rain monday night into tuesday. and then look at tuesday's high we will go from 17 sunday to 53 degrees on tuesday. wednesday, sun and cloud, 46, thursday is chill which a high of 40. then friday, sun and clouds, and seasonal with a high of 45 . so, i would say that gets a little buff-like out there. >> if we hold on we will get to 50's.
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>> that will wash away any snow we have. >> chris, thanks very much. time is 5:45. in this weekend's addition of fyi philly, car edge rodgers takes to us a south jersey restaurant in the most unsuspecting place. >> main street in mullica in an unsuspecting old barn, karen ferguson has set up shop. >> it is so wait, i love it, it is canteen and every day sandwiches with a twist. >> we will add some jam to the sandwich, put some fruit on there to jazz it up. >> reporter: report truffle honey grilled cheese is a signature sandwiches. the turkey brie is a fan favorite. and then there is what karen called the grown up grilled cheese. what makes it grown up. >> because is there two imported cheeses on there, we have fountaina cheese. >> for kara a realization of the life long dream. >> i love to cook and i love food. i grew up just watching all of those shows. >> reporter: born and raised
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south jersey girl will she went to school will for criminal justice and spent 13 years as an auditor a job that involved lots of eating on the road. >> i traveled around and would i taste different things. i never replicate a recipe. >> are you still working a a day job during this week. >> this past week was my last week. >> how about that. all right. you can see all of the fyi philly tonight at 7:00 right here on six abc. we're back right after this.
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stay with us on a saturday morning. it is 5:50. you are looking through sky 6hd right now, live at city hall, vei at temple university camera. the it is bitterly cold outside so please bundle up if you have to go outside. in health check this morning a person's risk of depression or their smoking habit the may be influenced by dna. here is the end result, that is all according to a new study found in the journal science. researchers found people with european or asian routes, carry a tiny bit of the dna,
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that leads to addiction, or depression, because their ancestors inter bread with knee ander thaws 50,000 years ago. they hope this will help them understand the biology of the diseases. well, you may have heard the ads, ways to get rid of the body fat with minutes with body sculpting. erin o'hearn explores a new option that promises results without going under the knife. she also has some important questions you should ask about this procedure. >> reporter: it is plastic surgery without the surgery. doctors are turning heat, cold or sound waves to reach under the skin to reduce stubborn fat pockets. with little or no recovery time. >> it requires no incisions. >> you can go to the gym. >> reporter: debbie grubber is ready for clinging warm weather clothes. she used to worry they would give her a bulge. >> my upper back, the flaps that would hang over a bra strap.
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>> reporter: debbie had cool sculpting which destroys fat cells that freezes them. >> 30 percent will dianne it is permanently gone. >> reporter: pleased with the results she came back last fall to reduce excess underneath her skin. she admits it is initially a shock but she got used to it. >> most difficult part was the immobilization of that area for a long period of time. >> reporter: plastic surgeon steve davis says most treatments are an hour but a new application shortens some to 35 minutes. the price about $400 per area. instead of the cold tony robinson is trying heat to trim a abdomen that defies stomach and exercise. >> crunches, planes, my core is strong. >> reporter: doctor paul blat says this is a lays their only damages fat cells. application head hooked to the grid heat cells for 25 minutes causing them to burst and then die. cooling elements prevent the skin from overheating.
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>> so when you take the device off the skin looks normal, six to eight weeks is when you see that 24, 25 percent fat reduction. >> reporter: after his treatment tony says his muscles were a little sore. >> i did a lot of sit-ups. >> reporter: he hopes to see results by late march. it cost $400 per application head, full abdomen might be two to $3,000. ultrasound is another fresh option, for reducing fat. dr. mannny ire used ultra shape. >> it makes fat cells vibrate. >> reporter: after a few treatments, patients can expect to lose an inch and a half around the waist or hip but doctor ire says just losing fat isn't enough. >> you have to be concerned about how much the skin contact shrink. the if the skin doesn't shrink losing the fat will produce a lot of loose skin. >> reporter: he says skin tightening with the technique like bellashape is important for a smooth look. combination treatment cost between four and $5,000.
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after these treatments you really have to watch your weight adding pound enlarges remaining fat cells. doctors say you need to ask these questions: it does it eliminate fat or shrink it? what areas is it approved for? how much will it hurt and what results can you expect? how long and how much will it cost you, to do what you want? i'm erin o'hearn for channel six "action news".
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5:55 on this saturday morning. welcome back. we are looking live via sky six overlooking ben franklin bridge. if you have not heard by right now it is dangerously cold outside so please, take the proper precautions if you need to head out this morning. and this morning there is some discouraging news about america's ability to pay their bills. research shows that more people fallen behind on their car payments. spirit automotive says percentage of the people who are at least 60 days behind on their payments has listen to more than three-quarters of a
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percent. it is still short of a record reached back in 2009. this news comes as more people qualify for loans. the total amount of auto loan debt has climbed to 987 million-dollar, that is up more than 11 percent in the last year. the u.s. now one step closer to getting driverless cars out there the on the roadways. regulators has given google the go ahead to build a car that does not require a steering wheel, accelerator or brakes. states can still pass laws that require cars to have those things, but federal regulators have opened up the way for faster development of truly driverless cars. for several years google has been saying that self driving cars are safer than cars driven by its humans. well, valentines day happens, of course, tomorrow. star bucks has a special promotion to treat that special sweetheart in your life. coffee company has three new chocolate drinks. you are looking at molten
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chocolate lot the take, a chocolate frappuccino and hot chocolate, and they are created, of course, those those with a sweet tooth. after tomorrow they will disappear from the menu. people looking for love depend on those personal ads being you have, this right here, workers at a lawn and garden company in michigan paid for a billboard for one of their co work their includes his picture, phone number and his e-mail. matt hill is the guy on the billboard. >> i'm doing, hanging out, two tracking, working on my truck. my favorite color is lime green. i don't have a favorite food. lately it has been peanut butter and jelly. i really like chinese food good okay. hill says that a perfect date is a small party or a bond fire in the wood. he says, he has had a few calls and e-mails and hopes he can find long lasting love. the let's hope he find it. there is still much more ahead on "action news" this saturday morning. a historic meeting. we have details on pope
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francis visit to cuba and mexico including this meeting between churches that has not happened in a thousand years. plus a comic book hero comes to life, at the movie theaters. we will preview deadpool, stay with us, we're back after the break. patch, with unique extended patch, release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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you it is 6:00 o'clock on this saturday february 13th. here are the stories we are following on "action news" this morning. baby, it is cold outside. we're talking really cold. temperatures will plumet to dangerous levels this weekend. a pennsylvania state trooper is off the job this morning and facing charges for allegedly kicking a man while he was handcuffed. plus the boss, rocking the house in south philadelphia, last night. we will get to those stories in a bit but first meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the accu weather forecast. we're not just talking cold but dangerously cold. >> dangerously cold, that is correct some era yas could see wind chills of 30 below zero overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. it is not going to be quite that cold yet. we have arctic front pushing through. actual air temperatures are still in the 20's but those numbers will be dropping throughout the day and the wind will be increasing. therefore the wind chills will tank. they will


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